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Vancouver Contact Case Part 2 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Continued from Part 1

Metallic Object

A couple of months after witnessing the lit UFO, Bill was at his friend "Simon’s" house on Fieldstone Drive, Londonderry. They were walking through the woodland North West of the back yard smoking cigarettes when suddenly Bill stubbed his toe on an object on the ground. He thought to himself “What the hell’s that?” and looked down to see what he’d bumped into.

Aerial map showing the house Jason used to live at (A) and the location the object was discovered (B)

There was what looked like a curved object made out of clay. It was 9 inches long and looked like part of a loop of pottery, maybe the rim off a large jar. He reached down and picked up the object to examine it.

Witness drawing of the curved object

He then threw it at a rock expecting it to shatter into pieces. Instead there was loud “ping” sound and the object bounced right off! Bill walked over and picked it back up. The outer surface of the object had been broken off where it hit the rock. Underneath he was surprised to see shiny gleaming metal. After showing it to Simon he decided to take it back home to examine it more closely.

Back home in his basement he tried cutting through the object with a hacksaw. It felt like cutting through a solid block of metal. Small metallic flakes were falling off as he sliced away. Whatever the object was made out of, it was both extremely strong and very light weight. He broke several saw blades but in the end managed to slice right through it.

Postion the cut was made

The object was solid all the way through and had a concave shape. The outer layer which looked more like clay was about 8mm thick. Bill wondered if the metal had oxidised forming this skin-like surface. He considered the idea that it was some kind of debris that had fallen from space. He showed the object to his father who thought it was interesting and could not identify it.