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Vancouver Contact Case Part 1 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/08/2022

Last Updated: 02/09/2022

Note: For reasons of anonyity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


Bill Turtle first got in touch with me on 6th October 2021 via the BUFOG website contact page. When I first reached out to him via Facebook Messenger I had no idea what to expect or what would come of it. Bill has a military background, and previously worked for the US Navy as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic. In 1993 he experienced a UFO sighting while aboard the USS Saratoga.

However this barely scratches the surface of what he had to share with me. His experiences, which go right back to his childhood, include visitations, abduction memories, many other UFO sightings (some of which he has managed to record on video), visual anomalies, body markings and even a possible alien implant.

Towards the end of the investigation I was also put in touch with his ex-partner Rachel, who willingly provided additional testimonial evidence for some of the experiences.

This extensive report goes over everything in depth, including many witness drawings, maps, photographs and videos. Bill’s experiences are covered in order starting from his childhood.

Due to the extent of the report it has been split into four sections. A link at the base of each section will lead on to the next.

Fear of the Dark

Bill was born in Boston but in 1976 at the age of 4 moved with his parents and younger sister to a house on Oak Drive, Lichfield, New Hampshire. At this property he had his own bedroom, and his sister slept in an adjacent room.

Aerial map of Oak Drive indicating the house Bill used to live at

Bill recalls that he began to get absolutely terrified of the dark in his room at night. His mother would switch the light off in his room and he would then completely cover himself in his bed covers. He has no idea where this extreme fear came from. He recalls speaking with his sister and finding out that she did not have this fear. He was puzzled as to why she did not feel the same as he did.

Modern photograph of the house

Now of course many children are scared of the dark, and the usual solution would be to leave the bedroom door open with the landing light on. However Bill says that he was insistent that his door was fully closed when he went to bed. He was frightened that something was going to come into his room if the door was left ajar. When he was a little older he even asked whether he could put a lock on the door to ensure it stayed closed, but his parents refused. He does not recall asking them for a night light.

There is no proof that this is anything more than natural childhood fears, however due to things which happened later on there is the possibility he was subconsciously aware of contact experiences which had taken place and then been removed from his mind.

The Kids in the Tree

For several years between 1977 and 1980 Bill recollects numerous repeated experiences which he claims happened roughly three times a year. During these experiences he recalls walking along Oak Drive during the night, being led by someone he trusted. This figure was humanoid and clothed, but Bill cannot recall precise details.

Photograph of Oak Drive

Today the South East end of Oak Drive connects to Garden Drive. However Bill informed me that back in the late 70s the road ended in a short cul-de-sac after the junction with Acorn Way. At the end of the road was a large oak tree.

Aerial map of Oak Drive indicating the route Bill walked and the part of the road which used to be sealed off

He remembers being led to this tree and seeing two odd-looking children sitting up in the branches. He sensed that one was male and the other female, yet they looked identical to one another. They were clothed but Bill cannot clearly remember exactly how they were dressed. Their faces were wider than normal and pudgy looking. They had very pale coloured skin, with blue eyes larger than normal. They had thin wispy hair on their heads.

Witness drawing of one of the children

Bill would climb up the tree and sit with them. There would be a putrid smell which he finds hard to describe. However despite the smell, he used to feel happy with the situation like he was among friends. He recalls having conversations with the children but does not remember them audibly speaking – he thinks this communication was telepathic.

Witness drawing of him and the children in the tree with the older figure waiting below

He cannot recall exactly what was said, but thinks that it was something profound and exciting to him, potentially complex in nature. For many years of his adult life Bill has had an interest in metaphysics and quantum mechanics, and he wonders if this stemmed from these conversations. He is unsure why he makes this connection. However he is certain this interest did not come from things his parents shared with him, he says that they were not particularly interested in science.

Many years later Bill spoke with his mother asking her about his childhood. She informed him that on numerous occasions she had woken up during the night and found him in the kitchen washing his hands. When she asked him what he was up to he said to her that he had to wash his hands when he came in from outside. While his mother of course put this down to sleep walking, Bill relates this directly to his experiences with the children sitting in the tree.

She informed him that after it happened several times she had actually moved the door latch to higher up on the door so it would be too high for him to reach. She says that after this she no longer found him in the kitchen at night. However Bill thinks that his experiences with the strange children continued for a good while after this until he was 7 years old.

During the investigation Bill said that drawing the pictures of the children above made him feel very uncomfortable. He also said that when he thought back to the smell he had a flashback to a different memory he had never before recalled clearly, although he feels that he has temporarily remembered it before. In this memory he was standing alongside some other people who were busy loading cloth-wrapped bundles into an open storage compartment of some kind. The doors to this were open wide. The bundles reminded him of babies but they were not moving so he doesn’t think they were alive. Bill has no idea where this memory could be from or how it relates to the smell.

There are many aspects of these vivid memories and Bill’s reactions to them which suggest that he experienced repeated childhood visitations. The strange children in the tree sound very much like two alien-human hybrids which have been described by many contactees over the years. Many aspects of their appearance including their pale skin, larger eyes and faces, and thin wispy hair would fit with this. Or they may have been an unusual humanoid species of some kind. The fact they spoke to Bill telepathically would fit with this. Also the strong pungent smell that Bill describes has been mentioned before in many cases (although is not always present).

If these were indeed visitations by beings, it is unknown why they would choose to lead Bill out of his house and along the road to the oak tree instead of just appear in his room. Maybe this was done to make the incidents seem more like playing with other children from the neighbourhood rather than something to be frightened of. However another possibility is that the entire scenario was a screen memory and on these occasions Bill was either still in his room or even aboard a craft. If this was the case, they may have used the scenario of the oak tree as it was somewhere familiar to Bill.

The other flashback he remembered in late 2021 during the investigation is also very interesting. It does not seem to be situated at the same location and seems to involve other humanoid figures. It is possible that this is a fragmented memory of a completely different contact experience. Perhaps the strong smell was present with both so his brain is making the connection, there is no way to know for sure. It is possible Bill will remember further details in due course.

When I asked Bill about how the flashback felt he said “It's weird to all of a sudden remember something. But what I remember is that I have spent many times thinking about it over the years, but then forgotten about it. It's like I've been reminded of something that I have done a lot of thinking about in the past. I'm having difficulty explaining the feeling it gives me.”

Snaking Light

One night either age 6 or 7 Bill awoke during the night to hear a noise out on the landing. He assumed that his mother was up so got out of bed and opened his bedroom door. At this point he realised that there was nobody there and the landing light was off.

He then noticed a strange light projection on the ceiling of the landing. It was blue in colouration and about 2 foot in length. It looked like a wavy snake-like shape. The light began moving along the ceiling towards his room. Upon seeing this Bill quickly shut his bedroom door and leant against it to prevent anything from entering his room.

Witness drawing of the light on the ceiling

He remembers leaning against the door for a while, and assumes that after this nothing happened and he got back into bed, but has no clear recollection of this.

Bill confirmed that there was no window anywhere near where the glowing shape was situated, so it cannot have been something shining in from outside such as an unusual reflection off something nearby. There was also no electronic devices within the house which could have accounted for it, and he was not wearing anything which could have caused a reflection.

He never saw the light again after this, and the incident remains a bizarre mystery.

Rectangular UFO

The first of many UFO sightings which Bill has had over the years took place in the summer of 1977 or 1978 when he was 6 years old. It was a very pleasant and warm late afternoon and he was playing out on the front yard with his neighbours "Graham" and "Steve" and his younger sister.

Bill looked up into the sky and noticed a strange object at an elevation of 30 degrees moving slowly in their direction down the road from the North. He pointed it out to his friends and sister saying “What’s that?” The object was rectangular in shape with sharp edges. It appeared to be 1000-2000 feet up and 50 feet long by 10 feet tall. Its surface was covered with what seemed to be a bank of multi-coloured sparkling lights, almost like a giant moving LED panel.

Witness drawing of the UFO over the front yard

Everyone stared at the object for about 30 seconds as it slowly moved towards them. By now it was almost directly overhead. The object appeared to be completely silent. Bill thought it was time to call his parents. He knocked on the front door and called out. Within about 20 seconds both his mother and father came outside.

As soon as his mother looked up and saw the object she was clearly disturbed by it. She said “Alright kids let’s go inside”, and then pulled Bill, his sister and his neighbours into the house, closing the front door behind them. Bill was angry at this as he was fascinated by the object. He does not know how long the UFO remained in the area for. When they were allowed back out it had vanished from sight.

What could the object have been? It clearly was not a normal aircraft or helicopter. The shape of the object and lack of any wings or tail confirms this, and also his mother’s reaction to it confirms this. A hand glider doesn’t seem likely as it would have been possible to spot someone hanging under it at the height it was at. It moved on a straight and level course without descending so a parachute is again improbable.

I asked Bill whether it could have been a large kite of some kind brightly reflecting the sunlight. He says that there were too many trees in the area to fly a kite. He is also convinced that the object was covered in lights not just reflecting the sun. He says that by the time of the sighting the sun was low in the sky, and the glow coming from the object was very bright and clearly artificial in nature.

Many years later Bill brought up the incident with his mother, asking what it was. She initially dismissed it saying “I don’t know, it was some kind of advertising balloon or something.” Bill responded saying “If it was just an advertising balloon why did you pull us inside?” She denied doing so saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” It was clear that she didn’t want to discuss the incident further.

I did consider whether a blimp with some kind of video display on it could have been responsible, but it seems unlikely given the shape of the object and the fact that there was no recognisable wording or images in the lights. It was also an area of low population, not the sort of location where advertising balloons would have been launched. And, as Bill says, if it was just this why would his parents have acted in such a manner?

Blue-White Glow

On several occasions between the age of 7-14 Bill recalls his bedroom becoming flooded in bright blue-white light during the night. He assumes that on these occasions the light was coming in through his bedroom window.

He used to leave the curtains open at night as by this age he was fascinated by the stars and used to love looking out at them after dark. He does not relate these incidents with his memories of the children sitting in the tree and does not recall anything else taking place, merely the sudden bright light.

Contact experiences often begin with glowing light illuminating the vicinity. It is entirely possible that the light Bill saw during these incidents was from a nearby craft hovering outside, and that they preceded visitations or abductions which were subsequently blocked out.

Glowing Orbs

In his childhood Bill was fascinated by the night sky and would often peer out of his bedroom window at night looking at the stars (while at the same time as continuing to be frightened of the dark in his room).

One night in 1978 he was finding it hard to sleep so got up and peered out of the window. It was a very clear and still night with no clouds visible. Suddenly two glowing blue-white orbs of light appeared over the tops of the trees on the opposite side of the road travelling towards his location from the West. Bill felt that the two orbs were connected somehow, although there was nothing visibly linking them together.

They appeared too big and bright for satellites, and Bill was convinced that they were in the atmosphere at an altitude of around 10000 feet, rather than out in orbit. They moved slowly and gently, different to how a normal aircraft would appear. And if they were at the height they appeared to be then other red and green navigation lights should have also been visible.

Witness drawing of the orbs visible in the window

The orbs slowly moved towards his house until they were lost from sight above the top of his window. He assumed that they continued on a straight course and passed over the roof of the house. He was intrigued by them but was too frightened of the dark to head outside and continue watching them.

Within a year of this first sighting Bill saw the glowing orbs again! Once again they appeared from the same direction, travelled at the same slow speed and were the same colour and configuration. However this time before they reached the road they seemed to slow down and stop in the sky then ascend away into the distance, merging into the stars. They seemed to fly towards and merge with a particular group of three stars which were clearly visible. In the years following this sighting Bill used to refer to these particular stars as “his stars”. He thinks he was drawn to them because of the fact the orbs had stopped and disappeared around them.

Could the pair of orbs have been the same objects on both occasions or was it merely coincidence that they looked the same? If they were the same objects then they of course could not have been bright satellites or an aeroplane as they halted during the second incident. Due to Bill’s military background I feel confident that he would be able to look back at his experiences and put them down to one or more distant helicopters if this is what they were. However he feels certain that they were something else. LED balloons were not available back in the late 70s so could not have been the explanation either, and they were the wrong colour for Chinese lanterns.

Lightning Strike

At some point between the two sightings of the glowing orbs Bill recalls another unusual event. One night there was a violent lightning storm. He was extremely frightened of the lightning strikes which were lighting up his room whenever they occurred.

Suddenly there was a very bright white flash of light. For a moment he of course thought it was a flash of lightning which was particularly close to the house. But the light remained on, shining brightly like a spotlight through his bedroom window.

Bill stared in fear at the white light for a number of seconds wondering what was taking place. When he thinks back to the incident this is the last thing he can remember happening. He does not recollect stopping looking at the light or dropping off to sleep. His next memory is of waking up in the morning.

Could this have been the start of another contact experience, similar to the blue-white light he had seen on a number of previous occasions? Perhaps the memories of this experience were wiped from his mind, as often occurs with these incidents.

Floating Dreams

Around the same time period Bill also had several recurring dreams in which he found himself floating down the landing. The dreams always began the same way. He would be at the end of the landing outside his room and floating face down several feet off the floor. It was during the night and the landing light was off. He would be unable to lift his head up to view the landing and would just stare at the floor.

He would then start to float slowly along the landing. He did not will this to happen it would just occur. He would stick his arms out like superman in an attempt to fly away but would continue drifting forward at the same speed. It was very frightening as he felt out of control of the situation. This is where the dream would end.

It is interesting that these dreams occurred around the same period of time as the other incidents with the glowing lights. There is the possibility that they were either a repeated memory of the start of an abduction which had taken place, or multiple abductions which started in a similar fashion.

Mother’s Sighting

The strange incidents taking place around this time in Bill’s life did not only involve himself. On occasions others were involved or were key witnesses in their own right, as with the rectangular UFO incident. One evening his father took him and his sister out to a new Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant which had opened in the area. His mother remained back at the house.

They arrived home around 8 pm. When they entered the house they found his mother in a very panicked state. She had stacked a big pile of furniture including the sofa and television in front of the big living room window. She was visibly shaken by something she seemingly seen outside. Bill’s father told him and his sister that it was time to go to bed and they headed to their rooms.

In the morning his father explained to him what had happened. He said to him that his mother had thought she’d seen a glowing light move along on the opposite side of the road. He largely played down what had happened saying she had over-reacted. However Bill is certain that she would have not done this. He says his mother is a very rational lady and would not scare easily. He says that she must have been truly frightened by something to make her react in such an extreme manner.

At the time Bill did not speak with his mother about what had happened, but many years later he brought it up with her. She informed him that she had seen a brightly glowing object light up the trees on the other side of the road and then come across the road to the front yard before moving upwards out of sight. Bill wanted to ask her other questions but she seemed resistant to this and quickly changed the subject.

Arm Marking

One day when he was 8 years old Bill noticed a red and sore patch of skin on the inside of his upper right arm. It was roundish in shape and ¼ inch across.

Rather than disappear after a short period of time the marking remained. However it has faded over the years and is now barely visible.

Photograph of how the arm marking looks today:

Bill has no idea of what caused the marking but it was clearly quite significant or it would have healed up quite fast and disappeared completely. He cannot relate it to any particular incident that occurred around that time of his life, however there is the possibility it was contact related, and that he has memories which have been blocked out.

The Circle

One night when he was 11 years old Bill had a really vivid and unusual dream. He found himself walking across the road outside his house. It was dark so clearly night-time. He was a little un-nerved by this but not particularly frightened. Bill is unsure of what clothing he was wearing, but as it was night-time he thinks it might have been his pyjamas.

To his right was a humanoid figure who he was following. Just like the incidents with the children in the tree he cannot recall what this figure looked like, he only knows that they were quite tall and slender. They also felt familiar to him, and he trusted them instead of being afraid of them.

They walked together along about 300 feet along a gradually sloping trail which led past the edge of the house opposite to his house. The area was heavily wooded and surrounded by trees on both sides. They came to a sloped clearing in the trees covered in dry ground. The figure stopped, crouched down and then drew a 3 foot wide circle on the ground either using his hand or a short stick he was holding.

Suddenly the circle of ground dissolved away. In its place was glowing blue-white light, almost like a tunnel or portal. This light appeared brighter in the centre of the circle, almost like it was emanating from this central point. The being pointed towards the glowing circle but did not say anything.

Witness drawing of the figure creating the circle of light on the ground

At this point the dream ended. When he came around he found it was morning time. He immediately remembered the dream in vivid detail. It had felt extremely real to him, like his senses were on high alert. It was far different to most dreams he had experienced before and he wondered what the significance of it was.

After he had got dressed he decided to walk to the place he had walked to in the dream with the figure. When he arrived there he was astonished to see that there was a circle drawn on the ground at the exact position it had been in the dream, and exactly the same size! It had a small indent in the centre, like someone had traced it out using two sticks joined with a string to make sure it was precise.

Witness drawing of the marking found on the ground

Bill could barely believe what he was seeing. Excitedly he ran to his neighbour’s house and his friend to come and see. While they walked back to the clearing he explained what had happened during the night. When Bill showed him the circle on the ground his friend became intrigued, asking him if it was a doorway of some kind. Bill touched the marking on the ground and confirmed that it was nothing but dirt.

This is a bizarre series of events. Could the incident have been nothing more than a particularly vivid dream, and it was merely coincidental that someone had drawn a circle at the same spot on the ground? Or perhaps Bill even sleep walked while experiencing the dream and drew the circle on the ground himself without realising. This explanation cannot be entirely ruled out. Yet this experience did have interesting similarities to his previous experiences with the children in the tree – like these incidents he was being led at night by a figure he could not remember the appearance of but which he trusted.

Light over the Highway

Every summer up until 1990 Bill would go on holiday with his family to Newfound Lake in central New Hampshire. They would stay in a holiday cottage on the Western shore of the lake.

Aerial map of Newfound Lake
Aerial map indicating the approximate location of the holiday cottage:

In 1984/85 when Bill was either 12 or 13 years old they were on their way to the lake travelling along Highway 93 in their classic station wagon. His father was driving, his mother was in the passenger seat, and he and his sister were in the back.

They were heading down the North West edge of Manchester. It was after dark and there was no other drivers near to them on the road. Suddenly a bright white light came down from the sky 500 feet ahead of the car off to the left of the road. His father immediately slammed on the brakes of the car, startled by the sudden appearance of the light. It swept across the road ahead of them and quickly moved off to the right in a North Westerly direction. It was soon lost from sight and the darkness returned.

Bill asked “What was that?” His father responded saying “I think it was a UFO!” He started the car and they continued on their journey. Bill thinks that they did not really discuss the incident afterwards. He says his parents are quite sceptical of the subject and probably soon dismissed it.

Bill is unsure if either of his parents actually saw an object, they may have had a clearer view from the front seat. To him it just looked like a bright sweeping light. While it may have been an advanced craft there are of course other possibilities including a meteorite coming down to a low altitude or low flying aircraft travelling at a fast speed.

Beam Communication

Bill also had a number of experiences while staying at the lake itself. By 1987 his family no longer rented a cottage but owned a property on Lakeview Avenue. In the summer of that year or the following year Bill was on holiday there with his family.

Aerial map of Lakeview Avenue indicating the holiday home Bill’s family used to own
Modern photograph of the property largely hidden by foliage

At the time he had two friends, "Jeremy" and "Nicola", who lived in houses on Bumpi Road just North of their house. One evening he had walked over to Nicola’s house to hang out with them on the front steps. The sun had set and it was a dark night with no moon or stars visible. There was some cloud cover but this was hard to see due to the darkness.

All of a sudden they began to see what appeared to be lines of chevrons of rainbow coloured light shooting back and forth between two clouds. These unusual beams continued going on and back off silently intermittently. Bill and his friends were dumbfounded by what they were looking at. It almost looked like there were two objects hidden up in the clouds which were “communicating” with one another by firing light beams at each other. There were up to 3 beams seen at any one time, and anywhere between 3-30 seconds between them.

Witness drawing of the chevrons shooting between the clouds

Bill exclaimed “What the hell is that?” Jeremy said “Oh it’s the Northern Lights right?” He had never seen the Northern Lights so had no point of reference and assumed that this must be what they were witnessing. But of course it was nothing like how the Aurora Borealis appears.

After about 5 minutes the beams just seemed to stop without warning. They were mystified as to what they had just seen. Later on Bill and Jeremy discussed the incident on the way back to their respective houses.

The beams were clearly artificial in nature as opposed to just lights glowing in the cloud layer, such as sheet lightning. If the beams had been caused by helicopters they would surely have remained on continuously not flashed on and off as they were seen to do, and would have looked like normal spotlights not lines of chevrons.

I asked Bill if the beams could have been a display lights or lasers coming up from the ground. He is convinced that this was not the case. First of all the beams were horizontal, not angled up into the sky. And Bill says that there was no festivals or nightclubs anywhere nearby which could have been shining projections into the sky.

The Dome

By early summer of 1989 Bill had moved house with his family to Partridge Lane in Londenderry. He had also learnt to drive and his parents had also bought him a pickup truck.

Aerial map of Partridge Lane indicating the house Bill used to live at

One evening he was invited to an unauthorized outdoor party which was organised to take place in the woodland on the Western outskirts of Londonderry. He headed there around 9pm, giving his friend "Pete" a lift.

As there were no roads which led right up to the location, Bill decided to park on Stonehenge Road to the North West. It was possible to drive along tracks through the woods to reach the location, but Bill was concerned that the police might show up, and if his vehicle was parked right there he would get in trouble. Pete complained at how far away they were as they then had to walk a distance to reach the party.

Photograph of Stonehenge Road where Bill parked the truck

It was a very pleasant evening with a clear star-filled sky. They had no flashlights with them but there was enough light from the moon to be able to make their way along Hardy Road and Trolley Car Path to reach the location in the woods.

Aerial map showing where Bill parked the truck (A) and the route they walked to reach the party location (B)
Photograph of the end of Trolley Car Path

When they were nearing the end of the path they could see the light from the bonfire at the party. There were about 50-60 people there. Over the next half an hour Bill socialised with other party goers and had a couple of drinks.

At around 9.30pm his fears turned into reality when a police car suddenly emerged out of the darkness on of the woodland tracks! Someone shouted “SCATTER!” and everyone ran off in all directions through the trees. In the ensuing chaos Bill was separated from Pete. He ran away a short distance, ducked down behind a large tree and hid. Pete ran off in a different direction.

For the next 20 minutes Bill sat in silence praying the police would not walk in his direction. Luckily they were more concerned with the people who had brought cars along to the party. After a while they left the area and Bill found himself alone in the darkened wood.

He thought to himself that Pete would no doubt have escaped and headed for the truck on Stonehenge Road and that he would meet him there. He managed to find his way back to Trolley Car Path and started walking back along it to the North West.

As he walked something suddenly caught his eye. He looked up into the sky and was astounded to see that the entire sky looked extremely unusual. It looked almost like a glass dome with a surface of wavy white light. It was so vivid and amazing to him. He stopped walking and stood there staring up at this anomaly. It was almost like he was standing in the centre of a giant snow globe.

Witness drawing of the light dome over the pathway

After a while he realised he would have to keep moving as Pete would no doubt be waiting for him. He stopped looking up at the sky. Bill does not know what happened next. His next recollection was of walking up to his truck on Stonehenge Road. It was still night-time but the sky looked completely normal, and Pete was nowhere to be seen.

Puzzled by the break in his memory, he got into the truck and waited a few minutes. He felt certain that Pete would have beat him back to the truck and was confused as to why he was not there. After waiting another couple of minutes before setting off for home.

When he arrived and entered the house he heard the sound of his mother coming out of her bedroom. She asked him “Why are you home so late?” He was confused by this as to him it felt like it should be between 10.30 – 11 pm. He checked the time and found out it was 12.30 am. There was between 60-90 minutes he could not account for. He thought back to the anomaly he had witnessed in the sky. There was something about it which had been really intense and beautiful. He could not explain why he was back so late and so got told off by his mother.

The following morning he talked with Pete about what had happened. Pete informed him that he had reached the truck and had waited about 15 minutes for him. At this point another friend had driven by and offered to give him a lift back home. He assumed at the time that Bill had been arrested by the police and taken back to the station.

Bill says the light anomaly he saw was nothing like the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are usually hues of green, blue or red, whereas what he saw was shimmering bright white. Also he has seen the Aurora Borealis with his own eyes and is convinced this was something else entirely. Bill also confirmed that he had not taken any recreational drugs prior to the incident, and had only had a couple of drinks so was not drunk when it took place.

It is fascinating that immediately after witnessing this anomaly Bill then seems to have experienced at least an hour of missing time. This could suggest that the unusual light he saw in the sky was in some way contact related, and led to him potentially being abducted, although to this day he has no memory of this.

Twin Lights

In either the autumn of 1989 or spring of 1990 Bill had another UFO sighting, again alongside other witnesses. His best friend at the time, "Luke", also lived on Partridge Lane across the street from his house. Bill would regularly hang out in the yard with him chatting and having sneaky cigarettes. One evening around 8.30pm he was there with Luke and his younger sister. It was clear and still weather, and due to the time of year the sun had already set.

Bill suddenly noticed a bright white light coming from the South at a very slow speed. The area lies within a flight path for aircraft beginning their approach to Manchester airport. However Bill says that at this point the planes would still be at 10000 feet and would not have put their landing lights on, so the normal red blue and white strobe lights would usually be visible. This light was at a much lower altitude, he thinks around 2000 feet, and there were none of the usual navigation lights visible.

Modern photograph of the front yard of the house

As the object got nearer the witnesses could see two white lights in close proximity to one another, both attached to a single object which could not be seen clearly due to the darkness. It took 5 minutes to reach them so must have been travelling no faster than 20 mph, too slow for an aircraft.

When the lit object was overhead it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. It was possible to see a solid object between the two lights but Bill was still not able to clearly make out the shape. Luke’s father had served in the military as a helicopter pilot. Luke ran into the house and excitedly grabbed his father to come and take a look. They both came back outside. Shaun pointed at the UFO and asked his father “What kind of aeroplane is that?” His dad simply said “I have no idea!” and walked back inside leaving Shaun standing there.

They continued to stare up at the object wondering what it could be. After about 2 minutes it suddenly began moving again but at a different angle to its original trajectory. It was soon lost from sight over the roof of the house.

Witness drawing of the lights indicating their path

The object had clearly not been a helicopter as they would have heard the sound of the rotor blades, would have seen other navigation lights, and Luke’s father would clearly have recognised it. Drones were not available back in 1989 and it looked too large to be this or a remote controlled model of some kind.

The following day Bill asked Luke if he could get his father to call the military. He did ask but his dad didn’t want to help. So instead Bill looked up a MUFON Investigator who lived in Londonderry and got in touch. The man sounded interested in discussing the experience with him.

Two days later he and another lady turned up and interviewed him and Luke about what they’d seen. They were both asked to fill in a sighting report form and draw a picture of it. The investigators from MUFON informed them that it sounded like they’d seen something unusual. Bill does not know if a report was ever released, if it was he never saw it. The incident was probably just added to their case records.

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