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West Scotland Contact Case (Part 1) - Greys, Felines, Abductions, UFO Photo, Body Markings, Psychic

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/02/2016

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain location details have been omitted


Contact is often only experienced by a single individual. However sometimes entire families can be affected by it. This is one such case from Scotland in which a mother, her two daughters and son have all had, and continue to have contact experiences. These experiences have included visitations, UFO and being sightings, psychic phenomena and many abduction related dreams.

This extensive report contains many testimonial statements from the family as well as numerous drawings and photographs.

Grandparent’s Visitation

This case does not begin with Lisa or her siblings, it in fact begins with her father’s parents. There is a story which would regularly be told over the years at family gatherings.  Lisa’s grandmother Dorothy was the youngest of 13 children. In 1925 when she was five years old she used to share a bed with several of her sisters at the rental house which they all lived at.

One night her father walked past the bedroom door and looked into the room. He was horrified to find a grey coloured figure standing next to the bed and holding one of the girl’s dolls. He shouted at the girls to get out of the room, and they all fled from the house. Despite her young age, Dorothy was able to recollect this incident and used to talk about being herded up the street alongside her sisters in her nightgown. Her parents took them to their Aunts house. They refused to ever set foot in the property again after what had taken place, and the very next day gave the key back to the landlord.

Dorothy would always relate the incident to a ghost, but looking back at it Lisa wonders if it was a visitation by an ET being. This is entirely possible, especially as the figure had picked up one of the dolls, so appeared to be physically there in the room.

When I spoke to Lisa’s mother Anne on the phone I asked her about this incident. She too remembers the story which her husband’s mother would mention from time to time. Below is her testimony regarding this:

“Every time there was a few of the family together this story would come out. My husband’s mother shared a room with two of her sisters. They remember waking one night to find a tall dark grey figure at the bottom of the bed throwing dolls at them. They must have shouted for their dad, as he came in, got them all out of the bed and took them to some relatives in their night clothes. They never went back to the house after that, they would never go back there to live.”

Contact experiences often run through multiple generations of a family. Was this experience a visitation by a Grey? If so then it is possible that Lisa’s grandmother was also a contactee.

Initial Abduction

In the summer of 1969/1970 when Lisa was 6/7 years old she went on holiday with her parents to Lake Windemere in the Lake District. They stayed at a caravan at White Cross Bay on the shore of the lake.

Aerial map of White Cross Bay:

Photograph of White Cross Bay holiday camp:

One morning she awoke with a feeling of extreme nausea. Immediately the details of a very vivid dream came back to her. She had been aboard a craft hovering low above the roof of the caravan. Initially she believed it to be a helicopter completely made out of glass which she could see through, although looking back at it this of course makes no rational sense. The area she was in was oval in shape and only about 8 feet across. She found herself sitting down on a white bench-like seat, with her lower legs covered in a thick gel-like substance which filled the base of the craft.

Alongside her on the bench was the 18 year old boy from the neighbouring caravan. He was being violently sick, which made her anxious. In front of them on a bucketed seat was a dark figure who she assumed was the pilot of the craft. She could not remember any details about what this figure looked like other than the fact he/she was small and was facing away from them. She did not recall communicating with either the boy or the pilot.

Witness drawing of the craft interior and the caravans below:

The next thing she knew, Lisa found herself looking back into the craft from the outside of it. She was not yet on the ground, but believes she was in the process of being put back. The walls of the craft were still transparent, and she could see the other boy still being sick aboard it.

During the day she felt terribly sick, and shocked at how real this unusual dream seemed. She wanted to get her mum’s attention and tell her about it, but she was distracted with other friends who were there. She wanted to check the boy from next door to see if he showed any indication of illness or remembering the same as her. It was a rainy day so he did not appear outside until the afternoon. He did not seem to be ill, he just looked solemn. Due to her young age, Lisa did not have the courage to go and speak with him directly. She thought that if he could not remember anything he may think she was mad.

Lisa was not able to speak with her mother in depth about what she remembered until they had travelled back home. I spoke with Anne about this incident, here is what she recalls about it:

“Lisa was trying to tell me but I had friends at the caravan, and she couldn’t get my attention as much as she'd liked. I remember on the day her telling me that she was feeling sick and didn’t want anything to eat. She told me about what happened when we got back home. She told me she had been somewhere with the boy from the caravan next door, she said she’d been in a spaceship. She said the boy was being violently sick the next day. I didn’t take it all in at the time as I was distracted.”

Lisa says that after this incident she would panic whenever she felt ill as it reminded her of what happened. She also says that at the time you could buy a pink-coloured chocolate bar in the shape of the Pink Panther, and for some reason this would immediately remind her of that night. She has never found out the reason for this.

Taken as an individual experience, one could easily interpret this incident as nothing more than a dream, with coincidental feelings of sickness the following day. After all, Lisa saw no evidence that the boy was feeling ill the next day or could recollect the same as her. Also certain aspects such as the thick liquid in the base of the craft were very unusual. However contact experiences often come back as feeling like vivid dreams, and a feeling of nausea is commonly reported following abduction. Also there have been numerous other contact cases reported where people have been able to see out through the walls of the craft like they are invisible, such as the room which abductee Travis Walton reported entering. Regarding the pink chocolate, I do wonder if the colour was the same colour as the gel-like liquid around her legs. Again pink coloured gel has been mentioned a number of times by different contactees, there is one case from Buxton which I investigated where a woman was seen floating in a container full of a pink coloured substance.

Since this initial experience Lisa has had many other contact experiences which have come back to her in a similar manner, as you will see later in this report.

Nosebleed Dreams

For a period of months following the incident at Lake Windemere, Lisa experienced vivid recurring identical nightmares. In these dreams she found herself in a dark environment. She could barely see anything past her own face, but it did feel like a clinical environment of some kind. She would be sitting in a reclining chair of some kind.

She could see small triangles passing close to her face within two or three centimetres of her skin.  They seemed to move from the outside of both of her cheeks towards her nose.  Lisa is fairly sure that the small triangles where attached to very slim rods, as she could see the rod also move across her face.  She has no idea who was performing this procedure.

During one of these dreams she remembers two very small semi-circular light coloured objects falling from her nose and then blood trickling out.  She knows that she didn't catch them in her hands, she assumes they must have fallen into a dish positioned in front of her face.  She was unaware of feeling any pain associated with this, though she did feel very anxious.

Witness drawing showing the rod-like instrument, position it was placed on her face, and the small objects which dropped out of her nose:

After experiencing one of these dreams Lisa would wake in a panicked state. They occupied her thoughts and she felt the need to understand their significance. She remembers asking both her mother and grandmother about the possibility of objects falling out of your nose. On one particular occasion she remembers asking her grandmother “Nan, are you sure things can't just drop out of your nose like in my dreams?” Her gran turned to her mother and asked “Anne, do you think she means adenoids?” Turning to Lisa she asked “Have you got a friend who’s just had her adenoids out?” Lisa had no idea what she meant by this and responded “No I haven’t but tell me what adenoids are Nan.” Her gran replied “I don’t really know, but I think they are up your nose.”

Lisa does not remember waking up with a nose bleed after any of these dreams, though she does remember a particularly bad nose bleed which happened at school around that time. The head master had to take her home because of it. She experienced a second one the following day.

Anne cannot recall too much about this, but does remember Lisa mentioning these dreams.

“I remember Lisa going on about things coming out of her nose. She would ask her gran about it. It only went on for about a year. I just thought she’d been having dreams. I asked her what she thought it was. She said she didn’t know.”

It is possible that these dreams were flashbacks to having one or more implants placed in her nose, possibly during the abduction experience at Lake Windemere. Implants are sometimes placed in the bridge of the nose by the ETs using a metallic rod-like instrument. There are a number of cases on record where contactees have reported having nosebleeds and these objects falling out, very similar to what Lisa dreamed about.

Sleep Paralysis

Contactees often report experiencing sleep paralysis, and some believe that the two are directly related, although there is substantial evidence which proves they are very different experiences.

Between 1972-1976 Lisa experienced a number of incidents where she would awake in the night to find that her legs were paralyzed. They would feel very heavy like they were being pressed down against the bed. This occurred about once or twice a month. She would feel terrified that something was in the room. During these experiences she would keep her eyes tightly shut until she dropped off to sleep. She would convince herself that it was the ghost of their pet dog come to lie across the bed to keep her company. She never called out for her parents as her father would have been angry at being woken up.

On one occasion when she was 9 or 10 she became aware of something standing on the left side of the bed. She initially assumed it was her mother. When she turned to look she was terrified to see a dark hooded figure looking down at her. The figure was quite short so Lisa assumed it was female. The hood hung down in folds hiding the face.

Witness drawing showing the hooded figure alongside her bed: