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Vancouver Contact Case Part 3 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Continued from Part 2

Missing Battery

In February 2016 Bill went to visit his parents at their home in Florida with Rachel. They stayed in the guest room on the side of the house. There was very little furnishings in the room – only a bed and a nightstand - as his parents were in the process of moving out of the property.

During the night Bill awoke suddenly in shock. It was dark in the room but he felt really unusual like something was wrong. It took him a while to drop back off to sleep.

In the morning he found his vape on the carpeted floor of the room. He felt certain it had been on the nightstand by the bed when he dropped off to sleep. When he picked it up he realised that the panel on the back was open and one of the 18 650 batteries had fallen out. The battery was a bit larger than an AA battery and bright purple coloured, so it should have been easy to spot on the green carpet of the room, but it could not be seen.

Bill assumed it had rolled under the bed so he and Rachel got up and began looking around for it. Inexplicably, even after moving the bed and nightstand around, they could not find it anywhere. Later in the day Bill purchased a replacement from a local store.

A month later Bill and Rachel helped his parents move out. At this point they literally moved out the furniture from the room. Yet the battery was still not found. It had seemingly vanished without trace.

Rachel remembers this event quite vividly. She informed me of the following.

“We tore the room apart, but never did find that battery. There wasn’t much in the room either – just a bed, bedside table and our suitcases. I don’t recall Bill mentioning something had happened during the night, I just remember how odd it was that the battery had gone. The vape needed two batteries to make it work, and he would always switch out the batteries at night. He was very particular about this, so there is no way the battery had fallen out some point the previous day, he would have definitely have noticed this before going to sleep.

I asked him if he had had an episode during the night, to which he replied maybe. Later on we helped his parents move, but never found it. It was just really strange.”

Bill wonders whether he had actually dropped off to sleep with the vape in his hand, and had then been abducted during the night. If so then perhaps the battery had fallen out during this abduction aboard a craft, and when he was returned the vape fell onto the floor. While this may seem an unlikely scenario it is still a possibility given Bill’s previous experiences, and if so would explain why the battery was never found.

UFO Close Encounter

One of Bill’s most intense UFO experiences occurred in Florida in September 2017. At the time Bill and Rachel were living in Cape Canaveral. On the 10th September the category 4 Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Unfortunately their house suffered heavy damage in the storm. While it was being repaired they temporarily moved in with Bill’s parents in Sun Tree, Melbourne. They spent numerous trips moving their belongings between houses. The journey between Cape Canaveral and Melbourne typically took around 40 minutes. There was an area of swampland near to Faulk Canal which Bill felt inexplicably uncomfortable with

In mid-September between 9-10 pm they were travelling North along Highway 95 with a car loaded with belongings. Bill was in the driver’s seat, with Rachel as a passenger. Bill was driving about 70 mph. There were a few other vehicles on the road but it was quite quiet.