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Bletchley Contact Case (Part 2) - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, UFOs, Orbs, Body Markings, Paranormal

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 30/03/2022

Field Incident Analysis

The lights witnessed in the field by Simon and Butch were very strange indeed. Firstly the twisting and boomeranging movements observed would immediately discount the majority of alternative explanations. The lights were definitely in the field and not further away because the road that runs behind the field is on a raised bank, and they could be seen lower down than this so must have been closer. Occasionally cars drive along the road, but their lights look just as you would expect them too – white small points of light that pass behind the hedgerow across the field. It is unfeasible that Simon mistook this for what was observed. The lights were not coming from clear points like people waving torches around, they flowed and shimmered. Simon found it very difficult to describe what he saw, but he compared it to sunlight reflecting off water. There were red and blue tinges to the lights observed, he found it very tough to state exactly what colour they were. The bar of white light with red at each end left a trail of light behind it and flew on an erratic path, and was only visible for a couple of seconds. If we do assume that the lights were caused by something out of the ordinary, they could possibly have been caused by energy surrounding another object which was out of sight in the dip of the field. This could possibly explain the unusual effects that were observed.

The orange orb also present at the time was positioned in front or inside of the trees that run along the left side of the field. Again its appearance and movement patterns are very hard to explain. Its colour does not fit with it being a helicopter, and if it was it would not have been down below the height of the trees. Also it was a very still evening and absolutely silent. When we headed to the field on the 5th of January it was again extremely quiet, and it was possible to make out the sound of aircraft from very far away. If the orange orb was a helicopter, Simon would certainly have been able to hear it. When the object did move from its position, its movement patterns were bizarre, and also seemed to correspond with passing traffic on the road behind the field. It certainly seems like it was doing this for a purpose, and was perhaps watching the vehicles as they went by. If it was a remote controlled object of some kind, what would be the reasoning behind flying it in this remote location at this time of night? If both it and the lights in the field were some sort of clever hoax, surely this would have been created in an area where it would definitely have been observed rather than out over a farmer’s field.

When Simon returned to the barn with his sons, they witnessed seemingly completely different objects. If they were the same, then they certainly both appeared and acted in a different manner.

The red orb which was seen in the field on the opposite side of the road is interesting. Any vehicles driving through fog after dark would almost certainly have had white headlights so it is unlikely they mistook this for something more unusual. Also Rob saw the light split into two, perform manoeuvres and then reform into one again. This would of course put most normal explanations out of the picture.

The orange light seen in the sky on the horizon may have possibly been an aircraft, although their lights do not usually appear this colour. Perhaps it was the same orange orb that was seen during the initial encounter, it is impossible to say for sure. All Simon knows is that the red orb seemed to start moving at roughly the same moment that the orange light was in line with it.

As for the unusual object which had a light that beamed around it numerous times, it does not seem like any conventional aircraft would be responsible. Everyone present saw this object so there is no doubt that it was there. But what could cause such unusual patterns of light? Simon feels that the object was extremely large and a number of miles away from where they were situated. He believes it may have been over Newton Longville but cannot be certain. This is a village, so it is highly unlikely that the object seen was caused by laser lights from a night club or other function.

The abduction of Simon and Mark which apparently took place towards the end of the evening is more than likely the trigger for the trauma that Simon was experiencing for a number of days after December 30th. It is interesting to note that so far Mark has not displayed any signs of trauma, possibly the event has been blocked from his mind to a greater degree. It is unknown why Simon originally remembered Butch being on board the craft rather than Mark. Perhaps he was subconciously substituting the image of his son with that of the dog. Or perhaps Simon was also taken earlier in the evening when he first saw the lights in the field, although this seems less likely as no missing time was experienced at this point. As you will read in the regression transcript, Simon does not remember anything else about the experience, it seems that it is still partially blocked from his memory.

As for the unusual markings on his body, Simon is not prone to sleep walking or moving around in his dreams so it is unlikely that these marks were self-inflicted. It is possible that the marking on his shin was caused at some point on board the craft which he cannot currently remember. The V-shaped scar may also be from a previous contact experience. In Ann Andrew’s book Abducted, it mentions Ann receiving a similar shaped marking:

“The pain persisted all day. After dinner she was sitting in the kitchen, inspecting her swollen joint, when Jason came in. ‘You’ll find a small scar at the back of your knee, Mum’ he told her, matter-of-factly. ‘It’s where they’ve inserted a tiny silicone chip. Don’t know what it’s for, but I remember when they put mine in. They said my knee would hurt for a couple of days.’ Ann got up, took a small mirror from the window ledge and with Jason’s help manoeuvred it into a position where she could inspect the back of her knee. She could see a small V-shaped incision. Two days later she woke to find the swelling had subsided, the redness had gone and there was no more pain.”

Another interesting aspect of the case is the seemingly spontaneous healing of Simon’s chest infection. Up until the evening of the incident for the previous few months he had suffered coughing fits, and could not run far before finding himself out of breath. He has doctor’s records showing that year after year he has had this ailment. Prior to the incident, he had put off going to the doctor’s but was certainly not well. This was verified by his family on my first visit.

Early into his walk on the 30th December he heard the words “As fit as you were when you were fifteen” in his head. Could this have been a message informing him that something was going to happen which would take his illness away? After watching the unexplained lights at the field, he felt a strong urge to return back home to get his family. He ran the entire distance in only several minutes, but Debbie confirmed that when he arrived he barely seemed out of breath. Perhaps this was due to adrenalin brought on by the situation, however since the incident he has not been coughing at all and has felt well. It is as if he was somehow healed on that evening. Was this the entire reason behind the series of events? There are numerous other cases where contactees have reported being healed during abduction experiences.

Glowing Orb UFO Sighting

For a number of days after 30th December, Simon was very paranoid about UFOs and watched out for anything unusual in the sky. Every evening he had been out to the location where he saw the lights in the field, he still continues to do this whenever he can. On the 2nd January he was returning from the field around 8pm in the evening.

There was a bit of cloud cover but it was a still evening. Looking into the sky in front of him he suddenly saw what looked like a glowing white orb of light travelling across the sky to the East with a wavy trail behind it. It was only visible for a few seconds but he remembers seeing it as being semi-transparent, the object did not look solid. He says the object was moving quite fast but slower than a “shooting star” would. It did not travel the whole length of the sky to the horizon, but instead seemed to fade out. It was completely silent.

Orb with wavy trail

Simon wonders whether this incident could have been caused by his mind playing tricks on him due to his anxiety at the time, but at the same time he is also quite sure that he saw the object.

Glowing Cylindrical UFO Sighting

It was about 2am on the morning of 3rd January 2009, and Simon got out of bed to use the bathroom. For an unknown reason he felt compelled to look out of the window at the sky. The window has frosted glass so he opened it and peered out into the night. In the South West he could see what looked like a diagonal cylinder shape of white light, like “several stars stuck one on top of the other”. He watched it for several minutes. He then decided to go and get his binoculars from his van. When he went back to the window the object was still present so he looked at it through the binoculars. He could still not identify what it was. He watched it for about 10 minutes before deciding to go to bed.

Glowing UFO indicating angle

UFO Dream

Between 24th-28th January 2009 Simon had an interesting dream. He cannot remember the precice night. In the dream he was out in his van with a number of other undetermined people. When the dream began it was daylight and he was parked near the bridge at Newton Longville. Suddenly two green and white UFOs flew overhead, descended and landed either side of the van.

Top and side view of one of the craft

As the craft to Simon's right touches down, immediately there was a figure at the drivers window. The figure looked like a tall man with tanned skin, chiseled features, piercing black eyes and long dark wavy hair down to his shoulders. He was wearing a tight fitting green suit that looked like lycra.

Face of the humanoid being

The figure tapped on Simon's window, bowed his head and then frowned, issueing a telepathic command for the driver to get out of the van. At this moment Simon then found he was in the passenger seat of the van instead, and watching another person get out of the van in his place. Once outside this person and the figure turn and walk off in the direction of the craft. Suddenly Simon found he was once again in the drivers seat. He immediately drove the van away, fearful but also grateful that the figure did not take him.

When Simon woke up he found some unexplained markings on his body again. There was a finger-shaped pressure mark on his right arm, as well as a small scratch (Which he admits could have happened at work). Further down his right arm was another red sore area which bruised over the next few days. Unfortunately he did not manage to get photographs of these.

Black Diamond UFOs Sighting

On the evening of 1st February Simon decided to take his dog out for a walk. He also invited along Mark as he wanted to talk over what took place back in December. He decided it would be good to walk down to the sighting location. It was snowing when they left the house but neither of them minded. It was around 8pm when they reached the field where the December 30th incident began.

It was windy, and the majority of the sky was cloudy, but not over where they were standing. The snow was falling as a light powder. They climbed up onto the disused railway embankment and were walking past the field when suddenly Mark spotted two objects in the sky. He pointed them out to Simon, who at first thought the objects were aeroplanes. They had red and white static lights on them and were over the field about 300 feet up. One object was following the other, and appeared to be about 200 foot behind the first. They were travelling towards them on a circular path a bit slower than a plane. As the objects approached the witnesses could see they were black diamond shaped objects, with a white light at each corner and a red light in the middle underneath. The first object was about the size of a jumbo jet, the second one a little smaller. As both objects flew over the witnesses could hear a low humming sound coming from them. They continued their path and the witnesses continued to watch them as they flew across the skyline.

Below and behind view of one of the UFOs

Both objects came round full circle. On the second pass after they had flown over the witnesses again, suddenly the second object stopped and immediately changed direction coming back towards them. Then a bright white phosphorous light came on at the front of the object as if it was watching the witnesses. It flew overhead and continued on a straight path without slowing down until both objects had vanished from sight. Simon estimates that they watched them for at least 20 minutes.

The following morning, Simon found a red raised welt on his left thumb. It was about the size of a 5 pence coin, and had a burning sensation. He did not remember touching anything which would have caused the welt. After about half an hour it had completely vanished. Unfortunately he did not take a photograph of it.

Obviously this sighting may be linked to what occurred on 30th December. Is it possible that the objects seen were UFOs returning to the same location? Or were they perhaps watching the witnesses rather than the area? Simon is adamant that the objects seen were not normal aircraft. He could clearly see that they were solid black diamond-shaped craft. The fact that the second one seemed to stop and change direction almost instantly is also very interesting, this manoeuvre would not be possible in a conventional aircraft. Also the noise they made when overhead did not sound like a plane or helicopter. He believes that this was a genuine sighting, however says that they did not look the same as anything he saw back in December.

The red welt that appeared on Simon’s thumb is also intriguing. Was it caused by something mundane, perhaps something that he had touched while out walking that caused irritation? Or could it be a sign of a further abduction? Perhaps when the second object changed course and shone a light at the witnesses, something else took place that they cannot currently remember. We have no photographic evidence to go on but the marking is still an aspect of this incident that must be considered.

Contact Incident

On the night of February 12th 2009 a lot of unusual activity took place. Simon went to bed and was about to drop off to sleep when Butch started whimpering. He then suddenly felt his whole body vibrating. It felt like electrical pulses running through him. This continued for about 30 seconds.

Simon felt that there was a presence in the room, but he could only move his eyes, his body was paralyzed. He felt as if he was tightly wrapped in something which was restricting his movement. He could feel his legs being moved and twisted around by something. This un-nerved him but he was not frightened.

At this moment he appeared to black out. He then experienced a very unusual "dream". In it he got out of bed and walked to the door of his room, but when he did it took him twenty paces to do so. The surroundings looked like his room but were much too big. He stepped out of his room travelled downstairs to the lounge. When he did so, he did not step down the stairs but glided without walking. There he met two of his pet dog, but they were both standing on two legs rather than four. One of them smiled at him. He remembers patting it on the head. Again his lounge felt different in some way, it didn't look quite right.

Simon awoke to find the time was 2.20am. He felt compelled to go and look out of the window. When he did so, he saw a horizontal row of lights moving away from his house. The lights looked too low in the sky to be a plane.

In the morning he found a number of unexplained markings on his body, as follows:

Triangular marking on left arm
Triangular marking on right arm
Scratch-like markings on right shin
Circle marking on left foot
Scratch-like marking on right ankle

Simon also found that one of his nostrils had dried blood in it, and he does not suffer from nose bleeds normally. Within a week the markings had all disappeared.

Contact Incident Regression Transcript

When I took Simon for the hypnotic regression, the hypnotherapist was especially interested in this incident, and at Simon's request took him back to it to see what came out. Below is the section of the transcript relating to it:

D: That’s alright. That was the spontaneous place, so we’ll take you to the 12th then, like you asked me, just wanted to know if there was anything else that might come up. So you told me about the 12th of February, where you’re seeing everything whizzing around you, so start from there. S: Actually it’s the 11th. D: 11th? S: Yeah. D: Ok. So work your way through as if you were watching a fast forward of the day, to the point that is important and start telling me what happened. S: I’m not seeing it, it’s erm, I’ll be taking it from memory. It’s not like being played in front of me, I’m not... D: It doesn’t matter, I mean how you recall is not important, the only thing that we need is that you start on a thread, and you follow that thread forwards, and you’ll be surprised that more things will start coming through. But as long as you’re on a train, like a train on a track, and you follow it, you don’t need to re-live it, ‘cause obviously it’s something that happened in the past and all you need to do is remember it normally. Everything else is just for effect. S: It was erm...I noticed it about an hour or two hours into being awake on the 11th. It was just pixels flying around in a clockwise motion. It’s erm...I was the centre. D: Yep. S: And...I didn’t want to mention anything to the fam or work partner, just kept it to myself. But then they’re just flying around me...all day. And err...of the evening. Erm...when I come’s erm...I’ve gone up to lay down ‘cause I felt tired. The darkness, was just...was just like falling in a hole. It just...encroached in on my vision. And I had to literally pull myself up. And I went back downstairs. Erm, I don’t know if I’m hypnotised. D: I can do a few more things for you don’t worry about that. About being hypnotised, it’s what you do and what happens, how you feel, not likely to feel much certainly won’t be unconscious, I’ll have to take you very deep. I’ll take you a lot deeper than this, that’s into the realms of relaxation, there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll still be able to hear me. S: Ok. D: I can deepen you as much as you want. S: Do you want me to take it from err the moment where I’ve...I’ve gone up to bed, where err on the 12th D: Yeah. S: It’s err midnight and...I’ve walked up the stairs to bed and Kaiser’s come with me. And I’ve laid down and Kaiser’s laid down by the side of the bed. And I’ve laid down my head hits the pillow, Kaiser just starts crying. And I’ve tried to, he’s my best mate, I’ve tried to get up but I just cannot move. D: Yeah. S: And it’s just got dark and I’ve just...I’ve just gone. That’s the hard bit, it’s not being able to help Kaiser. And err...the next thing I know, I mean, it could have...It was midnight exactly ‘cause I’ve looked at the clock before I lay down. The next thing I know my body is just vibrating. Erm, but it’s pulsing as well as vibrating, it’s like everything in my body is just rattling. D: So what happened next? S: There’s someone in the room. There’s....there’s others in the room, but I can’t see ‘em. But I know there’s others in the room. I feel my legs being pulled. My legs are being twisted. D: How did you feel about that? S: I don’t mind. D: Ok. S: It’s them. D: Did they seem familiar to you? S: I knew it was them straight away, when I woke up and my eyes were open. My body vibrating, I was them, I knew it was them. They didn’t bother me. I was happy. It was brilliant. D: It’s good to know that they keep around watching us. So what happened after they were pulling your legs? S: After that I’ve just drifted back off to sleep. D: So do you feel that you missed any other events of that night? S: Yeah. D: Between when? S: Between the vibration and when I actually woke up. D: Yeah. S: ‘Cause I woke up, and the next thing I remember...was...waking up and it wasn’t my room. D: Ok so what did it look like? S: He wanted it to look like my room but it was too big. It was way too big, but it was my bed, and it was my bed. It’s my bed. D: They can do that. S: And it’s my room took me twenty paces to get to the other side, and my room’s small. D: Were you on your own then? S: I don’t think I was. D: So, could you see anyone around you or could you sense them? S: I could feel ‘em. D: Yeah. S: I put my...I put whatever it was on me over the wardrobe, but I don’t know if it was the wardrobe. D: Yeah. That’s the thing, they can convince you, I mean you talk about hypnosis, they can convince you at such a good level that you’re seeing things that aren’t really as they are. S: Yeah. D: So they seem more familiar so you don’t freak out. S: Yeah. D: So, you know, they will make their house look like your house, so that there isn’t a sudden transition, so it’s gradual. S: I’ve walked to the stairs and hall, there’s no...I’m walking down the stairs without going down them. D: You’re properly awake at this moment? S: It was dream-like, it felt dream-like, it was like I was...erm...under anaesthetic. D: So you were conscious but not normal conscious? S: Yeah. And there’s two Kaisers at the bottom, or there’s one, there’s one Kaiser, and he’s stood there on two legs, and he’s smiling. D: Well that’s another trick they do. S: And then the other one joins in and he runs, he’s running like a child D: Yeah. S: He runs like a four or five year old. And he’s Kaiser as well, but he looks slightly different. D: Yeah exactly. They’re masters of disguise and you know, I think you’re ready now to see that...the animals are a very common thing that they make themselves up to look like. ‘Cause you know, the third eye clairvoyance is actually a two way process, you can pick things up, but they can interfere with what you’re picking up as well, they can put their own signal on it for a while. If you lift their signal away, they’ve filtered it a bit, you’ll be able to see what’s really there. There’s nothing scary now, you get used to it and they won’t need to use it anymore either, and you’ll be able to see it as it really is. They were just doing it to help you at the time. S: They took me to the front room. D: Yeah. S: And...he’s at the television. D: Yeah. S: It’s not my front room. D: So you had the discretion then to realise you weren’t quite where you thought you were. S: Everything’s wrong. But that’s...that’s not my settee telly isn’t there. The chest of drawers isn’t there. Looks like it, but it isn’t mine. D: Did you think that was odd or did you realise where you probably were? S: Ahh...I knew it was odd, and I patted right...I patted the first one on the head. It’s confusing. D: What happened once you realised you weren’t quite in the front room and there were two dogs there that weren’t quite your dog? S: I’ve turned the telly off, I’ve come round to go upstairs, I’ve just turned round. But they’re not there anymore. D: Yeah. S: Very weird how.......Now I’m in my bed. D: Ok. Well you’ve obviously filled in quite a bit of material from there, so what we’ll do from now on, is you’ve got that experience now... S: But I knew that from the time. D: Yeah. S: But it’’s what happened in between...I don’t know what happened. D: Well if you can remove any influence that they had over your memories. ‘Cause obviously you’ve only got one dog haven’t you? S: Yeah. D: Not two, so it’s quite easy for them to disguise themselves either physically or energetically to anything they want. So, if you can allow them to shift their shape slightly more back to who they really are, now look at the differences, look at the differences between a dog and their version of it. S: He’s smiling. D: Yeah, start looking at them really closely, have a really good look at them now ‘cause you’ve got a chance to do it, you didn’t then. S: A Grey. D: Yeah. See, they’re our friends really, they’ve never hurt anyone I’ve spoken to. So they’re happy there for you to see them as they really are. So whatever work they’re doing, they’re there to help, certainly not there to do any harm. So now they’re ok with you seeing them as they really are, you’re ok seeing them as they really are. And where do you think you actually were, ‘cause you can change the influence over the err room as well now. Pick up the things that were wrong, pick up the things that were different, obviously it was bigger size, is there anything else that is obviously different about the room? S: I’m just seeing my room.

When David regressed Simon, it was discovered that the "dream" which Simon had had was probably an abduction, and that both the real surroundings and the beings were disguised to look like something familiar to him. This has been reported many times before in contact cases. Under hypnosis he was able to finally see what the two "dogs" really were - Greys. He could still not recall any details about his true surroundings, this information appeared to still be blocked from his memory.

Contact Incident Flashback

In a video call with Simon in March 2022 he informed me that back 2018 he had a daylight flashback relating to the 12th February 2009 incident in which he recollected more of what took place. There did not appear to be a specific trigger for this recollection, it just suddenly came back to him while thinking about it.

He remembers being out of his physical body and floating up at the top corner of his bedroom looking down on himself. He saw two Greys standing in the room alongside the bed. It was light enough in the room to see that they were about 4 feet in height, had pale grey skin and were unclothed. The beings appeared to be performing an operation on his right eyeball. They had seemingly removed it from its socket and he could see it hanging down the side of his cheek. He does not recall whether they were holding any instruments or not.

Relating this flashback to his original concious recollection, along with what came out in the regression, it seems likely that this was a memory of what actually took place and that the dream in which he met the dual replication of his pet dog was a screen memory to mask the proceedings. This is of course just a theory, but it may explain why there were two dogs present in the dream.

Unexplained Mist

Not long after the February 12th incident, Simon started to notice an unusual "mist/gas" around him at certain times. He first noticed it while out at the December 30th field location after dark. Simon sees this mist moves around him in waves. It is more visible at night but he has also seen it in the daytime. Sometimes it appears to glow. Simon feels it is constantly around him, but needs the right light conditions to be noticeable. He believes it may be some sort of after effect of being in close proximity to a craft, or their way of watching/monitoring him. Both Rob and Mark have seen this mist moving around both Simon and themselves while out at the field. Debbie has tried to see it but so far has been unable to.

On the evening of 1st August after the regression, when I accompanied Simon on a skywatch out near the field, he said at various times that he could see the mist around himself. I could not see anything.

Unidentified mists/gases are mentioned in Mary Rodwell's book Awakening. They are listed as one of the many signs that an individual may be experiencing contact. The book describes how sometimes contactees gain the ability to see the aura of living things, and that sometimes this aura can appear as a mist. It is possible that only the people that have experienced part of Simon's ongoing contact experiences can see this mist - this would explain why both myself and Debbie cannot see it, yet Simon, Rob and Mark can.

Several times Simon has seen a vision of an old man's face seemingly come from the mist. The man looks over 60, has grey-white neck length hair pulled back from his face, and a moustache. These visions can last for a number of minutes, and afterwards later in the night Simon will always drop off to sleep quickly.

Dream Of Daoran

On the night of 30th March Simon had an interesting dream that may well be linked to his contact experiences. In the dream he found himself in a wide area of green grass. He felt himself getting pulled to the right but his feet remained on the floor. Then suddenly his feet were lifted off the floor and he was swung to the right. He was propelled forward towards a wall. He felt a little nervous at this point but realised he was in safe hands. He did not hit the wall but was then turned and propelled towards other solid objects such as walls and posts in the area. It felt like an invisible rope dragging him towards them and then redirecting him at the last moment. Simon felt it was a game of trust and they were testing him.

He then stopped moving. A lady walked towards him and asked him to play. He immediately knew that her name was Grace even though she did not say this to him. She wanted him to play a game. On the grass was a line of poles and she asked him to run through them like a slalom. Simon wasn’t interested in the game, he wanted to talk to the lady, so he ran through it as fast as possible.

The next thing he remembers, Simon is inside an unknown house with the lady. She then introduced him to a strange looking being named Daoran. The being had a pale face, thick chestnut-red coloured hair, and low set eyes with what looked like a bony plate under each (although this could have been decoration of some kind). He was wearing a long light green trenchcoat, dark green polo necked top and trousers. He had no shoes on and his feet looked unusually wide. He spoke in a croaky voice and complained about walking on a pastel that had been left on the floor and that it was all over his feet. Simon knew the being had a great sense of humour, but was not aware how he knew this. He asked Daoran a question about the evening of 30th December 2008 and then immediately woke up.

In his hypnotic regression in August 2009, Simon mentioned Daoran by name, and referred to him as a being he was in contact with, which tends to suggest that this was more than just an unusual dream.

The following night after dreaming about Daoran, Simon dreamt about seeing a triangular shaped craft. The craft had rounded points and a green and red stripe on one side of each point. He does not remember anything else or whether the craft interacted with him in any way.

Disc Craft Dream

A couple of days later he had another dream, this time of a massive disc-shaped craft in the sky. It was silver and metallic, but it’s surface looked molten and continuously shifted like mercury. This dream recurred about 5-6 times throughout the night but Simon cannot remember anything that happened in between.

Simon has had other dreams since these that may have a connection to his contact experiences. Could they be revealing to him things which have taken place or are to take place? Perhaps when he has met unusual beings in his dreams this is their way of contacting him directly. On the other hand, these could be nothing more than dreams, brought on by his new found interest in the subject due to the other experiences he has had.

Unidentified Rash

It was the middle of April 2009 when Simon first became aware of an unusual rash which had appeared on his legs. It was made up of red blotches that strangely appeared to be in rough square and triangular shapes. The rash was not itchy but gave a slight burning sensation when he was in the bath. He first went to his local chemist to ask if they knew what it was and if they had any cream for it. The lady behind the counter said that she had never seen anything like it before. She advised him to go to see his doctor about it. When he did, his doctor also said she had never seen it before, and couldn't understand why it wasn't itchy.

The rash lasted about two weeks. During this time it slowly moved up his legs and onto his chest. As it would clear up in one place it would appear next to where it was. Simon was left with slight scars at the top of his legs.

Did the rash have a natural explanation? Or was it in some way related to Simon's experiences?

Dream Of Grey Being

This incident involved both Simon and Mark. Ever since the 30th December 2008 incident, Simon has had very vivid dreams (some of which may not be dreams at all). In this night's dream it was night-time and he walked out of his room onto the landing. He was then suddenly gripped around the chest by a small Grey. This being had pale grey coloured skin and was not wearing any clothing. It was about 4 foot high with black sideways tear drop shaped eyes. He was not at all frightened by the being and felt he could trust it. When it gripped him, he felt like he couldn't breath or call out, it was very constricting. He thought that the Grey wanted him not to shout, and in response he telepathically told it not to worry and that he would keep quiet. The being let him go. It then asked him to go and get Mark. He did this but he accidentally woke up Tim. At this point he noticed that there were two Greys present not one. He and Mark tried to conceal the Greys from Tim who had stepped out onto the landing. They succeeded and Tim went back to bed.

The Greys then touched Simon and Mark on their elbows and they all floated up through the ceiling, through the roof of the house and up into a craft. Simon remembers trying to grab hold of the roof tiles as he moved away from them. The craft was extremely big and circular shaped. Simon cannot remember many details about the interior of the craft. But he does remember seeing a man who was lecturing about something to a number of individuals. The man was wearing grey and brown robes that hung down from his shoulders. Simon is not certain but he feels it may have been the same old man who's face he had seen in visions several times before (See Mid February 2009 incident). He cannot remember anything else about the dream.

Soon afterwards Simon found out that Mark had had almost the same dream, but the Grey had asked him to go and get Rob instead of Simon. Initially he denied having any dreams of relevance. Later that evening, Simon began to tell Mark of the dream he had. At this point Mark burst into tears and admitted he had had what appeared to be the same dream on the same night. He then proceeded to tell Simon and Debbie the rest of the dream, and other than the involvement of Rob rather than Simon, the details fitted perfectly! Both Simon and Mark independantly drew pictures of one of the beings they had seen in their dream.

Simon's drawing of the Grey
Mark's drawing of the Grey

The similarities between the two drawings are obvious. Note especially the shape of the head and thin-ness of the eyes.

Humanoid Beings Vision

On an evening towards the end of June, Simon once again headed out to the location of the field to walk his dog. He was standing on the railway bridge which lies along the embankment next to the field, when he suddenly had a vision, which only lasted for a split-second. He saw the same figure he had seen in the dream which took place at the end of January - tall, tanned skin, chiseled features, black eyes, long dark wavy hair. However this time instead of a green skin tight suit, the figure was wearing off-white coloured robes.

Behind the figure there were four others standing in a line, who looked very similar and were wearing the same clothing. Simon is unsure whether or not this was a vision of something which occured back in December.

The Rash Returns

Towards the start of June 2009, the rash which appeared on Simon back in April now appeared on his son Mark. As before it slowly moved across his body, and finally cleared up in the later part of July. It looked and acted identically to before. Note that it affected the same son as who was abducted with Simon on 30th December, and who has had a matching abduction-themed "dream" with Simon.

Orbs Around The House

On many occassions since the 30th December 2008 incident, Simon and his sons have witnessed small white orbs which fly past their vision very fast. They look like small balls of light, and have been seen both in their house and outside. Simon has managed to pick them up on photographs such as those shown below:

Here is a close up of one of the orbs:

Simon is adamant that the anomalies on these photos are not dust particles or reflections in the camera lens. They have also tried asking them to appear in a certain position on the photo prior to taking it, and they have apparntly done as they were asked! Below is a photo of Mark pointing up into the air, and above him you can see that one of the small white orbs has appeared:

Despite this apparent intelligence, there is still the possibility these are dust particles and their appearance at certain moments is merely coincidental.

Possible Being Photograph

On one of the photographs Simon took in an attempt to capture orbs, instead he caught a strange dark form crouching down close to the sofa in the lounge. There is a coat hanging above, but Simon says that the shape below was much too low to be part of it. He thinks he can make out a face, arm and part of the chest. He is by no means certain, this could just be shadows cast in a strange way, but it is still worthy of inclusion.

Photograph with position of figure marked:
Close up of the figure

Due to the small size of the scanned photograph, there is obvious heavy pixelation, and it is hard to see much at all close up.

Golden Light Streams

During the night of Saturday 13th March, Simon suddenly woke up. It was still completely dark in the bedroom, but looking up at the ceiling he noticed what looked like several golden wavy "streams" of light. They appeared to be hanging down over the bed, and were of varying sizes. He was certain that they were not caused by light coming into the room from outside. He tried to wake up fully but he felt himself drop back off to sleep.

Later he woke up a second time, and could again see the odd lights. Again he tried to force himself to wake up but felt that he could not and drifted off again.

In the morning he woke up and fully remembered seeing the lights. He has never seen anything like it, before or since.


Sometimes when Simon is just about to drift off to sleep he hears voices directly in his mind. One time he heard a robotic sounding voice clearly say the word "No". On another occassion he heard what sounded like a female voice ask him if he wanted a cup of tea. This was of course bizarre at the time, but later he remembered that he had jokingly asked the ETs to show themselves and they could chat and have a nice cup of tea! He wonders whether this voice was in response to this request.

Visions Of Landscapes

On other occassions when Simon shuts his eyes, he gets visions of strange futuristic landscapes. These occur while he is still awake. He has no idea of the meaning of them but feels sure it is not just his imagination. The visions begin with him moving backwards down a dark tunnel with ever decreasing light. Then he will see either unusual rocky landscapes or sometimes rows of futuristic looking structures. In one vision he saw three people walking through a barren landscape heading away from his position along a path.

The Glowing UFO Returns

It was around 10pm on Thursday 18th March 2010. Simon was taking Butch for a walk on the normal route down to the field where he had had the experience back in December 2008. As he walked across the local park, he noticed what looked like a bright star in the distance to the West. For an unknown reason he felt attracted to it in some way, and couldn't stop looking at it.

Six minutes later, as he walked past the garden allotments which lead to the fields, suddenly the "star" flashed really brightly, and then began slowly moving to the South! Simon immediately realised it was not a star at all. The experience actually brought a tear to his eye - he felt that the object was there for him and showing him that they were still around.

He continued to watch the object for a couple of minutes until it had vanished into the distance. He was certain that it was not a helicopter as he could see no navigation lights, just a single bright white light.

Orange Disc UFO Sighting

On Saturday 20th March 2010, as usual Simon decided to take Butch for a walk over to the field. It was about 10pm and a very clear evening, with the stars visible.

He was out at the field, when he decided to look up into the sky. He immediately spotted what looked like a disc-shaped orange coloured object. It was moving very fast to the South on a straight course, and appeared to be about 300-400 feet high. It looked quite large in size but this was hard to accurately judge.

Due to the speed it was moving at, Simon only got to see it for a couple of seconds before it had vanished out of sight. Simon will be sending me a drawing of the object, once I receive it I will add it below.

More Body Markings

On Sunday 21st March 2010, the morning after sighting the orange UFO, Simon awoke and found some more unusual markings on his skin. There was what looked like a reddish triangle on one arm, and on his leg was two triangles facing each other. The triangle on his arm was about 7mm across. None of the markings caused any pain when he tried touching them.

Triangle marking on arm
First triangle marking on leg

Second triangle marking on leg

The markings persisted for a number of days, and Simon was able to take photographs of them. He felt that the triangle shape on his arm was some sort of skin layer removal.

Taking the poor quality of the photographs into account, it can still be seen that none of these markings are very defined. There may be a normal explanation for them, however it is very interesting that Simon found them the morning after sighting a UFO.

Tic-Tac UFO Sightings

By 2018 Simon had moved house to Turneys Drive in Wolverton Mill, a district in the North West of Milton Keynes.

Aerial map of Turneys Drive

When I spoke with him and his new partner Julie in 2022 they informed me of a couple of sightings of a tic-tac shape glowing UFO over their house. The first of these incidents took place in July or August 2020. The couple were lying down on their bed about 9.30pm. Due to the time of year the sun was only just starting to set. It was a pleasant and relatively still evening. Their room has a skylight in it, and they happened to glace through this at the sky overhead.

It was now that they noticed an unusual object hovering directly above them at high altitude. It was the shape of a tic-tac sweet and appeared to be glowing white. It had hazy edges similar to a cloud but was absolutely stationary in the sky, and there were no other clouds anywhere near to it. They estimate it was at least the height that a passenger jet would fly at (35000 feet). If so this means it must have been quite large, as it looked bigger than a plane would at this height.

They continued to watch the strange object. The sighting was extremely extensive. They watched it for until around 4am. The sun set and the stars came out but the object remained visible, implying that it was indeed glowing. For the six and a half hours they observed it for the object did not change position at all! Other clouds could be seen passing at a lower altitude, temporarily obscuring it from time to time. However when they did the glow from the object could still be seen through the cloud.

The couple have smartphones but did not attempt to take any photographs or video of the object as they believed due to the distance and lack of light it would not come out. They eventually dropped off with it still visible in the sky. In the morning it was no longer present.

This was not the only time that the object was witnessed. Around midnight on 10th February 2022 the couple were once again lying in bed. On this occassion Simon had dropped off to sleep, but Julie was still wide awake. She looked out of the sky light and was surprised to once again see the same object. It was in the same position as before and looked identical. She watched it for about 3 hours. Like before it did not move at all during this time. She decided not to wake up Simon, and once again did not attempt to capture it on film.

In the morning Julie claims that she felt unusually tired for an unknown reason. After being up a few minutes she happened to once again look out of the sky light. The window is at a diagonal so it is also possible to see the sky to the South through it. She noticed a black oblong shaped object in the distance. Unfortunately she could not see it clearly as she had just got up and not put her glasses on.

The unusual looking object glided smoothly away to the South East and was soon out of sight. She did not think to grab her phone and try to catch it on camera, as the sighting was only brief and quite distant.

About 10 minutes later after she had got dressed and came downstairs, Julie wiped her upper lip with her hand. She noticed blood on her fingers. It appeared that her nose had been bleeding. This was confusing to her as she says that she never gets nosebleeds.

In the afternoon she decided to do the washing up, and rolled up her sleeves. When she did she felt something on her outer right forearm. She looked and noticed a number of small raised scabs in a rough square shape. They looked similar to the injuries you might get from needle injections. Their positioning looked interesting enough for her to take some photographs, especially given the fact that Simon had informed her about the body markings which he had found on previous occassions:

Julie says that the marks remained visible on her arm for about a week before vanishing. They did not hurt to the touch.

The tic-tac shaped UFO which was seen on two occassions is intriguing. I wondered whether it could possibly have been a lenticular cloud, given the hazy edge to it. These can sometimes appear in a relatively clear sky and have a very unusual solid look to them. Due to the cloud layers and air currents at different altitudes it would also be possible for other clouds to appear at a lower altitude and move below a lenticular cloud while it remained stationary.

However lenticular clouds do not emit glowing light. They can certainly reflect sunlight and look extremely unusual, but Simon and Julie reported that on both occassions the object was present long after the sun had set, with no change to its appearance throughout the extended sightings. They stated that it was possible to see the glow coming from it through the other clouds as they moved across the sky and temporarily obscured it.

It is also interesting that the object appeared at precicely the same location on two different occassions. The witnesses are certain that it was not caused by the reflection of a glowing light in the sky light window. Logically if it was it would have also been seen on other occassions too if this were the case.

As the black oblong shaped object was not seen clearly by Julie it is impossible to say whether it was something unusual or not. She said that it did not move like a bird and glided away with no vertical drift. However this cannot rule out other explanations including a balloon, blimp or distant drone.

Even though it is interesting that Julie found the markings on her arm soon after having two UFO sightings, there is no evidence that she may have been taken during the night. The poitioning of the dots may be coincidental and it is possible that they are insect bites, perhaps bites from a bed bug. Insects can sometimes bite numerous times in the same location creating such markings.


It seems certain that Simon has had numerous encounters with what can only be described as UFOs throughout his life. While some of the sightings could be put down to possible misidentification, there are others which seem to defy mundane explanation. I have no doubt that Simon and his family are telling me the truth about what they have witnessed, both in regards to the many incidents described in this report. They come across as very rational and logical people, especially Simon, who has tried his hardest to come up with alternative explanations for what he witnessed. Also remember that he is gaining nothing through telling me about these incidents. He is not seeking attention or money through these revelations, quite the opposite in fact.

I believe there is sufficient evidence to propose that Simon has been in contact with ET beings for most of his life, and that the incident of 30th December has "awakened" him to their presence. It remains to be seen whether or not more information is revealed to him about his experiences. It also seems that at least Mark, and possibly his other sons are also involved, but to what degree we cannot currently say.

Whether you believe Simon's many UFO sightings and contact experiences are extraterrestrial in nature or not, the fact still remains that something extraordinary appears to have occurred towards the end of 2008 in the outskirts of Bletchley. Hopefully in time we will gain more of a complete understanding as to what actually took place. Until then it remains one of the most fascinating cases I have investigated.

Any further incidents which Simon or his family experience will be added to this when necessary, so keep checking back regularly for updates.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2022



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