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April Sky Watch Update

Hi all! At the last couple of BUFOG meetings I've discussed our plans for a sky watch at Barr Beacon in late April. Earlier this week we decided on the date of Saturday 30th April. However it became apparent that our friends and affiliates UPRISING UFO & Paranormal Investigation were planning a sky watch on exactly the same evening. In order to prevent people having to choose between two seperate events, we have decided to join forces!

We will now be returning to one of BUFOG's favourite areas for sky watching, the wonderful Cannock Chase! However it will be at a different location to where we have held previous watches. We plan to head to an area of open fields in Brockton, 1 mile North from Cannock. There is a convenient car park we will be able to utilise close to the location. We will also be quite close to the edge of Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, where ghost soldiers have reportedly been witnessed, so we'll not just be watching the skies this time!

You are more than welcome to join us, whether you're part of BUFOG, UPRISING or have never met any of us before. We'll be meeting at the car park at 8.00 pm, and will remain in the area until at least 1.00 am. Check out the below images and the Event here for further details.

Aspen Car Park, Brockton, Cannock WS12 4PT

Sky Watch Location, Brockton, Cannock



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