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Whitwell Contact Case - Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, Abductions, UFOs, MIB, Pyschic, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 04/09/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Jessica lives with her husband Graham and son Martin in the small town of Whitwell in Derbyshire. For many years she has experienced stunning ET-related incidents involving abductions, craft sightings, visitations and paranormal activity. Some of these incidents have also been experienced by Martin, her partners and friends and her parents who are now deceased. Her story is very impressive, and after speaking with her in depth on numerous occasions I see no reason for it to not be genuine. This report covers many, though not all of her experiences. I am sure you will find it absolutely fascinating.

The Investigation

Jessica first got in contact with me via E-Mail on 6th August 2010. Over the next month I discussed hers and her family’s experiences in great depth via E-Mail and phone. Jessica expressed a great interest in being hypnotically regressed as she had a number of UFO / ET related incidents involving hours of missing time, and she wished to see if she could remember anything about what took place.

On Saturday 18th September, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge who assists BUFOG with cases involving contact drove up to Whitwell to meet with Jessica, her son and husband. I began by covering all her experiences in depth, and also interviewing Martin about his involvement in them. Jessica and Graham then took us out in the car to a number of nearby locations where some of their experiences had taken place. You can see the photographs taken during this throughout the report.

Once we returned to the house Rob then regressed Jessica, focusing on one of her most impressive contact experiences which featured three hours of missing time and the abduction of not only herself, but of Martin and a friend as well. The regression went extremely well, and many other memories were retrieved. You can read the full transcript of this regression later in the report.

Since our visit, I have remained in regular contact with Jessica, and both she and Martin have had further experiences. In December 2010 I gave a lecture about the case at a BUFOG meeting.

The Orange Sphere

The earliest ET-related incident that Jessica can currently remember took place in the summer of 1984/85 when she was 21 years old. At the time she shared a house with her partner Matthew at Unstone Green, Sheffield. One evening she was sitting out in the back garden on her own enjoying the sunset. Matthew was in the house watching TV. It was a very pleasant evening, warm and with a relatively clear sky.

Aerial map of Unstone Green:

Suddenly Jessica heard a strange buzzing/humming sound coming from near to her. She looked up and was shocked to see a large glowing orange object. It was spherical in shape, but had some strange glowing light towards the base, almost like it was on fire. She finds it very hard to describe this precisely, but it looked different to flames. There was what looked like vapour coming from the base. The glow coming from the main body of the object was constant and the same brightness all over the surface. The UFO was about 50 feet up, and just beyond the base of her garden, about 200 feet from her position. It was very large in size, Jessica estimates it was about four times the size of a hot air balloon.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The object was making erratic movements back and forth, almost as if it was in distress. It was also slowly descending. Jessica looked round through the kitchen window, and noticed that the light in the kitchen had started to flicker. Jessica called for Matthew to come and see. When he came outside he told her that the TV was suffering from interference. Jessica pointed out the object to her partner. They assumed that the electrical activity must be related. They continued to watch the object for about 5 minutes, during which it slowly descended until it was lost from sight behind some trees near to their property.

The couple walked through the house and out onto the road. A number of other people had also been watching the UFO and were standing out on the street pointing and talking. Jessica continued to watch in the direction where the object had apparently come down, but it did not reappear. She was too frightened to go and check to see if the object had landed. She does not know if anyone went to check around the area where it appeared to have descended. It was not easy to reach; otherwise Matthew may have gone and had a look.

The following day, Jessica went round to visit her mother and informed her about what she had seen. A few days later her mum rang up and told her that the UFO had been in the Gazette newspaper, and that there had been numerous sightings of it from Sheffield, Umpston and Bromsfield. Sadly Jessica cannot remember which newspaper it was, and did not keep the article.

Jessica’s husband Graham, who did not know her at the time, was one of these other witnesses. Back then Graham lived at Bolsover, about 7 miles away from Unstone Green. It was between 10.30-11pm at night and he had just returned home after being out to visit friends. He happened to look up into the sky and noticed an glowing orange spherical-shaped object. It looked to be about 2000 feet up. It was moving rapidly across the sky. Then suddenly it halted. It remained stationary for a short while and then began moving again, before once again stopping. It continued this for the 5 minutes that Graham watched it.

Contact Begins

It is possible that Jessica has experienced contact from an early age. Perhaps the sighting of the orange spherical UFO close to her house was there for her, we will probably never know for sure. However, the first definite contact experience that Jessica can remember took place in 1989 when she was 26 years old. She had now split up from Matthew, and moved into a house on Cordwell Avenue, Newbold, Chesterfield.

Aerial map of Cordwell Avenue:

The evening began just like any other. Jessica was in the living room relaxing and watching TV. It was between 9-9.30pm, and she was sitting up on the sofa wide awake. Her son Martin was very young at the time and was upstairs asleep in his cot.

Suddenly Jessica heard a strange humming noise in her ears. There was a bright white flash of light, and she found that she could not move at all, her body was completely paralyzed in a sitting position. Not only this, there was now two Grey beings standing in front of her! One was a couple of feet away from her, the other was further back across the lounge. Both the Greys looked identical. They were about 4 feet high, and appeared to be naked. They had a light grey coloured skin. Their bodies were slender, with long thin arms and legs. They had long thin fingers, she cannot remember if there were four or three fingers on each hand. Their heads were large in comparison to the body, and were the shape of an upside-down pear. They had large almond-shaped eyes which were completely black all over, although she says that sometimes glints of colour could be seen in them. She finds this aspect very hard to explain. The eyes did not blink at all. The beings had small noses, and their mouths were just a thin slit.

Witness drawing of the nearest Grey being:

Understandably Jessica was very frightened and did not know what was taking place. She tried to scream but nothing came out. She had not looked into the UFO subject at all and had no idea what these strange creatures were. She assumed they must be demons. The Greys were standing quite still. The nearest one was looking at her up and down. She was mesmerized by the large black eyes of the being. Despite being scared, for some reason its eyes had a calming effect on her. She felt that the nearest Grey was reading her mind.

This seemed to go on for about 10 minutes. As far as she remembers, on this first contact incident the beings did not speak to her, nor did they reach out for her. Suddenly she heard a strange clicking and buzzing noise. The Greys vanished and she realised she could move again. She looked over at the clock and realised it was now 10.30pm, so up to an hour had gone by which she could not account for!

Jessica was terrified by what had just happened. She felt a bit sick, and needed to get out of the house and be around other people. She jumped to her feet and ran out onto the road. To her surprise, a number of her neighbours were outside on the pavement and staring up into the sky. Her friend Karen had been on her way round to see her, and was amongst them. As soon as Karen saw Jessica, she ran up to her. Before Jessica could speak, Karen informed her that there had just been a UFO hovering over her house! The object was dome-shaped and quite large in size (Jessica doesn’t remember any other details she may have heard about the UFO). A moment before Jessica came outside; it had apparently shot straight up vertically into the sky and was lost from sight! Jessica explained what had just happened to her. She and Karen realised the two incidents must have been linked, but didn’t really know what to make of everything.

None of the other people out on the street approached them, and they decided to go back inside. Jessica was extremely confused and shaken up by what had taken place.

Men In Black

In the days following Jessica’s first contact experience, her friend Karen stayed at her house to keep her company and comfort her. Two days after the incident, in the middle of the day there was a knock at the door. Karen went to see who it was. She opened the door and was greeted by two men in dark suits. One of them was wearing sunglasses, the other not. Behind the men, a large black car was parked. They informed Karen that they knew about the incident with the UFO, and asked to speak to Jessica directly. Karen asked the men who they were, and they refused to answer her, they insisted on speaking only to Jessica. Karen was a little disturbed by the men, so she informed them that Jessica was not in and that she was babysitting for her. Without leaving any contact details, the men turned, walked back to their car and drove away. Karen went and told Jessica about what had happened.

After this initial visitation, the men continued to return to the house and knock on the door roughly three times a week. Jessica used to glance at them out of the window, and never answered the door to them. They would always wait a short while before departing. The men reminded her of two gangsters from the mafia.

The men would not just come to the door. They would also follow Jessica when she left the house. She was not aware of this until a neighbour pointed it out to her. On a number of occasions she spotted them in their car parked near to the house a bit further along the road. They would just sit in the car and wait. They were not always the same men, but there were always two of them. When she visited the local pub the phone would go and someone would ask for her, but when she was handed the phone the person on the line would put the phone down.

Activity such as this took place for about six months. Jessica thought about going to the police but never did as she felt she did not have enough evidence, and also thought the police would not believe her. In the end she had enough and decided to move house in Whitwell to get away from the area.

Two weeks after she had moved, Karen informed her over the phone that the dome-shaped UFO had been seen again by someone and that it had been in the newspaper.

I feel that the men who came to Jessica’s door were probably from one of the agencies involved with the study of the ETs and ongoing cover up. If they were someone else such people from a particular UFO group or journalists they would almost certainly have let Karen know who they were and would have left contact details. Also they would not have remained in the area or continued to keep watch over her. If they were who they appeared to be, then this suggests that not only was Jessica’s experience real, but that certain individuals were aware of this fact. They may possibly have wanted to speak with her to find out information about the ETs, or perhaps they wanted to intimidate her so she would not tell others about what had happened.

Son’s Protection

One day before she had moved house and was still living at Newbold, an unusual incident occurred. While she was using the toilet somehow Martin got out of his playpen. She heard him get out and ran to find him, but she was too late and he was just toppling from the top of the staircase. However as he did, an invisible force of some kind lifted him up into the air and put him back down at Jessica’s feet.

She was certain that something had protected him from harm and that she had not just imagined what took place. At the time she did not really understand what happened, but looking back at it Jessica feels that her son was protected by the ETs who she/him were in contact with. Protection is not something which occurs all the time, but there are other contact cases where similar incidents have taken place. It suggests a positive link between the ETs and the individuals they make contact with.

The Message & Howden Moor Abduction

In mid March 1997, Jessica unfortunately suffered an ectopic pregnancy for the second time. She went to the hospital and was informed by the doctors that both her fallopian tubes were damaged and she would no longer be able to bear children. Within a week she was dismissed from the hospital and allowed to return home.

Later that evening she was alone in bed recovering from her operation and having a drink of coffee. Suddenly she felt really calm, almost like she had been sedated. Even though she could not see anything, she felt something touching her hand and stroking her face. She then heard a voice directly inside her head. The voice was softly spoken and very calming. It said to her “Don’t be upset, everything’s going to be alright, we can help you”.

The voice then went on to give her a particular location – a road near to Stocksbridge on Howden Moor, South Yorkshire (Unfortunately as it happened so long ago she cannot remember the exact road name). She was told to visit this location on a particular date and time. The date she was given was several days later, 24th March, and the time she was given was evening time after 6.30pm. She was not told the reason why she should do this. Everything then returned to normal and the presence in the room left. Jessica informed Steve, her partner at the time, about the message she had been given.

When the date Jessica had been given came round, she and Steve discussed whether or not to go to the location the voice had mentioned. Steve felt that she had probably dreamed it, but Jessica insisted that she had been awake and that they drive out to the location out of curiosity. They headed out in the car, with Steve driving, Jessica in the passenger seat and Martin in the back.

Aerial map of Howden Moor:

When they arrived at the location it was already getting dark due to the time of year. They found themselves on a road with moorland to either side. There were very few cars on the road, and they could not see anyone else around. Steve parked the car in a lay by. They sat there a while talking. At first nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then suddenly the car began to shake, and they could hear tapping noises going all of the way around the outside. It felt like the car was going to be lifted up into the air. Jessica also saw that a mist had formed all around the car. It was not very thick, the surroundings could still be seen through it, but it was certainly noticeable. She and Steve tried the handles on the doors but for some reason could not open them, as if something did not want them to leave the car.

This continued for anything up to 5 minutes, although Jessica says it may have felt longer than it actually was because of the situation. During this time she and Steve became more and more concerned and puzzled by what was happening. Then suddenly the mist seemed to fade away and they found they could open the car doors. Steve was frightened and did not want to get out, but Jessica stepped outside and took a look around, searching for a reason behind what had taken place. Looking up into the sky she saw what looked like a triangular-shaped craft. It looked dark navy in colour and had a very smooth surface. There were small coloured lights all around the edges of its base. The lights appeared brighter at the three corners, the ones in between seemed dimmer. They were pink, blue and red in colour. Jessica is not aware of what happened next. She believes she was taken by the craft and has had the memories of what took place removed.

Witness sketch of the UFO:

The next thing she became aware of, she was standing out on the moorland. Looking around she realised the car and road were not in sight. She felt dazed like she was in a trance. She noticed a lot of activity going on. Within a couple of hundred metres of her position were quite a few people wearing both military and police uniforms. They were holding torches and appeared to be looking for something. In the sky overhead she saw a number of helicopters with search lights on. At first she assumed that they were looking for her. However after watching for a short while she realised they were probably not, and also appeared not to have noticed her.

Jessica did not approach the people as she was worried about their motives and what they were up to. She began to search around the nearby area for the road. Luckily she soon found it and got back to the car. She found Steve and Martin were sitting there, and like her appeared to be in a trance-like state. She got back in the car but because of how she was feeling did not speak to them, nor them to her. Jessica is unaware of how long they sat there for, but believes it was a while.

When they came round and began to feel less dazed, they saw a number of military personnel a short distance in front of the car. Steve was interested to find out what was going on, so he got out of the car and began to walk towards them. Jessica also got out so she could hear what was being said, but she stayed back by the car. The personnel turned Steve away, telling him he could not drive further down the road and they needed to leave the area. He returned to the car and they decided it would be best to comply with their wishes. Steve turned the car around and they began to drive back home.

On route, Jessica believes that she was abducted a second time, and this time possibly Steve and Martin were taken too. They were still all in a dazed state-of-mind so her memories of what happened are fragmented, but she remembers them all coming round to find themselves sitting in the car at the side of the road. They checked the clock in the car and were shocked to see it was now past 3.30am. It was obvious that quite a lot of time had gone by which could not be accounted for. They continued the rest of the drive home, but for some reason did not discuss what had happened with each other in much depth.

The following day Jessica read a newspaper article which stated that something unusual had taken place on Howden Moor which had been witnessed by quite a number of people. There had apparently been lots of witnesses to low flying aircraft, a formation of jets, a glowing orange flash of light, plumes of smoke and loud noises like explosions. Jessica could see from the article that the military were covering