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Summer 2007 - Kettering - Silver Cigar UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 19/02/2019

Sighting Details

Back in the summer of 2007 Rob used to live on Orchard Crescent, in the suburbs Kettering. The location is quite rural with very little light pollution. Rob would often sit out in the back garden with his wife and star gaze.

Aerial map of Orchard Crescent:

One weekend evening around 11.30pm they were doing just that. The sun had fully set and it was a clear and still night, with the moon and stars visible in the sky. Due to the time of year it was not particularly cold.

They suddenly noticed that there were many high altitude aircraft in the sky to the North East. They were spaced apart rather than in formation, but all seemed to be heading to the West in the direction of Birmingham. They appeared to be at least 20000 feet up. Despite their height it was possible to see the standard red green and white navigation lights flashing on them.

They then noticed another object flying in the opposite direction towards the aircraft. It seemed about the same altitude as the planes but had no flashing lights on it. It looked cigar-shaped and a chrome silver colour. There was no sign of any wings or tail, and no markings on the object. Due to the height it looked at least as large as a civilian aircraft. It was moving at about the same speed as the other planes.

They watched for a period of minutes as the cigar-shaped object slowly approached the other aircraft. As it began to get close to them it suddenly vanished without trace. The planes continued to cross the sky then slowly disappeared from view one at a time, probably due to the distance.

Rob wondered if the aircraft he and his wife had seen were from RAF Wittering, which is situated at Peterborough 25 miles to the North East of Kettering.

Aerial map showing the sighting location (A) and RAF Wittering (B):

He contacted the base on the same night. They informed him that no aircraft had taken off from the base after 5pm. Rob informed them of what he had seen. They said that they did not have any information and would investigate. The person on the phone said that they would contact him back, but never did.

Sighting Analysis

This is an unusual incident due to the number of aircraft seen in the sky at the same time as the UFO. Could the planes have been sent from RAF Wittering to intercept the object? The individual Rob spoke with denied that aircraft had taken off from the base, however if this was what took place they would be very unlikely to admit to it.

Although the planes were heading towards the object, they were also heading in the direction of Birmingham Interantional airport. Also they we