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Investigation Feedback

"It is an excellent report and exactly how I experienced it."

"Having a second voice recall the many events in some way has helped me understand the things I have gone through. When you've been telling yourself the same thing over and over again for years it's not till someone like yourself putting it all together that it seems credible, even to me strangely. I'd like to thank you for your important and hard work in making it possible for others to hear and hopefully in some way experience the things that I and my family and friends have gone through over the years."

"Dave is to be congratulated on the effort he's made in putting together this interesting and very detailed report"

"It is so impressive the time and effort which you put into your investigations, the report is amazing."

“Thank you very much for that in-depth reply, Mr. Hodrien. You are a terrific researcher and very thorough and critical thinking-type, and hard-working investigator."

"I would like to thank David Hodrien so much for taking the time to discuss my contact experiences, and deal with me in such a professional manner. Speaking publicly about paranormal and ET encounters is challenging for any experiencer, but Dave made the whole process very easy, and I would recommend any other experiencers get in touch with him. He is very respectful. There is no judgement or ridicule whatsoever."

"The report looks great. I'm afraid I haven't seen any more UFOs although I keep an eye out...will definitely contact you first if I do!"

""Thanks for writing up this report. It looks good. Also thanks for taking the trouble to do a report of this. I contacted about four other UFO organisations in the UK and you're the only one that replied."

"That is an excellent write up of my sightings :)"

"So comforted that there are others out there. I think I just needed some validation Dave. Someone to believe me. Thank you Dave, I really appreciate you taking the time out to analyse my situation. God bless you!"

"That's a good report David it is a true reflection of what happened."

"David thanks for doing that report. It was good of you to take the time to do it."

"It looks fine to me...Thank you for all of your help."

"Can I thank you for your early response and for your clear and structured communication. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your response and hope to work with you to raise awareness, learn, and understand..."

"I am grateful that you both have dedicated time and serious research as it is helping many people, like myself, to come to grips with this."

"Thank you for listening. I can not talk so freely with others about this UFO stuff. OBE, remote healing, yes, but only to some people...UFO stuff is still so off limits. Thanks again."

"Thank you again for all the time and thoughtfulness you have given me."

"Thank you for your considered reply, and the reassurance."

“Got to thank you for your interest in this. I feel better about the whole thing realizing that other people have seen similar objects...It's relieving to be taken seriously and I thank you."

"Great job you are doing!!! Always talk with action!!!"

"We got a lot of information and generally speaking I think it went quite well. The chat afterwards seem useful. I suddenly came up with assurance with details I didn't know before the regression. As the dust settles new or strengthened convictions crop up on and on in conversation or decisions or whatever. So I am thankful to you."

"Thank you so much for your E-mail, I'm very grateful and relieved that I have someone 'local' to speak with on this matter."

"I have now read it and am pleased with the result, so thanks again for doing that for me."

"Very good writing this report!"

“Got to thank you for your interest in this. I feel better about the whole thing realizing that other people have seen similar objects...It's relieving to be taken seriously and I thank you."

"I read the report, I'm perfectly happy with the way you have wrote it, it is very acccurate."

"Many thanks. I must admit I'm a bit over whelmed! I thought the most I might get was, 'thanks very much, we'll add it to our records'! I did not for one minute expect all of this! I am very relieved to be able to talk someone who is actually interested in hearing about it all. It gives me an opportunity to 'get it all out' in a way I've never been able to before because, even though I've done years of standard psychotherapy and an awful lot of esoteric training, none of the people I've worked with have really believed that I've been contacted. They always want to put an alternative explanation on it.”

"Thank you for your reply. It makes me feel better knowing there was a reasonable explanation.”

"I have read your report and think you have done a very good overview, so well done! Thank you for your unbias understanding.”

"I want to say thank you very much for the talk we had. I feel very relieved by the experience of discussing it with you.”

"Thanks for taking such a serious interest in the subject.”

"Thank you for all your comments and your special concern. It is not an easy thing to discover that one has been abducted almost beyond a doubt. I can do without those complications in my life. But I thank you for having diagnosed what has been happening, and what really had left me with a superstitious and so-called "mystical" out-look on life. This discovery opens up a whole new world. The truth does indeed set you free. Yet I also thank you for all your support as things are getting a bit heavy at times.”

"Thank you for giving me someone I could tell my story to.”

"Great thank you Dave for all the good work you put in.”

"Thank you so much for taking the time to read my E-Mails and an interest in what I have to say. It’s made me feel a little less crazy.”

"Thank you so much for getting back to me your comments and the way you broke it down was incredibly useful. You're cool, I like you. Seriously, more of you needed.”

“Thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated.”

"“Sounds spot on to me.”

"I've read your report and I agree with what you've said and can tell you that it's very accurate (so much so, it gave me a chill down my spine reading it)! Thanks for your time and everything that you've done, as it's really helped to start to put it into perspective.”

"Many thanks for your detailed response.”

"Hey there, I just wanted to say thank-you for your write up of my sighting. Just read it on your site. It is spot on. At least now it’s on the record and who knows maybe someone else may come forward as a witness to it.”

"Thanks for coming up here yesterday, it was wonderful to be able to talk to someone who doesn't think I'm nuts. I feel so different now, but in a good way, I feel somehow taller, happier, and more confident.”

"I appreciate your support - really mate.”

"Thank you for your speedy response!”

"You are doing a great job. Well done."

"Thank you for replying. It just made me feel better to tell someone. My husband naturally believed I was imagining things or dreaming.”

"WOW, thank you for doing the amends it reads great. Thank you so much, I hope other people find it comforting if it’s happened to them and others find it interesting.”

"We were talking all night about how many people you have interviewed. I only wish that we were in the position to pay you what you’re worth Dave. Thank you again so much.”

"Thank you for replying so promptly to my enquiry.”

"Sounds excellent, very objective. Enjoyed reading it”

"“Hello Dave, thank you for your thoughtful reply.“

"“Hi Dave I`m really pleased with the report.”

"It must be hard work for you, doing people’s reports, all that writing you have to do... thank you Dave for the report.”

"Your reports are some of my favorites, and I would consider sharing our research with you."

"It’s a great report and it’s all there, great shots too.”

"Thanks Dave for helping me on what’s happening to me, thank you so much.”

"Thanks a lot and I really appreciate your time with the’s good to have got all this off my chest."

"Thanks for doing a great job on these cases.”

"You are doing original work, and good on ya.”

"Thank you. You are the FIRST person to EVER inquire about anything in all these years.”

"Very many thanks for replying so quickly and also with such a full reply, it was very comforting to be taken seriously but also to have such a genuine and sincere reply.”

"Excellent report of my sighting, thank you."

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