BUFOG Chairman Lecture Details

Birmingham UFO Group's Chairman and lead investigator Dave Hodrien is experienced in giving lectures on UFOs and contact. Over the years he has spoken at many conferences, UFO/paranormal groups, prestigious events and universities across the UK and Ireland, and welcomes the opportunity to speak internationally. Below is a brief description of each of the lectures he currently offers, although if you would like him to speak on a particular aspect of the subject not listed below he will be more than happy to accomodate.

Behind The Mask: An Analysis Of The Screen Memory Phenomenon

Length: 90 mins (or less)



Since becoming an investigator back in 2007, Dave has looked into hundreds of contact cases from around the world. One of the aspects of the subject which he is particularly fascinated by is "screen memories" - where the beings encountered during contact mask either their own appearance, or the appearance of their craft.

In this highly informative lecture Dave will take you through the phenomenon in depth. You'll find out the science behind screen memories. You'll learn about the many different types of screen memory which can occur, and see some incredible case examples. You'll hear about the various possible explanations for what is taking place. The talk is filled to the brim with witness drawings, pictures and video clips, and whether you know about screen memories already or not, you're bound to discover something new!


Length: 120 mins (or less)


The Droitwich contact case is one of the most detailed and stunning cases of alien abduction that Dave has directly investigated in his investigative career. The case focuses around two abductions of a lady named Jeni which occured in late 2010. Both of the experiences are fascinating and contain many of the elements commonly reported including a UFOs, examination procedures, screen memories and body markings. What makes the case even more impressive is that the second of these abductions was seemingly captured on video camera!

However the scope of the case extends much wider than these two incidents. These abductions led Jeni to re-assess other experiences that had occured earlier in her life right back to childhood. It became apparent through the invesigation that she had experienced contact for many years.

In this talk Dave will take you through some of Jeni's fascinating experiences and you will get to see the video footage with your own eyes, as well as clips from the hypnotic regression which was carried out as part of the investigation.

The Best of BUFOG


Length: 120 mins (or less)


Since BUFOG's inception, Dave has directly investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and contact cases from around the world. These experiences have been extremely varied, and sometimes very impressive indeed.

In this lecture Dave will be covering some of the most interesting cases which have been reported to BUFOG over the years. Since becoming an investigator, Dave’s views on the phenomenon have only been strengthened, and he looks forward to sharing with you the reasons why. You will both see and hear astounding evidence that supports the UFO reality – evidence that includes multiple witness sightings, close encounters with landed craft and their occupants, repeated contact experiences, photographed body markings and implants, and video footage that may actually show an abduction taking place!


Dave will also cover his experiences in managing the group, and provide an overview of how sightings are both received and investigated. Whether you’re already familiar with BUFOG or not, prepare for a fascinating talk.

Contact: Evidence, Origins & Agendas


Length: 120 mins (or less)


Over the years Dave has investigated many contact cases from around the UK and other countries. He is currently regarded by many as one of the leading UK-based investigators of the phenomenon. In this fascinating talk he will take you through some of the mysterious and unusual aspects of the subject. After going over his investigative background, Dave will provide a general overview of contact for those who may not be familiar with it. He will then cover some of the best evidence for the reality of contact and explain why the alternative explanations often provided for it can be disregarded.
Later in the talk Dave will look into possible origins for the beings which are reported time and time again. He will then give a detailed overview of their apparent agendas here on Earth, discussing the possible reasons behind them and providing examples from famous cases and incidents he has investigated directly. There will be time at the end for a Q&A where he will be happy to answer any burning questions from the audience.


A Lifetime Of Contact


Length: 120 mins (or less)

Solo / Dual on request

In the spring of 2017 a lady from Southampton named Tina got in touch with BUFOG to discuss a number of experiences which had happened to her over the years. In the following months over many discussions, both direct and indirect, Dave learnt about what had taken place, and came to realise that this was one of the most far-reaching and fascinating contact cases he had yet dealt with in his investigative career!

Tina's experieces include many deep interactions with Greys and other beings through conciously recollected memories, impressive body markings and possible implant extractions, episodes of missing time and other paranorml activity. Many of these incidents are backed up with photographic evidence and medical documents.

This is the story of how Tina has had to come to terms with on-going contact from a seemingly extra-terrestrial origin and integrate it into her daily life. You will see and hear some amazing things which may well alter your perception of the contact subject forever!

UFOs & The Music Industry


Length: 120 mins (or less)


Since the early 20th century UFOs have inspired musical artists around the globe and have led to the creation of many UFO and alien related tracks, as well as a general fascination with the subject in the music world.


In this fun and informative talk Dave will take you through the history of UFO-related tunes and explain the inspiration for some of these songs. He will cover many excellent examples of both artists and individual tracks who have been heavily influenced by the subject of ufology as well as some musicians who claim to have experienced UFO incidents of their own. You'll hear some amazing stories where the worlds of ufology and rock n’ roll meet! The lecture also features a specially recorded video interview with well known UFO themed band CEIV.
With music videos and audio clips throughout, this talk promises to be a treat for both your eyes and ears!

The Cosmosis Connection

Length: 120 mins (or less)

Solo / Dual on request

In the summer of 2014 Dave began his investigation into the many contact experiences of David Hunt. It soon became apparent that these experiences not only affected him, but also many other family members and close friends. David has experienced contact since an early age and been forced to not only accept its reality, but integrate it into his daily life. He has encountered beings and craft on both a physical and meta-physical level. He has interacted directly with his contacts on many occasions, and has a deep understanding of what is happening to him. But this is far from a case of individual contact. Many of his experiences involved numerous witnesses, who all testified to the validity of what has taken place!

In time these experiences led David and his friends to form acoustic rock band Cosmosis. Many of the songs released by the band over the years that followed were directly influenced by contact, and had deep and meaningful lyrics. The band is an integral part of this story.

David’s case is of the most profound cases that Dave have ever worked on, and opened his eyes to some of the deeper aspects of the contact phenomenon. In this talk he will cover some of David’s most impressive experiences, highlighting important aspects and the evidence available. The lecture includes a specially recorded video message from David and one of his friends, and a music video by Cosmosis.

Space Invader: A History Of UFO Video Gaming


Length: 120 mins (or less)


Since the birth of video gaming in the 1970s UFOs & aliens have played an integral role. Believe it or not, some of the most influential games of all time have featured flying saucers and extra-terrestrial beings. Right up to the present day aspects of the UFO subject are regularly incorporated into video games.

In this fun-filled lecture with a difference, Dave will take you on a journey through the decades, highlighting some of the most well known UFO-themed games. The talk is filled to the brim with video clips, facts and amusing stories, and also features an exclusive interview with a Virtual Reality games developer.

Dave is an avid computer and console gamer and has put a lot of his passion for gaming into this talk, probably the only lecture ever given on this aspect of the subject. Whether you're into video gaming yourself or not, you're assured of an enjoyable and informative time. GAME ON!

UFO 101


Length: 90 mins (or less)


The UFO enigma is vast and complex. In this talk Dave provides a great introduction to the subject. He will discuss the different types of UFOs encountered and the incredible capabilities they appear to possess. He will cover ways in which he investigates cases and provide a general overview of the types of evidence available. He will also touch on IFOs - mundane objects which are regularly confused for something more unusual.

In the second part of the talk Dave will go over some of the most impressive UFO incidents that have ever taken place around the world - incidents involving a large number of witnesses, military interceptions and crash landings. He will also discuss a couple of fascinating cases he has directly investigated.
This talk is aimed towards those with little knowledge of the UFO subject. However, whatever your background is, you will definately find something new to enjoy.

Evidence For Contact: The Droitwich Case


Roswell Revisited


Length: 75 mins (or less)


In early July 1947 something highly unusual crash landed at Roswell, New Mexico. Pieces of strange metallic debris were found scattered across a local farmer's ranch. Once the newspapers got a hold of the story, an infamous headline story stating that a flying disc had been recovered was distributed to the public. However once the military descended on the scene, a cover up operation took place and a new article was released stating that what had come down was nothing more than a weather balloon. Since the incident hundreds of witnesses have provided testimony suggesting that what really took place was the retrieval of a downed alien craft and its occupants. Even now this remains one of the most compelling and well documented UFO incidents to have ever taken place.


In this talk Dave will provide an overview of the key facts, including statements from many of the key witnesses and many photographs and video footage of those involved.