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Chichester & New Zealand Contact Case (Part 2) – Beings, Abductions, UFOs, Implant, Paranormal

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Wispy Tendrils

Two weeks after the black triangles incident, Caspian and his mum were sitting in their living room one night watching Most Haunted when they noticed that the room was filling up with the paranormal mist. It was also getting strangely cold, and they felt a prickling sensation on the back of their necks. However, they thought that this could have simply been a psychological response to watching the TV programme.

Then the TV and lights switched off, leaving them in darkness and thinking that there must have been a power cut. As they were about to go upstairs and get ready for bed, two red lights appeared in the middle of the living room.

Caspian says that this was all his mum saw, while for him there appeared two amorphous, dark blobs attached to the lights. They became a humanoid shape: a head, neck, shoulders and torso, with no arms. From lower to the ground, in the mist, there rose “wispy tendrils” which Caspian described as being similar in appearance to steam swirling up from a kettle. The red lights had become like torches shining up from the top of the humanoids' heads, casting a circle of red light on the ceiling of the room.

Drawing of one of the entities and the beam coming from its head

The two entities proceeded to telepathically explain this wonky thing that they expected Anne and Caspian to swallow: that they use crystals to open portals to get from one location to another. They didn't claim to be aliens, or provide any specific identity for themselves – they simply claimed that it had just so happened that their portal had opened up in Anne and Caspian's living room, of all places, and that they'd exited into it from goodness knows where! According to the two entities, the portals that they used were invisible to the naked eye and senses.

Neither Anne nor Caspian can remember much of the rest of what the beings said as they stood there in front of them, but their communication remained completely telepathic. (Anne recalls that she didn't hear a lot of what they were saying as it was, since for her it was muffled; she only heard when they 'shouted', which caused her to jump out of her skin!)

Caspian reports that he was trying to ask them questions, such as, “Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? Crystals, portals... what are you on about?” but they barked “NO” in response, evidently quite agitated with him daring to ask things when they wanted to talk.

Towards the end of this bizarre discourse, they seemed to become more amiable and said as a parting gift, “We would like you to go and get a writing device and a parchment, and we'd like you to write an alphabet of symbols. And we want you to examine these symbols and memorise them, and then dispose of the parchment.”

Caspian assumed that a "writing device" must mean a pencil, so he went and got one along with a piece of paper as his "parchment". As the symbols they wanted him to write came into his mind, he drew them on the paper. The symbols were bizarre – just a bunch of triangles, circles and right-angled lines.

Example of symbols that came to Caspian's mind

He had his eyes closed, so his drawings were scribbled and going everywhere on the page. Nevertheless, the entities seemed to be satisfied with what he was doing. Once he had opened his eyes again and looked at the symbols, trying to memorise them as best he could, they wanted him to remember to dispose of the paper that he had drawn them on. So, Anne and Caspian went to burn the result of the strange exercise in the kitchen sink. They then threw the ashes out into the back garden.

After doing what the entities had told them to do, they went back into their living room and found that both beings were gone. They couldn't get the lights or the TV to switch back on again until the following morning.

Caspian admits that this all sounds crazy, but he thinks that people who have not experienced such things are lucky, since they have the freedom to be sceptical. He and his family have had all of this stuff chucked in their faces and can't ignore it; he says that if he could go back in time, he would choose not to have had any of it happen.

Author’s Note: Again, a possibly paranormal incident that seems incredibly weird and not seemingly linked to the other events that happen to the family.

USO Encounter

About four weeks after the two entities had appeared in his living room, Caspian had another significant incident involving a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object).

While he can't remember everything which happened on that particular night, he reports that his first memory was of laying in his bed upstairs, and that he went to sleep; the next thing he knew however, he was above his house. Everything around him was see-through, almost transparent, so he couldn't make out what sort of place he was in very well. It felt to him like he was sitting on a cast iron metal park bench.

At some point, whatever he was in took off. He seemed to be flying at “a pretty decent speed”, and he could see where he was going. He went higher and could see all of Chichester below him, with all the roads he recognised. He remembers that he was flown to Bognor Regis, about nine miles southeast of Chichester. By car this would have taken about twenty minutes.

As they flew out over the water beyond Bognor Regis Beach, above the English Channel, it was between midnight and early morning and the moon was illuminating the seawater. Caspian noticed a dark shape, like a submarine, sitting on the water's surface; there was a round opening in the top of it that the craft he was seated in descended vertically down into. The next thing he remembers is being outside of the submarine-like thing under the water! There was a big, bright white light (like a torch) shining out in front of it, illuminating the silty, dirty and brown water. He says that he was “absolutely terrified” because he couldn't understand why he wasn't drowning.

Drawings of the USO at the surface and underwater

The last thing he recalls is being seated back on the 'park bench' high above his house on Bognor Road, with its roof approaching him. He woke up in his bed the next morning. There were no marks on him, and he didn't have a headache or any other obvious problems resulting from this experience. He does not recall seeing any beings (whether human or otherwise) in any of the memories he has regained of what happened that night.

Again, as with his earlier abduction experiences, he does not remember how he was moved from his bed onto the craft, or how he was returned from the craft back into his bed. There is a significant missing time element to this event.

Author’s Note: Was this an abduction in the usual sense of that term? Caspian has no memory of seeing aliens and the way he was transported to the “submarine” was not one typical of being in a UFO. His previous and future descriptions of being in UFOs are more typical of such craft. However, as he describes below, the after-effects of this event have been long-lasting and distressing.

Anxiety Attack

A week and a half after that experience, Caspian was off school due to problems with his asthma; he was kept at home for about four weeks as a result of going through a cycle of slight improvements and regressions in his condition – he reports that he usually had to miss about two-thirds of each school year through poor health.

On the first weekend off school, when his health seemed to have improved a little and the weather forecast was good, his family decided to go to Portsmouth, to the Gosport Royal Navy Submarine Museum, for a trip out. Anne says that she wanted to get Caspian out of the house, which he'd been confined to as a result of his condition, and give him something to look forward to: there was a submarine [possibly the HMS Alliance] docked at the museum for people to visit, and Caspian was really excited because he wanted to see what it was like on board; at the time, he couldn't consciously remember the abduction experience he'd had less than two weeks before.

They wandered around the Portsmouth Naval Museum, looking at the HMS Mary Rose and as many exhibits as they could before moving on to the Submarine Museum, and Caspian always had his asthma medication to hand in a school bag on his back.

After going through a market area, they turned a corner and saw the old submarine docked there, with people ascending a gangplank and going on board. At the sight of the black submersible Caspian says he absolutely lost it with sheer terror. He crumpled to the floor facing away from the submarine, petrified and overwhelmed by a panic attack, which triggered a bad asthma attack. He was pawing the ground and crying out, “Take me away from it, take me away, please!” Anne remembers him screaming, “I don't want to go inside, don't take me inside! Don't take me on board down there!”

While some people simply passed by with concerned glances, or attempted to ignore what was going on, others stopped to ask if an ambulance needed to be called. Anne declined their offer, saying that she would take care of him, though she allowed two kind gentlemen to help him up off the ground.

Anne took Caspian away from where he could see the submarine, back round the corner into the market area, and helped him to take his blue inhaler through a spacer while holding onto Grace, who she says was becoming distressed by Caspian's state.

Damian was annoyed by what was happening and insisted that they hadn't come all this way to not even see inside the ship; if Caspian wasn't going to go on board, he would. Anne took Caspian back to their car while he did so, and after comforting Grace and strapping her into her booster seat did her best to help him get his asthma back under control. It took over an hour to calm him down and to get him into a stable condition, after which his mum was adamant that they should take him to the Portsmouth Regional Hospital to make sure he'd be ok, despite Damian's protests that they'd be going back to Chichester in bad traffic if they took any longer. He repeatedly stated how Caspian had missed out on seeing the inside of the submarine, and how he'd thought it was really interesting and couldn't understand what Caspian had been so upset over, after his being so excited to see it before.

Anne recalls that Caspian couldn't get the sight of the submarine out of his head for almost two weeks afterwards and kept crying each time he had flashbacks of it, even after returning to school. For many years the rusting hulks of decommissioned submarines were also present at the Harry Pounds Scrapyard, visible on the drive into Portsmouth (which Caspian would go on at least once a week, to visit his stepdad's family in Old Portsmouth); Caspian had to turn his head away each time they passed by them, as he was frightened to look at them.

Caspian thinks that just seeing the black submarine shape at the museum triggered the panic attack he had, and that he was somehow remembering whatever it was that had happened when he was taken on board the submersible craft in the English Channel. He found what he'd cried out interesting, because the Portsmouth submarine had a gangplank to get on board – you didn't have to go “down” anywhere.

Both the submersible object involved in his experience and the submarine at the museum were similar, but not identical. The biggest difference was that the Portsmouth submarine had a tall, thin part on the top, like a sail that goes above water, which I suggested (and Caspian agreed) was the conning tower. The object he was taken into in the water off Bognor Regis was a long, black torpedo shape, with a semi-hemispherical head on each end and a slightly raised round opening on top (no hatch was visible, and as a result he doesn't know how the thing didn't fill with water). It also had a big, white light on the front of it, which the Portsmouth submarine didn't have, though both craft were about the same size in his estimation.

Caspian says he cannot even look at pictures of submarines now, and still can't go near them because he's petrified of them. He has never had any dreams associated with these submarine experiences.

He says he finds the process of telling all this cathartic, although he feels isolated and lonely and wants to know about others who have been through similar experiences. In recent years he's started to read about UFOs and paranormal phenomena, in order to try and understand the sorts of things he's experienced.

In August 2020, Caspian’s mum wrote:

“I don’t remember when it was that we visited the submarine. I do recall that Damian himself was very keen to go onboard a real submarine and thought that Caspian would probably find it interesting too. I didn’t know why Caspian was so scared of the submarine. He had really enjoyed going to see the Victory and the Mary Rose so there was no reason to think that he wouldn’t enjoy seeing around this too. For want of a better explanation I had to put his fear down to claustrophobia. I know it’s quite common for people to have a fear of small enclosed spaces.”

Chevron UFO

When he was 14 years old, Caspian went on a day trip to Bosham (which is to the west of Chichester, near the coast) with his mum and grandmother.

After eating lunch and walking around Bosham's inlet they were in the public car park, ready to go home. His mum and gran were chatting together when Caspian noticed a dark shape emerge from behind the trees and boat masts at the bottom of the car park. It was a perfect black chevron shape, just drifting along at a pace comparable to a personal airplane – but then it suddenly vanished, appearing to whizz away at high speed without making any sound at all. It didn't seem to Caspian to have been flying very high.

Photograph of Bosham car park with the chevron UFO and its path drawn on top

Anne says that she thought she saw a black plane, but she wasn't really looking closely at it; Caspian's gran missed seeing it altogether, since she was facing away from it.

Emily Appears

Other, more paranormal, activity continued to happen at home.

Some years after Caspian's abduction experience, when Grace was off sick from school for the first time, she said that Emily appeared at her bedroom door and asked her to come and play in the garden, saying that they would have fun. She was confused about Grace being sick, and Grace had to explain how she had a sore throat. That was the last time Emily would appear to her during the daytime.