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Yardley Wood Contact Case – Grey Visitations, Visions, Information Download, Remote Viewing

Updated: Feb 28

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 14/02/2023

Last Updated: 27/02/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In January 2023 I was contacted by a man from Yardley Wood, Birmingham who I shall name “Lewis”. He informed me that since early 2022 he had experienced a number of incidents involving beings and other phenomena. He also informed me that he had set up IR cameras on the outside of his house, and some of the incidents had intriguing video evidence to support them.

This report details each of these experiences in depth and includes video analysis where relevant.

Grey Visitation & Remote Viewing

On the evening of 11th February 2022 Lewis had a few drinks with his wife “Helen”. They went to bed like normal about 10.30pm.

During the night he suddenly awoke for an unknown reason. He was lying on his right side, with Helen facing the other way alongside him. He was fully covered in the duvet, which he said was unusual. He informed me that on the odd occasion when he is alone he tends to sleep like this as he gets frightened, but not when Helen is also present in the room.

There appeared to be glowing light in the room, which he could see shining through the bed covers. He seemed to be completely paralyzed and there was also an intense feeling that there was something else in the room. Lewis thinks he called out to wake Helen up but she did not respond.

This seemed to go on for about 30 seconds. Then suddenly there was two very bright flashes of light, two seconds apart from one another. The first flash was bright white. But the second was more red in colour. As it occurred, he saw the image of three silhouetted Grey beings standing in thge light. They were short, with large egg-shaped heads and slender bodies. The central one was standing a little closer and reaching out towards him with an outstretched hand.

Witness drawing of the Grey sillhouettes

In the vision the beings seemed to be standing several metres away from him. Upon seeing them he jumped in panic. He immediately found himself lying in the darkness of the room covered in sweat. The bed covers were no longer over his head, but he could still not move.

He was understandably extremely frightened of what was taking place. He looked at the clock and found that it was 1.05 am. He lay there for what appeared to be about five minutes. After this the paralysis seemed to subside and he found he could move again. He rolled over onto his left side and dropped off to sleep.

In the morning he didn’t mention what had happened to Helen, as he thought she’d just put it down to a dream based on his interests in the subject. However the infra-red camera on the front wall of the house had been on during the night, so he decided to check it to see if anything unusual was caught.