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Vancouver Contact Case Part 2 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Continued from Part 1

Metallic Object

A couple of months after witnessing the lit UFO, Bill was at his friend "Simon’s" house on Fieldstone Drive, Londonderry. They were walking through the woodland North West of the back yard smoking cigarettes when suddenly Bill stubbed his toe on an object on the ground. He thought to himself “What the hell’s that?” and looked down to see what he’d bumped into.

Aerial map showing the house Jason used to live at (A) and the location the object was discovered (B)

There was what looked like a curved object made out of clay. It was 9 inches long and looked like part of a loop of pottery, maybe the rim off a large jar. He reached down and picked up the object to examine it.

Witness drawing of the curved object

He then threw it at a rock expecting it to shatter into pieces. Instead there was loud “ping” sound and the object bounced right off! Bill walked over and picked it back up. The outer surface of the object had been broken off where it hit the rock. Underneath he was surprised to see shiny gleaming metal. After showing it to Simon he decided to take it back home to examine it more closely.

Back home in his basement he tried cutting through the object with a hacksaw. It felt like cutting through a solid block of metal. Small metallic flakes were falling off as he sliced away. Whatever the object was made out of, it was both extremely strong and very light weight. He broke several saw blades but in the end managed to slice right through it.

Postion the cut was made

The object was solid all the way through and had a concave shape. The outer layer which looked more like clay was about 8mm thick. Bill wondered if the metal had oxidised forming this skin-like surface. He considered the idea that it was some kind of debris that had fallen from space. He showed the object to his father who thought it was interesting and could not identify it.

Cross section of the object

Later on Bill once again called up MUFON to tell them about the object. Two days later the same man and woman who had visited before turned up again. They asked him if they could take away the object with them to be tested. Bill agreed to this as he trusted them to perform this testing and return the object to him.

A couple of months went by and he had heard nothing. He decided to give them a call. They informed him that they’d sent it to a friend of theirs who worked in a laboratory, and that they had not yet heard back from him. Bill was fine with this update and so ended the call.

Another few months went by before Bill rang them again. This time they said they did not know what had happened to it. They brushed it off saying it wasn’t anything special and that it must have got lost after it was sent to the lab. Bill was rather upset at this but there was nothing he could do. He wondered whether it had been something unusual and they’d made up the story about losing the object, but of course could not prove this.

USS Saratoga Sighting

When he was 17 years old Bill joined the US Navy as an Intermediate Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic. For 7 months he trained in Tennessee, after which he was stationed aboard the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier for 4 years. This carrier was decommissioned in 1995.

Photograph of Bill in his Naval bootcamp uniform

Over these 4 years performed active duty on two tours. The first tour was 9 months out in the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Storm. The second tour involved a 6 month cruise in the Mediterranean.

Photograph of the USS Saratoga

While aboard the aircraft carrier Bill spent most of his time below deck in an airframe shop on the aft end of the ship making aircraft parts out of sheet aluminium, shelving units for officers and sometimes tyres. While in port he performed general maintenance tasks and also volunteered as a fire fighter.

Out at sea he chose to work the night shift as it was a lot quieter. The queues for food were shorter and he had some free time to go out on deck and check out the stars.

In 1993 when he was 21 years old and on his second tour of duty he had a UFO sighting. The carrier was South of France in the Balearic Sea heading towards the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Croatia. It was between midnight and 1am and Bill was taking a mid-shift break. He stepped outside onto the starboard (right) side deck of the carrier for a cigarette.

Aerial map showing the Balearic Sea (A) and the Adriatic Sea (B)

It was a beautiful clear night with the stars fully visible in the sky and no cloud cover. There was nobody else out on deck at the time so he was on his own and it was incredibly peaceful. Suddenly he noticed a light coming in from the left of his vision near the horizon. The light appeared to be really low down, at most 300 feet off the surface of the sea, and was within several miles from his location, probably about a mile away.

The light seemed to be moving about 40 mph. It was travelling on a straight course from his left to his right. After about 15-20 seconds as it got level with him it suddenly halted. It hung motionless for several seconds. Then without warning it shot upward into the sky, moving away from his location as it did. Bill says it moved at hundreds of mph and the acceleration was instantaneous. Within a second it had travelled so far that it was no longer visible.

Witness drawing of the light in the distance viewed from the starboard side deck

A moment later Bill witnessed a military helicopter being launched from the ship, which moved away in the direction the light had dispersed. To all intents and purposes it appeared like an attempted intercept of the object.

Bill says that the carrier had advanced radar systems aboard and that providing the object was detectable on radar it would definitely have been observed. However after the sighting he heard nothing. Nobody mentioned seeing the object, either visually or on radar. There are of course a number of possible explanations for this. Perhaps the object was radar dark, and so was never detected on radar. Maybe it was recorded on radar but Bill did not have the right contacts on board to find this out. Or perhaps it was observed, but was then covered up.

Bill is certain that the object was not something mundane such as a distant aircraft, helicopter or drone due to the speed of the manoeuvres it performed. It was also clearly under control rather than a drifting object such as a lit balloon, and it would make no sense for it to have been this considering the location the carrier was at. It is truly a anomalous, if distant, sighting.


In 1987 the American abductee Whitley Strieber released his infamous book Communion. If you aren’t familiar with this, the book covered his numerous un-nerving contact experiences. On the cover of the book was a drawing of one of the Grey beings which he saw during these experiences, as you can see from the below image:

It was the mid-1990s when Bill noticed the book for sale in a shop. When he saw the front cover it immediately made his skin crawl. He had an intense feeling of fear right down in his gut. The sensation was really strong, but he had no idea why. He just thought to himself “That is one book I am never going to pick up or read!”

A number of years later he bravely decided to watch the movie of the book starring Christopher Walken, still remembering how the book cover had made him feel. Even though he is usually fine with watching creepy or dark horror movies, he was only able to watch about 10 minutes of the film before switching it off.

Around this time of his life any imagery of Grey beings would evoke a strong reaction in him. This emotion felt irrational but he could not stop it from happening. In more recent years the reaction is not as strong, Bill feels he has since become a bit de-sensitized.

The cover of Communion is notorious for causing extreme reactions with contactees. Many people who had previously experienced contact have reported feeling deeply disturbed by it. Bill’s reactions to both the book cover and the movie are another sign that he had experienced contact prior to this point.

White Orb & Missing Time

In 1995 Bill lived in New Hampshire. In July he decided to drive to Portland on the West coast to watch a number of gigs by the band Phish and follow them from place to place on tour.

It was around 3 am and he was driving along Highway 80 on his own in his Ford Escort GT. He was in Wyoming on the stretch of road between Elk Mountain and Sinclair heading West. Either side of the road was open desert which was impossible to see due to the time of morning.