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Walsall Contact Case – Greys, Abductions, Body Marking, Orb, UFOs, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/09/2021

Note: For anonymity reasons, pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


People who experience contact are often deeply affected by their experiences and fearful of them, which can sometimes lead to them not wishing to talk openly about what has occurred. Chris originally got in touch with me back in 2003 when he was 24 years old. However it soon became apparent that he was not comfortable with discussing what had occurred in his life due to how traumatic it had been. I asked him to get back in touch when he felt ready to talk.

It has taken him 8 years to come to terms with his experiences and be able to talk about them in depth with me. On 25th May 2021 he got in touch via E-Mail. Over the coming days we held numerous lengthly Skype conversations to go over everything. Chris has had contact experiences since childhood up until recent years. This detailed report covers these experiences in chronological order.

Ghostly Occurrences

Chris’s earliest experiences actually involved paranormal activity as opposed to being directly related to contact. Due to the apparent link between contact and paranormal events these incidents have been included for interest purposes.

In his childhood Chris used to live with his grandparents on Holtshill Lane, Walsall, Birmingham. It was a rather spooky old house, and on many occasions unexplained incidents took place. These incidents were largely ignored by his grandparents, who were quite sceptically minded.

Aerial map of Holtshill Lane

Before he was born, Chris’s grandparents used to own a pet cat named Garfield due to its orange coloured fur. Sadly Garfield had passed away and Chris never got to meet him. However from about age 6 onwards, Chris recalls that roughly once a year, usually around August he or his grandparents would hear a single cat meow. It would always occur in the living room while people were relaxing and seemingly come from behind the sofa. Chris says that it was clearly audible and in the room itself rather than an echo coming in from outside, and his grandparents associated it with Garfield. When he discussed one of the occurrences with his mum, she confirmed to him that Garfield used to rest behind the sofa on a regular basis. He was seemingly continuing to do this after death! Chris says this occurred every year right up until he left the house at age 25.

On a number of occasions Chris would see shadowy forms out of the corner of his eye. These were usually low down towards the floor and he took them to be ghostly cats. On one occasion he caught a clearer glimpse of one of them as it moved along the landing and entered his bedroom. He saw it from the base of the staircase. He assumed it was his grandparent’s pet cat. When he went to check in the room there was nothing there.

Quite regularly Chris would hear footsteps come up the stairs during the night. He says that his grandparents would not stay up late so the sounds could not be attributed to them. Besides, he could see the top of the stairs from his bedroom door which he would leave ajar. Chris says that the footsteps were quite heavy and deliberate, they were too regular to just be creaks on the floorboards. They would come up the stairs and then stop when they reached the landing. He was too un-nerved to ever get up out of bed to check. He says these incidents tended to occur in clusters, he might hear them a few times a number of days apart, and then things would quieten down a while before returning. He did mention the footsteps to his grandfather on one occasion, but his grandfather was dismissive.

Occasionally Chris or his grandparents would smell the scent of a fruity perfume in the living room. This would occur in a particular patch of air and would sometimes move across the room. Chris noted that often this would occur around the same time period as footsteps were being heard on the stairs, not precisely just within days of each other. He found out from his mother that his great grandmother, who passed away before he was born, used to wear similar perfume. At other times they would smell the pungent odour of cigar smoke. When he described this smell to his mother she confirmed that his great grandfather used to smoke cigars which had this scent to them.

There would also be unusual activity with the television sets in the house, both the one in the living room and the smaller one in his bedroom. Chris says that they would sometimes switch on of their own accord. All of a sudden the sound of static would occur. They would never do this while people were nearby to them, only when there was nobody in the room. On other occasions Chris would hear the power button for the living room TV being pressed very fast in quick succession. He says that once he had two friends from school over and they heard it too and were extremely un-nerved.

Many experiencers of contact also report having paranormal experiences around their homes. However it is unknown if any of this activity was linked with Chris’s contact experiences or not, as they were not solely being experienced by him (although his grandparents were rather dismissive of them).

Initial Visitation

The earliest contact experience which Chris can recollect occurred in the spring of 1996 when he was 7 years old. He used to sleep in a narrow bedroom on the lower part of a metal bunk bed. Due to the previous paranormal activity he was uncomfortable at night and used to leave the bedroom light on.

He awoke during the night with the feeling of a presence in the room. He did not check the clock but felt it must have been around 2am. When he opened his eyes he was immediately greeted by the sight of a being leaning over him and staring down at his face. Due to the bedroom light it was just a silhouette, no facial features could be made out. He could only see its head, neck and upper torso. It had an over-sized head which was shaped like an upside down pear, a thin neck and slender body frame. He felt like this entity was staring straight through him.

He was immediately terrified of it, and pulled the duvet up over his face. This was the last thing he recalled doing. He did not remember dropping off to sleep, the next thing he became aware of was of his grandparents waking him up in the morning at around 7.30am.

When he got up out of bed he realised his pyjamas were on backwards. He also felt very fatigued and achy, as if he had done strenuous exercise the previous day. His grandparents commented on his pyjamas, asking him why he had undressed and re-dressed himself. Chris did not share with them what he remembered seeing in the night. He informed me that they were quite sceptically minded and would not have believed him, so he used to keep what was happening to himself.

The shape of the silhouette described by Chris fits in with that of a Grey, which would be confirmed by following experiences. Greys generally have a thin body and neck, with a large pear-shaped head. It should also be noted that Chris was not paralyzed as he was able to pull the duvet covers over his face, so this discounts sleep paralysis as an explanation.

Even though he cannot currently recollect being taken, there are signs which point towards the idea that he may have been. I have investigated and read about a number of abduction cases where the beings seem to have re-dressed people wrongly before returning them. It suggests that they are aware that the individual has had clothing on when they have been taken, but that they either do not know what way round it should go back on, or do but don’t really care about whether it is put back on correctly. A feeling of fatigue is a commonly reported after effect of abduction experiences too, I have spoken with many people who have described this before. Both of these aspects would also be experienced again in later encounters, as you will see.

First Abduction Recollection

In the summer of 1996, within months of the visitation, Chris had another more significant experience. By this time his grandparents had bought him a new single bed. It was situated underneath the window with the foot of the bed facing the bedroom door.

Once again Chris awoke in the night with the feeling that something was there in the room. When he lifted his head up a short distance to look around the room he realised there was a being standing at the foot of his bed. The bedroom light was once again on, but because of the difference in position he could now see it clearly and make out details.

The being was about 5 feet in height. It appeared to be unclothed. Its skin was smooth and grey in colour, and almost looked like rubber. It had a slender body with thin arms that hung down by its sides. Not many facial details could be made out, only its eyes, which were large, completely black and almond-shaped. No nostrils, mouth or ears were visible. He could not tell if it was unclothed or if it was wearing a full body suit which completely covered it. The being was the same shape as the one he had seen previously, and he felt it was the same entity. It was a Grey, the most commonly reported type of ET, although he did not know this at the time as he had no interest in the UFO subject as a child.

He reacted the same as before, pulling the duvet up quickly over his head. However in doing so it moved up, exposing his lower legs. The next thing he knew, he felt the being grab both of his ankles. The grip was quite strong and its skin felt extremely cold. When I asked Chris to describe the sensation he said it was “similar to a rubber band ball after being left outside overnight”. After this he then immediately blacked out, which he said felt like being given anaesthetic, he was aware of it happening.

He came round and immediately looked down at his ankles expecting to once again see the being. However he now found that he was floating outside of his upstairs bedroom window in the air, about 20 feet off the ground! He was still in a lying down position the same as he had been in bed, and at this point still wearing his pyjamas. He was slowly ascending but could not see anything above him. It was night time but not particularly cold. However he realised it was incredibly quiet, it was as if normal background noise of his neighbourhood had been completely muted. This only lasted a moment before another wave of sleep washed over him and he passed out again.

When he came round again he now found himself in an unfamiliar location. He was lying down on a flat bench like structure which felt cold like metal. He realised he was now unclothed. Adjusting his vision and glancing around he found he was in the middle of a large circular room roughly 30 feet across. There was enough light to see but no obvious source, it was an ambient glow which allowed him to see his surroundings. The walls and floor of the room were flat and a silvery grey colour but not reflective. Towards the top of the room the light faded and it was impossible to see the ceiling clearly, although he assumed it was there. Either side of him roughly 5 feet away were other benches like the one he was on. They were solid blocks which protruded out of the floor. There was no other furnishings in the room and no visible doors or windows.

The temperature of the room felt normal, it wasn’t particularly warm or cold. The air in the room felt very clean and pure, it had no discernable smell. He could hear a low rhythmic humming sound which seemed to be coming from all around rather than from a particular direction. He could actual feel this hum as low vibrations through the bench he was lying on.

Chris tried to move and realised he was paralyzed from the neck downwards. This immediately frightened him and he began to panic. As he was panicking a being entered the room, although he did not see how, there was no apparent doorway it had come through. He just realised it was standing there at the edge of the room beyond his feet, roughly 25 feet away.

This being looked different to the one he had seen in his room. It was the same shape and height, but its face looked much darker in colour. As he watched it walked briskly towards him, locking its eyes on him. It came round to the left side of the bench and stood level with his chest. Its arms swayed as it walked, but it felt very controlled and smooth. When I asked Chris about this aspect of the experience he said the way it walked reminded him of the scene in the movie My Fair Lady where actress Audrey Hepburn walked with a book balancing on her head (the being’s arms were down by its sides though).

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady

It was now that he could see it more clearly. From the base of the neck it looked the same as the previous being, a rubbery grey colour. But rather than also having a grey face, its head was covered in dark brown coloured scales that were slightly paler at their tips. However the eyes looked the same, jet black and almond-shaped. It still had no discernable nose or mouth although this was possibly due to the darkness of its skin.

Chris does not recall whether the hands were exposed as he was transfixed by its face. The grey rubbery skin-tight suit it appeared to be wearing had no insignia, belt or markings. Now that it was close to him he was even more frightened. He began to cry in fear, too frightened to shout out. As it looked at him it felt extremely threatening. The being then spoke to him telepathically. In his mind he heard the words “You shouldn’t be awake and witnessing this.” The voice sounded angry but was not particularly male or female.

A moment later, without the being interacting with him in any way, he blacked out. The next thing he became aware of was his grandparents waking him up. The feeling of dread was still there but quickly subsided when he realised he recognised his surroundings. He recalled what had happened in the night and was frightened because it felt so vivid and real, not like how a nightmare would usually feel. He sat up in bed and found that once again his pyjamas were on wrong. This time the trousers were correct but his top was on backwards. Like the previous experience he felt extremely fatigued.

His grandparents commented saying “You’ve put your pyjamas on wrongly again. You look like you haven’t slept!” When he checked in the mirror his eyes looked dark and a little sunken. Once again he did not tell his grandparents what had happened.

In the days following the experience he felt very uneasy going to bed, to the point that he would stay awake as long as possible until he passed out from exhaustion. Gradually after about a week this subsided and he was able to settle easier again. He was just grateful it had passed and hoped that nothing else would occur. Unfortunately this was far from the end of events.

Group Abduction

Chris’s next contact experience took place in late April 1997 soon after his 8th birthday. It began with a very strange audible anomaly. He was lying in bed but still wide awake. There had not been much other unusual paranormal activity in the house for a while and he had started to sleep with the bedroom light off. He began to hear what sounded like muffled voices conversing with one another. Initially he thought that it was coming from the television downstairs. He shouted down to his grandfather, who confirmed that the TV was not on.

The noises continued. Listening intently to try and find the source, they sounded like they were coming from his guitar amp. It sounded almost like French but it was not clear enough to make out any actual words. Chris assumed that it was feedback coming through the amp, until he realised it was not plugged in. This made him a little un-nerved, but because he was tired at this point he chose to actively ignore it and settled down to sleep.

He woke up to find himself floating in a lying down position about 2 foot above the bed. The duvet had slipped off him to his right and was lying on the floor. He had a strong feeling of butterflies in his stomach. He glanced around as this happened so must have been able to move his head, but Chris says he is unsure if he was partially paralyzed, he just went along with what was happening. He drifted backwards and passed through the closed window to his room head first! Outside he could feel the cool night air hit him. It was fully dark, and Chris thinks it must have been around 2am but he was not able to confirm this.

When he looked upward above him, he saw a black sillouette of a large object which was blocking out the stars. He is unsure of the exact shape as it covered most of his view. He says the colour was “blacker than black, like a void”. He began to slowly ascend towards this sillouette. He was intrigued to see detail behind the blackness, but before he got near enough to see anything he blacked out.

When he came round he found himself back in the circular room with the three benches. But this time he was not on the bench. Nor was he alone. He was no longer in his pyjamas, was in a standing position and appeared to be stuck to the wall of the room, a few inches off the floor. There was seemingly no restraints, he was being held against it by a force of some kind. His arms were stretched up above him and his legs were parted at diagonals from one another.

Looking across the room directly opposite him was a group of three other people, all of them adults who were unclothed. There were two men with short brown coloured hair, and a woman with longer blond coloured hair. They seemed to be a trance like state. They had their eyes open but were not reacting or moving at all. To the left and right sides of the room like 4 points of a compass there were two other groups of three, made up of a mix of adults and teenagers. Again they appeared to be in a trance. Everyone was in the same pose that he was in and he also noted that everyone was Caucasian.

Chris found he was largely paralyzed, but could tilt his head a bit. When he did this he found that he was the central person in a group of three. There was a man to his left and a woman to his right. Again they were not moving. However he could not see them clearly as he could not bend his head right round.

Despite the bizarre situation Chris felt calm, possibly due to the fact that there were other people present this time. Over the first two minutes of the experience Chris simply looked around. He did not try speaking to either of the people next to him. He just seemed to accept everything like it was normal, almost as if he understood what was happening and didn’t feel the need to ask them anything. Thinking back to the experience this puzzles him.

Initially this was the end of his recollection. He suddenly became aware that it was morning and his grandparents were waking him up like normal at approximately 7.30am.

His pyjamas were missing entirely, he was still unclothed. His grandparents asked him where they were, to which he responded “I don’t know!” They were clearly annoyed at him and thought that he had hidden them or disposed of them.

Once again he felt extremely fatigued. When he checked himself in the mirror he noted that his chest looked more pink than it would usually do. He also had a pain in his groin and at a certain point on the right side of his body between his ribs. This pain was so intense that he found it hard to cope. He told his grandparents, but did not mention his recollection. Chris thinks that they probably thought he was making excuses to take a day off school, but they agreed that he didn’t have to go in that day.

After a number of hours the pain in his groin and side diminished. There were no obvious markings. However Chris says that to this day there is a point on his right hand side which causes a sharp pain if he presses on it. This point is only on the right and corresponds with this incident.

He never found his pyjamas, they had completely vanished. He assumed that there was more that had taken place, and for whatever reason he had not been re-dressed.

Initially seeing the groups of people stuck to the wall of the circular room was the last thing he could remember, he had no idea of where the pain in his groin and side had come from. However from this point Chris began to start having vivid recurring nightmares about this incident which continue to this day. Up until around age 21 he would get this dream roughly twice a year. It would not be particularly traumatic but he was clearly remembering the experience. From age 21 onwards the dream began to occur more regularly, roughly once every 4 months. Chris also began to remember more of what had taken place. Bit by bit he started to dream for longer periods of time, and each time he would recollect additional details. Below is a full overview of what Chris has currently remembered up to this point.

At a diagonal to his left in between the two other groups of people a dark rectangular opening suddenly appeared in the wall. It went right up the wall until it was lost in the darkness near the ceiling, there was no discernable top to it. In from this darkness stepped a group of eight beings. Four of them were similar to the Grey he had seen at the base of his bed, but they were shorter this time, roughly 4 feet in height. The other four were the brown scaled beings he had seen before. It felt to Chris almost like they were doctors and nurses – like the scaled ones were in charge and the shorter Greys were there to assist them.

The brown scaled beings appeared to be conversing with one another, making gestures with their arms and looking at each other. The four shorter Greys separated off from them, and one walked over to stand in front of each group of three people. The one that came up to him stopped about 6-7 feet away. Even now Chris did not feel threatened at all.

After a couple of minutes had passed the scaled beings seemed to finish their conversing. One walked over to stand in front of each group like the shorter Greys had already done. His eyes became fixed on this being and he watched as it looked him up and down without speaking a word.

Chris now began to panic because of the situation and what may be about to happen. However he then heard a telepathic voice in his head say “Stay calm. This will be over soon. It’s not going to hurt.” He felt that this voice had come from the shorter Grey being, despite the fact that there was no physical movements which would suggest this. As he heard the words he felt a wave of calmness pass through him. Chris describes this as similar to “the rush of endorphins you get after you finish riding a rollercoaster.”

The scaled being stepped closer and moved between him and the shorter being. It stared right through him as if he didn’t exist. The sense of threat and dread began to sink back in. Chris thought to himself “Please don’t hurt me!” The scaled being seemingly picked up on this thought as it then responded to him saying “Don’t worry, this won’t last long!” However Chris says this voice was different to the previous one, it felt more callous and indifferent towards him.

A moment later he suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his groin. He was not able to look down to see what was occurring. The being continued to stare directly at him with its arms by its sides. Chris says that this pain was intense, stating “My groin shot with flame, hot pain to point I want to scream.” However when he attempted to shout out, nothing happened, the paralysis stopped him from making a sound.

Chris was now terrified of what was happening and started openly crying. In reaction to this the scaled being spoke telepathically, asking him “Why are you crying? Just accept what’s happening.” The voice felt cold and emotionless, completely devoid of empathy.

He then felt another sharp pain on his right side. It felt like a tube being pushed into him between his ribs. Again he was unable to look down at this, but he could feel it tugging at his skin. Tears streamed down his face, and he heard a voice in his mind over and over saying “Why are you crying? This will be over soon.” It almost felt like the being was annoyed at his reaction to what was happening. This went on for a number of minutes. Chris thinks it was at least 3 minutes but it felt much longer because of the fear and the pain.

This is currently the furthest point Chris has been able to recollect. Even this was gradual, for example it is only the last two years that Chris was able to clearly see the face of the scaled being in front of him. Before this point its face had looked like static, as if it was putting on some kind of memory block which was preventing him from seeing it clearly (despite the fact that he’d seen this type on a previous occasion). I have investigated other cases were precisely the same thing has been reported. Chris says that the night he remembered its face clearly for the first time he had a massive panic attack and was unable to sleep for the remainder of the night.

Chris clearly seems to still have missing memories towards the end of the experience. It is possible that in due course he may decide to be hypnotised to see if any further details emerge, however due to the trauma of this experience he is hesitant to proceed down this route at present. It was obvious from his voice when discussing this event with me that it was still affecting him all these years on.

I have investigated numerous cases before where groups of abductees have been taken at the same time, and also cases where people have been observed in a trance like state exactly as Chris reports, but I have not yet come across any cases where the same procedure has been mentioned, with people being stuck to the walls of the room. This does not mean there are no cases out there, it just means it is unusual. However the contact subject is extremely complex.

The fact that a painful procedure of some kind was performed on his groin means that Chris may be involved in the “hybrid program” – one of the observed on-going agendas of the ETs in which they appear to be creating cross breeds between themselves and humans. However there is no other evidence which points towards this at present.


A number of years went by with no further experiences, just the repeated nightmares of the previous abduction. However in the early summer of either 2000 or 2001 when he was 11/12 years old something else occurred.

During the night he had an extremely vivid dream. In this dream he found himself in Walsall town centre hovering in the air above Park Street. He was face up in a lying down position, and was flying back and forth along the high street staring downward towards his feet. It was daytime and there were shoppers down on the ground walking about. Nobody appeared to spot him flying above them. Chris says the feeling was exciting and really fun. He was into superheroes as a child, and it felt to him like he was Superman.

Aerial map of Park Street

Photograph of Park Street, the main shopping cetre of Walsall

This happened for a while, with him flying back and forth. It felt like this was controlled and he was going along with it rather than having the freedom to fly wherever he liked. He then began to notice a feeling of something being done to his right side, in the same position as he’d got the sharp pain years ago. It felt like something was being undone, but was not painful in any way.

At this realisation his vision slowly shifted, almost like he was being pulled out of the dream. He found himself lying down on a flat surface in a darkened area. Unlike the previous abductions, the surface he was now on felt warm and comfortable, but was still solid. Chris does not know if he was paralyzed or not, he said he felt relaxed and did not feel the need to move. Due to the increased darkness of the surrounding room and the difference in feel of the surface he was on, he thinks it may have been a different location to his previous abduction experiences.

There were three beings standing alongside him to his right. They were still Greys, but looked different to the ones he had seen previously. They had pale blue-grey coloured skin. Their head was not quite as bulbous and their eyes were smaller in size, though still black. These ones had discernable nostril holes and thin slit for a mouth which was quite narrow in width. They were unclothed and had smooth skin, with very little bone structure visible.

One of the beings stared towards him. Unlike the scaled beings he had seen on previous occasions, these ones felt entirely different. When he met eyes with it, he felt overwhelmingly happy and grateful towards the being. He then heard it speak telepathically with him. In his mind he heard the words “Its ok, we've got you. We're here to help you.” The voice was very calming and re-assuring.

This is where the experience ended. When he woke up in the morning he felt completely relaxed, like he had had a very good night’s sleep. There were no physical differences or markings noticed.

A couple of months later he had a repeat experience, largely the same as the first. Like the group abduction incident it felt like a flashback to it rather than an entirely new event. Again the three beings were standing there alongside him. The one nearest to his head was reassuring him telepathically while the other two were doing something to his right side, but he could not see as he was transfixed on the nearest being. Again when he woke in the morning he felt well rested.

An Apology and a Reward

Roughly two months on another similar experience occurred, but this time with noticeable differences. Like before it started with the vision of flying over Walsall. However this was only very brief, it quickly shifted to the beings. But also he was now standing up, with the three beings gathered around him roughly 2-3 feet away. He was actually a little taller than them so was slightly looking down at them.

There was white ambient light around him and the beings coming from an indeterminate source. This bled away into darkness like before, it was not possible to see any walls or ceiling. Chris felt extremely comfortable with the situation, he says there was a warm fuzzy feeling in his chest. The beings appeared to be radiating pure empathy and love towards him to the point that he could physically feel it. He was not in any way frightened of them, they felt very familiar to him almost like family.

He stood there about 10-15 seconds. Then the central being directly in front of him began to speak with him telepathically. It told him that the previous beings had done something to his chest which had left damage. It then told him that they’d fixed what had been done and he should make a recovery soon. It seemed extremely apologetic about this, like it was something that they had not intended to happen. The words were very re-assuring. Like the other beings there was no discernable sex to them.

Thinking back to the experience, Chris says that he did not ask them any questions because of how familiar and friendly it all felt. It was as if he had no need to ask them anything, even though they gave him very little detail as to exactly what had happened or how they had fixed it.

The being then said to him that because of what had happened to him they wanted to leave him with a gift. With this the surroundings and the beings faded away and were replaced with stars all around him. He says it was exhilarating and truly amazing. He felt like he was standing out in space but could breathe completely normally. He has no idea whether this was a mental projection in his mind, or whether the location he was in had genuinely become see-through and was actually situated in space, although he suspects the former of these. Interestingly Chris says that as a child he was fascinated in astronomy and space, so this is possibly why they chose to show him this. The vision lasted for about 5 minutes. He did not try walking around as he was so awestruck, but did look about in different directions.

After this the stars faded and he was back with the beings again. The central being then said to him “It’s time to go now. We’ve got to take you home.” Chris simply responded “Ok” in his mind. This was the last thing he remembered, he next realised he was being woken up like usual. He was so excited by what had occurred in the night, he wanted to shout out loud, but felt his grandparents would just put it down to a dream. He felt like he was on a natural high. This feeling lasted for a number of days, he was extremely happy and upbeat for about a week after the experience.

A Frightening Visitation

In autumn of 2005/2006 when Chris was 16/17 he was staying at his girlfriend’s Sarah’s house on Norton Terrace, Brownhills. Her father used to make him a makeshift bed in the living room out of sofa cushions.

He recalls waking in the night with the same feeling of dread that he’d felt in his childhood. He opened his eyes and peered across the room. It was dark but there was a bit of light coming in through the curtains from the nearby street lights, so it was clear enough to make out some details.

Chris rolled over to his right to face the doorway to the middle room which led through to the kitchen. It was now that he noticed a dark figure standing in the corner of the room roughly 10 feet away. It had the shape of a Grey, but was completely black like a silhouette. Chris says that there was enough light in the room to make out some features, it was like it was intentionally masking them from him. The being was not moving but he could sense anger from it.

He was un-nerved by it but rather than get up out of bed he decided to roll over and pretend it wasn’t there. He did so, pulling the duvet covers up and shutting his eyes. Immediately he felt the presence of the being approach behind him. He then heard a low guttural growl in his right ear. Chris says he felt the breath of the being which was really cold. He was so frightened to move or look, he just lay there not knowing what to do. Chris does not know what happened next. He does not recall blacking out but the next thing he was aware of was of waking up naturally. It felt instantaneous like no time had passed at all and he expected the being to still be there leaning over him but it had gone. It was 6.30am, much earlier than he would usually wake up at. He felt fatigued, similar to how he had felt on previous occasions. He was un-nerved by what had happened so decided to get up and play on his mobile phone until his girlfriend and her family woke up a couple of hours later.

The incident played on his mind throughout the day. He was not his usual self, something Sarah picked up on. In the afternoon they were out on a walk in some local fields and she asked him if he was alright. Chris desperately wanted the experience to be linked to something other than the abductions he had experienced in childhood. Trying to find an alternative explanation for what had occurred he asked her if her house was haunted. She looked at him strangely and said no.

In 2012 years after they had separated, Chris happened to speak with her again, and this incident was brought up in conversation. Sarah now confided in him that soon after he had asked her about the house being haunted she had seen a dark figure standing at the edge of the field watching them. She did not tell Chris this at the time as she did not want to un-nerve him further. Unfortunately he has not kept in contact with Sarah so I am unable to speak with her about this incident.

Red Orb

In July 2008 Chris was 18 and at college. By now he had moved from his old bedroom to a larger room at the edge of the house. He used to stay up quite late talking with friends online. One night he went to bed around 1.30am. He was lying down and trying to settle but his mind was still active and he had not yet closed his eyes. At the time it was warm so he had left the curtains open and the side windows ajar to let in some cool air.

He suddenly noticed the presence of a red point of light on the surface of the main window arch. It was small and looked like it was coming from a laser pointer. He immediately assumed that there was someone mucking about in the nearby car park or even within the garden and shining a laser into the room. He got up and peered out of the window but there was nobody there.

Mock up of the red orb on the window arch

Looking at the point of bright red light he realised it had now moved further into the room along the wall. He also realised it was not shining on the wall itself but was a floating bright point of light hovering about a foot away from the wall! It was drifting slowly across the room smoothly, but was not flying exactly in a straight line, it was move wavering as it went. He thought to himself “This is new! What the hell is this?”

As he watched it reached the far side of the room then started coming back towards the window over the bed. It got to about 3 feet away from the window when it suddenly picked up in speed, descended in an arc, passed directly through the main closed window and flew away into the darkness outside! He thought about what he had just seen for a while, then settled down and went to sleep.

It’s hard to explain what occurred here. As Chris told me about the experience I wondered if it could have been a firefly. However this would not have been able to pass through the closed window so this can be discounted as an explanation. Also these tend to be yellow in colour rather than cherry red as Chris described. It could not have been a laser pointer as Chris was certain it was floating in the air across the room not just shining along the wall. In addition to this he said that there would have been no way of anyone to shine it further into the room from ground level. By all accounts it appears to have been some kind of orb of energy.

Computer Games

Roughly two months after seeing the orb Chris’s grandparents had bought a new pet cat. It used to love coming into his room at night and curling up on the bed. He was woken between 2.30-3am by a sudden noise. He immediately recognised the sound as that of his wired computer mouse being dropped onto the desk. He would regularly use his computer so was used to how this sounded.

Once again he had left the curtains open and there was enough light coming in from outside to make our the furnishings of the room. He stared across at the computer desk to try and work out what had happened. A moment later Chris claims that he witnessed the mouse actually lift up off the desk a few inches and then once more drop onto the desk! At this moment the cat on the bed became very agitated. It arched its back and started hissing.

Chris then noticed that the revolving computer chair which he had tucked under the desk was now facing him, and it was not empty. In the chair was what looked like an area of swirling mist. This mist had a slight copper orange glow to it. There was no determinate shape to the mist, it was just localised within the seat of the chair, at most a couple of feet across. It reminded Chris of a cloud of vapour formed by someone vaping, billowing and moving.

After a number of seconds the cat suddenly jumped off the bed and ran out of the bedroom. A moment later the mist seemed to dissipate and vanish from sight. Chris says that for the following few nights he heard the mouse being dropped like before, sometimes multiple times in quick succession, but he would ignore it and not look over to the desk. He also says that the cat refused to enter the room for about a week after the incident.

This series of incidents could well be linked with paranormal activity going on in the home rather than contact directly. It very much sounds like poltergeist activity and some kind of ghostly apparition. However it is still possible that this was ET related, perhaps manifesting in an unusual way.

Light Sequence

About a week after the computer activity had calmed down something else unusual occurred. Again Chris had stayed up till about 1.30-2am recording footage for Youtube. This time the curtains on the window were closed, blocking out most ambient light. He was lying down in bed but had not closed his eyes. Suddenly a series of bar-shaped lights lit up in sequence across his bedroom ceiling one after the other in quick succession! There were five lights each of which looked identical. Each one lit up in turn over a couple of seconds.

Chris looked around to see what could possibly have made the lights but there was no real explanation for what had caused them. There were no lights on in the room. He was not moving or holding anything which could have caused an unusual reflection. If the curtains of the room had been open he would have suspected it was coming in from outside, but they were not.

About 5 seconds later the light sequence occurred again, exactly the same as before. 5 seconds after this it occurred a third time. The sequence was exactly the same as before but this time it was much faster, and took less than a second to cross the ceiling. After this there was nothing.

Chris says it took about half an hour to settle down after the incident as he mulled it over in his mind. Due to the proximity of this to the previous activity involving his computer it may have been another paranormal manifestation. However experiencers regularly report unusual light phenomena both preceding and during contact experiences.

The Creature

Chris’s next experience is a rather bizarre one. It was roughly a month after the lights on his bedroom ceiling. He woke up lying on his front with his head facing towards the bedroom door. His girlfriend was asleep next to him. Looking on the clock on the wall he saw it was around 2.30am. He found that he could not move. Staring at the door he saw a strange spindly creature on all fours close to the floor. It had the same copper orange colour as the mist he had seen on the desk chair.

The creature quickly scuttled across the floor, so fast that he could barely see it. It jumped up onto the bed, pinning his legs to the mattress then he felt it grip his arms around the wrists. He sensed dread from this creature like it wanted to cause him harm. Unable to move, he then heard the creature utter the same low growl as the Grey had done on the previous occasion. He was terrified and tried to scream out for help but found he was unable to.

Chris does not know what happened next, he just found he was waking up in the morning to his alarm clock at 7am. He told his girlfriend about what had happened but she did not remember anything happening during the night.

A lot of the aspects of this experience point towards a sleep paralysis experience as opposed to contact, a possibility which Chris definitely entertains. During sleep paralysis the individual will find they cannot move or make a sound. They will sometimes see strange moving forms in the room that will jump on them and hold them down. It does of course have numerous links to his previous experiences – the colour of it matching the mist, the growl noise it made. It is possible that these experiences were weighing on his mind and this led to him conjuring up the creature.

Arm Marking

On a morning in April 2009 Chris awoke to find a strange marking on his right forearm. He does not recall anything unusual happening during the night. When he looked at his arm, he found a long area which had a strange tan brown colouration to it, almost like iodine stain. It went from the base of his right hand to half way along his inner forearm. It has a defined edge to it rather than being gradual like a bruise. He tried scratching at the marking and washing it off, neither of which worked. Unfortunately he did take a photograph of the stain as he was rushed and had to get ready for work. He had a morning shift at Tesco superstore in Walsall.

As his manager was concerned by cleanliness, Chris decided to wear a long sleeved jumper so he would not see the marking. Once home from his shift soon after mid-day he checked his arm again and found that the stain had disappeared, but had been replaced with what appeared to be three puncture marks in a triangular shape with a fourth in the middle. There were also very pale lines linking the four different points. The strange marking was just below his right wrist. He was certain they had not been there previously. He touched the dots but there was no pain from them, even though they looked sore. He decided at this point to get a photograph of the marking as it puzzled him:

After a number of days the dots faded and vanished. However Chris says that since then they have come back from time to time, especially when it is warm weather. Below is a photograph which he took of them while I was speaking with him about his experiences in May 2021:

Many contactees have found markings on their body following experiences. Sometimes they have memories of the ETs using instruments on them at the same location. Chris has no such memories at present, but as memories are often blocked out it is possible that he was taken during the night and had something done to his right arm.

UFO Fly Past

On a weekend in mid-August 2015 Chris took his partner Nicola to Blackpool for the day. They had just returned home and were walking along the path to the front door. It was 7-8pm in the evening. The sun hadn’t quite set but it was dark in the sky. It was a warm and pleasant evening with some scattered cloud.

Chris suddenly noticed that it was un-naturally quiet. There would usually be ambient noise – birds chirping in the trees, dogs barking, vegetation rustling in the breeze. But it was silent.

He then noticed something moving up in the sky to his left. Looking in the direction of this movement he saw what appeared to be two V shaped formations of pulsing red lights. The two formations were exactly the same size and shape, one following the other. Chris was convinced that they were two objects with 5 lights in the underside of each, although it was impossible to see any solid shapes between the lights due to the darkness of the sky. The rear object was a little off to the right rather than exactly behind the first.

The objects appeared to be around 1000 feet up although this was quite hard to judge. They were moving on a straight and level course. Chris estimates they were travelling at approximately 200 mph.

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFOs were visible

He drew Nicola’s attention to the lights, exclaiming “Nicky, look up!” They both watched the lights travel on a level course in a westerly direction. They passed right over some nearby blocks of flats known as Paddock Flats. They continued to watch for about 20 seconds until they had vanished from sight behind the flats. Unfortunately neither of them had a camera on them, and Chris had left his smartphone in the car.

Aerial map showing the path of the UFOs

After the objects had gone Nicola asked Chris “What was that? I’ve never seen anything like that before!” Chris responded “I’ve no idea! That was really weird!” They then both headed inside the house. As usual they did not mention what they’d seen to Chris’s grandparents.

The lights were clearly not two normal aeroplanes or helicopters. While red is one of the standard navigation light colours seen on aircraft, there would usually only be one red light along with other white/green lights, either constantly bright or strobing. Also the area does not fall within an airway, as confirmed by 360 Radar:

While it's possible that these really were two craft with red lights in their underside, there remains the possibility that they were a formation of Chinese lanterns which had been launched. Chris says the lights were pulsing which would fit with the flickering that occurs with lanterns, and while they are usually an amber orange colour they can sometimes appear almost red. Back in 2015 lanterns were very popular and widely available, and the sighting took place after the sun had largely set, conceivably a good time for a lantern launch to take place. For this sighting to have been lanterns they would of course have had to have been coincidentally in the formation of two V shapes. This may seem unlikely but cannot be ruled out entirely.

Figure At The Window

By 2018 Chris and Nicola had moved into a house together in Bloxwich (address ommitted for confidentiality). On 18th October Chris was just finishing his work shift at 7.30pm when he got a call from Nicola. She sounded very upset. She explained to Chris that there were strange bright flashes of light occurring outside in the garden. Chris had gone over his previous experiences with Nicola, the only person he has ever really confided in about what has happened. She said “I know what you’re going to say. I don’t want it to be that! Just get back home now.”

Chris drove home as fast as he could. He checked the garden and shed but found nothing which could have explained the lights. A number of hours later they both settled down to sleep. At the time they had had an argument and Chris was sleeping downstairs on the sofa.

He awoke some point between 2.30-3am. He felt a little achy, the sofa was not particularly comfortable. The living room light was off but there was enough light coming in from behind the curtains to see the furnishings. From where he was lying he could see into the adjoining kitchen. The light was off but there was some light coming in from nearby streetlights.

He happened to glance up at the kitchen window and immediately froze in shock. Standing outside the kitchen window was what appeared to be a Grey looking in at him. As he had just woken up he initially wondered if his eyes were deceiving him. He tried moving his head around to see if the figure was a reflection, but it was still there.

He stood up off the sofa, keeping his eyes on the being. As he did he watched it tilt its head upward to continue following him with its eyes. Its arms were hanging down by its sides and it was standing quite still.

Chris walked cautiously across the living room towards the kitchen door, fully expecting the figure to vanish. It did not, it remained in place staring intensely at him. At the open doorway he was now only 10 feet away from it and he could see it quite clearly. The being looked the same as those he had seen in his childhood, 5 foot tall with rubbery grey coloured skin and black almond-shaped eyes.

He kept telling himself it’s not there, it can’t be. He was horrified that the beings from his earlier experiences had seemingly returned to him. Chris says he stared at it, not knowing what to do. He tried to speak with it in his mind, saying “I don’t want anything to do with you.” The being did not respond to this.

After 2 minutes Chris decided that the best thing to do would be to block his view of it and hope it did not come into the house. He closed the kitchen door so he could no longer see it outside. He then turned the living room light on. He sat down a while before walking upstairs to check on Nicola and his daughter. Both of them were fast asleep. He returned downstairs and was so disturbed he remained awake until morning.

Sadly Chris did not think about grabbing his smartphone and taking a photograph of the Grey. He was too frightened and transfixed by its presence. He did not tell Nicola what had happened straight away as he thought it would upset her. Later on he did discuss the incident with her.

This is quite an un-nerving experience, and I could tell from Chris’s voice as he discussed it with me that it affected him deeply. I asked Chris whether there was any chance the figure was just a strange reflection caused by the lighting outside. He said that he actually tried looking at the window on following nights to see if he could recreate what he had seen, but he could not. He also said that although the being did not really move its body, its head did noticeably move as it tracked him, to all intents and purposes it was physical and standing right outside the window.

I have investigated a number of cases where Greys have been seen peering into windows from outside. The reason for the presence of the being is of course unknown. Perhaps it intended on taking him but when he woke up this interrupted its plans. Chris does not feel that he was abducted, but as memories can be blocked out this possibility remains.

Baby Talk

Around the same time as seeing the being at the window, Chris says that his 2 year old daughter was more active than usual during the night. They had a baby monitor and for about a week before and a week after the visitation his daughter would start making noises that sounded like she was having a conversation with something in her room. Chris and Nicola would hear her over the baby monitor.

Initially Chris assumed that she was sleep talking and largely ignored what was happening. However after the visitation he was far more alarmed by it and would immediately rush into his daughters room. Whenever he did this he says that he would find her standing at the edge of the cot staring at the corner of the room, but there would never be anything there. This occurred for about two weeks, roughly every other night and then she seemed to calm down.

Obviously this may not have anything to do with Chris’s contact experiences. His daughter may have just been randomly making noises. But due to the proximity to the Grey visitation it is understandable why Chris was alarmed by it and wondered if there was any connection.


As you can see Chris has had some very interesting and compelling contact experiences. Due to the types of entities seen and after effects of the events I find it very likely that Chris has experienced some real ET visitations and abductions as opposed to just had vivid nightmares. He did not look into the contact subject for many years yet was interacting with beings which have been reported by many contactees around the world.

There is also signs that Chris has had experiences of a more paranormal nature. Some of the more unusual experiences involving light anomalies or moving objects could be considered to be ghostly phenomena, but may have been indirectly linked with contact, it is hard to say for certain.

I have asked Chris to keep in touch with me and if anything else occurs it should be added to this report. I also hope that he will provide some drawings to add in due course. Chris is considering the possibility of arranging a hypnotic regression to see if further details can be uncovered. If this takes place the transcript will be added as well as any findings. I would like to thank Chris for finally having the bravery to finally speak about his experiences with me so that this case report could be written.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2021



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