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UFO Wave has been reviewed by many tabletop gaming experts, bloggers and publications, and it's fair to say it made quite the impression! Check out the below quotes from just some of these reviews...

(Note: Some images are of the prototype version of the game)

"Would be appealing to fans of games such as Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorns."

What Board Game

"UFO Wave is an enjoyable little game. It plays quickly and each turn gives you some good tactical choices!"

Dice In The Dark

“The game is just phenomenal, and if you have any interest at all in UFOs, and if you like card games, you're going to love this game! And if you don't have a fascination with UFOs you will still really love this game!”

Eater Of Meeples

Die Rollin.jpg

"It’s quite easy to pick up, so I think you could definitely teach it to kids. This is a fun theme for children as well."

Die Rollin'

“There’s loads of variety with the randomness of the deck which makes for great amounts of replayability!”

Casual Cardboarder

The Treasure Belle.jpg

"The size of the box is wonderful and it is actually durable which makes it amazing for portability and park hangouts."

The Treasure Belle

“As competitive players we enjoyed the sabotage in the game!”

Boarding School With Brandi

Boarding School With Brandi.jpg

"A unique tabletop experience and all around love-letter to the field of UFOlogy!"

Tabletop Simulator Blog

"This game was easy to setup and to learn. The details stood out to us from the cute icons on the box to the rulebook with a humour twist."

Happy Meeples


"It’s a fast and fun family friendly game full of take-that and hand management and could well be your new favourite post dinner game with your family."

What Board Game

“In UFO Wave, whether going for the points or focusing on sabotage, the choice is yours. Either way, the game will give you opportunities to try different approaches.”

Favourite Foe

Favourite Foe.JPG

"I am just a sucker for great art and this game delivers!"

Eater of Meeples

“Players are constantly faced with tough decisions. It is incredibly fun to watch players try to sabotage each other and then to laugh when the tables are quickly turned!"

The Treasure Belle


"Players have asymmetric player powers by playing as different species which give a bit more depth to the strategy - taking what's good for you may reveal something amazing for your opponent."


“The theme is interesting and brought to life by nice, characterful art. The background of the game is rooted in real life UFO research, which I think adds a cool extra layer of intrigue and depth to the game."

Dice In The Dark


"This game is one I can see myself having in my purse to teach friends quickly at a game night. Overall I enjoyed the experience!"

Boarding School With Brandi

"Born out of a wholehearted interest in the subject of UFOs that can be seen in its well designed mechanics and fun, yet engaging story."

Tabletop Simulator Blog


"This is definitely a buy for me. This is a game that you could take out to a bar and play. It’s one you could play with your kids. And I haven’t played any similar games in this kind of theme.”

Die Rollin'

“I loved this, and for me, who grew up watching UFO movies and reading magazines about supernatural phenomena, this really had a great nostalgic feeling to it.”

Rolling 1s

Rolling 1s_edited.jpg

"We had so much fun with it. It’s such a simple game to learn and play. But there are so many options of what and how to play.”

Jim Gamer

"Beautifully produced box with pretty artwork inside and outside. Plenty of interaction. While the game does have a solo mode, a lot of fun does come from messing with your opponents!"

Cardboard and Iron


"Super easy to learn. Great for all ages. Pocket sized box makes for a great travel game."

Casual Cardboarder

"This game is honestly so much fun, and I love the unique mechanic of interacting with the Scan cards. Check out UFO Wave if you enjoy light, card driven strategy games with a bit of luck and plenty of humor!"

Meals and Meeples


"Tactical enough for repeated play, but simple enough to jump right in!"

Tabletop Simulator Blog

"It’s got super colourful illustrations and some good back and forth card play."

Jordan Plays Blue


"The theme shines through from the engaging artwork and playing this 1v1 was an absolute blast! It’s clever, fun and very well thought out! Top job!”

No Ordinary Meeple

"This is a great family friendly game that kids can pick up and get right into. If your family is competitive like ours, UFO Wave will bring this out of your group each time."

Adventures With Karyn


"I like the system here. It’s not something I’ve seen done before, or at least not as simply and effectively as it’s done here.”

Desks and Dorks

"A fast playing, light card game that, for us at least, suddenly clicked!"

Favourite Foe


"A fair amount of replayability through asymmetric aliens and some easy, variant rules."

Balder and Board Games

"We enjoyed playing UFO Wave & would definitely play it again, it would certainly be at home in our filler games rotation.”

Lez Play Board Games


"A deceptively simple little game, with a really satisfying and straightforward loop to each round.”

Brendo Plays Board Games

"I think anyone who gets this game is going to really enjoy it. The rules are simple to pickup, the gameplay isn’t overly complicated, and it doesn’t take up much space."

Boardgaming Duo


"Get this game if you love fun card games with a strategy element, if you like games with a unique style or if you like aliens!"

Boardgame King

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