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Vancouver Contact Case Part 3 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Continued from Part 2

Missing Battery

In February 2016 Bill went to visit his parents at their home in Florida with Rachel. They stayed in the guest room on the side of the house. There was very little furnishings in the room – only a bed and a nightstand - as his parents were in the process of moving out of the property.

During the night Bill awoke suddenly in shock. It was dark in the room but he felt really unusual like something was wrong. It took him a while to drop back off to sleep.

In the morning he found his vape on the carpeted floor of the room. He felt certain it had been on the nightstand by the bed when he dropped off to sleep. When he picked it up he realised that the panel on the back was open and one of the 18 650 batteries had fallen out. The battery was a bit larger than an AA battery and bright purple coloured, so it should have been easy to spot on the green carpet of the room, but it could not be seen.

Bill assumed it had rolled under the bed so he and Rachel got up and began looking around for it. Inexplicably, even after moving the bed and nightstand around, they could not find it anywhere. Later in the day Bill purchased a replacement from a local store.

A month later Bill and Rachel helped his parents move out. At this point they literally moved out the furniture from the room. Yet the battery was still not found. It had seemingly vanished without trace.

Rachel remembers this event quite vividly. She informed me of the following.

“We tore the room apart, but never did find that battery. There wasn’t much in the room either – just a bed, bedside table and our suitcases. I don’t recall Bill mentioning something had happened during the night, I just remember how odd it was that the battery had gone. The vape needed two batteries to make it work, and he would always switch out the batteries at night. He was very particular about this, so there is no way the battery had fallen out some point the previous day, he would have definitely have noticed this before going to sleep.

I asked him if he had had an episode during the night, to which he replied maybe. Later on we helped his parents move, but never found it. It was just really strange.”

Bill wonders whether he had actually dropped off to sleep with the vape in his hand, and had then been abducted during the night. If so then perhaps the battery had fallen out during this abduction aboard a craft, and when he was returned the vape fell onto the floor. While this may seem an unlikely scenario it is still a possibility given Bill’s previous experiences, and if so would explain why the battery was never found.

UFO Close Encounter

One of Bill’s most intense UFO experiences occurred in Florida in September 2017. At the time Bill and Rachel were living in Cape Canaveral. On the 10th September the category 4 Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Unfortunately their house suffered heavy damage in the storm. While it was being repaired they temporarily moved in with Bill’s parents in Sun Tree, Melbourne. They spent numerous trips moving their belongings between houses. The journey between Cape Canaveral and Melbourne typically took around 40 minutes. There was an area of swampland near to Faulk Canal which Bill felt inexplicably uncomfortable with

In mid-September between 9-10 pm they were travelling North along Highway 95 with a car loaded with belongings. Bill was in the driver’s seat, with Rachel as a passenger. Bill was driving about 70 mph. There were a few other vehicles on the road but it was quite quiet.

Aerial map showing the position on Highway 95 where the sighting began

They were about a quarter of a mile before the Faulk Canal when Bill noticed a green light and a red light close together and off to the right of the road over the swampland in a North North East direction. It was very unusual to see any lights out there due to the difficult terrain. It was even very difficult for boats to sail in the area.

Photograph of Highway 95 in the direction the lights were first spotted

The lights seemed to be very low, about 10 feet off the ground. Bill initially thought it must be a drone. As he watched the lights seemed to shift position. The green light ceased to be visible and now a second red light could be seen. Bill assumed that it was a singular object with multiple lights on which had rotated obscuring the initial green light from view.

He continued to drive and realised that the lights were getting closer. As it got nearer he realised that whatever the lights were attached to must be much bigger than a drone. He nudged Rachel and pointed out the object to her saying “Look at that!” Rachel asked “What do you think it is?” Bill replied “I don’t know.”

The object got nearer and nearer and it looked like it was on a direct collision course with them. It reached the edge of the highway and then flew directly over the top of the car at approximately 80 mph! The object was very low in the air and quite large in size, definitely bigger than the car. It was hard to clearly make out the shape of it as it was dark, but it reminded Bill of two pontoons alongside one another. Despite the closeness of it, it was completely silent. Bill sensed some kind of electrical energy as it went over.

Witness drawing of the UFO as it flew over the car

Panicking, Bill looked out of the driver side window. He could see the object moving away from the road. Now two green lights were visible. It was clear that the object had two red lights at the front and two green lights at the rear.

Initially Bill thought the incident was over and the object would just fly away. But then it changed direction and began heading towards them again!

Witness drawing of the UFO behind the car

Bill was driving at around 70 mph but it gained on them and once again flew silently over the car! It was a little clearer on the second pass. He and Rachel definitely saw either a single object with two distinct halves to it, or two long objects flying alongside one another. The same electrical sensation occurred again, this time more noticeable. Bill says it felt like his “brain was being cooked by a microwave” as it went over.

Now that it had approached a second time both Bill and Rachel were extremely fearful of it, not knowing what was going on. Bill continued to drive along the road just frozen in shock and breathing heavily. He says that he did not stop to try and capture it on camera because it would have been dangerous to do so, there was no hard shoulder. He also was concerned it might come back a third time and wanted to keep on the move and get back to a populated area as soon as possible.

About a minute went by before either of them spoke, Then Bill blurted out “What the hell was that?!” Rachel replied “I don’t know!” “Did you see it?” asked Bill. “Yeah. I saw these two long things.” “Yeah I saw that too.”

By now Bill was familiar with the phenomenon of missing time. He checked the clock in the car just to make sure that the time was what he expected it to be. They did not appear to have lost any time.

Here is Rachel’s recollection of what took place on that night.

“I remember seeing the object in the distance off to the left. It was lower than a plane would go. Initially I thought it might be a drug cartel plane flying low to stay off the radar, or a crop duster. There are lots of rich people in the area so maybe it was a private aircraft.

It crossed over the highway onto my side super low, buzzing the car as it did. Bill said it looked almost like pontoons but I don’t remember seeing that. I just remember it looking like a glowing white light.

The object then began following us along the road for at least five miles. It was like we were being chased by it. Bill was freaking out, it caused him a lot of anxiety. I wasn’t too frightened by it, but it was unusual. Planes would usually do their own thing. This light appeared to be following us. I don’t recall it leaving. It was just there a while and then it went.”

As you can see there are some interesting discrepancies with Rachel’s recollection of events. The most obvious difference is she remembers it having a white light on it, not multiple red and green lights. Also she does not recall it coming back and flying over the car roof a second time, she just remembers it following along the road behind them for a while.

I spoke with Bill about the discrepancies between Rachel’s and his own recollection of events. He responded with the following thoughts on them.

“I have a crystal clear memory of what happened. And the funny thing is that when it went back over the car the second time is when she actually got a good look at it. And I remember us talking about the green and red lights.

I have been cursed with an eidetic memory, and I can replay memories in my mind like a video tape as crystal clear as the moment they originally happen. It tends to get a little less perfect after 20 years or so but it is still way better than most people's recall of past events.

And I remember every single second of that experience like it happened this morning! The strange thing about that experience is that Rachel acted real strange afterward. I would pine on and on about it and she would change the subject or act frustrated like she didn't want to talk about it.

What I remember clearly happening is when it went over the first time I asked her if she got a look at it. She said no. And then I saw it turn around and started to panic. The heat really turned up in the car and we both panicked when I yelled it was coming back. And it went over us again and that is when she said she saw the pontoon like things.

So right after that happened she seemed so calm. I was freaking out! But she calmly said she didn't think anything of it. And I never understood why. And now I kind of think it was one of those moments where it is so intense and rather absurd that her brain just shut it down and wouldn't let her process it. I kind of felt like then, and I definitely feel like now that I have read her testimony.

What I saw was a big deal, and very very scary. She was super scared also. She said originally that she thought we were both going to be abducted. But maybe once we weren't, or at least thought that we weren't, she wrote the whole thing off to nothing in order to deal with it? It's hard to say.”

Whether the object had red and green lights (as Bill recalls) or white lights (as Rachel recalls), these are of course all standard navigation light colours for aircraft. However Bill does not think this is what it was. When it went over the car the first time he thinks it was only 10 feet above them. At that distance if it had been an aeroplane or helicopter they would have been blown off the highway with the draught of it, and they would have certainly heard the jet engines or rotor blades.

Bill also believes that it was much too large in size to be a drone. He owns two drones which happen to have red and green lights on, so is familiar with how they look after dark and at different heights. It seemed to be too controlled and moving too quickly to be some kind of lit inflatable. Due to the proximity of the object it was a really scary experience and one which he remembers really clearly.

Beam of Light Video

In late 2017 Bill worked as a Security Officer for Disney Cruise Lines at Port Canaveral in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral. He used to work an early morning shift. On 16th December at 4.30 am he arrived for work at Cruise Terminal 8 car park.

Aerial map of Cruise Terminal 8

As he parked up, he immediately noticed a bright light in the sky to the North North East. It was coming from the direction of CCAFS Space Launch Complex 41, but Bill was used to seeing lights from this. It appeared to be coming from further away out over the ocean. Even more interestingly, the light seemed to be split into two distinct sections, with a vertical band of unlit sky in the centre.

Aerial map showing Cruise Terminal 8 car park (A) and CCAFS Space Launch Complex 41 (B)

Bill stepped out of his car and started to film the light on his mobile phone. He filmed for 65 seconds. Realising the light would probably remain visible for a lot longer he stopped filming as he had to start his security duties.

Below is the video that Bill captured:

The light is very unlikely to be UFO related in any way, Bill just thought it was interesting and unusual. While he says that it appeared further away than Launch Complex 41, I feel that this still remains a possibility. Perhaps they had a large floodlight on for one reason or another, and there was something blocking part of the beam, leading to the split into two distinct halves.

While this is the most likely explanation, it is interesting that Bill never saw anything similar for the remainder of the time he worked at the location.

UFO over Portland Video

On the morning of 20th November 2018 Bill was downtown in Portland on his way to work on a bus. After crossing over the river he at the corner of 4th and Harvey Milk Street at 6.57 am he spotted an odd looking shape hovering in the sky to the East. He grabbed his mobile phone and took some footage of the sight. After filming it for several minutes he had to go and click in to his work place. When he checked outside again it was no longer visible.

Bill knew one of the hosts of a Paranormal News YouTube channel. He would regularly watch the videos on the channel and contact the host via E-Mail. About 4 days after the experience he got in touch and shared the details of the experience with them. Soon afterwards they featured Bill’s sighting in one of the episodes.

Below is the written statement which Bill provided for them:

"It was last Monday at about 6:57 AM Pacific time. I was in downtown Portland Oregon at the corner of 4th and Harvey Milk looking East. I saw this thing hanging in the sky. I had just came over the river on a bus and was thinking to myself how clear and beautiful the sky was at sunrise, so I'm sure there wasn't a cloud in the sky that morning. I actually face the direction the object was (when) sitting on the bus; so I know it wasn't there just 8 to 10 minutes earlier.

It was very strange at the time and definitely a head scratcher when I was sitting there watching it. It looked solid but had these horn shaped protrusions. I had to run and clock in at 7:00 AM so I had to cut the video short. By the time I got back out there 5 minutes later it was gone! Man I wish I got video of it taking off or disappearing or whatever it did!"

Bill estimates that the object was less than 1000 feet up, and that it was either directly over the river or a short distance beyond it.

Aerial map indicating Harvey Milk Street and estimated location of the object

Here is the video that he managed to take:

Zoomed view of the object taken at 2 seconds into the footage:

Zoomed view with edge find:

It certainly looks odd and I can see why Bill decided to capture it on camera. The first possibility worth considering is that the object was an unusual cloud catching the morning sunlight. Bill says that while this theory cannot be entirely ruled out he was puzzled as to why the object did not change shape at all, and the fact that there were no other clouds in the sky at the time. It is also interesting that it vanished within the space of 5 minutes.

Another possibility is a murmuration of birds or swarm of insects. However in both cases it is likely that there would be noticeable movement in this over the period that it was filmed for. Here is a video of a murmuration of birds as a comparison:

It was clearly not an aircraft, and was too strange a shape to be a balloon or other inflatable. It also looks too large to be a novelty balloon. Pyrotechnics can sometimes create very pronounced smoke shapes in the sky, however given the time of morning that the sighting occurred this seems unlikely.

Despite Bill’s continued belief that it was not a cloud, I am not so sure. Certain cloud types such as lenticular clouds can look quite solid in form and appear in a relatively clear sky. It was a still morning so with no air currents to blow the cloud around it could have maintained its shape for the period of the video. And it could conceivably have dissipated by the time Bill stepped back outside.

Silver Sphere Video

By 2019 Bill had moved to a house on North East 15th. He worked in Lents and every week day afternoon his friend would drop him to the Lents Town Center train station on Southeast Ramona Street so he could catch a train home.

Aerial map of Lents Town Center train station

At 4.30 pm on 1st May 2019 he was standing on station waiting for his train. It was a clear and pleasant afternoon. The station was very quiet, there were only a couple of other people at the other end of it, and nobody was close by.

To the East of his location between a quarter to half a mile away Bill suddenly noticed a spherical object. It was at a height of about 500 feet and moving on a straight course about 30 mph. It looked quite small in size, perhaps 5 feet across. It was a shiny silver colour and was reflecting the sunlight.

Bill grabbed his mobile phone and began to film the object. It travelled to the South, not altering its height or course at all. After 32 seconds it vanished from sight, probably due to the distance. As Bill was waiting for his train he did not change location to see if he could see it again.

Here is the video footage which Bill captured:

Still of the video taken almost immedately. The object can be seen right at the top:

Zoomed view of the UFO at the start of the footage:

Zoomed image with edge find:

As you can see the object appears to be spherical in shape. The darkened area towards the base is likely to be due to shadowing caused by the curvature of the surface.

Due to its appearance it is clearly not a normal aircraft or helicopter. It can be seen clearly enough to also discount a drone or bird. However Bill agrees that it may have been a silver coloured Mylar balloon. It seemed to be travelling on a very straight course, but this may just have been because it was caught in a strong air current, it does not necessarily mean it was under controlled flight.

Distant UFO Video

Later in the year on 27th May Bill was once again waiting for his train at 4.30pm. There was nobody else on the station at the time. Again it was really nice sunny weather.

Bill suddenly noticed an object appear in the distance to the East. After being unable to determine what it was he decided to start filming it on his mobile phone. Initially he could only see it with his naked eye and it was not coming out on camera. However after 9 seconds it could be made out making unusual manoeuvres which change in course numerous times.

After watching for a further 24 seconds the object was no longer visible. He continued to film for several seconds but realised it was probably not going to re-appear so stopped.

Here is the footage which Bill took of the UFO:

Still of the footage at 11 seconds in. The object is about 2/3 of the way across the image:

Zoomed view of the object:

Zoomed view with edge find:

Due to the fact that it was changing directions rather abruptly an aeroplane can be discounted. The movements seemed too erratic and unusual for a helicopter too.

I suggested to Bill that it might be a bird. He said that if so then it looked odd to his naked eye – to him the movements felt too directed, and no flapping of wings was observed. Another possibility is that it was a distant drone. This would be able to perform such manoeuvres, although Bill felt the movements looked wrong for this (and as a drone pilot he is familiar with how they appear at a distance). A drifting balloon caught in conflicting air currents could also be possible.

Unfortunately the object is too distant to maker any definate conclusions.

High Altitude UFO Video

On 6th October Bill would manage to capture yet another UFO on video while waiting for his train. He happened to look up and saw a white or reflective object at very high altitude, at an angle of 80 degrees. Bill estimates it was at around 20000 feet just below the upper cloud layer. It was moving towards the South. At the height it appeared to be it was clearly quite large in size.

Immediately Bill felt it did not look right for a distant aeroplane. Usually even at high altitude the wings would be visible, making a cross-like shape in the sky. With this object no wings were visible. He lifted up his mobile phone and began to film it. The object moved on a straight course. Bill continued to film it until it had vanished from sight.

Below is the footage which Bill managed to capture:

Still of the footage taken at 2 seconds. The object is nothing more than a white dot near to the centre:

Zoomed view of the object:

Zoomed view with edge find:

I agree with Bill that an aeroplane, or helicopter, would have a recognisable shape, even at high altitude. With his background as an aircraft mechanic Bill is very familiar with the appearance of aircraft at a distance and he would not have been bothered to even start filming if this is what it was. He also says that it was far too high up to have been a bird or drone in flight.

However there is the possibility that this was a white or silver coloured balloon or inflatable reflecting the sunlight and drifting on an air current. Bill admits that this possibility cannot be fully discounted.

Possible Implant

Back when Bill was a security guard in 2015 he would walk up to 30,000 steps a day. After a while he began to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, inflammation of the heels and arches of the feet. He put up with this for a number of years but in 2020 the pain became too much to bear so he decided to visit his GP about it. His GP put him in touch with a podiatrist, who he visited in September.

The podiatrist had an in-house X-ray machine which they used to X-ray his feet to look for bone deformities. After undergoing the X-Ray they were able to view the image immediately on a computer screen (Bill was not able to see the screen directly).

The first thing the podiatrist asked him was whether he’d ever injured his right foot. Bill confirmed that to his knowledge he had not. The podiatrist said to him “There’s an object in there. It looks like glass.” Bill asked “Could it have happened without me knowing? Like if I dropped something on my foot?” The podiatrist responded “No, your foot would have been hurt pretty badly.” Bill does not currently know the size, position or shape of the object, just that there was something present.

Contactees have often found small metallic objects within them after experiences, commonly referred to as “alien implants”. Often the presence of these objects will be unknown until they are randomly spotted on X-Ray photographs, just as with this situation. While there is always the possibility that the objects are accidental metallic splinters, there are sometimes unusual aspects to them which indicate otherwise.

I asked Bill to use a stud finder on his foot to see if he could detect the continued presence of a metallic object. This came up a negative. This does not necessarily mean that the object is not there, or that it is not metallic. Stud finders are only capable of detecting certain ferrous metals. If the object is made out of other metals it would not show up. Also there is the possibility that, if it was a genuine implant, it used to be present but has since been removed.

At the time Bill did not think to ask for a copy of the image, but he believes it should still be in their records. He has attempted to get hold of this image but has so far not had much luck. He spoke with the records office and they asked him to come in and sign a form to get the images released, which he did. They provided him with a disc. However when he tried opening this on his computer it failed to work.

He contacted them via E-Mail and they attached the images as a PDF instead, but when he opened them he found the images were of the MRI scan not the X-Ray picture. He contacted them back and they informed him he would have to speak directly with the podiatrist to obtain this. However they have not yet responded to repeated voicemails. Rachel needs to visit the same hospital soon, and has agreed to attempt to obtain the X-Ray image on his behalf.

I am hopeful that soon we will soon be able to obtain the photograph, which should give us an indication of the size and positioning of the object that was discovered. If we do succeed in this endeavour the picture will be added to this section of the report.

Visual Distortion

One early morning in either December 2020 or January 2021 Bill suddenly awoke. He found himself sitting on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor, staring at the bedroom door in front of him. The room was lit like it was daylight outside, but it felt too early for that.

Even stranger around the edges of his vision Bill could see a strange glowing curved line. It was most predominant to the right but he could also see it a little on the left too. The line looked really artificial like it was electrically powered. It was glowing an amber colour and the glow seemed to pulse in brightness. Bill looked around puzzled by its presence. It almost looked like he was staring at the bedroom via a screen.

Witness drawing of the glowing line

He started to panic, thinking there was something very wrong. As if to counter this panic, he then heard a voice inside his mind. It sounded female, gentle and kind. The voice said to him “Everything’s fine, you’re ok. Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing to worry about. Go back to sleep.” Bill found the voice very comforting. He lay back down, closed his eyes and managed to drop back off.

When he next awoke it was 8am, the time he would usually wake up at. Due to the time of year it was still dark outside, which proved to him that the light he had seen when he awoke before had been an anomaly not natural daylight.

Later on he looked into possibilities for the strange jagged line he had seen online. He came across something known as Ocular Migraine Auras. When experiencing this it is possible to see shapes, colours or motion around the edges of your vision. It may sometimes move or change in size. It is also possible for sections of your vision to go dark entirely. They can last for up to 20 minutes and do not always precede a headache.

An example mock up of an Ocular Migraine Aura:

However Bill has never experienced this before or since, it only occurred on this one occasion. The distortion also looked somewhat different to any example drawings he could find online. And even if this this might explain the glowing jagged line it does not explain the calming voice he heard or the fact that the entire room seemed to be lit up like it was daytime. These aspects fit closer with the possibility that this was a contact experience of some kind. It is hard to say for certain.

Repeated Dreams

Between July to October 2021 Bill had a number of vivid dreams with repetitive noticeable aspects and after effects. He is unsure of the meaning of these dreams at present but they may potentially be linked with previous contact experiences he has had.

All four of these dreams involved a series of strange events and took place at unfamiliar locations, as many dreams do. However they were all extremely vivid and Bill could remember them in great detail. They also all involved a girl with long dark coloured hair and large blue eyes. She was always present, despite the fact that Bill did not recognise her. In some of the dreams she was his girlfriend, in others just a friend or present in the situation. Bill sensed a deep connection with her for an unknown reason.

Every dream ended with Bill waking up suddenly between 12.40 am and 1 am in the morning. He wears a mouthpiece during the night to prevent snoring, and each time he would find that he had spat it out and it was on the bed. He would also find that his dog Stella was sitting on the floor, which again was odd as she always sleeps up on the mattress. He would sometimes find that his spit was off-colour, almost black. This would last for less than a minute before returning to normal.

At the end of the first dream which took place on 14th July Bill clearly recollected a series of numbers which he wrote down: 290047461674. He has no idea what these numbers mean.

The fourth dream which happened on the night of 28th October involved a huge white coloured Tic-tac shaped craft. In the dream the craft landed and he emerged from it and explored a futuristic-looking city.

Witness drawing of the landed craft with open doorway
Witness drawing of the craft doorway with descending steps

It is unknown whether the inclusion of this craft in his dream has anything to do with his experiences or prior knowledge of the now infamous USS Nimitz incident, which involved a much smaller craft of the same shape and colour.

Domed Disc Sighting

On the afternoon of 31st October Bill was driving East along Interstate 84 heading to the town of Sandy for a date. He had just passed the junction with Northeast 181st Avenue when he noticed an object rise up from behind a ridge to the North East East about a mile away from his location around the area of Lawton Creek.

Aerial map showing where Bill was on Interstate 84 (A) and Lawton Creek (B)

The object appeared to be silver in colour, a domed-disc shape and about 20-25 feet across. It moved upward until it had just cleared the hill no more than 1000 feet up. It then seemed to start moving away to the North East down the gorge.

Witness drawing of the UFO flying along the gorge

In total he watched the object for 10-15 seconds. He briefly lost sight of it as he had to turn off the highway. When he looked back 2 seconds later it could no longer be seen.

Bill is familiar with flight paths for aircraft in the area as he used to live near to the gorge and would often see planes take off and land. He informed me aircraft are not allowed to fly over the gorge where the object was seen.

At the time of the sighting he had a dashcam active. The camera runs on a repeated 3 minute loop and is designed to capture evidence in the event of a crash. Bill realised that the object may have been captured on it, so he unplugged it after the sighting was over.

Unfortunately although footage was recorded it was too low quality and pixellated to see the object, so Bill did not keep it.

While the dashcam sadly did not manage to pick up the UFO, it is still an interesting, if distant sighting. Due to Bill’s military background I am certain that he would be able to recognise what an aeroplane or helicopter would appear like at that distance. That said, as the object did not perform any manoeuvres which would definitely indicate it was under intelligent control, a large inflatable of some kind cannot be ruled out.

Turquoise Lights Incident

On the evening of 11th November 2021 Bill travelled out to Sandy to take his new girlfriend out on a date. He picked her up and then they drove along Highway 26 to Skyway Bar & Grill near to Zigzag.

Aerial map of Skyway Bar & Grill
Photograph of Skyway Bar & Grill

They left the establishment about 7.30 pm and began the drive back West towards Sandy. The weather was clear and pleasant. Due to the time of year the sun had already set. There were very few other vehicles on the road. Bill was driving about 60 mph.

Around the area of Alder Creek Bill noticed a glowing light at the top of the ridge of trees off to the left of the road in a South West direction. For a moment he assumed it must be a helicopter but quickly realised that it was the wrong colour. Normal navigation colours of white, green and red were not visible. Instead the light was a strange turquoise colour Bill had never seen before in the air.

Aerial map showing the route along Highway 26 between Skyway Bar & Grill (A) and Alder Creek (B)
Witness drawing of the turquoise light

The light seemed to be about 500 feet above the top of the ridge, meaning that it must have been about 1500 feet up. He only noticed it briefly before it was lost from view behind the trees. He did not mention it to his girlfriend, he just thought to himself “That was weird!”

Photograph from Highway 26 in the direction the light was seen

At the time Bill was streaming some music from his mobile phone to his car radio. About 30 seconds later the signal seemed to drop and the music stopped playing. He checked his phone and realised the battery had completely ran out. Bill says that this was highly unusual. He’d charged his phone that morning so he was puzzled as to why it had now ran out, it would usually last until the following day, even when streaming music.

At around 8 pm Bill dropped off his girlfriend in Sandy. They chatted for about 15 minutes and then he got back on the road again. Once again he was driving West along Highway 26. About 8.30 pm he was approaching a part of the highway which briefly splits into two near to Anderson Road.

Aerial map showing the locations of Alder Creek (A) and Anderson Road (B)

He happened to glance to his left and was amazed to see what appeared to be the same glowing object as before! This time it really caught his attention and he slowed down the car to take a better look at it. The light appeared to be less than a quarter of a mile away from him to the South West. It seemed to be stationary.

Witness drawing of the second light
Photograph from Highway 26 in the direction the light was seen

Bill stared at it for about 15 seconds until he reached the split in the road. While the road was split it curved round to the right and he was no longer able to see it from the front windows. He continued on his way, surprised that he had seen the strange light a second time.

By 8.45pm he was driving West along Highway 84 through an industrial area alongside Northeast Wilkes Road. There was no other traffic around. Suddenly he again noticed the turquoise light! This time it was off to the right of the road to the North West West over the area of Argay. It seemed to be quite low down, about 500 feet off the ground.

Aerial map showing the locations of Anderson Road (A) and Northeast Wilkes Road (B)
Photograph from Highway 84 in the direction the light was seen a third time

As he continued to drive the surroundings became more residential. There was lots of trees, but he continued to catch glimpses of the light from time to time. Eventually he arrived at a gap in the trees. It was now that the object was at its closest. It seemed to be about a quarter of a mile from his position. He could now make out that it was in fact two turquoise lights alongside one another. The lights were very bright with a glowing haze around them. Even though Bill could only see the lights he estimates the object they were attached to was at least as big as a helicopter, too big to be a drone.

Witness drawing of the two turquoise lights beyond the trees

Bill had the distinct feeling of being followed by the object. Due to the rarity of the colour of the lights on it he assumed that it was the same object in all three sightings. He considered stopping to get a better view but he says that it is a particularly dangerous stretch of highway. There is a breakdown lane but it is narrow and there have been many accidents over the years in the area. After a few seconds the lights were lost from sight as he had driven past them.

He arrived home and checked the clock just to ensure there was no missing time. It was 9pm, the time he expected to arrive home at. He would usually drop off to sleep about 10pm but felt excited by the sightings he had experienced and stayed up until midnight before contacting me via Facebook messenger to mention what had taken place.

It is impossible to say whether it was the same object in all three sightings or different objects which were either related or just happened to have the same lighting colour. Bill felt that it was following him, however there was no obvious direct interaction, and at no point did he see it at close proximity. If it was the same object then it may have been moving in roughly the same direction as him and he happened to keep spotting it at various locations.

The lighting colour observed is very peculiar and does not fit with standard navigation lights at all. Also if it was a helicopter then according to Bill it would not have been allowed to have been flown so close to residential homes due to the level of noise. If it was the same object seen all three times then it appears to have been moving too rapidly to be a lit inflatable.

I feel it is unlikely that the lit object was anything to do with the draining of Bill’s mobile phone battery. Although craft have often been noted to cause electrical disturbances in their vicinity, this would usually only occur at close proximity. The light which Bill initially saw was quite distant.

Further Body Markings

In 2017 Bill noticed a scar-like marking on the left side of his chest that he had not seen before. It was ¾ inch long and looked like an incision which had healed over. Bill says that he associates it with the abduction recollection he had back in 2007/2008, but is unsure why.

Witness drawing of the chest marking

Photograph of how the scar looks today:

In late October 2021 during the case investigation Bill awoke to find a strange imprint on the right side of his body. It looked like a pressure mark of finger-wide concentric shapes. This side of his body had been against the mattress during the night, but he had never woken up with shapes like this before on himself, and there was no sign that they had been caused by folds in the bed covers.

Witness drawing of the grooves on the right side of his body

The imprints were so deep that when he ran his finger over them it made a noise. They faded away throughout the day. Sadly he did not take a photograph of them.

On the night of 4th November Bill had a strange dream about a red and white coloured UFO which flew up into the clouds. When he awoke he found that he was uncovered, despite the fact that it was quite cold in the room. He also found that like previous occasions his mouthpiece was out and the dog was on the floor instead of up on the bed. He went to the bathroom and discovered a strange indentation in the right side of his body.

Photograph of the indentation taken in the bathroom mirror

While the above could possibly be linked with a contact experience, as Bill is interested in the subject and had recently been discussing his experiences with me it is possible that the UFO he’d seen was just a dream, he’d spat out his mouthpiece andpulled the covers back in his sleep, and the dent was nothing more than pressure of sleeping on his side during the night.

On the morning of 17th November Bill found three scratch-like lines and a small round bruise on his inner right arm quite close to the original scar-like marking. They were quite painful which is how he first noticed them. He is certain they had not been there when he got into bed.

Photograph of the lines and bruise

Weeks on, the markings were still visible, showing how substantial the injuries must have been.

Photograph taken on 29th November
Photograph taken on 7th December

Bill’s pet dog does sleep in the room at night but he confirmed that he never jumps up or scratches him with his claws, and even if he had done then surely he would have woken up during the night? He does not have any recollections of anything unusual happening at all, so while there is no direct link with contact, the cause of the injuries remains a mystery.

Something in the House

At the start of March 2022 Bill once again moved house to an apartment on T Street, Vancouver, Washington.

Aerial map of T Street

One night in early May he awoke suddenly with a shock at 2.03 am. He realised he had been having a very vivid dream but could not remember the details of it. Usually in such a situation he would just settle back down, but he then heard the dogs barking. They seemed to be extremely agitated like there was someone else present in the house. Bill also noted that the air smelt unusual, although he finds it hard to describe how. It was not a pungent odour but just smelt different in some way.

Due to what was taking place he became nervous that there was someone else there, to the point that he grabbed his pistol and started searching around the apartment. As he did so the dogs stuck really close to his side, which he said was unusual behaviour for them. After looking in all the rooms and finding nothing they seemed to settle back down and Bill went back to bed.

Looking back at the incident Bill wonders if he had experienced a visitation, and the dogs were picking up on the presence of one or more beings who promptly left the vicinity. While there is no direct evidence to support this theory, it is still a possibility given Bill’s many previous encounters.

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