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Surrey Contact Case - UFO Sightings, Time Distortion, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien Originally forwarded by Richard Hall Last Updated: 26/11/2010


Sherrie Robinson has spent the majority of her life at various properties around the area of Surrey. Over the years she has had a number of very interesting experiences, including numerous UFO sightings and various paranormal encounters. She has enthusiastically shared details of these experiences with me, and it is my pleasure to now be able to share them with you.

Near Death Experience

Sherrie had a near death experience in 1971/72 when she was 12/13 years old near the start of secondary school. She went swimming at 'The Kingston Coronation Baths' swimming pool. The pool no longer exists but used to be on Denmark Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey. Her and her friend Natasha were asked by another 8 year old girl if they could accompany her across the pool as she was learning to swim. They agreed and began to swim across the pool, either side of the girl. Half way across the little girl began to panic and grabbed hold of Sherrie, wrapping her legs around her neck. Sherrie was submerged underwater because of the weight of the girl dragging her down. She thrashed around trying to get the girl to let go but she held on even tighter. The life guard did not appear to have noticed what was going on.

Sherrie started sinking deeper underwater and literally saw her life flash before her eyes. It looked to her like an old reel of camera film, which was showing her pictures of memories getting younger and younger as each one flicked by. Then her panic subsided and she remembers thinking to herself “Oh dear, I am going to die, never mind.” A moment later someone grabbed her hand and dragged her back up out of the water to the pool side.

This incident may not be relevant at all to Sherrie’s later experiences, but I mention it because people who have had NDE’s have often reported paranormal activity later in their life, there may be some form of connection. Some believe that having an experience like this can lead to them being more aware of the spirit realm or other dimensions.

UFO Over The House

When she was about 28 years old, Sherrie lived at on Woodlands Avenue, West Byfleet, Surrey (Out of interest this was close to Horsell Common which was the initial landing place for the Martians in the renowned ET invasion story War Of The Worlds). One night around 3am she awoke to a low humming sound that was coming from above the roof of the house. It sounded like something slowly rotating. She felt un-nerved by the sound and immediately had the gut feeling that it was something out of the ordinary. She tried to wake up her boyfriend but for some reason she could not get him to stir. Even when she dug her nails into him he would not wake, which was highly unusual as he was a light sleeper at the best of times.

Aerial map of Woodlands Avenue:


Sherrie got up out of bed. As she did she realised her hair was wet with sweat, something did not feel right and she was quite scared. She felt almost too frightened to walk. She crept low to the curtains of the room and then was tried to pluck up the courage to peek outside. She felt like her every move was being observed.

In the end she pulled back the corner of the curtain and looked outside. Down in the garden was what looked like a miniature whirlwind going round and round in an anti-clockwise direction. Yet next doors garden was completely still. She tried to look up to the roof but her view was blocked by the guttering. Then suddenly without warning, the object above the house took off at a fantastic speed. It was glowing very brightly and leaving a trail of multicoloured light behind it. It was so bright and fast that the actual shape of the object could not be made out. It flew away from the area just skimming the tops of the nearby trees and was gone in a matter of seconds!

Witness drawing showing what took place:


Even after the object had vanished from sight the strange droning noise continued to hang in the air. She ran back to bed and hid her head under the covers to drown out the sound. She remained awake for quite a while afterwards, amazed at what she had just witnessed. In the morning she told her boyfriend about what had happened. She wondered if anyone else had also seen the object or heard the noise, but did not ask any of the neighbours.

About two years later, Sherrie remembers seeing an article in the Surrey Herald which spoke of a UFO which had been seen over the area. Sherrie figured that other people must have also seen it but kept quiet about it at the time, and were now finally talking about it. Sadly she did not keep this article and I have so far been unable to locate it anywhere.

This is a fascinating incident and numerous aspects point towards it being a genuine experience with an ET craft. The low droning/humming noise has often been reported with sightings all over the world. The fact that Sherrie could not wake up her boyfriend no matter what she tried has been reported by contactees on many occasions, and does suggest that the craft was interacting with the surrounding area or perhaps there to abduct Sherrie. It appears that the ETs have a way of shutting down other individuals in the proximity of the abductee, perhaps by using some kind of time distortion. This makes sense, and is probably done so that they cannot witness the abduction or intervene with it in any way. Sherrie is not showing any signs of actually being taken during this incident. But the ETs usually remove memories of the experience. It is a possibility that she was unknowingly abducted, and awoke as soon as she was returned. As an example, a very similar experience was reported by a contactee from Erdington in Birmingham, whose report you can read elsewhere on this website.

The swirling whirlwind which was observed out in the garden was almost certainly being caused by the UFO which was hovering over the top of the house, and could possibly have been due to the means of propulsion of the craft or the energy field it was surrounded in. Again this exact phenomena has been described to me on numerous occasions by other witnesses. You may be thinking right now that this effect could have been caused by helicopter rotor blades. But if it was a low flying helicopter then the sound would have been immediately recognisable as this. Also the object moved away from the property much too fast for it to have been a helicopter, it was literally gone in seconds.

I am very impressed with this incident, and feel that it could suggest that Sherrie is more than just a UFO witness.

The Haunted Bedsit

In 1993 when she was 34, Sherrie moved into a council-owned bedsit named on Corkran Road, Subiton, Surrey. The property was a huge old mansion which had been split into 8 bedsits. It had a wooded area of land out back and a large gravel driveway. As soon as Sherrie saw it, it reminded her of a haunted house. The bedsit she was offered was on the 1st floor. It had a kitchenette living room with a high ceiling and leaded windows. She had to share the bathroom with 3 other people. There was a small adjacent room which was initially locked but which the council said she could have as well. A few weeks after she moved in she finally got the key for this room. There was a sink inside with only cold water as the council had cut off the hot water. Sherrie found out that the house had been a nursing home for the blind, and that this room was the sick room. After getting the key, she decided it would be best to use this room for her bedroom. It was right next to the living room but there was no door between the two, she used to have to go out into the corridor to get between the two rooms.

Aerial map of Corkran Road showing loation of the bedsit:


After four years at the bedsit, Sherrie got tired of having to go out into the corridor to reach the bedroom so she decided to knock a hole through the wall to join the rooms. She feels that in doing this she may have upset spirits haunting the property, as soon afterwards weird events began to occur.

The first thing that happened is that on occasion when her friends were visiting her, they would suddenly get a strong waft of the smell of flowers right near to them. This would make them stand up in shock. Soon after these incidents, Sherrie began to hear a strange dragging noise in the living room at night which sounded like something hurt and dragging itself across the floor. Her boyfriend and friends also heard this sound. Sherrie used to believe that the last person to live there was an old man with a dog, and it was the ghost of the dog still haunting the room.

One night in 1998, she inexplicably awoke at 3am in the morning. She was lying front down in bed with her head facing towards the knocked through door which led to the living room. As she opened her eyes, she noticed something strange in the living room. She pulled herself up onto her elbows and strained her eyes to see in the dark. She saw what looked like the head and shoulders of a small boy suspended in mid-air. The boy had blond hair and was wearing a royal blue top. He appeared to be in conversation with someone on the sofa and looked very animated. Sherrie could see her cupboard through the boy. She sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. Looking again, the boy was still there, and had in fact become denser in colour but she could still only see from the shoulders up. She looked at the sofa and too her surprise saw that an apparition of an old man was forming. He was wearing a herring bone checked suit with waistcoat. He had a hooked nose and chin which reminded Sherrie of Punch from a Punch & Judy show. Sherrie did not like the look of this old man, but the boy chatting to him seemed totally at ease. The two apparitions seemed totally unaware of her presence.

Just like the boy, the old man then began to become denser and clearer. Then what looked like two burning red halos of light began to form next to the boy, one higher than the other. They slowly began to change into the apparitions of two other boys. Sherrie assumed they must be friends of the boy in blue. Sherrie was not frightened of what she was witnessing, and instead felt very lucky. She flipped on all the lights and immediately the apparitions were all gone. Sherrie was thrilled but also un-nerved, and she did leave the lights on for the rest of the night.

Witness drawing of the apparitions and bedsit layout:


The house sits on the top of a hill and is situated between two churches. Sherrie feels that the boy in blue was a choir boy who was walking from one church to the other with friends and had stopped on the hill for a rest, perhaps leaning on a wall which would explain why she only saw their heads and shoulders. She wonders if the old man had been sitting on a bench at the top of the hill which had been at the same place her sofa now was. She does not know any of this for definite, it is entirely possible that they were ghosts haunting the property itself rather than the area where it had been built.

Soon after this incident she was again awoken around 3am to the sound of a glass in the living room cupboard being knocked over. She peered through into the darkened living room and saw the apparition of a short monk with a scythe under his cloak. This apparition was in the air and moved across the top of the sofa. For an unknown reason, Sherrie actually laughed at the monk saying out loud to him “You silly idiot, you should hold the scythe on the outside of your cloak then you would have not knocked down the glass in my cupboard!” As she said this the apparition vanished in front of her eyes.

Witness drawing showing the ghost monk and how he moved:


On another occasion, Sherrie saw the ghost of a cat in the living room. Again she awoke for no reason at all in the night. She looked through the doorway and saw the shape of a black cat with its back turned to her, although it was not clear enough to see any features. The cat looked like it was cleaning its tail. Sherrie asked “What are you doing here?” The cat got up and walked a few paces then stopped and resumed cleaning itself. Sherrie reached up and put the light on and the cat disappeared.

Witness drawing showing the position of the ghost cat and where it moved to:


On numerous occasions she would awake to the sound of the pillow next to the one she was laying on being thumped. She wondered if she was imagining it so purposely laid on the pillow which the noises were coming from, and that night she heard the other pillow get thumped instead!

Eventually she awoke at 3am and once more heard the dragging noises. This time the noises were in her bedroom at the foot of the bed. It was very loud and clear. Suddenly she felt an electric shock pass through her body, and her heart felt like it was beating really hard. She then heard the dragging sound move away and head back into the living room. It was clear that something invisible had approached and directly interacted with her. This got too much for her and the following day she rang up local churches asking if she could get the bedsit exorcised.

She managed to get an elderly priest from Our Lady Immaculate church in Tolworth to come round. He performed an exorcism on the rooms of the bedsit, sprinkling holy water all over the walls and reading out Latin verses. Sherrie wished to leave the property as soon as possible and was actually looking around for another place to live, but after the priest came to visit there was no more paranormal activity there so she remained at the bedsit for many more years.

Photograph of Our Lady Immaculate church:


These are some fascinating and very spooky experiences, and from the way that Sherrie has openly described them to me I believe they took place. Contactees often report seeing paranormal activity in their proximity. However these incidents sound like they are linked to the actual property or the area where the property was built rather than Sherrie directly. And considering some of the incidents were also experienced by her boyfriend and friends, I feel that they are unlikely to be related to her UFO sightings.

White Orb Incident

On the evening of 10th April 2010 Sherrie went round to visit her parents who live on Oxford Crescent, New Malden, Surrey. At 9pm she went outside the front of their house for a cigarette. She leant against the white side gate of the house. It was a cool and dry night. There were some clouds in the sky, and the stars could be seen through the gaps in between. As she looked up into the sky she suddenly noticed a large white glowing light moving in from the North West off to her right. It appeared to be travelling faster than a plane and about the same altitude that they would fly at. The object was glowing extremely brightly and appeared to be about half the size of a Boeing 747 jet.

Aerial map of Oxford Crescent:


Sherrie was astounded by the object. She watched it fly on a straight course towards the South East. After about 4 seconds it went into a cloud and was lost from sight. The cloud was not particularly big so she expected it to reappear out of the other side but it did not. She became fixated on the cloud, wondering where the object had gone.

After about a minute a huge orange glowing orb shot out of the right hand side of the cloud. This orb was about the same size that the white one had been. It immediately halted, and Sherrie got the feeling that it was aware she was watching it. A few seconds later it began to move slowly a short distance underneath some other clouds. It then suddenly shot straight upwards at tremendous speed into the cloud and was lost from sight! Sherrie was amazed at what she had just witnessed. She went back inside the house and excitedly told her parents about it.

Witness drawing showing both the white orb and orange orb and the routes they took:


For the next couple of hours she watched TV. At about 12.20am she thought she would head outside for one last smoke before bed. She went and stood at the same place she had been earlier on. Sherrie figured that nothing else out of the ordinary would occur that night, but she thought wrong. Over by the garage door 10 feet away for her she suddenly noticed what looked like an thin curled glowing light hovering about 3 feet off the ground. It was the shape of an elongated sideways S, and was about 5 feet in length. The colour was the same as the orange sphere she had seen earlier that night. As she watched, it appeared to alter shape a little, and then two orange rectangular-shaped lights appeared in front of it. These were at most a foot in with and 5 inches in depth. They reminded Sherrie of two misshapen eyes. A moment later they began to float towards her, getting lower as they went until they were running along the ground. As they moved, they seemed to alter, sometimes appearing more round in shape. The s-shaped light vanished and then as the rectangular lights reached her feet they too faded away. Sherrie looked around but the street was quiet, and there was no source where these strange lights could have come from, it was truly bizarre.

Witness drawing showing the position of the unusual orange lights:


Sherrie wonders if the two incidents were related, and that the lights she saw was some sort of observation or contact from the orbs she had seen earlier in the evening.

Below are copies of the original notes that Sherrie took of the two experiences soon after they had occurred:



The various aspects that make up the above incidents are quite hard to explain using mundane terms. Each of the three sightings – the white orb, the orange orb and the unusual orange lights can be looked at individually but we must not forget that they all happened in succession to one another, and appear to be linked (especially the white and orange orbs). The white orb could not have been a meteorite as it was moving too slowly, meteorites cover the entire skyline in under a second. It also looked too large and bright to be this. It was much too fast to be a helicopter, and appeared to be silent. If it had been a plane coming in to land, it would have come out of the other side of the cloud but it did not, it simply entered the cloud and then appeared to either halt or vanish completely. It is unlikely to have been an earth light or ball lightning, as the weather was clear and these do not tend to appear over built up areas.

The orange orb is very interesting indeed. Orange orbs described in UFO reports often turn out to be nothing more than Chinese lanterns. However this orb definitely appeared to be under intelligent control. It moved rapidly out of the cloud before completely stopping and hovering stationary. After continuing a short distance it then suddenly ascended vertically out of sight. These manoeuvres seem too direct and too rapid to have been a lantern drifting in air currents. Also it would be quite a coincidence that the cloud the white orb disappeared into was the same as the one the orange orb emerged from a minute later. Perhaps the object had changed colour, Sherrie did mention that both appeared about the same size.

The strange lights that Sherrie saw in the garden later that night are very bizarre and I cannot think of any similar cases (although some may well exist). It is interesting that the lights were the same colour as the orange orb seen earlier in the evening, this could suggest they were in some way linked with it. Or could they have just been odd reflections cast off something without Sherrie’s knowledge? It did look like they were actually floating in mid-air rather than landing on a specific surface – this suggests that they were some form of glowing energy. We can only speculate as to their purpose or as to why the rectangular lights approached Sherrie’s feet. They did not appear to interact with her directly in any way.

A UFO Fleet?

On Friday 27th August 2010 Sherrie was round her friend Deidre’s house on Sheerwater Avenue, Woodham, Surrey. Deidre’s boyfriend Gavin was also present. They were out on the patio in the back garden facing to the South. It was a very clear and pleasant summer evening. They were talking and star-gazing, and enjoying a bottle of wine and a smoke. Gavin suddenly noticed a bright white light in the sky to the South moving in an Easterly direction. He pointed it out to Sherrie and Deidre. The light was intensely bright and was moving at quite a speed, easily over 200 mph. It was flying around the same altitude as a low flying aircraft.

Aerial map of Sheerwater Avenue:


Initially they thought it must be a meteorite, however it seemed too large and was also moving too slow. After several seconds they lost sight of it behind some trees further down the garden.

Over the next hour they witnessed 21 smaller white lights travelling across the sky from the South making their way overhead towards the North. They appeared to move like tadpoles would in a pond, sometimes wavering a bit. Sometimes they would appear to stop before continuing on their way. Occasionally they would flare up very brightly before dimming back down.

The large white orb seen on this occasion sounds very similar to the one that Sherrie had seen previously back in April 2010. Perhaps they were the same or a similar type of object. As they lost sight of the object they had no way of knowing whether it continued on a straight course or not. It certainly appeared to be in the atmosphere rather than orbiting the Earth. But there is the possibility that on this occasion the object was an aircraft with a bright landing light on, although it did not appear as such at the time.

Considering the number of smaller white lights seen over the course of the next hour, I believe that meteorites or space debris were probably to blame. Sherrie says she has seen several on other occasions too, but never in the same number as on this night. The wobbling effect seen could have been caused by the objects burning up in the atmosphere, and this could also account for the way in which they flared up brightly from time to time. Or perhaps the objects were being caught in the suns rays temporarily, this can be seen to occur with satellites as they follow their orbit or rotate.

Orange Orbs Sighting

Two days after seeing the white orb and smaller lights, Deidre, Gavin, and Deidre’s father Jim had another sighting which they informed Sherrie about afterwards. It was 9.30pm and once again everyone was out in the back garden on the patio. They suddenly noticed 3 orange fiery orbs approaching from the South South East, two of them at the front with a third following a short distance behind. As they came in over the house they then suddenly shot away to the North at great speed.

It is unlikely to be related, but later on around 2am a picture on the bathroom wall fell off, causing a loud noise which woke up Jim with a start and really frightened him. This picture was securely fastened to the wall, and it seemed a weird coincidence it had fallen off on the same night as the sighting had taken place.

I did suggest that these orange orbs may well have been Chinese lanterns, but Deidre believed otherwise due to the speed they had left the area. She was also interested in the subject and used to what lanterns looked like. There is still the possibility that they were lanterns which were suddenly caught in a strong air current, but this aspect is interesting and suggests they may have been something else entirely.

Silver Discs

Sherrie has also given brief details of a sighting of some silver disc-shaped UFOs that her mother once had. Her mum was doing some gardening down on her knees by the flowerbed. It was a clear sunny day. For no particular reason she felt compelled to look behind her up into the sky. When she did so she saw 7-8 silver coloured disc-shaped objects. They were moving across the sky. Four of them then apparently stopped and waited a moment for the others to catch up, after which they then all sped away at a stunning speed. Her mother for some reason now denies that this incident took place, but Sherrie remembers her talking about it on numerous occasions when she was younger.

Unfortunately as Sherrie’s mum denies that she had the sighting, I am unable to speak with her directly about it to obtain further details. It does sound like an impressive sighting of some genuine advanced craft, of possible ET origin. The fact that some of the discs appeared to halt until the others had caught them up before moving off together very fast suggests that they were under intelligent control. They were clearly not conventional aircraft or helicopters of any kind. The fact that they were seen in broad daylight means that there may well have been other witnesses to these objects. Fleets of disc-shaped craft have been seen numerous times before. A good example is the fleet which were seen at various places across the UK in the summer of 1974. You can read the report of this incident elsewhere on the website.


Sherrie has had many fascinating experiences, some of which appear to be ET related. I do not feel at present there is enough evidence to say she is definitely a contactee, however a couple of the incidents she has described do appear to have a degree of direct interaction to them, including the UFO seen hovering over the house in 1985, and the orange lights which approached her in April 2010. Sherrie is obviously very interested and passionate about the subject and feels grateful to have had these experiences. I am sure she will stay in touch and keep me informed of other events as they unfold.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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