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Vancouver Contact Case Part 4 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Continued from Part 3

Sighting from the Air

On 31st August 2022 Bill and Rachel travelled to Denver by aeroplane for a yearly multiple-day musical event organised by the band Phish. Around 9.30pm they were on the approach to the airport between 3-4000 feet up. They were sitting in the very first row of the plane on the left hand side, with a wall in front of them separating the passenger section from the flight attendants. Bill was nearest the aisle, Rachel was to his right, and there was another lady sitting in the window seat. On this wall they could see a light reflection from the window.

Aerial map showing Denver and the airport off to the East

Suddenly the reflection moved to the right, indicating that something was disrupting the light from outside of the plane. Bill leaned forward and looked out of the window past Rachel and the other passenger. He was surprised to see an extremely bright glowing orb of light near to the plane. Initially he thought it was another aircraft coming straight at them, but soon realised it was between 1000-2000 feet away. It appeared to be following along at the same speed as the plane.

Amazed by the presence of the object Bill said “Whoa!” which caught Rachel’s attention. Upon seeing the mysterious light, and knowing about Bill’s previous experiences, she exclaimed “What the hell, we haven’t even got to Denver yet!”

They continued to watch the light for about a minute. It remained in place alongside the plane. Bill considered getting his mobile phone out and attempting to record it on video, but did not want to upset the other passenger, especially as they were just coming in to land. Finally the light drifted downward and to the left out of sight.

Bill was so excited by the sighting and continued to speak with Rachel about it as they disembarked. About 30 minutes later, after they had collected their baggage, he was able to step outside. He looked in the sky everywhere for the light but there was no sign of it.

Bill is convinced that the object was not another aircraft which happened to also be landing or taking off. He says that it would have been possible to see green and red navigation lights or flashing strobes. Also there was the way in which it seemed to keep pace with the plane, like it was matching their movements. The area they were in at the time would clearly have been within controlled airspace, reducing the chances of it being an unauthorised private aircraft or drone. Also Bill says the light was far too bright for it to have been a drone, and he is certain that it was not a bright star or the moon.

Brief Red Orb Sighting

The musical event took place at Dicks Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City. On 1st September after the first evening’s show Bill was standing at the South East corner of an open area of ground to the West of the stadium which was being utilised for food and merchandise vendors. He had separated from Rachel for a while to go take a look at the band merchandise.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park indicating the postion Bill was standing at

It was approximately 11.45pm and was fully dark. It was a very c