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12/02 or 08/04/2014 – Kidderminster/Bridgnorth – UFO & Unmarked Helicopters Sighting

Updated: May 19

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 18/05/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain locations have not been mentioned

I have previously investigated two sightings by a man who I have named “Simon”. These are written up as separate case reports, the links to which can be found at the end of this report.

In January 2023 he got back in touch with me via Whatsapp to report a third incident which he witnessed in 2014. This incident seemed to involve a low altitude object with a very unusual appearance, and possible military involvement. This report documents the bizarre series of events in depth.

Incident Details

Back in 2014 Simon rented an art studio which was part of a complex of buildings at a farm near a small village in Staffordshire (precise location provided but not disclosed here). The farm was owned by an elderly couple who were partially sighted, and in exchange for the rental costs he used to drive them places when required.

On the morning of either 12th February or 8th April, one of the farm owners, “Margaret”, asked him to drive her to Kidderminster to see her aunt who was in a retirement home. Unfortunately Simon can’t recall which of these two specific dates it was, he is just aware that it was one of them.

They set off on the journey at around 11am in Margaret’s old Volvo V70. It was a clear and sunny morning but quite cold. The journey time took just over an hour. They had made the journey several times before but every time would take a different route, it was not the most straightforward place to reach from their location.

After remaining with Margaret’s aunt till around 1 pm they then began their journey back to the farm. At 1.20 pm they were travelling North West along a rural stretch of road between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth. Unfortunately, despite actively searching for it on numerous occasions and doing a thorough search on Google Maps, Simon has been unable to locate the road so is unaware of its name.

Aerial map of Kidderminster (A) and Bridgnorth (B), between which the incident occurred

It was a straight stretch of road with trees and bushes either side, with occasional gaps through which the surrounding fields were visible. It was not particularly busy, but there were other vehicles travelling in both directions.

As he drove along, he noticed several helicopters circling over the road about half a mile ahead of them. They appeared to be at very low altitude, no higher than 100 feet up. Margaret is partially-sighted, and Simon brought them to her attention, asking “Can you see what I’m looking at Margaret?” She replied “Yes, what are they doing?”

As they got closer Simon realised that they were black without any markings. Each had the side door slid open, and visible through the open doorway of each sat a single man. They were each dressed in a beige coloured uniform with black boots, balaclava-like head piece and rubber ear protectors. Each held an automatic rifle positioned downwards in the safety position. One of the men had a circular megaphone-like device strapped to his chest.

Photograph of a Black Hawk helicopter (similar to what was reported)