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Vancouver Contact Case Part 4 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Continued from Part 3

Sighting from the Air

On 31st August 2022 Bill and Rachel travelled to Denver by aeroplane for a yearly multiple-day musical event organised by the band Phish. Around 9.30pm they were on the approach to the airport between 3-4000 feet up. They were sitting in the very first row of the plane on the left hand side, with a wall in front of them separating the passenger section from the flight attendants. Bill was nearest the aisle, Rachel was to his right, and there was another lady sitting in the window seat. On this wall they could see a light reflection from the window.

Aerial map showing Denver and the airport off to the East

Suddenly the reflection moved to the right, indicating that something was disrupting the light from outside of the plane. Bill leaned forward and looked out of the window past Rachel and the other passenger. He was surprised to see an extremely bright glowing orb of light near to the plane. Initially he thought it was another aircraft coming straight at them, but soon realised it was between 1000-2000 feet away. It appeared to be following along at the same speed as the plane.

Amazed by the presence of the object Bill said “Whoa!” which caught Rachel’s attention. Upon seeing the mysterious light, and knowing about Bill’s previous experiences, she exclaimed “What the hell, we haven’t even got to Denver yet!”

They continued to watch the light for about a minute. It remained in place alongside the plane. Bill considered getting his mobile phone out and attempting to record it on video, but did not want to upset the other passenger, especially as they were just coming in to land. Finally the light drifted downward and to the left out of sight.

Bill was so excited by the sighting and continued to speak with Rachel about it as they disembarked. About 30 minutes later, after they had collected their baggage, he was able to step outside. He looked in the sky everywhere for the light but there was no sign of it.

Bill is convinced that the object was not another aircraft which happened to also be landing or taking off. He says that it would have been possible to see green and red navigation lights or flashing strobes. Also there was the way in which it seemed to keep pace with the plane, like it was matching their movements. The area they were in at the time would clearly have been within controlled airspace, reducing the chances of it being an unauthorised private aircraft or drone. Also Bill says the light was far too bright for it to have been a drone, and he is certain that it was not a bright star or the moon.

Brief Red Orb Sighting

The musical event took place at Dicks Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City. On 1st September after the first evening’s show Bill was standing at the South East corner of an open area of ground to the West of the stadium which was being utilised for food and merchandise vendors. He had separated from Rachel for a while to go take a look at the band merchandise.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park indicating the postion Bill was standing at

It was approximately 11.45pm and was fully dark. It was a very clear evening with the stars visible in the sky. There were many other attendees around. Bill was facing to the South. Out of the corner of his eye at the right side of his vision he suddenly noticed a bright orb of red light in the sky. As he turned his head to look at it, the object instantly shot away to the North at an incredible speed!

Photograph of the area of ground alongside the stadium from near where Bill was situated

Bill says that he does not get any visual distortion in the corner of his eyes, and is certain that it had not been some kind of light reflection. It moved much too fast to have been a drone. There was actually a police drone in the vicinity to the North of the area with red, green and white lights on. It was keeping watch from the air over the event, but this was clearly something completely different.

Even though this sighting was only very brief, Bill was impressed by the speed that it had shot away. It had moved far too fast to have been an aircraft, drone or lit balloon, and there were no lasers being fired up from the event. Even if there had been, there were no clouds in the sky for which a laser to have been reflected off.

White Linked Orbs Video

On 3rd September 2022 about 4.30pm Bill and Rachel were standing in a queue along the left hand side of the stadium waiting for the evening performance to commence. It was a very hot, clear and sunny afternoon. The show wasn’t scheduled to start until 9pm but as seats were not reserved they wanted to make sure they got a good position. The queue was facing to the South along the side of Victoria Way.

Aerial map of Victoria Way indicating the position Bill and Rachel were standing in the queue

Just North of the stadium is a rectangular-shaped 3 storey building which is utilised as a back stage area for bands. Bill happened to glance up into the sky above this building off to his left. It was now that he noticed something strange – a white orb of light which did not have the same appearance as a distant aircraft. It was at an elevation of about 25 degrees and appeared to be several thousand feet up.

Photograph of the edge of Victoria Way along which the queue was situated

Bill continued to watch the object, initially wondering if it was Venus, even though it was a little too early for stars to appear in the sky. After a miunte the orb suddenly seemed to fade out and vanish. At this point he realised it was not a star. He continued to watch, and about 30 seconds later it re-appeared!

At this point he decided to draw Rachel’s attention to it. He asked her “Do you see that in the sky?” pointing at it. She replied “No, I can’t see it. I bet you’re the only one who can see it!” However she didn’t have her glasses on at the time. Bill disagreed saying “No, that’s an obvious thing in the sky.” In order to prove that it was there he turned to the people behind them in the queue and pointed it out to them too. They could see it and asked Bill whether he thought it could be an aeroplane.

The object was moving very slowly to the South West West in their direction and also slowly descending in altitude. Bill grabbed his mobile phone and tried taking some photographs but the object only appeared on one of them due to the distance. A minute later he decided to attempt to get the object on video.

32 seconds later the queue started to move, and due to his change of position he lost sight of it behind the nearby trees. He considered moving to try and continue filming but this would have captured the other people standing in the queue, and he didn’t want to upset them.

Below is the photograph which Bill initially captured that shows the object (ringed in red):

As you can see in the photo it is barely visible. However it can be seen more clearly in the video footage which he subsequently took:

Below is a still taken at 10 seconds into the footage:

Here is a zoomed view of the object, and the same zoom with edge filter:

It appears that it is actually two objects in close proximity which appear to be linked in some way. The lower orb appears to move back and forth under the upper one as the footage progresses.

Due to its appearance both myself and Bill do not believe that this is a distant aeroplane or helicopter. Nor does it appear to be a drone. I suggested to Bill that it might have been two balloons tethered together and reflecting sunlight. However the wind at the time was to the North North West, as shown by the below weather chart:

This object therefore appears to have been travelling against the wind, suggesting it was under powered flight. Also it seems improbable that balloons would have faded out for 30 seconds before re-appearing, even if taking reflection from sunlight into account.

Unfortunately due to the distance of the object or objects it is impossible to say for certain what it may have been, so at present it remains a mystery.


As you can see, Bill has had an incredible amount of experiences! This is by far the most comprehensive and detailed case I have ever looked into. Many of the UFO sightings he has experienced are impressive either due to their appearance or the manoeuvres they performed. It is also worth remembering that Bill served in the military as an Aircraft Mechanic on active tours of duty, so is extremely familiar with how aircraft appear at various distances and under different weather conditions.

His early experiences involving the unusual children in the tree, as well as some of his later experiences involving missing time and abduction recollections, leave me in no doubt that he is a repeat contactee. This is possibly the reason for why he has had so many UFO sightings, although it is clear that in many of these incidents other witnesses have also been present.

Bill is clearly still un-nerved by his experiences, while at the same inquisitive about them. He found some of the drawings I asked him to do particularly difficult as they brought back the memories and emotions of what occurred.

I would like to thank him for taking the time to discuss everything with me in such good detail. It has taken considerable effort to document everything, and Bill has been really open to discussing these incidents in depth. It was also great to speak with Rachel regarding the experiences she has been a part of. I am absolutely convinced that these experiences have happened as described and have not been embellished in any way. Both Bill and Rachel responded to my questions without hesitation, it was clear that they were re-living actual events in their mind when going through things.

Due to the regularity of previous incidents, it is extremely likely that Bill will continue to have further experiences going forward, so this report will very likely be updated in the future. I’ll leave the closing words to the man himself…

“When I first contacted Dave I had no idea the journey I was about to take. And I have come a long way since that day. I watched a video on a ghost channel of all things, that included a case Dave had investigated. And when I saw what happened to that person I couldn't believe my eyes. I was compelled to watch it over and over again obsessively. It seemed familiar. It literally scared me to death yet I couldn't stop watching it! And it dawned on me. I experienced the same thing. I didn't know why I knew, but I knew. And I had to look Dave up and contact him. I'm not sure how I found his info but I was able to get in touch just to ask a few questions. And of course he started to ask me some questions. Many questions. He seemed very interested when I mentioned I had seen several UFOs. I thought everyone has seen several UFOs. Boy was I wrong!

I've had some strange things happen to me almost my whole life. I can't explain what it is and I can't tell you why they happen to me. They just happen. And I had no idea just how extraordinary it all was until I spoke with Dave. He was able to pry experience after experience out of me. I would tell him one thing, and in doing so remember another. It was very overwhelming to me to relive those experiences. And I had a hard time reliving them. But I began to feel, as our conversations went on over the course of many months, that it is important for people to hear about my experiences. And, just as it was important for Dave to document the case that to lead me to him, maybe my experiences will open up a memory for you or spark a desire to tell someone else.

I feel like I am mostly at peace with my experiences. This journey of investigation has helped a lot. When I think about it I don't ever feel like I have been in danger. I am very open to having that one experience where I get to ask THEM questions for once. Figure out what they are all about. Where do they come from? What are their hopes and dreams and desires? Why have they been doing this to me since childhood? It will hopefully be my turn someday.”

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2022



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