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Bletchley Contact Case (Part 1) - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, UFOs, Orbs, Body Markings, Paranormal

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 30/03/2022


This report covers a life time of experiences of a man and his family who live in Bletchley close to Milton Keynes. The family members are Simon, Debbie, their three sons Rob, Mark and Tim, and pet dog Butch (names changed for privacy reasons). The investigation into their experiences began with a series of incredible events which took place on the evening of 30th December 2008, where a large amount of UFO activity was witnessed. However as the investigation progressed, it became clear that this incident was just one of many that Simon has experienced since a very young age. This incident in particular appears to have been a trigger for Simon, as since this there have been many other unusual happenings in his life, and with these the gradual realization that both he, and possibly his sons, are ongoing extraterrestrial contactees.

When I first released this report, I primarily concentrated on the 30th December incident, with the other incidents mentioned later. However it is now my belief that at least some of the other incidents are of equal importance, so I have re-arranged it to discuss them in order of when they occured.

The Investigation

Towards the start of 2009, Simon left a message on the BUFOG hotline. Even from this initial message I could hear the sense of distress in his voice. After contacting him I arranged to travel to Bletchley on the evening of 5th January.

I met up with Simon and his family at their house. We spent several hours discussing what had taken place on December 30th in great detail. Simon showed me numerous drawings of what he had witnessed (these can be seen at various points throughout this report). During our discussion I could see that Simon was clearly very traumatised by what had taken place, and was even brought to tears numerous times as he recounted it. Also their pet dog Butch was acting in an unusual manner. The events of December 30th had clearly got both Simon and the dog highly agitated. Simon showed me a marking on his leg which he believed had occured at some point during the evening.

As well as Simon I talked to Debbie and the children. Debbie had stayed in the house throughout the incident. She had not witnessed anything personally but could verify when various events had taken place. The children informed me about what they had witnessed throughout the evening.

After our discussion at 11pm, I, Simon and Butch then walked out to the field where their initial sighting had taken place. It was extremely cold and snow covered the ground, but was quite a still clear night. I used the video camera but sadly it was so dark that not much could be seen, even on night vision. We walked the same path that Simon had taken on the evening of December 30th and as we did he talked me through what he had witnessed. Once we reached the field we walked up to an area where Simon believes some of the objects he saw had been situated, and where markings on the ground could be seen. After examining the area (My findings are discussed later in this report) we then returned to his house and from there I headed home.

I returned to Bletchley on 10th January to continue my investigation into the case. It was clear that Simon was a lot more calm and relaxed, and a lot of his initial anxiety had gone. He informed me that the dog was still acting in an unusual manner, seeking attention far more than it used to do.

I and the witness first walked back out to visit the various sighting locations in daylight. Once again I took the video camera and managed to get some much better footage. While out we also bumped into a farm hand and discussed aspects of the sighting with him.

Returning to Simon’s home I then interviewed him about his many previous UFO related encounters. These occurred even when he was just a baby and are very interesting indeed. He also showed me a second unidentified mark on his body which he had for a number of years.

After our second meeting, I contacted the local water company regarding the ground markings. I have also had samples of soil and stones from the area professionally analyzed. The results of this analysis are discussed later in this report.

In March I managed to get hold of the owner and farmer of the land, and interview him about the markings. Initially he was mystified by my description of the site.

I returned to the sighting location in May to do more analysis work on the ground markings. Soon afterwards I sent the land owner some photographs of how the site now looked. He wrote back giving an acceptable terrestrial explanation for the markings.

Eventually on 1st August 2009 I took Simon down to London for a hypnotic regression, which was performed by David Howard. This regression brought forward further information about a number of Simon's experiences, and confirmed to both myself and him that he was indeed a contactee and had been for most of his life. The full transcript of the regression can be read later in this report.

Early Memories

The first incident that Simon can remember which has an extraterrestrial connection took place when he was less than 1 year old and in his pushchair. He was in the communal garden of the block of flats where he lived. He can clearly remember there being some sort of commotion and the adults around him all pointing up at the sky and looking at something. Needless to say, he does not remember any other details about this incident.

The Orb Of Light

In 1975/76 when Simon was either 1 or 2 years old, he used to live at a house in Essengton Court. He remembers seeing a globe of glowing swirling colours hovering in the air next to the cot. It was mostly blue and green in colour but also perhaps red. Looking back at the incident he feels like it was trying to calm him, but at the time it had the opposite effect and he started crying out really loudly.

This phenomenon has been reported by numerous repeat contactees, and is a possible method of early observation or communication.

Simon did not remember anything more about this incident until going for the regression. Under hypnosis he described seeing a female humanoid watching over him (See regression transcript). He now believes that she was guiding him through the early years of his life, but that at some point he stopped seeing her.

Galley Hill UFO Sighting

It was 1987/88 and Simon was either 13 or 14 years old. After school on week days about 5pm he would head out on a two hour paper round in the area of Galley Hill. One clear evening when he stepped outside his house to begin his paper round, he saw what looked like a very bright white light quite a distance away from him in the sky. It was dusk but the stars were not yet visible, and he was convinced that it was not the planet Venus or another bright star. Towards the end of his round, the light was still visible in the sky. He stood there watching it for a number of minutes but it was completely stationary. He looked away for a moment, and when he looked back it had vanished. To this day he believes that he witnessed something out of the ordinary.

Fishermead UFO Sighting

One early morning in November 1994, Simon had to walk to the local garage to do some shopping. He estimates it was around 6am. On his walk to the garage along St Gurnards Avenue, he doesn’t know why but he felt compelled to look behind him and into the sky. When he did so he once again saw a bright white light like a star, but the morning light had come up and the stars were no longer visible. He looked at it for about 5 minutes but it didn’t move. He continued to the garage, and when he came back out the light had disappeared.

Initial Bletchley UFO Sighting

In the summer of 1999, Simon now lived at his present address in Bletchley. It was about 10pm and a very clear evening with the stars fully visible. Simon was out in his back garden with his friend Derek and their family after enjoying a BBQ. His friend’s family headed indoors, but Simon remained with Derek outside to look for satellites in the night sky, as Derek had never seen one before. From a westerly direction heading towards them they saw a white glowing light moving slowly and too bright to be a satellite (Simon knew very well what these looked like). It was quicker than a plane, but too slow to be a meteorite. As it got to almost overhead it started to get dimmer until it had vanished completely. Then above their heads they saw a white point of light flash to the south, then the same thing happened to the west and once again to the north. Simon described the lights as looking like “stars switching on and then back off”.

View from witness location in the direction the UFO appeared from

At a later date Simon asked Derek about the incident, but his friend remembers seeing something completely different. He describes seeing “dancing lights” that appeared in the sky to the south. Stranger still, recently Simon’s youngest son Tim talked to Simon about the incident. He said he remembered being there in the garden with Simon and Derek and seeing the moving lights in the sky too. But this is impossible as back in 1999 Tim wasn’t even born. Simon is certain that he has never mentioned the incident to Tim or in his presence, so how could he possibly know about it or think he was there? This puzzles Simon and currently he has no rational explanation for it.

Golden Light Anomaly

This incident may have a ghostly rather than an extraterrestrial explanation, but considering all of Simon's other experiences it is probable that it is linked to his ongoing contact.

Back in 2001 Simon used to work at a power station in London. He would have to wake up very early in the morning to set off for work. On a morning in December, it was around 4am and he was in the kitchen getting breakfast. He looked into the lounge and noticed a golden coloured circular reflection of light on the floor. Simon describes it as a circle with a notch cut out of it. He thought at first it was a reflection off one of the Christmas tree baubles. But then the light started to move! Simon entered the lounge and for a number of minutes followed the light as it moved slowly around the floor. He looked for a possible source of it but there was none. The curtains were drawn and there was nothing moving in the room which could have accounted for it. After around 5 minutes the light suddenly vanished.

Golden light reflection

Simon describes the light he saw as the kind of reflection that would be given off by a round gold pocket watch. A previous owners of the house who died there apparently used to have a watch of this type. Perhaps it was a ghostly apparition of some kind. But could the incident once again have an extraterrestrial connection?

Red Rectangular UFO Sighting

On an evening in summer 2002, Simon was alone and out in the back garden of his house. It was a clear warm weather and the sun was just starting to set. However looking to the east he saw what looked like a red glowing rectangle hovering in the sky in the distance. He believes it was over Brickhill Woods and was massive in size. It was clearly glowing but gave off no surrounding aura of red light. It was completely stationary. Puzzled by the object, he stood and watched it for around 8 minutes. He then decided to run upstairs to get a better view of it out of the bedroom window. It remained still for a further two minutes, then suddenly started to shrink in size, perhaps because it was moving away from him, he could not tell for certain. It continued to get smaller until it was no longer visible.

The object looked like nothing he had ever seen before or since. He tried to put it down initially to sunlight reflection off something, but soon realised this was not a sufficient explanation. After witnessing the object he tried to call his friend who lived close to Brickhill to see if they could see it but they did not answer the phone. To Simon’s knowledge, nobody else has reported seeing the object.

View from witness location in direction UFO was seen in (Woods on horizon obscured by fog)

Supernatural Touches

It was about 9pm on a warm summers evening in 2004. Simon had spent the day putting up a fence in the back garden. He sat down opposite his wife at the garden table. They were both enjoying a glass of wine when suddenly Debbie felt a force of some kind move past her to her left. She instinctively looked towards it. A second later, Simon felt a very definite push on his right shoulder, as if an invisible person had patted him. Rather than feel scared, both him and Debbie suddenly felt extremely joyful and at peace, and they both simultaneously burst into tears. Simon explains that he felt elated by the experience, and neither witness can even start to explain what may have happened. At the time they put it down to a ghost haunting their property. After Simon's recent experiences and discoveries, he now believes he was touched by one of the beings watching over him.

Location of witnesses and path the unknown force took around them

Tourquay UFO Incident

Simon is a kids football coach. In summer 2008 he had taken his team to a tournament taking place in Tourquay. They were staying at some chalets on the coast, overlooking the bay. It was arond midnight and Simon was sitting in his van having a cigarette. It was a very still and clear night. He looked out to sea in to the North East and saw what looked like 9 small yellow-white glowing orbs of light out over the water of the bay. He estimates they were around 300 foot high in the air. The lights were twisting and looping around each other, moving very erratically. He watched the lights for at least 20 minutes, wondering what they could be. He called several of the boy out, including his son Mark, to also see the lights. They watched for around 10 minutes before returning to bed.

The following day Simon felt different and very emotional. At the time he had no explanation for this. However since going for the regression, we have now found out that Simon was abducted later in the night from his room (See regression transcript). This was the reason behind his unusual feelings the following day. As you will see in the regression details, he cannot fully remember the abduction, jsut the beginning of it. It is possible that one of the UFOs Simon and the boys had seen abducted him. Maybe theyt were in the area directly because of him. Or perhaps it was just coincidental but because he was nearby they decided to take him.

Location including position of witnesses, path to beach, and position of objects in the bay

Tourquay Incident Regression Transcript

I arranged for hypnotherapist David Howard to regress Simon on Saturday 1st August 2009. David has performed numerous regressions on contactees before. He is well versed in what questions to ask them and how to help them deal with their experiences.

Photo of David taken after the regression

During the regression David asked Simon about several key incidents, one of which was the Torquay incident. Below is the section of the regression trasncript relating to it:

D: Do you want to go to any other point in the past? Do you want to try and remember anything from before this year or last year? S: Yeah...I wanna know...Torquay. D: Yeah I remember you mentioning Torquay. S: I was...different after. D: Mhmm. S: The next day I was different, was...I was...emotional, it was different. D: So... S: I sat in the van. I watched ‘em...there, eight...nine. D: Hmmm. S: Nine. There’s nine lights. D: And the next question of course is how long were you watching them for? S: It was twenty minutes. D: Yeah. Are there any gaps in your memory from that experience? S: When I go to bed. D: Yeah. S: They took me. D: Yeah. S: Oh. It’s now it’s the upside-down tornado. D: Ahh yes. S: craft. Saucer. Upside-down tornado in the centre. D: Yeah. Is that their propulsion. S: No, it’s how they took me. D: Ah, they lifted you up yeah? S: It’s through...through the walls. D: Yeah. It’s quite normal that, they seem to be able to do that, our physical barriers...they... S: I’m falling up. D: Yeah, they make a little gap in our gravity. S: It’s weird, it’s...elevating, your belly’s on the floor. D: Mmmm. That was a good experience by the look of it, it was fun yeah? What did they do when you were on the craft. S: Nothing. D: