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Winter 1991 - Bickerton Hills - Glowing White & Red UFOs Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 09/03/2011

On a cold frosty night in the winter of 1991, a couple observed some strange unexplainable glowing lights while out walking in the Bickerton Hills. One of these witnesses still clearly remembers what took place and has now finally decided to share his story.

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

Gary and Sandra, his girlfriend at the time, would sometimes go out walking after dark in the Bickerton Hills near to where they lived. On the night of the incident it was cold but a very clear night with the stars visible in the sky and moonlight to guide their way. It was 2.30am and the couple were approaching a farmers field. Unfortunately Gary cannot remember the exact location where the field was situated, but is currently trying to work it out. It was extremely quiet and due to the time there was no-one else around.

As they got to about 30-35 metres from the edge of the field, a glowing orb of white light suddenly appeared in front of them in the darkness. It appeared to be over the field about 60-90 metres from their position, and about 7 feet off the ground. This white light appeared to be spinning round in a circular motion. Both witnesses were immediately puzzled by the light. Gary’s mind quickly came up with an explanation for what he was seeing – he assumed it was someone standing in the middle of the field holding a torch and quickly spinning round in circles. But he soon realised what a ridiculous notion this was and thought to himself “Who the hell would be out at this time spinning in the cold holding a torch!?” Sandra became quite frightened by the light as she could not rationalise what was happening. She went and hid inside a bush. But Gary was more inquisitive to what it was and began walking towards the field on his own.

As he got closer he suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to approach the light. Gary says it “felt like his whole nervous system had been triggered”. It felt like electrical energy surging through his body, which had the side effect of making him feel ually aroused. He continued to approach it, with Sandra calling for him to return to her. He then realised the light was actually travelling around the perimeter of the field. It looked like a floating ball of glowing light, about the size of a basketball. It was completely silent and was moving too fast for it to have been someone holding it. This was confirmed as he neared the field, he could see that there was nobody there, just the glowing orb of light. A dog in a nearby farmhouse began to bark.

There was no easy access onto the field as it was surrounded by hawthorn hedges. As it was winter time the hedges were bare. So even when the light went behind the hedges he could still see it through them. After about 10-15 seconds the light suddenly vanished. The electrical feeling inside him seemed to die down, but did not completely go.

Gary continued to approach the field. A few seconds later another object suddenly appeared about 15-20 fet in front of him. It seemed to come up out of the ground very fast and gracefully. Unlike the initial light, this object had more of a structure to it. It reminded Gary of the back of a dodgem car. It had two red lights separated by some kind of structure. It was not exactly horizontal and appeared to be at a slight angle. It looked to be about a metre in length.

The object was emitting a low humming sound. It moved up to about 4-6 feet then immediately descended back down and vanished behind a small mound in front of him. If nobody else had shown up Gary may have gone and taken a closer look at where the objects had appeared. But he then noticed a land rover in the distance which was driving in his direction. This could have just been a local farmer, but Gary was scared that its appearance was directly related to what he had just witnessed. He returned to Sandra and they got out of there.

This bizarre experience really affected Gary in the years following, and he became very interested in the UFO subject because of what he had seen. Sandra on the other hand chose to ignore what had happened and put it behind her. Unlike Gary, she had been extremely frightened of the glowing light, and did not witness the 2nd object at all. On numerous occasions since the incident Gary has contacted Sandra to ask for a statement from her about the experience, but she tells him to grow up and refuses to comment on what happened. Therefore I am not able to get in touch with her to ask for her side of the story.

Sighting Analysis

This is a truly fascinating encounter which has many interesting and unusual aspects to it. Neither of the objects that were witnessed by Gary appear to have a mundane explanation. He got close enough to the initial object to see that there was nobody running around holding it or driving around on any vehicle or machinery. It appeared to be a free floating white orb of energy or light. Even if you feel that Gary could have been mistaken on this, it was still moving too fast for it to have been one of these things, and was completely silent so could not have been a vehicle such as a motorbike driving around the field in circles. Sound travels far at night and Gary got sufficiently close to the field to have heard any sounds coming from the light if there were any. Plus given the circumstances and time of night it would be completely illogical for someone to have been running or driving round the field in the first place.

The electrically charged feeling that Gary felt through him and the strong compulsion to approach the light appear to be directly related to it. They were much more than just an interest in finding out what the object was. These feelings have both been reported before many times by individuals who have witnessed UFOs at close range. The feeling of electricity could have been due to an energy field being emitted from the object. The compulsion to approach it appears have been direct interaction between the intelligence behind the object and the witness. Obviously if the object was something mundane the witness would not have experienced these feelings, another reason why I feel the object was out of the ordinary. If it was a solid glowing object of extraterrestrial origin, it was quite small so was probably unmanned. Perhaps it was a scouting device of some kind, like the Foo Fighters of World War II. Or perhaps it was not solid but was a ball of energy which had a consciousness behind it.

The second object that Gary witnessed is just as intriguing. The fact that it appeared several seconds after the other object vanished certainly suggests that they were related. Its appearance was very unusual indeed, and it does not sound like any conventional machinery. I suggested to Gary that it may have been the rear lights of a car in the distance moving up into view and then back down over a hill. However Gary assured me that the object was quite close to his location and down near the ground. This was confirmed as soon afterwards he saw the Land Rover in the distance, and was aware that the objects he had seen were both much nearer. If the object was mundane farming machinery of some kind then it would not have moved by itself in the middle of the night – the object clearly shot up into view then moved back down. Perhaps it was interacting with Gary in some way, such as scanning or observing him, and once it had performed this it then left the area. This is just a theory, but one worth considering.

We will never know if the Land Rover was approaching because of what Gary witnessed. Maybe the owner of the field had noticed the lights and was coming to see what was going on. Or it could have been completely unrelated.

Some of the aspects of this case bear striking similarities to the incident which occurred at Bletchley on 30th December 2008. In this case the witness felt he was being drawn towards a particular location out on farmer’s fields on the outskirts of town. Again it was a cold and frosty night. Again he saw anomalous glowing white and red lights low down over the field, including what appeared to be a glowing bar shaped object with a red light at each end which moved very fast into view and then vanished again. This experience later led to the man and his son being abducted. There is no evidence that Gary was taken during his experience, but the similarities are easy to see. The Bletchley case is one of the first contact cases I investigated (see seperate case report).

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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