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UK Contactee Case - Beings, UFO Photographs & Video, Orbs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 17/09/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used, and specific locations and dates ommited


Steve has experienced a number of strange events throughout his life, right back to his childhood. These events have puzzled him for many years, and nobody has been able to give him a valid explanation for them. He has looked into a number of different things which could be the cause of them, and has recently read into the abduction phenomena. As he looked into this subject, he felt very uneasy and a number of memories from his earlier years came back to him. Many of the things which he has experienced appear to match those reported by other contactees.

Steve is a very cautious man, and does not accept anythig at face value. He has looked into the UFO subject and believes that some UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, and that they have been here for thousands. However he is not yet convinced that he is personally experiencing contact or has done so in the past. But it is very interesting to see the correlations between his experiences and those commonly reported with contact.

Panic Attacks

When Steve was young he began to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. These would occur out of the blue, and there was no clear reason for them. Steve was taken to see both doctors and psychiatrists but they could find the source of the attacks. However they did find that he was psychologically fine and not in any way metally impaired. In the end he was sent to a childrens home for kids with emotional issues.

Years later when he left this home, he was mostly ok, but would still occassionally find himself in situations where he would suffer from intense panic for no apparent reason. Steve put this down to some kind of disorder and tried to get on with his life as best he could.


Occassionally Steve would be aware of “seeing” things before they took place. From time to time he would think of something involving someone and soon afterwards they would bring it up in conversation. Steve noted that this seemed to happen more during periods of high stress. He is not completely convincved that it was anything more than just coincedence, but it did seem unusual to him.

In 1985 Steve was doing some decorating around his girlfriend's mother's house. He was alone in the house and was painting the first floor landing. All of a sudden he had a vision of a calendar showing the month of February. Then he saw a pole, then flames with carnage all around - bodies of people, parts of seats, sponge and fire falling from the air. This vision only lasted a brief moment, and he carried on decorating thinking it had just been a day dream.

That evening he was round his father's house and the news was on TV. A report came on about an air crash, flight Iberia 727 at Monte Oiz in Spain. The aircraft was on approach to Bilbao Airport, and accidentally struck the pole of a TV antenna on top of a mountain, crashing and killing all on board! It appears that Steve had a premonition about this disaster and knew it was due to take place. You can read further details about this air crash at the following address:

Ghostly Apparition

At some point after his premonition of the aircraft crash, Steve went for a meeting with a lecturer of parapsychology and his partner in Leicester. While he was there with them, the lady kept on looking behind the sofa Steve was sitting on, as if she could sense or see something there. Steve turned round to look and saw an old gentleman standing behind the sofa. The man spoke directly to Steve and told him that he was the lady's father. Steve told the lady of the old man's presence, and she appeared really pleased. Her father had passed away a number of years previously.

This sighting of what appeared to be a ghost is yet more evidence that Steve has heightened senses, which could well have been gained through contact experiences.

The Anxiety Returns

Many years later, when Steve was grown up, the panic attacks and anxiety began to manifest again. He once more went to see doctors and psychologists about his condition. He also attended therapy sessions. He tried taking pills and medicines but these just made him feel worse. Two doctors diagnosed chronic anxiety and depression, whereas a specialist diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder. They claimed that the attacks were down to something which had happened in his childhood, but neither they nor he could link it to a specific known event or events.

A Visitation

Soon after the panic attacks returned, Steve began to remember things from his childhood. He remembered both unusual events which had taken place, and also strange “dreams” he had experienced when younger. Some of these experiences seemed very real to him, and he wondered if they had really taken place or not.

Steve has recurring memories of a “dream” he had shortly before his anxiety began as a child. In this dream, he awoke in the night to see a number of beings around his bed. There was also a floating silver sphere, about 8-9 inches in diameter. He could not see the figures clearly they were just shadows standing close to the bed. Steve has no idea wether anything else took place. He remembers running to his parent’s room, but says that after that night things were never really the same again.

Since reading into the types of ET beings seen in contact cases, Steve feels that the being to the left of the bed was a very tall female Nordic-type being with long blonde hair. The silver sphere was floating behind her right shoulder. To the right of the bed he feels that there were two smaller grey coloured beings. He is not sure if this is just his imagination, but he feels that through reading about these beings he may have unlocked further memories about the incident. For some reason when he thinks back to this experience, he feels that the female and grey beings are friendly, but he is absolutely terrified of the silver sphere.

He also feels that he may have changed rooms with his dad some point after the incident because he was frightened to go to sleep, but he does not know this for definate as it happened so long ago.