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Wolverhamton Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Signs of Contact

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/10/2021

In early October 2021 Brandon Ward joined our Facebook community group BUFOG Truthseekers and posted a video from his Youtube channel. In this video he described having contact experiences and his drive to share them with people in order to assist with understanding of the subject and speak with others who have had similar experiences. I got in touch with him to go over these incidents in more depth and write this case report.

As with many repeat contactees, Brandon has had a variety of experiences since childhood which will be discussed in depth throughout this report.

Vision of the Earth

Brandon was born in Islington, London, and spent the early years of his life there. When he was 5 years old he had an extremely vivid dream. In this dream he found himself standing on the rocky surface of the Moon and looking back at the Earth. It felt like he was physically there, but could breathe normally. There were no beings or craft seen, but the dream was so vivid for him that it deeply affected him, and he still remembers it clearly today.

Example photograph of the Earth taken from the Moon

It is of course unknown whether this vision has anything to do with his later contact experiences or not, but it is interesting that it made such a lasting impact on him.

Phone Home

When he was 7 Brandon watched Stephen Spielberg’s classic alien movie ET: The Extra-terrestrial. For a reason unknown to him, he felt a very powerful connection to this film, especially the being itself. It affected him on a deeply emotional level, and he knew deep down that something similar had happened to him, that he had met with a being of some kind.

The alien being from ET: The Extra-terrestrial

Now of course ET is a very emotional film, however Brandon says that his feelings towards it ran deeper than that. He did not share his thoughts on this with his family, but it is something which has remained with him ever since.

Sphere & Triangle

By 2009 at age 14 Brandon had moved with his mother, two brothers and two sisters to a house on Thongsley in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Late evening on 8th June at around 11pm he was lying down in bed with the light off and about to settle down to sleep. There was a heat wave at the time so he had his bedroom window open to cool down the room. The curtains were drawn but due to the angle he could see a thin strip of night sky around the edge of them.

Aerial map of Thongsley

Suddenly there was an orange glowing light coming from outside. He sat up on the bed and pulled the curtains apart to take a look at where the light was coming from. He was amazed at what he saw.

It was a clear night outside with the moon and stars fully visible. Coming in from the right of his vision about 50 metres away from the house were two strange objects. They were level with his upstairs window, so at an altitude of about 20 feet. The first appeared to be a glowing orange spherical-shaped object. It had a line of small white lights running around its centre, and it is clear that the light was coming from this object. It appeared to be about 30 feet across.

Behind it a short distance was what appeared to be a flattened black triangular shaped object with no lights on. It was visible against the night sky and blocking out the stars. It was much smaller than the sphere, about 12 feet in length.

Witness drawing of the two UFOs

Both of the objects were travelling on a straight and level course at quite a slow speed, perhaps 20 mph. They retained the same distance from one another as they moved but certainly appeared to be two separate objects.

As they reached the left side of the view from the window, without warning both objects shot away diagonally upward into the sky! They made no sound as they performed this manoeuvre and were gone in less than a second.

Brandon was both shocked and awestruck at what he had just witnessed. He ran downstairs to get his older brother Edward (who was 15 at the time). Edward came running back upstairs with him. He pointed out of the window and explained what he had just seen. Edward did not laugh at him and seemed to believe what he was told. Brandon did not mention the incident to his mother.

The orange sphere was clearly not a normal aeroplane or helicopter. It was close enough to see in detail, and had none of the normal navigation lights of an aircraft. 360 Radar confirms that the area does not lie within a normal airway:

It also confirms that it does lie in controlled airspace, which decreases the likelihood of private untracked flights:

Although the sphere was the right colour for a Chinese lantern, the fact that it had a line of white lights around it tends to imply it was not. It also seemed to be much too large to have been a lantern.

It seems unlikely that the triangular object was a normal aircraft as it seemingly had no lights on it at all. While it would be possible for a military aircraft to “fly dark” I find it unlikely they would do this over a highly populated urban area. Also the way in which the objects suddenly greatly accelerated in speed and shot away, ascending as they did, confirms that they were not mundane in any way and were also clearly related to one another.

Glowing Lights

Astoundingly, after seeing the spherical and triangular UFOs, Brandon claims to have seen unidentified objects in the sky every night for the next three months. He says that because of the initial sighting he would purposely look out of his bedroom window late at night, and to his recollection something would always take place.

The majority of these sightings involved orbs of light of various colours. Sometimes they would visibly change colour – red, green, blue, orange, yellow. On some occasions an orb would flash and then others would seemingly emerge from it. On other occasions the opposite would occur – there would be multiple orbs flying along together and they would appear to merge into one.

There was an open field close to where he lived. On one occasion he saw lights down low coming from behind a copse of trees at the edge of the field. He was tempted to go and investigate, but was too frightened of what he might find.

Because the sightings were repeated this gave Brandon an opportunity to capture them on camera. He says that he tried this on multiple occasions using his smartphone, but unfortunately the camera was not good enough to pick up the objects as they were too distant. This frustrated him as he wanted to capture some evidence of them for verification.

On multiple occasions he tried to show his brother the objects. Sometimes they would only briefly appear and by the time Edward had reached the window they had gone. On other occasions he did get there in time but when Brandon pointed them out to him for some reason he could not see them. After this has happened a few times he stopped telling him about them as he didn’t want him to think he was going mad.

Interestingly, a number of other sightings of unidentified lights had taken place over Huntingdon in the months leading up to Brandon’s sightings. Below is a link to a Hunts Post article about these sightings:

Although I feel that at least some of these incidents could well have been down to launches of Chinese lanterns, there is still the possibility that some were genuine UFO sightings, perhaps linked with what Brandon was seeing.

Like the newspaper report, some of Brandon’s sightings could have potentially had mundane explanations. There are numerous things which can appear as glowing orbs of light after dark including distant aircraft, lanterns, LED balloons, drones and radio controlled models. However it is very interesting that he was having so many sightings over such a short space of time which seemed to begin with the sighting of the oval-shaped and triangular-shaped UFOs.

Purple Stains

It was a week day in the first week of July 2009. Like normal Brandon woke to the sound of his alarm at 8am in order to get ready for school. He sat up in bed in his pyjamas and immediately noticed something very odd. There were light purple stains on the front of both the top and bottom of his pyjamas. It looked like liquid which had splashed up him and dried. Looking around at the bed he also saw similar stains on the centre of the pillow case and centre of the bed sheets. There was no detectable odour to the stains, however he did not attempt to smell them closely.

Witness drawing of the stains on his night clothes and bedding

Because of the UFO sightings he had been having he assumed that these were related and that he may have been abducted in the night, even though he had no recollection of anything taking place. He was disturbed at the presence of the stains and didn’t want to entertain the notion that something had happened to him. He wanted to get rid of the evidence so his family wouldn’t see, to put it out of his mind as much as possible.

He took off his pyjamas, and then put them, the pillow case and bed sheet into a plastic bag he happened to have under his bed. He then got dressed and immediately headed outside to the bins in the back garden. He pushed the bin liner deep inside the bin so that nobody would find it, and then turned to walk back into the house.

As he walked back along the path he suddenly noticed something in the sky over the house. Looking up he saw what appeared to be a black coloured disc about 35 feet in diameter. It seemed to be about 400 feet up and was hovering motionless. This only served to confirm to him further that something had taken place. He was un-nerved and confused by what was happening. He tried his best to ignore the presence of the UFO and continued inside the house leaving it hovering there in the sky. He is unaware of how long it may have remained in the area.