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Whitwell Contact Case - Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, Abductions, UFOs, MIB, Pyschic, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 04/09/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Jessica lives with her husband Graham and son Martin in the small town of Whitwell in Derbyshire. For many years she has experienced stunning ET-related incidents involving abductions, craft sightings, visitations and paranormal activity. Some of these incidents have also been experienced by Martin, her partners and friends and her parents who are now deceased. Her story is very impressive, and after speaking with her in depth on numerous occasions I see no reason for it to not be genuine. This report covers many, though not all of her experiences. I am sure you will find it absolutely fascinating.

The Investigation

Jessica first got in contact with me via E-Mail on 6th August 2010. Over the next month I discussed hers and her family’s experiences in great depth via E-Mail and phone. Jessica expressed a great interest in being hypnotically regressed as she had a number of UFO / ET related incidents involving hours of missing time, and she wished to see if she could remember anything about what took place.

On Saturday 18th September, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge who assists BUFOG with cases involving contact drove up to Whitwell to meet with Jessica, her son and husband. I began by covering all her experiences in depth, and also interviewing Martin about his involvement in them. Jessica and Graham then took us out in the car to a number of nearby locations where some of their experiences had taken place. You can see the photographs taken during this throughout the report.

Once we returned to the house Rob then regressed Jessica, focusing on one of her most impressive contact experiences which featured three hours of missing time and the abduction of not only herself, but of Martin and a friend as well. The regression went extremely well, and many other memories were retrieved. You can read the full transcript of this regression later in the report.

Since our visit, I have remained in regular contact with Jessica, and both she and Martin have had further experiences. In December 2010 I gave a lecture about the case at a BUFOG meeting.

The Orange Sphere

The earliest ET-related incident that Jessica can currently remember took place in the summer of 1984/85 when she was 21 years old. At the time she shared a house with her partner Matthew at Unstone Green, Sheffield. One evening she was sitting out in the back garden on her own enjoying the sunset. Matthew was in the house watching TV. It was a very pleasant evening, warm and with a relatively clear sky.

Aerial map of Unstone Green:

Suddenly Jessica heard a strange buzzing/humming sound coming from near to her. She looked up and was shocked to see a large glowing orange object. It was spherical in shape, but had some strange glowing light towards the base, almost like it was on fire. She finds it very hard to describe this precisely, but it looked different to flames. There was what looked like vapour coming from the base. The glow coming from the main body of the object was constant and the same brightness all over the surface. The UFO was about 50 feet up, and just beyond the base of her garden, about 200 feet from her position. It was very large in size, Jessica estimates it was about four times the size of a hot air balloon.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The object was making erratic movements back and forth, almost as if it was in distress. It was also slowly descending. Jessica looked round through the kitchen window, and noticed that the light in the kitchen had started to flicker. Jessica called for Matthew to come and see. When he came outside he told her that the TV was suffering from interference. Jessica pointed out the object to her partner. They assumed that the electrical activity must be related. They continued to watch the object for about 5 minutes, during which it slowly descended until it was lost from sight behind some trees near to their property.

The couple walked through the house and out onto the road. A number of other people had also been watching the UFO and were standing out on the street pointing and talking. Jessica continued to watch in the direction where the object had apparently come down, but it did not reappear. She was too frightened to go and check to see if the object had landed. She does not know if anyone went to check around the area where it appeared to have descended. It was not easy to reach; otherwise Matthew may have gone and had a look.

The following day, Jessica went round to visit her mother and informed her about what she had seen. A few days later her mum rang up and told her that the UFO had been in the Gazette newspaper, and that there had been numerous sightings of it from Sheffield, Umpston and Bromsfield. Sadly Jessica cannot remember which newspaper it was, and did not keep the article.

Jessica’s husband Graham, who did not know her at the time, was one of these other witnesses. Back then Graham lived at Bolsover, about 7 miles away from Unstone Green. It was between 10.30-11pm at night and he had just returned home after being out to visit friends. He happened to look up into the sky and noticed an glowing orange spherical-shaped object. It looked to be about 2000 feet up. It was moving rapidly across the sky. Then suddenly it halted. It remained stationary for a short while and then began moving again, before once again stopping. It continued this for the 5 minutes that Graham watched it.

Contact Begins

It is possible that Jessica has experienced contact from an early age. Perhaps the sighting of the orange spherical UFO close to her house was there for her, we will probably never know for sure. However, the first definite contact experience that Jessica can remember took place in 1989 when she was 26 years old. She had now split up from Matthew, and moved into a house on Cordwell Avenue, Newbold, Chesterfield.

Aerial map of Cordwell Avenue: