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Summer 1962 to 2016 - Aylesbury, Steeple Claydon, Barmouth & Dorchester - Various UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/09/2019

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In August 2019 I was put in touch with an 83 year old man named Lester. He has a heart condition and wanted to get his various UFO experiences down on record while he still has time. Over two extensive phone calls we discussed four fascinating experiences from his life which have taken place in a variety of places.

UFO Over Westcott

Lester first got interested in the subject of UFOs back in 1962. He informs me there was a UK wide UFO flap at the time which he recalls reading about.

This also happened to be the year of his first UFO sighting, when he was 26 years old. At the time he lived in Quainton, Buckinghamshire. He worked at CBS Records on the Western outskirts of Aylesbury, several miles away. Five miles West of Aylesbury is Westcott Rocket Propulsion Establishment. Until the mid-1990s the establishment designed and developed rocket motors used in British guided missiles and research vehicles. Lester would regularly hear the roar of rocket engines being tested while at his work place.

Aerial map of Westcott Venture Park, the site where the rocket propulsion establishment still stands today

Aerial map showing Aylesbury (A) and Wescott (B)

One bright and clear summer’s day Lester was relaxing in the canteen and glanced out of the window. The surrounding area was quite flat and it was possible to see for miles to the North, including a veiew of Wescott in the distance. Above the establishment he noticed a light grey coloured object hovering motionlessly in the sky. It appeared to be about 800 feet off the ground. Due to the distance it was hard to determine the shape or size of the object. He had some binoculars with him and decided to take a look, but even through these it was hard to see it clearly. Sadly he did not have a camera, but it was probably too far away to pick up anyway.

Old photograph of Wescott Propulsion Establishment

Fascinated by what it could be, Lester watched the object for about 6-7 minutes. During this time he called a couple of his work colleagues to also observe it. They briefly watched it before leaving to do other things. Then suddenly without warning the object shot away at an incredible speed to the West. As it went it flew on a level and straight course. It moved like a bullet and in less than a second had vanished from sight!

Lester was astounded by what he had witnessed. He knew the object could not have been a rocket as they were incapable of hovering at a stand-still, and it left the area at such a speed that it clearly was not a helicopter. He believed he had witnessed an alien craft, one which had been possibly checking out the rocket testing facility. This experience made him question things more and further increased his interest in the subject.


By 1966 Lester had moved into a rural cottage situated between the villages of Steeple Claydon and Verney Junction. The lane on which he lived had a gate which led to a field. This field was about 600 feet long and beyond it was a small spinney about 80 yards in length. At the northern edge of the spinney was Claydon Brook.

Aerial map showing Steeple Claydon (A), Verney Junction (B) and the route of Claydon Brook

One day in summer time Lester went out for a countryside walk by himself. He walked up the field and across the spinney. As he neared Claydon Brook he noticed something unusual reflected in the water. It looked like a row of rounded windows or portholes. He thought to himself “What the devil’s that?”

He looked up into the air to where he felt the object making the reflection should be but there was nothing there. When he looked back into the water the reflections were still there. At this point he began to feel anxious like he was being watched by something. Something invisible to his naked eye but showing up in the water’s surface and about 30-40 feet across. He quickly turned and began to walk East along Claydon Brook in the direction of Verney Junction. He did not want to remain in the area any longer.

Looking back at the incident Lester is still adamant that there was something there. He informed me that he used to enjoy shooting, and has a keen eye. He knows what to look for in the air, as well as in water and marshland.

Coloured Orbs

On a summer’s day in the early 1990s Lester had driven to Dorchester to go shopping. It was a clear and sunny day with only light cloud in the sky. He had parked in the Northern “Top o’ town” car park and was making his way back to the car.

Aerial map of Dorchester Northern car park showing the location Lester was standing

He was about to cross Bridport Road which runs alongside the Southern edge of the car park when he looked up into the sky. There he saw about 5-6 orbs. They were a mix of colours including blue, green, red and white, and appeared to be self-illuminated rather than reflecting the sunlight. The orbs were darting around one another very rapidly, performing turning movements in the sky, almost like juggling balls. There seemed to be no restrictions in the way that they moved, as if they were without mass. However they appeared to move with intent rather than how balloons caught in the wind would look. Their colours did not change or dim in brightness. It was hard to judge their precise height and therefore size, but they seemed to be at quite a high altitude, which would have made them quite large.

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the orbs were seen

Lester says it really was an astonishing sight which stopped him in his tracks. After a few seconds another young man came walking by. He pointed the orbs out to the man. The man looked up and then just shrugged and went on his way. Lester was perplexed at his apparent disinterest. He continued to watch for about 10-15 seconds but then decided to cross the road as it was quite busy and he didn’t want to get in anyone’s way. Sadly he had no camera on him at the time.

After crossing the road, which took no longer than 10 seconds, he looked back up and was surprised to find that the orbs had completely vanished! He could do nothing more but head back to his car. He has mentioned the incident to numerous people since, but not heard of anyone else reporting the same objects.

Silver Cigar

Around 2004 Lester owned a small Suzuki camper van. He would regularly drive to Wales to camp for the weekend at various locations. It was the August bank holiday and he had decided to drive to camp at Bird Rock, a rocky outcrop near to Llanfihangel-y-Pennant in North West Wales, which rises to a height of 258 metres above sea level. It is named Bird Rock because of the Choughs and other bird species that nest there.

Aerial map of Bird Rock

Photograph of Bird Rock

It was about 3pm that he arrived at the plateau of the rock and parked up. The plateau was quite open with only a few hawthorn bushes around the edge. There was a stunning view of the surrounding area in all directions. It was a lovely afternoon with a clear blue sky.

Lester got out of the van to take a look around. He looked to the North West towards Barmouth Bay. In the distance he noticed an object hovering in the sky over the bay. It appeared to be at an altitude of about 6-7000 feet. The object was metallic silver in colour and was completely motionless. Lester estimates it was about 200 feet in length with squared off ends. There were no windows, portholes or other markings visible. The surface of the UFO appeared to be highly reflective.

Aerial map showing Bird Rock (A) and Barmouth Bay (B)

As he watched he realised the object appeared to be emitting rings of vapour that spread out around it like smoke rings. The vapour was clearly coming from the object. He stared at it, fascinated by what it could be. Lester informed me that during the war he used to have aircraft recognition books, so had a good eye for known aircraft. He had a pair of binoculars in the van door at the time, but says that every time he went to retrieve them to take a closer look at the object something stopped him and he heard a voice in his head say “Don’t do that!”

After a short while the vapour seemed to stop being emitted. Then roughly 300 yards behind it Lester noticed what appeared to be a solitary cloud forming from thin air. He watched on as the cloud got bigger and bigger. It then stopped growing and began slowly moving towards the UFO. At the same time the UFO began moving towards it. They appeared to clearly be connected.

Drawing of the silver cigar and the cloud it appeared to form

After about 20 seconds the UFO and the cloud reached one another. The UFO entered the cloud and was lost from view. A moment later the cloud vanished near instantly. Both it and the UFO were gone! In total Lester had watched the UFO for 17 minutes. He informed me that “it was an astonishing sight”.

There was nothing else he could do other than relax, so he poured himself a cup of coffee. In the following days he did tell a couple of his friends about the incident. He also informed a UFO group who advertised in Nexus magazine, but never heard back from them.


Lester has had a number of fascinating UFO sightings throughout his life, and I am happy that he has chosen BUFOG as a way of preserving the details of these experiences through this extensive case report. The incidents he has witnessed have been varied, but have each had stunning aspects which are hard to explain. They have all appeared vastly different to any known aircraft. Some have performed incredibly fast but intelligent manoeuvres. Some have vanished in plain sight or only been invisible to the naked eye but clearly present. These aspects suggest that Lester has witnessed genuine ET craft as opposed to misidentification of mundane objects, a suggestion he is only too happy to take on board because of his background and knowledge.

I’ll end this report with Lester’s own thoughts which he passed on to me during one of our discussions…

“What it amounts to is this - not so much where these things come from but what are we? There’s something going on with humans that seems to be recognised by whoever these visitors are, maybe they bred us and are farming us. Maybe something else entirely. We have to question ourselves in order to understand what is taking place here.”

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2019



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