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Ulverston Contact Case – Visitations, Body Markings, UFOs Sighting, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 24/09/2021

Note: For anonymity reasons pseudonyms have been used

Luke is a man from got in touch with me via E-Mail to discuss a number of experiences which had occurred since childhood. He wanted to see if anyone had experienced similar things, and also really how to deal with everything. This report details the various incidents he has experienced.

The Small Beings

In his childhood Luke lived on Copenhagen Street, Islington, London. Between 1967-68 when he was 4-5 years old he recalls a number of experiences where small beings would appear in his bedroom during the night.

Aerial map of Copenhagen Street

It wouldn’t be every night, but did happen on quite a number of occasions, sometimes multiple nights in succession. The time of the incidents would vary. Sometimes it would be soon after he’d been put to bed as he could see the landing light on around the edges of the bedroom door. Other times it would be in the middle of the night after everyone had gone to bed as the landing light would be off.

Every time it occurred the same thing would happen. Five short figures, no taller than a couple of feet in height, would emerge from his bedroom ceiling and float down into the room a short distance until they were about 5 feet off the floor.

Witness drawing of the small beings entering the room

The beings had pale faces and were dressed in black coloured coveralls reminiscent of boiler suits. Their faces were wrinkled, and they had small very dark eyes which looked sinister to him. They reminded him of McDougalls Flour mascot but without the hat.

The McDougalls Flour man

The beings appeared to be emitting their own light, enough for him to see them in the darkened room. They would remain hovering up near the ceiling of the room. Sometimes they would simply stare at him, other times they looked like they were communicating with one another but nothing could be heard.

Witness mock up of one of the small beings

Whenever the beings appeared Luke did not try to run out of the room or call for his parents. Thinking back to these experiences he doesn’t really know why, as he was quite frightened of them. He is not sure if he was paralyzed when they appeared. After seeing the beings floating he would then black out and remember nothing more until waking up in the morning.

Luke told his parents about what was happening but they would not believe him, putting it down to his imagination.

The short beings which he witnessed coming through his bedroom ceiling were likely to be visitations by numerous Greys, and may well have led on to abductions which he cannot currently recollect. I have investigated many cases where they have been seen to pass directly through walls or ceilings into the room like this. In many incidents they appear to stand on the floor but there are other cases where they instead float.


Luke says that when he was very young he would wake up extremely tired on many occasions, to the point that he would sometimes be in a state of daydreaming for a couple of hours and would walk into things if he was taken out anywhere.

While this could of course have had a natural explanation, it is worth noting that feelings of fatigue are regularly reported after effects of abduction experiences. These may indicate that Luke was being taken but then had the memories blocked from his mind.

Craft Encounter & Missing Time

In his childhood Luke used to play at a playground on a nearby housing estate on York Way Court. The housing estate still exists today but the layout of it has changed.

One clear and warm early evening in late June or July he was playing on the swings at the playground. There were some other girls there too at the time. It was about 7-7.30pm when he noticed a stationary object in the sky roughly 2-3 miles away to the South East. He thought it was strange as it was clearly not moving. Luke looked at it for a number of minutes but could not decipher what it was. The girls noticed him staring at the object and also started looking at it.

Aerial 3D map showing the position of the swings and the initial position of the UFO

After a while it started to move closer. It ended up hovering about 50-60 metres above some old warehouses on the other side of the nearby canal to the South East of his location. Even though the object was now closer Luke cannot clearly remember what it looked like. He thinks it was silver or silver-grey in colour, but he can’t visualise what shape it was. This lack of clarity is puzzling to him.

Out of nowhere two small silver-grey coloured objects appeared to the West of the larger one. They began darting around in the sky at incredible speed. It felt like the larger object was watching him and the other witnesses, and the smaller objects were performing a display for them.

Photograph of how the canal looks today. The building on the left used to be shorter
Aerial 3D map showing the position of the swings and the UFOs including movement patterns

After a number of minutes the smaller objects seemed to suddenly both disappear. At this point Luke experienced what he believes was a period of missing time. The next thing he became aware of was standing at the outside of the playground’s western gate, about 45 metres from the swings where he had been previously. The girls were also standing close by. The larger UFO was now slightly nearer the playground hovering over the canal.

Aerial 3D map showing the position of the swings and position of the western gate

Aerial 3D map showing the position the witnesses were standing and the final position of the larger UFO

Luke and the girls were frightened of the closeness of the larger object. They screamed and ran into a porch of a small block of flats alongside the playground. From this point they lost sight of the object. After a while they ventured back outside and found it had gone. After this it was almost like it had never been there, and they walked back to their respective houses. Luke arrived at 9pm which was the normal time he should have been home, so if missing time did occur it was not for an extensive period.

Because of his lack of recollection of what the main object looked like, Luke decided to keep what had taken place to himself, as he thought nobody would believe him.

The dramatic events which took place at York Way Court clearly seemed to involve multiple craft. The appearance of the objects, darting manoeuvres of the smaller UFOs, and element of missing time experienced by multiple witnesses with this incident all point away from the idea that these were normal aircraft or helicopters. 360 Radar also confirms that the area does not lie within an air corridor:

The incident took place decades before drones were commercially available. Balloons or other inflatables seem highly unlikely. Although balloons could potentially be buffeted around in air currents giving the impression of controlled fast paced manoeuvres, the main object seemed too large for this explanation, and was at close enough proximity to identify as a blimp. Once again this would not account for the missing time experienced, or re-location of the witnesses.

It is unknown whether they were there for Luke and linked with his previous experiences or not, but there is certainly this possibility. It is very interesting that he cannot clearly recollect what the larger craft looked like, this may well have been some kind of memory block. It is also odd that this only seemed to apply to the larger craft, he was able to recollect the smaller craft clearly.

The missing time and change of position of both the witnesses and the larger craft certainly indicates that they may well have all been abducted by it for a short period of time, and then dropped back off.

Extended Sleep

Some point soon after the UFO encounter, another strange incident occurred. One afternoon Luke was in the house by himself, his parents and sister had popped out somewhere. As far as he can remember he fell asleep on the couch, but when he woke up he found himself in bed 5 hours later.

Luke wondered if his family had found him asleep and carried him upstairs to his bed. They informed him that they had seen him asleep when they came home but had not moved him. His sister wondered if he had heat stroke, but he had only been outside for 10 minutes that day.

This is an odd experience, but it is of course possible it had a natural explanation. Maybe Luke was feeling extremely tired, and had sleep walked back to his room at some point, or partially woken up but remained in a dazed state.


Luke says that in his childhood he would constantly have bruises just above his knees. They almost looked like small fingertips could have made them but they were nowhere else on his body. They would not be sore to the touch, and could last for 5-6 days before returning again after a number of weeks.

While bruising can occur during contact experiences, as Luke had no recollected experiences around the same time as finding the bruises, and the fact that they did not look artificial in nature, there is the possibility that these were caused by accidentally bumping into things on numerous occasions without really noticing, after all he was a child at the time. There is also the possibility that he would sleep walk and bump into objects during the night, although Luke does not believe that he was prone to this.

A Presence

By 1996 at the age of 33 Luke had a family of his own. He lived in a modern rented house in North Shoebury, Essex with his son. He noticed on numerous occasions that objects were being moved, although he never saw this happen directly.

When he took a bath he had a feeling of being watched by something invisible. He would have potentially put this down to his imagination but when his niece came to stay she experienced exactly the same thing and informed Luke. He had not previously told her about what he had experienced so this cemented the idea that there was something to it.

Finally Luke decided to reach out to a medium. He visited the property and agreed that there was an entity in the bathroom. He claimed to remove this entity, and afterwards Luke says that the house became instantly lighter.

Further Activity

In 2009 Luke moved into a property in Ulverston. On the very first night of moving in he sensed a presence of something in the house. Initially he wasn’t too bothered by this, but after three months his partner moved in and then things started to escalate. They claimed to have seen a shadowy figure move past them in the kitchen, which really frightened them. At night when Luke got up to use the toilet he could sense the presence of something at the base of the staircase.

In the summer of 2010 they again moved house but the activity seemed to go with them. They could feel it on the stairs at night, and even their pet cat would keep away from the stairs after dark, even though it had no issue with them during the day.

When they moved in December 2011 to another property the activity seemed to stop and everything has been fine since.

Leg Markings

In April 2015 Luke discovered an unusual sore rash-like marking on the inside of his lower leg just below the knee. It took a number of days to slowly fade and vanish.

In July the marking appeared again, this time higher up on his thigh. This time Luke managed to take a photograph of it.

Rash-like marking on thigh

The marking again took a number of days to fade away. He had never experienced them before this point, so had no idea why they were occurring now. While there is the possibility that these were linked with further contact experiences, Luke has no recollection of anything unusual taking place prior to them appearing. Therefore it is just as probable that they had a natural explanation.


Luke has had some fascinating experiences which clearly include some contact related incidents. He certainly seems to have experienced visitations in his childhood, which may or may not have resulted in abductions. The incident at the playground clearly involved craft, and is very likely to have involved a multiple abduction.

In his adult years he has had a number of paranormal experiences. Events of this nature are regularly reported by contactees, so often that there certainly seems to be a link. If Luke keeps in touch this report will be kept updated with any further experiences he may have.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2021



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