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Wakefield Contact Case - Reptilians, Greys, Abductions, UFO Sightings, Orbs, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/03/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Neil first got in contact with BUFOG in November 2012. For the past decade he has had many contact-related experiences and has always sought answers for what has happened to him. He felt it was finally time to share these experiences with others to aid in their understanding of the subject. I have now spoken with Neil extensively via both E-Mail and phone, and I am convinced he is being sincere about what has taken place. This report provides an overview of his experiences, and features many drawings.

A Change Of Direction

Neil’s contact-related experiences did not really begin until 1996 when he was 36 years old. It is possible that he had other experiences prior to this which have been entirely blocked out from his mind, but there is no real indication that this has occurred.

Up until the winter of 1995 Neil was working in engineering. He had a good amount of expertise and was earning a lot of money from it. One day he was working in the factory on his own when a sense of complete calm came over him. A shaft of sunlight came through the skylight right on top of him. He stopped what he was doing and enjoyed the warmth and silence of the moment. He asked himself a question. “What am I doing with all the professional experience I have if I can’t pass it on?” He has no idea where this came from, but what he was doing felt wrong to him. Soon afterwards he was off work ill with a virus for a number of weeks over Christmas and New Year. During this time he reflected on life and decided to completely change his path and start working with children. Soon afterwards he began working with troubled teenagers. A lady he met at the interview for the job also prompted him to join the Bethel Church in Barnsley, and he began to meditate regularly, both while at church and at home.

It is very interesting that Neil’s contact-related experiences seemed to begin soon after this change of direction in his life. This could have just been a coincidence, but are possibly linked in some way. Some people speculate that meditation is a way to communicate with the ETs and can open you up to experiences, and I have investigated numerous cases before where contactees have informed me that they practice meditation.

The Glowing Orb

It was an evening in early 1996. Neil was up in the bathroom of his house on The Crimbles, Wakefield. His wife Emily was downstairs watching TV. After washing himself he then meditated for about an hour. It was around 8pm when he exited the bathroom. Due to the time of year and the fact that neither the landing or hall light was on it was extremely dark. Rather than switch on the light, Neil decided to just walk to the bedroom in the dark to get dressed, as he had plans to go out.

As he entered the bedroom he immediately noticed a glowing white orb of light hovering over a small basket on top of the chest of drawers on his right. It was about the size of a small football, around 20 cm in diameter. He was surprised by its presence but immediately thought it may have a paranormal explanation of some kind.

Witness drawing of the orb in the bedroom:

He felt that it may have intelligence, so asked it out loud not to be frightened and to stay. But as he did so the orb shot upwards around 4 feet. It then briskly moved across the room heading upward in an arc towards the far top left corner of the room. It took about 3 seconds to cross the room and then vanished into the wall.

Witness drawing showing the movement of the orb across the room:

The small basket which the orb had been over contained a number of watches, mostly analogue, but one digital. When he checked the watches he found that they had all stopped working and all showed the time 7.45pm. This was 15 minutes before he had entered the room. He was not sure if this was merely coincidence or whether the orb had somehow caused the watches to stop. If they had all been digital this would seem more likely, however most of them were wind up watches, so how would the orb have affected these? Later on he swapped the batteries of the digital watch and it started working again.

Neil called Emily and informed her about what had taken place. She seemed supportive and said he should look into what it could have been. He wondered whether it could have been ball lightning. However the weather had not been stormy at the time, and it had appeared inside the house with the window closed and curtains drawn, so this seemed unlikely. It also didn’t match witness descriptions of the phenomenon which he found online.

At the time Neil thought that the orb was some kind of spirit energy attempting to contact him. However he now feels that it was linked with his ET contact experiences. Many contactees have reported seeing glowing orbs such as this in their proximity and there certainly appears to be a direct link between incidents such as this and contact. It is possible that these orbs are a visual manifestation of energy, or could even be an actual ET intelligence of some kind, although these are just theories at present.

Paranormal Activity

Soon after witnessing the glowing orb, Neil began to experience unusual activity around his home. It was as though something had been triggered and life would never be the same again. Neil wonders if through his meditation he was able to channel an ET presence which has remained with him ever since.

Most of this activity took place during the night while he was lying in bed. On numerous occasions he was woken from sleep with the feeling of something sitting or standing on the bed. This would usually start down by his feet. He would feel a compression on the mattress and the bedding tighten. It felt like an animal, like a cat or dog. However he had no pets and the window would usually be closed so it could not have been this. Sometimes when this happened he would kick out and it would go away. Other times he let it remain and it would start to move up the bed towards his head. Occasionally it would get close to his face and he could feel some kind of energy coming off whatever it was. He would then get nervous and lash out at it with his arm and it would disperse. Whenever he opened his eyes the presence would immediately disappear, it would only occur if he kept his eyes closed. Even though Emily was sleeping alongside him at the time she never reported feeling anything herself.

On other occasions Neil would feel something actually touch him. Typically he would feel a gentle flick on the end of his nose, or something would nudge him on the arm or leg if it was uncovered and hanging out of the edge of the bed. It felt like a finger or hand touching him with pressure applied locally.

Occasionally Neil would also suddenly smell the odour of tobacco or sometimes perfume. This would usually occur in the bedroom but one time he smelled tobacco in the car while on his way to work. His and his wife did not smoke, nor did the previous owners of his home or car. Whenever this occurred and his wife was nearby Neil would alert her but she could never smell it herself. The odour would last for several seconds before dispersing.

On a rough weekly basis Neil would also hear something say his first name to him during the night. He would hear this either when settling down to sleep, or it would wake him from sleep. The voice sounded audible and close to his left ear usually. It would not always sound the same. Sometimes it would sound male, sometimes female, and sometimes gruff like some kind of animal. He never sensed any aggression in the voice, it just felt like it was greeting him. At first he was very surprised by the voice, but never frightened by it. He was intrigued and wanted to find out more about what could be speaking to him in this manner. Even though Neil shared these experiences with his wife, she would never fully understand as it was so out of the norm. She bought Neil some books on the paranormal to aid in his research.

This paranormal activity continues to this day, although appears to be less prevalent. It should be noticed that at no point during any of these experiences does Neil feel he is paralyzed. Often experiences such as these can be put down to side effects of sleep paralysis. However it is clear that this is not the case here. That said, it is possible that some of what he is experiencing could be down to a hypnagogic state, especially as much of what took place has happened during the night while he is either trying to sleep or woken from sleep.

Initial Abduction

Neil’s first abduction experience took place in late summer of 1997. He had now moved house and was living on Woolgreaves Drive, Wakefield. It was a normal evening and he and Emily settled down to sleep between 11pm-midnight.

At some point in the night he suddenly woke up with the feeling of a presence in the room. He believes it was between 3-4am however as he did not look at the clock this cannot be verified. The room appeared to be lit with a very soft white light with no identifiable source. Neil had the feeling that there was something on the landing outside of the bedroom door, something that wanted him to come to it. He looked over at the door which was closed at the time. There appeared to be glowing white light coming through the gaps around the edges. Neil stared at the door for several seconds and watched as this light gained in intensity until it was very bright.

Witness drawing showing the glowing light coming from beyond the door:

At this point he was very intrigued as to what was outside of the door. He was so engrossed in what was taking place he did not think about his wife at all, who was lying asleep alongside him. He got up out of bed and crossed the room. As he reached out to grab the door handle, the door seemed to fade away into brilliant white light. It was as if the light was actually penetrating through the door. He then saw an arm reach out from the light towards him. Due to the light it was silhouetted. It was slender in shape, and strangely appeared straight edged. Most of the fingers on the hand appeared to be joined together, with just the thumb being separate, almost like a mitten.

Witness drawing showing the being’s hand reaching out for his own:

The being took Neil by the hand. He was surprised when it did this but not frightened. Its touch felt very gentle and slightly cool in temperature. It felt soft as though the being was of a different density to himself. It then led him into the light. He wondered why the light was so bright yet was not hurting his eyes. As he stepped forward it was like the closed bedroom door was no longer there. He was then able to see more of the being, although it was still silhouetted. It appeared to be about 5 feet in height, humanoid but quite thin, and again straight edged like it’s hand had been. In the light he then noticed two other similar beings.

Witness drawing showing the beings standing in front of him:

Neil’s reaction to what was going on was one of intrigue and wonder rather than of fear. He wanted to see what would happen next. In his own words he says “I’m not certain I was making cognitive decisions at this time, rather being led by a guardian, like a father helping his son to cross the road for the first time.”

When I asked Neil about how the beings moved his answer was very interesting. “That’s the odd thing in the middle of oddness, I do not remember them moving at all, rather continuing snapshots but joined together to form motion without flickering. Very difficult to explain.” He did not try to speak to the beings. This was his last memory of what took place.

The next thing he became aware of he was waking up in the morning at around 8am. He thought back to what had happened and felt both energised and in awe. It felt completely different to a dream and he felt certain that it had occurred as he remembered it. He immediately told Emily about what had happened. She confirmed that she had slept through the night without incident. Later on he also told his mother and sister about what had taken place. They seemed supportive though Neil got the sense that it was a bit much for them to handle.

At the time Neil did not associate what had taken place with the glowing orb and paranormal activity he had been experiencing previously. However he now believes that it was all connected.

The Corridor

It was later in 1997. By this time Neil had begun to change in personality and explore his spirituality to a deeper level. He also found he had become more artistic and had written some poetry as a result. His wife had begun to become a little frightened of his experiences and directly informed him of this.

Neil awoke at some point during the night to find he was no longer in his bedroom. He found himself floating in a long corridor. The walls ceiling and floor were all a matt medium grey colour and smooth. The edges where the walls met the ceiling and floor were curved. The corridor was about 5 feet wide and 8 feet high. It felt a little cramped, similar to a tight hotel corridor. It was quite dark, but what light there was had no visible source to it. Although he felt like he was actually there and had full awareness and senses, he could not physically see himself. His viewing height was slightly higher off the floor than it would have been if he was physically standing. He felt happy and at peace.

At the end of the corridor, about 30 feet away from him, was a wall and a corner which led out of sight. There was a shadow of something being cast on the wall. He wanted to see what lay down there, so began to float along the corridor without looking back the other way. He moved quite slowly, slower than normal walking speed. Neil feels that if he had wished to he could have floated faster but did not feel the need to at the time.

As he got nearer he realised the shadow was the shape of a tall Grey being. The shadow was coming up from the lower right corner of the wall diagonally about 6 feet. It had a large pear-shaped head and slender build. It appeared to be unclothed, but could possibly have had skin-tight clothing on. The shadow was completely still.

Witness drawing of the corridor and Grey shadow:

Neil turned to the right around the corner, fully expecting to see a Grey being. However there were no Greys standing there. Instead he found himself entering a small room down some steps. The room was the same colours as the corridor but the light source was brighter.

Standing in the middle of this room was a short and stocky entity, about 2-3 feet in height. It had a general humanoid shape with a head, two arms and legs but no visible extremities such as fingers or toes. It was white in colour and appeared to be translucent. Its most striking feature was two large round emerald green-coloured eyes with black pupils. A white glowing light seemed to be emanating from the being. Behind the being was a rectangular block-like table. There were some other objects in the room but Neil cannot remember what they were.

Witness drawing of the room and short being:

Neil sensed activity from other life-forms in the room, but his concentration was on the short squat being. He felt he had known this being all his life and felt great compassion for it. He floated towards it and wrapped his arms around it (this is what he felt he was doing; he could not actually see his arms around the being). He then felt gentle energy pushing him backwards. This did not feel in any way threatening. He retreated a short distance and settled.

The being spoke to him telepathically. It did not appear to have a mouth. The voice that he heard sounded male, and he sensed a great amount of knowledge in it, similar to how an experienced teacher would speak. It said to him “You have been asking for knowledge and enlightenment. You will receive more but you will have to be patient.” This seemed to be in direct reference to the fact that since 1996 Neil had requested answers to his questions via meditation. At this moment Neil felt like he was dropping off to sleep and his surroundings faded away.

He awoke in bed with the image of one of the short being’s eyes staring directly at him. He could not see his reflection in it. He felt completely transparent, like a child being looked over by its mother. With this came a strong feeling of love, to a level he has never felt before or since. The vision lasted for around 15 seconds during which Neil simply stared up in wonder. He felt he was being scanned in some way.

Witness drawing of the green eye:

After this he blacked out. The next thing he became aware of, he was waking up in the morning. He immediately told his wife about what had happened. She advised him to continue reading into the subject. For the following few weeks he could not stop thinking about what had happened. He felt completely in awe of it and wanted the chance to see the being again.

Yellow UFOs Sighting

In 1998 Neil used to work in Leeds and would travel to and from work on the M1 motorway. It was late November 1998 and around 2.30pm. Neil had finished work and was on his way home to Wakefield. He had just joined the M1 and Stourton, Leeds and was heading South. It was a sunny day with scattered cloud and a light breeze. He was travelling about 70 mph in the outside lane, and there was lots of other traffic around.

Aerial map showing the stretch of the M1 along which the sighting occurred:

Neil looked to his right and noticed two objects over by the horizon. They were glowing bright yellow like two small suns, and were at an angle of 60 degrees in the sky. They appeared to be in the lower atmosphere. Each object had a golden glowing corona around it, similar to the sun but much less bright. They looked near to each other and were diagonally spaced. One appeared bigger than the other, although this could have been due to it being closer as it was impossible to judge the distance of the objects. Although it was impossible to tell exactly how big the objects were they did look sizeable, possibly 500 and 400 feet across. They appeared to be hovering motionless in the sky.

Witness drawing of the sighting location and glowing UFOs:

Photograph from the M1 in the direction the objects were seen in:

For the next 10 seconds Neil kept shifting his eyes between the objects and the road ahead. When he next looked back the objects had completely vanished. He continued to look for them for the remainder of his journey but they did not reappear.

There are a number of possibilities for what Neil saw on this occasion. Perhaps the UFOs were two helicopters, aircraft or balloons that were catching the sun’s rays and reflecting brightly, obscuring their actual appearance. Perhaps after a short time their angle had changed and they were no longer catching the sunlight in the same way. Another possibility is that they were not really present in the sky and were actually just caused by sunlight hitting the car window.

However if this were the case it is likely that they would have reappeared at some point in the remainder of the journey, as it was a bright sunny day. Neil cannot fully rule out the possibility that one of the objects was the sun and the other some kind of mirage caused by reflection in the window. However they did not look bright enough to be the sun, and he was able to look directly at them for several seconds without his eyes hurting. The UFOs did not move so there is no way of telling if they were under intelligent control or not, however this can of course not entirely be ruled out.

Colour Changing UFO

The following summer, Neil had another UFO sighting. It was a clear summers evening at around 10 pm. He was getting dressed in the rear bedroom. Due to the time the sun had set and it was quite dark in the room. Due to his previous experiences Neil was now an avid sky watcher and would often look up at the night sky. He decided to do so now, so stared out of the window. The view looked out over bungalows and the Nain Barnsley Road. In the distance the area of Sandal Castle could be seen, though the actual castle was hidden from view.

Suddenly he noticed a red coloured glowing light about 500 metres high over the Sandal Castle area, half a mile to the South. It  immediately descended rapidly, quickly changing to amber, then to green, similar to a traffic light, before vanishing from sight over where the castle is situated. In total he had only observed it for several seconds. Neil estimates that if the object was self-illuminated it would have been 20-30 feet across, and appeared to descend around 100 mph.

Witness drawing of himself watching the UFO:

Neil spent weeks thinking about what he had seen and trying to come up with a rational explanation for it. Due to the colours seen he initially thought it must have been reflection from a traffic light. However there were no traffic lights anywhere near the house which could have accounted for the light. Nearby traffic was obscured by the other housing in the area, so it could not have been reflection from a passing lorry or other vehicle. There had been no lights on in the bedroom at the time, and no lit electronic devices which could have reflected in the window.

Aerial map of Sandal Castle:

The light had descended much too rapidly to have been a helicopter. Also Neil says that the West Yorkshire police helicopter used to regularly be seen in the area, and he was entirely familiar with how this looked after dark. Meteorites do not change colour in the manner that was observed, nor do they tend to descend vertically. To this day the light remains a mystery. Neil says that if it was a genuine sighting of an ET craft, he does not feel it was in any way related to his other experiences, and had just been in the right place at the right time to be seen by him.


It was at least a couple of years before Neil had another experience while staying at his mother’s flat in Wakefield. He cannot recall whether this happened in 2001 or 2002, but it was a typical night in summer time. The weather was mild with scattered cloud. The flat was on the ground floor of a one storey building.

At some point during the night between 2-4 am, Neil woke up out of sleep with the feeling of a mild energy around his body. He immediately became weightless and floated up out of his bed. He was lifted straight upwards and passed through the ceiling. As he did so he felt the fabric of the ceiling pass through his body. He was then in the upper flat. He continued upwards, passing through the roof of the building. At this point he was involuntary flipped over 180 degrees so he was now facing downwards. He remembers seeing the roof of the flat, the cars parked down on the road and the nearby school playing fields.

He continued to gain height, passing through low lying clouds. He was not frightened by what was taking place but instead felt joyful and thought to himself “Wow at last! I’m finally going to meet my takers.” However this was to be the last thing he would recollect. The next thing he became aware of he was waking up in the morning at around 7.30 am. He explained what had happened to his mother, who said that she had not seen or heard anything during the night.

The Elderly Man

By 2004 Neil had got divorced and had a new girlfriend Trisha. He was living in a new house on Spring Vale Close in Wakefield. He was recovering from depression for the first time in his life, while continuing a challenging career path. Neil had told Trisha about his prior experiences and she was supportive while remaining closed to them.

It was the summer time and both Neil and Trisha were asleep in bed. Suddenly they were both awoken by a strong sudden movement of the bed like it had been pushed. Neil asked Trisha if she had felt it, to which she replied that she had but wanted them to go away. It was clear that she attributed the movement to a ghost. She pulled the covers up over her head. Neil felt too nervous to look around the room but spoke out loud, asking whatever it was to leave them alone so they could get some sleep. Whether this was honoured or not is unclear, but the rest of the night went by without incident.

The following evening Neil was on his own in bed and sleeping soundly. Suddenly he felt something slap him on the base of his feet, which were sticking out of the bed covers. It felt like a hand would feel. He initially tried to ignore it as he was tired and had work in the morning. Due to his previous experiences he was already accustomed to being touched by unseen forces. A while went by, maybe an hour. Then it happened a second time! It was clearly trying to get his attention. Neil was lying on his back, and so lifted his head off the pillow and peered around the room. He saw a figure standing in the shadows of a vestibule in the corner of the room. He immediately felt that this was a spirit visiting him, and not a burglar standing in the room or an ET visitation.

Neil was intrigued and wanted to see the figure more clearly. He called to it and asked it to show itself and not to be frightened. The figure stepped forward out of the shadows. It was an old man who appeared to be at least 60 years old. He had long silver grey coloured hair. He was wearing what appeared to be a whit coloured butchers-style coat covered in buttons and loops, and black and silver striped trousers.

Witness drawing of the elderly man:

The figure walked around to the left hand side of the bed and reached out towards his hand. Neil reciprocated and reached out to hold the hand of the man. At this moment he lost consciousness. When he came round it was early morning. He remembered what had happened with the man but had no further recollections. He felt strangely tired and drained of energy.

It is unknown whether this encounter was in any way linked with Neil’s contact experiences or not. The figure looked completely human so this possibly suggests that it was a ghost as Neil tends to feel that it was. However ETs are known to often mask their appearance, so could this have been an ET appearing in this manner? It is interesting that when Neil reached up to hold the hand of the figure he blacked out. This is very similar to some of his other experiences which appear to have involved ET beings, and this is also a very common aspect of contact in general. This suggests that more may have taken place which he cannot currently remember.

The Entity

By 2006 Neil had begun to question whether his experiences were actually taking place. He sought comfort in the fact that many other people from all around the world have reported very similar experiences to those he had faced.

However something very different to his prior experiences was about to commence. Neil began to be woken during the night by an invisible “entity” in the room. This entity would sometimes make barking and snarling sounds similar to a wolf. Initially Neil did not feel threatened by this and felt that it was trying to communicate with him. However on one occasion he awoke to feel a strong energy force very close to him. This energy seemed to pulse in waves. It immersed itself inside of him. At this moment he felt like it had taken him over and he had become this other being. He felt he had taken on its personality alongside his own, and he began to make growling and snarling sounds. He felt he still had some control of the situation and so willed this entity to leave his body. It appeared to do so and dispersed.

After this incident he continued to sense and hear the entity in the room at night, but whenever it was present he would will it to stay away from him, and it never took him over again. In mid-2011 the experiences with this entity seemed to draw to a close, and he has not encountered it since.

Black UFO Sighting

It was an evening in December 2011. Neil and Trisha were on their way back to Wakefield travelling North along the M1 motorway. It was around 8.30pm and due to the time of year was already dark. The weather was clear and the stars and moon were visible in the sky.

They were approaching the junction to the M62 when suddenly Neil’s attention was drawn to an object in the sky off to the left of the motorway. It appeared to be in trouble and descending. Neil pointed it out to Trisha saying “There’s an aircraft over there and it’s going to crash”. Trisha too began to watch the object. At first they thought it must be a helicopter, as they were quite close to the West Yorkshire Police Helicopter station. However they soon realised it looked quite different to a helicopter. The object flew over the motorway in front of them and they were now able to get a better look at it.

Aerial map of the stretch of the M1 along which the sighting took place:

It was about 50 metres in length, 2 metres in depth and black in colour. It appeared to have an angular upswept section towards the rear, and was nothing like anything either Neil or Trisha had seen before. There were a number of white and blue lights on the object, although the number of these is not known for sure. When Neil watched it cross the motorway it appeared to have one white light and one blue light.

The UFO looked like it was going to crash into the embankment on the far side of the motorway. It descended very low behind some nearby electrical pylons, but then suddenly lifted back up and began flying along the edge of the motorway heading southward.

Witness drawing showing the UFO over the far embankment:

By this time they had been observing it for around 2 minutes. Neil continued to peer back over his shoulder at the object but had to keep one eye on the road. It was silhouetted against the dark blue coloured skyline. It appeared to be flying on a straight and level course, but occasionally seemed to drop in height and then rapidly lift back up again.

Witness drawing of the UFO travelling alongside the motorway:

Trisha was able to get a better look at the object as it flew off into the distance out of sight. She said that from the rear it looked like a shallow W shape with a row of lights along the side. It was almost like it had changed shape, although this could have been down to the angle it was now being viewed at. Whatever it was, it was clearly something out of the ordinary. The object was last seen heading off in the direction of Calder Valley radio mast.

Witness drawing showing the UFO departing the area:

Reptilian Involvement

Neil owns a property on the shore of Tuzla Lake in Turkey. In late May – early June 2011 he was on holiday for two weeks doing maintenance work on the house on his own. On one of the nights during this holiday he awoke to feel the familiar sensation of a presence in the room. He felt it was around 2 am but did not check the time. Neil initially tried to ignore this and continued to lie on his side. However he soon became aware of a strange dim light filling the room, similar to that which he had seen during his initial abduction experience back in 1997.

He turned over to look around and was immediately greeted by the sight of a Mediterranean man lying alongside him on the bed about three feet away, partially covered by the bed sheets. The man was turned to the right looking towards him, with his head propped up by his right arm. He had short black hair, tanned skin and a toned slender body. He looked perfect in complexion and features, and Neil was immediately aware that this figure was an ET masking its true appearance. He has no idea how he knew this was the case.

Witness drawing showing the initial appearance of the ET:

He commented on the being’s perfection saying to it “You are very beautiful.” The being responded saying “Thank you.” Neil then became suspicious of the being and said to it “Why have you come to me as a male? You are not what you pretend to be, if you return come in your natural form.” He then rolled back over and lost consciousness.

Neil’s reactions may seem odd given the circumstances, but are commonly reported during contact experiences. Often the individual will act in an unusual manner, and react differently to how they would usually react. This may be something done on purpose by the ETs, or could be a natural side effect of interacting with these beings. When asked about his reactions Neil informed me “It was like a control mechanism. I was completely me so to speak, but without fear or anger, like the base fight-or-flight reaction had been stripped away. I was utterly in control and comfortable with it.”

When asked about why he rolled back he said “I was disgusted with it for attempting to fool me, guess that was my ego kicking in. I instructed it basically to come back to me in its true form and rolled over in a kind of superior disgust like I was in charge, very unusual behaviour for me back then I have to say. I felt in control at the time.” Regarding the way in which he lost consciousness I asked Neil if this was akin to being sedated. He confirmed that this was a very good way of describing how it felt.

Later in the night Neil awoke again. Without opening his eyes he immediately had the mental image of a lizard-like creature, which he later learned was a Reptilian, one of the more commonly reported ET species. At first he could only see its eyes and the lower part of its forehead. The eyes were yellow with a brown vertical slit across their middle. The forehead was covered in green-brown coloured scales and appeared stretched tight over a wide heavy-structured head with prominent eyebrows.

Witness drawing of the Reptilian’s eyes:

Neil immediately felt very defensive and on guard. He also felt sure that this was the same being that he had seen earlier in the night now showing its true appearance. He remembers trying to speak to the being in his mind but cannot remember what he said. The being then suddenly leapt towards him. Neil was startled and lashed out with his left hand at the being. It seemed to pass right through him and disappear, and at this moment he again blacked out.

Again he woke back up from sleep. It felt to him only a short amount of time had gone by. He now saw the arm of this being held above his head. It was almost as if it was holding it out so he could inspect it. The arm was thick and muscular and covered in green-brown coloured scales. It had three fingers and a thumb which again were quite wide and not overly long. Each had a thick brown nail towards the end. These were not like claws and did not extend past the end of the digits. The entire arm and hand was about 4 feet in length.

Witness drawing of the Reptilian’s arm:

Neil stared intriguingly up at it for several seconds. He felt a strange connection to this being, almost like a son to a father. Because of this feeling, he reached up and took hold of the arm and wrapped it around himself. Once more he lost consciousness. This would be the last memory he had from the night, the next time he awoke it was morning. Like his previous experiences, he felt unrested and drained of energy. However he was also concerned by his recollection of the being leaping towards him, it felt aggressive and out of place with the rest of the experience.

I have looked into numerous other cases where Reptilians have been seen, often working alongside other species. The sight of these beings often causes great fear in the contactee, no doubt partially caused by their fearsome appearance. However while Neil felt threatened when the vision of this being leapt towards him, he also felt a deep sense of connection to it. This suggests that it was not the first time he had seen it, although he has no previous memories of meeting it.

Diamond Shaped UFO

It was an afternoon in March 2012. The weather was bright and sunny with some scattered cloud. Neil was out with Trisha in Wakefield. It was about 4.30 pm and they were driving along the High Street North West from the city centre, travelling towards a garage to collect Trisha’s car. There were lots of other people around going about their business.

Neil suddenly noticed a diamond-shaped object travelling very fast from the North East. It skipped across the sky for approximately a mile heading towards them. Then it came to an abrupt stop in front of the car, about 300 metres away and roughly 100 metres in the air. It appeared to be about 30 feet in diameter. The object then began to tumble over and over for around 10 seconds. Its upper half was metallic silver and its lower half matt black.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

Neil pulled the car over and insisted that both he and Trisha get out of the car and observe the UFO. Trisha was a little resilient to this at first but got out of the car and they both continued to watch the object. It continued to tumble then began to ascend into the sky in a spiralling upward lift until eventually it was lost from sight. In total the sighting lasted about 10 minutes. During the sighting Neil attempted to get other people’s attention but they completely ignored him. It felt strange, almost like they were switched off.

Witness drawing showing the sighting location and movement path of the UFO:

Once it had disappeared from sight Neil and Trisha got back in the car and continued their journey discussing what they had seen.

The object was clearly not a helicopter or other normal aircraft. However there is the possibility that it was some kind of large inflatable. The way in which it tumbled over and over and then slowly ascended in a spiralling motion is suggestive of a light weight floating object getting caught and carried by air currents rather than something under direct control. It is interesting that it appeared to suddenly come to a halt after moving swiftly towards their location, but this particular aspect is not enough to designate intelligence. Perhaps other people did witness the object but put it down to a balloon, so did not pay much attention to it.

Multiple Abductions?

By June 2012 Neil had moved in with Trisha at a house in Castleford. However this change of address did not signify the end of his experiences. Due to Neil being a light sleeper, and Trisha also having sleep-related issues, they usually sleep in separate rooms. One night in June, Neil awoke at an unknown time. It was still fully dark outside. He then felt a calming energy surround him and he was lifted up off the bed. As with most of his experiences, he did not try to fight what was happening, he felt surprised and intrigued. He began to float across the bedroom towards the closed window. When he reached it, he felt himself begin to pass through the window. At this moment he blacked out and had no further memories of what took place.

The following night the same thing happened again. Once more he saw himself lifted up out of the bed and floated across the room. Like before he then fell off to sleep. But later in the same night it occurred a second time. However on this occasion he sensed something in his groin area. When he let go of the bed he floated across the room and into the cupboard rather than the window. Once again he blacked out and his next recollection was of waking up in the morning.

The following day was bright and sunny, which led to a warm and still night.  Neil awoke at some point between 2-4 am lying on his back. This was unusual for a start as Neil never sleeps on his back, he always lies to one side. He felt that he was being held down by two beings, one holding each of his wrists. He felt the sensation of a screen or barrier of some kind across his waist, and also found that he could not move his lower half, only his upper body and head. There was a gentle pins and needles sensation in both of his legs. When he opened his eyes he found he could not see anything, it was completely black. However he did not try to struggle against what was happening. Despite the unusual situation he felt quite comfortable and relaxed.

Neil then felt his left testicle being lifted below the screen. He sensed that there was a third being down there who was performing an examination procedure of some kind. For some reason he knew that they were taking semen samples. Whether he knew this because of a prior event or knowledge that was somehow transferred to him is unclear.

His attention was mostly drawn towards the two beings holding his wrists. About ten seconds went by and then he felt the being on his left release its grip on his arm. At this point he rolled his upper body to the right. His legs were still paralysed. He reached out with his left arm and took hold of the being on his right, pulling it close to his face. The being did not appear to react to this and allowed itself to be dragged closer. It remained completely silent. It felt slender and appeared to be unclothed with smooth skin. Neil was puzzled as to why he was not allowed to see it, and felt that the beings were deliberately obscuring his vision of what was taking place. He could sense energy surrounding the being and feel its presence close to his skin. Neil says that the reason that he pulled the being close to him was  to attempt to stop it from being frightened of him, to show them he did not mean to do them harm.

Neil was happy to go along with what was taking place. As with many of his other experiences he felt completely relaxed with the situation. He let go of the being and rolled back over, offering his left arm to the being which had let him go. It grabbed hold again and at this point he felt himself dropping back off to sleep.

These incidents suggest that Neil may have been abducted on numerous nights in a row and had the memories largely blocked out. The experience with the beings is particularly intriguing. Neil felt that he was still in the bedroom while this was taking place. However the ETs do not tend to perform examinations on contactees directly in their room, they would usually take them aboard a craft for such procedures. As Neil had no vision at the time, it is possible that he was no longer in his bedroom when thus took place. Perhaps due to the fact he was lying down he assumed he was still in his bed, but was actually elsewhere. At present we cannot say for sure either way. Looking back at the incident Neil believes that the beings were Greys, although he did not see them directly so this is not a certainty. It is possible these experiences were vivid dreams/flashbacks brought on by previous incidents, rather than actually taking place at the time, although the experience with the beings does sound quite physical.


A couple of months later in August 2012 Neil believes that an entity of some kind attempted to communicate with him. He awoke in the night to the sense of a presence in the bedroom to his left. He did not open his eyes. He then felt energy surrounding him and something drawing energy from the centre of his head. When I asked Neil to describe how this felt he informed me “It’s like a magnetic pull. It draws out your mind, and you can feel your mind leaving the centre of your brain into a new frequency, like you are being transferred into their dimension.”

Neil knew that something was trying to communicate with him, so he relaxed and did not fight back against what was happening. He began to hear faint sounds like a female voice screaming. He let the energy go deeper into his mind and then heard a female voice say “Go on, go on.” The voice sounded like than of an elderly lady. At this point there was then silence followed by a deep guttural growling sound.

Neil took this as an attempt to frighten him. He broke free from the energy surrounding him and it seemed to dissipate. He said out loud “Pathetic, you will never frighten me!” He then rolled over and naturally dropped back off to sleep.

It is unknown whether this incident was linked with his contact experiences or not. While some of the elements suggest that it was, such as the sense of a presence in the room and of energy around him, it seems very unusual that the ETs would try to frighten him in this manner. The incident seems at odds with his other experiences where he has felt very comfortable and relaxed with what has taken place, even when it has involved direct interaction with the beings. Surely if they wanted to communicate they would do so directly rather than use cryptic words and growling noises?

It is possible that this, and maybe some of Neils other experiences, have been caused by hypnogogia. This is an unusual state of mind which can sometimes occur, usually when dropping off or waking from sleep. During a hypnogogic experience the individual can experience a wide number of effects, which can include hearing strange sounds or voices. Or another possibility is that there was another paranormal explanation for this incident, and an entity of a different type was interacting with Neil. Could it have been the same entity which he had heard making barking/snarling noises on previous occasions?

Missing From The Room

On 25th November 2012 both Neil and Trisha retired to bed at about 11.30pm. They were feeling restless so decided to sleep in separate rooms to not disturb each other’s sleep. At some point during the night Neil awoke with the familiar sense of a presence in the room. He also had the sensation of pins and needles throughout his whole body, but unlike the experience where his legs had been paralysed he found he could still move freely. He rolled over onto his back to have a look around the room.

He looked at the window, which had the curtains drawn. Suddenly there was a bright flash of white light followed by several other points of light going on and off outside the house. He then became weightless and lifted off the bed, and began to float towards the window.

At this point when trying to recollect what happened next Neil’s memories are very fractured. He cannot remember anything visually but does recall the feeling of having an unclothed humanoid female on top of him who he proceeded to have intercourse with.

He awoke at 7.45am and called Trisha into the room. When he spoke with her she asked him where he had been during the night. He asked her what she meant and she said that she had come into the bedroom at 4am but Neil was not in bed. She had then checked for him elsewhere in the house and he did not appear to be anywhere.

This is a very interesting incident which contains some aspects that Neil had experienced on prior occasions, and other aspects which were completely new to him. The fact that he saw lights outside the window and was then lifted off the bed and floated across the room suggests that an abduction took place. Although Neil had no visual confirmation of what happened, he is convinced that this experience had a sexual element to it. Other male contactees have described very similar encounters during their experiences. During an experience of this type, the contactee will often meet with a female human (or human looking) being who will then proceed to have sex with them. Usually they will feel a deep connection with this being even if it is the first time they have met them. They will feel drawn to perform the act, which can lead to feelings of guilt or the sense that they have been controlled against their will. It is theorised that these experiences are in some way linked with the hybrid program.

The fact that Trisha entered the room at 4am and confirmed that Neil was not present there or elsewhere in the property is interesting evidence supporting the idea that Neil had been physically taken. There is the possibility that he was sleepwalking and had left the house, however Neil says that he is not prone to sleepwalking, and it would seem an odd coincidence that this would take place the same night as his experience.


As you can see, Neil has had many fascinating experiences over the years. Many of these experiences are closely linked with contact, and whatever your thoughts on the subject, it is clear that Neil is a contactee. His experiences have featured both the Reptilians and Greys, two of the more widely reported species, as well as other beings which I have not heard described before (Which may or may not have been down to screen memories)

His UFO encounters, many of which have been also witnessed by others, are very intriguing. However none of them feature direct interaction so it is unclear whether or not they are related to his contact experiences. It is possible he has just been in the right place at the right time, and while some are highly unusual none of them are definitely confirmed as advanced craft under intelligent control.

What is unusual about this case is that although Neil is a repeat contactee he has no memories of any childhood experiences with these beings. The majority of repeat contact cases tend to go right back to an early age and will often extend into numerous generations of a family blood line. However as mentioned earlier, Neil’s experiences seemed to begin after he began to explore his spirituality to a deeper level. Perhaps through doing this he somehow opened up a communicative path with these beings, although there are of course many people who think deeply on this subject who do not experience contact.

Neil has had experiences from the mid 90s up until late 2012, so I find it very unlikely that his experiences would cease now. He welcomes further contact with the ETs and seeks answers to what has happened to him. If Neil has any further experiences going forward and he keeps in touch with BUFOG then this report may be updated.

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