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Winter 2014 to 11/07/20 - Walsall - Orb & Flying Triangle Videos

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 19/07/2020

Last Updated: 22/07/2020

In July 2020 I was contacted by Amar Hussain from Walsall who wanted to inform me of a recent UFO sighting he had also managed to capture on video. In discussion it also became apparent that he had had a number of earlier sightings too, some of which had also been videoed. This report covers his experiences in depth, including analysis of the footage.

Winter 2014 – Green Orb Sighting

On a Saturday in the winter of 2014 Amar and his family were in the process of moving house. He and his wife had driven over to Bilston to have a look at a potential property on a new housing development close to the canal (He cannot recollect the exact road name).

It was late evening when they arrived at the address. He parked the car and got out for a quick cigarette. There were streetlights on the side of the road where he stood but on the far side of the road it was darker. Suddenly he noticed what appeared to be a dark green glowing orb of light or energy. It was on the far side of the road about 30 feet from his position, and was about 20 feet off the ground. It was drifting along very slowly to the right in front of the houses! It appeared to be about the size of a football.

He watched the orb fascinated by it for about 35-40 seconds. Then without warning it split into three smaller orbs. One continued on the same path, the other two began separating off at diagonals. This continued for about 10 seconds and then all three faded out.

Amar is a Muslim and wondered if the experience had a religious explanation of some kind, so soon after he spoke with an Islamic scholar about what had happened. The scholar believed it was linked with the Djinn in some way. Followers of Islam believe Djinn (genies) are supernatural mischievous spirits, and the colour green has some significance to them.

What Amar saw certainly sounds unusual. It could not have been a lit inflatable of some kind due to the way in which it split into three. Also Amar said that it did not look like a solid sphere. A reflection of a light also seems very improbable as he watched it for a good period of time as it slowly moved along. This fact, combined with the low altitude it was at, also puts a meteorite out of the realms of possibility for the sighting. There is a chance that this was an earth light, however these are quite rare and tend to appear over rural areas not in urbanised locations.

20th May 2020 – White Orb Video

At 11.43pm on the evening of 20th May 2020 Amar stepped outside the front door of his house for a smoke. It was a beautiful clear night, with the stars fully visible. Looking up at the sky he suddenly noticed a glowing blue-white orb of light moving slowly towards his location from the North West West. It appeared to be at an altitude of about 100 feet. He immediately got his iPhone out and began recording it as it moved silently towards him.

After watching the object for about just under a minute he moved back towards the door. He then continued to film the object for about 10 seconds. He then decided to call his daughter Eshel to come and see the object. By the time she came outside to join him, the orb had passed over the roof of the house and had begun to move away from their location. He stopped filming it at this point and he and Eshel then stood and watched it until it had vanished from sight behind the housing.

Aerial map of Woodcutter Close showing the sighting location

Below is the video footage which Amar took of the orb: