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Vancouver Contact Case Part 1 – Visitations, Abductions, UFO Sightings , Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/08/2022

Last Updated: 02/09/2022

Note: For reasons of anonyity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


Bill Turtle first got in touch with me on 6th October 2021 via the BUFOG website contact page. When I first reached out to him via Facebook Messenger I had no idea what to expect or what would come of it. Bill has a military background, and previously worked for the US Navy as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic. In 1993 he experienced a UFO sighting while aboard the USS Saratoga.

However this barely scratches the surface of what he had to share with me. His experiences, which go right back to his childhood, include visitations, abduction memories, many other UFO sightings (some of which he has managed to record on video), visual anomalies, body markings and even a possible alien implant.

Towards the end of the investigation I was also put in touch with his ex-partner Rachel, who willingly provided additional testimonial evidence for some of the experiences.

This extensive report goes over everything in depth, including many witness drawings, maps, photographs and videos. Bill’s experiences are covered in order starting from his childhood.

Due to the extent of the report it has been split into four sections. A link at the base of each section will lead on to the next.

Fear of the Dark

Bill was born in Boston but in 1976 at the age of 4 moved with his parents and younger sister to a house on Oak Drive, Lichfield, New Hampshire. At this property he had his own bedroom, and his sister slept in an adjacent room.

Aerial map of Oak Drive indicating the house Bill used to live at

Bill recalls that he began to get absolutely terrified of the dark in his room at night. His mother would switch the light off in his room and he would then completely cover himself in his bed covers. He has no idea where this extreme fear came from. He recalls speaking with his sister and finding out that she did not have this fear. He was puzzled as to why she did not feel the same as he did.

Modern photograph of the house

Now of course many children are scared of the dark, and the usual solution would be to leave the bedroom door open with the landing light on. However Bill says that he was insistent that his door was fully closed when he went to bed. He was frightened that something was going to come into his room if the door was left ajar. When he was a little older he even asked whether he could put a lock on the door to ensure it stayed closed, but his parents refused. He does not recall asking them for a night light.

There is no proof that this is anything more than natural childhood fears, however due to things which happened later on there is the possibility he was subconsciously aware of contact experiences which had taken place and then been removed from his mind.

The Kids in the Tree

For several years between 1977 and 1980 Bill recollects numerous repeated experiences which he claims happened roughly three times a year. During these experiences he recalls walking along Oak Drive during the night, being led by someone he trusted. This figure was humanoid and clothed, but Bill cannot recall precise details.

Photograph of Oak Drive

Today the South East end of Oak Drive connects to Garden Drive. However Bill informed me that back in the late 70s the road ended in a short cul-de-sac after the junction with Acorn Way. At the end of the road was a large oak tree.

Aerial map of Oak Drive indicating the route Bill walked and the part of the road which used to be sealed off

He remembers being led to this tree and seeing two odd-looking children sitting up in the branches. He sensed that one was male and the other female, yet they looked identical to one another. They were clothed but Bill cannot clearly remember exactly how they were dressed. Their faces were wider than normal and pudgy looking. They had very pale coloured skin, with blue eyes larger than normal. They had thin wispy hair on their heads.

Witness drawing of one of the children

Bill would climb up the tree and sit with them. There would be a putrid smell which he finds hard to describe. However despite the smell, he used to feel happy with the situation like he was among friends. He recalls having conversations with the children but does not remember them audibly speaking – he thinks this communication was telepathic.

Witness drawing of him and the children in the tree with the older figure waiting below

He cannot recall exactly what was said, but thinks that it was something profound and exciting to him, potentially complex in nature. For many years of his adult life Bill has had an interest in metaphysics and quantum mechanics, and he wonders if this stemmed from these conversations. He is unsure why he makes this connection. However he is certain this interest did not come from things his parents shared with him, he says that they were not particularly interested in science.

Many years later Bill spoke with his mother asking her about his childhood. She informed him that on numerous occasions she had woken up during the night and found him in the kitchen washing his hands. When she asked him what he was up to he said to her that he had to wash his hands when he came in from outside. While his mother of course put this down to sleep walking, Bill relates this directly to his experiences with the children sitting in the tree.

She informed him that after it happened several times she had actually moved the door latch to higher up on the door so it would be too high for him to reach. She says that after this she no longer found him in the kitchen at night. However Bill thinks that his experiences with the strange children continued for a good while after this until he was 7 years old.

During the investigation Bill said that drawing the pictures of the children above made him feel very uncomfortable. He also said that when he thought back to the smell he had a flashback to a different memory he had never before recalled clearly, although he feels that he has temporarily remembered it before. In this memory he was standing alongside some other people who were busy loading cloth-wrapped bundles into an open storage compartment of some kind. The doors to this were open wide. The bundles reminded him of babies but they were not moving so he doesn’t think they were alive. Bill has no idea where this memory could be from or how it relates to the smell.

There are many aspects of these vivid memories and Bill’s reactions to them which suggest that he experienced repeated childhood visitations. The strange children in the tree sound very much like two alien-human hybrids which have been described by many contactees over the years. Many aspects of their appearance including their pale skin, larger eyes and faces, and thin wispy hair would fit with this. Or they may have been an unusual humanoid species of some kind. The fact they spoke to Bill telepathically would fit with this. Also the strong pungent smell that Bill describes has been mentioned before in many cases (although is not always present).

If these were indeed visitations by beings, it is unknown why they would choose to lead Bill out of his house and along the road to the oak tree instead of just appear in his room. Maybe this was done to make the incidents seem more like playing with other children from the neighbourhood rather than something to be frightened of. However another possibility is that the entire scenario was a screen memory and on these occasions Bill was either still in his room or even aboard a craft. If this was the case, they may have used the scenario of the oak tree as it was somewhere familiar to Bill.

The other flashback he remembered in late 2021 during the investigation is also very interesting. It does not seem to be situated at the same location and seems to involve other humanoid figures. It is possible that this is a fragmented memory of a completely different contact experience. Perhaps the strong smell was present with both so his brain is making the connection, there is no way to know for sure. It is possible Bill will remember further details in due course.

When I asked Bill about how the flashback felt he said “It's weird to all of a sudden remember something. But what I remember is that I have spent many times thinking about it over the years, but then forgotten about it. It's like I've been reminded of something that I have done a lot of thinking about in the past. I'm having difficulty explaining the feeling it gives me.”

Snaking Light

One night either age 6 or 7 Bill awoke during the night to hear a noise out on the landing. He assumed that his mother was up so got out of bed and opened his bedroom door. At this point he realised that there was nobody there and the landing light was off.

He then noticed a strange light projection on the ceiling of the landing. It was blue in colouration and about 2 foot in length. It looked like a wavy snake-like shape. The light began moving along the ceiling towards his room. Upon seeing this Bill quickly shut his bedroom door and leant against it to prevent anything from entering his room.

Witness drawing of the light on the ceiling

He remembers leaning against the door for a while, and assumes that after this nothing happened and he got back into bed, but has no clear recollection of this.

Bill confirmed that there was no window anywhere near where the glowing shape was situated, so it cannot have been something shining in from outside such as an unusual reflection off something nearby. There was also no electronic devices within the house which could have accounted for it, and he was not wearing anything which could have caused a reflection.

He never saw the light again after this, and the incident remains a bizarre mystery.

Rectangular UFO

The first of many UFO sightings which Bill has had over the years took place in the summer of 1977 or 1978 when he was 6 years old. It was a very pleasant and warm late afternoon and he was playing out on the front yard with his neighbours "Graham" and "Steve" and his younger sister.

Bill looked up into the sky and noticed a strange object at an elevation of 30 degrees moving slowly in their direction down the road from the North. He pointed it out to his friends and sister saying “What’s that?” The object was rectangular in shape with sharp edges. It appeared to be 1000-2000 feet up and 50 feet long by 10 feet tall. Its surface was covered with what seemed to be a bank of multi-coloured sparkling lights, almost like a giant moving LED panel.