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BUFOG Chairman Lecture Feedback

"I have seen you do your stuff and it is first class."

"In all honesty I'd say your talk was very good. I didn't know what to expect when you said UFOs in the music industry but I must say I truly enjoyed every second. Well done sir...very enjoyable."

"As a big Bowie fan, that was an extra special treat for me. Your talk at Holmfirth was great too David."

"Firstly thanks for a great night on Thursday. I thought that the lecture was gob-smacking. This must be one of the most well documented cases that I’ve ever read about."

Your speech stood out like a shining star - well prepared, well executed, great visuals, succinct and informative without speculation.  I honestly think you are a 5-star speaker Dave, and I will recommend you everywhere!"

"Great presentation at Holmfirth, Dave. Thank you."

"Your talk at Holmfirth yesterday was fascinating."

"AMAZING talk today David...won't sleep for a long time!!! Thanks though...fascinating."

"Everyone present last night would like to send you our sincere thanks for a captivating evenings presentation. I can assure you Dave that the feedback I have had has been 100% positive, your enthusiasm for the subject was obvious and infectious, and really helped to deliver a talk that went down extremely well."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk which must have taken no small amount of research to put thank you again for that."

"I've got to sat you gave and absolutely fascinating talk, all four of us really enjoyed it."

"Congratulations on a very successful presentation of the contactee experience. Best I have heard."

"Both my wife and I really enjoyed the conference and we were very impressed with your presentation. It is the first presentation at a UFO conference that has been brave enough to touch on the psychic aspect of the ET/UFO phenomenon and it made a refreshing change for it not to be trashed or dismissed as “fringe, only for nutters etc” so thank you David!"

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic lecture it was last night! You did great, to have that kind of evidence and get the witness there to was brill, to hear everyone gasp at the footage was great!"

"Awesome presentation last night."

"Thanks for such a great evening last night."

“Just a message to say I enjoyed the lecture you did, you put a lot of hard work into the lecture, thank you so much.”

"Really great talk. Thanks very much, fascinating stuff!"

"Many thanks again for the talk it was fab, really enjoyed it. I think one of the best for me."

"What a treat for me tonight to stay up and see an excellent talk by Dave on screen memories. Immaculately prepared as ever."

"Dave your production work has meant a whole new way of doing a lecture. Your production work has so greatly improved the look of the show."

"Dave your talk was remarkable. So good to see you and Tasha in such great form."

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