Summer 1993 – Shirley – Black Rhomboid UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 18/07/2021

On 13th July 2021 I was contacted by a man named Colin Smith via Facebook Messenger. He informed me of a sighting his wife Anne had experienced back in 1993 while they lived in Shirley, England and asked some questions relating to it. With his and Anne’s permission I decided to write this report on the incident.

Sighting Details

Back in the summer of 1993, potentially July, Colin and Anne lived on Bronte Farm Road. It was between 6-6.30pm and Anne was on her way to a dance class in Sheldon. It was a sunny and pleasant evening. Anne was driving along Yoxhall Road when she suddenly noticed a strange looking object over the roof of a nearby house. It was shaped like a Rhomboid and was black in colour, but was hollow or clear in the centre. She pulled up alongside the house, stopped the car and got out to get a better look.

Aerial map of Yoxhall Road with the house the UFO was over indicated