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Walsall Contact Case – Greys, Abductions, Body Marking, Orb, UFOs, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/09/2021

Note: For anonymity reasons, pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


People who experience contact are often deeply affected by their experiences and fearful of them, which can sometimes lead to them not wishing to talk openly about what has occurred. Chris originally got in touch with me back in 2003 when he was 24 years old. However it soon became apparent that he was not comfortable with discussing what had occurred in his life due to how traumatic it had been. I asked him to get back in touch when he felt ready to talk.

It has taken him 8 years to come to terms with his experiences and be able to talk about them in depth with me. On 25th May 2021 he got in touch via E-Mail. Over the coming days we held numerous lengthly Skype conversations to go over everything. Chris has had contact experiences since childhood up until recent years. This detailed report covers these experiences in chronological order.

Ghostly Occurrences

Chris’s earliest experiences actually involved paranormal activity as opposed to being directly related to contact. Due to the apparent link between contact and paranormal events these incidents have been included for interest purposes.

In his childhood Chris used to live with his grandparents on Holtshill Lane, Walsall, Birmingham. It was a rather spooky old house, and on many occasions unexplained incidents took place. These incidents were largely ignored by his grandparents, who were quite sceptically minded.

Aerial map of Holtshill Lane

Before he was born, Chris’s grandparents used to own a pet cat named Garfield due to its orange coloured fur. Sadly Garfield had passed away and Chris never got to meet him. However from about age 6 onwards, Chris recalls that roughly once a year, usually around August he or his grandparents would hear a single cat meow. It would always occur in the living room while people were relaxing and seemingly come from behind the sofa. Chris says that it was clearly audible and in the room itself rather than an echo coming in from outside, and his grandparents associated it with Garfield. When he discussed one of the occurrences with his mum, she confirmed to him that Garfield used to rest behind the sofa on a regular basis. He was seemingly continuing to do this after death! Chris says this occurred every year right up until he left the house at age 25.

On a number of occasions Chris would see shadowy forms out of the corner of his eye. These were usually low down towards the floor and he took them to be ghostly cats. On one occasion he caught a clearer glimpse of one of them as it moved along the landing and entered his bedroom. He saw it from the base of the staircase. He assumed it was his grandparent’s pet cat. When he went to check in the room there was nothing there.

Quite regularly Chris would hear footsteps come up the stairs during the night. He says that his grandparents would not stay up late so the sounds could not be attributed to them. Besides, he could see the top of the stairs from his bedroom door which he would leave ajar. Chris says that the footsteps were quite heavy and deliberate, they were too regular to just be creaks on the floorboards. They would come up the stairs and then stop when they reached the landing. He was too un-nerved to ever get up out of bed to check. He says these incidents tended to occur in clusters, he might hear them a few times a number of days apart, and then things would quieten down a while before returning. He did mention the footsteps to his grandfather on one occasion, but his grandfather was dismissive.

Occasionally Chris or his grandparents would smell the scent of a fruity perfume in the living room. This would occur in a particular patch of air and would sometimes move across the room. Chris noted that often this would occur around the same time period as footsteps were being heard on the stairs, not precisely just within days of each other. He found out from his mother that his great grandmother, who passed away before he was born, used to wear similar perfume. At other times they would smell the pungent odour of cigar smoke. When he described this smell to his mother she confirmed that his great grandfather used to smoke cigars which had this scent to them.

There would also be unusual activity with the television sets in the house, both the one in the living room and the smaller one in his bedroom. Chris says that they would sometimes switch on of their own accord. All of a sudden the sound of static would occur. They would never do this while people were nearby to them, only when there was nobody in the room. On other occasions Chris would hear the