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Summer 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada – Lit Disc UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/02/2023

In January 2023 Val Raizola, a member of our Facebook community group BUFOG Truthseekers, commented on a post mentioning that he’d had a UFO sighting in his childhood. Intrigued by what he saw, I reached out to him via Facebook Messenger to go over the details of what happened.

Sighting Details

Back in 2006 when he was 12 years old Val lived on Withering Pine Street in Las Vegas with his mother, stepfather and sister. His family had moved to the city from Jackson Town the previous year.

Aerial map of Withering Pine Street

It took him a while to settle in but by summer time he had established a number of good friends in the area. At the time his mother used to work until late into the evening. She was fine with him going out with his friends while she was at work. They would regularly invite him to come out and play at Silverado Ranch Park or the arcade of South Point Casino.

One clear and warm evening, when the sun had almost set in the sky, he was invited to come and join them at South Skate Park which was situated in the North East corner of Silverado Ranch Park. This would be their regular place to initially meet up. All of his friends were skateboarders. Val did not skateboard himself, but he dressed like a skateboarder so fitted right in!

Aerial map indicating Withering Pine Street (A) and South Skate Park (B)

He would head East from his house, and then South along Gilespie Street to reach the skate park. Since the incident housing and apartments have been built in the area, but it used to be surrounded on either side by open desert ground.

As he walked South along the road he was able to make out the skate park ahead of him and off to the right. There were about 10 other children already there.

Aerial map indicating Val’s position and South Skate Park
Photograph of the skate park in the distance

The skate park has a number of standing lights around its edges to light it up after dark. Val decided to count these lights to pass the time as he walked. As he counted, he noticed that one of the lights did not seem to have a pole connecting it to the ground. As he continued to focus on this light, he realised it was larger than the other lights and also appeared to have smaller white lights at the base of it.

Witness drawing showing his view of the skate park and the position of the UFO