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Book a BUFOG Chairman Lecture

BUFOG's Chairman Dave Hodrien is experienced in giving detailed lectures on different aspects of the UFO subject. He has spoken at many conferences and meetings over the years, been a guest speaker at a prestigious London event and even spoken to university classes. An overview of his talks can be found on the Lecture Details page. Most can be shortened or lengthened depending on time requirements. If you are planning an event and would like to book Dave for a talk you can do so by submitting the below form or by contacting him on 07990576577.


Dave is available most weekends and week-day evenings. All his lectures feature a high quality presentation, and  most include video footage and audio clips. He will use his own laptop, and can also bring along a projector and speakers if necessary. He will require a screen or clear wall, a podium or table, and depending on the size of your venue would prefer to use a PA system with microphone if one is available. You are welcome to record the lecture if you would like. Dave usually travels by car.  The cost is negotiable but will  need to at least cover travel costs from and to Birmingham.

BUFOG Chairman Lecture Booking Form

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