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Yardley Wood Contact Case – Grey Visitations, Visions, Information Download, Remote Viewing

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 14/02/2023

Last Updated: 27/02/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In January 2023 I was contacted by a man from Yardley Wood, Birmingham who I shall name “Lewis”. He informed me that since early 2022 he had experienced a number of incidents involving beings and other phenomena. He also informed me that he had set up IR cameras on the outside of his house, and some of the incidents had intriguing video evidence to support them.

This report details each of these experiences in depth and includes video analysis where relevant.

Grey Visitation & Remote Viewing

On the evening of 11th February 2022 Lewis had a few drinks with his wife “Helen”. They went to bed like normal about 10.30pm.

During the night he suddenly awoke for an unknown reason. He was lying on his right side, with Helen facing the other way alongside him. He was fully covered in the duvet, which he said was unusual. He informed me that on the odd occasion when he is alone he tends to sleep like this as he gets frightened, but not when Helen is also present in the room.

There appeared to be glowing light in the room, which he could see shining through the bed covers. He seemed to be completely paralyzed and there was also an intense feeling that there was something else in the room. Lewis thinks he called out to wake Helen up but she did not respond.

This seemed to go on for about 30 seconds. Then suddenly there was two very bright flashes of light, two seconds apart from one another. The first flash was bright white. But the second was more red in colour. As it occurred, he saw the image of three silhouetted Grey beings standing in thge light. They were short, with large egg-shaped heads and slender bodies. The central one was standing a little closer and reaching out towards him with an outstretched hand.

Witness drawing of the Grey sillhouettes

In the vision the beings seemed to be standing several metres away from him. Upon seeing them he jumped in panic. He immediately found himself lying in the darkness of the room covered in sweat. The bed covers were no longer over his head, but he could still not move.

He was understandably extremely frightened of what was taking place. He looked at the clock and found that it was 1.05 am. He lay there for what appeared to be about five minutes. After this the paralysis seemed to subside and he found he could move again. He rolled over onto his left side and dropped off to sleep.

In the morning he didn’t mention what had happened to Helen, as he thought she’d just put it down to a dream based on his interests in the subject. However the infra-red camera on the front wall of the house had been on during the night, so he decided to check it to see if anything unusual was caught.

Photograph of the infra-red camera

Below is the camera footage from 1.00 am to 1.16 am:

At 1.00.42 am a car drives past with its headlights on:

This results in the bright security light of the house on the opposite side of the road briefly coming on:

While this could be interpreted as being responsible for the two flashes Lewis saw, this does not really make sense as they were not bright enough to light up the room in this manner. Also, even though the car driving past was brief and could be interpreted as a flash, the security light remained on for 6 seconds.

At 1.04.38 am a curved shape very briefly appears lower down on the camera and then a moment later seems to move downward extremely fast and vanish:

Still of the object ringed in red:

Lewis interprets this as a triangular object over the house reflected in the parked car windscreen, but I am not so certain. The entire footage has all sorts of small moving shapes which appear and vanish. These are going to be down to a mix of insects, airborne debris and cobwebs on the lens getting caught in the camera light. The shape which appears at this point of the footage is no more detailed than anything else which appears, and certainly not detailed enough to confirm as a reflection of an object in the car windscreen.

In addition to the UFO subject, Lewis also has an interest in remote viewing and fully believes in its reality. On 24th March he decided to post on a remote viewing Facebook group page asking for someone to do a remote view on what had taken place back in February. As a target for the remote view he used a night time photograph of the front of his house:

This target image was obviously not given to the remote viewer prior to the reading. A lady got back to him almost immediately and said she’d be happy to give it a go. Soon afterwards she provided him with the following drawings and associated details:

1. “Not the US”

2. “Lots of shades of grey and black”

3. “Somehow these all fit together in my head. That’s all I’ve got from but it, I feel like you had

some type of spirit activity also and I don’t have any idea how to draw it”

4. “I feel like there’s also cards flipping but I know if that’s me projecting to get a reading or not”

Regarding the pictures, Lewis says that there are trees outside of his house which are bare of leaves in February. He is intrigued by the rippling lines and wonders if they relate to a craft positioned over the house during the experience. Lewis believes the third drawing relates to his house, which does have a jutted out roof just as she has drawn. He wonders if the stick figure standing on the bush/cloud relates to one of the Grey beings which he saw.

Regarding the written points, she was obviously right regarding point 1 as the experience happened in the UK, although it is possible that she may have inferred this from the fact that Lewis himself was not American. Lewis wonders if the shades of grey and black which she mentions in point 2 relates to the black and white CCTV footage he examined the following day. He is also intrigued by the spirit activity comment in point 3.

Fascinated by her responses, on 30th March Lewis got the lady to do a second remote viewing. This time the target image he used was a photograph of his bedroom window from inside of the room:

Again the lady came back with numerous drawings and points:

“The first part is an interior wall. The window is the most significant part in my head. That’s I was

drawn to but I saw most of a wall”

“I’m guessing the hedges are seen from the window but again I’m not sure on the why”

“Oh and the color red somehow fits”

The similarities between the target image and what the lady drew are clear to see. She’s first drawn a window from an inside perspective. And she’s also drawn a potted plant on a piece of furniture with legs, of which there were numerous in the photograph. It is possible to see bushes in the local vicinity from the window.

The remote viewings performed on targets related to Lewis’s experience are interesting and there are clearly some links. In both viewings the images drawn clearly have close themes to the target images, which is somewhat impressive. However neither reading reveals much about what may have taken place.

Regarding the incident itself, it is intriguing, although does have some of the hallmarks of a sleep paralysis experience. When experiencing paralysis people often report feelings of dread, the sense of a presence in the room, the inability to shout out, unusual light anomalies and a gradual return to normality. As Lewis already had an interest in the contact phenomenon when the incident occurred, it is possible that his brain linked what was happening with contact causing him to see the Grey silhouettes as part of the experience.

The beings were clearly not standing alongside the bed in the room itself, they were only seen briefly during the second flash of light. This all said, an unusual visitation cannot be entirely ruled out.

Contact through Meditation?

In January 2022 Lewis decided to start regular meditation sessions to relax his mind. He had never tried meditation before but was intrigued by it. He also read online that it was sometimes possible to reach out and achieve contact with alien beings. With an interest in the subject, this was a prospect that fascinated him. He began to meditate a couple of times a week for up to half an hour each time.

On 19th March he was 9 minutes into a timed meditation session when he decided to “reach out” to see if any other intelligences were present. Suddenly the detailed image of a Grey appeared in his mind. It was only half visible, its left side hidden in shadow. Its eyes were deep and fully black. Strangely, it had some kind of fleshy muzzle over the lower half of its face, covering the mouth.

Witness drawing of the Grey

Lewis was shocked at the sudden appearance of the being, as he had never had any detailed visions like this before. It did not appear to directly communicate with him in any way. A minute later the alarm clock he had set went off and he snapped out of his meditative state.

While it cannot be ruled out that this was an actual contact experience, the fact that Lewis was meditating at the time increases the chances that it was just a vision in his mind brought on by his interest in the subject and willingness for something to respond to his request.

A Second Visitation

Later in the same month, on 21st March, Lewis had another unusual visitation experience during the night. It started extremely similar to the first, with him suddenly waking with the feeling of something in the room. Once again he was under the duvet lying on his right side, with light visible coming through the material. But this time he could also feel something walking about on top of the covers. In his mind he reached out and grabbed whatever it was by the wrist and neck and pinned it against the bedroom wall. Even though he could not see it due to the darkness he felt sure it was a Grey. As he held it against the wall he screamed out for his wife.

Like before he suddenly opened his eyes and found there was no being there in the room. However his arms were still outstretched like they had been grabbing hold of something. He was paralyzed and lying down in his bed, absolutely terrified. Helen was fast asleep so clearly he had not been calling out for her, or he had but she was unable to hear him. After a number of minutes the paralysis went away. This time it was approximately 2 am.

Again the surreal elements of this incident lead me to believe that it might possibly be sleep paralysis rather than an actual contact experience. There are some definite cross overs which always need to be taken into consideration.

Later on Lewis once again checked the infra-red camera footage from the night. At 2.00.03 am a blurred object appears for a single frame of the footage. It is positioned at the top left of the car windscreen:

Enhanced and zoomed still showing the unidentified shape:

Lewis says that there were a number of insects seen crossing the lens but these remained visible for multiple frames, making the unusual shape stand out. He wonders if it was the reflection of something, but again I feel it is far more likely to be an insect or airborne debris briefly caught in the camera.

The Golden Sphere

Over the weekend of 26th-27th March Lewis had a couple of bad night’s sleep with vivid nightmares that included alien beings. This led to him being extremely anxious at work on the Monday. He decided to ask one of his friends about what to do to do. His friend advised him to create a mental boundary before going to sleep, mentally telling the beings that they are not welcome.

That evening he and Helen went to sleep about 10.30 pm. He still felt extremely nervous of what might happen, so found it extremely hard to drop off. He lay there on his right side and seemed to slip into a trance like state. At this moment it suddenly felt like he was sinking into a vat of fluid filled with bubbles. Remembering what his friend had said earlier, he immediately said in his mind “No I don’t want this!”

Immediately he snapped out of the trance-like state. He rolled over in bed and settled back down. After a short while he once more seemed to slip back into this state. However this time he saw a fiery golden coloured sphere surrounded in several interlocking rings which were revolving around it!

Witness drawing of the golden sphere

After a moment, strange language-like symbols began to appear around its edges and fly towards him. Some of the symbols were clearer than others, and one in particular kept repeating. As he read these symbols a sense of calm washed over him and he felt at peace rather than frightened.

As quickly as it had appeared, the fiery sphere and symbols all vanished. In that moment some thoughts came to his mind extremely clearly:

- Positive emotions, such as hope, joy, pride etc. are high energy / frequency

- Negative emotions, such as fear, anger, hatred etc. are low energy / frequency

- That he was on a ‘journey’ of some sort

After this he dropped off to sleep. In the morning he sketched the symbol that had repeated itself the most.

Witness drawing of the symbol

For a period of time after this experience he slept much sounder and no longer had the fear he was initially feeling. He says that from this point he continued to have vivid dreams but the nature of them changed, they became more explorative rather than frightening.

Later in the year Lewis posted the sketch of the symbol he’d done on an internet forum to see if anyone could help identify it or explain what it means. In response to this someone posted a painting of two Grey beings wearing dresses. Each of the dresses had a symbol imprinted on it, and one of these two symbols looked quite similar (although not identical) to what he had seen turned on its side:

This is quite an interesting experience, and I do wonder if it was an information download of some kind. If so this would clearly indicate that Lewis is experiencing contact, which adds weight to his previous encounters. However due to the fact that he has extremely vivid dreams, and that he was in a trance-like state at the time, it is possible that this was merely something his brain concocted as opposed to something which was definitely being shown to him intentionally.

The similarity of the drawn symbol to that from the painting, and its obvious links with the subject, are interesting, although as you can see the two are not identical to one another, so this similarity could be just coincidental.


Looking at Lewis’s experiences from a measured perspective, it is hard to confirm one way or the other whether he is experiencing contact or not. Clearly he has had numerous experiences where Greys and other fascinating visions have been seen, however there are also signs that during these encounters he may well have been experiencing sleep paralysis, or seen things while under an induced or involuntary meditative state. His fascination with contact prior to the incidents could have resulted in these experiences incorporating elements of the subject.

The remote viewing sessions linked with the first incident are intriguing but offer very few answers, and I do not feel that anything has been captured on CCTV which cannot be explained as insects, cobwebs or dust particles. I have seen plenty of extremely similar pieces of footage before.

This all said, there is still the possibility that Lewis has experienced contact. These beings often manifest in very unusual ways, and there are many aspects of the subject which are esoteric in nature. It is important not to fully dismiss things without being absolutely certain. I would like to thank Lewis for passing on this information and hope that he keeps in touch if anything else should occur going forward.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2023



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