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Stockton-on-Tees Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Missing Time, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Contact Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/09/2018

In April 2018 I was contacted by a lady named Pat from Stockton-On-Tees, Middlesbrough, via Facebook messenger. She informed me that she had experienced a number of both interesting and terrifying incidents earlier in her life which she wanted to discuss with me. She mentioned that these experiences could not be easily explained, and got her interested in the paranormal. I soon got back to her and over a series of phone conversations we discussed what had happened to her over the years. As you will see, Pat has had a wide variety of experiences, some of which appear to have clear links with contact.

Rectangular UFO Sighting

Pat’s first UFO encounter occurred in 1969 when she was 16. She lived with her family on Loweswater Crescent, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside. The area is quite rural and near to some open farmer’s fields.

One night she was woken up by a tremendous thundering noise like a constant roaring jet engine. She was not aware of the time as she did not check the clock, but felt that it must have been between 2-4am. Pat got out of bed and walked over to the window to see if she could locate the source of the sound. It was a clear and still night, with stars visible in the sky.

Over the houses on the opposite side of the road about 60 feet up she saw a massive rectangular-shaped object in the sky, flying low over the roofs of the houses. There were red green and blue coloured lights around the edge which were winking on and off at random rather than constantly flashing. Due to the darkness it was hard to tell exactly what colour the object was but it appeared to be dark. It was absolutely huge and Pat assumed the sound was coming from it.

Witness drawing of the rectangular UFO with notes:

Pat did not call her mother as she was too fascinated by the object. She did not own a camera at the time. She got up onto the window ledge to continue observing it. It slowly moved on a straight course to the North West over the nearby technical college. As it moved its shape seemed to change to triangular, probably due to the angle she was viewing it at rather than it physically altering shape. It was now that Pat fully realised how large the object was. If it was indeed over the college then she estimated it was about 200 feet across.

Aerial map showing Loweswater Crescent and the estimated path of the UFO:

After observing the UFO for about a minute it flew out of sight over the fields beyond the college. Pat did not go to tell her mother about it as it was the middle of the night. However in the morning she mentioned it to her. Her mother had not woken up or heard a thing. Later on at college she told her boyfriend and her friends about what she’d seen.

The sound which Pat heard is one of the fascinating aspects of this particular incident. UFOs are usually silent or emit a low humming noise. Yet this noise was extremely loud, if it was indeed coming from the object (Which seems probable). If so, then why did nobody else seem to be woken up by it? It was confirmed that Pat’s mother did not hear anything, and if other people in the vicinity had heard it surely Pat would have seen them coming out onto the road or heard about it on the news or in the paper? Could it have been something that Pat alone was picking up on?


It is not just Pat who has experienced things out of the ordinary. Her brother Steven has had a number of fascinating experiences too. One day in 1968 when he was 17 he was out at a café in Billingham town centre with his girlfriend Alison. He ordered a cup of tea and when it turned up he realised it had no sugar in it. The sugar bowl was on another nearby table. According to both Steven and Alison, the sugar bowl lifted up into the air of its own accord and floated across onto their table! Steven was not actively willing it to do this, it just did. He was amazed at what had occurred and told Pat all about what had happened.

On another occasion, according to Steven he was lying on his bed at their house on Loweswater Crescent, Stocktonand, Teeside. He decided he wanted to read a particular book. The book was inside a box underneath the bed. Again without any intention, the box apparently slid out from under the bed by itself!

Although Pat did not directly witness these incidents she has no reason to doubt they took place. The incident at the café was confirmed by Alison. And her brother seemed fascinated by the incidents rather than like someone trying to make up stories.

Psychic abilities are commonly reported by contactees. And contact often runs in families. Could Steven have been displaying abilities brought about as a direct or indirect side effect of ET contact?


Both Pat and Steven went to drama college at Guildford between 1970-1972. They lived in a share house on York Road with another student named Jeff. Sometimes their landlady, who was Czechoslovakian would also stay there, other times she would be away visiting family. During the years spent at the house a number of paranormal experiences took place.

Aerial map of York Road:

On a number of occasions they would hear sounds coming from the bathroom like someone was in there having a bath, even though everyone was accounted for. They could hear running water, splashing and sounds of movement. When they checked the bathroom door they would find it locked from the inside. Later on it would unlock itself. Pat never remained outside the bathroom door to wait for it to do this as it was quite un-nerving. On one occasion this was heard by the landlady during the night, who then came and asked who was having a bath at two in the morning. Everyone confirmed they had been asleep in their rooms at the time. On one the times that it occurred Pat’s mother was staying over at the house and also heard the noises. Before leaving she said to Pat “I don’t like you staying here, it doesn’t feel right.”

On another occasion, Pat was alone in the house with her pet dog. The landlady was away on holiday, and Steven and Jeff were on a theatre trip. She awoke during the middle of the night to hear the sounds of lots of voices coming from downstairs. It sounded like a party going on. She was convinced the noises were coming from within the house not echoes from nearby. The dog woke up and started to growl at the sounds. Pat got out of bed and went to the closed bedroom door to listen more closely, as it was hard to make out what the voices were saying. She then heard the sound of footsteps come along the landing outside the room. She quickly opened the door expecting to find a burglar. Everything immediately fell silent. Terrified she closed the door and jumped back into bed, and eventually managed to drop off to sleep.

One night Pat had a very unusual dream. She was in her room when she suddenly heard a loud hammering sound on the door of her brother and Jeff’s room. She walked out of her bedroom to take a look and saw a giant battering his fists against the door. This was where the dream ended. In the morning when she went downstairs she told the boys about the dream. Jeff almost fell off his chair in surprise. He exclaimed “I can’t believe it! I was woken in middle of the night by a banging on the door. I didn’t dare get up and open it!” Had it been more than just a dream? Could Pat have heard something banging on the door during the night which led to her mind concocting it?

There were also a number of occasions where objects would mysteriously vanish and re-appear. The landlady owned a large silver-coloured lighter which she would keep on the kitchen table to light the gas cooker. One day she asked Pat, Steven and Jeff “Who’s taken the table lighter?” It had inexplicably vanished from the table. Everyone denied taking it. On a Sunday morning a couple of months later Pat was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw an object suddenly emerge from the corner of the ceiling, fly down through the air and roll across the floor to her feet. It was the lighter! It had seemingly materialised from the ceiling of the kitchen.

Before one of her holidays away, the landlady informed everyone that she’d lost her glasses and asked whether anyone had seen them. Nobody had so she had to leave without them. She was gone for several weeks. On the day before her return to the house Pat had just returned to the house after going out when she saw the glasses placed on a rose bush right next to the front door! She was convinced that they had not been there previously as she had obviously been to and from the house many times over those few weeks.

Brother’s Missing Time

Around the same time period that Pat heard the sounds of voices coming from downstairs at the share house, her brother had been out one evening at the theatre (Pat cannot recall the name). It was 10pm and there were no taxis around so he decided to walk home.

The theatre was only twenty minutes walk from their house, but when he arrived home he found that the time was now 12.30am. There was over two hours missing time which he could not account for. He was certain that it had been 10pm when he set off for home.

Colour Changing Orb

In 1975 Pat moved into a house on South Way, Harrow. In a summer month between 1978-1980, Pat had another UFO sighting alongside a friend. At the time Pat kept some horses in some nearby stables situated between Harrow and Stanmore. It was around 10pm and she was walking home from the stables with her friend Jackie. They would make this journey regularly to check up on the horses.

Aerial map of South Way:

Usually they would drive to the stables but on this occasion they were walking. It was a clear and still evening. As they were walking along the road side Pat noticed a glowing object in the sky almost directly overhead. It looked like a glowing orb of light which was changing between a yellow and red colour. It appeared to be at quite high altitude, and if so this meant it was quite large in size.

The object was moving on a straight course at a slow speed. The girls stared up at it for about a minute trying to decipher what it could be. Neither of them had a camera on them. As the sighting occurred so long ago Pat has no recollection of how it came to an end. She assumes they must have just stopped looking at it and continued on their way home.

If this sighting were to have occurred in more recent years I may have suggested that it was possibly a Chinese lantern, although these tend to be a more amber orange rather than a distinct red or yellow. As these are lit from within they can give off yellow-red colours and also drift on a slow straight course usually. And Pat could have potentially been mistaken about the altitude, sometimes smaller objects can appear to be larger and further away, especially after dark. However lanterns were not readily available back in the 1970s, so this makes the sighting more intriguing.

Further Paranormal Activity

The share house in Gilford is not the only property where Pat has experienced ghostly goings on. By 1981 she had married her boyfriend Henry and they had moved into a house in Lincolnshire with their two young children and Pat’s mother. As Henry was in a band they were never tied down to a particular place.

The room where Pat slept was pitch black at night as there were no nearby street lights outside. One night she awoke to hear the sound of a woman’s voice. It was mumbling and unclear but was definitely female and sounded like it was coming from mid-air in the room. Pat quickly nudged her husband who woke up and also heard the voice. Within seconds it faded out and stopped. They switched on the light and got out of bed, then both searched the entire house, but there was nobody there and the kids and her mother were fast asleep in their own rooms.

Also on several occasions Pat heard the distinct sound of children crying on the landing outside the bedroom door. She would wake up during the night to hear the sounds, but when she got up to check, the noises would immediately stop, and when she went to check on her children they would be asleep.

On another weekend one of Pat’s friends came to stop over. There were no spare rooms so she slept downstairs. In the morning Pat went down to find her friend had left. When she rang her to see what happened, her friend said that she was terrified the whole time.

Pumpkin Head

By 1983 Pat had married her boyfriend and they had moved into a house on The Causeway, Basiborne along with her mother and two children. It was a rural address which backed onto open fields. Her husband was in a band and would often be away on tour.

Aerial map of The Causeway: