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Chichester & New Zealand Contact Case (Part 4) – Beings, Abductions, UFOs, Implant, Paranormal

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Oval UFO

The next instance of a UFO-type sighting happened when Caspian was once again being driven to his aunt and uncle's house in Fishbourne. It was about midday, and they had just crossed the bridge over Centurion Way, driving up Old Broyle Road on the B2178.

Suddenly, Caspian noticed an oval-shaped object fly over the road ahead of them and disappear behind the trees to his left as they sped past them. Its underside was dark, while the top of the object was a light silver-grey. He asked his grandmother if she'd also seen it, but she was completely focused on driving and hadn't been paying attention to what was passing by overhead; she'd only registered it as being some sort of plane.

Drawing of the oval-shaped UFO

Caspian added that the object was “car-sized”, and that it looked like it was travelling at about the same speed as they were (so possibly about 30mph). The thing that stood out to him the most was how brazen its presence in broad daylight had been – he says it's as though its operators didn't care about being seen!

Owl Dream and Hand Markings

By the end of 2018 Caspian was back at work with his uncle and sleeping better as a result of having had no further bedroom visitations from the floppy-eared beings, though he did experience a couple more dreams of note. He reported the first of them to me as follows:

“I also remembered another dream I forgot to mention yesterday, the final part of my experiences involving owls – I had it sometime in mid-late 2018. I can't remember much about the dream, except that at the end of it there was a reddish saw-whet owl standing in front of me, and it reached forward with one of its feet and pricked my right hand and wrist with its talons.

I was jolted out of sleep and went to the bathroom. When I turned on the light, I noticed four red dots on my hand and wrist that were exactly where I'd seen the owl's talons prick against me. I took a photo of the marks to show to mum [he reports that he did indeed send it to her], but unfortunately I deleted the photo the next morning, thinking there was no point in keeping it on my phone.

After I woke up again later that morning, I applied Doublebase Gel to the marks, and they had all practically disappeared by the end of the day. The most remarkable thing about it all was that at the time there were renovation works going on at the office building me and my uncle worked at, and that morning I noticed that they had bought in a barn owl doorstop to keep the door to the staircase up to our office open while they were working. When I got home later that day, I also found my grandmother's Christmas owl ornament hanging on one of the plants in my bedroom, and when I asked her about it she said that she just thought I'd want it in my room when she found it while tidying in the bedroom beside mine, because she knew I've always liked owls!”

Caspian says that he still has that ornament hanging on the door handle in his bedroom, since the plant his grandmother originally hung it on grew too large and had to be moved downstairs. The ornament is also reddish in colour, just like the owl he'd seen in his dream.

Suspension Tank

His second notable dream occurred sometime in autumn of that year. It began with him thinking he was underwater – then he became aware that he was suspended in a tank filled with a sort of blue, gel-like liquid, much like the cooling gel he rubs into his chest wall to try and help ease the pain of his chest condition. There was a rosy-pink light shining down above him. His eyes were wide open, and he could breathe normally; he could also move, though he says it was like moving through honey. He didn't feel panicked at all. The walls around him were solid, though he couldn't make out their composition or texture.

Drawing of the suspension tank

The next thing he remembers is not being able to move, laying with his arms and legs pinned together and against his sides – he was effectively paralyzed. His head was propped up, and all down the length of the underside of his body was a cool, refreshing sensation which he thinks was a layer of the same gel he'd been floating in before. He seemed to be on some sort of bed, being moved down a corridor. Its walls and ceiling appeared to be of a single-piece design, smoothly curved and pale grey in colour (like the interior of the craft he used to be abducted into as a child), though a pair of light fittings ran down the full length of the ceiling above him which were light blue in colour.

Drawing of the levitating bed

Two beings that Caspian couldn't see much of were walking in silence ahead of him, and he says that they also passed by a tall, grey-skinned being of a kind that he'd never seen before: it had a long neck and long fingers, and was wearing a blue outfit similar to that which is worn by the floppy-eared beings. Its arms were folded in front of its chest in a similar fashion to the limbs of a praying mantis; Caspian also likened it to the way that a spider's legs are held close to its body when it curls up in defence. As it passed by, Caspian recalls that the being gave him a friendly greeting telepathically, although he can't remember what word/s it used.

Drawing of the Mantid being and corridor

He suddenly came out into a big circular, open room. In the middle of it was a raised platform with a throne, upon which was seated an entity that Caspian describes as being a “pecan-headed being”. It had a head shaped like a pecan nut and was completely brown in colour, with small eyes, a slit nose and a little, thin mouth. It was dressed in a red and golden robe that had a long train coming down in front of the throne onto the floor.

Standing on either side of it were weird entities dressed in the same blue outfits as the others, with long necks that hooked over at the top, terminating in hammer-shaped heads. Caspian says that these entities didn't feel alive to him – they just seemed like they were scanning the room, alert to everything that was happening in it and waiting to see if he was going to be aggressive.

Drawing of the enthroned beinga and guards

Around the edges of the room were panels with static lights of different colours (creamy-yellow, green and blue) on them, standing in front of which were several different types of being, including ones which Caspian thinks were Greys. One variant was taller than he expected they would be [about 5ft in height]. Their skin was the same colour as the floppy-eared beings.

The bed that Caspian was on lifted up and tipped forwards, and he was moved into a standing position as it moved away behind him. He found that he could move freely and breathe normally again. He felt that he was supposed to approach the being on the throne on front of him, but he looked back to see the bed he had been laying on, which looked like it was made of stone or cast iron. The two figures that had been walking in front of him, which he could now see were the floppy-eared beings, stepped back and stood at either side of the entrance into the room as the bed floated past them and down the corridor by itself.

He felt that the being on the throne was becoming impatient as Caspian watched all of this occur, waiting for Caspian to engage with him. He looked back at it, but can't remember much of the conversation that they had together at first. Strangely, he does remember asking it why it had made him forget about his childhood abductions! The being telepathically responded that it hadn't caused him to forget – Caspian had chosen that for himself, asking them to keep what had happened from him.

Drawing of the brown skinned being's face

Caspian didn't buy this and replied that he didn't know why he'd ever ask them to do that. He also challenged the being about why it had then violated his wishes by restoring the memories that he now had to him, after all that time. The being simply replied that Caspian had chosen to have them given back, though he hadn't chosen the date on which they'd returned them to him.

Caspian says that much of the conversation wasn't making a lot of sense to him. The being seemed to contradict itself at several points. Nevertheless, it came across as being like “an impatient but kindly grandfather”, almost paternal.

The pecan-headed being seemed to be waiting for Caspian to ask the right questions – like he was there for a reason, so he should do what he came there to do. However, each time Caspian tried to take time to think about something that had been said, it would bark at him to respond faster.

Caspian asked about the symbols that he had touched on the screen when his memories had been returned to him, trying to find out from the being how it all worked. He was told that they normally use other symbols when conveying messages to humans, but they really like our occult symbology and language because it best represents concepts they try to communicate with us about, allowing us and them to meet on common ground. Caspian agrees that its usage of the word “occult” was surprising, but he thinks that the being was simply searching for words to use that he could relate to. While he is deeply interested in esoteric topics, Caspian reports that he had never seen any of the symbols which had been present on that screen before.

As Caspian stood there, the being was impressing into his mind new symbols that looked like right angles and inverted v-shapes. He said that these were special symbols which they used to communicate with people, and that the ones which had been on the screen were simply symbols that they normally used between themselves. He didn't receive an explanation about what any of them meant, and says, “I have no idea how any of them would translate to human symbols, numbers or letters, or if they even could. All of their symbols are different configurations of circles, triangles and straight, angled or curved lines, and dots. I've personally ascribed names to symbols I've most commonly seen, like 'the bee hive', 'the Hindu symbol' and 'Magnemite' (after the Pokémon), but I don't know what the ufonauts call them.

It seemed that the beings weren't endorsing occult activities, but rather expressing that our usual languages and alphabets were more difficult for them to use effectively. This is the last thing that Caspian can remember them discussing.

At the end of the encounter, the being told Caspian to go forwards and stand right at the base of where his train was. His next memory is of waking up on his pillows, staring up at his ceiling, and then going back to sleep; the next time he awoke, it was later that morning. He has no recollection of how he got back to his bed from wherever it was that he had been.

Throughout the entirety of the following day he felt confused and bemused, not knowing what to think about what he'd been told by the pecan-headed entity. He passionately believes that the beings he encountered were not human, but although they give every indication of coming from space he wasn't sure at the time if they did – he just knew that “they are; they exist”.

Night Lights

Unusually for Caspian, up until May of 2019 the only thing that he has reported experiencing were the night lights which he says still pass over Rumbolds Close to this day [the most recent sighting being 11th August, 2020]. While they continued to be mostly minty-green and white in colour, they occasionally appeared golden or orange, or a combination of those colours.

The true shape inside those lights would often become visible as they passed overhead, and in an email to me he described them as follows: “Most of the time they look like oval-shaped objects, but sometimes a bulge or dome-like shape can be seen on top, slightly off-centre from the main body of the object.”

He was hoping that things would continue to remain relatively quiet. This has not been the case in New Zealand, where he reports that his family continues to experience the same, strange phenomena that they have become familiar with over the years.


Caspian feels that whatever the truth is about all of the different things he's experienced, there is definitely “something” that manipulates people and events at a certain level behind-the-scenes. He says that he has experienced synchronicity-type events throughout his life, but they've happened so often that he's simply forgotten most of them, only remembering the fact that they happened.

Anne, Grace and Peter also notice a weird synchronicity with number patterns, though he acknowledges cognitive bias as a possible explanation for this. He doesn't believe that all of what they've seen can be satisfactorily explained naturalistically, however; it would strain credulity.

While he doesn't think he would undo the experiences he has had over the course of his life if it were possible, because he considers them to have helped him understand the nature of reality and the Universe better than if he had never had them at all, on the other hand he also wishes that he'd never experienced any of it simply because it may have resulted in him having a more normal life. Above all else, he is concerned about the effect on the people he loves outside of his mother and siblings if this stuff does continue.

Blurred Entity

Between mid 2019 to early 2020 Caspian sent me a number of E-Mails describing further incidents. In his initial E-Mail he discussed an unusual entity which he witnessed at close proximity.

I woke up a few nights after I sent my last email to you (at 10:48pm on the 9th May) to see a fuzzy (similar to the buzzing static on TV screens, but with the vibrating shapes being much finer and smaller) blob with blurry edges around 4-5ft tall present beside my bed, that seemingly consisted of thick darkness; I'd been brought out of sleep by my phone vibrating beside me as mum was calling me on Facebook. I did my best to remain calm, and quietly asked it out loud who or what it was, to which I had no reply.

All I could feel was a heavy, sharp, foggy sensation across my forehead and above my eyes, somewhat comparable to the experience of ‘brain fog’ or ‘fibro fog’ that you get as part of CFS, but a lot more uncomfortable. I didn't feel any particular emotions from it or as a result of seeing it, other than surprise at its being there and an initial 'deer in the headlights, fight-or-flight' wariness about whether it was going to do anything to me. It was like a thick, short sausage in shape, with its top half leaning forward over the edge of my bed.

I turned away to pick up my phone so that I could call mum back with the intention of pointing my camera at the blob to check if it was visible to her as well, but as I was calling her I looked back at it and watched as it faded out of sight, accompanied by a flash of bright red at the foot of my bed (and later on during our conversation, two white flashes closer to the ceiling in the same place, between the foot of my bed and my TV/PlayStation and book/DVD shelves – the second flash was larger and more intense than the first, and lasted a little longer than it, though both were only briefly visible).

I told mum immediately what I'd seen. I don't know what the nature of the phenomena I witnessed that night was, but they may have merely been visual hallucinations as a result of being fatigued and jolted out of the state of sleep I'd been in.”

Moving Light Video

In late July 2019 Caspian managed to record a video of an anomalous light over his road.

Last night [23rd July 2019] I managed to get a video of one of the objects that occasionally fly over Rumbolds Close! I apologise for the shakiness of the video, I didn't have time to try and prop up my phone on anything – the twinkling stationary light in the background is a star, whereas the moving light seemed to be silent, unlike the other commercial flights (with normal configurations of flashing lights and colours) which had been flying over all evening. You can hear the sound of the jet planes' flight follow them after they've visibly passed over, but no sound followed or accompanied that white light, that I could hear. While the commercial flights were all going in a south-north direction, the object was flying on their usual west-east route.

It's difficult to make out in the video I took, but while it started out flying in a straight line, as the object was coming over the house it began to move in a snake-like fashion. I didn't notice the slight pulse or flickering effect that appears in the video; to my eyes it looked like a constant, whiteish light. I've also included a video of a commercial jet flying over to show the distinction between the appearance of the object and other flights that were going over that night. I did see a satellite pass over a couple of hours later, which moved in their usual, gentle straight-lined way as a tiny point of light among the stars, but it was too faint for me to catch on video as a comparison."

"Though I wasn't quick enough to get videos of them, two more objects also appeared a few minutes after the one I caught – they were the same as the first in terms of size and brightness, except one of them was a pale gold-yellow colour. Both faded out of sight as I was getting up from my bed, opening the camera app and selecting the video function (I was on call with my fiancée at the time, doing digital art work with her on my laptop).

One of the objects flew west-north (the gold-yellow one), while the other flew west-east. The gold-yellow one seemed to dim into invisibility against the night sky, while the whitish one seemed to 'turn off' its light suddenly.

The sighting was also followed by an odd dream. The earliest part of it I still remember is there being a young man and a young woman in my bedroom in front of the wall next to my opened door. The young woman bid to me, 'Come, dance with us,' and took my hand in hers to lead me downstairs. Her voice was breath-like, and had a faded, hazy or dream-like quality. I remember that their skin was smooth and soft, and slightly cool to the touch, rather than being warm like my hand. I was hesitant at first, but the next thing I recall I was going through our opened garden gate out into the Close, and being overcome and swept away in this sort of child-like state of peacefulness and ecstatic happiness as I saw four more of them (three women and a man) dancing in a circle around the cherry bush in the front garden – there were six of them in total.

All of them were dressed the same (in loose-fitting, elegant white garments: like dresses on the four women, and like tunics and above-the-knee shorts on the two men; they were all barefoot, as well), and their appearance was fair, young (if they were human, in their 20's-30's) and ethereal, like they were spirits, elves or wingless faeries. Their bodies were self-illuminated in the dark night, casting a gentle light on my own body (I didn't have any clothes on, as I'd slept naked that night due to its mugginess). All of the women had pale blonde hair, while only one of the men had hair that was the same colour as them – the other man (who had been in my bedroom before) had darker hair.

None of them were much taller than me, and only two of the women were slightly shorter (including the one who took my hand to lead me downstairs earlier). They were all laughing and holding hands as we danced together in a ring around the cherry bush. The women were saying, ‘Dance around the cherry tree! Come on! Yes, dance! Dance together! Spin, spin!’ and I started laughing with them, feeling a sense of lightness, release, wonder and joyfulness. I didn't feel at all exhausted from our dancing, and I was enraptured with looking at the beings who were dancing with me, who only occasionally looked at each other; most of the time their gaze and soft smiles were fixed on me. Soon the pale blonde-haired man said, ‘The Queen is coming to dance tonight.’ ‘You'll dance together!’ added one of the women excitedly. ‘Oh... I'd love to! That's such an honour!’ I replied with a beaming smile. ‘The King of the night! And the Queen!’ said the darker-haired man. ‘We'll watch you dance!’

We continued to laugh and circle around the bush, then paired up to spin with each other. To my memory the Queen never arrived; but we were going at a constant speed, carried away in the motions of our dancing, and that blur of movement was only broken when I looked up at the stars and the moon as I span with the woman who had led me downstairs, and said, ‘Isn't the Moon fine tonight?’ ‘So very fine!’ she responded, and as I looked back down at her I saw she was looking right in my eyes. Another of the women said in a sad and whimsical way, ‘Isn't it beautiful? Oh, but it's so far away...’ to which the darker-haired man (who was the only one of them spinning alone) said, ‘Shall we bring it closer?’ ‘Yes, let's!’ said another of the women, and as I looked back up at the Moon I noticed that it was slowly coming closer to the Earth and growing larger in the sky, and it continued to do so until it was like one of those sunsets in a nature documentary in which the sun appears enormously large. At that point I suddenly had a pang of concern and said, ‘If it comes any closer, its influence will disrupt the tides.’ The men and women all seemed to dismiss that worry, with one of the women simply replying gleefully, ‘It's getting closer now!’ ‘We'll touch it,’ another of them added with a giggle. ‘We'll dance there, too!’

It was at that moment that I began to look at the Close around me, and I thought to myself, ‘We'll surely wake everyone up... people will see us dancing here, and they'll see the Moon!’ The woman I was spinning with looked horrified and said oddly, ‘No! You mustn't go!’ I tried to slow myself down so that I could stop dancing, but the woman I was partnered with still had a hold on my hands and refused to let me. All of them were looking at me desperately as one of the women said, ‘Home is where the heart is!’ ‘And that– isn't –home!’ added the woman I was with, trying to keep my eyes locked on hers. Suddenly the pale-haired man grabbed my right wrist with a firm and powerful grip, saying, ‘Come home with us, stay here–DON'T GO!’

I suddenly found myself standing in front of the cherry bush, which was surrounded by a circle of six wisp-like white orbs, all of which seemed to be making a horrific noise as though they were both screaming and crying; it was a distorted, whiny, semi-human sound. I felt surprise at seeing them, and a sense of desperate empathy for what sounded like their suffering, but I also felt my fight-or-flight response kicking in and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to reach out to one of them in compassion or run away.

The next thing I remember, I was standing alone at my bedroom window, looking out at a typical night view of Chichester. I noticed a dark, hunched figure on the roof of the house nearest to the Close across the railway, which turned to look directly at me with a pair of red, piercing round eyes. Then I had a more normal dream involving steam engines and model trains, and lots of different breeds of dogs that were around me and my fiancée's puppy wanting to be petted, which is the last thing I remember before waking up. I can remember the scenes I've written above from the dream involving those men and women vividly.”

Orb & Brown-Skinned Being

In early November Caspian sent me another Email in which he described seeing an orb and brown-skinned being.

I just wanted to update you on a number of things that have happened recently, particularly after something that's happened to me last night.

I'd been on call with my fiancée, which lasted until almost midnight when she wished me Happy Birthday for the following day and we hung up. After putting my phone down and laying on my back, I noticed a pale grey blob with fuzzy gold edges fade in and out of view above the bottom of my bed, just below the ceiling. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and had a fairly normal, silly and colourful dream which involved a lion eating my birthday cake because it was fond of lemon drizzle, and me and my family trying to work out who we could possibly call to come and take it away before it decided it wanted more than just cake!

However, just as I was opening our front door in my dream to welcome in a lion collector (specifically lions) from Marwell Zoo, I suddenly awoke – I could absolutely tell that I was definitely awake; I was jolted into awareness, my room was icy cold and smelt musty, and I briefly experienced a sharp, fizzing headache from waking up so fast that went down into my nose and made me wince.”

Author's Note: Marwell Zoo is a real zoo in Winchester, Hampshire, but it does not have any lions.

“Almost immediately I noticed that there was a brown-skinned figure standing by my bed, wearing dark greyish blue monk's robes with the hood pulled up. I could see the being's face, which was akin to a fantasy elf with oval shaped black eyes, a slit-hole nose and a lipless mouth like a Grey.

Drawings of the brown-skinned being

His head was turned a little, and his eyes were looking down at mine. I don't think he could have been more than 5' 6” in height. His left side was illuminated by some sort of light coming from my window (I'd left my curtains open, as I often do at night), which I took to be moonlight. The only unusual thing about the room despite his presence (which seemed wholly physical) was how chilly it was; it felt like my windows were open and letting the cold air from outside in, but none of them looked as though they were.

I was simply staring up at him, not moving a muscle (I didn't feel paralysed), when he silently lifted a finger to his lips then pulled out a long, thin, needle-like implement from his pocket and proceeded to lean over me a little, pushing it into my bottom lip. It felt cold, but not uncomfortably so; I barely felt any hint of pain, but I could feel it pushing into the muscle.

I felt him saying to me telepathically (it felt the same as it always does) that he was from some sort of ancient order, and he was simply there to check up on me. I got the sense from him that he really was just there to carry out that task; I also felt like he had some respect for me. I mentally asked who had sent him, and whether he knew the pecan-headed being I'd seen before because it had also had brown skin, but he just advised me to remain still. He added in reply to my sudden thought that the pin-prick on my lip might be visible that the wound would be bloodless, then he began to pull the needle's tip out of my lip.

I suddenly felt a sense of panic, accompanied by the thought that he wanted to do something with the implement to my teeth that would hurt, and I thrashed around on my bed and yelled out, ‘Stop! Enough!’ pushing him away. He simply stood beside my bed looking down at me and said, ‘Foolish.’ I could feel that whatever respect he'd had for me in the beginning had been replaced with disappointment as a result of me behaving in that way.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up later this morning. I asked my grandmother and grandfather if either of them had heard me crying out earlier in the morning, apologising if they had, but granddad said he'd been asleep and had heard nothing. My grandmother heard me calling out something, but she hadn't been able to tell what it was; she thought I'd just been yelling out in my sleep, or because I'd woken up from a nightmare.

Though my bottom lip had felt numb since I woke up, I noticed that I had a lump on it while I was eating breakfast with them downstairs. I did notice granddad glancing down at my lip a few times while I was downstairs drinking my coffee, but he said nothing. After I came back upstairs and got ready to have a shower, I took a couple of photos of the lump; it had shrunk a bit by then, but it's in the exact place where I felt the implement push in earlier this morning.”

Photograph of the lump on Caspian's lower lip

I Emailed Caspian with this question: “How is your lip now? I do need to ask whether it could have been a cold sore? Do you get those?”

He responded “By the end of the day the lump had disappeared entirely! I'd thought of it being a cold sore, though I haven't had many of those in my life; I do get ulcers on my tongue and on the inside of my cheeks, and acne above my lips, but I've never had lumps actually on my lips outside of when I have an allergic reaction to dairy. I hadn't knowingly ingested anything containing dairy products beforehand – I would also have experienced a number of other accompanying symptoms if it had indeed been an allergic reaction, and there would have been more than a single lump on my lips in that case. From what I can tell from looking up cold sores online, they also last far longer than the lump did (an initial outbreak can last up to two weeks, while ones that appear after that may not remain for longer than a week).”

Author's Note: Most cold sores do last several days. Also, if Caspian had not had cold sores specifically before, it is not likely to have been one. I followed this up with another question about the nature of his experience.

I went back to him, asking “Is it possible, for example, that the content of your dream was influenced by your unconscious awareness of a cold sore developing on your lip?”

You're right, if it was a cold sore my mind could have dreamt something around the sensation of it forming. I definitely felt as though I was jolted suddenly out of sleep and completely awake when I saw that entity standing beside my bed, though dreams can be lucid and vivid. It's an issue inherent with all experiences at night-time, when you've previously been asleep.

If it wasn't a dream, then I'm left as usual with more questions than answers: How did that entity get into, and out of my room? Why did I wake up when I did? Can I trust a word it said? Why did it avoid answering the question of who had sent it, when it was willing to answer my other questions? What exactly was it ‘checking up on’ regarding me, and why did it need to pierce my lip? Why was I afraid it was going to do something painful to my teeth?

Admittedly, if I had to put money on whether I'm personally convinced that that particular experience was a dream, I'd bet against it having been one; but as always I'm open to the possibility that all was not as it seemed... at the very least, whatever happened it resulted in me crying out audibly enough that my grandmother heard it!

Household Disturbances

In his November Email Caspian described some unexplained activity around his home.

“There's been some instances in which me and my grandmother have heard footsteps on the upstairs landing and in the bedroom next to mine when nobody else was in the house with us, which my grandmother has preferred to dismiss because she ‘doesn't like mysteries’.

I also noticed my bedroom door beginning to close itself behind me a couple of weeks ago when I was alone in the house and laying on my bed, turning on my PlayStation; there were no windows open anywhere in the house, and it was closing slowly with the handle moving as though someone were pulling it down. It didn't close completely but was almost shut. I remained on my bed watching it without moving for a few seconds, then I got up and went to my door and opened it, checking to see if it would close itself again. After that I went round and checked all the windows upstairs and downstairs.”

Flying Triangle Dream

The November E-Mail also referenced a number of unusual dreams Caspian had experienced, the first of which involved a Flying Triangle craft.

“The most recent of the odd dreams I've had was a few nights ago [the first week in November 2019]. In it, I was standing by the road on Kingsham Avenue watching a triangle-shaped object performing silent, pattern-less banking and swooping manoeuvres above St. Mary's Church (next to the scouts' building) off Whyke Road.

The UFO was black in colour, with hazy, large red lights on its underside and a pair of wing-like protrusions on top of it, at the back of the craft; it was about the size of a Spitfire plane. The last part of the dream that I can remember was it tilting back so that its underside was visible to me, then dropping down suddenly in front of St. Mary's as though it was blocking me from getting to it.

Drawing of the lit Flying Triangle

Mr Trilby

“The other dream, which I had just over a week before the one involving the black triangle, felt much more lucid and involved me walking barefoot in my pyjamas up East Street, toward the Cross and the Cathedral. The ground felt cold beneath my feet, and I was shivering and chattering my teeth due to how chilly the air was. There was no-one else around up town, and I walked all the way up West Street to Westgate Road, and then to Mount Lane toward the College. I felt almost as though I was walking on autopilot. There were only a few cars on the A286, and it seemed like it was early morning, perhaps an hour before sunrise.

As I was walking down Mount Lane, feeling exhausted but like I needed to keep walking, a man with a face like KFC's Colonel Sanders, dressed in a white trilby hat and a smart pale-grey and white outfit (very like the cricket outfit worn by the Fifth Doctor, in the TV show Doctor Who), stepped out from the foliage by the path and said, ‘Keep on moving!’ with a smile. I looked back briefly at him as I continued to walk with a weak smile, feeling too tired to summon much more of a response when I noticed that he was suddenly in front of me. He told me to look up, and I saw that above me was a spinning vortex in the clouds, filled with silver sparkles that were drifting around it and twinkling.

The man told me that I should always keep my head up to notice what was happening above me. I asked him who he was, and he replied, ‘Oh, I'm Mr. Trilby! I'm a friend of the family, don't you know.’ I thought that was a strange response, but decided to simply ask why he was dressed the way he was; his reply was that he was headed for Goodwood to watch the horse races, then he bid me a good morning and walked past me down Mount Lane, back toward Westgate Road. I looked up again and noticed that the portal in the clouds had disappeared, and the sky was normal again. When I turned back I couldn't see him anymore, so I kept on walking down to the College, then down Swieqi Road back toward the A286.

I crossed the road and walked past the stone wall of the Bishop's Palace Garden, intending to enter it through the back gate if it was open. I noticed that next to the back gate, in what should otherwise have been a car park, was a building I'd never seen before; its entrance was open, so I decided to go inside to take a look around. The whole shop was filled with clocks, most of them antique, and had display cases full of wristwatches and alarm clocks toward the back. Behind the counter stood Mr. Trilby, who smiled at me as I walked down the store toward him; there were a number of other people in the shop as well, but they all seemed blurry and faded, like shadows.

The next thing I remember, I was laying on a hospital bed next to the display cases at the back of the store, with Mr. Trilby standing beside me. I felt too exhausted to move as he leaned in and repeated, ‘I'm a friend of the family, don't you know!’

I suddenly felt like I was rushing backward at high speed, even though I didn't seem to actually be moving, and as I lay on my back I watched beams of pale orange light sweep across the ceiling of the store as a sound like the whistle of a steam engine and a girl screaming seemed to intensify in the air around me. That's the last I can remember of that dream, and the next day I told Mum about it on a Facebook call – she confirmed that she didn't know anyone by the name of Mr. Trilby!”

I asked Caspian for more details about this “Mr Trilby” dream:

“With regard to “Mr Trilby”, did he have an accent at all?”

He didn't have the voice of anyone I know, but his accent sounded like it would fit right in among the folk of West Sussex. The only other thing I could say about it was that it sounded too youthful for his apparent age, in a way that was a little off-putting. While it wasn't nasty or mocking, it sounded like he was simply humouring me, and that he was slightly amused by our interaction on Mount Lane (even though it was an interaction he'd initiated).”

“Were there any Goodwood races on at the time you had this dream?”

The last of the Midweek Races at Goodwood was on the 23rd September (there was possibly another one on the 25th September, but I'm not sure), so his claim to be off to Goodwood to watch the horse racing – especially at such an early time in the morning, when races usually begin in the afternoon! – was entirely untrue, unless he had been planning on walking the whole way there.”

Author's Note: I looked up the date of the last Goodwood events for 2019 and they were on Wednesday, 25th September and on Sunday, 13th October, which were several weeks before Caspian reports having this dream. Usually the gates would open at 11:30am and the first race would be at about 2:00pm. It seems the last day's races (13th October) were cancelled, because of the poor weather. There were showers and the going was “heavy” on the course. Goodwood is also about 5 miles away from where Caspian lives. All of this would suggest that the “Mr Trilby” figure was not likely to be on his way there at the time of the dream.

“Would his clothes be appropriate to wear at the races?”

I don't think his outfit would have been all that out-of-place at the races, based on the couple of times I've gone to them. You would definitely notice the stark whiteness of it all, but you'd just as quickly forget about him in the sea of other white and pale grey-outfitted gentlemen. I would have just walked right on by him if he'd said nothing to me.”

Author's note: Caspian's comment about laying on a hospital bed with this “Mr Trilby” leaning over him is interesting. The subsequent whistle/screaming sounds are also often reported with UFO encounters.

I asked a further question about this part of the dream:

“The hospital bed you thought you were laying on in the dream – could you have been waking up at that point and included your own-bed experience in the dream?”

I could well have been, and I did think of that when I was talking to Mum about it afterwards. The only thing that gives me pause in that suggestion is that I woke up in a different position to how I'd been laying on the hospital bed: I found myself laying on my side facing my bedroom wall without any pillows under me, and with my duvet partially covering me. In the dream, I was laying on the hospital bed on my back looking up at the ceiling, with my head propped up against a pillow and no sheets over me, with my fingers against a cool frame or railing on either side of the bed. Those details may be irrelevant however, since it might just be that positions you dream of being in don't have to parallel exactly your actual position and state.

I would say as well, that the sudden transition to being on the hospital bed was the only 'jump in scene' I can recall in the entire dream, with everything else (besides the sudden appearance and disappearance of Mr. Trilby, and that portal in the clouds) having been a seemingly continuous series of events.”

Orb Photographs

In an Email from the end of 2019 Caspian described witnessing and photographing another orb of light pass over his house.

“I managed to take some more photographs of a similar object to the one that passed over the house before, which I sent you pictures of. To the naked eye it appeared as a gold and green-rayed ball of light, which then became somewhat more crescent shaped as it passed over the trees on the other side of our front garden. I had my window open and its flight overhead wasn't accompanied by any noise, nor were there any flashing lights on its underside like you'd see on a plane or helicopter, so I decided to take as many photos as I could.

The shape behind the light was difficult to make out, but in the photos it initially appears like a fuzzy white blob (you can barely make out a gold halo of light above it and a green halo underneath it) then becomes a little more clear, though it's still too small to make out as much detail as I wish I could. My phone wasn't giving me the option to record a video for some reason, so I took a couple of burst photos just as it was about to fly above the house. The last one records it just as it suddenly did a warp speed blip out of sight – it's literally there in one moment and gone the next.

When I showed it to Mum, she remarked on how its sudden acceleration and disappearance was just like the ones we'd watched flying over this house on New Years' Eve, 2012. I'll attach the photos I took of it to another email. Even if despite the size of the object in the photos it can be identified as something man-made or mundane, it's still worth recording what passes over this house just in case!”

The photographs Caspian took all look near identical to one another and show a white orb of light:

In August 2020 Caspian managed to take some further photographs of a similar object.

I recently had another sighting of one of the lights that passes over the Close that I was able to capture in a couple of photographs, though one of them didn't focus well. I wish I'd been able to take it sooner since it passed over quite low and was a beautiful radiant gold-minty green mix of colours, but by the time I'd scrambled to grab my phone and rush to my window and open it to take a picture it was going off toward the town and it's come out in the photographs as very small. As always, no sound accompanied it.”

Below are the two photographs which Caspian sent to me.

Besides a few sightings of those lights, which have all occurred between the hours of 10:30pm and 2:30am whenever I've been awake to see them, not much else of note has happened here”

Family Experiences

I asked Caspian questions about experiences that other members of his family have had. He responded saying “I sadly doubt that any of my family members here will be open to talking to you about anything they've experienced, but I don't think Mum will mind talking about it. My little sister has social anxiety so she won't be able to talk with you directly, but you can ask her questions through mum. How open my little brother would be to participating in this, I'm not sure.”

After speaking with his mother he got back to me with the information she had shared with him.

Anne's Experiences

Mum remembers how one night when she was about three years old she woke up and heard the voice of a little girl saying to her, ‘Come outside and play in the garden with me!” She looked up to see the girl standing by her bed. Mum had a strong feeling that she wasn't to go with her, and that it wasn't safe to do so, so she replied, ‘No, I'm not allowed! It's night-time.’

‘Oh, just come and play with me, down at the bottom of the garden!’ The house had a brick garden path that terminated at a high brick wall with another garden beyond it, so mum tried to interpret what the little girl had said as ‘at the end of the garden’ because ‘gardens have no bottoms’ (unless it's under the ground!) Mum repeated that her ‘mommy and daddy would be very angry and will smack me,’ at which the little girl exclaimed, ‘Ugh!’ and stamped her foot, then pulled mum's hair viciously.

Mum screamed out because it hurt, and my grandmother and grandfather came rushing into her room to ask what was going on. Mum told them, ‘It was the little girl; she pulled my hair because I wouldn't go out to play with her!’ Mum remembers that she was holding the right-hand side of her head where she'd felt her hair being pulled. My grandmother told her, ‘Don't be silly, there's nobody here!’ She then looked under her bed, which mum said she thought at the time was ‘a very silly thing to do’ – even at that age mum understood that she was simply humouring her, in order to get her to quieten down and go back to sleep. The following morning, when mum awoke and climbed out of bed, she saw a clump of her hair on the floor right underneath where she'd been laying.

After my great-grandmother passed away, my mum, her brother, my grandmother and my grandfather all moved from their cottage next to the White House to a bungalow in Orchard Lane; while they were living there, my grandfather sadly passed away. A couple of days later mum was sitting on her bed reading, in an attempt to distract herself from her grief and sadness at her situation now that her dad was gone, when she saw ‘a ball of silver, sparkling lights’ appear above her sink-mirror that slowly moved away from the mirror across the wall, then hovered over her bedroom doorway. The lights then came and hovered in front of mum's wardrobe at the foot of her bed. She jumped off her bed and ran out of her room to look for my grandmother (who was in the bathroom).

She told her ‘Mum, mum, dad's in my room!’ (Mum recalls that she ‘just knew’ it was her dad), but my grandmother replied angrily ‘Don't tell lies! Your dad is not in your room! Why would he visit you, when he hasn't visited me? It's me he would want to see, not you!’

Mum went back to bed and hid herself under her blankets, pretending to be asleep. A moment later she distinctly felt someone ‘adult-sized’ sit down on her bed; she could hear them breathing as though they were right next to her. She peeped out over the top of her blanket, and though she couldn't see anyone there, there was ‘a rounded indent’ in her bed where someone invisible was sitting down on the sheets. Mum was very frightened, so she said the Lord's Prayer in her head, and she thinks the entity eventually went away because she wouldn't talk to it.

That week at school mum's friend Marie, whose mother was a Spiritualist, told her that her mother Cynthia was upset because my grandfather's spirit kept visiting her every night, as he was worried about mum and needed to know that she was alright! Mum said that since she'd never known anything but paranormal activity all her life she thought that such things were normal, especially since Marie and her mum had also experienced similar things all their lives as well, so she told Marie about seeing the sparkling lights. The next day Marie's mum said to her ‘When your dad comes back again, tell him that you're alright and he'll go away; he just wants to know that you're alright.’

Very shortly thereafter, mum was once again reading in her room when she felt very strongly that there was ‘a presence’ at the foot of her bed. She started to feel very frightened and ‘just knew inside’ – an inner knowing – that she was going to see something manifest there. She also knew that it was her dad. Just as she saw a cloudy shape starting to form at the foot of her bed that was brown-grey in colour, she called out ‘Dad, dad, is that you? Dad, you're frightening me! I'm alright, so you can go now.’ The cloudy shape disappeared immediately.

Mum also recalled a time when Marie came round and they went out into the fields and woodland at Woodlands Avenue to play together, going all the way round the track to the Bourne. She and Marie were standing by the metal fence there when Marie suddenly told mum to stand back away from it because an ‘angry, misty shape’ was standing on the other side that wanted her to step back. Mum insisted that she wasn't scared of it and that she wanted to climb over the fence to prove it, but Marie refused to let her, saying that the entity would ‘have her’ if she dared to do so.

Mum's teacher didn't believe Marie's claim about what she saw, but later that Autumn as mum and Marie were walking with some of their other classmates through the woodland on the other side of the fence they heard ‘bom, bom’ sounds as though stones were being thrown at them and hitting the leaves on the ground. The other kids shouted for everyone to run so nobody would be hit by whoever was throwing the stones, but mum was belligerent about wanting to see who or what the culprit was.

Marie insisted that she shouldn't be so foolhardy and that they had to run because ‘it was coming’. As they both ran together, one of their classmates fell into a square hole that had been dug in the road but climbed out and carried on running; he'd been quite a distance ahead of them. Mum tripped and fell into the same hole after him, and went in it up to her waist. Marie was horrified and tried to help her climb out, saying that they had to get away from the woods as swiftly as possible. Marie managed to help get mum up out of the hole, and they all ran back through the estate to Marie's cottage, bypassing the fields. When mum was older, while she continued to walk through those fields and cross the railway line there to go to school, she never went into those woods again.

I mentioned before that prior to our spending time in the hostel in Chichester, after which we moved to Churchmead Close in Lavant, I recalled that mum and my birth-father briefly lived in an apartment above a department store – apparently a lot of poltergeist-type activity occurred there, and had been happening even before mum and my birth-father moved in.

She felt like whatever resided at the apartment didn't like anyone else being there. Mum particularly remembers an instance when she was in the apartment's bathroom and was startled by the sudden appearance of a man ‘wearing a big, brown felt hat with long feathers in it and sporting brown, curly-wavy hair that went down to his shoulders’ in the mirror behind her. By the time she'd whipped round to ask him who he was and why he was dressed like that, the entity had disappeared. She did some research and discovered that the building had been built on the site of a civil war battle between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads (it had been a Cavalier stronghold at the time), and that the way the man had been dressed was in the attire of a Cavalier soldier.”

Uncle's Experience

“When mum's brother was little and they were still living next to the White House, he told mum and my grandmother that he'd been lying in bed when he saw a legion of Roman soldiers wearing leather tunics with ‘some sort of helmets’ on their heads march through his room out of thin air. The ones at the front were carrying flags, and some were on horseback. He watched as they came through his bedroom door and the wall beside it, proceeded past his bed and walked through the wall on the other side of his room into the White House. He told mum that it really had an impact on him seeing something so incredible and unbelievable, like a window into the past. He said that he could hear the horse's hooves and the snorting of their breath, as well as the feet of the soldiers marching, which was accompanied by a ‘sort of clinking sound’ as they walked.

My grandmother also related a similar account to me while we were eating lunch at Sainsbury's, but she didn't mention my uncle; in her version of the event, the first thing that could be seen was a group of lights coming up the road outside the cottages, which revealed themselves as they came closer to be torches or lamps held by numerous Roman foot-soldiers and ones on horseback. She said that the sound of their footsteps and shouts were very noisy as they marched by. They disappeared seemingly into thin air as they went past the cottages, until the last of them had passed through some invisible veil and the night was once again still and silent.”

Grandmother's Experiences

“Mum remembered my grandmother telling her about something that happened to her when she stayed the night at the White House, just after mum was born and when my great-grandfather was still alive: next to the bedroom that my great-grandfather had given her was a bathroom solely for my grandmother's use. When she went to go into the bathroom that night however, she couldn't turn the handle of the door, until suddenly it came loose and she was able to enter the bathroom.

When she tried to leave the bathroom again the door refused to open; it was like ‘a force was pushing against the door or holding it shut’. As she tried to turn the door handle, she could feel it being pulled in the opposite direction! She became very frightened and called out to my great-granddad to help her, and just as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs the door ‘flew out of her hand and banged back against the wall’, causing her to jump out of her skin.

She remembers that there were certain rooms in the White House that were always ‘icy cold’, no matter what the temperature was outside or in the rest of the house, and that she never wanted to go into them."

Grandfather's Experiences

“Back when mum was living next to the White House in Emsworth, she recalls that one night her dad awoke to hear a policeman calling up the stairs to see if anyone was home. He'd been on patrol around the area when he noticed the front door to their house was wide open and he could hear the sound of a piano being played inside, even though it was night-time so such an act constituted indecent noise pollution. He was perplexed and pale at the fact that when he entered the house to ask whoever was playing to kindly stop, he witnessed the piano keys playing themselves with no-one seated there! Granddad explained that he was certain he'd closed and locked the front door that night, and that nobody would have been downstairs playing the piano at that time. The policeman apparently just wished him a good night and left!

On another night, granddad wasn't feeling well and he was sat downstairs in his rocking chair in the middle of the living room with his eyes closed and his head lowered, when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He thought that it was mum going to the toilet (the only one in the house was behind the kitchen downstairs), so he called out to ask if she was alright; he didn't get an answer. He opened his eyes and looked up to see a little girl in a Victorian dress standing right in front of him. She simply stood there looking at him, then proceeded to walk right through him and through the wall behind him into the adjacent cottage, which belonged to mum's grandmother (who lived there alone – she lived in cottage number 1, while mum lived in cottage number 2).

Granddad told mum about the experience he had the first time he died from an asthma attack, in which he found himself ‘floating on a cloud of beautiful scent of honey and flowers’ in a peaceful place where a being ‘made of white light” was standing before him which he believed to be God. The being told him that it wasn't yet his time to permanently leave his life and that he would be given six more months to live so that he could conclude all of his remaining business on earth before he died again – indeed, he passed away from another asthma attack a second (and final) time not only six months to the very day he met that being, but even in the very same hour! He was apparently at peace in the weeks leading up to his death, believing that what he had experienced before was what awaited him on the other side, since he had been a Christian all his days and he felt sure that his failings and mistakes in life had been forgiven.

The night that granddad died a second time, mum was staying at her neighbour's house (a woman who had cared deeply about granddad) with her daughter in their room, when she suddenly woke up and sat bolt upright, exclaiming that her dad had just died. Her neighbour's daughter, who never liked mum, dismissed what she said as patent nonsense because she couldn't possibly know if he was dead, but not long after that there was a knock at the front door and her neighbour opened it to find a policeman standing there to deliver the news that her dad had just passed away. Mum asked when it had happened, and learned that it was at the same time as she'd woken up and known inside that he was dead.”

Great-Grandmother's Experience

“Mum remembers how very often they'd go to visit her grandmother in the White House next door, only to hear her talking to someone in the living room – when they'd open the door there'd be no-one there but her, sitting in her chair. One time she asked my great-grandmother ‘Grandma, aren't you lonely living here by yourself?’ (Her husband had died), and she replied ‘Oh no, dear! There's a little girl who always comes to visit me and talks to me so I'm never lonely.’

Mum said that upstairs in her grandmother's house and especially down the corridor beyond her bedroom door ‘the atmosphere felt so scary and creepy’ that she ‘couldn't physically step any further into the house’. Mum couldn't even go into her grandmothers' bedroom because it frightened her; it had a ‘funny atmosphere’ that mum could sense when she was little, and she felt intimidated by the huge, black wooden cross that hung over her grandmother's bed.”

Aunt's Experience

“I asked my auntie (mum's half-sister) what she could recall about her 'dream' she had when she was little, and she said that when she was between the ages of two and four (so sometime in 1986-1988, since she's about six and a half years older than me) she woke up one night to see a ‘little person’ with ‘an ugly face’ (or ‘an ugly look on his face’ – she was doing things in the kitchen at the time she was talking to me, and I couldn't quite make that part out) drop down onto her bed from her open window.

She said that it was ‘like something out of Rupert Bear’ and that it ‘pricked her heel with a needle’ before clambering back up and out of her window and disappearing into the night. She said she's never had another dream like that since then (she believes that the whole experience was a nightmare, just a product of her imagination as a child). She was living in my grandmother's house here on Rumbolds Close in Chichester at the time, in the bedroom across the landing from my own.”

Little Cousin's Experience

“Interestingly, I'd forgotten that last year one of my little cousins (my auntie's daughter) told me she believed she'd been visited by faeries one night because she'd seen ‘little shadows’ while lying in bed and heard whispered voices coming from the upstairs landing outside her room. She concluded that it must have been the helpers of the Tooth Fairy, even though it had been two weeks before that night that she'd placed a tooth under her pillow and already had it exchanged for a pound coin.

While I personally believe she may very well have had an experience involving small humanoid entities, playing sceptic it's also possible that my auntie and uncle were on the stairs quietly talking to each other at the time, hence why the shadows appeared so short. She didn't mention anything about wings, which surprisingly didn't register with her as an odd detail at the time, since like almost all children in recent decades her mental image of fairies is of tiny, winged people.

Because she still believes in things like unicorns and Santa Claus one could easily dismiss her experience as something imaginary, but like my auntie she's incredibly honest and down-to-earth, and isn't prone to making up stories. She's not mentioned having any other similar experiences since then.

She lives in my auntie and uncle's current house in Fishbourne, close to the Roman archaeological site there.”

Birth-Father's Feelings

“Though mum can't remember my birth-father ever mentioning having had any experiences of a paranormal nature while they were together, she recalled that he was ‘spooked’ about the fact that the property in Churchmead Close had been built on land (especially church property) which formerly belonged to a graveyard because he believed that it was a bad thing to move graves, or to build anything of a non-sacred nature on top of them. He was concerned that if anyone had been buried underneath the house it would result in ‘spiritual repercussions’. His personal faith was a combination of Church of England Christian and Spiritualist, so he firmly believed in a form of conscious existence after death.”


Caspian’s Conclusion

Caspian is sincerely adamant that he has encountered many different types of beings over the course of his lifetime, but he adds that he has always seen them using the same sorts of symbols, which he thinks is the form their language takes. Similarly, their technology has always looked much the same to him: lots of corridors, rooms, seats and screens. Though there have been differences in colour or configuration, he likens this to iPhones and Android phones – the same sort of device, simply developed by a different company.

Montage of the beings Caspian has interacted with over the years

Author's Note: Most of these figures are like human beings in many respects. They have 2 arms, 2 legs, a body, a face, the equivalent of eyes to see with, the equivalent of hands to grasp things with.

He has also reflected on how the different beings have treated him over the years. While the women he met when he was being abducted as a child understood him better than he understood himself, and were the most empathetic and caring beings he has ever encountered in his life, other entities such as the floppy eared ones seemed to care little about him and to have no comprehension of the pain that they caused him to experience in his chest wall.

Unlike the patient women of his childhood, the pecan-headed being was impatient; the being with the insect-like arms that passed by Caspian in the corridor of its craft was openly friendly, but the ones which had been standing on either side of the throne in the room beyond had felt almost like machines. Even though the being which removed the object from Caspian's hand in 2013 hadn't talked to him, it had still felt alive to him “in the same way as a lion, or cat, or a person does.” Caspian thinks that all of these differences between the beings are really bizarre.

He doesn't know if they all believe in the same things, or what their religion is; nor could he say for sure if they were in fact all ultimately working together. For him, everything that has happened constitutes a confusing mixture of signals.

I asked Caspian for his overall thoughts on the unusual dreams and experiences he has had over the years.

I do contemplate my experiences and theologically ponder on elements of them, but I wouldn't say I worry about them – there's nothing I can do about them, really; if they're just dreams, they'll come as dreams do, and if they're anything more than dreams then such things will simply occur whenever they occur. I realise that might seem like a bit of an odd resignation considering what else I've experienced in life, but at the end of the day... I'm sure you'll understand what I mean when I'd simply shrug and say that I've got family to care for, in the sense that life goes on regardless of it all! As long as things aren't happening to my fiancée and her children as well, and they aren't negatively affecting the rest of my family negatively or interacting with them in a harmful way, I've grown used to just carrying on whenever the out-of-the-ordinary occurs.

As for the objects themselves... I still have so many questions about them. I can only presume they're coming from the southeast coast, perhaps even from France, but it's just as puzzling where they go. They're air traffic, so unless they just dematerialize into the aether or they're simply undetectable to radar, there's got to be someone tracking them or observing them elsewhere along their routes, and they've got to be making efforts to avoid collisions with other aircraft. If they come from the waters of the channel, there's got to be someone who is detecting the movements of underwater objects that has data on them. If they're coming in from space, again, there's surely got to be someone tracking that. Do they just "spring out of holes in the ground" (to quote Gimli from the Lord of the Rings)? Does every flight have a mission, do they go to other people? Do I just happen to see them occasionally because the house I'm in is situated where they can be seen on their route - or do they intend for me to see them, and maybe others as well?

It seems there could well be spiritual and psychical reasons why phenomena manifest in people's lives at times, but I'm not convinced that's the whole picture. I don't believe the ufonauts are all just demons of different sorts, and while it's worth shelving as a possibility in terms of the whole "ultraterrestrial intelligence" notion, I'm not sold on the idea that all paranormal and ufological phenomena are wholly deceptive or evil; and I can't square up all of my experiences with the view that UFOs are just trying to lead people away from Christianity specifically.

To be honest... it comes across to me as a reactionary attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole; to resolve an incompatibility between a predominant theological understanding and things that exist in the world which often give every impression of being outside of that sphere, and have knowledge or perspectives which contradict it. It seems to likewise be tied in to fear of a rapidly and radically technologically changing world, and a theological objection to progressivism and liberalism - UFOs are just seen as symptomatic of a far larger problem that threatens what many believe to be the right way of living, and viewing the Universe.

It's easy to just dismiss anyone who disagrees as a pawn of deceiving entities and to double down with conspiracy upon conspiracy about their agenda, to demonise anything that isn't like you and that you don't understand (I was once guilty of it too, with respect to some of the ufonauts, though I'm still not sure all of them understand human beings very well); but in the end I think it's not helpful to be that way, nor is it offering an answer that can satisfactorily explain and accurately represent all aspects of the phenomena that occur.

I asked Caspian how he thought about being hypnotically regressed to see if any further details could be recollected. This thoughts on this are as follows.

I don't know how comfortable I feel about it, both because I'm afraid of potentially recovering any more memories of events that have left me with a phobia and also because I don't like the idea of being put into such a vulnerable state by another person I don't know. If I underwent it, it would have to be with someone that was highly professional and wouldn't attempt to insert false suggestions or abuse my being in a state of hypnosis. I don't want to come away from it with false or altered memories. But I realise that if I don't ever remember more, I may never know what actually happened. I'm also not helping to contribute any potentially useful data if I'm too afraid to try.

Recent round my auntie’s house I saw a bathtub submarine that my littlest cousin owns, and found it difficult to even look at it without feeling a slight sense of panic at its appearance; it's absurd that I should react that way. My biggest problem really would be getting to someone who could perform hypnotic regression in the first place. I think it's better to be brave even if we don't get anything out of it in the end that's in any way helpful. I can at least say that I tried it. And, indeed, I remember that you have the same concerns about it as I do.”

Author’s Conclusion

Caspian has had an impressive number of varied fascinating experiences and has provided a lot of information about them, with some corroborating evidence from his mother.

Inevitably it is difficult to explain what has been going on with this family over the last 25+ years, or why they have been subjected to it. Caspian has certainly experienced most of the different phenomena, both here and in New Zealand, especially regarding the UFOs, abductions and strange dreams.

However, other members of his family have experienced some of the paranormal events when he has not been with them. It is not clear whether there is one individual who is the focus for the phenomena – Caspian – or perhaps it includes his mother is as well, given her history of such experiences before Caspian was born.

Caspian reports that over the last 12 months or so he has experienced fewer incidents. Mostly he still observes UFOs in the sky near their house. His mother and family members in New Zealand have continued to have paranormal incidents happen to them.

He does not know what the various beings he has described were, or what they wanted with him, but he is keen to find out more. If a hypnotic regression session can be arranged, there may be updates to this case report.


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