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Wales Contact Case - Being, Missing Time, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 13/07/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Early Thoughts

Since an early age Nicola has believed in the existence of extraterrestrials and been fascinated by them. She does not know where these feelings came from, as back then she had certainly not watched any TV programs or read any books about the subject, and her parents never spoke of it either. These feelings did not appear suddenly from one day to the next, it was more a slow realisation that ETs were real and were visiting Earth. She has always believed that many different ET entities exist. She thought of them as gender-less little people. When she was a bit older and more knowledgeable, she believed that the fairies that people spoke of in folk tales were in fact extraterrestrials. She was fascinated by the idea of multiple dimensions and believed that the ETs existed in other dimensions not seen by our eyes.

Nicola also sensed a connection to the stars. She used to love looking up at the night sky, even when she was as young as 5. She would often leave her bedroom window curtains open on purpose so she could see them before she went to sleep.

These feelings are interesting, especially as they began when she was too young to have been heavily influenced by various forms of media. Nicola thought of the ETs as small asexual beings – it is easy to see the similarities between this description and the Greys. Her thoughts on fairies actually being ETs is also something which researchers have looked into in great depth. There are a lot of similarities between old tales of fairies and goblins and alien abductions, and some people believe them to be based on ET contact experiences.

Many contactees sense a connection to the stars, probably because subconsciously they are aware where the beings they are in contact with have originated from. This feeling is particularly strong with “star children”, however at this stage there is very little evidence that Nicola would fit into this profile.


Another feeling that Nicola has had since a very early age is that she is being regularly observed by a presence of some kind. This feeling comes and goes, and sometimes gets worse when she on her own at night time. However she also sometimes feels it in the day. This presence seems to be all around her and she cannot pinpoint it to any one particular location.

When she was younger, this feeling of being watched would frighten her. As time has gone by she has learnt to accept it and is less scared because she realises that the ETs are not hostile – if they were they would have harmed her in some way.

The Silhouette

When she was at primary school, Nicola would sometimes camp out in the garden in a tent with her friends. One night she had two friends over to stay and they were camping out in the front garden. About 7 feet in front of the tent was a low wall. The girls were inside the tent when they suddenly noticed the silhouette of something unusual standing on top of the wall. It looked like a small being, about 3-4 feet in height, similar to a child but with incorrect proportions. This being appeared to be standing still and staring towards the tent.

The girls were understandably afraid of the unusual shadow. They quickly dashed out of the tent, and without looking back ran inside the house. They did not venture back outside until the following morning. There was no trace of the being or anything out of place.

Could this have been a visitation by an ET? It is a possibility worth considering; however it could just as easily have been down to the imagination of the girls. Perhaps it was merely a cat, fox or other animal, or even a person standing by the wall for a moment. Silhouettes cast by light can often be deceiving, making distorted shadows that can seem to look like strange creatures. As the girls did not actually look at what was causing the silhouette, we will never know for certain what took place.

Paranormal Activity

For as long as she can remember, Nicola has often felt scared of going to bed at night. This fear has remained throughout her life, and tends to come and go. However it is far from an irrational fear. It has been brought on by a number of strange occurrences which she has witnessed.

On numerous occasions between the age of 5-10, Nicola would feel her back and feet getting prodded or pressed down by an unseen force. This would always happen when she was lying down in bed before she went to sleep. When it took place she was terrified and would lie completely still and close her eyes. It felt threatening, like something was trying to get her to react. On one occasion she did look and felt sure that she saw a hand lower down the bed. She has also regularly felt her bed covers being pulled downward, like something was trying to pull them off on purpose to get at her. When this has happened she grips them very tightly to stop this from taking place.

The fear caused by these incidents would sometimes become unbearable. Nicola would often check around and under the bed in the daytime. Along with this fear, there was always the sense of doubt, and she often wondered if she was imagining everything that was taking place. She felt like she couldn’t scream for someone to come and help her because she would not know what to say to them if they did. One the time when she thought she saw a hand she did call for help, and ever since it has been a running joke in her family. On one occasion when she was 9 or 10, she got so frightened she ran downstairs to her mother, who was putting up Christmas decorations.

Because of these recurring incidents, Nicola developed a phobia of going to bed. She would lie down but it would take her ages to drop off to sleep. From the age of 10 these incidents seemed to cease, but the fear caused by them remained and has never really gone away. Nicola believes that an extraterrestrial presence was responsible for these occurrences. As she had not directly witnessed any ET beings, she does not really know why she feels they are responsible.

Missing Time

In her late primary school years, Nicola experienced two separate incidents involving missing time.