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Wistaston Contact Case – Greys, Abduction, UFO Sighting, Missing Time, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/10/2020

Last Updated: 11/10/2020

In August 2020 I got in touch with Joe via our Facebook community page after coming across a conversation by him about his contact experiences. A number of years ago he got in touch with another UFO group and provided them with a testimonial statement, but this is the first time that his experiences have been written up in depth.

The incidents all occurred between 1983 and 1984 when he was 9-10 years old. For many years he had forgotten all about them. They would have probably remained unknown if it wasn’t for the conversation which he had in 2007 with his stepson’s girlfriend Racheal. Joe and his partner at the time had invited them over for some drinks. During the evening the conversation turned to paranormal activity. Racheal described a number of ghost encounters she had witnessed. She then asked Joe whether anything strange had ever happened to him. At first he simply said that he had never seen anything. But Racheal pressed him, getting him to really give it some thought.

Joe thought hard back to his childhood, and suddenly an incident which had occurred near to his home came to his mind. Then within a moment everything came flooding back! He recalled experience after experience, all of which took place around the same period of time in his life. In this report these incidents will be covered in depth.

The Old Lady

Back in 1983 Joe lived in a house on Mulberry Road in Wistaston, Crewe. Although later in his life he moved away from the address, his parents retained ownership of the property.

Aerial map of Mulberry Road

Joe was 9 years old at the time. It was the summer holidays and he would regularly head out on his bicycle and ride around the local area. He believes the incident took place on a Sunday in August, but does not know the exact date. He decided to ride to some local woods referred to by nearby residents as Bluebell Wood. The woods were just South of Mulberry Road and easy accessible via a gulley.

It was a clear, dry and sunny morning. As he entered the woods via a path he reached the Scout hut. A dirt covered path lead around the left hand side of the building to continue deeper into the woods. As he turned the corner, he stared along the path through the trees. About 30 yards further along the path there was an adjoining side path.

Suddenly he saw a strange figure emerge into view from the side path. It looked like a short 4 foot high elderly lady. She was wearing a dark brown coloured blanket over her head which hung right down to the calves of her legs. Joe cannot recall what other clothing she was wearing, his view was fixated on the blanket. He could not clearly make out her face due to the angle he was viewing her and the distance. Her legs looked oddly thin. He could not see them directly because of the blanket, but the shape of them was visible behind it, and they looked almost non-existent, so must have been really slender.

Witness drawing of the old lady along the path

Another strange aspect was how the lady moved. As she walked her torso moved in a circular motion, like she was shuffling rather than walking as normal. There was something distinctly not right about her.

The lady reached the centre of the main path and then stopped moving. She did not turn and look at Joe but he felt that she was aware of his presence. He stared at her for about 10 seconds. After this point Joe became frightened of the situation. He jumped off his bike, span it around, jumped back on and began to ride back along the path.

Aerial map indicating the location of the witness's house, the position he stood at and the location of the old lady

About 6 seconds later he suddenly heard the sound of a deafening scream. It sounded twice as high pitched as a normal human scream. The noise came from behind him, and he was convinced that it had come from the old lady. This frightened him even more and he quickly made his way out of the woods and rode back home.

When he arrived he informed his mother of what he’d seen. However she just believed that the old lady he had seen was human and nothing to be afraid of. While it is possible that this was the case there were a number of odd aspects including her short height, thin legs and unusual walking motion. Although Joe does not wish to jump to conclusions regarding this incident, there is the possibility that the lady was a Grey using a screen memory to mask its true identity.

Landed UFO

Between 3-5 weeks after seeing the old lady, Joe went out to play with his friend Steve, who lived across the road from him. It was early afternoon, around 1pm, when they met outside their houses and headed out. It was another still and warm summer’s day. They walked to an area of open grass-covered fields just beyond Bluebell Wood which they would sometimes play at.

They arrived at the field around 1.10pm. As they walked across the field they approached the Northern edge of a copse of trees. Joe entered the woodland first, at this point Steve was about 20 feet behind him messing around with some sticks he’d found. Joe stared through the trees ahead of him towards a clearing in the copse. He was amazed to see that there was an object present there, about 40 feet away from his location.

Hovering motionless about 4 feet off the ground there was a black coloured flattened diamond shaped object. It appeared to be about 4.5 feet across and about 1 foot tall at its central point. The surface of the object was dull rather than shiny, and there were no markings visible on it.

Aerial map indication the location of the witness's house and the location of the UFO

Joe sensed an immediate connection with the object. Initially he tried to rationalize what he was looking at. An unusual inflatable of some kind would not have looked so structured and would have drifted rather than remained still. A remote controlled flying model would have made sound and again would have drifted. All he could hear was a light breeze whistling through the trees. Later on in life he even considered whether the object was a couple of ravens mating and positioned in an unusual manner, but there was no movement to it whatsoever. Joe instinctively knew that this thing was from somewhere else. He was not frightened by the object, more fascinated by it. He smiled in amazement and continued to stare at it.

Painting by artist Liz Francis of the black UFO in the clearing

About 10 seconds later Steve arrived to his right side, about 10 feet away from him. He then noticed the object himself. Unlike Joe, Steve was immediately frightened of it. He loudly exclaimed “Quick, run!” But Joe wanted to do the opposite, he wanted to get closer to the object. He said “Let’s go and have a look!” Steve continued to insist that they get away from it. When he saw that Joe was not going to go willingly he threatened to hit him. At this point Joe gave in and they both turned and began running away from the copse.

Once they were half way across the field they slowed down a bit to a walking pace. Suddenly Joe heard a voice speak his name inside his head. The voice sounded female, almost like it had been uttered by someone standing right next to him. Initially thinking it must have been Steve, Joe asked “What did you say?” Steve replied “Nothing.” Confused, Joe asked “Can’t you hear that?” Steve simply said “No.”

Then the voice spoke a second time. It was a request, crystal clear in his mind – “Come back.” It sounded kind rather than commanding. At this point Joe realised it was linked with the black object in the woods behind them. He said out loud “I will come back!” Steve asked “Who are you talking to?” Because of how he had reacted to the object, Joe did not mention the voice, instead he just replied “Oh, no-one.” Steve exclaimed “You’re weird you are!”

They continued to walk across the field. As they reached a bank at the edge of Bluebell Wood they happened to bump into Joe’s father Nigel who was out on a walk. Joe said to him “We've just see the weirdest thing across those woods over there”. Richard did not ask exactly what they’d seen but replied "Go home and I’ll go and check it out" He then headed off in the direction of the copse.

Once they arrived back outside their respective houses Joe said goodbye to Steve and then headed inside. However he had no intention of staying put. He waited a few minutes to give Steve enough time to go back into his house. He then went out into the back garden and scaled the fence to next door. This gave him more stealthy access to the gulley at the end of the road.

He raced back to the copse as fast as he could. As he ran across the field he felt deep down that the object would surely no longer be there. He reached the edge off the trees and with disappointment realised that he was correct in this assumption. The object was no longer present in the clearing. However he was not going to give up just yet. He walked to the clearing and shouted out “I’ve come back!” as loud as he could. There was no response.

Joe waited staring up into the sky through the tree tops, desperately hoping that the object would return. A number of minutes passed by and there was still no sign of it, despite him again calling out a number of times. He then decided to sit down on a patch of grass and began to think about what might have taken place. Suddenly he felt himself black out almost instantaneously. He remembers falling sideways towards the ground.

The next thing he became aware of was that he was no longer sitting down. Instead he was standing up and holding onto a low branch of one of the trees with both hands extremely tightly. He was about 15 feet from where he had sat down. His whole body felt extremely heavy. The feeling was so strong that he felt almost paralyzed by it.

He immediately became aware that the sky was now a lot darker than it had been a moment ago. When he had arrived at the clearing it was bright daylight, but now it appeared that the sun was starting to go down. This realization greatly frightened him, especially considering the fact he was on his own.

He needed to get away from the clearing and head back home to where he would feel safe. But the sensation in his body meant that he could barely move. He decided that the best idea would be to voluntarily let go of the branch and fall to the ground. But his hands had a vice-like grip. With a concerted effort he managed to move his fingers a bit and pry them off the branch. He then fell sideways onto the ground. He was now staring deeper into the trees, the edge of the woods was behind him. He slowly managed to roll over.

By now the feeling of paralysis had reduced slightly and he was able to slowly crawl along the ground. After he had moved a short distance and began to leave the clearing he heard in the distance the sound of Nigel shouting out his name. With great relief, Joe tried calling back to him. At first the words would not even come out of his mouth, but he tried again and managed to make enough noise that his father heard. He came running over to him.

As Richard helped Joe to his feet he asked him “What happened?” Joe immediately thought that his father would not understand if he told him about why he had returned to the clearing so simply said “I must have fallen.” Richard continued to ask questions, asking “Where have you been?” Joe said “I’ve been right here where you’ve found me” Richard said “You couldn’t have been, we checked over here.”

Now that Joe was on his feet he felt the sensation of movement come back to his limbs. He was still limping a bit as he and his father made their way back across the field. Richard no doubt thought this was due to an injury he had incurred. They reached Bluebell Wood and Steve came running over to them. He had a concerned look on his face. He asked Joe “Where have you been?” Not wanting to tell Steve that he had purposely returned to the copse he just replied “Over there”, pointing towards the field. Steve said “We’ve been looking for you for ages!” Disapprovingly, Richard simply said to him “I told you not to go back there.”

Not much more was said between the three of them as they made their way back to Mulberry Drive. Joe did not ask how long he had been missing for, but judging by the amount of light in the sky he thinks it must have been a couple of hours. He recalls having a conversation with his mother when they arrived home, but other than that not much was ever said about the incident again.

This is a truly fascinating series of events. It seems probable that the black object the boys had initially witnessed was indeed a small craft of some kind. Due to its small size, it is very likely that it was being flown remotely. Joe appeared to have received a telepathic message from a being in some way connected with that craft, openly asking him to approach it.

A number of years ago Joe’s partner bought a lampshade which had some small plastic diamond shapes hanging off it. They immediately reminded him of the shape of the UFO he’d seen. Without telling her, he broke one of them off the lampshade and coloured it in black with a pen to retain as a keepsake:

When Joe returned to the clearing he was seemingly put to sleep. He was not feeling in any way tired, and it was still late afternoon at that time. I have spoken with many contactees who have reported something very similar to this. It is likely that after this occurred he was then abducted and removed from the clearing for a period of time, otherwise his father and friend would have found him when they searched for him. Many people also experience paralysis during contact experiences, this again fits in with what Joe experienced. It could well have been a residual effect which slowly dissipated in the minutes after his return.

Awakening in the Woods