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West Midlands Contact Case - Shadow Beings, Hybrid, Visitation, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/12/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain locations have been ommited


Many contactees report having experiences since an early age and throughout their life. However sometimes contact can suddenly begin to take place without any known prior experiences. Hailey has no memory of anything unusual happening in her life up to 2011 when her father died. However since that time she and her partner have experienced unusual activity in their household, and Hailey has had a number of experiences which suggest that she has been abducted and may be involved with the hybrid breeding program, one of the on-going agendas of the ETs.


Ever since she was young Hailey has had a fear of clowns. While many people have this fear, no doubt due to their unusual make up, it should also be noted that this is one of the phobias that contactees can develop. This can be due to the fact that their unusual appearance reminds them of the beings they have been in contact with, or in some cases involving young contactees the ETs have actually used clowns as a screen memory to mask their true appearance. As Hailey has no early experiences she can currently remember, there is no evidence that suggests this is the reason for this fear, but it is still worth mentioning.

Paranormal Activity

In October 2011 Hailey's father sadly passed away. This was a very stressful and upsetting time for both Hailey and her partner Gavin. They soon started to notice unusual things happening around their house, things which had never occurred before in the ten years that Gavin has lived at the property.

Bulbs in the house now seem to blow extremely regularly, much more often than would be classed as normal. They have had no change to the electrics of the property so this can be ruled out as an explanation for this. There is a lamp in the lounge which since October 2011 has regularly flickered, sometimes quite prominently like a strobe going on and off. It did this when I went round to investigate. They have tried changing bulbs multiple times to no avail. However perhaps a fault has occurred with the lamp. I advised the couple to purchase a different lamp and plug it in at the same place and see if the flickering still occurs.

It is not just electrical faults which have taken place. One evening in late 2011 Gavin was working on his computer when he suddenly heard a loud sound in the kitchen. When he went to check he found one of their large metal ladles lying on the kitchen floor. The ladles are stored in a tall container up on the shelf. Somehow the ladle had not only fallen out of the container but had then moved half way across the kitchen around the corner of the fridge. While this could just be put down to the object being poorly balanced, falling and rolling across the floor, there is still the possibility that the incident had a more paranormal explanation.

Photograph of the kitchen, with locations where the ladle is stored (A) and where it ended up (B):

Photograph of the ladle in its usual container on the shelf:

Reconstructed photograph showing how it was found on the floor:

One evening in late January 2012 Hailey and Gavin were sitting in the lounge relaxing. It was evening time and dark outside. The side light near the sofa was on but main room light was off. They suddenly noticed an oval-shaped shadow about the size of a human head appear on the ceiling near to the main light. It then glided across the ceiling before fading away just before it reached the smoke alarm. It was very spooky, especially due to the fact that the shape reminded them of a head.

Photograph of the living room ceiling, with a representation of the shadow and its path of movement drawn on top:

The most obvious explanation for this is that an insect had crawled across the bulb in the side light, or flown closely by it. However this was soon discounted by the couple, who put small objects onto or near to the bulb to disprove this theory. The resulting shadow was nothing like what had been seen. It was dark outside and the blinds were down so there was no way for something moving outside to have cast the shadow. Hailey was especially un-nerved by the incident and since then has not liked sitting in the room on her own.

A Visitation

In summer 2012, Hailey was still dealing with her father’s death the previous year. She decided to go to see her GP, who recommended a bereavement counsellor. Hailey visited this counsellor for numerous sessions.

 It was a normal evening in August, around the time that Hailey's bereavement counselling was drawing to a close. Hailey and Gavin headed up to bed and settled down to sleep. They both felt completely fine emotionally. During the night Hailey suddenly woke up. She sat up on the bed and looked at the clock. It was around 1 am. She peered round the room. Although it was quite dark there was still enough light coming in from outside to make out features in the room. She was shocked to see a tall figure standing at the base of the bed. At first she thought it must be the door frame and her mind playing tricks on her, but she soon realised it could not be this. The figure appeared to be completely black like a shadow; there were no specific features visible. It was about 7 feet high, and from the shape appeared to be unclothed. Its body was slender, with long thin arms and fingers. Its head appeared quite over-sized and pear shaped. It was not completely motionless like a cardboard cut out, but it was not changing its pose or position at all. It looked like it was watching her.

Witness sketch of the tall being at the base of the bed:

Hailey then looked round the room and was shocked to see that this wasn't the only figure present. There were two other shorter beings, which again appeared to be completely black like in shadow, standing alongside the bed on the far side of Gavin, who remained fast asleep. These two figures appeared to be around 5 foot in height but other than this looked similar in shape to the taller one.

Witness sketch of the two shorter beings alongside the bed:

Drawing showing the layout of the bedroom and positions of the beings:

Hailey didn't know what to do; she was absolutely terrified and frozen with fear. She remembers sitting there staring at the figures for an extended period of time. She didn't think about shouting or trying to wake her partner up. She feels this was probably down to the fear of the situation. However looking back at the experience she says her usual reaction to such a situation would have been to scream. She is a little puzzled as to how she reacted. However this is another commonly described aspect of contact. It appears that the ETs sometimes put the individual into an unusual frame of mind so that they simply accept what is taking place and do not act in a logical manner.

Hailey cannot remember anything else about what took place. She assumes she must have gone back off to sleep or blacked out for another reason. She is unaware of whether the figures were still present in the room when she did. The next thing she became aware of she was waking up in the morning. She told Gavin about what had happened in the night. He could see she was clearly shook up over the situation.

After Effects

In the days following the experience during the night, Hailey found that her emotions were all over the place. She became very fearful of going to sleep at night. She was over-emotional and began breaking down crying, seemingly for no reason. On top of this she felt the strong desire to have a baby. She does not know where these feelings came from. Although she had discussed the idea of having children with Gavin before it was not something that was weighing particularly heavy on her mind.

Through the week her emotions got stronger and stronger, and she found it very hard to deal with. Gavin of course noticed how she was acting but at the time did not link it back to the experience with the shadowy beings. After about a week it got too much for Hailey. She could not cope with being in the house any longer, so moved out and went to stay with her mother. Gavin was of course extremely upset by this situation and felt helpless to stop it.

After she had been with her mother a number of days, Gavin persuaded her to come back home. Her emotions seemed to settle down and she moved back into the property. However she still felt extremely nervous going to sleep at night, or being on her own in the house.

It is possible that Hailey experienced a visitation by ETs and possibly was also abducted during this same night. The shape of the beings that she described seeing in the room fit in with them being Greys, one of the most widely reported ET species. Quite often a number of smaller beings are seen accompanied by a very tall one, who sometimes appears to watch over proceedings. I have investigated other cases where this exact thing has been described. I have also looked into numerous cases where the beings have appeared to be either completely in shadow, as Hailey spoke of, or where just the face is dark and cannot be made out. I feel that this is down to a screen memory which the ETs project to hide their actual appearance from the contactee. It was dark in the room, but Hailey would still have been able to make out some features especially on the two alongside the bed.

The beings just appeared to stand there for a period of time. However it is unlikely they would visit her for no reason other than this, usually there is some form of direct interaction with the individual involved. It is possible that Hailey was abducted and then had the memories of this abduction blocked out from her mind. This is a regular aspect of contact. The contactee will often remember the start or end of an encounter but have little or no memory of being taken elsewhere. These memories sometimes come back later on in the form of vivid nightmares or flashbacks.

Heightened emotions and fear of going to bed at night are extremely common after effects of contact. Hailey’s emotional outbursts and extreme feelings in the days following the visitation are a good indication that something more may have taken place which she cannot currently remember. When abduction experiences are blocked out, even though the actual details are lost, the contactee will often be left with the feeling that something has taken place, something highly unusual and hard to deal with. This can often lead to changes in emotion, panic attacks or phobias.

The unusual strong feelings about wanting a baby are a very interesting aspect, and could suggest that the experience was linked with the hybrid breeding program, one of the ongoing agendas of the ETs. Female contactees are sometimes, though not always, involved with this. It appears that the ETs are mixing their own DNA with that of humans and creating hybrid beings. Because of the nature of these experiences, contactees involved in the hybrid program can often have extreme maternal feelings or feel that they might be pregnant, even when tests show otherwise. What Hailey recollected soon afterwards (see below) adds a lot of weight to this possibility.

The Baby

After several weeks Hailey was still feeling very emotional and not her usual self. She decided to go and visit a local regressive hypnotherapist to see to see if he could get to the bottom of why she was experiencing these emotions. This hypnotherapist had no background in the ET contact field.

When she was regressed, he asked Hailey to go back to the source of her feelings. It was now that she came out with some very unusual details.

Hailey said that she was in a hospital and sitting up in a bed. There were no other humans around. At the base of the bed stood row upon row of short beings similar to the ones she had seen in her room. They still all appeared completely black. At the front of them stood the tall being. In its arms it was cradling a baby, which appeared completely normal. Hailey knew that it was her own. She asked the tall being for her baby. The being responded by telling her that it would not survive if it went with her. It would only survive if it remained with them. Hailey once again asked for her baby. She sensed the being was angry with her request. It told her that they would return and she had not seen the last of them. This was all she recounted under hypnosis.

Witness sketch giving an overview of what she recollected under regression:

You may feel that this vision was just imagined while under hypnosis and did not really take place. You may believe that the beings Hailey has seen are dark entities of an evil nature, sometimes referred to as “shadow people”. However there is much of what she has said which again fits in with ET contact and the hybrid program.

Hailey recalled being in a hospital bed with clinical surroundings. The inside of ET craft is usually described as very clean and clinical looking, and this can sometimes lead to them remembering it as a hospital when they recall what took place. This may have been directly caused by the ETs, who appear to be able to be able to mask the surroundings as well as themselves, or even their craft when viewed from a distance. I have had numerous contactees inform me that they have memory of being in a hospital, but there have been aspects which have directly linked the experience with an abduction. It is possible therefore that Hailey was aboard an ET craft and only recollected it as a hospital.

Regarding the hybrid breeding program, the ETs will often bring the baby to the mother and either show it to her or let her actually hold it for a period of time. This appears to be some kind of emotional bonding ritual, and it will often leave the mother feeling distraught when they then take the baby away from them. The degree of hybridisation appears to vary, so sometimes the baby will appear quite normal looking, while other times it will clearly have non-human features. Evidence suggests that the hybrids created are usually not able to breathe our atmosphere, which is why they are developed aboard the craft.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it is certainly possible that the baby that the tall being was cradling was a hybrid created from Hailey’s DNA. When the tall being said that the baby must go with them it could have been referring to the fact that it would not be able to survive on Earth. One aspect of the recollection which is unusual is that the being appeared to be offering her the choice. Most of the time the ETs do not give the contactee the choice of keeping the baby, it is simply removed from them without adequate explanation. This can often be extremely emotional for the individual.

The fact that the tall being told Hailey that she had not seen the last of them suggests that she may have further contact experiences as a result of not agreeing with the being’s wishes. However Hailey was not pregnant following this experience, so if the baby did actually exist then it is unknown what happened to it.


Despite the unusual aspects of Hailey's experiences, and the fact that so far she has not had any direct memories of UFOs or recognisable beings, I feel that there is enough to suggest that Hailey is a contactee. The visitation she experienced may well have led on to an abduction that so far she has no memory of. The emotional impact she suffered as a result of this encounter is a good sign that something else may have occurred. The subsequent details that she came out with under hypnosis are fascinating and as you have seen have numerous links with the hybrid program. We are planning to arrange a further hypnotic regression in early 2013 with the hypnotherapist I work directly with to see if any further details come to light.

It is unconfirmed whether or not the unusual paranormal happenings in her house have anything to do with this contact or not. Contactees regularly report seeing strange activity in their proximity, and flickering/exploding lights are often a factor in this, as are other electrical disturbances and incidents which would usually be attributed to ghosts. Hailey does not know what to make of this activity, but does not believe that it is the ghost of her father, as she says there would be no reason for him to frighten her in this manner. Due to the regularity that other activity like this is reported by contactees I certainly feel that this may have occurred as a direct or indirect result of Hailey's experiences.

It is unlikely that this is as far as things go with this case, so expect further updates to this report in due course.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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