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Winter 1974 – Derby – Glowing Discs Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/04/2020

Theresa got in touch with me via our group’s website to go over a sighting she had of two UFOs back in the 1970s.

Sighting Details

It was the winter of 1974 and Theresa was 14 years old at the time. She used to regularly attend a gym class held at the gymnasium of Murray Park Community School on Earlswood Drive, Mickleover. On the evening of the incident there was a power cut around 4pm so the gym session was finished early. Theresa rang her father to pick her and a friend (who’s name she cannot remember) up from the end of Earlswood Drive.

Aerial map showing the gymnasium (A) and the location where the girls waited to be picked up (B)

Due to the time of year it was already fully dark. They waited on the corner of the road looking up the gradually sloping Murray Road to the South West. They kept seeing car headlights appear at the top of the road and drive down towards them, but each time it was other drivers not her father.

Photograph showing the view from the corner of Earlswood Drive along Murray Road

They then saw two more lights appear at the top of the road. However these looked different to the usual car headlights. They appeared to be about 30 feet above the road at approximately the same height as the tops of the street lights! The two lights were situated diagonal from one another and looked like glowing white discs. Each seemingly had a beam coming down from it to the road below. The two glowing discs were slowly moving in their direction.

Theresa immediately realised the lights were not from a road vehicle and exclaimed “That’s a UFO!” She was frightened so after a couple of seconds put her hands up over her eyes for a brief moment. When she looked back the objects and beams had completely vanished! Theresa asked her friend if she had seen them too and her friend simply replied “Yeah.”

Theresa doesn’t recall speaking much more about the incident. She did not tell her father when he picked her and her friend up as she felt he would not believe her. She no longer knows the other witness so I am unable to speak with her about what happened.

Strangely this was not the only UFO-related incident which happened around that time. Roughly a fortnight before, Theresa was attending a gala in her school hall. She looked up at one of the large windows near the ceiling and saw what appeared to be a glowing dark orange cigar-shaped object. She immediately exclaimed to her teacher “Look there’s a UFO outside!” Her teacher replied “Don’t be so silly!” and informed her that it must be the moon. Theresa cannot recall what happened after this but feels sure that her teacher did not bother to look themselves.

Sighting Analysis

The incident that happened after the power cut is intriguing. Due to the height of the glowing disc-shaped lights or objects they could not have been headlights of an approaching car. If they were attached to a taller vehicle such as a lorry or bus surely the girls would have seen this vehicle continue down the road and drive past them? Yet they seemingly vanished in moments. There are no side roads towards then end of the street which a larger vehicle could have quickly turned down. Also you would expect these lights to be level with one another as opposed to diagonal. The fact that her friend saw the discs too shows that they were actually present. However it is a mystery as to where they went, and this remains a brief but interesting sighting.

It’s hard to know what to make of Theresa’s previous sighting at the school gala. While her description does not sound anything like the moon, on occasion this can appear orange in colour and larger than usual when viewed from certain angles and under certain atmospheric conditions. It appeared to be stationary so perhaps this really was what she saw outside. Due to the briefness of the sighting there is no way to know for sure.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2020



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