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Virginia Contact Case - Greys, Humanoid, Abduction, UFO Sightings, Psychic, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 29/08/2020

Last Updated: 31/08/2020

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Nathan first got in touch with me in May 2020 via our Facebook community page. He wanted to inform me about a number of unusual experiences which have taken place throughout his life. He now lives in Virginia, USA but earlier in his life lived in Nottingham, England.

In speaking with him in depth via Skype he first discussed with me his career as an aircraft maintenance analyst for the military at numerous Air Force bases. We then went over his experiences, which have included contact-related incidents as well as fascinating UFO sightings. It also turned out that Nathan was a witness to the Phoenix Lights back in March 1997, one of the most famous and impressive UFO cases ever reported!

Due to the magnitude of this revelation and its importance I have separated it out into a second report, the link for which can be found towards the end of this one. Nathan’s other experiences will be discussed below.

White Orbs

In his childhood Nathan lived with his parents in a large house at one end of Allington Avenue, Nottingham. At the time his brothers and sister all lived in Jamaica.

Aerial map of Allington Avenue with the house Nathan used to live in marked

He recalls a number of occasions from about the age of 4 where a glowing white orb approached the house. Initially he would hear a very loud humming noise which would send vibrations through his body. The frequency of the sound would change rather than remain constant. It was very loud but his parents never talked about hearing it themselves.

He’d then see a white light approach from an Easterly direction. His bedroom was at the front of the house, which gave him a view along Park Road. The light would always come from this direction and flood the room in brightness. Usually his curtains were partially closed but he’d see a glowing white orb through the gap, and the curtains weren’t thick enough to block out the light coming from it.

Photograph of Nathan's childhood home with his bedroom window circled

On the ceiling alongside the bed he had a corded light which doubled as a heater. You would have to pull the cord once to switch on the heater, which had a yellow glow to it. If you pulled it a second time the light would switch on. Whenever the orb appeared outside the light would go out and change back to its heater setting. Then this too would dim and switch off. It appeared that the orb was interfering with the electrics of it in some way.

For some reason he knew that if this orb touched you it would control you, so he feared it. He would try to hide from it at the side of the window so it couldn’t see him. He would then run along the landing into his parent’s room and try to wake them up. When he did this the orb would follow and then be outside their bedroom window instead.

Map of the upper floor of the house showing the white orb appearing outside the windows

Nathan remembers on numerous occasions trying to wake them up by shaking them vigorously and talking to them but they would never wake, it was like they’d been switched off. However he says his dad was a heavy drinker so many on these occasions he was just sleeping really deeply, this cannot be fully put out of the question. When they didn’t wake he would hide alongside them under their blanket. This would be the last thing he would recall, when he next became aware he would always be waking up in his own room. It is of course possible that his parent’s would wake up before him, find him there and take him back to his bedroom without disturbing his sleep.

Years later he asked his father about these experiences. He asked him "When I was a kid did you take me back to my room a lot?" His father replied that he recalled this happening on a couple of occasions. He also confirmed that on other occasions they had found him outside the house. The first time it happened his mother brought him back inside. When it happened a second time they locked him in his room at night as they thought he must be sleep walking.

On one occasion when he was either 4 or 5 Nathan recalls being outside and running away from the white orb of light. He is unsure of whether this took place before or after his parents started locking the door to his room. He recalls running in a zig-zag motion along Allington Avenue to try and get away from the orb.

Map of the ground floor of the house showing the white orb approaching outside

Photograph looking up Allington Avenue

A few doors up the road from his house there is an alley-way which leads through to the back yards of the houses. Nathan remembers crouching down behind the front garden wall of the house adjacent to this alley to try and hide from the orb.

Photograph of the alleyway with the location where Nathan hid from the glowing orb marked

However at this point in his recollection his memory suddenly changes. He recalls being in another darkened location. The buzzing sound coming from the orb had now ceased. He was lying down on a raised table of some kind and was paralysed. Nothing appeared to be holding him down but he could not move. He is unsure whether he was unclothed or in his night clothes. There was a glowing white light positioned at a diagonal to him, providing the only light source in this place. Standing around him were a number of Greys, of course at this point in his life he did not recognise them as such.

The Greys appeared to not be wearing any clothing apart from dark face masks which covered their mouths and chins. Their skin was very pale coloured, almost white, but with a blue-ish tone. They had large craniums, the one towards his feet particularly. Most of the beings had completely black eyes, however the one with the larger head had eyes with visible irises. These were still very large in size compared to human. Their noses were diminished and barely noticeable.

The beings were staring at him, almost like doctors who had found something interesting. They began by staring at his face but then started to look down his body. It felt to him that he was in some kind of trouble and that he’d angered them in some way. It was as if he was being made to get into the position they wanted him to be in. When they checked his back, he felt himself being raised up. When they checked the back of his legs he felt those being lifted by an unseen force.

Witness drawing from his perspective looking up at the Greys and bright light

The amount of pressure holding him down seemed to fluctuate. At some moments he felt like he was almost entirely paralyzed, at other moments he felt he had more movement. At one point when it decreased in strength he actually got up off the table and started running around the room he was in. He does not recall seeing any furnishings or apparatus and it was very dark except for over by the table with the light over it. When he did this the beings did not give chase, instead he felt them telepathically command him to return to them. This was not like actual spoken words, it was more a feeling in his mind that he had to get back on the table. He remembers a glowing white light moving towards him and then being back on the table lying down again.

Nathan has no idea of how long this experience went on for. His memories of it are fragmented. The next clear memory he has is of waking up in the morning in his own bed. After that experience he began to leave the heater off in his room, almost like it was in some way related to what had happened.

On another occasion when he was either late 5 or early 6 years old Nathan recalls the orb coming for him while his parents were out at a party till the early hours of the morning. He consciously remembers getting out of bed and running out of his room onto the landing, with the white orb following after him (Nathan has drawn the white orb at the top of the stairs in the upstairs map which relates to this incident).

His next memory is of being at the base of the stairs frightened and his mother then putting him back to bed. When he queried her about this incident years later she informed him that they’d come home at around 1am to find him at the base of the stairs screaming that the light was coming to get him. He had then passed out in front of them. Once his mother had brought him round she checked him over (she was a registered nurse) before taking him back upstairs.

In total between the age of 4 and 6 Nathan remembers seeing the white orb about 7 times. After this the experiences seemed to stop.

UFO Interception

By the time he was 8 Nathan lived with his grandmother on Rolleston Drive, one road across from his previous address. He can’t remember exactly when the incident took place but he thinks it was around the spring of 1976, which would have made him 8 or 9 years old. Back then he had a friend named Karl from the local neighbourhood who he would regularly meet and play with.

Aerial map of Rolleston Drive

It was around 1-2pm on a pleasant by cold day. He and Karl were standing at the crossroads between Rolleston Drive and Galway Road and playing catch ball. Karl threw the ball really high and so he looked upwards to see if he could catch it. The first thing he noticed were some trainers which had been thrown over one of the telephone lines. But then beyond these in the distance through the gaps in the trees he saw a strange object in the sky.

Photograph of the sighting location from where Nathan was standing

The object was a curved triangular shape on one side but squared off on the other, similar to an iron. It had two distinct sections to it. The upper part of the object was a dark silvery-grey colour, not particularly shiny. However the bottom of it was glowing bright yellow-orange. It appeared to be about 10000 feet up and at least 5 miles away from their location. If it was this far, Nathan estimates it was about 60 feet across.