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Chichester & New Zealand Contact Case (Part 3) – Beings, Abductions, UFOs, Implant, Paranormal

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Return to England

At the start of 2011, Anne suggested that Caspian should try spending some time back in England, since he was feeling homesick for his mother's family there and she suspected that his health would have a better chance of improving if he was in a more familiar environment and away from his stepfather. They arranged with their family for him to return to Chichester for a few months from August 2011 - January 2012. During that time, he stayed at his grandmother's house on Rumbolds Close.

Unmarked Helicopter

All was fine for the first 24 hours after Caspian arrived, but the following day when he was able to stand out in the garden for a little while he saw a helicopter flying over the industrial area on Quarry Lane and Gravel Lane, across the railway tracks next to the house. It ultimately came to a stop over his grandmother's back garden, hovering there for 20 minutes! Caspian reports that it was jet-black, with darkened windows and no visible markings, and that it had a spotlight underneath it; it made the sound of a normal helicopter. He doesn't know what model it was. He waved at it, and shortly after doing so the strange aircraft begun to move away, flying toward Cleveland Road.

Though she had noticed it at first, his grandmother tried to ignore the helicopter and didn't want to talk about it when Caspian asked her why she thought it might have been hovering above their garden for so long.

Silver UFOs

A few months later, at about 3pm he noticed a plain, silver-coloured object slowly coming from the Southwest over Gravel Lane, glistening in the sunlight. It was tipping from side-to-side in a wobbling fashion as it repeatedly moved in a figure-of-eight pattern at about 500ft.

It was wedge-shaped, with a raised, triangular-shaped area on top and a fat antenna protruding out of the back. The windows he was watching it out of were closed, so he couldn't hear any sound coming from the object. He estimates that it was about as big as a single-seater private plane. Eventually it turned and went away, gliding slowly toward Quarry Lake.

Drawing of the wedge-shaped UFO

A few weeks later, Caspian saw another strange object which he describes as having been like a small jet plane with forward-pointing wings and no tailfin that silently flew high above the back garden, gliding speedily in the direction of either Del Quay or Bosham. Like the wedge-shaped object, he judges it to have been about the size of a small passenger plane. He doesn't understand how it was possibly able to fly, considering the orientation of its wings.

Drawing of the winged UFO

Unsettling Atmosphere

Anne, Grace and Peter all flew back to England for a Christmas visit at the end of 2011, planning on accompanying Caspian on his return flight back to New Zealand. They had agreed on Damian's insistence that they would stay overnight at his mother's house on Christmas Eve, though she had never been nice to them.

While they were at her residence in Portsmouth, the family all remember experiencing a mild earthquake that caused the tops of the streetlamps outside to sway. They felt as though they were being invisibly watched the entire time, and while Caspian's siblings were downstairs with their grandmother he and Anne kept themselves confined to the living room on the second floor, setting up bedding for themselves in that room despite several bedrooms in the house being available. They all hated the atmosphere on the third floor and in the downstairs bathroom and adjacent food storage room, and couldn't bear to be in either place for long.

Caspian reports “We were only there for one night, but I visited the house many times when we'd been living in England prior to 2008 and always felt like something was in the house that couldn't be seen, but which was always watching me and my step-cousins. Mum believed it was the ghost of my step-grandfather, though I wasn't sure of that since he was always nice to me when he was alive and whatever was in the house felt heavy and negative. The feeling was worst in the bedroom and adjacent toilet that used to belong to my stepfather and his brothers.”

Anne added, “All I can say is that the property in question was at least 400 years old and had a very unsettling atmosphere. The nicest room was on the first floor. It was all painted white and its shape reminded me of being in the captain's quarters on HMS Victory. The rest of the house seemed very dark, both physically and spiritually. The worst area was my husband's old bedroom and the adjoining cloakroom. It was the only toilet on that floor, and having to use it at night was a very unnerving experience. You were constantly aware that you were being watched. The children wouldn't go in there unless I went with them because they felt too scared to go alone.

New Year's Eve UFOs

By New Year's Eve the family were back in Chichester, and during the last few minutes leading up to midnight Anne, Peter and Caspian were upstairs, looking out of his bedroom windows at the fireworks and Chinese lanterns that were drifting by.

Alongside these celebratory displays were four odd, fuzzy circular objects that they spotted moving around in the night sky. One of them passed behind the spire of the Cathedral, another two disappeared behind a tree to the west, and the fourth moved slowly in a north-easterly direction above the houses across from them. Anne managed to take several photos of the fourth object, which at the time came out quite clearly; Caspian has made a drawing of one of the photographs she took:

Drawing of the orange orb

The objects glided smoothly and silently over the city, having a deep red colour with either an orange or golden coloured centre. Unlike the lanterns, their light didn't flicker or wobble. The last one that was visible to them smoothly changed its course and began to fly in a south-easterly direction, when it suddenly accelerated and zipped away in the blink of an eye, “at warp speed”.

They rushed out of Caspian's room and across the upstairs landing to the bedroom that Grace was staying in, to look out of its windows and see if they could spot the object speeding away, but other than some distant fireworks nothing was visible.

Throughout the course of these events, Grace had been on her own in that bedroom, and though she hadn't seen many fireworks she told Anne that she'd been watching what at first she'd thought was a streetlamp or a bright, pale yellowish-white star, which suddenly began to move upwards into the sky on a diagonal trajectory. As it ascended, the luminous object split apart into three smaller ones, all of which were of the same appearance, then re-combined back into a single object, split apart into three smaller ones again, came back together, and finally accelerated upwards into the night sky and disappeared. She thought that the lights must have been a military test of some sort, and Caspian agreed, telling her about the objects the rest of them had been watching from his bedroom windows.

They discussed what they'd seen the night before the family was scheduled to return to New Zealand. Anne was a bit shaken by the whole series of events and was sure that what they'd seen hadn't been Chinese lanterns at all.

Caspian reports that on that night, his mum's character seemed to change; she became cold and distant, insisting that Caspian had to return to New Zealand and couldn't extend his stay. She added that if he didn't return, he shouldn't expect to be welcomed back in Dunedin with open arms. Caspian had been planning to reschedule his return flight until a few months into the new year, but he was now worried about losing his mother's love if he chose to do so.

His aunt Belle helped him pack his suitcase so that he would be able to go with Anne and his siblings to the airport early the following morning, and though she tried to talk to Anne about how worried her behaviour had made Caspian, she said it was as though she had become a different person and couldn't be reasoned with – she simply deflected everything Belle said and accused her of manipulating Caspian into wanting to stay, threatening to never speak to her again if she didn't let him go back with them to New Zealand!

In August 2020, Caspian’s mum wrote:

“My only experience with UFOs was in the UK was when we were all together at my mother’s house on New Year’s Eve. There I saw a red object that appeared to be moving very slowly and steadily that suddenly shot off at what I can only describe as ‘warp speed’. I’ve never seen anything move like that before – it was astonishing.”

Anomalous Orange Light

Caspian managed one last walk around Churchmead Close before going to sleep that night, getting as far as St. George's Church across the road before turning and walking back to his grandmother's house. As he passed by the railway crossing near the Close, he saw something fly over the tracks that his mind simply dismissed as being an illuminated helicopter, even though it was completely silent and had no rotor blades, looking more like an orange blob. He later wondered why his brain had treated it as something mundane and unimportant when it hadn't looked or sounded like a real helicopter at all.

Photograph of Churchmead Close with the orange light drawn on top

He reports that his mother's behaviour changed once again when they were approaching San Francisco airport on their return flight: while she had been stand-offish that entire morning, she suddenly seemed to not only return to her normal self but also had no memory whatsoever of anything that had happened the night before! She apologised to Caspian for what she'd said to him and Belle, but still felt it was for the best that he was coming back with them to New Zealand.

Grey Faces

Shortly before they returned to Dunedin, Damian found new work in Canterbury and began to live away from the family home in a rented property in Methven, which Anne, Caspian and his siblings travelled to and from on weekend stays.

Sometime in August of 2012 Caspian was in the small bathroom of Damian's apartment, sitting on the toilet facing the door, which was not able to be locked. Suddenly he saw three faces manifest in front of the door, staring at him without moving. They had thin mouths and large, black eyes with dark grey pupils. He was frightened and screamed, and Anne rushed in from outside to see what was wrong. The bathroom door had apparently locked itself and couldn't be opened! She called in through the door while trying to unjam it to ask what was going on, but Caspian wasn't able to make any sounds in reply. He didn't know what to do.

Drawing of one of the Grey faces

One of the faces grinned slightly at him, then all of them disappeared at once. The bathroom door suddenly unlocked itself and his mum was able to open it, finding Caspian pale and tearful. At the time he didn't know what Greys were, and he doesn't recall ever seeing anything like them before in any of his previous experiences, so his mind simply classified them as some form of malevolent spirit.

Further Dunedin Experiences

UFOs On Drive Home

The family were driving back from a visit to Rakaia Gorge on Sunday evening, planning to pass through Methven and carry on back to Dunedin, when Elise noticed that a couple of the stars in the evening sky above them seemed to be moving. James looked out of her window and spotted them as well, one orange and the other white. Damian began to tense up upon hearing this, so Anne changed the subject until they got back into Methven and dropped him off at his apartment, continuing back home along the Inland Scenic Route 72.

They were singing along to music when Caspian once again noticed the two stars out of his passenger's-side window, keeping pace with them high above the countryside as they drove toward Mayfield. They debated whether it was a perspective illusion or if the stars were in fact satellites, until the two lights veered off in a smooth turn to the right and passed above the car, drifting out over a large field.

They noticed what at first looked to all of them like a massive plane hovering above the open farmland against the backdrop of the Ashburton mountains, which Caspian discerned to be a black rectangle with 4 white, illuminated squares along its side – an identification which Grace agreed with, while Peter could only make out white and red lights. Caspian says there was indeed a single red light at each end of the rectangular object, flashing or brightly pulsing about once a second. The orange and white stars seemed to be flying toward it.

Photograph of the sighting location with the UFO and lights drawn on top