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Whitwell Contact Case - Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, Abductions, UFOs, MIB, Pyschic, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 04/09/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Jessica lives with her husband Graham and son Martin in the small town of Whitwell in Derbyshire. For many years she has experienced stunning ET-related incidents involving abductions, craft sightings, visitations and paranormal activity. Some of these incidents have also been experienced by Martin, her partners and friends and her parents who are now deceased. Her story is very impressive, and after speaking with her in depth on numerous occasions I see no reason for it to not be genuine. This report covers many, though not all of her experiences. I am sure you will find it absolutely fascinating.

The Investigation

Jessica first got in contact with me via E-Mail on 6th August 2010. Over the next month I discussed hers and her family’s experiences in great depth via E-Mail and phone. Jessica expressed a great interest in being hypnotically regressed as she had a number of UFO / ET related incidents involving hours of missing time, and she wished to see if she could remember anything about what took place.

On Saturday 18th September, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge who assists BUFOG with cases involving contact drove up to Whitwell to meet with Jessica, her son and husband. I began by covering all her experiences in depth, and also interviewing Martin about his involvement in them. Jessica and Graham then took us out in the car to a number of nearby locations where some of their experiences had taken place. You can see the photographs taken during this throughout the report.

Once we returned to the house Rob then regressed Jessica, focusing on one of her most impressive contact experiences which featured three hours of missing time and the abduction of not only herself, but of Martin and a friend as well. The regression went extremely well, and many other memories were retrieved. You can read the full transcript of this regression later in the report.

Since our visit, I have remained in regular contact with Jessica, and both she and Martin have had further experiences. In December 2010 I gave a lecture about the case at a BUFOG meeting.

The Orange Sphere

The earliest ET-related incident that Jessica can currently remember took place in the summer of 1984/85 when she was 21 years old. At the time she shared a house with her partner Matthew at Unstone Green, Sheffield. One evening she was sitting out in the back garden on her own enjoying the sunset. Matthew was in the house watching TV. It was a very pleasant evening, warm and with a relatively clear sky.

Aerial map of Unstone Green:

Suddenly Jessica heard a strange buzzing/humming sound coming from near to her. She looked up and was shocked to see a large glowing orange object. It was spherical in shape, but had some strange glowing light towards the base, almost like it was on fire. She finds it very hard to describe this precisely, but it looked different to flames. There was what looked like vapour coming from the base. The glow coming from the main body of the object was constant and the same brightness all over the surface. The UFO was about 50 feet up, and just beyond the base of her garden, about 200 feet from her position. It was very large in size, Jessica estimates it was about four times the size of a hot air balloon.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The object was making erratic movements back and forth, almost as if it was in distress. It was also slowly descending. Jessica looked round through the kitchen window, and noticed that the light in the kitchen had started to flicker. Jessica called for Matthew to come and see. When he came outside he told her that the TV was suffering from interference. Jessica pointed out the object to her partner. They assumed that the electrical activity must be related. They continued to watch the object for about 5 minutes, during which it slowly descended until it was lost from sight behind some trees near to their property.

The couple walked through the house and out onto the road. A number of other people had also been watching the UFO and were standing out on the street pointing and talking. Jessica continued to watch in the direction where the object had apparently come down, but it did not reappear. She was too frightened to go and check to see if the object had landed. She does not know if anyone went to check around the area where it appeared to have descended. It was not easy to reach; otherwise Matthew may have gone and had a look.

The following day, Jessica went round to visit her mother and informed her about what she had seen. A few days later her mum rang up and told her that the UFO had been in the Gazette newspaper, and that there had been numerous sightings of it from Sheffield, Umpston and Bromsfield. Sadly Jessica cannot remember which newspaper it was, and did not keep the article.

Jessica’s husband Graham, who did not know her at the time, was one of these other witnesses. Back then Graham lived at Bolsover, about 7 miles away from Unstone Green. It was between 10.30-11pm at night and he had just returned home after being out to visit friends. He happened to look up into the sky and noticed an glowing orange spherical-shaped object. It looked to be about 2000 feet up. It was moving rapidly across the sky. Then suddenly it halted. It remained stationary for a short while and then began moving again, before once again stopping. It continued this for the 5 minutes that Graham watched it.

Contact Begins

It is possible that Jessica has experienced contact from an early age. Perhaps the sighting of the orange spherical UFO close to her house was there for her, we will probably never know for sure. However, the first definite contact experience that Jessica can remember took place in 1989 when she was 26 years old. She had now split up from Matthew, and moved into a house on Cordwell Avenue, Newbold, Chesterfield.

Aerial map of Cordwell Avenue:

The evening began just like any other. Jessica was in the living room relaxing and watching TV. It was between 9-9.30pm, and she was sitting up on the sofa wide awake. Her son Martin was very young at the time and was upstairs asleep in his cot.

Suddenly Jessica heard a strange humming noise in her ears. There was a bright white flash of light, and she found that she could not move at all, her body was completely paralyzed in a sitting position. Not only this, there was now two Grey beings standing in front of her! One was a couple of feet away from her, the other was further back across the lounge. Both the Greys looked identical. They were about 4 feet high, and appeared to be naked. They had a light grey coloured skin. Their bodies were slender, with long thin arms and legs. They had long thin fingers, she cannot remember if there were four or three fingers on each hand. Their heads were large in comparison to the body, and were the shape of an upside-down pear. They had large almond-shaped eyes which were completely black all over, although she says that sometimes glints of colour could be seen in them. She finds this aspect very hard to explain. The eyes did not blink at all. The beings had small noses, and their mouths were just a thin slit.

Witness drawing of the nearest Grey being:

Understandably Jessica was very frightened and did not know what was taking place. She tried to scream but nothing came out. She had not looked into the UFO subject at all and had no idea what these strange creatures were. She assumed they must be demons. The Greys were standing quite still. The nearest one was looking at her up and down. She was mesmerized by the large black eyes of the being. Despite being scared, for some reason its eyes had a calming effect on her. She felt that the nearest Grey was reading her mind.

This seemed to go on for about 10 minutes. As far as she remembers, on this first contact incident the beings did not speak to her, nor did they reach out for her. Suddenly she heard a strange clicking and buzzing noise. The Greys vanished and she realised she could move again. She looked over at the clock and realised it was now 10.30pm, so up to an hour had gone by which she could not account for!

Jessica was terrified by what had just happened. She felt a bit sick, and needed to get out of the house and be around other people. She jumped to her feet and ran out onto the road. To her surprise, a number of her neighbours were outside on the pavement and staring up into the sky. Her friend Karen had been on her way round to see her, and was amongst them. As soon as Karen saw Jessica, she ran up to her. Before Jessica could speak, Karen informed her that there had just been a UFO hovering over her house! The object was dome-shaped and quite large in size (Jessica doesn’t remember any other details she may have heard about the UFO). A moment before Jessica came outside; it had apparently shot straight up vertically into the sky and was lost from sight! Jessica explained what had just happened to her. She and Karen realised the two incidents must have been linked, but didn’t really know what to make of everything.

None of the other people out on the street approached them, and they decided to go back inside. Jessica was extremely confused and shaken up by what had taken place.

Men In Black

In the days following Jessica’s first contact experience, her friend Karen stayed at her house to keep her company and comfort her. Two days after the incident, in the middle of the day there was a knock at the door. Karen went to see who it was. She opened the door and was greeted by two men in dark suits. One of them was wearing sunglasses, the other not. Behind the men, a large black car was parked. They informed Karen that they knew about the incident with the UFO, and asked to speak to Jessica directly. Karen asked the men who they were, and they refused to answer her, they insisted on speaking only to Jessica. Karen was a little disturbed by the men, so she informed them that Jessica was not in and that she was babysitting for her. Without leaving any contact details, the men turned, walked back to their car and drove away. Karen went and told Jessica about what had happened.

After this initial visitation, the men continued to return to the house and knock on the door roughly three times a week. Jessica used to glance at them out of the window, and never answered the door to them. They would always wait a short while before departing. The men reminded her of two gangsters from the mafia.

The men would not just come to the door. They would also follow Jessica when she left the house. She was not aware of this until a neighbour pointed it out to her. On a number of occasions she spotted them in their car parked near to the house a bit further along the road. They would just sit in the car and wait. They were not always the same men, but there were always two of them. When she visited the local pub the phone would go and someone would ask for her, but when she was handed the phone the person on the line would put the phone down.

Activity such as this took place for about six months. Jessica thought about going to the police but never did as she felt she did not have enough evidence, and also thought the police would not believe her. In the end she had enough and decided to move house in Whitwell to get away from the area.

Two weeks after she had moved, Karen informed her over the phone that the dome-shaped UFO had been seen again by someone and that it had been in the newspaper.

I feel that the men who came to Jessica’s door were probably from one of the agencies involved with the study of the ETs and ongoing cover up. If they were someone else such people from a particular UFO group or journalists they would almost certainly have let Karen know who they were and would have left contact details. Also they would not have remained in the area or continued to keep watch over her. If they were who they appeared to be, then this suggests that not only was Jessica’s experience real, but that certain individuals were aware of this fact. They may possibly have wanted to speak with her to find out information about the ETs, or perhaps they wanted to intimidate her so she would not tell others about what had happened.

Son’s Protection

One day before she had moved house and was still living at Newbold, an unusual incident occurred. While she was using the toilet somehow Martin got out of his playpen. She heard him get out and ran to find him, but she was too late and he was just toppling from the top of the staircase. However as he did, an invisible force of some kind lifted him up into the air and put him back down at Jessica’s feet.

She was certain that something had protected him from harm and that she had not just imagined what took place. At the time she did not really understand what happened, but looking back at it Jessica feels that her son was protected by the ETs who she/him were in contact with. Protection is not something which occurs all the time, but there are other contact cases where similar incidents have taken place. It suggests a positive link between the ETs and the individuals they make contact with.

The Message & Howden Moor Abduction

In mid March 1997, Jessica unfortunately suffered an ectopic pregnancy for the second time. She went to the hospital and was informed by the doctors that both her fallopian tubes were damaged and she would no longer be able to bear children. Within a week she was dismissed from the hospital and allowed to return home.

Later that evening she was alone in bed recovering from her operation and having a drink of coffee. Suddenly she felt really calm, almost like she had been sedated. Even though she could not see anything, she felt something touching her hand and stroking her face. She then heard a voice directly inside her head. The voice was softly spoken and very calming. It said to her “Don’t be upset, everything’s going to be alright, we can help you”.

The voice then went on to give her a particular location – a road near to Stocksbridge on Howden Moor, South Yorkshire (Unfortunately as it happened so long ago she cannot remember the exact road name). She was told to visit this location on a particular date and time. The date she was given was several days later, 24th March, and the time she was given was evening time after 6.30pm. She was not told the reason why she should do this. Everything then returned to normal and the presence in the room left. Jessica informed Steve, her partner at the time, about the message she had been given.

When the date Jessica had been given came round, she and Steve discussed whether or not to go to the location the voice had mentioned. Steve felt that she had probably dreamed it, but Jessica insisted that she had been awake and that they drive out to the location out of curiosity. They headed out in the car, with Steve driving, Jessica in the passenger seat and Martin in the back.

Aerial map of Howden Moor:

When they arrived at the location it was already getting dark due to the time of year. They found themselves on a road with moorland to either side. There were very few cars on the road, and they could not see anyone else around. Steve parked the car in a lay by. They sat there a while talking. At first nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then suddenly the car began to shake, and they could hear tapping noises going all of the way around the outside. It felt like the car was going to be lifted up into the air. Jessica also saw that a mist had formed all around the car. It was not very thick, the surroundings could still be seen through it, but it was certainly noticeable. She and Steve tried the handles on the doors but for some reason could not open them, as if something did not want them to leave the car.

This continued for anything up to 5 minutes, although Jessica says it may have felt longer than it actually was because of the situation. During this time she and Steve became more and more concerned and puzzled by what was happening. Then suddenly the mist seemed to fade away and they found they could open the car doors. Steve was frightened and did not want to get out, but Jessica stepped outside and took a look around, searching for a reason behind what had taken place. Looking up into the sky she saw what looked like a triangular-shaped craft. It looked dark navy in colour and had a very smooth surface. There were small coloured lights all around the edges of its base. The lights appeared brighter at the three corners, the ones in between seemed dimmer. They were pink, blue and red in colour. Jessica is not aware of what happened next. She believes she was taken by the craft and has had the memories of what took place removed.

Witness sketch of the UFO:

The next thing she became aware of, she was standing out on the moorland. Looking around she realised the car and road were not in sight. She felt dazed like she was in a trance. She noticed a lot of activity going on. Within a couple of hundred metres of her position were quite a few people wearing both military and police uniforms. They were holding torches and appeared to be looking for something. In the sky overhead she saw a number of helicopters with search lights on. At first she assumed that they were looking for her. However after watching for a short while she realised they were probably not, and also appeared not to have noticed her.

Jessica did not approach the people as she was worried about their motives and what they were up to. She began to search around the nearby area for the road. Luckily she soon found it and got back to the car. She found Steve and Martin were sitting there, and like her appeared to be in a trance-like state. She got back in the car but because of how she was feeling did not speak to them, nor them to her. Jessica is unaware of how long they sat there for, but believes it was a while.

When they came round and began to feel less dazed, they saw a number of military personnel a short distance in front of the car. Steve was interested to find out what was going on, so he got out of the car and began to walk towards them. Jessica also got out so she could hear what was being said, but she stayed back by the car. The personnel turned Steve away, telling him he could not drive further down the road and they needed to leave the area. He returned to the car and they decided it would be best to comply with their wishes. Steve turned the car around and they began to drive back home.

On route, Jessica believes that she was abducted a second time, and this time possibly Steve and Martin were taken too. They were still all in a dazed state-of-mind so her memories of what happened are fragmented, but she remembers them all coming round to find themselves sitting in the car at the side of the road. They checked the clock in the car and were shocked to see it was now past 3.30am. It was obvious that quite a lot of time had gone by which could not be accounted for. They continued the rest of the drive home, but for some reason did not discuss what had happened with each other in much depth.

The following day Jessica read a newspaper article which stated that something unusual had taken place on Howden Moor which had been witnessed by quite a number of people. There had apparently been lots of witnesses to low flying aircraft, a formation of jets, a glowing orange flash of light, plumes of smoke and loud noises like explosions. Jessica could see from the article that the military were covering up what happened, and believes the incident was in some way related to the craft she had seen and what had taken place. Because of the military involvement, she did not tell many people about what happened as she was worried she might get in trouble if she did.

To Jessica's knowledge, after the newspaper article there was nothing else said about the incident and she never heard of it again. However in looking for information about the incident online, I came across a very detailed report on the case written by David Clarke and Martin Jeffrey, who had extensively looked into the incident over a period of two years. It turned out that several of the witnesses claimed to have seen a triangular-shaped UFO!

After reports of low flying aircraft, a loud explosion, orange flash of light and plumes of smoke started coming in, various groups of individuals including the police force began a thorough search of the moorland, believing that an aircraft may have crashed. It is likely that the people and helicopters Jessica saw while up on the moor were one of these search parties. Apparently nothing was ever found which would indicate that something had crashed however a couple of sonic booms were recorded. These recordings, combined with the sheer weight of testimonial evidence caused many to question the MOD’s claims that no military operation had taken place. In the end the matter was taken up in parliament, at which point the MOD were forced to admit that there had in fact been an operation, although they would not state the reasons behind it.

Could it be that the triangular craft which was seemingly there to abduct Jessica was the reason behind this massive incident? It is very interesting that numerous witnesses stated they had seen such a craft on the night, although the report does state that some of these sightings were probably misidentification of a V-shaped formation of jets. Perhaps the craft was detected by the military, who subsequently sent up jets to intercept it. Could this have been the cause of the sonic booms which were heard? And what can be made of the bright orange flash of light which lit up the moorland? Was the craft brought down and then the incident covered up? Did the UFO shoot down a jet that was chasing after it? The lack of signs of a crash does tend to point away from this explanation. Some individuals claimed that the craft or jet could have come down in Howden reservoir; however there were no oil slicks or floating debris found which would indicate this had happened.

I contacted David Clarke to ask for his permission to use the excerpts from his report displayed below. David asked me to make it clear that his considered view is that the Howden Moor incident had nothing to do with a UFO, and can therefore have no connection with ET abductions. He also feels that Jessica knew more about the Howden Moor incident than she is letting on, and finds it suspicious that she would remember the specific date 13 years on. He also says that no military ground personnel were involved at any stage, and that if they were present they would certainly have been mentioned by the police, fire fighters or mountain rescue workers who assisted throughout the incident.

These are valid points considering the fact that David thoroughly investigated the case from start to finish, but perhaps the presence of military personnel was covered up, or maybe they were kept separate from the other investigative forces and were not seen. So although some may feel this puts Jessica’s statement into question regarding what took place on the moor, I do not believe it invalidates it. Graham remembers Jessica speaking to him about what happened on numerous occasions. Martin also remembers being out in the car, though his details are not clear as he was young at the time. So there is more than just Jessica's testimony to go on.

The Howden Moor incident is absolutely massive, and outside the scope of this report, so I thoroughly advise reading David and Martin’s report, which can be found at the following address:

As I wish to focus on the possibility that a triangular craft was involved, below are excerpts from the report on the incident mentioning UFO activity and such a craft:

“7.40pm Sighting in police log from a Bryan Haslam of Keighley, West Yorkshire, who had seen an object in the sky while travelling from Sheffield station. He was in the Barnsley area when he saw “a triangle shaped object with lights all around it hovering...” The police log of the incident reads: “[caller] does not think it was a plane. Thinks we are wasting our time.”

“A radio journalist from Hallam FM reported hearing “a loud humming noise” from above his car while comet-watching on the Peak District moors. This lasted 2-3 seconds, faded away and then returned, at one point “resembling a bird flapping its wings.” Despite pointing a torch skywards he was unable to see anything above him.”

“Emma Maidenhead [pseudonym] at Dronfield heard two jet aircraft pass over her home just before 10pm, and went upstairs to the bedroom where she heard “a low humming noise.” Then she saw what she described as a triangle fly across the street.”

“Martin Jeffrey: “I saw a triangle with the corners cut off. There were two pink lights on the front and I saw blue lights all around it. The triangle was a wide as the street; it was really bright and just above the rooftops. It flew pretty slow heading for the moors.” Max Burns describes the object Emma saw as a “huge triangular object, 2-300ft across” and said it passed over her house at a height of 200ft. He said it had pink/cerise lights around the front and “an almost blinding electric blue light underneath.” The UFO made a humming noise like an “like wet power lines/electrical substation.” She claimed the UFO lit up the whole street as bright as day. Less than a minute before this object disappeared towards the moors two more jet aircraft screamed overhead.”

“Mr Grayson is described as having watched a huge triangular shaped UFO hovering silently for 15 minutes between 11.30 and 11.45 [while the search was on-going] at an altitude of 200ft, before it moved off while being shadowed by an “unmarked helicopter”. He is described as saying the object was “not of this world.” When asked in September 1998 if he had seen a triangular UFO Mr Grayson said unequivocally: “No I did not, and I have never claimed I had seen a triangular UFO.”

“Claims have been made that a UFO was tracked on radar at 9.55 pm that night by the Royal Signals based at RAF Linton-upon-Ouse in North Yorkshire. The claim, made by Max Burns, is based upon information allegedly supplied by an un-named radar operator who was a school friend of a fellow DJ in Sheffield. Burns claimed this school friend had excitedly called up his colleague on the morning of March 25 and told him he had “tracked a UFO on his radar screen at 9.55 for a ten minute period the previous night, at the end of which the UFO had “shot off the screen.” When pushed for more information this mysterious radar operator allegedly said: “I am not allowed to discuss it and if I do I will be in breach of my national security oath.” This turnaround was claimed to be a direct result of the military authorities imposing a wall of silence around the case.”

It is particularly interesting to note that some of the people who claim to have seen the triangular craft mention pink and blue lights on it, the same colours that Jessica described. Jessica feels certain that the ETs had communicated with her by telepathy and asked her to drive out to the location at that specific date and time. The reason behind this is not known, if the ETs wanted to abduct her, why not just take her from her own home as they had done previously? Perhaps she was meant to bear witness to something or be there for another as yet unknown reason. It is possible to speculate about many aspects, but as to what happened to Jessica and her family on that night we only have testimonial evidence to go on.

Flying Triangle Abduction

It was late 1997, 6-8 months after the incident on Howden Moor. Jessica had now split up from Steve and moved to a house on Baker Road, Creswell. She shared this house with her son Martin and house mate Mark. On the evening of the incident, her friend Paula was round to visit. Jessica and Paula decided they would walk to the nearby Co-Op to buy some food supplies. They set off from the house with Martin about 7.30-8.00pm. It was a clear still evening with only patchy cloud in the sky. Due to the time of year it was already dark, and the stars could be seen through the gaps between the clouds.

The Co-Op was only five minutes walk from the house. They were heading along Dover Road, with the shop in sight at the T-junction ahead of them. As they were walking past the Old Comrades Social Club, suddenly Paula exclaimed “What’s the fuck’s that?” She pointed up into the sky. Jessica and Martin both looked up to where she was pointing. Hovering in the air a short distance above a building ahead of them off to the right was a black triangular-shaped craft. It had small coloured lights all along the edges of the underside which were red, pink, blue and purple colours. The lights appeared to be flashing then flickering in sequence. The triangle was equilateral.

Aerial map showing the route that the witnesses walked from Baker Road, with the position of the flying triangle (A) and Co-Op (B) shown:

Photograph of the sighting location, with the supermarket visible (It is now a Spar rather than a Co-Op). The craft was seen hovering above the building on the right:

Due to the angle they were viewing it from it was hard to see anything other than the underside of the craft, but it wasn’t completely flat. The main body of the craft was a shiny dark navy colour. It was at least 30 feet in diameter, and was hovering still and was silent. Jessica could see it was quite similar to the craft she had seen several months previously, but was not identical.

Witness drawing of the triangular UFO viewed from underneath:

Computer generated drawing of the UFO:

She glanced over at the Co-Op and could see several other people standing outside also looking up at the craft. She looked down at Martin and then at Paula. Both of them were staring up at the craft transfixed by it. She looked back up at the craft. Suddenly there was a bright white flash.

The next thing Jessica became aware of was of putting the key in the front door of her house. She turned the key and opened the door. Mark came to the hall way and asked where they had been for so long. Jessica replied they had just gone to get the shopping. So Mark asked where the shopping bags were. Jessica looked down and realised there were no shopping bags. She was highly confused as to what had taken place. Checking the clock she realised the time was now after 11.30pm. Three hours had gone by which neither she, Paula or Martin could account for.

Jessica felt very tired and giddy, almost drained of energy. She soon found out that Paula and Martin also felt the same way. They discussed what had taken place but could not remember anything after looking up at the craft. An hour later she began to feel sick. Both her and Martin had nosebleeds. Paula decided to stop over at the house, and all three of them went to bed. In the middle of the night Jessica woke up and was sick.

The following day, Paula was worried as she had started to bleed. Jessica asked if she had been pregnant and was having a miscarriage, to which Paula replied “I’m not pregnant!” She decided to go to the hospital to be examined. The doctors had checked her and found nothing which could account for the bleeding. It soon ceased, so they allowed her to return home. Her daughter rang Jessica to inform her everything was ok.

Another two days went by and then the nightmares began. In these nightmares, which recurred over numerous days, Jessica saw herself lying down on a hard table of some kind. She was in a large open room, which had an adjoining corridor on one side. She felt cold and believes that she was unclothed. She was paralyzed. Around her were five or six Greys staring down at her. She could feel one of them stroking her head through her hair. She also felt one of them lifting up her legs. Above her was some kind of bright blue-white light. In the dreams she would shout at the beings in her mind saying “Give me back my baby!” She remembered the beings speaking to her using telepathy – their mouths did not move. She felt they were trying to comfort her, but when she awoke she couldn’t remember the words they were saying. As well as the Grey beings around her, she remembers seeing human-looking figures in the room as well.

Witness drawing of one of the Greys:

Witness sketch showing her lying on the table, the beings around and the adjoining corridor:

Because of the recurring nightmares, Jessica found it hard to get to sleep. She became afraid of the dark in her room at night.

A few days later, Paula came round to visit again. She told Jessica that she was having nightmares. Jessica asked her what of, and Paula said she kept having a dream of lying down on a table in a “hospital” and seeing creatures with big eyes looking at her. Jessica informed her that she too was getting similar nightmares. She did not tell Paula of her previous contact experiences with these beings, and that she was quite used to seeing them on a regular basis.

To Jessica’s knowledge, Martin was not getting these nightmares nor seemed particularly upset by what had taken place. However about a week later she had a knock on the door. When she answered it she found it was her son’s teacher. She had come round to visit specially. She showed Jessica a number of drawings Martin had been doing. He had drawn pictures of Greys and of the triangular craft, about 20 in total. The only difference was that some of the Grey’s had bits of red in their eyes rather than being just black. He had also drawn pictures of a different kind of being that Jessica did not remember seeing – this being looked more lizard-like, with red and black coloured skin and spikes coming up from its shoulders. The teacher asked Jessica if she knew of a reason why he would be doing these drawings of “evil aliens”. Jessica decided not to tell the teacher about what had taken place, and informed her that she knew nothing about the drawings or why he would have drawn them. She kept hold of the drawings, but sadly they were lost when the family moved to their current address in Whitwell. However Martin drew me an example of how his drawings of the Greys looked:

Jessica spoke with Martin and he did not seem frightened by what had happened, but was clearly remembering aspects of the experience in the same way that Jessica and Paula were in their dreams. It is likely the other type of being that Martin saw was a Reptilian. These are usually reported as having dark green coloured scaly skin, however they have been seen in a variety of colours. While Jessica did not recollect seeing these beings on this occassion she has since witnessed them in further abduction experiences.

Drawing of one of the Reptilian beings witnessed by both Jessica and her son:

Ever since the incident Jessica has suffered from anxiety and occasional panic attacks. She went to see a psychiatrist, but they could not determine the reason behind these episodes. She did not tell them about what had happened as she felt they would not believe her. Because they started after the flying triangle abduction incident, it is likely that this was the cause, even though she has experienced contact since her mid 20s.

There were also other noticeable after effects. Jessica gained a fear of elevators, a fear she had not had earlier in her life. This fear continues to this day. It is common with contactees, and probably occurred because the feeling of being lifted up reminds her of being taken up into the craft. The entrance to the Meadow Hall supermarket in Sheffield also makes her feel very anxious. It has a large domed roof covered in white strip lighting. It is likely that this reminds her of something she has seen aboard the craft, such as the room she was taken to with the lights shining down from above.

Up until our visit, this was all Jessica remembered about the incident. We decided this would be the most important incident to return to in the regression, especially due to the numerous people involved and several confirmed hours of missing time. When Jessica was regressed she remembered many fascinating details about what took place during this missing time.

Regression Transcript

Jessica’s regression was performed by Rob Tudge, a hypnotherapist who has assisted me with a number of cases involving contact. Rob is very experienced in regressing contactees, and assisted UFO Research Midlands (UFORM) for over ten years. The regression took place in Jessica’s bedroom. It went very well indeed and lasted 1 hours 14 minutes. We decided it would be best to focus on the flying triangle abduction incident described in the previous section.

Below is the full transcript of the regression. It is interspersed with various drawings Jessica has done to illustrate certain aspects of what she remembers. After the transcript I give my views on what was revealed in it. Note that Rob was aware of what Jessica remembered about the experience beforehand, and we even visited the location where it took place earlier in the day. Towards the end of the regression he tried to get in touch with Jessica’s “higher self”, this is a technique that has been used by other hypnotherapists before and can sometimes reveal further details.

R: So just breathe for me. Just breathe in, nice deep breath. And out again. And in, and as you exhale relax the muscles of your neck and across your back. Good girl. And again, relax the muscles across your back and your neck. And again. Keep going, that’s it, nice deep breaths. And the next time you breathe out I want you to relax the muscles across your forehead please. That’s fine. And when you breathe out I want you to relax all those tiny muscles around your eyes. And the next time you breathe out I want you to relax your jaw muscles. Just let go. And if your jaw wants to drop open that’s ok. And continue to breathe evenly and deeply. And the next time you exhale allow all the tension to go from your neck and your shoulders. Allow all the tension to leave your upper arms and your lower arms and your hands, as you exhale. Just breathe out and let all that pent up tension leave you. Just let it go, you don’t need it. Good. Just continue to breathe easily and deeply. And as you breathe out relax the muscles of your upper back. And your lower back. And your tummy. And your thighs. Just allow those muscles to let go completely. Any tension in your knees, in your calves, allow it to leave you as you breathe out. Breathing in calm, breathing out tension. That’s very good. And finally allow the muscles of your feet just to relax, and let go. And if there’s any remaining tension anywhere in your system now’s the time to just let it go. And now notice how much heavier your head feels against the pillow, how heavy your arms feel at your side, how comfortable you are. That’s good, that’s right Jessica. As I said before you’re in complete control. I want you to imagine you’re at the top of ten steps. And at the bottom of the steps you see a huge wooden door. In a moment or two you’re going to be going down the steps, but before you do so I’ll ask you to imagine a huge bubble of white around you. If you were to stretch out your arms to your left and your right you couldn’t touch the inside of the bubble. It’s above your head and below your feet, but you can’t see the lower half of it. So that’s your bubble of protection. And I want you to imagine little roots, little tendrils coming out from your heels, making their way down and down into the subsoil. And these little tendrils make their way into the bedrock. So that is your earth. You are connected to the earth. So you are protected and literally grounded. And you’ll be able to move without any let or hindrance within your bubble, and even with these little tendrils, these little roots following you. So you’re protected and grounded. And I want you to take your first step down into peace and tranquillity. And the second step down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, and completely at ease. And step number three. And four. Step number five, half way down now, towards the huge wooden door. Step number six. Seven. Eight. Almost there now. Nine, ten. You’re there. In front of you, you have that huge wooden door. You’re protected and grounded. In a moment I’m going to ask you to go through the door, before you do I’ll tell you what’s on the other side. It’s just a room. A neutrally coloured room. So open the door and step through into that room please. Close the door behind you. Ok, that’s good. So you’re inside this room, protected and grounded, and very shortly I’m going to be speaking to your subconscious mind. And I’m going to be speaking to your subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. And I don’t want you to think about my questions nor consider the answers, just give them as quickly as they come. Very shortly your subconscious mind will present itself as a shape, a colour, a picture or a symbol. I’m going to count to three, snap my fingers, and your subconscious mind will present itself. One, two, three. Tell me what you have. C: Triangle. R: A triangle. Thank you subconscious mind for presenting in that way. Subconcious mind, would it be appropriate in safety and comfort to the incident that happened at Creswell. C: Yes. R: Thank you subconscious mind. Just relax and breathe evenly and deeply. So I’m going to ask you to go back to the the incident at Creswell. Imagine two hours before the incident took place. Describe what’s going on. Who’s with you there? C: Mark. R: Mhmm. C: Martin. R: Yes. C: Paula. R: Ok. C: Just people. R: Alright, so just people, Paula and Martin. What are you doing? C: Just talking. R: Just talking, ok. Is everybody together in one room? C: Martin’s not. R: Martin’s not there. Where’s he? C: He’s out and about. R: He’s out on his bike. C: Out and about. R: Ok. That’s ok. And what happens next? C: We’re just talking. R: Mhmm. Who decides to go to the shops? C: Me. R: Mhmm. Who goes with you? C: Paula and Martin. R: Ok. And what happens next? C: (Inaudible) Going to the shops. R: You’re going to the shops, ok. So you set off to the shops, the three of you? Across the road yes? C: Just going out the door. R: Ok you’re walking along pathway yes. Are you talking between yourselves? C: Mmm. R: Ok. You’re just walking. Is it a little bit uphill, when you start? Or it it level? C: Level really. R: Ok. You’re just walking, and talking between yourselves. C: Mmm. R: Mhmm. What’s the next thing that happens? C: Mmm... R: Walking. You’re walking and talking, what’s the next thing that happens? C: Paula looked up into the sky. R: So Paula walked into... C: No, looked up to the sky. R: Ok. C: She’s seen these lights. R: Yes. And where are you looking? C: She says “What’s that? What...what...” And I looked up. R: You looked up, yes. You’re looking up, what do you see? C: It’s a triangle. R: It’s a triangle. Describe the triangle for me. C: Black. R: It’s black. Have you seen it before? C: Yeah. R: You have, ok. It’s familiar to you? Are the colours the same? C: (Nods head) R: Ok. It’s black, what other colours do you see? C: There’s just all lights all the way round. R: Lights all the way round it. But you’re in the road, you’re looking up at this. How do you feel? C: Just wondering what it is. R: What about Martin, what’s he saying? C: He’s just looking. R: He’s just looking. What about Paula? C: She’s just still looking. R: Ok, the three of you are just looking. C: Saying “It’s not moving”. R: It’s not moving, it’s stationary. How high is it? C: Not much higher than the chimney. R: So there’s this black triangle, not very high, with lights yes? C: Yeah. R: What are the lights doing? C: They’re not really flashing, just... R: They’re not, not really flashing? C: Flickering. R: Not really flashing. But there are lights there, you can see them, and it’s black. Is there anything else you can see on the underside of this black triangle? Is it smooth? Is it rough? Has it got any marks on it? What can you see underneath? C: Just a round circle thing in the middle R: Ok. That’s fine. Just looking at it the three of you? Are there any other people looking up at this thing? C: Mmm. R: Where are the other people standing? C: Near that shop. R: Near the shop mhmm. Are they clearly looking at the same thing? C: Yeah. Looking up. R: Ok. So you’re just looking at it. C: Mmm. R: What happens next? What happens next? C: I look...I look back up. R: You look back up yes. And what happens next? C: I can see them. R: You can see? Who’s them? C: Them. R: Who’s them, tell me who they are who you can see? C: Them with big eyes.

R: You can see them in the triangle? Where are they? C: No. See them first. R: Where? Where are they? C: In front of me. R: They’re in front of you, directly in front of you. How many of them? C: About four. R: Four of them directly in front of you. Tell me more about them. C: Great big eyes. R: Great big eyes. They’re just standing there? C: Just looking at me. R: They’re just looking at you. All four of them are just looking at you, is that correct? They’re there in the street just in front of you, and they’re just looking at you? C: Don’t know. R: They’re just looking. They’re just looking. You’re perfectly safe, you’re protected and grounded. Tell me what happens next. Take as long as you want, tell me what happens next. What’s going on? What’s going on Jessica? C: Don’t know, just dark. R: It’s gone? C: Dark. R: It’s gone dark? C: It’s dark. R: Suddenly its dark, is that correct? C: Feels like I’m...floating. R: You’re floating, and you can see darkness, is that correct? C: Now I see a light. R: Oh you see a light now? Do you still feel as if you’re floating? Where are you now? C: There’s a light. R: There’s a light. C: Something’s opened. R: Something’s opened. What was it that opened? C: Underneath. R: Underneath. Underneath the triangle is that correct? C: Yep. R: So can you see the underneath of the triangle as you approach the thing that’s opened? Tell me what you see as you get close to the underneath of the triangle. C: It’s bright and colourful. R: Bright and colourful when you get close. What’s the surface that you’re looking at, tell me about the surface. C: It’s opened up in the middle underneath. R: It’s opened up in the middle just underneath of it, I see. C: I can see it now. R: Yes you can see it now. And you’re just floating, is that correct? C: No. R: No? Where are you now? C: I’m in it. R: You’re in. Are you standing? C: No. (Looks distressed) R: What are you doing, tell me. C: (Inaudible) (Crying) R: Breathe, just breathe for me. You’re totally protected and grounded, I won’t let anyone hurt you do you understand? You’re totally protected and grounded. C: (Crying) They carried me towards them to see the lights. R: They carried you to see the lights, is that right? C: (Nods) R: Ok. Ok, this is just a memory, you’re just telling me about a memory. You’re perfectly safe, we will not let them hurt you, do you understand? This is just a memory. C: (Starts moving right arm) R: What’s happening to your arm? C: They’re picking me up. R: They’re taking your arms? Your arms? C: (Crying) R: I’m going to say freeze. Freeze. Freeze, they’ve gone to black and white, they’ve gone to black and white, everything’s quite still, everything’s quite still, you’re perfectly safe, the picture’s just frozen. You’re perfectly safe, it’s a picture you can see in black and white. What I want you to do now is just float your consciousness out of your body. Just allow it to rise and look down on the same scene. Just allow your consciousness to rise out of your body, and look back at yourself and tell me what you see in black and white. Look back at the scene, it’s in black and white and it’s stationary, and tell me what you see, now it’s frozen. You’re perfectly safe. You’re just looking at the scene. It’s in black and white, everything’s stationary, stopped, standing still, immobile. Just tell me what you see. Tell me what you see. C: Just dark. R: It’s gone dark again? C: No. It’s still there now. R: It’s ok, it’s ok. You’re perfectly safe, we’re just looking back. You’re looking back on the scene. There’s nothing moving, you’re just looking back at a black and white picture at present. Tell me what you see in this black and white picture. Just breathe, good girl, good girl, just breathe. Tell me what you see in the picture before you. Good girl, that’s fine, take as long as you need. That’s good. That’s fine. Tell me what you see in the picture, the black and white picture that’s in front of you. C: There’ a ball, glowing. R: There’s a ball glowing. Bring the colours back. Everything’s stationary, bring the colour back in. What colour is the glowing ball? C: White. R: White, good girl. And where is it, in relation to Jessica, because you’re separated, you’re looking back at this scene. Where is it? C: In front of me. R: It’s in front of Jessica. What do you think that white ball is doing? C: It protects me. R: It protects you. What else can you see that is around Jessica? Can you see anything around her? Is there still darkness, is it just the glowing ball, you tell me what you see, before we get things to move again. You’re just looking down on the scene, there’s nothing moving, we’ve froze the scene. Colours have come back, there’s a white ball glowing, just in front of Jessica, you can see that as you look down. What else is going on? C: Can see another light. R: Another light? Uh-huh, good. Ok, things just start moving very slowly, and describe to me what happens as things move onward very slowly. C: Can see them. R: You can see them? Ok, do you want to stop at this point? C: (Shakes head) R: Ok, good girl. It’s moving slowly, you’re detached, you’re looking down on this telling me what’s happening. You can see them. How many of them are there? C: There’s quite a few. R: Quite a few, uh-huh. What are they doing? C: Looking at me. R: They’re looking. You’re detached. You’re looking down on this scene. Your consciousness has floated out of your body, you’re just looking back at Jessica. You’re perfectly safe, you’re protected and grounded, you’re just observing this, this is a memory you are observing, do you understand? Observing a memory, and they’re just looking at you. Things are moving slowly, very slowly, so you can describe to me exactly what’s happening. What’s going on now? Are they still in the same place or have they moved? C: They’re still there. R: They’re still there. Is Jessica standing up or lying down at present? C: Lying down. R: Lying down, ok. And there are quite a few of them round her. C: (Nods) R: Are they treating her with respect? Can you see that? Is she being treated with respect, because that’s very important. C: Don’t know. R: You don’t know. C: The ceiling. R: You can just see what’s going on? C: Ceiling. R: Did you say Jessica’s feeling sick? C: No ceiling... R: Oh, the ceiling is important? The ceiling. What’s happening on that ceiling? C: There’s a light. R: There’s a light up there. And what is it doing? Is it special? C: It’s like...a laser coming down on my body.

R: A laser...a laser coming down? C: A light. R: A laser light comes down. Where does it touch Jessica? C: Down there (Gestures to lower abdomen) R: Down there, ok. That’s good, you’re just observing this, it’s just a memory you’re looking at. A laser light comes down, down below, is that correct? What colour is the laser light, can you see? C: Don’t know. (Crying) R: Is she in pain? Or is it upsetting to look at? C: (Shakes head) R: She’s not in pain. Good, she’s being looked after. That’s excellent, ok. She’s being treated with respect, yes? But there is a laser light, on her lower abdomen, is that correct? C: Yeah. (Nods head) R: And what colour is the laser light, can you tell... C: (Shakes head) R: You can’t tell me. C: It’s just...just...don’t know, it’s not white. R: It’s not white, ok, that’s fine. And those that are there, they’re just standing round watching this happen? C: Mmm. (Nods head) R: And how long does this go on for? Little while? C: (Nods head) R: Jessica’s not in any pain? C: (Shakes head) R: Excellent, that’s good. You’re just observing a memory, Jessica’s not in any pain at all, or discomfort, you’re just watching this lazer light on Jessica’s lower abdomen. These beings that you can see from up here, when you floated out of Jessica’s body, are they all the same? C: (Nods head) R: They’re identical. C: Mmm. R: What’s happening now? What’s happening now? Tell me what’s happening now. C: Don’t know. R: You can see something happening but you don’t know what it is, is that correct? C: (Nods head) R: Do you not recognise what’s happening now? What are they doing? You’re just observing, you’re completely safe, you’re protected and grounded, and Jessica is not in any discomfort whatsoever. You’re looking at a memory. That’s it, just breathe and tell me what you see happening now. Tell me what’s happening, what’s different? C: (Distressed) R: Just breathe, just breathe, and tell me what’s happening now. What are they doing? What’s happening to Jessica can you tell me. She’s very upset, tell me why. C: (Crying) R: Just breathe, just breathe, freeze, black and white. Just freeze, just black and white, no sound, no movement. You’re looking down on this scene from high up, there’s some beings round the table, Jessica is laid down, there is a laser light on her lower abdomen. It’s just black and white, there’s no movement. There was something else happened, you tell me what was that something else. Perfectly safe, Jessica is experiencing no discomfort, and you’re protected and grounded in complete and utter safety. Just tell me what’s been going on, in addition to the lazer light. Is it that you don’t understand what else went on, or you’re not permitted to tell me? C: It’s... (Crying) R: Ok, that’s ok, tell me what you want to tell me. C: It’s... R: That’s ok, just breathe and tell me what you want to tell me. Just breathe and tell me what you want to tell me. That’s a good girl. C: It’s took something from me. R: They’ve taken something, they took something from Jessica yes? C: Mmm. R: Ok, ok. Just breathe and relax, now you’ve seen that. Ok, they took something from you. Breathe in, relax, ok, ok. Do you want to tell me what it is they took from Jessica? Could you see what they took from Jessica? It’s in black and white, it’s stationary, there’s nothing happening, you’re just looking at a memory. C: (Trying to say something) R: Just tell me, tell me if you want to tell me. C: Took something red...I don’t know. R: That’s ok. C: Foetus...foetus. R: I understand. Just breathe, just breathe, just breathe, you’re just watching a memory, just breathe, you’re just watching a memory. That’s it. You’re safe, you’re absolutely safe. That’s good, just breathe, just breathe, just breathe. That’s good, good girl. Just continue to breathe for me. Ok. The colours coming back to the picture now, it’s going to move on slowly, and tell me what happens next please from your place high above, you’re just looking back at the picture, things are moving on slowly and steadily, you’re in a place of safety, protected and grounded, you’re just looking back at that picture, which is now in colour and moving on very slowly so you can tell 6me what’s happening. What do you see, what’s happening now? You can’t see what’s happening? Or is there something going on that you don’t understand? C: Can just see them. R: You can just see them. Are they still standing around Jessica? C: Some. R: Some. How many are there now? C: There’s quite a few. R: There’s quite a few. Is it just these entities or...what do you see now. If there are quite a few a few. Quite a few what? Tell me what you see. C: Just them. R: Are they just standing or walking through? C: Just...standing. R: Just standing, looking. Is it just this type of entity that’s standing or looking, just this type of entity standing, looking? They all the same? C: No. R: No? C: They look a bit different, some. R: Some are a bit different. What’s the difference, could you tell me? It’s in colour and it’s moving slowly. What’s the difference? C: They look like us. R: They look like us. C: Some. R: They look like us. C: Some. R: Men and women? Do you recognise any of them? C: No. (Shakes head) R: Are they helping these entities? C: Yep. R: They’re helping them. Who’s in charge here, can you tell? C: (Shakes head) R: What are the ones that look like us doing, what are, what are they doing? C: Don’t know. R: They’re just looking, you can’t see them doing...they’re just looking, is that correct? C: Don’t know what they’re doing. R: You don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re doing something? C: Mhmm. R: Are they close to Jessica? C: Some. R: Some are. Ok. You’re watching this in colour, moving on slowly. So there are some who look like us, and they’re standing around Jessica. What’s happening now? C: Don’t know. R: You don’t know. Something happening? Tell me what you see happening. Even if you don’t understand it, just tell me what you see happening there from your position up high, in complete safety, tell me what you see. C: Don’t know, it’s just a room. R: Just a room. Are there the same entities or people in there? Or has something changed? C: It looks a bit different. R: It’s a bit different? What’s changed? Tell me what’s different. C: Don’t know... (Inaudible) R: That’s ok, just go forward, and tell me what happens next. Go forward a little and tell me what happens next. C: Some...some... R: There’s something at the side. Is that correct? No? C: glass things. Some glass things, don’t know. R: Some glass things yes? C: Yes. R: You don’t know what they are but there’s something glass there is that correct? Are these glass things near Jessica? C: (Nods head) R: Ok. And what do these glass things do? What happens with these glass things? C: There’s people. R: How big are these glass things with people in them? C: Some tall, some small. R: Tell me about the people in them? C: Some of them look human. R: Some of them look human, ok. C: Human. Mhmm. R: Ok. Human, good. C: And some other things. R: And they’re in glass tubes with cold things in them? Other things, I understand. Other things. What are the other things. Just tell me, you’re just looking at a memory, they can’t hurt you. I promise you, you’re absolutely safe and secure. Tell me what you see, the other things. C: They’re got babies in them, but not fully born. (Distressed) R: Babies in them. C: Foetus...some of them. (Crying) R: That’s ok, ok. Let’s move on, that’s disturbing to you, let’s move on to the next thing that you see. Move onto the next thing that you see. You’re in a position of safety, high above Jessica. No-one knows where her consciousness is, it’s in the room just looking back at her body, you’re in the room just looking back at Jessica’s body. It’s just lying there, suffering no discomfort and you’re just observing her. What happens next? C: Can still see that. R: You can still see that? Ok. Can Jessica see that, from where she is? C: (Nods head) R: Yes. C: Mmm. R: Is she moving, is she being moved? C: (Shakes head) R: No? She’s just there? C: (Nods head) R: And she can see the things in the tubes? C: (Nods head) R: Uh-huh, in the glass things. C: Yep. R: What colour are the things in the glass things? Can’t tell? C: Looks clear. R: It’s clear, ok. C: Like jam. R: Clear and like jam, that’s good, that’s fine. Does Jessica stay where she is or does she get moved? C: Stays. R: Still there in the same spot? C: (Nods head) R: Ok. What happens next? Just looking back, just a memory looking back, things are moving very slowly, things are moving little bit at a time, you’re just watching, you’re just watching. That’s good, that’s fine. Jessica’s in no discomfort, you’re perfectly safe where you are, grounded and protected. What happens next? C: (Inaudible) It’s one of them. R: It’s one of them. C: It’s...I don’t know, there’s just something different. R: In one of the tubes? C: No, walking up. (Inaudible) No, it’s not human. R: It’s not human? C: It’s just all colours.

R: It’s all colours. It’s not human, it’s all colours. C: Mmm. R: It’s ok, just tell me what you see, it’s fine. C: It’s hardly got no body, just colours. R: It’s hardly got no body, it’s just colours, is that correct? C: Just all different colours,’s walking. R: It’s walking. C: It’s got no skin or anything, just colours there. (Gesturing to face) R: That’s ok. Does this thing walk past Jessica. C: Mmm. (Nods head) R: It walks past, ok. Has it gone now? C: No. R: It’s still there? C: (Nods head) R: How does this thing behave? C: I don’t know, like a ball of energy, coming...can’t explain. (Gesturing with hands)

R: That’s ok. That’s ok. That’s fine. C: It’s just colourful. R: It’s colourful, and it’s there with Jessica yes? C: (Nods head) R: Ok, just look back and tell me what you see, what happens next? C: It’s just there still. It’s still. R: It’s still there. Is it observing Jessica? C: Mhmm. R: Closely? C: (Nods head) R: Ok. How is it observing her closely? C: It’s just near me. R: It’s just near. You can see it’s near Jessica. C: It’s just all colours. R: It’s all colours, ok. What happens next? C: It’s just looking at me. R: It’s just looking. C: Touching my head. I don’t know what it is. R: No, you don’t know what it is? C: (Shakes head) R: Ok. Is there any discomfort there? C: No. R: Excellent. Then what happens? C: Don’t know, just feel...relaxed. R: Just calm, tell me what happens next. C: Don’t know. R: Is the colourful ball still there, or has it gone? C: I can’t see it. R: You can’t see it, no. Who’s around Jessica now? Who’s around her? Are the human people there still? C: Some. R: Some. Is anybody talking about Jessica in any way that you can tell? Or are they just looking? C: Can’t see them...not talking no. R: Ok just go on a little bit, what happens next, just tell me what happens next. Jessica’s not in any discomfort and you’re safe. You’re absolutely safe, what happens next? C: Can still see them. R: You can still see them, they’re still there. Is Jessica still in the same place? C: Yep. R: Yeah, she’s still there. C: Mhmm. R: Ok. C: Can see some...some young children, I don’t know. R: Some young children. Have they come in to be around Jessica? C: (Nods head)

R: They come in? Tell me about the children. C: Quite a few. R: How old are the children? C: Don’t know...five. Six. Seven. R: Ok. Now children, normally, are happy and chatter. Are these children happy and chattery? C: They’re moving about. R: They’re moving about mhmm. And how do they look? Have a good look at these children? Tell me what you see, tell me what you notice about them. C: Arms, hands similar to ours. And feet. R: Ok. What about their faces? C: Foreheads are a bit higher. R: Their foreheads are higher, ok. C: Not much, not... R: No? C: Foreheads just a bit different to ours. R: Oh just a bit different, ok. What about their eyes? What about their eyes? Tell me about their eyes. C: Bigger than ours. R: Little bit bigger than ours. What about their hair? C: Some haven’t got hair. R: Some of the little children haven’t got any hair? C: (Shakes head) Some have. R: Mhmm. Have the children come to see Jessica? C: (Nods head) R: Just to look at her? C: (Nods head) R: I wonder why that might be. Does Jessica speak to the children or touch them? C: Yeah. R: Yes? What does she put her hand out to touch them, or do they touch her? C: They put their hand out to me. R: They hold your hands? C: Mmm. R: Hold hands? You hold hands with the children? C: (Nods head) Yeah. R: And what do you feel from the children? C: (Crying) R: What does Jessica feel from the children? Is it good to hold their hands? C: (Nods head) R: Does Jessica need to hold their hands? C: (Nods head) R: And the children need to hold her hands, yes, is that right? C: Yeah (Crying) R: How many children are holding hands? C: Don’t know...four maybe, five, don’t know. Don’t know. R: That’s ok, that’s ok. Are the children happy? C: (Nods head) R: Is Jessica happy? Is she crying with happiness? C: (Nods head) R: Is she smiling? Can you see down there? Is she smiling? C: Mmm. R: It’s always a blessing and a privilege to interact with children, to bring something to their lives, to take something of them with you, that’s always a blessing. That’s a gift. C: Mhmm. R: A marvellous gift. You’re looking down as Jessica’s detached consciousness, watching Jessica hold the hands of these children, and they’re smiling, Jessica is smiling and crying at the same time. What happens next? Tell me what happens next, if you can. Can you tell me what happens next? Is it that Jessica doesn’t want the children to go, is that what it is, she wants to keep hold of them? Is that right? C: They don’t want me to go. R: They don’t want you to go. They don’t want you to go. C: No. R: You know that in your mind? C: (Nods head) R: Another blessing. Does Jessica have to go? C: Soon. R: Soon. And the children know that? C: (Nods head) R: Ok. C: Can still that coloured ball. (Gestures hand in front of face) R: That coloured ball’s still there yes, ok? C: It’s changed into some kind of human, I don’t know... R: It’s changed into the shape of a human, is that correct? C: But not with skin. R: Ok. C: Just all colourful. (Gesturing hands in front of face) R: Is it beautiful to see? C: Mmm. R: Is the human looking back at you? C: (Nods head) It’s just like all his body’s (inaudible) (Gesturing up and down with hands) R: You can see inside his body, is that correct? C: (Shakes head) R: No? C:’s... R: No. It’s just different. That’s fine, that’s ok. C: It’s all colourful. R: It’s good to look at, beautiful to see. What happens next? Don’t know what happens next? C: Don’t know... R: That’s ok, that’s good. Go forward to the next image you remember. Nice and slowly, just allow yourself gently, tell me what you see, the next thing you remember. C: Mmm...don’t know. R: You don’t know what you remember. That’s ok. I want your consciousness to float back into your body now, back into Jessica’s body. C: Mmm. R: And I’ve been told that the next thing she remembers is putting the key in the door lock to come back in the house, is that correct? C: Yeah. R: That’s good. So with your consciousness back in your body Jessica, put the key in the door lock, turn the key and go back in the house. C: Mhmm. R: That’s good. So you’re back to where you were, you’re back in your house, you’re back in a place of safety and your consciousness is back in your body, do you understand that? C: Mmm. R: That’s good, that’s fine. And I want you to go from there back to that neutral room with the big door. C: Mhmm. R: And I want you to do that now for me please. Just put yourself back in that room. C: Mmm. R: And you’re back in the present day, 2010, in this room behind the huge wooden door. C: Mhmm. R: And what I’m going to do is ask permission in humility and reverence for Jessica’s highest good and understanding, to speak to higher self, the source of all knowledge. C: Mmm. R: Would that be permitted? C: Yeah. R: Higher self, what was the purpose of this encounter? C: (Inaudible) don’t know. R: Thank you. Higher self, what’s being done to Jessica at present, and why do they keep taking her? C: To go and see them. R: To go and see them. Why is it so important to go and see them for her? C: To help learn things. R: To help her learn things. Will this contact continue higher self? C: Mmm. R: May Jessica be allowed to remember more? C: Mmm. R: Why is Jessica here in her present incarnation, higher self? C: (Inaudible) R: Did she agree to this? C: Yeah. (Nods head) R: What was her last incarnation? C: I said I’d help. R: Did Jessica agree to help? C: Mmm. R: What must she do with her life from now on, higher self? C: Can I use this gift (inaudible) R: Higher self could we ask for healing for Jessica? Spiritually... C: Mmm. R: Pychologically and physically? C: Yeah. R: When will this be accomplished? C: Soon. R: Soon. Higher self, can we ask that Jessica be allowed progress in all parts of her life? C: Ok. R: Higher self can we ask that Jessica can be inspired, inspired to progress, have have better regard for herself, or self confidence? C: Mhmm. R: Can she be unafraid? C: Mmm. R: Can we ask that Jessica be who she is supposed to become? C: Mmm. R: Thank you. I’ll speak to Jessica now. Jessica I’ll ask you to speak to speak to your higher self, thank your higher self for all the work it’s done this afternoon to help you. C: Mmm. R: And I’ll ask you to thank your subconscious mind from the bottom of your heart for helping with this important work this afternoon, and you can do that now. Thankyou. And I’m going to ask you to come through that huge wooden door and stand at the bottom of those ten steps when you’re ready, and close the door behind you, and tell me when you’ve done that. C: Mmm. R: Thankyou, ok. You’re going to come up the stairs nice and slowly, ten to nine and eight, seven, six, half way back now, and bringing all those thoughts and feelings with you, five, four, three and two and one. You’re back. You are home, safe, secure. And when you’re ready and not before, come back to this room, revived, refreshed and wide awake. Don’t rush, take your time please, as long as you need.

Regression Analysis

As you can see, Jessica’s regression went extremely well, and she remembered many details about the experience that she had not previously known. Many of the things she spoke of are common with abductions and have been mentioned before by contactees. Jessica had not looked into contact experiences prior to the regression, so these similarities to other experiences are very impressive and are good evidence that the incident really took place.

Under regression, Jessica remembered Greys actually coming down into the road in front of her, Paula and Martin. She then remembers floating up towards the craft, where upon a hatch opens in its base with white light inside. This is how contact experiences often begin, with a visitation by ETs who then accompany the contactee as they are taken up into the ship. The fact that there were other people over by the Co-Op also looking up at the craft at the time means that they may well have actually witnessed Jessica, Paula and Martin being taken up into the craft. These memories were probably subsequently removed from their minds and they too experienced missing time, though it is very unlikely we will ever know for sure.

Jessica does not mention Paula or Martin at all throughout her regression. It is almost certain that they too were abducted, due the after effects they suffered, the nightmares and the drawings that Martin drew at school (see earlier). However they were probably taken to a different room on the ship to where Jessica was taken. Once aboard the craft, she found herself surrounded by Greys who were holding her arms. After the regression she informed me she was paralyzed and floating in the air between them. In the regression Jessica mentioned that they “took her to see the lights”. If this and what she described from her nightmares are looked at together, we can presume that the lights she was speaking of were those above the hard table she was laid down upon, and that she was led down the corridor into the room. At this point she became quite distressed for the first time, and Rob had to temporarily pause the memories she was re-experiencing.

After continuing, the first thing Jessica speaks of is a glowing white orb hovering in front of her. At first I thought she may be referring to the bubble of protection that Rob had got her to envisage around herself. Indeed when Rob asked what the orb was there for she informed him that “it protects her”. However she mentioned the orb again later in the regression, and it certainly seemed to be a valid part of her experience. Many contactees have reported seeing glowing orbs of light during their experiences aboard craft, and also around their homes. The one that Jessica experienced seemed to be a living ET entity (see later).

Next Jessica described a machine coming down from above and shining a laser/light onto her lower abdomen. Under regression she could not describe the colour but afterwards informed me it was a pale brown coloured light. This machine then extracted a foetus from her. Jessica became very distressed at this point, and it is not known if the laser actually cut into her or if the foetus was somehow removed from her without breaking the skin. This experience has been described by female contactees before, and certainly means that Jessica is part of the ongoing hybrid breeding program, one of the known agendas of the ETs. They often appear to use females as a carrier for hybrid embryo’s, created from a mix of their own and the mothers DNA. After the foetus reaches a certain stage of development the contactee is then re-abducted and the foetus removed. It then is placed in a clear cylinder filled with liquid of some kind, where it continues to develop into a hybrid baby. After talking about the laser, Jessica describes seeing these cylinders, some of which seemed to contain human babies, others hybrids or small Greys. The cylinders appeared to be filled with a clear gel-like substance.

Just as in her dream, Jessica then describes seeing human-like beings as well as the Greys around her. The humanoids appear to be assisting the Greys with their work, although Jessica was not able to determine which group was in charge. It is possible that these humanoids were Nordics, another species commonly reported by contactees. In a number of cases these beings have been seen to stand watch while the Greys perform the work. Some believe that the Greys have even been bio-engineered by the Nordics to work for them, however the Greys certainly possess intelligence and appear to have their own agendas.

The next event that Jessica describes took us by surprise as this was the first time she had mentioned it at all. She remembered a number of “strange looking children” who entered the room and approached her. They stood around her and took turns in holding her hands. At this point of her experience, Jessica was noticeably happy. These children were hybrids – half Grey, half human. During the regression she did not sense any familiarity with them, but afterwards she felt that they must have been her own offspring. Similar things have happened in many other cases – the Greys often bring the hybrid to their human mother. This is sometimes done when the hybrid is just a baby, or other times when they are infants. Some contactees have even met with adult hybrid beings aboard craft. This It is more than likely done as a bonding exercise, they seem very interested in our emotions as a species and do not seem to express emotions as outwardly as we do.

After describing the hybrid children, Jessica then spoke more of the glowing orb of light. This apparently transformed into a being. It had a human-like shape but appeared to be made up of light of numerous colours. Jessica commented on how beautiful this being appeared numerous times. This was the last thing she described from the experience, as with many contact cases Jessica did not remember how she left the craft. Rob brought her forward to the first conscious memory she had following the experience – putting the key in the door of her house.

He then went on to attempt to speak to Jessica’s “higher self”. In some cases this can even allow the hypnotherapist to apparently converse directly with the beings the individual is in contact with, however I do not feel that this took place here. She did inform us that she was being taken to “go and see them” and to help her learn things, but she did not provide answers in much depth. Most questions she was asked she just nodded in agreement to. I felt that although this section of the regression was interesting, it did not provide us with much more information we had not already heard.

Going forward it would be great to regress Jessica on some of her other contact experiences. I am certain she has many other memories of her experiences which she cannot consciously remember at present. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to do so.

Ongoing Contact

Since the flying triangle abduction in 1997, Jessica has had many other contact experiences, especially since moving to her current address in Whitwell. In recent years they have occurred on roughly a monthly basis. Most of her experiences are very similar to her initial contact experience. They can happen any time either day or night. She is usually either sitting somewhere or lying in bed, but on a couple of occasions has even been standing up.

The incidents are usually preceded by strange electrical activity around the house – lights flicker, electrical equipment turns on and off of its own accord, the TV changes channel by itself or displays interference. This activity has been seen by her husband and son, although they have never actually witnessed Jessica being taken, this tends to happen when she is alone. Sometimes Jessica’s experiences are preceeded by white flashes of light that appear to come from other rooms in the house. She can often sense a presence around her, or feels that something is about to take place.

Jessica’s contact experiences usually start in the same way, she hears strange noises such as buzzing and clicking, sees a bright white flash of light and then finds she is paralyzed, with one or more Greys standing in front of her. Sometimes the beings actually reach out and grab hold of her hands, other times they just seem to stare at her. On a number of occasions she has began to physically lift up into the air. One time when she was lying down she actually floated right up to the ceiling and was staring directly up at it.

Jessica is certain that sometimes the Greys have spoke to her using telepathy and that she has responded to them. However she can never remember what they have said after the experience. During most of her experiences she cannot remember going anywhere else, she just remains paralyzed with the beings in front of her for a time and then suddenly they are gone and she can move again. However on the times she has checked the clock, she has found that between 45-90 minutes has gone by which she cannot account for. She feels certain that during these experiences she is taken somewhere else, but the memories have been blocked out. Sometimes she cannot remember any of the experience at all, she just realises she has had missing time.

She rarely tries to fight against the experiences from taking place. She feels she has no control over them and that if they want to take her they will do so. It has happened so many times that she is used to it and just accepts it when it happens.

Shadow Being

When I interviewed Jessica’s son Martin, he informed me that although he had never witnessed his mum being taken or missing from the house, he once saw a dark shadowy figure move past his open bedroom door heading in the direction of Jessica’s room.

Martin’s drawing of the shadow being:

Apparitions such as this have often been witnessed by contactees, and certainly appear related to their experiences. He shrugged the incident off as his imagination, but the following day Jessica informed him she had had an experience after the time the figure was seen.

The Portal

In 2006 Jessica was living with Martin in a house on Cobden Road, Chesterfield. One day something very unusual took place. Jessica was in the kitchen when she suddenly noticed something strange out of the corner of her eye. At first she thought it was some kind of reflection coming through the kitchen window. It looked like something translucent spiralling round in the air.

Aerial map of Cobden Road:

She called for Martin who came through to the kitchen and also saw it. They stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what it was. Jessica felt that it may be some kind of portal. She was thinking about touching it or throwing something into it, but didn’t dare as she was scared something might happen, so instead her and Martin ran out of the kitchen. Later on she checked and it was no longer there.

Witness drawing of the “portal”:

This was a truly bizarre anomaly. The fact that it was witnessed by Martin as well as Jessica shows that it was not just her imagination, whatever it was it certainly appeared to be present. Considering the fact that both Jessica and Martin are contactees, it seems likely that it was in some way linked with their experiences. Perhaps it was some kind of doorway through which something was trying to come through. Or could it have been an energy field of some kind? There is also the possibility that it was something else paranormal but not linked with ET contact, such as a ghostly apparition.

Psychic Gifts

Jessica has had premonitions of future events on quite a number of occasions. When these premonitions take place, she not only sees a vision of what is going to take place but also actually experiences emotions like she is really there. As a recent example, on the morning of 2nd June 2010 Jessica had a premonition of the Derrick Bird shootings in Cumbria five hours before they took place. She has also had visions of other disasters such as the Concorde crash. In this vision she saw burning bodies falling to the ground. A day later the crash occurred.

The premonitions take place at random and she has no control over them. She sees what is going to happen but has no clue as to where and when, sometimes not even to whom. They do not always occur right before the actual event, sometimes they can be a while before. Sometimes Jessica never finds out whether what she has seen has actually taken place. They are not always of massive disasters; they can sometimes be of things which affect her or the people around her. On one occasion she predicted that someone her husband knew was going to die and that it would be something to do with their chest / heart. Graham informed me that one of his friends had a bad chest and was always coughing. He spoke with him and asked him if he was feeling alright and he said he was fine. About a week later he rang him up, and when he answered he told Graham that another of their friends had caught influenza, it had gone to their chest and they had died.

Jessica also sometimes sees apparitions of people who have passed on. On one occasion she saw a woman standing behind her husband. She described her to him and he informed her it was his ex-girlfriend who had died of cancer. Jessica had never met her or seen a photograph of her. On another occasion she saw her own mother standing in the lounge behind one of the sofas. She looked younger than she had been when she died. Jessica was able to converse with her, and her mum informed her not to worry and that she was always there and watching over her. Jessica even tried to touch her and her hand passed through. She was not frightened on this occasion, though she is sometimes scared of the apparitions because she does not know who they are.

Sometimes Jessica senses emotions of people she is in close proximity to, even people she does not know. She finds it hard going to places where there are crowds such as supermarkets because of the emotions that she gets bombarded with.

These incidents certainly suggest that Jessica has heightened senses and certain psychic abilities. Many contactees seem to possess abilities such as these, and it is likely that it directly related to her contact experiences. Whether it is a “gift” that is given on purpose by the ETs, or just a side effect of contact is not really known, but the amount of times it is mentioned cannot be ignored.

Electrical Activity

Another strange phenomena which sometimes occurs in Jessica’s presence is that when she gets angry electrical equipment can be affected or even break completely. This was verified by her husband and son who have seen this occur numerous times.

Jessica has apparently made lightbulbs flicker or blow, and caused the kettle to stop working more than once. A number of years ago they went to the Robin Hood Experience in Nottingham, and the rides kept on starting of their own accord and breaking in Jessica’s proximity. In the end she was actually asked to leave because of it! Martin is scared of her touching his Playstation in case it breaks, and he has asked her not to touch it.

Another Orange Sphere

On Sunday 29th August 2010, Graham went out to Whitwell Social Club to meet up with some friends. It was a clear and dry evening with patchy cloud in the sky.

Photograph of Whitwell Social Club:

Mid-evening he went outside to the car park for a cigarette. He looked up towards the North and noticed a glowing orange orb of light. It looked extremely similar to the object he had seen back in 1984/85. It was hovering completely still in the sky, quite close to a tall chimney in the area. It was a constant brightness, had well defined edges and did not flicker at all.

Photograph of the sighting location with the orange sphere added to it:

Graham watched the orange orb for about 30-40 seconds. Then suddenly it massively accelerated and shot away to the East. This acceleration was instant and there was no advanced warning it was going to take place. The UFO was only visible for a second before it was lost from sight.

This is a fascinating sighting, and due to the movement patterns observed, the object cannot have been a Chinese lantern. Lanterns are usually responsible for orange orbs of light seen after dark, however they cannot travel extremely fast, and tend to slowly drift in still weather conditions rather than hover completely still. The manoeuvre the object performed also means it could not have been a conventional aircraft or helicopter, some sort of radio controlled model, an LED balloon or other lit inflatable. The fact that it remained hovering for a while means it cannot have been a meteorite.

The Triangle Returns

In the early hours of 9th September 2010, only a few days before Rob and I drove up to interview and regress Jessica, the flying triangle from her previous experiences was seen again in close proximity to the house. It was witnessed by both her and Martin.

Jessica was up late and sitting in the lounge. Just before 3am, the TV suddenly came on and then went back off by itself. She went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and put the kettle on. When she walked near to it, it started making strange electrical noises which sounded a bit like radio interference. She became very un-nerved and decided to ring her friend who works night shift. While on the phone she walked back into the lounge and then started to feel the familiar feeling of a presence around her. She sometimes gets this just prior to experiencing contact.

Suddenly Jessica saw a white flash of light from outside of the window. Her friend asked her to check out of the window. Initially she was too scared and refused, but in the end she did take a look. A short distance from the house hovering no more than 100 feet in the sky was a black triangular-shaped craft. It looked the same as the one which had taken her at Cresswell, with the blue, purple, red and pink coloured lights on its underside. She told her friend that it was outside (Jessica has told her friend previously about her contact experiences).

View from the window where the craft was situated:

Jessica was frightened, so she ran into her son’s bedroom and woke him up. This shocked him quite a bit and he jumped up not knowing what was going on. She took him to the window and showed him the craft outside. Amazingly he saw it but wasn’t that bothered by its presence and just went back to bed! This isn’t as ridiculous as it may sound. I spoke directly to Martin on the 12th and he informed me that he felt it was not going to do anything. It was far enough away from the house to not be bothered by it. He remembered it from 1997 so it was nothing new to him. He tried photographing it on his mobile but sadly an orange street light close to the window meant it did not come out on the photo. Martin was so tired all he cared about was getting enough sleep before morning, so he then headed back to bed.

Jessica wanted to go outside and either photograph or video the UFO, but she was too frightened. She spoke with her friend and was advised to stay inside the house. Unlike Martin, Jessica could not go to sleep knowing that the craft was in the area. She kept checking out of the window and looking at it. It gradually got closer to the property but kept remaining stationary in the sky for long periods of time. After about two hours had passed, she looked outside and could no longer see the craft, it appeared to have left the area. She remained on the phone to her friend till 6am. A short while later Graham got up to go to work and wondered why the window was wide open with the net pulled back. Jessica explained to him what had happened.

This is a fascinating incident, and I feel that the craft was more than likely in the vicinity to abduct Jessica or Martin again, but for whatever reason did not. Jessica experienced some of the signs that contact was imminent but she is sure that she did not experience paralysis or missing time. Perhaps contact was interrupted because of the fact she rang her friend or woke up her son. It is amazing it happened so close before mine and Rob’s visit, this is probably just coincidence. After speaking with both Jessica and Martin about the incident I am certain that it took place as discussed.

Abduction Video?

On 27th September Jessica E-Mailed me to say she had found an unusual video clip recorded on her mobile phone. The clip was apparently recorded at 6.08pm on the 9th September, the evening after the triangle UFO had been seen hovering near to the house. Jessica could not remember recording the video, and was not aware that any contact experience had taken place on that date.

The video only lasts for several seconds. It has been filmed in the living room apparently from one of the couches. It is facing the TV. There is some strange interference which is causing the video footage too wobble in an unusual way, both up and down as well as side to side. Also interference can be seen on the TV screen. Three quarters of the way through the clip, there is a pronounced click noise and the TV channel changes. There is then another noise that sounds like something being put down or dropped, and the angle of the camera moves slightly up. Jessica informs me that the click noise is very similar to what she hears when she undergoes a contact experience and finds she is paralyzed. Below is the video clip:

The footage is quite intriguing. Obviously something like this could be easily faked, but there would be no real reason for Jessica to hoax this video clip, she is not gaining anything from it at all. I asked Jessica to create two new videos for me at the same location using the same mobile phone. She had no issue with doing this for me and sent them straight through via E-Mail. When she did so I could see that the name of the original video was in the same format as the two new ones. In the first video I asked her to hold the phone still. This video is shown below:

In the second video I asked her to deliberately move the phone and shake it back and forth. This video turned out as below:

At first glance, the original video appears to have unusual distortion throughout, with the screen moving both up and down, and left and right. However towards the end of the camera shaking footage you can see that a similar effect is visible. This means that the "distortion" seen in the original could just be down to an unsteady hold on the phone. Although the clicking sound at the end of the footage reminded Jessica of the noise she sometimes hears just before a contact experience, the same sound can be heard on the other videos, so it is just the sound of the video being stopped on the phone, nothing more. After careful analysis by both myself and video expert Winston Keech, there appears to be nothing else out of the ordinary on the footage.

Could this really be a video taken by Jessica directly before or after she had a contact experience, one which was then wiped from her memory? Although this video cannot be put forward as hard proof, it is interesting none the less.

Daytime Abduction

On Saturday 9th October 2010 it seems that Jessica was once again taken. This was the first time she had been taken since our visit. I was wondering for a time whether our visit and regression would change or even cease her contact experiences; however this does not seem to be the case.

Around 2pm Jessica decided to head out into Whitwell to a cash machine near a local shop. She went on her own as Graham was busy on the Playstation. She never made it to the cash point, and did not return home. Graham thought she was out seeing a friend so got on with his day like usual. Martin was worried and tried phoning her but it said her phone was off. Later he found Jessica’s phone at the bottom of the stairs, which is odd in itself because Jessica was convinced that she had had it on her when she left the house. Perhaps it had fallen out though - this is probably what happened regarding this aspect of the incident. Martin felt sure that the reason she had not returned was because she had been taken again.

The next thing Jessica became aware of, she was walking through a park near to her house, feeling very disoriented. She checked her watch and it said it was 3.30pm. This was clearly incorrect, as it was starting to get dark so was evening time. She felt tired and sick, similar to how she always feels after experiencing contact. She had no idea why she was at her current location, so walked back home.

When she got back she informed Graham and Martin about what had happened. She checked the clock, it was around 7.35pm. This meant her watch was running 4 hours slow, though it was still ticking like normal. This was strange as she had been missing for 5 and a half hours. She felt very tired so went to sleep without having any food. Later she got up and had a snack, but still felt sleepy. She slept for most of the following day.

By Sunday evening she was no longer feeling sick or tired. However soon after she started to get flashbacks and dreams to what had taken place during the missing time. Again she saw Greys, but this time there were two types, the one’s she had seen before, and other ones which looked taller and more stockily built. These different Greys were wearing tight black clothing covering them right up to the base of the chin. She remembered seeing the glowing being and rounded room again like in the regression, but this time she was not lying down on a table but was standing freely. She remembers looking up and seeing strange symbols on the ceiling of the room. She describes them as being like backward S shapes close together.

Witness drawing of the new type of Grey being:

On Monday morning, Graham noticed two sore looking marks on Jessica’s back. They did not look particularly artificial, so Jessica did not take a photograph of them. By later that day the markings had seemingly disappeared. I have asked her to take a photo of any other markings she gets going forward. It is possible that these markings were something to do with her abduction, but far from a definite.

Jessica wonders why with this incident she did not remember anything that had taken place. Usually she remembers seeing warning signs and feeling a presence, then gets paralyzed and sees the Grey beings in front of her for a time. It felt to her that her experience had changed in some way. This was also the longest amount of missing time she has yet experienced. She feels that she is no longer being used for the breeding program, but she does not know where this feeling has come from. She just wishes she knew more about what they wanted from her and why they have taken her for so many years.

Once again this is a very interesting incident, and I feel sure that Jessica was abducted on this occasion, seemingly for quite some time. It appears that she was taken outside in daylight hours, this is quite unusual as most of the time contact takes place at night time. The fact her watch was four hours slow after the experience but that it was still working fine suggests that for Jessica time either stopped completely or slowed down dramatically. Or perhaps the craft or the abduction experience caused it to temporarily stop working.

Bedroom Visitation

On the morning of Wednesday 20th October it appears that both Jessica and Martin were probably taken from their home. It was between 9.30-10am. Graham had already left the house. Jessica was sitting on the settee in the living room reading a newspaper, while Martin was having a lie in after a late night.

Suddenly Jessica heard noises that sounded like something speaking in an unidentifiable language. The noises came from behind the settee but definitely sounded like they were in the room. Before she could turn around she then felt the familiar feeling of floating, and knew that a contact experience was imminent. This was the last thing she remembered taking place.

Martin was lying in his bed asleep. Suddenly he heard Jessica shouting from the door of his bedroom “Mart look up!” She then followed this with “Don’t take him! Leave him alone!” Then suddenly the covers of his bed were pulled downwards forcibly, exposing him. He was lying face down at the time, but when this happened he rolled over to see what was happening. In front of him in the room was a tall Grey being, about 5.5 feet in height. It appeared to be unclothed and other than the height difference looked similar to the Greys he had seen at Creswell, with the pale grey coloured skin and large slanted black eyes.

Martin’s drawing of the Grey in his bedroom (In reality it was facing towards him not away):

The Grey was staring down at him. Behind it he could see Jessica standing in his bedroom doorway. The being then reached out towards him with its long slender arm. He did not remember anything else taking place.

At 11am he suddenly jumped up out of bed with a start. He felt dazed, almost like he was in a trance. He remembered what had happened, but assumed that it had just been a dream. He thought nothing more of it, and got ready to go to work. He did not speak with Jessica before leaving the house.

Jessica is not sure what time she awoke but she feels it was probably at a similar time to Martin. She found herself kneeling on the living room floor in front of the settee. She too felt strange. An hour later she began to feel sick and her legs were shaky. She was certain that a contact experience had taken place, but could not remember any of the details. She did not remember going to Martin’s room and shouting at the Grey.

At work Martin still felt unusual and dazed, and was actually told off for not working hard enough. However he did not come home till the evening. When he did, he heard Jessica speaking on the phone to a friend, telling them about what had happened. At this point Martin understood that it had not been a dream and that both he and his mum had probably been abducted. Once she was off the phone he told her about what he could remember.

In the days following the incident, Martin left his light on at night and was worried that the Grey was going to return. He also rearranged his bedroom, something Jessica informed me he would rarely do. While Martin did not recall anything else, Jessica began to have flashbacks both during her sleep and while she was awake. In these flashbacks she saw herself standing in a barren landscape made of orange-coloured rock, with tall rounded boulders higher than her. Surrounding her was a number of the taller Greys in black clothing, who she had originally seen on 9th October. She also remembered being in a cave of some kind. Contactees often report seeing visions of barren rocky landscapes. This does not necessarily mean they have actually been taken to and stood on an alien world, they may just be shown visions of where the ETs they are in contact with have come from. Or perhaps it is somewhere else entirely, a planet they feel is important for some reason or even the future of our own planet.

Witness drawing of the orange rocky planet:

As with many of her experiences, Jessica cannot remember anything else and it appears that memories have been removed. At some point going forward we may arrange for another regression to see if she can remember further details.


As Jessica’s and Martin’s experiences appear to be ongoing, I am sure this is far from the end of the story. This is truly one of the most impressive contact cases I have yet investigated, and I would like to thank them both for their openness and honesty in sharing this information with me, and in turn giving me the opportunity to share it with you.

I certainly believe Jessica to be a genuine repeat contactee. She has nothing to gain from sharing the details of her experiences with me, she is not seeking attention or after money. I believe that she has been in contact with the Greys since her 20’s, possibly earlier. From what she remembered during the regression, she also seems to be part of the hybrid breeding program. Her part in the Howden Moor incident is fascinating and suggests that, just as other witnesses believed, a triangular UFO was involved and there may well have been a military cover up. It is also clear that Martin may well have been taken on a number of occasions.

Due to the probability that Jessica and Martin will have further contact experiences, there remains the ongoing possibility they may be able to one day capture some hard evidence such as photographs or video footage of the beings. I am excited by this prospect, and await the time when this may become a reality. Whether or not this ever occurs, any further experiences which Jessica or Martin decide to share with me will be added to this report, so keep an eye out.

I hope that through speaking with me in depth about her experiences, and being regressed by Rob, Jessica has come to understand what is happening to her in more clarity. I feel that she may have already begun to see her experiences in a more positive light, and I wish her all the best for whatever the future holds.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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