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Summer 2000 - Stafford - Flying Triangle Sighting With Mind Control

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 16/09/2010

This report covers a fascinating daylight sighting of what was clearly a Flying Triangle craft, which appeared to have even directly interacted with people in close proximity to the witness. The same craft was apparently also seen soon afterwards by two police officers who reported their sighting, but this is the first time that this particular sighting has been documented.

Sighting Details

The incident took place on a Sunday in late summer 2000. Anthony (name changed for privacy reasons) was out with his family in his parents car. He was sitting on the back seat with his wife and child, his mother was in the passenger seat and his dad was driving. The family were on their way back home and were driving through Stafford. It was early evening, and the sun was still shining brightly. It had been a hot sunny day, and the weather was clear and still with very little cloud in the sky.

They were on Riverway in the centre of Stafford and pulled up to some lights at a crossroads with Weston Road. There were a few other cars around, but as it was a Sunday afternoon it was quite quiet.

Aerial map indicating the location where the sighting took place

Anthony noticed out of his peripheral vision to his left a glinting white light in the sky. He looked around in the direction of the light. It was only there for a second and then it was gone again. A moment later the light returned but appeared to be a little closer this time. Once again it went off. It appeared a third time and was even closer, but still quite a way off to the West of his location. This time the white light remained on. Then a second light came on below it and to the right. Next an orange/red coloured light appeared to the left of the lower right one. This looked less intensely bright than the other lights. Another white light appeared to the left of the red/orange light. At this moment, the space in between the lights was filled to reveal a black triangular shaped object. It was as if it had been invisible and had now “decloaked”. The object had a central white light on the top, a white light on the underside at each of the three corners and what looked like a larger red/orange coloured light in the centre of the underside. The body of the UFO was jet black in colour and was not reflecting sunlight. No other markings could be made out. It looked about 25 feet wide by 15 feet in height. It was roughly 150 feet in the air and Anthony believed it to be about half a mile from his location.

Photograph taken from the sighting location in the direction the Flying Triangle was seen in

Drawing of the Flying Triangle based on witness description

Anthony was immediately convinced he was looking at an extraterrestrial craft. He knew it was different to any conventional aircraft and he was astounded by how it had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Straight away he informed everyone else in the car about the craft and pointed it out to them. But for some reason none of them could see it, even though it was quite obvious against the clear sky. They were all staring blankly out of the windows, and looked almost like they had been switched off.

He thought about taking a photograph of the craft and realised his camera was in the glove box. He asked his mum to pass him the camera but at this moment something strange began to occur. It