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Stourbridge Contact Case - Greys, Humanoid, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/01/2011

This report details the varied experiences of a lady from the area of Stourbridge, and to some extent her direct family. Some of these experiences suggest she may well be a contactee. Each of her experiences will be discussed individually in the order in which they have occurred.

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Since an early age Nicola has believed she has a psychic gift, and has experienced premonitions on numerous occasions.

In 1971/72 when she was at primary school, they were told to write a disaster story. As she thought about what to write she found the words flowed right out of her with ease. She wrote a story about a place named Brighton and a pier at this town which collapsed. At the time she had no idea Brighton was a real place, she just felt she had made it all up.

A few weeks later Brighton pier collapsed for real. Nicola appeared to have somehow known this disaster would take place. She found out about the actual incident from her teacher, who was understandably concerned. She does not remember exactly what he said to her, but just remembers that he asked her a number of questions about the story and where she had got the ideas for it from. Nothing else became from this incident, and Nicola did not write down any other premonitions.

In September 2001, Nicola was celebrating her 40th birthday. Many years before she had gone on holiday to New York and decided that for her birthday she would like to return there with her family. On Friday 7th September they were on a train heading for Coney Island. Just before the city skyline came into view she suddenly heard a voice in her head say “Escape New York” numerous times again and again. This was unsettling but she immediately thought back to the movie Escape From New York, and then shrugged it off.

On the morning of 9th September at 9am they visited the Twin Towers to get discount tickets for a show. When she was there she noted that the atmosphere seemed strange somehow, it was as if she could sense something was going to take place. They were sitting at the base of the towers when suddenly a thought came to her head. She turned to her husband and daughter and said to them “What if a plane went into there”, and then looked up. She started to feel very on edge and unhappy at this point and wanted to leave New York but could not understand why. Later that day fortunately her husband got called back home to a meeting, so they took the last plane out of JFK airport on the 10th.

The following morning when the disaster occurred, she knew at once that the feelings she had experienced were correct and that she had experienced some kind of premonition that it was going to occur. She of course felt extremely grateful that they had left the city.

Many contactees experience psychic abilities and there does seem to be some kind of correlation between them and contact. It is possible that Nicola was born with heightened senses and it has nothing to do with her later experiences, but there is also the possibility that she has gained these abilities through ET contact from an early age.

Early Morning Wakings

In about 1987/88 Nicola began to inexplicably wake up at 3.33am for no discernable reason. When she did she would not feel any different or like anything had just taken place. She would just open her eyes and then realise with a sense of terror what time it was. She would dread to look at the clock as she would know in advance what it would say. She would usually wake her husband to tell him it had happened again, lie there scared for a while and then finally drop back off to sleep.

She often thought about what the numbers meant, and understandably got quite spooked by what was taking place. She would try to relate the numbers to something tangible but nothing really made sense or gave a valid explanation.

Once it had began it continued almost every night for five years! After this time it then started to happen less often but still occurred sometimes right up until late 2009. After this time her sleep patterns changed and she has not experienced it since.

In 2010 Nicola rented the abduction-related movie The Fourth Kind. She was shocked to see that in the movie (which is made up but generally based on contact cases) the lead character kept waking up at 3.33am and seeing a white owl at the window. She has never seen an owl, but the fact it mentioned the exact same time was disturbing. Interestingly looking around online you will find that other people too have woken up around this time on many occasions. Some believe it to be a specific time when the ETs decide to abduct individuals, although I have not seen much evidence of this, contact can occur any time both day and night.

Could Nicola’s nightly wake ups have anything to do with ET contact? It is a possibility, synchronicity of numbers is another aspect commonly reported by contactees. However the fact it went on for so long on every single night suggests it was more likely down to night terrors and her body clock doing something strange at this particular time. I certainly do not believe Nicola was abducted every night when this occurred or was even experiencing contact. She never felt different in any way or experienced anything out of the ordinary when she awoke, if she really was experiencing contact at these times there would almost certainly have been other signs of this.

It should be noted that Nicola has also experienced sleep paralysis many times throughout her life. However these incidents do not appear to be related to her contact experiences. When she is paralyzed she often sees an old hag like woman, and finds that she is unable to move or shout out.

Ghost or Grey?

In 1994 the family bought a house in the area of Stourbridge. Soon after moving in, they began to see apparitions of a small figure.

One morning at 4am Nicola was getting ready to go on holiday. She was drying her hair with a hairdryer. Her husband was downstairs making a cup of tea. Suddenly she saw a small figure quickly duck under the wire and go into her son’s bedroom. She at first thought it was her husband mucking about, but then realised he was still downstairs. She looked in her son’s room and he was fast asleep. She was really spooked by what she had seen.

On another occasion, her daughter was playing a console in her son’s bedroom while she was downstairs cooking dinner. Suddenly her daughter came running downstairs screaming. She said she saw Jeremy, one of her son’s friends, sitting beside her and then he vanished.

For several years after this incident, her daughter would wake up very frightened about 3am and come on into Nicola’s room to sleep the rest of the night there instead. Once Nicola went into her daughter’s room while she was sleeping and for a brief moment saw a short unclothed figure standing over her, which immediately vanished.

After this experience, Nicola asked some of her more spiritual friends what she should do. They suggested she should try and bargain with the entity. She was told to go to her daughter’s bedroom and pretend to grab hold of the spirit’s hand, then lead it out into the garden and tell it that it could stay as long as it stopped disturbing her daughter at night. She felt silly doing this, but decided to see if this would work. Amazingly, after doing this her daughter actually slept soundly for a whole week, something she had not done in years.

The small being was seen by Nicola and her husband on other occasions. Nicola would sometimes see it sitting unclothed at the top of the stairs out of the corner of her eye. Her husband said that he saw the figure leaning against the bedroom door and staring at him.

After looking into UFOs and ETs in 2010, Nicola now wonders if the being was not a ghost but was actually a Grey. This is a possibility, but the amount of times it was seen, combined with the fact that the whole family saw it not just Nicola, suggests that it is more likely to have been a haunting. What took place is interesting, but there is not much evidence to suggest that it was linked with ET contact.

Humanoid Being Visitation

It was 10pm on 3rd August 2010. Nicola was staying down in the families second home, which is situated in a village on the Jurassic coast of Devon. That day a friend had come round to visit, and they were stopping over. The house has a central room which overlooks the back garden and a wonderful view of the sea. As she passed through this central room to say goodnight to her friend, she decided to take a look out of the window.

As it was summer time there was still light in the sky but the sun was beginning to set. The sky was quite clear, it was a typical warm summer’s evening. Looking down the garden, she immediately caught sight of a strange being heading up the garden towards her. The figure looked over eight feet tall. It was wearing what looked like a skin tight black one piece suit, and a helmet of some kind. The helmet was spherical in shape and black in colour, with no visible visor for the being to look through. It looked like it was made out of glass/Perspex. The body suit completely covered the being, there was no skin visible anywhere. It was very smooth and reflective. The figure’s body appeared muscular and well built, and its hands were clenched into fists. Nicola could not see how many fingers were on each hand.

Witness drawing of the being:


The being looked completely solid and physical. Nicola was immediately convinced it was not human due to its height and build. It was down by one of the hedges at the base of the lawn, but was already walking towards the house at a fast pace in a strong and determined manner. It did not appear to be heading towards her in particular, but as she could not see its face she had no idea if it was looking directly at her or not.

As she set eyes on the being, one of Nicola’s pet dogs which was in the next room started to bark, it was clearly agitated. Nicola was immediately terrified by what she was witnessing. She watched as the being made its way up the garden. When it got quite close to the window she turned and began to run back into the bedroom where the dog was situated. At this point she thinks she momentarily blacked out with the fear. Her eyes rolled back into her head and for a few seconds she felt faint. She regained her composure, ran into the bedroom and grabbed the dog, which was now barking and growling. Nicola felt that the figure clearly wanted to get into the house. At the same time she inexplicably felt a presence at the front of the house too even though she could not see what was out there.

Nicola remained in the room with the dog until the following morning. She does not remember the being coming into the house so assumes that it did not and went away. She told her friend about what happened, and they believed she had seen the being. Later on she told other friends who also believed her story.

Nicola feels that the being she saw was extraterrestrial, and that she had seen it for a specific reason. She regularly meditates, and the previous day had sank into a very deep meditation that lasted for several hours. Usually her meditation would last for no more than 20 minutes so this was quite significant. Nicola studies chakra meditation, and would usually open them up for meditation and then close them back down when she finishes. However this time when she awoke she felt totally drained of energy and did not close down her chakras. She believes that this left her susceptible to experiencing other dimensions not usually visible. She feels that this may have allowed her to see into another dimension within which the being existed, and this is why it became visible to her. Perhaps it was interested by the very fact that she could see it.

I feel that this is certainly a possibility considering the fact that the deep meditation occurred only one day before her experience with the being. No matter whether you believe in chakras or not, this explanation should not be dismissed, as many contactees believe that the ETs exist in a different dimension to us, and that meditation can be used to break through into this dimension. I have investigated other cases where people have seen ET beings while meditating.

Could the being have been someone in a costume playing a practical joke on Nicola? If so this would be very reminiscent of the 1973 Falkville Alabama tin foil suit being sighting. However this seems unlikely for a number of reasons. Firsly Nicola’s back garden is completely enclosed in tall hedges, there is no way that anyone could have easily gained access to it. The being appeared very sturdy as it walked, if it were someone wearing a suit to appear very tall and muscular their movement would certainly have been more unwieldy. Also there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to perform such a hoax, Nicola has not told many about her previous UFO sighting and has not publicised it. We must also consider Nicola’s other ET related experiences (see later).

ET’s wearing skin tight black outfits have often been seen by contactees, this is the common clothing that Greys are seen in. Beings wearing fishbowl shaped helmets have also been reported numerous times e.g.the Travis Walton abduction case, though these are usually clear rather than black. If the being was an ET perhaps the suit and helmet were specially designed to protect it from Earth’s atmosphere.

It is unlikely to have been a Grey being as these are slender with thin elongated bodies and are generally short in height, rather than being tall and muscular. Nordics on the other hand are often described as being quite muscular in build and are sometimes tall in height. Reptilians are also often described in a similar way. Could this being have been a Nordic or Reptilian? As the actual being inside the suit was not seen at all this is merely speculation, nothing more.

We also have no idea what the being was doing there. Perhaps it wanted to make contact with Nicola, perhaps it was merely walking around outside her house and was un-interested in her specifically. It did not appear to make any effort to get inside the property once she had left the window. It’s identity and motives currently remain a mystery, however Nicola has informed me that it did feel threatening to her.

Vision of Greys

The following evening after sighting the black suited being, Nicola was still extremely shaken up. She had closed all the curtains so she could not see outside. Her friend was still in the house. At about 10pm her friend was in one of the bedrooms and Nicola was in the central room. She was determined to stay awake and watch TV. She walked on through to her bedroom and sat down on the bed to change her socks.

As she looked up she was shocked to see many small Grey-type beings in the room in front of her which had appeared from nowhere without warning. There were five or six of them, but it looked like more as they were so small. They appeared to only be about 3 feet in height. They were not wearing any clothing and their skin was a grey-beige colour. They had squat bodies with long slender arms and legs, and long thin necks. Their heads were unusual, different to the pear-like shape commonly reported. The shape was almost like a wide boomerang. They had large black bulbous almond-shaped eyes. They did not have much of a nose, just two small holes, and a very thin slit for a mouth. They had long hands and fingers. Nicola could not see how many fingers they had but it appeared to be just several on each hand.

Witness drawing of one of the Grey beings:


At the time Nicola had no idea what these strange small beings were. She was absolutely terrified of them. The Greys were reaching out towards her like they were trying to grab her, and staring into her face. Nicola was in complete shock and found it hard to breathe. She tried to push the beings away from her but this did not seem to do anything, it was like they were a vision rather than physically being there in the room with her.

Nicola has numerous spirit guides who she sees while meditating or just after meditating, and who help her in various ways. These guides speak to her and sometimes share with her information and advice. Two of her guides are collectively named “Zapata”, and they have informed Nicola that they come from another place far away in our universe. They are very tall humanoids with fair unblemished skin and long flowing golden coloured hair. They wear shimmering white flowing clothing that is luminescent. One of them is taller than the other, but they have no discernable gender.

Witness drawing of one of the two spirit guides known to her as Zapata:


After about a minute of struggling with the Grey beings, the two guides known as Zapata, suddenly appeared to the left and the right of her standing alongside the bed. She then heard them speak to her saying “You don’t need these near you Nicola”. The voice had no discernable sex to it, it sounded both gentle and powerful. The taller of the guides, who was standing to her right, then appeared to push his hand out towards the Greys, which causes them to fly backwards into the air and then vanish without trace. At this same moment the two guides also vanished, leaving her in the room alone.

Just as with the previous night’s encounter, Nicola was once again absolutely terrified. She had no idea what had just happened to her or what the strange creatures she had just witnessed were. It felt to her that her guides had waited to see how she would deal with them, but then intervened and forced them away. She called the dogs into the room and then stayed up the remainder of the night, spending some of the time watching TV and trying to calm down. She was terrified that the beings would return, a fear which she still has to this day.

Roughly a week later, the BBC ran a program talking about organisms which had been found on a nearby beach only 5 minutes walk from her house which had survived 138 days in outer space aboard the space shuttle. This got Nicola thinking about aliens and she started to have a look around online to see whether this could explain her experiences. One of the sites she looked at was Richplanet.Net, Richard Hall’s website (A strange coincidence as I officially investigate UFO cases for Richard which are reported via this site). It was here that she learnt about alien abduction and was surprised when she saw pictures of Grey beings which matched the small beings she had seen previously. There was also an immediate sense of relief as she then knew what these beings were and knew that she was far from alone in seeing them.

In November 2010 Nicola watched a video on Youtube which showed drawings of Nordic ET beings (Sometimes referred to as Pleiadians as they have stated that they are from the Pleiades star system on numerous occasions). She noted the similarities between these pictures and her two guides known as Zapata. She wonders if her guides are two of these beings. If so this would explain why they were seen at the same time as the Grey beings. Nordics and Greys are often seen working alongside one another aboard craft, so they do appear to have a relationship of some kind with one another. Could Nicola be in contact with Nordic beings, who aided her in fending off the Grey beings for whatever reason?


Nicola has had some very interesting experiences, some of which appear to be linked with ET contact. Her earlier experiences are unusual and could be related in some way, however she does not currently have any early memories of seeing UFOs or ETs. However her most recent experiences certainly seem to be visitations by ET beings. Could Nicola have initiated this contact through her deep meditation? Or would these experiences have taken place regardless? These are questions I cannot currently answer.

At present there is not much evidence to suggest that Nicola is an abductee, however I feel that she may have experienced contact for a particular reason not currently truly known. If she decides to go ahead with a hypnotic regression then we may learn more about what has happened to her and the reasons for this. Nicola has stated an interest in this so this may well go ahead in the near future.

I feel that this contact may not be over and she may have further experiences going forward. If she decides to stay in touch then this report may certainly be added to.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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