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Yardley Contact Case - Greys, Hybrid, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Body Marking, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Authors: Dave Hodrien & John Judge

Release Date: 30/01/2021

Last Updated: 28/02/2021


John Judge is a member of Birmingham UFO Group and a personal friend of mine. He was born in 1951, and has accomplished much throughout his life including becoming a body builder and author, and achieving the highly renowned rank of Master in Karate.

At the age of 23 John moved to Margate in Kent with his first wife, Lynne. It is here that a number of fascinating experiences began, including UFO sightings and being visitations. He has also experienced a number of paranormal incidents as a child.

This case report is a long time in the making as I actually began to document John’s case back in 2018. We had started speaking of his experiences in depth, and were in the early stages of planning this report. In June 2018 we both attended the Awakening UFO conference at Manchester. John won two tickets for it at one of our group meetings and very kindly offered me one of them.

I and John at Awakening conference in 2018

But then disaster struck! Soon after we attended the conference, John was involved in a serious motorbike accident which almost cost him his life. Over the last two and a half years he has undergone a slow course of rehabilitation. He has sadly lost the use of most of his limbs, but has bravely carried on and made the best of this awful situation.

Unlike the majority of the cases I investigate, John took the time to write out details of most of his experiences in substantial depth. He also provided me with many maps and drawings to include. Throughout this report, many of the incidents begin with John’s written statement, which is then followed by additional information and comments from myself.

Vision of the Fire

The earliest experience which John can recollect occurred when he was quite a young age, perhaps three or four. His grandmother lived in Nechells at the time. His grandfather had sadly already passed away. Sometimes he would sleep overnight at his grandmother’s house.

The mattress on the bed had not been changed in a while and was a little concave. John remembers lying awake in bed on his front and having to push himself up a bit to climb out of the depression. When he did so he looked over to his left towards the window.

In front of the window was a chest of drawers with two long candles in candlesticks. There was quite a lot of light coming through the closed curtains into the room. All of a sudden he saw the vision of burning flames appear between the candlesticks! He then saw two men holding hoses and running around back and forth. He was too young to understand that these men were firemen trying to put the fire out.

The vision between the two candlesticks

He is unaware how long this went on for, but he fell back off to sleep still watching the vision. When he woke up it was morning and the room looked completely normal. He was too young to query what he had seen and does not recall mentioning it to his grandmother or other family members.

Many years later when he was in his late teens he was having a conversation with his mother when she suddenly brought up his grandfather’s fire helmet. Up until that point John thought that his grandfather used to work as a salt miner, so he queried what she meant by this. She informed him that he left that job after a while and then became a part time fireman for a number of years.

It was now that the penny finally dropped. John thought back to his early memory of seeing this strange vision of the firemen trying to put out a fire. He wondered if this had been his grandfather trying to make contact. This possibility was quite a shock to him!

John was quite young when this incident took place, and he was in bed at the time. Therefore possibility that this was a vivid dream of some kind cannot be entirely ruled out. However the vision clearly became engrained in his mind for years to come. How many times do we even recollect dreams we have had, let alone think about them on a long term basis? This certainly was an experience of great importance to him, but he did not know why until many years later when he found out about his grandfather’s later profession. I feel that this could well have been a paranormal experience of some kind, especially considering further incidents which took place during his childhood.

Disappearing People

Until his twenties John used to live in Cope Street, Lady-wood, Nechells, close to the main railway station and canal which lead to Birmingham centre. Between the age of 10 to 13 he would often be allowed out to play and would go for long walks along the edge of the canal or roads leading up to Birmingham.

Aerial map of Cope Street with the nearby canal and railway visible

One day he was walking along the canal edge when he heard the sound of footsteps coming up behind him. Other walkers would often catch up and go past him so this was nothing out of the ordinary. He turned around and sure enough there was a man heading towards him. The man looked completely normal and not threatening in any way. However on this occasion for an unknown reason he felt extremely uneasy.

He moved to one side and pretended to bend down and tie his shoelace so he would not have to look at the man as he walked by. He only glanced away for several seconds. When he looked back up the man was nowhere to be seen! There were no side paths coming off the canal and on the other edge of the path was dense undergrowth. Where the man had vanished to was a complete mystery.

If this had been a one off incident it would be possible to put it down to natural causes. However over the next few years the same thing occurred roughly three more times! Every time it occurred John would feel uneasy about the individual, and they would then vanish when he briefly looked away.

John does not believe that these individuals were normal people. He believes that he possesses sixth sense type abilities, and that these people were spirits which he could briefly see. Later in life one of his friends who is a practising medium confirmed that he thought John was psychic.

It is interesting that John mentioned these incidents, as it is common for contactees to mention possessing abilities such as these. There is a definite link between the two phenomena, so it did not surprise me at all when he mentioned what had taken place.

Faces in the Dark

During his teens John began to see faces appear around him after dark on regular occasions. These faces would always appear when he was lying in bed before he dropped off to sleep and in a relaxed state of mind. He would see them about twice a week.

The faces looked clear and he could make out features clearly. They would mingle and float across his vision in different directions. Some would only appear briefly for a couple of seconds, others a little longer. They would never speak to him, but would just stare down at him.

Most of the time the faces would be human. They were of a mix of people – men and women of different ages and colour. However occasionally John would see amongst them the vision of a Grey’s face. At this time in his life he had no idea what it was, as he had not looked into the UFO subject in depth. He was just aware that it was different and clearly not human. The face had pale grey skin, a large cranium, pointed chin and large jet black almond shaped eyes. It had a small nose and a slit for a mouth.

Whenever the Grey’s face appeared it would act differently to the other faces. Instead of drift around it would swoop down towards him and seemingly vanish into him. When it did this it would sometimes make him jump, and he was apprehensive about seeing it. John took this for the being attempting to get his attention, but like the human faces it did not speak.

These visions continued throughout John’s life. After a while he got used to seeing them and they became normal for him. He used to see them right up to his accident in 2018. After coming out of hospital he now has to sleep with the lights on in case he needs care during the night. John says that the visions of the faces only appear in the dark, and believes that if he was able to sleep with the lights off he would still see them today.

While it would be convenient to just dismiss these faces as hallucinations brought on by his relaxed state of mind and the darkness around him, John thinks otherwise. He believes that these may be spirits of individuals, both human and alien, spirits he is able to pick up with a sixth sense ability he has had throughout his life. It is also important to remember that John would sometimes see Greys in these visions many years before he would start looking into the subject of ET contact. In a way these incidents represent his earliest known contact experiences.

Crimson Orb

This is the first incident which John has provided a detailed written statement for.

“When we first moved to Margate we were living in a one bedroomed flat located in Trinity Square. Whilst living in this flat we had my first daughter, Karen, in 1974, and moved to a two bedroomed council house on Wharfedale Road in 1975.”

Aerial map of Wharfedale Road with John’s old house marked

“I was working as a test engineer for a company on the Westwood Industrial Estate between Margate and Ramsgate. I built and tested water valves for fire sprinkling systems and feed pipe shut-off valves. Our house faced North East and was approximately a little over 1 mile away from Margate seafront. Manston RAF Station was approximately 4 miles South West of our location.”

“It was back in the late summer of 1976, and I had not long been blessed with my second daughter, Jennie. It was a clear autumn night in November, at approximately 10:30. It was clear and cloudless, but not too cold for the time of the year. All the stars were clearly visible from my rear garden. My back garden was an ideal position to view the stars at night because our garden was quite long and there was very little light pollution from the street lights or houses around us to block out the stars.”

“At the back of our house, which was a two story building, the houses were a lot older than ours, in fact they were three stories high. Being a keen amateur astronomer I decided to view the Milky Way and to see if I could find some of the binding stars in Orion I had read about a week earlier. I had a pair of binoculars, 10 x 50, and to keep the field of view steady I would lay on a camp bed, with my head facing South West.”

“On this particular night I noticed a flash of light over my house, coming from a North East direction, heading South West. I quickly moved my binoculars to my eyes in order to observe this object, but I couldn’t find it in the binoculars view, so I quickly lowered my binoculars and noticed that the object was moving North West towards Margate sea front. In the time given it must have done an abrupt 90° turn to my left.”

Photograph of Wharfedale Road in the direction the UFO was first sighted

“What made it even more intriguing, was as it moved North West I could clearly see it zigzagging, left to right, right to left, not in a smooth undulating way, but more in abrupt, hard, fast turns. It was circular in shape, fuzzy, no sharp outline to the object. I didn’t wear glasses then. It was a dull crimson colour, which omitted no sound, or any other colours or lights.”

Map showing the path of movement of the UFO

“The duration of this sighting was between six and eight seconds in total, as far as I could estimate it was the size of a golf ball held at arm’s length. At no time did this object slow down. I was stunned by this experience and couldn’t believe what I had seen, so immediately rushed indoors to tell my wife about this incident, but unfortunately for me she was not interested in my excitement. As time went by, I started to have doubts about my sighting as it, become a distant memory. However this turned out not to be the last time I would see this type of object.”

“It was after this encounter that I decided to join the BUFOIN organisation, which was under the leadership of Jenny Reynolds at that time, to see if I could discover any logical reasoning behind my encounter. It was during this time in 1979 that I was able to speak to Dr. Hynek during the first London International UFO Congress, Mount Royal Hotel, Marble Arch, London. I wanted to know if he knew of any scientific theory that could describe the zigzagging motion of my first UFO sighting. His answer was ‘I know of nothing that would explain your experience’.”

This is an impressive sighting, not only due to the unusual appearance of the object, but also the stunning manoeuvres it performed. In speaking with John about the incident he informed me that he initially assumed it was a bird catching the lights from the ground. However, as an avid stargazer, he is extremely familiar with how birds appear after dark at various altitudes. They have to be at quite low altitude to catch the light. John estimates the object was 400-500 feet up, too high for this to have been the explanation. If it was at this height then he estimates this would have made it about 10-15 feet in diameter. The object was also the wrong colour and shape for it to have been a bird, and the zig-zag manoeuvres it performed were too abrupt and sharp.

In recent years a remote controlled drone could potentially have been responsible. However this incident took place back in the early 1970s, many years before these would become available. The movements it performed were also too fast and direct to be a Chinese lantern or lit inflatable of some kind.

Aeroplanes of course travel on a straight course or perform gradual turns. While helicopters can perform more immediate changes in direction, the UFO was moving much too fast. At the speed it was going, John believe that the G-forces would have killed a human pilot. It would usually be possible to make out other navigation lights, rather than just the dull crimson observed. Also at the altitude it appeared to be at it would have been possible to hear the sound of rotor blade or engines, yet this object was silent.

John wonders whether his inability to clearly focus on the object was some kind of energy field around it distorting the air. This is entirely possible. I have investigated numerous other cases where a similar phenomenon has been reported, and this may also be the reason why some of the UFO photographs on record appear out of focus.

John says that a few days after the incident he began to have a psychological battle with himself, trying to convince himself that it was something mundane, yet knowing deep down that this did not fit what he had seen. He says it was completely and utterly outside of his experience up to this point. However as you can see from his statement, this incident resulted in an interest in the UFO subject and eventually led to him discussing it with highly renowned astronomer, scientist and ufologist J Allen Hynek about it! John says that the fact that Hynek could not explain what he had seen intrigued him further still!

Photograph of J Allen Hynek

Daylight Disc

“In July of 1980 I was on my way to open my Marshal Arts School, which was situated behind Margate’s Fire Station, on the corner of Grosvenor Gardens (A255) and Park Place. I arrived at about 4:00pm to open up my club for my Wednesday 5:00pm junior Karate training session. Back then the building was owned by Margate’s Snooker Club and I rented their 3rd (top) floor.”

“When I arrived at Park Place to park my car I was unable to find any parking spaces, so I drove around and parked at the top of High Street. To get to my club I decided to take a short cut, a public path that wound between the houses from High Street to Park Place. As I walked down this path, I was thinking about what equipment I was going to need and the lesson I was about to give.”

Aerial map of Park Place with the karate club building marked

Photograph of the building

“It was about 4:10pm on a nice summer’s day in July. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the clear blue sky. The houses on Park Pl are three story buildings and I wasn’t able to see much of the sky as I walked down the path until I reached the end and exited onto the road. As I exited the path I had this urge to look up to my left. I noticed a gun metal grey object at about a 40° angle to my position.

It stopped me dead in my tracks.”

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFO was first observed

“This object admitted no sound, nor reflected any sun light. There were no flashing lights, and it was moving very slowly from the South East, I would estimate the speed to be around 30mph, and its size to be a little larger than that of a tennis ball held at arm’s length. When I first observed it, it looked to be cigar shaped but with sharper ends. Then the shape changed to more of a rounded shape. It was at this point that I realized the shape wasn’t changing, but my angle of sight relative to the objects movement. I was now seeing more of its underside and it now looked more like the traditional UFO shape. I didn’t see any markings or shapes around or under the craft. It was smooth and looked solid in nature, nuts and bolts, and the underside was a lot darker in colour, probably in shadow.”

The UFO from different angles of view

“When this object was about a 65° angle to my position I realized it was doing a very gentle and slow turn to my right in a large arc until it was travelling in a Westerly direction towards Margate beach. It looked to be under intelligent control and I watched it until I lost sight of it over the roof of the snooker hall. Unfortunately, there was no one around to witness this event.”

Map showing the path of movement of the UFO

“As I opened up my club and started to get out the equipment I needed, and got myself changed into my karate Gi, I was only thinking about what I had just seen. I couldn’t quite believe that I had glimpse a traditional shaped UFO!”

Unlike John’s initial UFO sighting, this sighting took place in broad daylight. It appears to be a genuine sighting of a disc-shaped craft, which is why John describes it as such in his statement. It was at low enough altitude to clearly make out the shape and confirm that this was not a normal aircraft of any kind. John estimates that it was at least 40 feet across, too large to have been a novelty inflatable or remote controlled model. It was clearly not a blimp, as he observed it from different angles as it turned and headed away from his location.

In asking him about the appearance of the UFO, John says that there were three small domes positioned in a triangular pattern around the base. There was also a central circular marking, although the underside was too shadowed to make this out clearly, so he is unsure if this also extended.

As he observed the object, John says that he thought to himself “Bloody hell, not another one! A second UFO, I don’t believe it!” He was quite dumbstruck by what he was witnessing. He was not carrying a camera with him at the time.

John says that there may have been other witnesses to this object, as it headed off in the direction of Margate seafront, which would have been quite busy at the time. Thinking back to the experience he says that he is sorry he did not go to the newspaper to find out if there had been any other sightings of it.

Zoomed out map of Margate with UFO route marked

He did not mention it to the children at the karate class, as he needed them to have full trust in himself as their teacher. Nor did he mention it to his family due to his wife’s dis-interest in the subject.

Golden UFO

“In December 1981 I fancied doing some star gazing in a different location other than my house, and couldn’t make my mind up as to where to go. For some reason Jose Bay was in the back of my mind. At around 11:30pm I decided to follow my gut feeling and went to Jose Bay, which is about 15-20 minute drive from my house. I don’t know why I thought this location would be good for a night watch as I had only ever been there during the day. Jose Bay sits in a narrow bay on the East coast between Kingsgate and Broadstairs, Kent, facing 63° east. It’s a semi-horse shoe shaped bay with beautiful white sands flanked by deep sand dunes.”

Photograph of Jose Bay

Photograph of sighting location

“The North Foreland Lighthouse is about 1km south of Jose Bay, with the B2052 (North Foreland Road) running from Kingsgate Bay through Jose Bay and pasted Stone Bay, on down to Viking Bay.”

Photograph of the North Foreland Lighthouse from the sighting location

“I parked my car in the car park that’s located on top of the cliffs a little South of centre of the bay, at around midnight. It was quiet a clear night, not really a night for viewing the stars, because the full moon was about 20° above the horizon, North East of my position, blocking out a lot of star light. But I have to say it was a breath taking view, the silver moon light was reflecting off the calm sea, a picture box scene.”

Photograph of the car park taken from the sighting location

“I took out my binoculars and spent some time just viewing the craters on the moon. About half an hour after arriving at 12:20am I spotted a brilliant gold glowing round object, about 25° above the horizon, moving at rapid speed from my right, South East, shooting North West. There was no sound, no other colours, or lights to be seen. I noticed the side of this object facing me, couldn’t be reflecting any light from the moon, but still this gold luminous coloured object was omitting a radiant light.”

The UFO at different positions showing it's path across the sky

“Even when it crossed the moon, the brilliant golden light wasn’t dimmed in any way. I watched the object disappear in a North West direction. The sighting lasted between 30 to 45 seconds and the size of the object was about the size of a 5 pence piece hold at arm’s length.”

Map showing the sighting location, direction of the moon and path of the UFO

“The part of the experience that still impacts me today, was the brilliant gold light emitted from the craft, it felt like a spiritual experience. You can see the lighthouse, which was almost behind me to the south, but at no time did I see the lighthouse beam flashing across the sky.”

John was very familiar with how aircraft look after dark, making this an interesting sighting. In this incident the object observed did not perform any extremely fast manoeuvres. However its colour sounds very unusual indeed. When I asked him to describe the colour in more depth he said “It was a beautiful golden colour. When I say beautiful I mean beautiful! It was eye catching. More than gold. The colour almost reached inside me and pulled my soul out. That's how this colour grabbed me.”

John says that as the object flew across the sky it appeared to be ascending slowly, however he says that this could have been down to the curvature of the Earth. He says that he was fascinated by the object, and not at all frightened by it. In fact he even tried to speak with it telepathically, asking it to come over and say hello in his mind.

The colour of meteorites is determined by the chemical elements they happen to contain, and sometimes they can appear golden in colour. However the object was clearly not a meteorite for a number of valid reasons. Firstly meteorites are usually extremely fast and are only visible for a couple of seconds at most. This was travelling much slower. John says that it took several minutes to disappear from view. Secondly there was no visible trail behind the object. And lastly meteorites descend as the travel across the sky, whereas this object was either travelling on a level course or even slightly ascending.

The UFO could not have been a Chinese lantern. Lanterns are usually an amber orange colour not golden. Also they are of course launched over land. This object was clearly quite far off the coastline. John also confirmed that the lighthouse was not active at the time, so a reflection from this on clouds can also be discounted. Therefore it remains a mystery.

John says that once again he kept this incident to himself. He had now had several sightings and was beginning to wonder why. He even considered whether he was mentally well or not.

Lit Domed Disc

“I am not too sure as to the month, but I would estimate it to be around February 1985. It was approximately 3:30am. I had just finished doing a shift as a doorman at a nightclub on Margate seafront.”

“I had just come out of the bathroom and was passing the window to my left, facing South West at the top of the staircase. The lights were out as I didn’t want to disturb the children and my wife.

My attention was drawn to a single flashing light above the houses at the end of my garden, which were three stories high. I remember just how dark it was as there were no light on any of the house I could see.”

“At first all I could see was an individual bright white light flashing on and off, but moving from left to right as it flashed, disappearing and seconds later starting the whole sequence again, flashing from left to right. As my eyes become more accustomed to the darkness I could just make out the silhouette of a domed-disc shaped craft.”

Top down drawing of upstairs of the house indicating the window the UFO was observed from

First person drawing of the upstairs of the house

“It was very difficult to see, as the craft was just slightly darker than the surrounding sky. At this stage the object was stationary and the bottom eighth of it was obscured by the roof of the house it was hovering near. It admitted no other lights or colours, and was hovering there silently.”

“I watched the object for about 30 to 40 seconds and during this time frame the object didn’t move. I also got the impression that the flashing light was actually rotating from left to right and around the back of the object, taking approximately 2 to 3 seconds to complete the transit along the side of the object facing me. When the flashing light was around the back of this object, the object was totally dark. I then realized the light was travelling around the outer edge or rim of the object.”

Drawing of the UFO with all light positions shown

Animation showing the light sequence

“It was very difficult to estimate the objects size because it was difficult to make out its silhouette, but the flashing light gave me some perspective and I would estimate the size to be a little bit larger than a tennis ball held at arm’s length. I couldn’t say how far away the object was, but I do feel it was further away than near.”

“As I watched this object I add the distinct impression that it was also watching me. I decided to go and wake my wife to get her to witness the object, but as usual she moaned and didn’t want to know. I was in the master bedroom for approximately 3 minutes. When I rushed back to the window the object was gone. I do remember seeing some stars in the sky, but there were also some lightly scattered clouds too.”

“When I woke up the next day I rang Manston RAF air traffic control, who confirmed they had had no traffic in the Thanet area at the time of the sighting.”

This may well have been a genuine sighting of a domed-disc shaped craft in the vicinity of John’s home. It certainly appears to have been a lit aerial object of some kind. John was familiar with the view from the window and confirmed to me that there would usually just be clear sky visible above the roofs of the houses.

While it cannot be ruled out that the object was some kind of lit blimp or other inflatable this seems unlikely. For what reason would this be flown at that location at 3.30am in the morning? Also whatever it was vanished quite rapidly, although John was away from the window for several minutes so it is conceivable it could have descended or moved out of sight within this time frame.

The silhouette of the object certainly fits in with an ET craft, and I have investigated numerous other cases where extremely similar lighting has been reported, with a sequential flashing light around the outer rim. With this shape and light configuration, a helicopter or normal aircraft seems very unlikely. If it was a genuine craft, then it is unknown if it was in the area to monitor John directly or whether he just happens to have witnessed it. There was no sign of any direct interaction with him throughout the experience.

John wonders whether the occupants of the craft were aware that he was observing them, and this is why they chose to vanish while he looked away from the window. There are many cases on record where UFOs have vanished without trace at the moment when witnesses have taken their eye off them, this is a commonly reported aspect.

The Black Entity

"In 1988 we moved to 30 Sussex Ave, only 260 metres from Wharfedale Road. It was a two story, pre-war three bedroom house with a small front and medium size rear garden. We needed the extra bedroom because of the arrival of my son John Paul in 1978."

"The house faces West pointing towards Dreamland on Margate’s sea front. It was midsummer of 1992. Everyone was in bed and all was still and quiet. The master bedroom was pretty dark as usual, as there are no rear lights to flood the bedroom. Our bed faced North and the window was to the right of the bed with a sliding door wardrobe at the foot of the bed.

"I was just dozing off when I felt this tingling sensation start from my feet and move up to the rest of my body. And unlike when meditating, this tingling got more intensive to the point where it woke me up. I have no idea as to what this tingling was. It was like some sort of electro-magnetic effect."

“As someone who is use to doing meditation during my karate practice, I would sometimes get a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. I was told by a very good friend of mine, Paul, who is a practising psychic, that during meditation you are opening yourself up and sensing a spirit close to you.”

"As I awoke I noticed a dull white light, about 4 feet in height and the same across its breath. It was to the left and bottom of our bed. It was fuzzy on the outside and a little more intense in brightness in its centre. Within seconds of seeing this light it started to grow bigger and become brighter. Then to my amazement a dark silhouette of a man stepped out of the light, started to move towards me and stopped."

"I couldn’t make out any features only the shape of the head, shoulders, and torso. I couldn’t see his legs due to my position lying on my back in bed. I would estimate the entity to be around 5’08” - 5’10” tall, with curly hair."

Drawing of the dark entity in the light

"For some reason I wasn’t happy with the presence of this figure in the bedroom and felt an intense uneasiness which was growing by the second. The tingling didn’t help, it was now very intense making me feel even more anxious."

"I truly believed this figure to be evil, so I closed my eyes and wished it to go away in a very forceful manner with my mind. When I opened my eyes the entity had gone. I was pretty disturbed by this experience and for the longest time couldn’t understand what was going on in my life. I never mentioned this to anyone, especially my wife or kids."

"I do feel that this type of contact as a very real spiritual attachment, I now believe we misunderstand the differences between a third dimensional entity and what we believe to be a spiritual presence. Food for thought. However, as the years have gone by, I have learnt a lot about what are known as ‘Shadow People’, and must admit they have a lot of similarities with this experience."

"I call this period of time 'my awakening', because all these experiences have slowly lead me by the hand, building one on top of the other, expanding my awareness to cope with the more dramatic events I would experience in the future. I began to wonder if this was going to become my way of life."

This appears to be John’s first experience possibly involving direct contact. Up until this point he had only seen UFOs at a distance, at least to his knowledge. John certainly believes this experience involved a visitation by an entity of some kind. While this may be the case, there are a number of similarities between his experience and those described by individuals while suffering from sleep paralysis. This can occur when the body is in a state of semi-sleep, exactly as John reports.

During sleep paralysis it is possible to experience tingling sensations and see shadowy forms in the room which often feel evil in intent, all aspects which John mentioned. Also the way in which the entity vanished without any direct interaction after John closed his eyes would fit this scenario.

That said, many of these aspects are often reported during contact experiences. While there is a degree of cross-over this does not mean that they are one and the same. There are many aspects of contact which cannot be explained away by sleep paralysis or other sleep related conditions.

John says that he felt completely awake when he saw the entity, and also believes that he was able to freely move, which may suggest that this was a genuine contact experience. Also some of his later experiences are clearly linked with contact as you will see later in this report.

If we assume that the entity was an ET being of some kind, then what could it have been? It did not appear in the shape of a Grey, it looked more humanoid, and John describes seeing the outline of curled hair on its head. It was also the height of a normal adult. There is the possibility that this was a Nordic, silhouetted in the light coming from beyond it. Of course screen memories complicate things somewhat. ETs are known to often mask their true appearance and appear in other forms. This seems to be more prevalent in early experiences, perhaps to reduce the trauma of the situation. As this was John’s first visitation experience there is the possibility that this is what took place.

John mentions “shadow people” in his statement, however when I queried him about this he said that he believes the darkness of the being was being caused by the fact it was standing in front of the light, not because it actually looked like that. The light coming from behind it is commonly described in ET visitation experiences. Quite often the beings will step out of a glowing light from an unknown source, possibly an open portal of some kind.

Another possibility is that the being was a ghostly apparition of some kind and not linked with contact at all. There are numerous cases on record where people have experienced a tingling sensation while witnessing paranormal activity.

Whatever the explanation for this incident, this was only the first of a number of fascinating experiences with beings of various kinds.

Energy Beam

"After the dark entity experience things seemed to settle down for a couple of years. I was concentrating very hard on my karate career, and was lucky enough to travel to various parts of the world teaching or refereeing karate competitions. I had been to Israel on several occasions to teach and grade black belt students."

"On one particular visit to Israel in June 1995 I was left with no doubt that I was going to be pursued by these entities wherever I go. On 4th June I had been putting the students who were taking their black belt gradings through their paces ready for their up and coming tests. I was staying at the Kibbutz Kfar Blum, with a population of about 700. Kfar Blum falls under the jurisdiction of Upper Galilee Regional Council, not far from the Golden Heights."

Map with the boundaries of Kibbutz Kfar Blum marked

"After about 3 hours of hard work the session had come to an end at 1.00pm. It had been a hard training session for me because it had been a very hot day and I was not used to the heat, so I retired to my accommodation. I had a nice cool shower, and made myself a cup of coffee, then settled down to watch the news."

Some photographs of John karate grading while in Israel

"It was about 2:15pm and I was lying on a single bed. My body was propped up by two pillows so I could see the TV. Lying down wasn’t the most sensible thing to do because before I know it I had dozed off."

"I was in a semi sleep state, not awake, but not asleep, when I became aware of some sort of energy flowing from the ceiling to the floor at the bottom of my bed. I moved to the bottom of the bed and put my head into the energy beam. I looked up and remember saying 'Oh it’s just you' even though I don’t remember seeing anything. I then moved back to my sleeping position."

"As I lay there I suddenly become aware that both of my arms were being pinned down hard to the bed. I then lifted both arms and threw off whatever was holding my arms down, shouting 'I’m the master here!' When I say that I throw both arms in the air, I’m not referring to my physical arms."

"I then suddenly woke up to see the room as it was before I dozed off. When I checked my watch it was now 2:30pm. I sometimes wonder if this was an abduction attempt or an attempt to carry out a physical examination."

As with John’s previous experience, there are some aspects of this incident which would fit with sleep paralysis. Once again he was in a semi-awake state, which is when sleep paralysis is most prone to occur. In this instance he actually felt something holding him down on the bed. This is a commonly reported aspect of sleep paralysis, quite often the individual undergoing the condition can feel an entity of some kind forcing them down, or in some cases even see it.

That said, there are other parts of the experience which do not fit this explanation. John clearly seemed to have been able to move during at least part of the experience. When I questioned him about what happened he informed me that he got up on his knees on the bed and then stuck his head out into this beam of energy, which he could sense rather than see. He says that he sensed it was several feet across

One particularly fascinating aspect is John’s reaction when he looked up. He clearly seemed to recognise someone familiar to him, even though he does not remember seeing anything. This could suggest that this was linked with contact and he was seeing ETs which he had already seen in the past at least once. If so then he seemed comfortable with their presence. Quite often contactees report a sense of familiarity with the beings they encounter, and sometimes treat them like an extended family.

However, John seemed far less comfortable with what happened next and forced off whatever was pinning him down. At the time he was amazed at how he had managed to do this, as he was aware he had not done it using his actual arms, it was more through the power of his mind. John says that he is perplexed by what he shouted. He says that he has never viewed himself as the master of anyone, and this reaction has bothered him ever since.


“In 2000 I was separated from my first wife Lynne, and was living in a one bedroom flat, which was over a state agency shop at the beginning of Northdown Road, Margate.”

Map showing the location of the flat

“On this particular night I had gone to bed at around 12:30am and fell off to sleep pretty quickly. My bedroom was square shaped with a window facing out onto Northdown Road with my bed opposite. My feet faced towards the window in an South Easterly direction.”

“I became aware of a tingling sensation that started from my toes and quickly moved up my body to my fingertips then spreading up to the top of my head. It was similar to the sensation I had before when I was woke up by the dark entity entering my bedroom.”

“With a jerk my body began to lift off the bed. My arms remained by the side of my body, my legs remained outstretched, and my head had no feeling of weight to it, which I found odd.”

“I had probably lifted no more than a foot off my bed when my body started to drift over to my right. I didn’t like this situation and started to shout out in my mind ‘I’m not going under the bed!’ I just felt that’s where I was going and I didn’t want to go there.”

“The next thing I noticed was looking at the corner of the room to my right. I noticed flickering shadows on the walls and ceiling just like you would get when light is passing through water. I then realized I had turned a full 180°.”

Overhead drawing of the bedroom

“Before I knew it, I started to drift back over towards my bed and then began to spiral around about 180°, stopping over my bed. Without warning I felt myself slide back into my body with a thump. I thought this was strange, because during this whole incident I don’t remember seeing my body in my bed.”

This experience certainly has much more in common with an out-of-body experience than an abduction. Although abductees often report being levitated upward from their bed, they generally then proceed to float out of the room (often passing through a solid ceiling, wall or window) and then towards a waiting craft in the vicinity of the house. This did not happen here. John reports drifting upwards a short distance, turning around against his will, before falling back down into his body.

Out-of-body experiences are sometimes reported by contactees, but, like sleep paralysis, are very different to contact. It it theorised by some that they involve the spiritual body becoming detached from the physical body and drifting apart for a period of time. However others believe OBEs are just created in the mind and not actually taking place. Sometimes the individual is able to move around freely, other times such as in this incident the individual is unable to control where they move to and just observe what is happening.

It is interesting that John felt he was going to drift under his bed, and was terrified of this taking place for an unknown reason. This possibly has links with the fear people experience during sleep paralysis, potentially brought on by the lack of control of the situation.

Paranormal Activity

In 2002, two years after his divorce from Lynn, John moved to a rental house on Uplands Close in Medway, Kent. He made the move because at the time he worked in Rochester and didn’t want to have to travel.

Drawn map of Uplands Close

Photograph of the house

Soon after moving in strange experiences started to occur. On several occasions John heard the sound of footsteps walk up the staircase right up to his bedroom door. This would happen during the night and actually wake him up. He did not believe this was echoes coming from next door as both of his neighbours were quiet and didn’t tend to make noises after dark.

John had a computer set up in the kitchen with files and books stacked around it. He was very familiar with the layout of this area as he would regularly work at it. On numerous occasions he was convinced that some of these were being intentionally messed around with by an unseen entity. On numerous occasions they would vanish, sometimes for weeks on end, before reappearing in odd places. Other times objects vanished never to be seen again, such as a ruler he’d left in plain sight.

There were other occasions where John would witness glowing orbs flying around the property. They were generally glowing white in colour and quite small in size. He would witness them at least once a week and they could occur anywhere. Most of the time they would be seen after dark, but occasionally would also occur during the day. In one example he was sitting near the TV in the living room at around 3pm. He intended to go outside and cut the grass. As he bent down to do his shoelaces up, a glowing orb flew into his vision from the right and seemed to pass right into his face.

The house was owned by a nightclub manager and good friend of his. After a while John decided to tell him about what was going on at the property. When he mentioned the things which had been taking place his friend laughed and said "Why do you think we moved out?” as he walked away. John did not ask him in detail about what he had experienced there.

Hybrid Visitation

“By 2005, I was living on my own in the house. I hadn’t long been separated from my second wife, Michel. On this particular night I had gone to bed. I was sleeping in the back bed room at this time, it was about 1 am.”

“A figure suddenly peered around the bedroom door. I couldn’t see any features so to speak of, looked a little like the shape of a Grey. I believed this entity to be a young female. I don’t know ‘why’ just a feeling. She came into the bedroom and walked up to me on the right hand side of the bed. The entity was about 3’ 6” tall, light grey, almost white coloured skin.”

The female being alongside the bed

“I started off lying down flat on my back in my bed, but then I found myself in a sitting position. I didn’t realize this until after the visit and I had a chance to go over the event in my mind. I said hello as the entity sat on my lap throwing its arms around me. As the entity hugged me, I felt its arms squeeze me tightly, in fact it squeezed me so hard the sides of my body compressed as if I was made of sponge.”

“I asked the entity not to squeeze so tight and it relaxed its grip. I told her the entity it shouldn’t be there and it had to go back, I don’t recollect it speaking to me. As the entity left my bedroom it turned around just enough to wave goodbye. To my recollection I have never seen this entity before or after this occasion. I wonder sometimes was she a ghost or a hybrid, maybe my child?”

“I do remember seeing a mark on my right hand during the day. I did wonder where it had come from, I hadn’t hit it and I don’t remember seeing it until the day after the visit. It’s shaped like a triangle, light red in colour, about the size of a 5 pence piece.”

In speaking with John about this particular being he confirmed that the door was shut initially and he actually watched it open. There was no light on outside the room, but there was enough light from the moon and nearby street lights coming in from behind the curtains to see the surroundings.

Then the head and one arm appeared around the side of the door, and the being actually waved at him. He revealed that one of the reasons he felt it was female is that she had long, straggly and thin pale blonde coloured hair on her head, although he also sensed this.

Once she walled closer to him he was able to see her more clearly. Although her body shape was similar to a Grey, slender with an over-sized cranium, and she had pale grey coloured skin, her eyes were not black. They were a bit larger than human eyes, and blue-ish in colour with visible irises. She had a small nose and thin slit for a mouth. There were no ears visible. She looked youthful and healthy, which is why John felt that she was of a young age. She did not smile or frown at him, but John sensed that she was friendly. He was not frightened of her at all.

John also confirmed that he spoke to the being. When she entered the room and walked alongside the bed John for an unknown reason he felt like she was not supposed to be visiting him. He said to her “You know you’re not supposed to be here don’t you?” She did not respond to this question but instead reached out and hugged him tightly. She was squeezing too hard so John asked her to lighten her grip around him. She did not audibly answer him but John got the impression of agreement in his mind.

He was still aware of the feeling that she was not supposed to be visiting him, almost like she’d sneaked there to say hello. He didn’t want her to get into trouble so said to her “It’s been nice talking to you but it’s your time to go now!” She seemed to agree with this as proceeded to stop hugging him and walked back out of the bedroom.

Although John did not recall meeting with this being before, he sensed a feeling of connection with her, very much like she was his own child. After speaking in depth with him about the incident, I feel it is certainly possible that this was a visitation by a hybrid girl which may have been created from his DNA taken in a previous abduction experience that he cannot currently recollect. Her appearance certainly fits with this explanation – she had certain features which looked very much like a Grey, but others such as her long hair and eyes which looked more human. Contactees who are involved with the hybrid program often report meeting with hybrids who have been created from them.

The Crimson Orb Returns

“In 2007 I moved back to Birmingham to live with my mother in Yardley. I was out one Tuesday night in October 2010, at 11:30pm, putting out the bins for collection on Wednesday morning. I spotted an object moving rapidly from the East over the houses on Deakins Road, at about 45° elevation.”

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFO was first observed

“It was circular in shape, silent, fuzzy, a dull crimson colour, about the size of a pea hold at arm’s length. It reminded me of my first UFO sighting back in 1976.”

The crimson orb in the sky

“It suddenly turned North towards Hob More Road, then a sharp turn east towards the Yew tree in the direction of Birmingham Airport. It was moving so fast I had trouble keeping it in sight.”

Map showing the path of the UFO

Zoomed out map indicating the flight path and proximity to Birmingham Airport

“Two things struck me most about this sighting. Firstly its speed. It didn’t slow down for its two sharp turns. Secondly my inability to focus on this object regardless of how hard I tried. It was like looking at ultraviolet light.”

It’s incredible that John’s most recent UFO sighting closely matches his first in terms of appearance of the object and speed of movement. It’s quite rare that an individual would have multiple sightings of potentially the same UFO.

Due to how fast the object moved and its sudden changes in direction it could not have been a normal aircraft or helicopter at high altitude. John confirmed for me that the sighting took place on a clear night with no cloud cover, so this puts out of the question that the object was reflection of a laser light moving rapidly across the base of clouds. As with his initial sighting, it was the wrong colour for a Chinese lantern, and was moving too quickly to be an LED balloon. As it took place in 2010 there is the possibility that it was a quad drone. These can move quite rapidly and change course extremely fast. However drones tend to be audible even at a distance, making a loud humming sound. They also tend to have numerous coloured lights which glow much brighter.

Here is a video of a lit quad drone flying at a distance after dark for comparison to John’s testimony:

As you can see, even at a distance it is possible to make out the four corner lights of the object, although the sound does drop off considerably. John is familiar with how quad drones look and move, and does not believe that this is what he saw that night.

If the object seen in both sightings was a genuine ET craft, then this suggests that it was a similar (or even the same) craft returning to monitor John directly. Given the fact that he has had numerous contact experiences this is not outside the realms of possibility and should be considered.

The Grey and the Vortex

“The night of 14th June 2015 was like any other night. I had gone to bed. I wasn’t under any stress and I had nothing in particular on my mind, in fact I had a good night’s sleep. That was until I woke up to see a figure standing halfway up the right-hand side of my bed. I immediately recognised this figure to be what we commonly call a Grey. Although the room was in darkness, it was semi-lit up by the new lights the council had put into place about two years prior to this event.”

“I was able to partially make out its features. It looked like a dark greyish silhouette, the normal big head, slender body, and black big eyes. I guess it was around 4’ 5” tall.”

Drawing of the Grey standing by the bed

“This entity was standing on the right hand side of my bed watching me. I had no idea as to how long this entity had been watching me for. It suddenly started to run to the bottom of the bed and then across to my left. As it passed by my window I was able to track its movements. On reaching the lift hand side of my bed it moved towards my bedroom door to my left.”

Drawing of the Grey running around the base of the bed

“The entity got to about half way up my bed when it began to become transparent. Then suddenly it disappeared into some type of vortex, a vacuum, or into the wall...I really couldn’t say. This vortex, for want of a better description, was collapsing as the entity was running towards it. As soon as the entity passed into the vortex, the vortex collapsed until it was gone. I could see into this vortex, but couldn’t make anything out.”

Drawing of the Grey becoming transparent

Drawing of the Grey entering the vortex

“The way it collapsed was interesting, it didn’t collapse uniformly, but in small increments, collapsing...pausing, again collapsing and pausing in jerky movements, until it was closed. It didn’t collapse slowly either, taking about a second to collapse from being about 4’ 6” wide, vertically and horizontally, down to nothing... it collapsed in on itself. The centre didn’t move position as it collapsed, nor did it emit any sound or light.”

“I immediately grabbed my mobile phone, which was on my bed side drawers to my left to check the time. It was 4:43am.”

“One thing I keep asking myself is why I didn’t jump out of bed and confront this being. The answer is I don’t know why. It wasn’t as if I was afraid, it just didn’t occur to me to carry out that action. I’m quite sure that if it had been a thief I would have grabbed them. I do wonder if they had some sort of control over me. One thing is for sure, they didn't expect me to wake up, as the entity was as startled as I was!”

This is a truly stunning experience, and one which has obvious links with contact. Unlike some of his earlier sightings of entities, this one was clearly of a Grey. John was able to move freely and watch it move across his room, after which he immediately grabbed his phone. It is therefore likely he was very much awake and that this was a genuine visitation rather that related to sleep paralysis.

I have investigated many cases where contactees are visited by Greys during the night. It is unknown if this being was there to interact with John directly in any way. It may have been planning to abduct him, or may have even been returning him after an abduction which has been completely removed from his mind.

As John says, it does not appear that it was expecting him to wake up due to the way it backed off and quickly left the local environment. The way in which it proceeded to do this is particularly fascinating. I have investigated numerous other incidents where a vortex or portal of some kind has been described, and which the beings have either emerged from or disappeared into. However the way in which the vortex closed around the being in a fragmented fashion is extremely unusual. I have not personally investigated any other cases where this has been reported, although there may be other cases out there.

There are of course numerous questions that remain. Where did this vortex lead to? Why did the being need to step back through it to leave the bedroom? Why was it positioned on the other side of the room to where it was standing? These are of course questions we will likely never find the answer to.

The point John makes about the way in which he acted fits in with many other contact experiences. In most cases when experiencing contact the individual or individuals involved will not act in a normal rational manner. They generally act far too complacently to what is taking place, sometimes completely ignoring the presence of beings or craft in the vicinity. It is only after the experience is over that they will question their own actions. This is one of the reasons why there are very few known photographs or videos of contact. I personally believe that this is something done on purpose by the ETs themselves to prevent the contactee from raising the alarm or attempting to fight back against what is happening.

Alien Matrix

“On the 8th November 2017 I had gone to bed a little later than normal at about 2.00am as I was doing some last minute work on my computer. I fell asleep almost immediately. During the night I suddenly felt that there was another person in the room. I felt they were creeping to my right close to the outside walls of the room. I got the impression that they were trying to get around to the back of me. I felt threatened and started to look to the left of me to see if I could find something to defend myself with.”

“The next thing I remember I was on the floor and this entity was lying down in front of me, with its head to my right, and floating 1 and a half feet off the ground. This may sound strange, but I had the impression that it was a vampire type of creature in human form, like in the old Hammer Horror movies. I was crouched over this entity and in my left hand I had a container with something in it, I couldn’t tell if it was fluid, gas or a powder. My right hand was undoing the lid to this container. At the same time I said to the entity ‘I know that this stuff will kill you’ as if getting ready to pour out its contents.”

“Suddenly, with the flick of a finger, the scene around me changed and I found myself in my bedroom, in the same crunched over position, but now I was sitting up in my bed. I then become aware of something below and to the left of me, I remember seeing the big eyes, which startled me and made me jump, then with a flick of the finger it was gone.”

“Again, like the flick of a finger, the next thing I knew I was lying down on my bed pulling my eiderdown over me and struggling to retain the memories of this event. I had to work very hard to remember these events as they were fading very quickly.”

“When I checked the time on my mobile phone it was approximately 5:15am.”

“Three things struck me intensely about my experience and now occupy my daily thoughts. Firstly, what was the fluid in the container that had the power to vanquish this entity? Next is how quickly one scene moved into the next. There was no fading in between each scene, just instant transformation. Lastly is how quickly these scenes were dissipating from my memory after the event, and the amount of effort it took to retain them.”

This is a rather bizarre experience. John says that it felt much more vivid than a normal nightmare. One of the scenes he described involved a Grey crouching down near his bed. However there are clearly some dream-like elements to this such as the vampire-like creature, the container filled with an unknown substance and the way in which the scene around him rapidly changed. It is possible that this was nothing more than a vivid dream, or perhaps brought on by a hypnagogic state (similar to sleep paralysis). The visions only lasted for the briefest of moments, the whole experience was over in seconds.

Another possibility is this was a contact experience of some kind (or a memory of a previous event), with aspects of it overlaid by his mind or brought on by screen memories employed by the ETs themselves. In many contact cases the beings are known to mask their appearance, so could the vampire-like being that John described actually have been a Grey. One argument which counteracts this suggestion is the fact that in his other previous experiences they had appeared in their actual form, so why appear differently now? There are no clear explanations, it is up to you to decide what took place with this experience.

Levitating Grey

“I wasn’t expecting another visitation so soon, so I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep having been kept awake the past nights with thoughts about the dream like event I had a couple of nights before. But that’s not how it turned out.”

“I was awoken early on the morning of the 10th. I was lying on my right hand side, with my right arm stretched out in front of me. As I opened my eyes I could see the black silhouette of the typical Grey alien shaped head, laying on top of my eiderdown. It looked like it was staring at me. There were no features to be seen, just the blackness of the silhouette. I couldn’t see its body as the eiderdown was blocking my view.”

“The entity’s head wasn’t lying on my bed, but hovered about 6 inches above the pillow, it didn’t make a sound or speak to me. I stared at it for about one second when this entity disappeared down my bed. I didn’t feel its weight on my eiderdown, or its movement when moving down my bed.”

Drawing of the Grey hovering above the bed

“I pulled back my eiderdown in an attempt not to let this one go, but it had disappeared. The thing that struck me most about this event was that I wear glasses to see both distant objects and to read. I don’t wear them to bed, yet the outline of the silhouette was sharp and not fuzzy as I would expect. So was this event being played out in my mind?”

With this incident happening only two days after the previous one, they certainly appear linked. In this case it appears that it was a Grey, although it was darker in the room than it had been on previous occasions and no facial features were made out this time. The way in which the being was lying down alongside John may sound odd, but I have investigated other cases where exactly the same thing has been reported. It is possible that they during these incidents they are trying to imitate the individual for whatever reason.

Once again as John woke up the being quickly departed from the room. This time it appeared to vanish much faster and he did not see it disappear into a vortex of any kind, it was just gone. The fact that the being appeared sharp rather than out-of-focus could mean that this experience did not physically take place, a point which John himself queries in his statement. However it is also possible that the Grey was appearing to him on a meta-physical level so he saw it clearly despite his poor eyesight.

White Orb & Body Marking

Late evening on the 9th March 2018 John decided to step outside onto the front garden of his house on Holder Road to take a look at the stars. He had recently downloaded a sky chart application on his phone which maps out the star symbols in real time over the sky, and wanted to try it out. It was a still and clear night.

After being out there a while he decided to head back inside. He began to walk back down the garden path towards the front door. At this point something compelled him to look again at the sky. When he did so he noticed a white glowing light in the distance to the North West moving in his direction. It was travelling on a level and straight course.

Photograph in the direction the white orb approached

The object looked too bright and large to be a satellite, and John with his interest in star gazing has of course seen these on many occasions. He initially assumed it must be the International Space Station. However as it approached he realised it was in the atmosphere rather than out in orbit. It appeared to be at an altitude of about 90 feet. John estimates it was 12-15 feet in diameter, and had crisp clear edges to it.

He thought about heading inside to grab his mobile phone to record the object, but decided not to as he was concerned if he did when he returned it would be gone. He continued to watch as the glowing orb of light moved towards him. As it passed directly overhead he looked up at it and for an unknown reason distinctly sensed that this was one of ours – possibly a back engineered craft of some kind. He has no idea why he felt this way.

The UFO continued on a straight course towards the South East until it vanished from sight into the distance over Oaklands Recreation Ground. In total John watched the object for about 3-4 minutes. Once it had gone he went back inside and soon decided to go to sleep.

Photograph of Oaklands Recreational Ground

In the morning as he got dressed he noticed an unusual marking on his left hand. It was roughly oval shaped and dark pink in colouration. It did not hurt when he touched it. John is familiar with the phenomenon of body markings, so decided to take some photographs of it for later reference:

While it is unknown if the marking is anything related to contact, it is interesting that he found it the morning after having the UFO sighting. This could of course just be down to coincidence. John has no recollection of anything else occurring in the night, so it may have just been natural. The marking did not disappear fast, it was present on his hand for a couple of months before eventually fading.

So what could the white orb have been? John has confirmed that the object could not have been the ISS because it was on the wrong trajectory to how it would usually appear. It also appeared to be in the atmosphere rather than out in space. I performed a check of the position of the ISS at various times throughout the evening of 9th March 2018 and it is clear that at the time of the incident it was not on a trajectory which caused it to pass over the United Kingdom. Here is an example of one of the checks performed, taken at 11pm:

The object was a on straight and level course. While this could suggest it was on a powered flight path, the possibility it was drifting on an air current cannot be entirely ruled out. This means there is a possibility that the object was a bright LED balloon, although John feels it was too large and bright for this to be the explanation. There is therefore the possibility that it was an advanced craft of some kind.


As you can see John has had some amazing and varied experiences over the years. It is common that repeat contactees witness UFOs on multiple occasions. It is also common for them to mention both psychic abilities and other paranormal activity in their vicinity. These are of course all aspects of this detailed case.

John remains fascinated by the UFO subject. This fascination has of course been brought on by what has personally happened to him over the years. He still seeks answers to what has happened, as do many other contactees around the world. This report preserves the details of his incredible experiences for others to read about and learn from going forward, and I am very proud to be able to share these details with you. If you have any further information relating to any of these experiences please get in touch.

Without John’s openness and honesty this case report would not exist, and he has put in a huge amount of effort in making this a reality, both prior to and following his accident, and his direct statements have made up a substantial portion of this report. Therefore I felt it only fitting for him to have the last word…

“When I look back over the events and experiences of my life, I really find it difficult to believe that they did indeed happen. My life feels like I've been reading a sci-fi magazine, and the more I read the more fantastic the sci-fi becomes. I am sure of one thing though - they did happen.”

“I'm also quite sure that each experience prepared me for the next, in a way preparing me to accept and deal with the next experience. In the beginning I was shown flying UFOs from a distance, and as time went by I began to experience alien visitation.”

“It's not easy to deal with the idea that an alien has the capacity to wander through your life without your invitation, leaving you feeling exposed, vulnerable, and extremely puzzled as to what just happened. Who do you approach to talk to? In what box do you fit your experience? Where do you search for an answer to your experiences? This is something you have to carry around in your head for a long time not knowing if you might be going crazy. After all how many people do you know that have had a UFO experience?”

“Despite the confusion and loneliness these experiences dumped on me, I can confirm that if I had to go through it all again I would in a heartbeat. Why? Because my experiences and life direction is very unique to me. No one else as far as I know has experienced exactly the same experiences as I have.”

“It's taken me over 45 years to put pen to paper, and thanks to Dave I have at last accomplished my first task. Now all my experiences are out in the open, ready to be read.”

“What's next? Well I don't know, but I am looking forward to finding out. When you have read my report please keep your mind open to the possibility that maybe one day you will experience the same, or at least some similar events. They will raise your awareness of the planet you live on, and the space we occupy in this fantastic cosmos we all live in.”

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