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Summer 1996 – Atherstone – Silver Sphere Sighting

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 16/05/2020

Sighting Details

On a late morning in the early summer of 1996 Rachael Coney was visiting her father-in-law on a dairy farm he worked on near to Atherstone, Warwickshire. It was a very pleasant, still and sunny day. She was standing outside with him she suddenly had the urge to look up. When she did so she noticed a metallic silver coloured sphere overhead. It appeared to be at very high altitude and was reflecting the sunlight. It was hard to accurately judge its distance or size but if it was as high as it appeared to be it would have been quite large.

Witness drawing of the sphere

The object was travelling along on a straight course moving left across the sky. Rachael tried to get the attention of her father-in-law but he was too busy working and did not look up. She watched it for about 5 seconds. Suddenly it shot up vertically and disappeared within a second! The speed of movement seemed extremely rapid and deliberate, and she was convinced it was under intelligent control. Racheal also believes that it drew her attention to it and this is why she had looked up and seen it in the first place.

Witness drawing showing its appearance and movement from her position

Rachael wonders if there were other witnesses of the same object due to the fact it was seen on a clear day with very little cloud in the sky.

Sighting Analysis

I have investigated quite a number of silver sphere sightings over the years. Although some of these incidents can of course be attributed to drifting silver coloured balloons, in other instances they are harder to explain. The sudden sharp movement of this object and apparent large size both suggest that it was something more unusual than a balloon or other inflatable. While it is possible for inflatables to be buffeted around by air currents, this would usually be localised, it is very unlikely that this would cause the object to accelerate massively in a vertical direction and be lost from sight. It was also clearly not a normal aircraft or helicopter due to its appearance.

The object remains unexplained, though there is definitely the possibility it was making controlled and deliberate manoeuvres, and was therefore under intelligent control.

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