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Wimborne Contactee Case - UFO Sightings, Orbs, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 01/11/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Christina lives in Wimborne, Dorset, with her husband Robert and two children Stuart and Jenny. For the last few years there have been a number of unusual incidents involving spherical UFOs, orbs and other unexplained activity. These events have been witnessed not only by Christina, but sometimes by other members of her family as well. They suggest that either her or her family may be experiencing indirect extraterrestrial contact.

Glowing Orange UFO

In 1970 when Christina was just 2 years old, her brother and father both saw a strange glowing UFO hovering over their house in Bournemouth. One November evening her brother was outside when he witnessed a glowing orange spherical object in the sky. It appeared to have unusual appendages hanging down underneath it, almost like the tentacles of a jellyfish. He called out his father to also see the object. At the time of the sighting Christina was sleeping upstairs in her room.

Apparently the same object was spotted by other witnesses around Bournemouth and Poole, and it was even in the Bournemouth Echo newspaper. Christina's father and brother would often talk of this incident over the years.

Initial Silver Spheres Sighting

It was a Friday morning in August 2007. Christina had been out with her parents to the weekly market in Wimborne, where they too live. It was 10am and she had just left her parents house on Martindale Avenue. It was a sunny day with a mostly clear blue sky, but as she walked down the drive way she noticed an imposing large dark cloud travelling in an Eastward direction.

Aerial map showing location of Martindale Avenue:


Christina was just getting into her car when she looked up into the sky one final time. It was then that she noticed a silver coloured spherical object just behind the dark cloud. It was highly reflective and catching the sun’s rays. It appeared to be about a mile from her position and was at an angle of about 80 degrees in the sky. The object looked solid and Christina could not see any markings on it or means of propulsion. She estimated it was quite small in size, but due to the distance involved it must have been at least a few feet in diameter.

Drawing of one of the spheres based on witness description:


At first the object was wobbling about in the air. Then it proceeded to dive down below the cloud, and then climb back up above it. It was at this point that a second silver sphere, identical to the first, emerged from within the cloud. Christina continued to watch in amazement as the second sphere started dancing around the first in a circular motion. They clearly looked like they were under intelligent control, and Christina knew she was not looking at balloons randomly drifting in the air. She also felt they were highly unlikely to be radio controlled models. The objects seemed interested in the dark cloud for some reason, and remained quite close to it at all times.

Christina continued to watch the objects, and after about a minute suddenly they both flew into the cloud and were lost from sight. She waited and watched a while longer but they did not reappear. She felt that she had definitely seen something out of the ordinary, either some bizarre weather monitoring devices or alien spacecraft.

After the sighting Christina told her parents, her husband Robert and another close friend. They all seemed to believe her story. Her husband asked her about the incident in quite a lot of detail and suggested possible alternative explanations, but none of them seemed to fit what she had witnessed. Later she told other people too, but they just told her she must have imagined the spheres. When she rang up one of her close friends and told her about what happened, her friend informed her that she too had seen an unusual dark cloud over her house in Poole, quite possibly the same cloud. However she had not seen any spheres. Christina decided to check online and it was then that she found out that lots of other people had witnessed spherical silver-coloured UFOs all around the world.

This is a fascinating sighting, and one I feel was probably genuine advanced craft of ET origin. The objects were clearly not conventional aircraft or helicopters due to both their appearance and the movement patterns observed. Because of the seemingly intelligent manoeuvres displayed I feel they are very unlikely to have been silver coloured balloons, weather balloons or inflatables. There is a slim possibility that they were radio controlled models, but if so their means of propulsion was very cleverly disguised. Also it is unlikely two would have been flown at the same time. Could the objects have been military drones of some kind? I guess this is a possibility, but it seems unlikely they would have been flying them directly over a populated town in full view.

Silver spheres are one of the more commonly reported types of ET craft reported. Many believe them to be unmanned because of their usual small size, and they are probably have a scouting or observational purpose. Many contactees have reported seeing silver spheres, both in the sky like Christina’s sighting, and sometimes accompanying the actual beings.

Were the spheres interested in the unusual dark cloud as they appeared to be? Perhaps they were monitoring it, or actually draining electrical energy from it. Another possibility is that there was a larger craft hidden from view inside the cloud, or the entire cloud was actually a craft in disguise. This would explain why the objects seemed to both emerge from and then return to the cloud. There is not much evidence to suggest this was the case, but it it is still worth considering.

Another very good reason that I feel this was a genuine sighting is that it was not the last time she would see these silver spheres.

The Spheres Return

After her initial sighting, Christina did not see the spheres again for a couple of years. Astoundingly her next sighting occurred at the same location as before - Martindale Avenue, and around the same time of day! The date was Friday 21st August 2009. That morning when she awoke she felt different somehow. There was a strange heaviness in her feet, she felt reassured and relaxed. This feeling remained with her as she got on with her day.

After getting ready she went round to visit her parents. She left their house about 10.30am. It was a cloudy day with intermittent sunshine, warm but with a noticeable breeze. She was still close to the driveway, when she suddenly felt the urge to look up into the sky. At the same time she felt herself wishing/asking to see the spheres again. Incredibly, as if in direct response, four silver spheres appeared in the sky to the North of her location right in front of her eyes! They were in a perfect square formation, and looked the same size as the two in 2007 had been. This time they were roughly half a mile from her position, and were about the height that a small plane would fly at.

Almost straight away, Christina called out to her parents, hoping that they would hear her and also witness the spheres. Luckily as planned they did hear her shout, and came out onto the driveway. As they did, the spheres seemed to change colour and became almost the same colour as the clouds, making them much harder to see. However they would still intermittently appear silver.

At first neither of her parents could see what she was staring at. Her father became quite frustrated that he could not see the UFOs. One of the spheres then broke away from the formation and approached a nearby dark-looking cloud. Just as the spheres in 2007 had done, it then started “dancing” around in circular spiralling movements. As it was now more visible, Christina’s mum was finally able to see it and excitedly said she could see a silver ball in the clouds. However her father could still not see any of the spheres, probably due to his poor eyesight.

After about 45 seconds, the three stationary spheres suddenly began to fade away until they had completely disappeared. A few seconds later the fourth moving sphere also vanished without trace. As soon as the spheres had gone, the strange grounding feeling left Christina, proving to her that it had been related to what she had witnessed. Neither of her parents could give an explanation to what the spheres were. Her father was disappointed he had not seen them too. He spent numerous days after the incident looking up at the sky hoping they would return.

Later Christina told Robert and brother about what had happened. Both of them believed her and tried to come up with rational explanations but could not. Her brother was especially fascinated by the sighting, and afterwards he too looked up into the sky for periods of time hoping to see the spheres.

Again this is a very interesting sighting and numerous theories and assumptions can be made from it. Firstly, this second sighting seemed to confirm that these spheres were out of the ordinary and not just misidentification of balloons or other mundane objects. They also seemed to be related directly to Christina, and be there on her behalf. As both sightings took place in the same location, you may feel that it was this that was the link between the two. However this would ignore the fact that on the second occasion, Christina had a strange feeling for a number of hours before the incident, a feeling which left directly after the sighting finished. Also the spheres appeared in front of her eyes as she looked up and thought about them – it was almost as if they displayed themselves to her on purpose.

When she called out her parents, it is intriguing that the spheres appeared to change colour and from then on appeared less silver and more like the colour of the clouds which were above them. Perhaps this was just down to lighting, and due to circumstances they were reflecting the colour of the clouds more than they had been at the start of the sighting. However I feel that they may have done this on purpose to disguise their presence and make it hard for Christina’s parents to see them. If the spheres really were there because of Christina and were observing what was taking place, this is not really farfetched, and could actually have been a possibility.

Another fascinating link to the initial sighting is the fact that once again one of the spheres approached a dark cloud and began performing strange circling manoeuvres. I feel this cannot just be a random coincidence, and that whatever the spheres were doing in the 2007 sighting was again being done this time. It is a mystery why only one of the spheres did this rather than all four.

Perhaps the feeling that Christina had when she woke up that morning was a subconscious knowing that she would soon get to see the spheres again. Or perhaps she was being observed in some way by them, and this was the cause behind what she experienced. I certainly feel that it is related to what took place.

Coloured Orbs

In the first week of September 2009, the family were putting on a party at their house for Christina's great uncle. They were all inside the house when suddenly Christina felt the urge to go out into the back garden and take photographs. She could not explain where this feeling came from. She grabbed the camera and headed outside. She aimed the camera into the air and took a photograph. As the flash went off she saw a strange sparkle of light, as if the flash had bounced off something the air.

When she looked at the photograph, she was amazed to see two colourful orbs on it, one red coloured and on the left of the photo, the other green and on the right.

Cropped views of the red and green orbs:



In the following days, Christina decided to do an experiment. Every night she would go outside and take photographs, trying to capture more orbs on film. Most of the time this was unsuccessful and nothing would show up. But on one occasion when she tried asking in her mind for them to appear, she managed to capture some other brightly coloured orbs including a golden one, and some unusual white orbs which appeared to have holes or dark areas in them.

Cropped view of the golden coloured orb:


Cropped view of the orange orb:


Cropped views of the white orbs:



The orbs which Christina has photographed are interesting and indeed very colourful. Contactees often report seeing orbs like these, either visually or on photographs they have taken. There definitely appears to be some kind of link between orbs and contact. However there is always the possibility that one’s captured on camera are nothing more than small particles or water droplets drifting past the lens, or reflections caused by the camera flash. I believe that the dark areas seen on the white orbs have probably been caused by the camera aperture, and are not necessarily holes or dark areas within them. Regarding the first photograph, red and green are two of the three primary colours, one of the orbs was on the left of the photo, one on the right. Could this have been caused by unusual light reflection? On the other hand on the first occasion Christina did feel a strange urge to go outside and take the photo in the first place, and she did see a sparkle of light as it was taken which looked like it had glinted off something in the air.

The Small Glowing Orb

Later in September 2009, while searching the net for other sightings of spheres, Christina came across a man from America who claimed to be able to make them appear at will. She wondered if the spheres were somehow attracted to peoples energy when they thought about them intensely. Towards the end of the month, Christina thought she would try this out herself. She did not expect anything to happen and was just curious.

It was 1pm and a clear, still and sunny afternoon. Christina stepped out into the back garden of her house. She stared up into the sky and started to visualise seeing the orbs. Almost immediately she thought she could see little flashes of silver against the blue sky, but no actual spheres appeared.

She then noticed a buzzard flying overhead. While she was looking at it, a small glowing orb flew in front of her vision! It was about the size of a large marble and was about 30 feet high at roughly the same height as the roof of the house. It was glowing an intense white colour. Fascinated by it, Christina watched as it began to fly down the garden towards a silver birch tree. As it moved it appeared to wobble back and forth. It went up into the branches of the tree and then stopped moving, almost as if it was waiting for her to approach it.

Christina gained her thoughts and wanted to capture a photograph of the orb so she would have some physical proof of its existence. She quickly ran into the lounge and grabbed her camera, which happened to be out on the table. She went back outside and could still see the orb hovering at the back of the tree. She ran towards it to take a photo. As she approached, it very quickly moved up over the next door neighbours oak tree. Christina could no longer see the orb clearly but took many photographs in the hope that it would be captured on film.

When she checked the photographs she realised she had managed to capture it as it flew away from the oak tree and disappeared. She showed the photograph to her family and friends and told them all about what had happened. She felt quite privileged to have seen the orb, and certainly believed that it had appeared because of what she had been doing.

Below is the photograph that shows the white orb:


Here is a zoomed view of the orb:


Even though the photograph that Christina took is not particularly impressive, it does back up her story, and I certainly believe she is being truthful about what happened. Due to the orbs appearance and what it was observed doing, most alternative explanations can be discounted. It is unlikely to have been something mundane such as a ball of feathers, light cloth such as lace or dried vegetation as its movements seemed to be much too controlled. It did appear to be glowing, but it is possible it was just white coloured and reflecting the sunlight. It could not have been ball lightning because it was a clear sunny day. If it was some kind of flying insect caught in the sun, I am sure that Christina would have still been able to see its shape, and this would have also been visible on the photograph. As she managed to capture the object on camera it was clearly present and not just a trick of the light.

Many contactees, including others I have personally investigated, have reported seeing small glowing orbs, either moving around their house or outside in the sky. Perhaps they are small observational devices, or an ET energy manifestation of some kind.

Dark Green Spheres

For the next two weeks Christina tried in vain to make the small orb appear again. It was now Friday 16th October. Christina and Robert were on their way down to Plymouth on the A38. It was an emotional journey, as they were taking their pet puppy back to the breeder as it was misbehaving too badly. They were on the A38 dual carriageway, Robert driving, and Christina in the passenger seat.

It was 5.10pm and they were nearing the end of their journey. They came over the brow of a hill and could see Plymouth in the distance. Suddenly Christina caught sight of two small dark objects flying side by side. They were moving in at a diagonal over some fields off to the right of the road, and about 200 feet high. Her husband did not see them initially. Christina did not tell him about them as she was not certain what they were at first, she thought they may turn out to be birds or balloons. As they got closer, Christina was amazed to see that they were two metallic dark green coloured spheres, each about the size of a football.

Aerial map showing the approximate location of the sighting:


Photograph of the sighting location showing the fields over which the spheres approached:


The spheres continued flying on a straight level course and passed diagonally across the road in front of them, about 45 feet from the car. At this point Robert also noticed the objects and asked what they were. Mesmerised by the spheres, Christina watched as the right hand sphere which was nearest to them suddenly began to change shape before her eyes! It morphed into a rugby ball shape with dark areas on each side. Robert did not witness this transformation as he had to keep his eyes on the road. Christina could hear him excitedly telling her that they were UFOs.

Drawing of how the sphere's first appeared (including notes):


Drawing of the right hand sphere after it had changed shape:


The spheres were now behind the car and heading away to the left of the road towards a small area of woodland. Christina leaned round in her seat to continue watching them. She could see that the second sphere had also now transformed into a rugby ball shape. As they moved away, suddenly the sphere which had initially changed shape appeared to split up into three small black spheres in a tight triangular formation! All the objects continued onward towards the woodland on the same straight course until they were out of sight.

Drawing of the sphere after it had split into three:


Robert asked her "Was that a UFO? Have I just seen a UFO?" Christina told him yes but she was so stunned by what had just occurred that she couldn't talk much at first. A few hours later at their hotel room in Boscastle they discussed the incident in detail. Robert described the objects as big green/grey metallic things. His description was a little different to Christina’s, but he had not been able to see them as clearly as her as he was busy driving. It is likely that this is the reason behind the differences. Christina told him all about how the spheres had changed shape and how one of them had separated into three smaller spheres. She felt really privileged to have witnessed them but thought to herself "Why me?" Robert wondered if the spheres appeared at times of emotional stress because of how they had felt at the time, however I do not feel this is true because on all her previous experiences Christina had felt fine or even relaxed.

Drawing of what Robert remembers the objects looking like:


This is a truly fascinating sighting, and one which I believe was genuine. Numerous aspects of the incident are very impressive, especially the shape-changing which was observed. They were certainly not conventional aircraft. Up until this point there was a slim chance that the objects were two metallic balloons/inflatables. They were flying on a very straight course and apparently were in formation with each other, but they could have been drifting in a strong air current. However balloons do not morph into different shapes or separate into three. The fact that there were multiple witnesses means that the objects were clearly present in the sky. The question that remains is, were the spheres there because of Christina or not? Because of her previous experiences, this does remain a possibility. However the objects in this case appeared to have their own agenda. They did not follow the car at all and merely passed over the road and continued on their way. It is very possible that other drivers saw them too, as well as other witnesses elsewhere. Could it have been coincidence that Christina happened to be a witness to these particular spheres?

Noises and Lights

It was late October 2009, roughly two weeks after the dark green spheres incident. Christina, Robert and their daughter Jenny went round to see Christina's brother Mark for dinner and a catch up. It was evening time, the TV was on and the lights were switched off.

Suddenly Christina heard a strange pulsating buzzing sound. She immediately thought that someone was trying to phone her mobile, and that this had caused interference with the sound of the TV. However she checked and found that this was not the case. The noise only lasted for 6 seconds before stopping. It was three short buzzes repeated three times.

About five minutes later, she again heard the same sound and once more it went on for 6 seconds. This time she asked her brother what it was. Mark looked puzzled and said he couldn't hear anything; however Jenny said she too had heard the noise. Christina wondered if it had been at a frequency her brother could not hear. She did not hear the noise again for the rest of the night.

Two weeks later, Christina had just gone up to bed. Robert remained downstairs watching TV. It was 11.20pm. She turned off the mobile phone, switched the light off and got into bed. All of a sudden she heard the noise again. It sounded like it was happening right near to her ear. It had exactly the same pulsating rhythm as before, however this time was much louder. It again lasted for 6 seconds before stopping.

The noise frightened Christina so much that she jumped up out of bed and ran downstairs to Robert. She asked him if he had heard the noise but he had not. Christina was very un-nerved as she knew it was the same noise she had heard at her brothers. She felt like something was in the house and was going to get her. She asked Robert to come back up to bed with her. They both got back into bed and turned off the light.

Almost immediately they both started to see hundreds of tiny silver and blue coloured sparkling lights flashing close to the curtains of the bedroom window. There was nothing electrical on that side of the room which could have accounted for them. The window looks out over a wooded area and field, and both Christina and Robert were sure that these lights were not being caused by light coming in through the curtains from outside. They were in mid air between the window and the base of the bed. They decided to switch the light on, and as soon as they did the flashes of light stopped! They turned the light off again and although troubled by what had taken place, they were able to settle down to sleep.

At 2.42am once again the sound returned. This time they both heard it and it woke them up. To Christina it now sounded like it was outside of the bedroom out on the landing, although Robert felt that it was still in the room. Interestingly, Robert then told Christina that he had heard the noise before numerous times - sometimes when dropping off to sleep, sometimes on the radio or coming from the TV.

At 5am Robert was again woken by the noise. However this time Christina did not wake up and he chose to leave her asleep. He listened intently to the sound. This time it continued for about 10 minutes without stopping! It was still in rhythms of three but continued after occurring three times rather than ceasing. There was nothing else out of the ordinary observed. After the noise stopped he settled down to sleep again. In the morning he informed Christina about what had happened.

Two nights later, another unusual incident took place. Christina awoke from her sleep in the early hours of the morning. Looking over at the window, she saw a yellow pulsing light shining into the bedroom from behind the top left of the curtain. Like the sound, it followed a rhythmic pattern - it went from bright to brighter to very bright, and then back to bright again. For some reason Christina felt terrified by the light and dared not move. She felt that if she looked outside she would see a craft. She closed her eyes and started to pray. When she opened her eyes again the light had vanished. She immediately woke Robert up and told him about what she had seen. He got out of bed and checked outside the window but could not see anything. Christina was anxious and confused about what she had seen. Eventually she managed to drop off to sleep.

Soon after this incident, Christina remembers having a strange dream. In this dream she saw a dark veil, behind which was a short humanoid figure. She could just make out its silhouette. She heard a voice say to her that they could not connect to her because she was too protected. She was not told the reason behind this statement, and has wondered about it ever since.

Christina feels that ET contact was the reason behind the strange sounds and various lights that had been witnessed. For a long time afterwards she tried to recreate the noise in various ways - holding her mobile close to speakers and electrical equipment, changing the radio reception, moving the TV aerial - but she was not successful. She wanted to eliminate all other options and prove to herself that the incidents had been down to contact. She wonders if more may have happened that evening if she had not been frightened. Robert wondered if it could have been caused by some sort of electrical interference from aircraft or power lines, but he is still inclined to believe that it was ET contact.

Both the pulsing buzzing sounds, and the strange lights seen in the bedroom are commonly reported with contact experiences, and usually occur just prior to or following a visitation by ET beings or an abduction experience, though they can appear at other times too. I believe that this was certainly the reason behind these incidents. The noises were obviously actually taking place and not just due to Christina's hearing, as they were also heard by her husband and daughter. On the later occasion they were loud enough to actually wake up the couple. As they were heard at both at Mark's and at their own house it is unlikely that they were caused by an electrical fault or equipment malfunctioning. The source of the sound also seemed to change position, if it was a fault it would almost certainly have been heard in the same location each time. It is possible that the noise was caused by some kind of ET scanning procedure, and they had no intention of actually taking anyone. If this is the case, then the fact that Robert has heard the noise many times before and after this incident suggests that he too is experiencing a form of contact, not just Christina.

The lights which appeared are fascinating. They certainly appeared to be inside the bedroom and not just light reflections off another source. There was nothing outside the window which could have accounted for them, and besides this the curtains were closed to begin with. If the lights were coming from another source, they would have probably still been visible when the room light was put on. If they were drowned out by this light, they would have certainly returned when the light was switched off again. Could they have been caused by some sort of energy that was forming in the room? They did not appear to be linked directly with the sound as later in the night when the sound was heard again numerous times, the lights did not return.

The yellow light seen two nights later by Christina could well have been caused by a visitation from a craft. Again there was no other permanent source of light outside which could have possibly been responsible. If the light was caused by a helicopter or low flying aircraft then surely she would have been able to hear it, especially in the middle of the night. Also the light would not have been pulsing rhythmically in brightness, it would have remained constant.

The dream which Christina had soon afterwards does tend to suggest that ET contact had been taking place. There is the chance that it was nothing more than a dream, brought on by Christina's various experiences. But there is also the chance that she was genuinely being contacted and informed of the reason why she had not had any direct visual contact with the ETs. Could the small humanoid she saw in the dream have been a Grey?

More Unusual Sounds

On Sunday 10th October 2010, a year after hearing the buzzing noises, Christina heard another strange noise. It began in her left ear and sounded almost like the sound an old modem used to make when connecting to the internet. The sound lasted about a minute getting steadily louder and louder, and then suddenly it stopped. This time the noise did not disturb her, and she did not become anxious, she actually wanted it to continue. Unlike the previous sounds it sounded like it was actually inside her ear.

The noise was unusual, however as it sounded like it came from inside Christina's ear and it was only heard by her, there is the possibility on this occasion that it was caused by tinnitus or another temporary hearing condition. Then again, considering her previous experiences maybe it was a sign that contact was about to resume. Because over the next two days further UFO sightings occurred!

Star Light

On the evening of 11th October 2010, Christina was in her bedroom. It was 10.20pm when she looked out of the window to the North East while closing the curtains. It was a very clear sky and the stars were fully visible. One caught her eye in particular. It didn't look like the other stars in the sky - it was glowing intensely and appeared to be shifting colours between bright red, green and white continuously. Christina immediately felt that it was not a star but something else entirely. She called Robert and her daughter, and the three of them took turns in looking at the object through binoculars. Through the binoculars Christina describes it as looking like a disco light.

Christina then phoned her father and told him about the object. He and his next door neighbour both went outside and could see the object too. It appeared to be at very high altitude. Robert and Christina's father watched the object for half an hour. Christina continued to watch it until midnight. It seemed to move across the sky with the other stars. Occasionally aircraft would fly below it.

It is probable that this was nothing more than a star under strange atmospheric conditions, which caused it to appear to be brightly changing colours. The fact that it remained stationary and appeared to maintain its position with the rest of the stars suggests this. Christina's fathers neighbour thought it may be the international space station. This is certainly another possibility, especially as the bright "star" had not been seen before and has not been seen since, surely it would be there every night in the same position?

Orange Orbs

The following evening after seeing the bright star-like light, Christina and Jenny were out in the front garden watching bats fly around the house. It was 7pm and the sun was just setting. It was a beautiful evening with clear sky and barely any wind.

Suddenly both the witnesses saw two bright orange orbs of light appear over the rooftops to the North. They were facing West at the time so the orbs came from the right of their vision. The orbs were travelling side by side in close proximity. They were very low down, only a couple of feet above the roves of the houses. Jenny said she could see them flickering, but to Christina they looked constantly bright. It was hard to judge their size accurately. Christina thought they were about the size of a small car, Jenny believed they were smaller, about 1.5 metres in diameter. The orbs were heading on a straight flight path and appeared to be under control. Christina estimates they were moving about 65-70 mph.

After watching the orbs for several seconds, the orange glow inside each of them went out at exactly the same moment. Christina and Jenny could still see the objects as two dark objects against the sky. These objects appeared to continue on the same course towards the South until they had gone out of sight.

I feel that in this case, the orbs seen were more than likely Chinese lanterns. Due to the brightness of the glow coming from them, it is often hard to see the exact shape; they just appear as fiery orange orbs of light. The fact that Jenny saw the objects flickering again points towards this explanation. Lanterns can often get caught in air currents, at which point they are seen to travel on a straight path across the sky, just as the orbs in this incident did. They are often launched in multiples from celebrations and can easily appear to be following one another or forming patterns. When the glow from the orbs suddenly "switched off", this was almost certainly the flame inside them burning out. Usually at this point a lantern would then fall back down to the ground, but as there is heated air inside it may take a while for this to occur and for a time it could continue to drift across the sky. If the objects here were lanterns, it is unusual that they burned out at exactly the same moment, however as they were probably launched at the same time this is certainly possible. So despite the fact Christina has had many genuine experiences with spherical UFOs in the past, I feel that in this case lanterns were to blame.


As you can see Christina and her family have had some fascinating UFO sightings over recent years. Despite the fact that she has not experienced direct contact from the ETs, I believe that she and possibly her husband could still be classed as contactees. There appears to have been clear interaction, and I believe that the spheres she has seen, especially in her earlier experiences, were there for a specific reason and not just randomly being witnessed. The strange buzzing sounds and coloured lights seen in their bedroom I feel were also related to contact. I feel that the incidents that have happened since then may well have other mundane explanations, so it is possible that this contact has ceased, at least for the moment.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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