15/06/2021 - Shenstone, Kidderminster - Light Grey Sphere Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/06/2021

On 17th June lorry driver “Jules” got in touch with me via Whatsapp then phone to discuss a recent sighting of a UFO he had experienced on the outskirts of Kidderminster two days before. This report provides an overview and analysis of the incident.

Sighting Details

At approximately 3.25pm on 15th June 2021 Jules was in the process of making a lorry delivery at Cursley Distribution Park close to Shestone, South East of Kidderminster. The park lies on Cursley Lane, in a rural area surrounded by farmland. It was a sunny, clear and still afternoon. Jules had reverse parked next to the loading bay of Whitefoot Forward, and was sitting in the cab of the lorry while it was being unloaded. He had the driver side window down as it was a warm day. There was nobody else around on the distribution park at that time near to where he was parked.

Aerial map of Cursley Distribution Park

Photograph of the entrance of the park. The building Jules was parked at can be seen in the middle background

Jules was looking at his mobile phone when he suddenly felt the urge to look into the sky to the North East. He put his phone down and looked through the open window. He was surprised to see an object moving slowly along at an elevation of approximately 65 degrees. It appeared to be about 300 feet up and over the entrance area of the distribution park. The object looked like a pale grey coloured sphere, with a slightly darker grey diagonally slanting ring around the centre. It did not appear to be reflective. Jules estimates it was approximately 15 feet across, about the size of a small car. There were no markings or protrusions of any kind.

Witness drawing of UFO and surroundings

The UFO was travelling on a straight and level course to the East. Jules estimates it was travelling around 15 mph. He could barely believe what he was looking at initially. It was clearly not an aircraft of any kind, and appeared to be under direct control rather than drifting in an air current as a balloon would.

After watching it fascinated for about 15 seconds he scrabbled with his left hand to get his phone to attempt to photograph or record the object before he lost sight of it. He could not locate it with his hand so very briskly glanced away to grab it. When he looke