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Chichester & New Zealand Contact Case (Part 3) – Beings, Abductions, UFOs, Implant, Paranormal

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Return to England

At the start of 2011, Anne suggested that Caspian should try spending some time back in England, since he was feeling homesick for his mother's family there and she suspected that his health would have a better chance of improving if he was in a more familiar environment and away from his stepfather. They arranged with their family for him to return to Chichester for a few months from August 2011 - January 2012. During that time, he stayed at his grandmother's house on Rumbolds Close.

Unmarked Helicopter

All was fine for the first 24 hours after Caspian arrived, but the following day when he was able to stand out in the garden for a little while he saw a helicopter flying over the industrial area on Quarry Lane and Gravel Lane, across the railway tracks next to the house. It ultimately came to a stop over his grandmother's back garden, hovering there for 20 minutes! Caspian reports that it was jet-black, with darkened windows and no visible markings, and that it had a spotlight underneath it; it made the sound of a normal helicopter. He doesn't know what model it was. He waved at it, and shortly after doing so the strange aircraft begun to move away, flying toward Cleveland Road.

Though she had noticed it at first, his grandmother tried to ignore the helicopter and didn't want to talk about it when Caspian asked her why she thought it might have been hovering above their garden for so long.

Silver UFOs

A few months later, at about 3pm he noticed a plain, silver-coloured object slowly coming from the Southwest over Gravel Lane, glistening in the sunlight. It was tipping from side-to-side in a wobbling fashion as it repeatedly moved in a figure-of-eight pattern at about 500ft.

It was wedge-shaped, with a raised, triangular-shaped area on top and a fat antenna protruding out of the back. The windows he was watching it out of were closed, so he couldn't hear any sound coming from the object. He estimates that it was about as big as a single-seater private plane. Eventually it turned and went away, gliding slowly toward Quarry Lake.

Drawing of the wedge-shaped UFO

A few weeks later, Caspian saw another strange object which he describes as having been like a small jet plane with forward-pointing wings and no tailfin that silently flew high above the back garden, gliding speedily in the direction of either Del Quay or Bosham. Like the wedge-shaped object, he judges it to have been about the size of a small passenger plane. He doesn't understand how it was possibly able to fly, considering the orientation of its wings.

Drawing of the winged UFO

Unsettling Atmosphere

Anne, Grace and Peter all flew back to England for a Christmas visit at the end of 2011, planning on accompanying Caspian on his return flight back to New Zealand. They had agreed on Damian's insistence that they would stay overnight at his mother's house on Christmas Eve, though she had never been nice to them.

While they were at her residence in Portsmouth, the family all remember experiencing a mild earthquake that caused the tops of the streetlamps outside to sway. They felt as though they were being invisibly watched the entire time, and while Caspian's siblings were downstairs with their grandmother he and Anne kept themselves confined to the living room on the second floor, setting up bedding for themselves in that room despite several bedrooms in the house being available. They all hated the atmosphere on the third floor and in the downstairs bathroom and adjacent food storage room, and couldn't bear to be in either place for long.

Caspian reports “We were only there for one night, but I visited the house many times when we'd been living in England prior to 2008 and always felt like something was in the house that couldn't be seen, but which was always watching me and my step-cousins. Mum believed it was the ghost of my step-grandfather, though I wasn't sure of that since he was always nice to me when he was alive and whatever was in the house felt heavy and negative. The feeling was worst in the bedroom and adjacent toilet that used to belong to my stepfather and his brothers.”

Anne added, “All I can say is that the property in question was at least 400 years old and had a very unsettling atmosphere. The nicest room was on the first floor. It was all painted white and its shape reminded me of being in the captain's quarters on HMS Victory. The rest of the house seemed very dark, both physically and spiritually. The worst area was my husband's old bedroom and the adjoining cloakroom. It was the only toilet on that floor, and having to use it at night was a very unnerving experience. You were constantly aware that you were being watched. The children wouldn't go in there unless I went with them because they felt too scared to go alone.

New Year's Eve UFOs

By New Year's Eve the family were back in Chichester, and during the last few minutes leading up to midnight Anne, Peter and Caspian were upstairs, looking out of his bedroom windows at the fireworks and Chinese lanterns that were drifting by.

Alongside these celebratory displays were four odd, fuzzy circular objects that they spotted moving around in the night sky. One of them passed behind the spire of the Cathedral, another two disappeared behind a tree to the west, and the fourth moved slowly in a north-easterly direction above the houses across from them. Anne managed to take several photos of the fourth object, which at the time came out quite clearly; Caspian has made a drawing of one of the photographs she took:

Drawing of the orange orb

The objects glided smoothly and silently over the city, having a deep red colour with either an orange or golden coloured centre. Unlike the lanterns, their light didn't flicker or wobble. The last one that was visible to them smoothly changed its course and began to fly in a south-easterly direction, when it suddenly accelerated and zipped away in the blink of an eye, “at warp speed”.

They rushed out of Caspian's room and across the upstairs landing to the bedroom that Grace was staying in, to look out of its windows and see if they could spot the object speeding away, but other than some distant fireworks nothing was visible.

Throughout the course of these events, Grace had been on her own in that bedroom, and though she hadn't seen many fireworks she told Anne that she'd been watching what at first she'd thought was a streetlamp or a bright, pale yellowish-white star, which suddenly began to move upwards into the sky on a diagonal trajectory. As it ascended, the luminous object split apart into three smaller ones, all of which were of the same appearance, then re-combined back into a single object, split apart into three smaller ones again, came back together, and finally accelerated upwards into the night sky and disappeared. She thought that the lights must have been a military test of some sort, and Caspian agreed, telling her about the objects the rest of them had been watching from his bedroom windows.

They discussed what they'd seen the night before the family was scheduled to return to New Zealand. Anne was a bit shaken by the whole series of events and was sure that what they'd seen hadn't been Chinese lanterns at all.

Caspian reports that on that night, his mum's character seemed to change; she became cold and distant, insisting that Caspian had to return to New Zealand and couldn't extend his stay. She added that if he didn't return, he shouldn't expect to be welcomed back in Dunedin with open arms. Caspian had been planning to reschedule his return flight until a few months into the new year, but he was now worried about losing his mother's love if he chose to do so.

His aunt Belle helped him pack his suitcase so that he would be able to go with Anne and his siblings to the airport early the following morning, and though she tried to talk to Anne about how worried her behaviour had made Caspian, she said it was as though she had become a different person and couldn't be reasoned with – she simply deflected everything Belle said and accused her of manipulating Caspian into wanting to stay, threatening to never speak to her again if she didn't let him go back with them to New Zealand!

In August 2020, Caspian’s mum wrote:

“My only experience with UFOs was in the UK was when we were all together at my mother’s house on New Year’s Eve. There I saw a red object that appeared to be moving very slowly and steadily that suddenly shot off at what I can only describe as ‘warp speed’. I’ve never seen anything move like that before – it was astonishing.”

Anomalous Orange Light

Caspian managed one last walk around Churchmead Close before going to sleep that night, getting as far as St. George's Church across the road before turning and walking back to his grandmother's house. As he passed by the railway crossing near the Close, he saw something fly over the tracks that his mind simply dismissed as being an illuminated helicopter, even though it was completely silent and had no rotor blades, looking more like an orange blob. He later wondered why his brain had treated it as something mundane and unimportant when it hadn't looked or sounded like a real helicopter at all.

Photograph of Churchmead Close with the orange light drawn on top

He reports that his mother's behaviour changed once again when they were approaching San Francisco airport on their return flight: while she had been stand-offish that entire morning, she suddenly seemed to not only return to her normal self but also had no memory whatsoever of anything that had happened the night before! She apologised to Caspian for what she'd said to him and Belle, but still felt it was for the best that he was coming back with them to New Zealand.

Grey Faces

Shortly before they returned to Dunedin, Damian found new work in Canterbury and began to live away from the family home in a rented property in Methven, which Anne, Caspian and his siblings travelled to and from on weekend stays.

Sometime in August of 2012 Caspian was in the small bathroom of Damian's apartment, sitting on the toilet facing the door, which was not able to be locked. Suddenly he saw three faces manifest in front of the door, staring at him without moving. They had thin mouths and large, black eyes with dark grey pupils. He was frightened and screamed, and Anne rushed in from outside to see what was wrong. The bathroom door had apparently locked itself and couldn't be opened! She called in through the door while trying to unjam it to ask what was going on, but Caspian wasn't able to make any sounds in reply. He didn't know what to do.

Drawing of one of the Grey faces

One of the faces grinned slightly at him, then all of them disappeared at once. The bathroom door suddenly unlocked itself and his mum was able to open it, finding Caspian pale and tearful. At the time he didn't know what Greys were, and he doesn't recall ever seeing anything like them before in any of his previous experiences, so his mind simply classified them as some form of malevolent spirit.

Further Dunedin Experiences

UFOs On Drive Home

The family were driving back from a visit to Rakaia Gorge on Sunday evening, planning to pass through Methven and carry on back to Dunedin, when Elise noticed that a couple of the stars in the evening sky above them seemed to be moving. James looked out of her window and spotted them as well, one orange and the other white. Damian began to tense up upon hearing this, so Anne changed the subject until they got back into Methven and dropped him off at his apartment, continuing back home along the Inland Scenic Route 72.

They were singing along to music when Caspian once again noticed the two stars out of his passenger's-side window, keeping pace with them high above the countryside as they drove toward Mayfield. They debated whether it was a perspective illusion or if the stars were in fact satellites, until the two lights veered off in a smooth turn to the right and passed above the car, drifting out over a large field.

They noticed what at first looked to all of them like a massive plane hovering above the open farmland against the backdrop of the Ashburton mountains, which Caspian discerned to be a black rectangle with 4 white, illuminated squares along its side – an identification which Grace agreed with, while Peter could only make out white and red lights. Caspian says there was indeed a single red light at each end of the rectangular object, flashing or brightly pulsing about once a second. The orange and white stars seemed to be flying toward it.

Photograph of the sighting location with the UFO and lights drawn on top

Drawing of the rectangular UFO

Further up the road on Bridge Street, after they had crossed over the Rangitata River, Caspian saw another flat, box-shaped dark object with a single red light on each corner in the direction of Mt Peel, from which they were about 7 miles away. He lost sight of it when they went past some trees.

Photograph of the sighting location with box-shaped UFO drawn on top

After getting back to Dunedin, as they drove down Southern Highway 1 at about 10:30 pm, Caspian noticed a silver, oval-shaped object surrounded by a misty or foggy green halo over the car park in the St Claire beach area. From his perspective it was about the size of the cars he could see over the ridge. Anne and Grace saw it as well when he pointed it out to them, while Peter was asleep at the time.

Drawing of the oval-shaped UFO

None of the family saw anything else after they continued downhill and Caspian's line of sight of St Claire beach was interrupted by a row of trees alongside the road. He wondered at the time if the strange things they'd seen that night were all military aircraft.

Cylindrical UFO

Though he can't remember what month it occurred in, Caspian reports that one evening, approaching dusk, he and his mum were driving to the PAK'n’SAVE supermarket along Andersons Bay Rd in South Dunedin, which is close to the Andersons Bay inlet, and had stopped at the traffic lights next to Staples and the Warehouse when he noticed a single long, pen-shaped object with three segments in the middle in the sky above the car dealerships. It was silver in colour and had a single white light on each end, both of which were constantly illuminated.

Drawing of the cylindrical UFO

Caspian describes how it was making a “drifting round, banking in one place” motion, simply “sat in the same place, turning”. It glinted as it rotated. The traffic light turned green and they had to turn in to the Warehouse car park, causing Caspian to lose sight of the object.

Coloured Lights

Anne, Caspian and his siblings also noticed strange objects in the evening and night skies above their family home in Dunedin. They would often go out onto the deck which overlooks their back garden and look up at the stars together, and on one night they noticed a particularly large, bright red star which they thought was a planet, until it began to drift away down over the horizon.

On other nights, Caspian and his family saw what looked like “big, moving stars” which could come in different colours: red, orange, yellow, green, white or blue. The family enjoyed discussing what they might be, since they didn't seem to appear or behave like satellites. The thought that the objects could have been extra-terrestrial in origin never crossed their mind, since they didn't believe in alien life at the time, instead considering all UFO-related phenomena to be either demonic in nature or man-made. Damian also noticed these objects on occasion, simply putting them down to satellites or orbital debris.

Drawing of the coloured lights

Caspian says that he remembers them just drifting off into the distance, often dimming or fading into invisibility against the night sky, or making gentle curves, but Anne says she saw them making a series of Z-shapes.In almost every instance the strange lights seemed to be heading out toward the Peninsula or the ocean, even though the only landmass beyond it is Antarctica. Sometimes the lights appeared to flash at each other as they drifted past, or would flare up and then dim again as though they were indeed orbiting objects catching the sunlight.

Angelic Being

Caspian reports that in early 2012 he had a vivid dream in which he was shown a building in a part of Dunedin that he'd never been to before, which he learned was owned by a Pentecostal church. He was instructed by a humanoid being with olive-brown coloured skin, dressed in a brilliant white outfit and with “Russian features,” to go there and attend one of its evening services on a particular night. Caspian was assured that he would be warmly welcomed and that he would find “many friends and a home” there. As a sign that he could trust the being's word, Caspian was told the name of the church's student pastor at the time, and was given three specific things that she would say and do during the course of that evening's service.

When he woke up later that morning, Caspian told Anne about his dream and she was determined that they should drive to that part of the city and see if any of what he had dreamt about was actually there. After driving around for a few minutes, they managed to find the church on Harrow Street, and were convinced that what Caspian had experienced the previous night had been more than just a dream when they noticed that its logo contained a stylized palm tree, which is something that Caspian had been shown by the strange being (which he had taken to be an angel). The only discrepancy between the dream and reality was that Caspian had been told the name of the church was “Oasis”, when in fact its name was “Elim”.

Two weeks later, they returned on the night that Caspian had been told to attend, and he plucked up the courage to go inside and see what would happen. He says that during the course of the evening service all the signs that he had been given came to pass, the last of which was that during a time of worship the student pastor went up onto the stage to lead the congregation in prayer and said that she “felt from the Holy Spirit” that someone had been led to the church that night as a result of a dream, asking them to raise their hand if that was true. Caspian was the only person to raise his hand out of the almost 200 people who were present that night. He told her and several of the other congregants about what he had experienced when they came to greet him at the end of the service. He received such a friendly reception from many of the students there that he decided to stay, becoming baptised a few months later and entering into an internship with that church the following year, after successfully applying to its ministry training college in East Auckland.

Caspian says he loved his time there, and that he spent a happy 12 months studying at the college and befriending the other students in his year group. He left home to begin flatting and went on to study theology and philosophy at Otago University the following year, though he wasn't able to complete several of the courses he took due to his health sharply declining halfway through 2014. Though he was able to sit two of his examinations (Ethics of Christianity and Interpreting the Old Testament), both of which he passed, he wasn't able to take the remaining four exams, and due to that –as well as his ill health– he wasn't allowed to return to the University. He had accrued a significant amount of debt from the studies he had already done as well, so he wasn't inclined to return and add to that.

Notwithstanding this setback, he still feels that he learned a great deal during his time studying those courses, and it was supplemented by his flatmates and friends allowing him to study their course materials in neuroscience and psychology, as well as in other areas – all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. He had also gained a Certificate in Christian Ministry in 2013, so he didn't feel as though he'd come away from his studies with nothing to show for it.

He reports that Anne was more disappointed than he was at the way things had turned out, since she'd had a dream when Caspian was 9 years old in which she saw him standing on stone steps outside a cathedral, having just graduated from University. She had always been confident that her dream had been a vision of the future, and became entirely convinced of it when she saw that the steps outside of the Anglican Cathedral in Dunedin were exactly the same as the ones she'd seen in that dream. Both Anne and Caspian wondered at why it hadn't ended up coming to pass.

Caspian continued to try and serve in various capacities at Elim church until mid-2015, when his condition became so bad that he was told to take some time off. He says that he is still passionate about becoming a pastor.

Craft Dreams

Caspian reports that he had three weird dreams involving UFOs in October and November of 2013.

In the first dream, he was looking out over open water towards a Polynesian island with a volcano, when a huge golden-yellow, domed saucer with stud-like protrusions around its rim descended from the clouds above and flew over the volcano. Just as it was disappearing from Caspian's sight behind the island, he woke up.

Drawing of the golden domed saucer

Caspian believes it was three weeks later when he had a similar dream – this time, he felt it was set somewhere in Canada, likely in Banff National Park. He was sitting on a lake bank, looking at ragged, snow-streaked mountains across the water, when a dark grey UFO came down from the cloud cover above the lake: a thin, eye-shaped craft with windows and rotating lights in a pattern of different colours (blue-green, blue, red and yellow) underneath it. There were three blue-green lights in a triangular formation in the middle of the underside of the craft. He woke up just as it began to fly toward the mountains.

Drawing of the dark grey disc

Four weeks later, Caspian had a third dream featuring a UFO: he was back in England, standing in his grandmother's back garden at night-time, when a dark grey, drawing pin-shaped craft glided silently over the adjacent gardens to his left. It came to a stop above some trees just before it passed over Rumboldswyke School, emitting a thin red beam which it then whipped around and shone into Caspian's eyes, blinding him.

Drawing of the drawing pin-shaped UFO and red beam

Implant Removal

The following month, close to Christmas, Caspian woke up unusually early in the morning (approaching sunrise) and was alarmed to see four figures standing quietly in his bedroom, looking down at him on his air bed. Three of the beings were about 4ft tall and were dressed in royal blue pullovers with collars and cuffs, all made of some sort of smooth, snug material. They had elephant grey, tree frog-like skin and rounded heads that tapered to a shallow peak or sagittal crest, with beady black eyes, flaps of skin on either side of their head like floppy ears, and wrinkle like folds where a human's nose and mouth would be expected to be.

One of the floppy-eared beings

One of these bizarre entities was positioned in front of the wall to Caspian's right, while the other two were standing together at the back of his room, in front of the bedroom's windows.

The fourth entity, which Caspian calls the “Pterodactyl Ghost” (after the monster from Scooby-Doo), was about 6ft tall and had a head shaped somewhat like a rock pick, with swampy-green skin and three large wrinkles on what was presumably its forehead. It had no visible eyes, but rather two bulges or ridges sticking out from either side of its head. The rest of its body was humanoid, with a lanky frame, and it was wearing a pullover which was the same colour and material as those which were being worn by the smaller entities, albeit with silver-coloured bands around its wrists in place of the cuffs. Behind the “Pterodactyl Ghost” was an eerie red glow, though Caspian couldn't see what was emitting it.

Drawing of the "Pterodactyl Ghost" being

This taller being was holding a pen-like surgical instrument with a triangular head, adorned with two metallic blades in an inverted “v” formation and a small hole between them, out of which extended a thin needle. This being either knelt or crouched down beside Caspian, who was unable to move any part of himself other than his head (which was propped up on his pillows), and somehow caused Caspian's left hand to levitate upwards and revolve so that his palm was facing it.

It then pushed the blades of its implement into Caspian's palm and used them to tease away a small, triangular flap of skin, before gently pulling out the implement and then using its needle to remove a tiny, black, rice grain-shaped object from the flesh inside his hand. He says that the object it pulled out appeared smooth and had a “tortoiseshell” pattern on it, made up of hexagons of different sizes.

Drawing of the implement and extracted object

Caspian can't recall feeling any pain or discomfort throughout the course of this procedure; emotionally, he felt a mixture of terror and curiosity toward the beings, and fascination at whatever it was that the taller one was doing.

After removing the object from Caspian's hand, the being stood back up and he fell asleep. When he woke up later that morning, just before 10:30am, his hand ached painfully and the site around the v-shaped incision in his palm was red and sore. He was puzzled at the presence of the mark at first, since he couldn't work out how he'd managed to injure himself in that way. It wasn't until halfway through the day, while he was setting up the auditorium at Elim Church for an evening service, that he suddenly remembered what had happened earlier that morning.

The size of the mark is about 6-7mm on each side and is toward the bottom of his palm, between the index and second fingers. It can be seen in these photographs:

The following day, he showed the incision mark to one of the staff at the Otago University student's clinic and was advised to simply let it heal on its own, after it was cleaned with a small lemon-scented antiseptic swab. While it healed up as normal, leaving behind no more than a pale scar, and the apparent inflammation had died down by the end of that day, he later noticed a small, faint line about ½cm long that extended from the top of the incision. He thinks a record of his visit to the student's clinic may well be in his New Zealand medical records.

Author’s note: Some people experience sleep paralysis. This is when they partially wake up in REM atonia, a state in which they are partially paralyzed and cannot move their limbs. When in sleep paralysis, people may also experience three common types of hallucinations: an intruder in the room with you, a crushing feeling on your chest or back, and a feeling of flying or levitating. Sleep paralysis is relatively uncommon, with about 7.6% of the general population having experienced it at least once. Although these hallucinations cannot cause physical damage, they may still be frightening. Given Caspian’s incision mark, it is not easy to label this as a case of sleep paralysis.

Personal Changes

Following this experience, Caspian reports that he felt different, both mentally and spiritually. His faith as a Christian changed, because for him the fundamentalist framework which had been instilled into him during his internship and ministry training had been shaken to its core. Though he was still disinterested in the subject of UFOs for the most part, he started to consider that there were other things “out there” beyond angels and God. He couldn't square up his experiences with any of the descriptions of demonic activity in biblical texts, nor could he deny what had happened to him simply to ease his cognitive dissonance.

He found himself adopting a more laid back and accepting approach toward life, the sort of media he enjoyed, and people of other faiths, which was noticed by many at the church he attended and was generally looked upon very unfavourably indeed.

Over the course of the following year, during his time studying theology and philosophy, his faith gradually became more progressive and liberal in form until certain of his theological stances were no longer reconcilable with those of his church peers. As a result, he began to lose many of the friends he'd made, and worried that his ministry training wouldn't go well.

Author’s note: Following the reported removal of implants, some people do state that their personality/outlook on life changes and they develop new skills.

Besides these changes, another significant one was that Caspian became known as a bit of a “seer” among those he still had favour with. Caspian says that he repeatedly got things right about people when he prayed for them, feeling “impressions” of information about people's health and situations that were going in their lives which he couldn't ordinarily have known about. He assumed that he was getting these insights from God.

Certain members of the life group he was part of at the time considered his abilities to be demonic in origin because of his previous experiences, though Caspian also feels that some of them were simply jealous because they didn't experience the things he did themselves.

He also began to experience dreams with apparent biblical symbolism in them. He didn't always understand their interpretation, but took the dreams he was unsure about to his senior pastor because he felt they were important. In several cases he was informed that what he'd dreamed about related to teachings which were espoused in apocryphal works, which Caspian had steered clear of reading because it had been strongly discouraged by the rest of the leadership at his church, who considered them to be full of outright falsehoods.

However, his senior pastor felt that it would be a good idea for Caspian to read some of them, to enlighten him about some of the things he was being shown. He wasn't sure what to make of all that Caspian experienced because it was contrary to some of his own theological positions, but he reassured him by saying that he knew of others who had prophetic dreams and saw visions of angels.

People would often ask for prayers to be spoken over them about pains and other health issues at Caspian's church, and whenever he was called up to assist the ministry team or had the opportunity to sit with someone in need, he would hold his hand out over them and try to “feel” what the problem was in their body. He felt different things against the palm of his hand: sometimes cool sensations, other times “spiky” ones, or “crackling” feelings where the problem was in a person's body, such as a stomach ulcer. In such an instance, he would say to the person he was with, “I feel God's telling me you've got a stomach ulcer; maybe you should go and get it checked out.” Sometimes that person would express surprise because they'd already been to see medical professionals who had informed them that they did indeed have that particular condition. At other times, they would go and see their doctor afterwards and come back to tell Caspian that the information he'd given them was correct.

While he reckons that he achieved perhaps as much as 80% - 90% success with identifying issues in the people he prayed over, there were times when Caspian would identify the part of the body an issue was in correctly, but get the condition a person was suffering with wrong. Some people even said they sensed he had healed them a bit, though it was most often only temporary.

One case of healing that Caspian claims occurred at his church involved a student on crutches who had been invited to one of the evening services so that he could be prayed over. Caspian recalls that he had one leg which was about 7” or 8” shorter than the other. The young man explained that his condition had worsened over the course of his life, although Caspian can't remember the name that he gave it. One of the church's other members, called Johnny, was well known for his passion in praying for others to be healed, and he had his hands over the student during a time of prayer ministry. Caspian approached them and held out his right hand toward the man, standing behind Johnny, as they prayed.

Johnny suddenly laughed in glee and amazement, and the young man was looking down in shock at the fact that his legs were now the same length. This was witnessed by those who were present that night and was talked about a lot by both the student and senior pastors. Caspian thinks that the healing happened as a result of his ability, but he told no-one about it and let Johnny take the credit for being the vessel through which he believes God performed the healing.

Author’s note: Caspian has been unable to offer any evidence that this “miracle” occurred, and I have not been able to discover any to support it. While there may be mention of it in a church newsletter from the time, Caspian says that the local Dunedin paper does not take such things seriously.

Caspian wonders if maybe all people have innate abilities through which God works. If so, could we harness them in medical fields and revolutionise them?

He remembers another person he prayed over, with whom he could see two figures that he took to be angels, who told him that they were always following that person and protecting them from harm. He describes that information coming to him as soundless words. The person he was praying with said that they did feel as though they'd been preserved from harm a few times, when things had happened that could have resulted in their serious injury or worse.

Caspian mentioned that at the time, abilities such as these weren't something he could just “switch on and off, like a tap”. They would also occur with some people but not others, without any obvious reason. He ruefully reports that he can't perform any acts of healing on himself! He would like to be able to do that, to relieve the severe chest pains he suffers from.

He reflected recently on when he was little and taken aboard a craft (see Craft Abductions in Part 1), during which one of the women on-board would teach him to hold out his hands to sense things. This is what he was doing when he performed those acts of healing or information-gathering, without even thinking about it: just holding out his hand toward a person.

Author’s Note: This is an interesting comment, because it seems to combine his earliest abduction experiences with those which followed after the experiences he had later in his life.

Flying Triangle

Caspian was ill for 12 months during 2014 and 2015, and spent most of that time unhappily confined to his bed as a result. Due to his lack of income and inability to get government assistance, since his particular conditions weren't listed among those it would provide assistance for, he had to rely on an allowance and occasional groceries from Anne, and eventually also from Damian, who insisted that the money he gave him would one day have to be paid back with interest. During that time, Caspian struggled with deciding whether to pay rent or buy food.

He reports that it was during this time that things “kicked up a notch” – something which he says always used to happen whenever he was most ill.

In February 2015, Anne drove him to the house of his former next-door neighbours, where several of his old flatmates had gone to spend a night together playing video games and sharing food. Caspian wanted to try and have a night of normality. Anne couldn't drive him back home the following evening, so he had to walk back to his new address. It was just up the road, but it still took him about 20 minutes to get there due to the amount of times he had to stop and rest.

As he was passing by the houses just across the road from the Botanical Gardens, he noticed the silhouette of a triangular shape with curved edges, which he says reminded him of a flying guitar pick, fly low and silently overhead toward the Gardens. He says that it was going “at an average plane speed”. Its underside had a single blue light at the front, a red light at each corner, and a white light in the middle.

Sighting location with the Flying Triangle drawn on top

As far as he could remember at the time, he hadn't seen anything in that sort of triangle shape since 2002 (see Black Triangles and Humanoid Interaction in Part 1). He simply looked at it passing by overhead in front of him, and almost took it as being something perfectly mundane – in his mind, it must have been a stealth aircraft which belonged to the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Drawing of the Flying Triangle

Symbol-Covered UFO Dream

Shortly after this, he had another dream involving a UFO, which he described to me as follows:

“It had a doughnut-shaped underside that was illuminated and gold in colour, while its mid-section was adorned with symbols similar to ones I've seen the ufonauts using. I can't remember the exact appearance of the symbols on the dream UFO.

Drawing of UFO covered in symbols (approximation not exact)

I remember that in the dream I was standing at the side of the road on the Scenic Route between Methven and Dunedin at night, barefoot in only my onesie (which I had been wearing that night), and that I could see that UFO hovering at an angle in the sky across the road. Two beings attempted to grab my arms and drag me across the road from behind, but I struggled and forced myself out of their grip and ran away. That's all I can remember happening in the dream.”

Silver Cigar

A few months later (he can't remember exactly which month, since he was ill throughout practically all of 2015 and his sense of time became poor), Anne drove Caspian to KFC in southern Dunedin for lunch as a treat, before they went to visit St Kilda beach. She was just helping him out of his seat when she noticed a silver cigar-shaped object above the PAK'n’SAVE supermarket area. It appeared to be segmented in the middle, as if you could unscrew it and it would come apart into two smaller craft.

As Caspian turned his head to look at it, he noticed four little orange blobs drifting away from what they presumed to be the front of the object. The blobs arranged themselves into a sort of formation, with three of them in front and one behind. They weren't illuminated or glowing, but a dull orange colour with a golden core, almost spherical in shape.

Drawing of the silver cigar and orange spheres (including magnified view)

They suddenly whizzed off at unbelievable speed, after which the silver craft disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Star-Shaped UFO

Later that year, sometime in autumn, there was an apparent lightning strike that hit the power station awfully close to where Caspian's flat was, which was accompanied by an enormous banging-booming sound and a bright flash. Caspian reports that he and his flatmates jumped out of their skin when it happened, and one of his flatmates screamed. The lightning strike was followed by a second bright flash, which he describes as being a sort of golden colour.

Caspian went to the doorway with another of his flatmates, and they looked out the door to see what had happened. They noticed what appeared to be a four-rayed star shape in the sky, once again orange in colour with a golden core.

Drawing of the star-shaped UFO

It was above the roofs of the houses across the road from them, stationary but pulsing regularly. Caspian reports that it appeared to suddenly “suck itself in, like the way a galaxy curves,” and drifted away smoothly over the adjacent houses. His flatmate thought it must have been a firework and went back indoors. The rain that had previously been falling that night had now stopped.

Photograph of the sighting location with the star-shaped UFO drawn on top

Caspian's flatmates all wondered whether the second golden flash had been another lightning strike, though they hadn't heard an accompanying thunderclap. He thinks that the flash had something to do with the orange light that he and his flatmate saw. He reports that the power station had been affected by the lightning strike and needed some repair work done to it, but he can't recall any further details.

Night Visitation

Three weeks later, he woke up sometime during the night and noticed three entities, each about 3-4ft tall, standing between the foot of his bed and the wooden desk which was attached to the back wall. Though he describes them as being “pudgy-looking shapes”, they otherwise appeared exactly like the shorter entities he'd seen in his bedroom back in 2013.

They were simply standing in the shadows of his room, staring at him and making squeaking sounds, which Caspian described as being “like when you rub two shoes together”.

“Hello? Who are you?” he asked. But all he heard in response was more squeaks, which struck him as being funny (although he didn't laugh out loud). He didn't feel afraid, or experience any anxiety at the presence of the entities – instead, he simply decided that he wanted to go back to sleep! He can't remember seeing the three beings disappear before he did so.

While Caspian says he has woken up and then fallen back asleep while dreaming before, this felt different; however, he admits that it could possibly have all been a dream of some sort. Still, a possible confirmation of his experience came from one of his flatmates, who questioned him later that morning about whether he had been out on the landing between their bedrooms earlier in the night. He stated that he hadn't, suggesting that it may have been another of the residents who lived on the ground floor, when she responded that she'd seen two torchlights on the landing outside Caspian's room and had called out to ask whoever it was to be quiet, because she could hear them moving around. She thought that the light had come from a mobile phone.

When she and Caspian asked the other students, who were living with them, about whether any of them had been up that night, all of them denied it. Caspian says that if any of them had been awake, they would have switched on the normal room lights and tried to be as quiet as possible. Nobody in that residence was prone to sleepwalking, to his knowledge. The only discrepancy between what his flatmate had seen and what he had experienced, was that he hadn't seen any lights in his room when he woke up to see the three figures standing there.

Red Orb

Another UFO was seen by Caspian and several of his flatmates toward the end of 2015. They were all outside watching the tail end of a fireworks display that had been put on by one of the nearby student flats, when they noticed a red orb silently drifting up into view from behind the roofs of the buildings across the road. None of them said anything as it reached the place marked in the image below, then simply faded out of sight.

Photograph of the sighting location with the red orb drawn on top

They all went back inside shortly thereafter, and none of them wanted to discuss what they had seen. There was a palpably thick silence between them, until one of Caspian's flatmates broke the ice by asking if they fancied getting chicken and chips from the Willowbank Convenience Store down the road, which they all loved. At that point they all returned to being warm and cheerful, as they usually were with each other.

Serpentine Woman Dream

The last odd thing to happen to Caspian in 2015 occurred on December 8th, just before his family had invited him to return to England to stay with them.

In his dream that night, which was unusually vivid and intense, he was walking through a little trail in a very ancient looking wood [which he likens to Sherwood Forest]. There was a low fog present, as well as a sort of “clingy dampness” that he could tangibly feel. Dew had settled on the grass and leaves around him. At the end of the trail was a circular clearing, in which the grass –which was just above his ankles in height– was also very wet. He says that he was walking as though he were in a daze, on auto-pilot, proceeding forward without really having any idea about where he was going.

In the midst of the clearing was a very ancient, broken and weathered stone pillar, which looked as though it could originally have been an obelisk. As Caspian approached it, a female figure rose up either from behind or within the pillar: from her head down to her waist she was human, naked and with long black hair, while the lower half of her body was a long, serpentine tail, dark forest green in colour with scales a bit like those on a rat snake.

Drawing of the serpentine woman and broken pillar

Their eyes met and she opened her arms. Caspian walked forward into her embrace, still on a sort of auto-pilot – he says he didn't feel any emotions about what was happening. However, he remarks that she did seem familiar to him in some way, even though he hadn't seen anything like her before. She embraced him and they had intercourse, the experience of which he can't remember, after which she opened her arms again and released him, before drifting backwards into the mist and disappearing.

Caspian simply turned around and proceeded to walk back out of the clearing down the same path he had approached it from before, hearing an owl hoot as he did so. He looked up and saw a beautiful barn owl sitting on one of the branches in front of him. It swooped down low over his head, then flew upwards through a clearing in the leaves above him. As Caspian watched it doing so, he woke up and found that everything was normal: his feet were dry, etc.

Nothing of this nature has happened to him before, or since.

He told Anne about some of what had happened in the dream, and she was concerned that the snake element signified that the female entity had been something evil. Caspian says that she hadn't felt sinister or malevolent to him at all, however; nor had she felt loving – just strangely familiar. Later that day they went to get a coffee at Starbucks, and Caspian noticed that the logo is a mermaid with a double tail, which seemed to him to be an interesting coincidence.

Further Paranormal Activity

Caspian returned to Chichester a second time in December 2015, after being offered a job by his uncle to work for him as his administrative assistant. His family accompanied him on his flight back to England, remaining there with him until a few weeks after Christmas, at which point they had to return to New Zealand. During that time, nothing of a paranormal or UFO-related nature occurred around Caspian or any of his family members; the entire holiday period was peaceful.

However, when Anne, Grace and Peter returned to their house in Dunedin, almost immediately the same sort of phenomena that had previously been occurring started up again: bright flashes of white and ice-blue lights (ranging in size from mere “pinpricks” to “the size of an orange”), appearances and disappearances of the same, odd “jelly-like” shapes in the living room, dining room and kitchen threshold, and unsettling doppelgänger phenomena (such as Damian seeming to audibly return home when he was still out of the house, or sounding like he was running a bath and then splashing about in it for over an hour, only for the bathroom to be found empty after one of the family would knock on its door to call him for dinner or to inform him of a phone call).

Grace would also be woken up by the sound of Anne's voice calling her name, or what for all senses and purposes seemed to be Anne – dressed in clothing that belonged to her – either at Grace's bedroom door or already in her room, offering to make her a cup of tea, when in fact Anne was still asleep at the other end of the house.

In August 2020, Caspian reported that such things are still continuing to happen there; his family have reached a point of resignation toward these happenings, and see no point in trying to move to a new house in the hope of escaping from them since they are sure that the phenomena will simply follow them again. They haven't sought outside help, though they would probably look to one of their local churches for this if they felt that they needed it.

Meanwhile, Caspian remained in England and worked for his uncle, which he was pleased that he was able to do. He reports that while his health didn't improve after he moved back to Chichester, it also didn't get any worse than it had been. He became involved with a life group at the nearby Revelation Family Church, and began to attend its Sunday night services. He says that his life was more normal than it has ever been during this time. Since his family's Christmas holiday, he lived in his old “second bedroom” at his grandparent's house in Rumbolds Close, a few minutes’ walk from his former residence on Bognor Road.

Planetary Cataclysm Dream

In April or May of 2016 Casian had another very unusual dream.

“All I can remember from it is that I was standing in some sort of open, desert landscape like you'd see in a Salvador Dali painting, and a barefoot man dressed in a pure white robe was there.

I remember that I could hear the sound of wind quietly whooshing over the large, flat dusty plain we were standing in. I took him as being someone who was sent from God to speak with me, and I asked when I would be able to go home to Heaven since I didn't feel like I belonged in this world and I wasn't enjoying my life since it was so full of pain, and answers always had to be sought out rather than being apparent. The man told me that it wasn't yet time for me to go, and that I shouldn't be asking such questions when there were ones that were far more pertinent to the here and now.

I felt I wanted to ask him why God chose Earth as the place for humans to be, even though I loved the beauty of its natural environment and the Moon and its animals and plants, as opposed to anywhere else in the universe. He replied by silently lifting and making a quarter-circle motion with his hand, and I found myself floating in a dark space where I saw a white star and five planets.

I heard the voice of the man who had been standing in the desert with me say that the inhabitants of our solar system originally had their home on the fourth planet, but the fifth (and largest) planet, which was like a sort of super-Earth, “died” “a long time ago”, making an evacuation to the third planet necessary, and that we either descended from or were created by those who colonised it; either way, we're apparently related to them. He showed me a large craft that used to be perpetually locked in orbit with the star, facing it and drawing energy from it, while its opposite side (which was slightly curved inward) was perpetually cold and shadowed


I saw two different variants of huge, cigar-shaped grey craft leaving the fourth planet to take evacuees to the third. I replied that the story seemed improbable as I'd heard of the theory that a planet between Mars and Jupiter had exploded before, and so far as I was aware it was a disproven idea; I also said that we'd have seen such a large, dish shaped object with our telescopes before if one side of it was constantly illuminated from facing the sun."

Drawing of what Caspian was shown in the dream

"I added that it all seemed like a modern creation myth, and I wasn't sure why I should believe it over any other. I asked why humans weren't aware of such a history if we had come from what was presumably Mars, and I can't remember what answer I was given. I do remember that I asked why the evacuees hadn't gone to the second planet, which I assume was Venus, but I was told that it was too much like the Inferno-esque concept of Hell for us to endure there. I know that other things were shown to me during the course of the dream, but I can't remember any of the rest of what happened.”

Oval UFOs

In early January of 2017, strange phenomena started manifesting again in Caspian's life. On some nights, from around 9:30 pm through to 3:30 am, white or minty-green orbs of light could become visible in the sky beneath the cloud cover, drifting above the Close; when they got closer and began to pass overhead, Caspian could discern within the lights grey or silver-coloured objects, like “cod liver oil tablets” in shape.

Drawing of the objects within the lights

Caspian says that he tried to take photos of them at the time, but the resulting images (in which the objects were very small) would either become corrupted data when he tried to transfer them to his laptop, or would eventually just delete themselves off his phone or computer without his input; the only images that he would typically be left with were of such poor quality that they were worthless.

Crescent-Shaped UFO

Around New Years' time, Caspian was being driven by his grandmother to Fishbourne along the B2178 to visit his aunt and uncle's house, when he noticed what at first he thought was the moon on its side, visible through the gaps between the branches of the trees. He continued to watch it for a couple of minutes until the thin, crescent line expanded downwards and became more of a croissant shape, then expanded outwards, contracted back inwards and faded away.

When it expanded, he noticed an “empty space” in front of it which consisted of pitch-black darkness against the starry night sky; there were also three lighter areas underneath it, but they didn't seem to be actual lights.

Drawing of the crescent-shaped UFO

Golden Lights

Caspian's next UFO-type sighting happened when he had to take some time off work because of coming down with the flu and losing his voice. He was standing at the window of his bedroom at dusk, looking out at the vivid sunset, when he noticed a cross-shape of four little golden lights emerge from behind and above the trees across the railway line to the left of Rumbolds Close, flying toward his position from the direction of Portsmouth.

At first he thought that what he was seeing were possibly the lights of a plane, but as the cluster approached he could see a turquoise-blue fan shape surrounding it, rather than the contrails which he'd been observing behind commercial aircraft, which were coloured by the setting sun.

Two of the golden lights were on either side of the cluster, and these faded out as it passed high over the Close; the remaining two lights retained the turquoise corona around them. Caspian tried to take a photo of them, but it came out simply as a transparent blue streak – he says you couldn't make anything out at all.

Drawing of the golden lights and corona

Triangular Shadow

Caspian made an online friend in late March who lived in Swindon, and who also experienced various paranormal-type phenomena at her house. Shortly before she and Caspian fell out in August, one afternoon she had a sighting of the shadow of a triangular object cast on the clouds above her when she went shopping, only for it to be invisible when it exited them; the shadow then re-appeared again when it began to fly through another cloud. She described it as looking like it belonged to a “stealth bomber”.

Caspian reports that she wasn't especially interested in the subject of UFOs, and was cynical and sceptical toward those who claimed to have experienced abductions (it was a topic they'd barely discussed as a result); she'd never seen anything of a UFO-type nature before. She was sure that the shadow she'd observed was being cast by a military aircraft, utilising some sort of cloaking device.

Sleep Paralysis & Huddled Shapes

Not long after his sighting of the golden lights, Caspian reports that he had a night of sleep paralysis: he woke up and felt an uncomfortable weight on his chest, which dissipated when he finally managed to get a “yelp” out, also waking up his grandparents. He then went back to sleep.

He woke up again some nights after that experience and noticed several small shapes (he estimates them to have been at most about 4ft in height) all huddled together by his bedroom's light switch. The best description he can give as to how they appeared is to compare them with carpet moss, which has a fuzzy look to it, but they were also shadowy in form. He felt an awful, screeching whine pierce through his forehead, accompanied by an intense, “crackling” sort of feeling – he says this was less something that he was hearing from outside his head, and more something that was inside of it. His head was turned on his pillows to face these things, and his gaze was transfixed on them until his eyes closed themselves and he went back to sleep.

Following that strange encounter, there were many nights when Caspian kept waking up and seeing the wrinkly-faced, floppy-eared things which he had first seen in Dunedin just standing by his bed, silently looking at him. There was a weight on his chest, as in sleep paralysis, which made him feel panicky because he was worried that the pain involved might trigger his chest condition. He couldn't speak, but mentally tried to ask the small beings to stop whatever it was that they were doing because it was hurting him; they just kept on staring at him however, showing no sign of acknowledgement.

Caspian thinks that they either don't understand human anatomy, human emotion and human suffering, or they simply don't care about inflicting pain; they just stand and watch. He can't imagine what their reason was for visiting him so often, since they didn't seem to be accomplishing anything of scientific importance.

Their behaviour altered only slightly on one night, when one of them reached out and grabbed Caspian's left shin. He felt something like a horrible electric shock shoot up his leg, and he says that he was screaming out loud for them to go away and to please stop hurting him, but there was no affirmative reaction from any of the entities. He is adamant that this experience wasn't simply a nightmare – that he was fully awake and experiencing real pain in his chest wall and left leg.

What was also disturbing to Caspian was that when he got up one morning after having had such an experience, his granddad asked him the same question as his flatmates in Dunedin had asked: whether he'd gotten up to go to the toilet during the night, because his granddad had seen a light on the upstairs landing outside of Caspian's bedroom door which proceeded to move toward the stairs and then seemingly accompany someone as they went quietly down them. Not only does Caspian always go to the upstairs toilet, never needing to use any lights since its door is right next to his bedroom, he hadn't gotten up to use it at any time throughout that entire night.

His grandmother would also repeatedly chastise him about being awake in the early hours of the morning on his laptop, because approximately twice a week she saw light inside his bedroom through the little rectangular window above his door; in truth, Caspian had been asleep for hours on those nights. Occurrences such as these continued until September.

Caspian says that it got to the point that he was dreading falling asleep, and his health was suffering for it as well: his chest was constantly hurting, he was tired, and it was impacting on his work – he was having to price up works of various sorts for M&S stores and make detailed survey reports with pictures and measurements, and while this was already hard for him (since he reports that he has dyscalculia), these additional problems made accomplishing those tasks extremely difficult.

Since the nature of his uncle's work was very competitive and required consistent, reliable uploads of accurately completed tasks, he began telling Caspian to take periods of unpaid time off work, as his state made him more of a hinderance than a help. Caspian's feeling of shame at this, and his frustration at his declining state of health made him abjectly miserable. He tried praying for the night-time visitations to stop and for his health to improve, but these requests didn't seem to be answered in any substantial, noticeable way. When he'd wake up to find the little entities standing by his bed, a few times Caspian also tried mentally commanding them to go away in the name of Jesus, but this was likewise to no avail.

Dream of Floating

In November, Caspian had a bizarre dream in which he was somewhere above the countryside of what he thinks was the north of England, with the lights of a small village visible in the distance. There were many rolling hills, but no animals could be seen on them. He was floating naked in the air with “little things” in a semi-circle around him. They were all going upwards, and he was being pulled up with them against his will. For some time he was pulled around in all directions in the cold night sky; throughout the dream he could feel everything that was happening to him, as though he were wide awake.

When he woke up the next morning, he was laying on his back on top of his bed with his underwear on, but he was sure that he'd gone to bed with a vest and a top on as well. He can't remember getting up during the night at all, and it was a cold time of year anyway, so he was not likely to have undressed or to have gone outside anywhere.

Square Room Dream

Either at the end of 2017 or in the early months of 2018, Caspian had another dream which he feels was significant. In his initial description of it to me, he recalled:

“I was in a square, pale-brown room, which was empty besides a pale grey 'holographic screen' (that's the best analogy I can think of to try and describe it) against the far wall opposite the entrance and a 'console' of sorts (dark grey, with a bumpy-looking texture similar to cast iron) on the left-hand wall, with their symbols (smooth black in appearance) on it but no dials, lights, or levers.

It was controlled by rotating embedded balls (like the sort you'd find on the bottom of some computer mice) that were transparent like glass, ice or crystal; there were also hand-shaped depressions and grooves that were activated through finger movements. The entities that were on the craft with me explained that I couldn't operate its interfaces with my hands in the same way as they could, and I couldn't utilise a function that was like 'linking' or 'sharing' my consciousness with the console either, because I lacked something they possessed that would give me the ability to do it. (I think the reason why UFOs sometimes feel 'alive' or like they themselves are observing us is because their pilots are consciously 'one' with those craft and their interfaces and controls.)

Overhead map of the square room

I was instructed to reach out and touch the symbols (which were a light cream colour) that appeared on the screen. Under my fingers the symbols felt like they were solid objects, as though they were being rendered or held in suspension amidst the screen, but they were part of it. I couldn't feel the screen itself other than a very faint tingling, like pins and needles (it was like a current was running through it).

As I touched and ran my fingers over the symbols my mind 'spiked' with bursts of memories of my abduction experiences when I was little, and I trembled and cried as I wondered how I'd possibly been able to forget what happened to me; since then, I've been able to remember all that I've related to you about those experiences. The reason they gave as to why they wanted to help me remember was because it would help me “understand them [the beings] better”.

I also began getting 'shots' of epiphanic elation accompanying revelations and answers to metaphysical questions I've had for many years. I was told that was just a consequence of my interacting with the symbols, but they added that I wouldn't be “allowed” to remember the answers I received (indeed, I only remember that it happened, not what any of the answers were; which I find agonisingly frustrating because now I know that answers exists and that they weren't entirely or at all what I'd thought they were at the time, but outside of that fact I can't recall anything else about them!)”

Drawing of Caspian touching the holographic screen

At least four of the entities that were there with Caspian were of the same sort as the wrinkly-faced, floppy-eared beings which had previously been visiting him, three of which were wearing what he describes as a cross between Saxon helmets and motorcycle helmets on their heads; there were visors over their eyes. Two of them were wearing black helmets, while another was wearing a helmet which was chrome-silver in appearance.

Drawing of the helmets worn by the floppy-eared beings

One of the black-helmeted beings was guarding the opening that led into the room, while the other one was standing next to the chrome-helmeted being in one of the corners. The fourth entity, which wasn't wearing a helmet, stood in front of what looked like a control panel. Though they had four or five fingers, the panel was built for something with a larger hand that had three.

The control panel which made the symbols appear

Standing next to Caspian was the only entity that he recalls talking to him throughout the entire duration of the dream, but he can't remember for sure whether or not it was one of the floppy-eared ones. He asked that being if he could have a go at working the panel, but it told him that it was solely for the use of the other entities which were in the room; as it was, Caspian was advised that he lacked something (an ability, or a technology) that would enable him to interface with it. The being's description of how the panel was used suggested that their minds went into it somehow and that they told it what to do that way, rather than by simply manipulating its physically-interactable parts.

The being invited Caspian to go forwards and to put his hand on the floating screen, then to tell it what he felt as a result of doing so. Caspian did as he was instructed, and reported a faint, static-like tingling feeling against his fingertips. “OK, good,” it responded.

The entity which was standing in front of the console put its hands on the three-fingered depression, not inside the grooves but up against them, and Caspian was told that the screen was ready for him to touch again. Symbols had now become visible on it, and as he reached out to touch them, he says that he almost instinctively knew where to put his fingers. He continued to feel the tingling sensation at first, but then in his head it was like he was suddenly “being slammed,” as though he were in a car which had collided into a wall.

Many of the memories which he had forgotten from when he was younger –about what had happened to him when he was living in Lavant and being regularly abducted– began returning to him in flashes of recollection, like still shots and video clips. He started crying, not knowing how he could have possibly forgotten all of that?

He turned to the entity beside him and asked, “Where is she? [Meaning the blonde woman who had been on board the abduction craft when he was little.] Can I see her? Please, can I see her?” He felt that he needed the comfort of his childhood friend, who he now realised he'd been missing all those years; he says that the two women who were present during those abduction experiences had been to his younger self like his “spaceship angels.”

He can't remember what the being (which Caspian thinks was a he) replied, only that it didn't show any sort of emotion. He says that it wasn't like it was bored, but rather that it seemed unmoved, like it wasn't thinking of anything other than the task at hand.

After its response, it requested that Caspian place his fingers back on the letters. Despite how highly emotional Caspian was feeling at that point, he once again did as he was asked. This time, lots of other information began to flood into his head – information that only the beings knew. Every question he'd ever had about God and both the origin and the history of the Universe was being answered, presumably their version of it all. He was also getting information about how their craft worked, and even how the entities themselves worked! He says that he had all the answers to everything he could ever have wanted to know. He turned to the being beside him with a smile on his face, because he felt so good about possessing all that knowledge; it made him feel powerful.

He said to it, “I can change the world.” “You won't be allowed to remember any of that,” it replied. “It's just a consequence of you touching [the symbols]; you can't tell anybody.” Caspian protested, “You can't do that! I want to remember this!” Nevertheless, the being seemed to say in response that they couldn't allow him to.

Indeed, Caspian can't remember any of the remarkable knowledge that he briefly experienced being in possession of. On the one hand he finds this frustrating, not only because he now knows that the answers to major philosophical questions do exist and can be comprehended, but also because he says that while he enjoys studying comparative religions, spiritual texts and philosophy, he'd never heard anything like the answers which he was getting from touching those symbols. On the other hand, Caspian feels that it may be a good thing he doesn't remember anything more than what he does, because when that knowledge was being imparted to him it was changing him, and he didn't like what he was becoming.

Caspian didn't feel any sort of connection with the being that talked to him, nor does he think that any of the entities which were in the room with him had ever been at his bedside. It was like the whole situation was routine for them, and the talkative being was just there to oversee Caspian's interactions with the screen.

Despite the reason that the being offered when Caspian asked why he was being given back those memories from his childhood, he doesn't think that he understands the beings involved in that “dream” any better as a result of their doing that for him; rather, he just feels frustrated with them for hurting and frightening him at times, then turning around and helping him at others, without providing any explanation as to why they do such things.

He doesn't know for sure what the true nature of this experience was, but since having it Caspian has considered a number of possibilities:

1. It was indeed all a dream.

2. It was something akin to an astral projection.

3. It was an abduction-type experience.

4. It was memories from an abduction-type experience.

The thing that makes him suspect it was not all just a pure conjuration and operation of his own mind is that he recovered memories from his childhood as a result of it. He also says that he doesn't think he could have come up with the answers he was being given as a result of touching the symbols on the screen, because it wasn't maths or science as we know them: it was something else in the beings' own language, following their own system of thinking and way of doing things. Still, it wasn't so much alien to him as it was transcendent – information that he feels his human mind wasn't capable of inventing, especially on the basis of the limited knowledge and experience that he had at the time.

A little while after that dream, Caspian woke up and was met by the sight of a being leaning across his bed looking at him, but in a weird way: it was almost horizontal, as though it were floating above his bed, looking directly into his eyes. He doesn't remember anything else from that night.

V-Shaped UFO

It wasn't until the late spring/early summertime of 2018 that Caspian would have any more sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena.

In the first instance, as he and his grandparents were coming back from Pagham Beach in the early evening and had just entered the car park across the road from the Pagham Beach Café (this is about 4km west of Bognor Regis – Author), they noticed a strange aircraft approaching them from the direction of Aldwick Beach (from the West – Author). Caspian reports that his grandfather spotted it first, and shielded the sunlight with one of his hands under his cap to get a better look at it while asking, “What's that?”

Caspian and his grandmother looked up to see what he was talking about, and they observed a thin, elongated, V-shaped aircraft which had propellers but no tail. The propellers were static – they didn't seem to be rotating, and it was completely silent in its flight overhead.

Drawing of the V-shaped UFO

They speculated among themselves that perhaps the object was some sort of glider (though it was a warm, still evening, so there was no wind) or a solar-powered plane, based on how silent it was. The object had something which Caspian describes as being like an “airflow” around it, contoured to its shape: a transparent field, shimmering like a heatwave rising off a road.

(Continued in Part 4 - click here)

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