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Yardley Contact Case - Greys, Hybrid, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Body Marking, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Authors: Dave Hodrien & John Judge

Release Date: 30/01/2021

Last Updated: 28/02/2021


John Judge is a member of Birmingham UFO Group and a personal friend of mine. He was born in 1951, and has accomplished much throughout his life including becoming a body builder and author, and achieving the highly renowned rank of Master in Karate.

At the age of 23 John moved to Margate in Kent with his first wife, Lynne. It is here that a number of fascinating experiences began, including UFO sightings and being visitations. He has also experienced a number of paranormal incidents as a child.

This case report is a long time in the making as I actually began to document John’s case back in 2018. We had started speaking of his experiences in depth, and were in the early stages of planning this report. In June 2018 we both attended the Awakening UFO conference at Manchester. John won two tickets for it at one of our group meetings and very kindly offered me one of them.

I and John at Awakening conference in 2018

But then disaster struck! Soon after we attended the conference, John was involved in a serious motorbike accident which almost cost him his life. Over the last two and a half years he has undergone a slow course of rehabilitation. He has sadly lost the use of most of his limbs, but has bravely carried on and made the best of this awful situation.

Unlike the majority of the cases I investigate, John took the time to write out details of most of his experiences in substantial depth. He also provided me with many maps and drawings to include. Throughout this report, many of the incidents begin with John’s written statement, which is then followed by additional information and comments from myself.

Vision of the Fire

The earliest experience which John can recollect occurred when he was quite a young age, perhaps three or four. His grandmother lived in Nechells at the time. His grandfather had sadly already passed away. Sometimes he would sleep overnight at his grandmother’s house.

The mattress on the bed had not been changed in a while and was a little concave. John remembers lying awake in bed on his front and having to push himself up a bit to climb out of the depression. When he did so he looked over to his left towards the window.

In front of the window was a chest of drawers with two long candles in candlesticks. There was quite a lot of light coming through the closed curtains into the room. All of a sudden he saw the vision of burning flames appear between the candlesticks! He then saw two men holding hoses and running around back and forth. He was too young to understand that these men were firemen trying to put the fire out.

The vision between the two candlesticks

He is unaware how long this went on for, but he fell back off to sleep still watching the vision. When he woke up it was morning and the room looked completely normal. He was too young to query what he had seen and does not recall mentioning it to his grandmother or other family members.

Many years later when he was in his late teens he was having a conversation with his mother when she suddenly brought up his grandfather’s fire helmet. Up until that point John thought that his grandfather used to work as a salt miner, so he queried what she meant by this. She informed him that he left that job after a while and then became a part time fireman for a number of years.

It was now that the penny finally dropped. John thought back to his early memory of seeing this strange vision of the firemen trying to put out a fire. He wondered if this had been his grandfather trying to make contact. This possibility was quite a shock to him!

John was quite young when this incident took place, and he was in bed at the time. Therefore possibility that this was a vivid dream of some kind cannot be entirely ruled out. However the vision clearly became engrained in his mind for years to come. How many times do we even recollect dreams we have had, let alone think about them on a long term basis? This certainly was an experience of great importance to him, but he did not know why until many years later when he found out about his grandfather’s later profession. I feel that this could well have been a paranormal experience of some kind, especially considering further incidents which took place during his childhood.

Disappearing People

Until his twenties John used to live in Cope Street, Lady-wood, Nechells, close to the main railway station and canal which lead to Birmingham centre. Between the age of 10 to 13 he would often be allowed out to play and would go for long walks along the edge of the canal or roads leading up to Birmingham.

Aerial map of Cope Street with the nearby canal and railway visible

One day he was walking along the canal edge when he heard the sound of footsteps coming up behind him. Other walkers would often catch up and go past him so this was nothing out of the ordinary. He turned around and sure enough there was a man heading towards him. The man looked completely normal and not threatening in any way. However on this occasion for an unknown reason he felt extremely uneasy.

He moved to one side and pretended to bend down and tie his shoelace so he would not have to look at the man as he walked by. He only glanced away for several seconds. When he looked back up the man was nowhere to be seen! There were no side paths coming off the canal and on the other edge of the path was dense undergrowth. Where the man had vanished to was a complete mystery.

If this had been a one off incident it would be possible to put it down to natural causes. However over the next few years the same thing occurred roughly three more times! Every time it occurred John would feel uneasy about the individual, and they would then vanish when he briefly looked away.

John does not believe that these individuals were normal people. He believes that he possesses sixth sense type abilities, and that these people were spirits which he could briefly see. Later in life one of his friends who is a practising medium confirmed that he thought John was psychic.

It is interesting that John mentioned these incidents, as it is common for contactees to mention possessing abilities such as these. There is a definite link between the two phenomena, so it did not surprise me at all when he mentioned what had taken place.

Faces in the Dark

During his teens John began to see faces appear around him after dark on regular occasions. These faces would always appear when he was lying in bed before he dropped off to sleep and in a relaxed state of mind. He would see them about twice a week.

The faces looked clear and he could make out features clearly. They would mingle and float across his vision in different directions. Some would only appear briefly for a couple of seconds, others a little longer. They would never speak to him, but would just stare down at him.

Most of the time the faces would be human. They were of a mix of people – men and women of different ages and colour. However occasionally John would see amongst them the vision of a Grey’s face. At this time in his life he had no idea what it was, as he had not looked into the UFO subject in depth. He was just aware that it was different and clearly not human. The face had pale grey skin, a large cranium, pointed chin and large jet black almond shaped eyes. It had a small nose and a slit for a mouth.

Whenever the Grey’s face appeared it would act differently to the other faces. Instead of drift around it would swoop down towards him and seemingly vanish into him. When it did this it would sometimes make him jump, and he was apprehensive about seeing it. John took this for the being attempting to get his attention, but like the human faces it did not speak.

These visions continued throughout John’s life. After a while he got used to seeing them and they became normal for him. He used to see them right up to his accident in 2018. After coming out of hospital he now has to sleep with the lights on in case he needs care during the night. John says that the visions of the faces only appear in the dark, and believes that if he was able to sleep with the lights off he would still see them today.

While it would be convenient to just dismiss these faces as hallucinations brought on by his relaxed state of mind and the darkness around him, John thinks otherwise. He believes that these may be spirits of individuals, both human and alien, spirits he is able to pick up with a sixth sense ability he has had throughout his life. It is also important to remember that John would sometimes see Greys in these visions many years before he would start looking into the subject of ET contact. In a way these incidents represent his earliest known contact experiences.

Crimson Orb

This is the first incident which John has provided a detailed written statement for.

“When we first moved to Margate we were living in a one bedroomed flat located in Trinity Square. Whilst living in this flat we had my first daughter, Karen, in 1974, and moved to a two bedroomed council house on Wharfedale Road in 1975.”

Aerial map of Wharfedale Road with John’s old house marked

“I was working as a test engineer for a company on the Westwood Industrial Estate between Margate and Ramsgate. I built and tested water valves for fire sprinkling systems and feed pipe shut-off valves. Our house faced North East and was approximately a little over 1 mile away from Margate seafront. Manston RAF Station was approximately 4 miles South West of our location.”

“It was back in the late summer of 1976, and I had not long been blessed with my second daughter, Jennie. It was a clear autumn night in November, at approximately 10:30. It was clear and cloudless, but not too cold for the time of the year. All the stars were clearly visible from my rear garden. My back garden was an ideal position to view the stars at night because our garden was quite long and there was very little light pollution from the street lights or houses around us to block out the stars.”

“At the back of our house, which was a two story building, the houses were a lot older than ours, in fact they were three stories high. Being a keen amateur astronomer I decided to view the Milky Way and to see if I could find some of the binding stars in Orion I had read about a week earlier. I had a pair of binoculars, 10 x 50, and to keep the field of view steady I would lay on a camp bed, with my head facing South West.”

“On this particular night I noticed a flash of light over my house, coming from a North East direction, heading South West. I quickly moved my binoculars to my eyes in order to observe this object, but I couldn’t find it in the binoculars view, so I quickly lowered my binoculars and noticed that the object was moving North West towards Margate sea front. In the time given it must have done an abrupt 90° turn to my left.”

Photograph of Wharfedale Road in the direction the UFO was first sighted

“What made it even more intriguing, was as it moved North West I could clearly see it zigzagging, left to right, right to left, not in a smooth undulating way, but more in abrupt, hard, fast turns. It was circular in shape, fuzzy, no sharp outline to the object. I didn’t wear glasses then. It was a dull crimson colour, which omitted no sound, or any other colours or lights.”

Map showing the path of movement of the UFO

“The duration of this sighting was between six a