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Surrey Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, Missing Time, UFO Sightings, MIB

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 06/04/2011


Robert Campbell lives in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. For most of his life he had not experienced anything out of the ordinary. However in 2005 that was all about to change when he began to witness numerous sightings of a silver coloured UFO. This culminated in an abduction experience which has since changed his life in various ways. This report will cover Robert’s experiences in detail, and includes numerous drawings he has sent to me.

Silver Craft Encounters

On the night of 5th May 2005, Robert was in his bedroom in his house on 141a St, Surrey. The time was between 11pm-2am. He was about to watch a couple of movies he had rented out for the night. Suddenly he heard some noise coming from across the street. He decided to go to the window to see what was going on.

Aerial map of 141a Street:


It was a clear warm night, with the stars visible in the sky above. There was no-one else around outside and he could not see whatever was responsible for the noise, it was coming from inside the neighbours house. He was looking to the East when he noticed something unusual out of the corner of his eye. There was a triangular shaped object in the sky in the distance, at least a couple of miles away from his position. It had a slight curve to the top. It was silver in colour with no visible markings or lights. It was reflecting the moonlight/street lights which is why it was visible in the night sky. It appeared to be moving slowly in his direction. Robert estimates it was between 500-1500 feet high.

Drawing based on witness description of the shape of the UFO (from directly beneath):


Almost immediately after noticing the object, it massively increased in speed and moved towards his position. It then came to an abrupt halt very close to the house, but still high up above him. It performed this manoeuvre in only a second or two. Robert estimates it moved at up to 1500 mph. When he realised the object had approached him on purpose he felt a little frightened, but was still very curious as to what was going to happen next. Now the object was closer he noticed that it seemed to distort the air around it, almost like waves/ripples around its surface. It appeared to be between 300-350 feet in length. Due to its appearance and the movement it had just made Robert felt certain that it was an extraterrestrial craft.

After about 3-4 seconds the object suddenly shot away at an even faster speed than it had approached, it was gone in the blink of an eye. Robert was amazed at what he had just seen. He wondered why the object had seemingly flown towards him, had it been directly observing him before leaving the area?

This would turn out to be the first of many sightings of this UFO. He saw it a total of 13 times over the following two months! He saw it mostly after dark on clear nights but also a couple of times during the daytime when it was overcast. The majority of the time it would appear to him when he was on his own, but on a couple of occasions he was with his friend. On both occasions his friend also saw the UFO and was shocked. I hope to speak with him directly soon to hear his views on what took place.

The UFO would always appear in the same way, starting at a distance then flying close to him before hovering and then vanishing between 1-4 seconds later. It appeared to be regularly checking up on him. Even though he kept seeing the craft time and time again he did not capture it on film as he did not own a camera at the time, and did not really think to purchase one and try to photograph it. Also the object would only ever be visible for a few seconds so there was not really enough time to do this when it did appear.

When he started to see the UFO numerous times Robert realised that it was directly interacting with him. However rather than being frightened of it, he was more interested. However at night time he began to get scared that they were going to come and take him away. He would stay up for hours in his room with his pet dogs, as he figured they would sense if something was wrong and warn him. He told his dad and two of his friends about the sightings and they seemed to believe him.

Missing Time

On the evening of 15th June, Robert found that he experienced a period of time that he could not account for. He was in his bedroom sitting on his bed. He was not at all tired. He checked his clock and saw that it was about 8.30pm. Then he glanced down at the floor for what seemed like only a couple of seconds. When he looked back at the clock it now said 11.30pm! This confused him greatly, and he then felt as though he had been somewhere else during that time. However he had no recollection of anything happening at all.

Missing time is very commonly reported by contactees, as the ETs have a way of wiping out the memories of contact experiences, and regularly do so. This is an odd experience, though usually if an abduction had taken place you would expect there to have been other warning signs or after effects as well as just the missing time. I can’t help but wonder if on this occasion Robert had mistook the clock in his room when he first read it, and it was in fact later than he initially thought. However there is still the possibility that something took place, especially considering what happened exactly a month later.

The Abduction

Late in the evening of 15th July Robert once more had a brief sighting of the triangular UFO. He went to bed about 11.30pm. His parents were in the house, and had also gone to bed. Robert then began to experience what felt like a very vivid dream. In this dream he was in his room lying down on the bed and watching TV. Suddenly the cable TV turned off and the screen went completely blue. Several seconds later the picture turned off completely, plunging the room into darkness. He got up out of bed and tried switching on the bedroom light but it wouldn’t work. It appeared that the electricity to the house was off. He decided to go and check out the fuse box. But when he tried to open the door to his room he suddenly felt very weak. He did not have the strength in his legs to walk and could not lift his hand to the door handle. Despite this odd situation he felt completely calm, and just got back into bed.

What seemed like five minutes went by. Robert had his eyes closed but did not feel like he had dropped off to sleep. Suddenly it felt like there was something else in the room. He opened his eyes but it was pitch black. He felt glad in a way that he couldn’t see whatever it was as deep down he didn’t really want to.

He then felt himself drop off to sleep suddenly like he had blacked out. The next thing he became aware of was that he was no longer in his bedroom. He was lying down on a cold flat metallic surface. The air felt a bit warmer than the cold surface he was on. He felt he was still wearing his boxer shorts that he had gone to bed in. He felt like he was paralyzed from the neck down but could still move his head around. Over him was an extremely bright light that dazzled him at first.

Even though he was mostly paralyzed he still felt quite calm about the situation. As his eyes became more accustomed to the light, he looked past him to his right and saw a flat white wall with a metallic silver door in it. Both seemed to be about 15 feet away from where he was lying. There were no other discernable markings or objects.

Suddenly the door silently slid to one side. Beyond the open doorway he saw what looked like a corridor, a bit darker than the room he was in but not completely dark. A figure wearing some kind of dark red robe then entered the room and began to walk towards him. Robert only remembers seeing half of this figure, for some reason he does not remember seeing its face, even though there was nothing blocking his view. Other contactees have reported similar things before, where they can remember seeing a figure but cannot recall the facial details.

Robert then felt the urge to look straight upward towards the light. When he did so he was shocked to see the faces of four Grey beings looking down at him. The beings were peering in from all directions so were clearly standing around his head, though he only saw their faces.

Witness drawing showing a basic layout of the room he was in, with the door coloured grey and the Greys around his head marked in red:


Drawing witness found online which reminds him of how the Greys were looking down upon him:


Robert thinks that the being on the right may have been the one that was wearing the robe but he cannot be sure as he only saw their faces. The shape of the Grey’s heads was like an upside down water droplet. They looked a bit larger than an adult human’s head. Their skin colour was light grey, and they had large almond-shaped eyes which were a very dark black colour all over. They had no discernable nose, just a couple of small nostrils and a thin slit for a mouth. Their necks were about half the width of a human neck. One of the Greys had very wrinkled skin which made it look old. The other three had smooth younger looking skin.

The Grey’s appeared to Robert to be a little surprised, almost as if they hadn’t expected him to wake up. This is all he currently remembers, his next recollection was waking up in the morning. He had a very bad headache which lasted for a number of hours. He remembered the above memories from during the night but put them down to a vivid dream. He felt a little different to normal, and felt slightly sick for the majority of the day. At breakfast he asked his parents if they saw the power go off during the night, but they had been asleep so if it did take place as Robert remembers they would have missed it.

In the days following he had numerous flashbacks of the incident where he recalled what had taken place in great detail for up to 20 minutes at a time. It was about a month later that he thought about what had taken place and realised it may have actually happened.

Many of the aspects of the incident that Robert has described fit with a “classic” abduction experience. The fact that he felt drowsy and weak prior to being taken, but was also calm and not worried about what was happening. The surroundings he then found himself in. The bright light directly over his head. The description of the Grey beings. The various feelings and flashbacks that occurred after the experience. All these things are commonly reported by contactees from all around the world. I wonder whether the power cut was due to a craft hovering close above the house, a craft which Robert was then taken up into. UFOs have often been seen to disrupt electrical objects in their proximity. The fact that Robert cannot actually remember being taken up into a craft is again a commonly reported anomaly, and is known as travel amnesia. It certainly seems that Robert has some missing memories about what took place. He may be able to retrieve these memories through regressive hypnosis but has so far not attempted to do so.

After Effects

Ever since the abduction experience, Robert has often felt like he is being watched from up in the sky. But whenever he looks there is nothing there. This feeling tends to come on at random and can occur anywhere at any time. Contactees often report feeling like they are under observation from an unseen presence. This could well be his subconscious being aware that he is still being watched by the ETs.

He has also found that he is now scared of the dark, a phobia commonly reported by contactees. He sometimes feels that he is being watched by something in his room until he puts on the light. Many contactees suffer from this fear as they are aware that the ETs have come for them during the night.

Under Surveillance

On a number of occasions since his abduction, Robert has noticed unmarked vans with passengers who appeared to be watching him. The last time he saw one was in September 2010. He has only seen these vehicles while out places never parked near his own home. They are sometimes white, and sometimes black in colour. On all occasions the van appears to have no registration plates, at least not on the front. The passengers appeared to be wearing black sunglasses.

A couple of times he has tried approaching the van, but when he does so it slowly drives away. On one occasion he did manage to get quite close to the van and was near the left side. The left doors window wound down and he heard a man’s voice telling him to stop, turn around and leave. The voice sounded very demanding and for some reason filled him with fear, so he immediately did as he was asked.

Robert has never tried to photograph any of the vans; he feels that if he tried they may do something to stop him. As the incidents occur at random it is hard to get the police involved. He did ask a police officer about what to do but they could not really answer his questions.

On one occasion he noticed the van just before getting on a bus. He then watched the van follow the bus for about 20 seconds. When he got off the bus several streets away from where he lives he again noticed the van at a distance. The men inside appeared to be watching him for about 15 seconds, then it slowly turned and drove away.

Robert wonders if these incidents are related to his UFO encounters and abduction experience. He has heard about the Men In Black and feels that maybe this could account for the van and its occupants. This could possibly be the case. It is uncommon, but some contactees have reported being watched in such a manner or directly visited by mysterious men in suits. I believe that these men are part of certain agencies within the government who are interested in finding out as much as they can about the ET presence, while keeping the reality of this from the general public. As contactees have a direct link with the ETs it is not surprising that these individuals would find them interesting, and sometimes question them about their experiences, or threaten them to prevent them from talking openly about what has taken place.

A Rendlesham Connection?

Recently Robert watched a program on the History Channel entitled “UFO Hunters – Military VS UFOs”. This program discussed the famous Rendlesham Forest incident of December 1980. During the program, the symbols which Jim Penniston saw on the side of the triangular craft he encountered in the forest were shown. When Rpbert saw these symbols he felt very strange, almost as if he knew what they meant but could not say out loud. He wonders if he saw either the same or similar symbols during his abduction experience, or perhaps has been shown them by the ETs at some point.

Witness drawing of the symbols:


Robert is not the first contactee I have spoken with who has mentioned these symbols and who feels connected to them in some way. Although you may feel that this is far fetched, it is not really surprising - If Robert and these other individuals have been taken by the same group of ET's that were at Rendlesham, and if the symbols are the ET’s form of writing, then they could well have written down other similar symbols which have then been observed during abduction experiences or implanted directly as memory downloads. Is this what has happened here? Of course we can only speculate at present, but it is certainly worth considering.


Robert has had some fascinating experiences, and due to his detailed recollections of his abduction it is clear that he is a contactee. It seems that the sightings of the silver craft beforehand were repeated observations by the ETs who would in the end abduct him. The incidents which have happened since with the unmarked vehicles are also interesting, and suggest that he may now be under occasional surveillance for whatever reason. Robert is fascinated by the symbols from the Rendlesham incident and wonders why he feels a connection with them. He also wonders whether anything else will come from this, or if he will be abducted again at some point. If he decides to stay in touch then this report will be updated with any additional incidents.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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