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Stourbridge Contact Case - Greys, Humanoid, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/01/2011

This report details the varied experiences of a lady from the area of Stourbridge, and to some extent her direct family. Some of these experiences suggest she may well be a contactee. Each of her experiences will be discussed individually in the order in which they have occurred.

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Since an early age Nicola has believed she has a psychic gift, and has experienced premonitions on numerous occasions.

In 1971/72 when she was at primary school, they were told to write a disaster story. As she thought about what to write she found the words flowed right out of her with ease. She wrote a story about a place named Brighton and a pier at this town which collapsed. At the time she had no idea Brighton was a real place, she just felt she had made it all up.

A few weeks later Brighton pier collapsed for real. Nicola appeared to have somehow known this disaster would take place. She found out about the actual incident from her teacher, who was understandably concerned. She does not remember exactly what he said to her, but just remembers that he asked her a number of questions about the story and where she had got the ideas for it from. Nothing else became from this incident, and Nicola did not write down any other premonitions.

In September 2001, Nicola was celebrating her 40th birthday. Many years before she had gone on holiday to New York and decided that for her birthday she would like to return there with her family. On Friday 7th September they were on a train heading for Coney Island. Just before the city skyline came into view she suddenly heard a voice in her head say “Escape New York” numerous times again and again. This was unsettling but she immediately thought back to the movie Escape From New York, and then shrugged it off.

On the morning of 9th September at 9am they visited the Twin Towers to get discount tickets for a show. When she was there she noted that the atmosphere seemed strange somehow, it was as if she could sense something was going to take place. They were sitting at the base of the towers when suddenly a thought came to her head. She turned to her husband and daughter and said to them “What if a plane went into there”, and then looked up. She started to feel very on edge and unhappy at this point and wanted to leave New York but could not understand why. Later that day fortunately her husband got called back home to a meeting, so they took the last plane out of JFK airport on the 10th.

The following morning when the disaster occurred, she knew at once that the feelings she had experienced were correct and that she had experienced some kind of premonition that it was going to occur. She of course felt extremely grateful that they had left the city.

Many contactees experience psychic abilities and there does seem to be some kind of correlation between them and contact. It is possible that Nicola was born with heightened senses and it has nothing to do with her later experiences, but there is also the possibility that she has gained these abilities through ET contact from an early age.

Early Morning Wakings

In about 1987/88 Nicola began to inexplicably wake up at 3.33am for no discernable reason. When she did she would not feel any different or like anything had just taken place. She would just open her eyes and then realise with a sense of terror what time it was. She would dread to look at the clock as she would know in advance what it would say. She would usually wake her husband to tell him it had happened again, lie there scared for a while and then finally drop back off to sleep.

She often thought about what the numbers meant, and understandably got quite spooked by what was taking place. She would try to relate the numbers to something tangible but nothing really made sense or gave a valid explanation.

Once it had began it continued almost every night for five years! After this time it then started to happen less often but still occurred sometimes right up until late 2009. After this time her sleep patterns changed and she has not experienced it since.

In 2010 Nicola rented the abduction-related movie The Fourth Kind. She was shocked to see that in the movie (which is made up but generally based on contact cases) the lead character kept waking up at 3.33am and seeing a white owl at the window. She has never seen an owl, but the fact it mentioned the exact same time was disturbing. Interestingly looking around online you will find that other people too have woken up around this time on many occasions. Some believe it to be a specific time when the ETs decide to abduct individuals, although I have not seen much evidence of this, contact can occur any time both day and night.

Could Nicola’s nightly wake ups have anything