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Bletchley Contact Case (Part 2) - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, UFOs, Orbs, Body Markings, Paranormal

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 30/03/2022

Field Incident Analysis

The lights witnessed in the field by Simon and Butch were very strange indeed. Firstly the twisting and boomeranging movements observed would immediately discount the majority of alternative explanations. The lights were definitely in the field and not further away because the road that runs behind the field is on a raised bank, and they could be seen lower down than this so must have been closer. Occasionally cars drive along the road, but their lights look just as you would expect them too – white small points of light that pass behind the hedgerow across the field. It is unfeasible that Simon mistook this for what was observed. The lights were not coming from clear points like people waving torches around, they flowed and shimmered. Simon found it very difficult to describe what he saw, but he compared it to sunlight reflecting off water. There were red and blue tinges to the lights observed, he found it very tough to state exactly what colour they were. The bar of white light with red at each end left a trail of light behind it and flew on an erratic path, and was only visible for a couple of seconds. If we do assume that the lights were caused by something out of the ordinary, they could possibly have been caused by energy surrounding another object which was out of sight in the dip of the field. This could possibly explain the unusual effects that were observed.

The orange orb also present at the time was positioned in front or inside of the trees that run along the left side of the field. Again its appearance and movement patterns are very hard to explain. Its colour does not fit with it being a helicopter, and if it was it would not have been down below the height of the trees. Also it was a very still evening and absolutely silent. When we headed to the field on the 5th of January it was again extremely quiet, and it was possible to make out the sound of aircraft from very far away. If the orange orb was a helicopter, Simon would certainly have been able to hear it. When the object did move from its position, its movement patterns were bizarre, and also seemed to correspond with passing traffic on the road behind the field. It certainly seems like it was doing this for a purpose, and was perhaps watching the vehicles as they went by. If it was a remote controlled object of some kind, what would be the reasoning behind flying it in this remote location at this time of night? If both it and the lights in the field were some sort of clever hoax, surely this would have been created in an area where it would definitely have been observed rather than out over a farmer’s field.

When Simon returned to the barn with his sons, they witnessed seemingly completely different objects. If they were the same, then they certainly both appeared and acted in a different manner.

The red orb which was seen in the field on the opposite side of the road is interesting. Any vehicles driving through fog after dark would almost certainly have had white headlights so it is unlikely they mistook this for something more unusual. Also Rob saw the light split into two, perform manoeuvres and then reform into one again. This would of course put most normal explanations out of the picture.

The orange light seen in the sky on the horizon may have possibly been an aircraft, although their lights do not usually appear this colour. Perhaps it was the same orange orb that was seen during the initial encounter, it is impossible to say for sure. All Simon knows is that the red orb seemed to start moving at roughly the same moment that the orange light was in line with it.

As for the unusual object which had a light that beamed around it numerous times, it does not seem like any conventional aircraft would be responsible. Everyone present saw this object so there is no doubt that it was there. But what could cause such unusual patterns of light? Simon feels that the object was extremely large and a number of miles away from where they were situated. He believes it may have been over Newton Longville but cannot be certain. This is a village, so it is highly unlikely that the object seen was caused by laser lights from a night club or other function.

The abduction of Simon and Mark which apparently took place towards the end of the evening is more than likely the trigger for the trauma that Simon was experiencing for a number of days after December 30th. It is interesting to note that so far Mark has not displayed any signs of trauma, possibly the event has been blocked from his mind to a greater degree. It is unknown why Simon originally remembered Butch being on board the craft rather than Mark. Perhaps he was subconciously substituting the image of his son with that of the dog. Or perhaps Simon was also taken earlier in the evening when he first saw the lights in the field, although this seems less likely as no missing time was experienced at this point. As you will read in the regression transcript, Simon does not remember anything else about the experience, it seems that it is still partially blocked from his memory.

As for the unusual markings on his body, Simon is not prone to sleep walking or moving around in his dreams so it is unlikely that these marks were self-inflicted. It is possible that the marking on his shin was caused at some point on board the craft which he cannot currently remember. The V-shaped scar may also be from a previous contact experience. In Ann Andrew’s book Abducted, it mentions Ann receiving a similar shaped marking:

“The pain persisted all day. After dinner she was sitting in the kitchen, inspecting her swollen joint, when Jason came in. ‘You’ll find a small scar at the back of your knee, Mum’ he told her, matter-of-factly. ‘It’s where they’ve inserted a tiny silicone chip. Don’t know what it’s for, but I remember when they put mine in. They said my knee would hurt for a couple of days.’ Ann got up, took a small mirror from the window ledge and with Jason’s help manoeuvred it into a position where she could inspect the back of her knee. She could see a small V-shaped incision. Two days later she woke to find the swelling had subsided, the redness had gone and there was no more pain.”

Another interesting aspect of the case is the seemingly spontaneous healing of Simon’s chest infection. Up until the evening of the incident for the previous few months he had suffered coughing fits, and could not run far before finding himself out of breath. He has doctor’s records showing that year after year he has had this ailment. Prior to the incident, he had put off going to the doctor’s but was certainly not well. This was verified by his family on my first visit.

Early into his walk on the 30th December he heard the words “As fit as you were when you were fifteen” in his head. Could this have been a message informing him that something was going to happen which would take his illness away? After watching the unexplained lights at the field, he felt a strong urge to return back home to get his family. He ran the entire distance in only several minutes, but Debbie confirmed that when he arrived he barely seemed out of breath. Perhaps this was due to adrenalin brought on by the situation, however since the incident he has not been coughing at all and has felt well. It is as if he was somehow healed on that evening. Was this the entire reason behind the series of events? There are numerous other cases where contactees have reported being healed during abduction experiences.

Glowing Orb UFO Sighting

For a number of days after 30th December, Simon was very paranoid about UFOs and watched out for anything unusual in the sky. Every evening he had been out to the location where he saw the lights in the field, he still continues to do this whenever he can. On the 2nd January he was returning from the field around 8pm in the evening.

There was a bit of cloud cover but it was a still evening. Looking into the sky in front of him he suddenly saw what looked like a glowing white orb of light travelling across the sky to the East with a wavy trail behind it. It was only visible for a few seconds but he remembers seeing it as being semi-transparent, the object did not look solid. He says the object was moving quite fast but slower than a “shooting star” would. It did not travel the whole length of the sky to the horizon, but instead seemed to fade out. It was completely silent.

Orb with wavy trail

Simon wonders whether this incident could have been caused by his mind playing tricks on him due to his anxiety at the time, but at the same time he is also quite sure that he saw the object.

Glowing Cylindrical UFO Sighting

It was about 2am on the morning of 3rd January 2009, and Simon got out of bed to use the bathroom. For an unknown reason he felt compelled to look out of the window at the sky. The window has frosted glass so he opened it and peered out into the night. In the South West he could see what looked like a diagonal cylinder shape of white light, like “several stars stuck one on top of the other”. He watched it for several minutes. He then decided to go and get his binoculars from his van. When he went back to the window the object was still present so he looked at it through the binoculars. He could still not identify what it was. He watched it for about 10 minutes before deciding to go to bed.

Glowing UFO indicating angle

UFO Dream

Between 24th-28th January 2009 Simon had an interesting dream. He cannot remember the precice night. In the dream he was out in his van with a number of other undetermined people. When the dream began it was daylight and he was parked near the bridge at Newton Longville. Suddenly two green and white UFOs flew overhead, descended and landed either side of the van.

Top and side view of one of the craft

As the craft to Simon's right touches down, immediately there was a figure at the drivers window. The figure looked like a tall man with tanned skin, chiseled features, piercing black eyes and long dark wavy hair down to his shoulders. He was wearing a tight fitting green suit that looked like lycra.

Face of the humanoid being

The figure tapped on Simon's window, bowed his head and then frowned, issueing a telepathic command for the driver to get out of the van. At this moment Simon then found he was in the passenger seat of the van instead, and watching another person get out of the van in his place. Once outside this person and the figure turn and walk off in the direction of the craft. Suddenly Simon found he was once again in the drivers seat. He immediately drove the van away, fearful but also grateful that the figure did not take him.

When Simon woke up he found some unexplained markings on his body again. There was a finger-shaped pressure mark on his right arm, as well as a small scratch (Which he admits could have happened at work). Further down his right arm was another red sore area which bruised over the next few days. Unfortunately he did not manage to get photographs of these.

Black Diamond UFOs Sighting

On the evening of 1st February Simon decided to take his dog out for a walk. He also invited along Mark as he wanted to talk over what took place back in December. He decided it would be good to walk down to the sighting location. It was snowing when they left the house but neither of them minded. It was around 8pm when they reached the field where the December 30th incident began.

It was windy, and the majority of the sky was cloudy, but not over where they were standing. The snow was falling as a light powder. They climbed up onto the disused railway embankment and were walking past the field when suddenly Mark spotted two objects in the sky. He pointed them out to Simon, who at first thought the objects were aeroplanes. They had red and white static lights on them and were over the field about 300 feet up. One object was following the other, and appeared to be about 200 foot behind the first. They were travelling towards them on a circular path a bit slower than a plane. As the objects approached the witnesses could see they were black diamond shaped objects, with a white light at each corner and a red light in the middle underneath. The first object was about the size of a jumbo jet, the second one a little smaller. As both objects flew over the witnesses could hear a low humming sound coming from them. They continued their path and the witnesses continued to watch them as they flew across the skyline.

Below and behind view of one of the UFOs

Both objects came round full circle. On the second pass after they had flown over the witnesses again, suddenly the second object stopped and immediately changed direction coming back towards them. Then a bright white phosphorous light came on at the front of the object as if it was watching the witnesses. It flew overhead and continued on a straight path without slowing down until both objects had vanished from sight. Simon estimates that they watched them for at least 20 minutes.

The following morning, Simon found a red raised welt on his left thumb. It was about the size of a 5 pence coin, and had a burning sensation. He did not remember touching anything which would have caused the welt. After about half an hour it had completely vanished. Unfortunately he did not take a photograph of it.

Obviously this sighting may be linked to what occurred on 30th December. Is it possible that the objects seen were UFOs returning to the same location? Or were they perhaps watching the witnesses rather than the area? Simon is adamant that the objects seen were not normal aircraft. He could clearly see that they were solid black diamond-shaped craft. The fact that the second one seemed to stop and change direction almost instantly is also very interesting, this manoeuvre would not be possible in a conventional aircraft. Also the noise they made when overhead did not sound like a plane or helicopter. He believes that this was a genuine sighting, however says that they did not look the same as anything he saw back in December.

The red welt that appeared on Simon’s thumb is also intriguing. Was it caused by something mundane, perhaps something that he had touched while out walking that caused irritation? Or could it be a sign of a further abduction? Perhaps when the second object changed course and shone a light at the witnesses, something else took place that they cannot currently remember. We have no photographic evidence to go on but the marking is still an aspect of this incident that must be considered.

Contact Incident

On the night of February 12th 2009 a lot of unusual activity took place. Simon went to bed and was about to drop off to sleep when Butch started whimpering. He then suddenly felt his whole body vibrating. It felt like electrical pulses running through him. This continued for about 30 seconds.

Simon felt that there was a presence in the room, but he could only move his eyes, his body was paralyzed. He felt as if he was tightly wrapped in something which was restricting his movement. He could feel his legs being moved and twisted around by something. This un-nerved him but he was not frightened.