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Stocksbridge Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, Visitations, UFOs Sighting, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 09/05/2014

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Steven first got in touch with me in mid-April 2014. He informed me that over recent weeks he had experienced a number of incidents which were deeply troubling him, and which he felt may be related to ET contact. These incidents started with vivid memories of waking up during the night and both sensing and seeing things. Following these he had experienced two detailed visions which appeared to be related to abduction.

This report covers Steven’s experiences in depth, and features numerous drawings and rendered reconstructions which he has kindly provided me with.

Daylight Discs

One day in the summer of 2003 when Steven was 11 his mother called him to the door of their house in Stocksbridge, asking him to come and look at something. When he reached the door she pointed up into the sky to the West in the direction of some nearby farmland. It was a bright, clear and sunny day outside. About a mile away visible over the nearby tree tops were three metallic grey oval-shaped objects. They were at an angle of about 30-40 degrees and were positioned in a triangular formation in the sky, with the middle object slightly lower than the other two. There were no markings or lights on the objects.

Witness drawing of the sighting location showing where he and his mother were standing and the direction the UFOs were seen:

The discs hovering in the sky beyond a nearby tree:

The objects seemed to be hovering motionless in the air. After watching them for several minutes Steven lost interest and went back inside. His mother continued to watch the objects. She informed him later that the objects had begun to seemingly phase out and shift to different locations in the sky. Finally the objects disappeared but did not come back.

Unfortunately despite the length of the sighting Steven’s mother did not capture any photographs or video of the objects. Steven says that although they had a camera in the house, they did not have any film for it at the time, but it did not really occur to them anyway, they were too busy watching the objects. Steven does not recall reading anything about the UFOs in the local newspaper. He feels that if there had been something either he or his mother would have spotted it. He was surprised as the sighting occurred in broad daylight.

Contact Begins

On a night in March 2014 Steven awoke to find himself standing in his room in his night clothes. He does not know what time it occurred as he did not check the clock. The landing light was on outside and his bedroom door was ajar so it was not pitch black in the room. He felt fully awake, but could sense an oppressive presence all around him, focused behind and around his sides. It felt extremely dark and a little frightening.

Panicking because of the situation, Steven felt that he needed to wake his mother up. He only remained in his  room for a few seconds before walking out onto the landing. The sense of a presence seemed to follow with him. He walked on through into his mother’s room. On the far side of the bed he immediately became aware of a pale grey coloured figure standing in the darkness. However he remained focused on waking her up so didn’t look directly at it. Steven says that strangely at the time he was more concerned by the sense of presence. He knew the figure was there but it was like it didn’t register normally. He called out “Mum!” quite loudly. But his mother did not awake. He continued to shout at her to try and wake her up but she did not stir, it was as if she had been knocked out. His mother is a light sleeper so certainly should have heard him shouting.

Overview showing the upper floor of the house and locations of Steven, his mother and the figure:

This was where his memory of what took place ends. The next thing he knew he was waking up in the morning. He immediately recalled what had happened. Although he felt rested physically his mind was still active, almost as if it had been on pause and then continued when he woke up. He initially put down what had happened to an unusual and vivid dream. Because of this he did not inform his mother or sister about it.

Although Steven did not see the figure standing in his mother’s room clearly it is likely that this was a Grey, which suggests that she too may be a contactee. He tried to wake up his mother by shouting at her but she appeared to be shut down. This is commonly reported by contactees. It appears that the ETs have a way of shutting down individuals at will. This is possibly done to prevent them from fighting back or even witnessing what is taking place.

Watch The Sky

It wasn’t long before another similar incident occurred. Again Steven awoke during the night to find himself standing in his room in the same position as before. Once more the sense of a dark presence was there too. However this time it immediately felt like it was lifting and going away. For an unknown reason Steven also felt angry – at what he did not know. Almost on “auto pilot” he ran downstairs in his night clothes. He flung open the front door, ran outside into the garden and stared up into the sky. It was a clear night and the stars were visible overhead. The only light source was from the nearby street lamp on the footpath at the front of the house. It was quite cool but not very cold.

As he looked up Steven noticed his vision was slightly blurred, and at this point he realised that he had forgotten to grab his glasses. He continued to stare up at the stars, not really knowing what he was looking for. He was surprised that neither his mother or sister had heard the noise of him opening the door and also come downstairs. After a few minutes he decided to go back inside. He turned and started walking back towards the front door.

This was the last thing he remembered, he did not recollect going back upstairs and getting back into bed. When he woke up in the morning he remembered what had happened. When he checked his feet he could see they were a little redder than usual, but there was no other telling signs that he had been outside.

During this second incident Steven felt angry but did not know why. The fact that he ran downstairs, went out into the garden and looked up at the night sky suggests that he was aware deep down that something had come from the sky/space and interacted with him.

The Black Cylinder

The two incidents which Steven had experienced were of course quite un-settling. However what happened next was even more disturbing. Again Steven found himself standing up during the night but this time he was out on the landing alongside his mother. Unlike the previous occasions his head felt a little dizzy and numb. Again he could feel the dark presence behind him. He was facing his mother who like him was in her night clothes. She looked a little concerned and dazed similar to how he felt. They did not speak. Instead their attention was drawn to his sister’s room.

Steven felt an urgent need to leave the property at once. He does not know why he felt this way, it was as if he knew something was going to take place and wanted to get both him and his family away from it. He ran into his sister’s room, leaving his mother standing on the landing. When he entered the room he realised his sister was awake and staring up at the ceiling. She looked shocked and frightened. She was wearing night clothes and only her legs were under the bed covers, her upper half was exposed.

Steven looked up at the ceiling to where his sister was staring. Coming through the ceiling of the room was what appeared to be a black cylindrical object giving off a violet coloured light. It was between 1.5-2 feet in diameter and was positioned vertically. It was descending very slowly, passing through the ceiling and coming down into the room. There was no apparent source for the glow coming from the object, but it was bright enough to dimly light up the surroundings. It was completely silent. The whole look and feel of the object was very “alien”. Steven says that “it was very hard to describe but you could feel that it wasn’t our work. It felt very opposite or inverted in some sense”.

Overview showing the upper floor of the house and positions of Steven, his mother, sister and the black cylinder:

Drawing of Steven’s sisters room showing the position the black cylinder was coming through the ceiling:

Rendered drawing showing the black cylinder from Steven’s perspective:

As soon as Steven registered what was taking place he shouted out to his sister. This appeared to bring her round, and she immediately got up off the bed and ran towards him. Exiting the room, they ran out onto the landing, then they and Steven’s mother all ran downstairs. This is where his recollection of the event ended.

In the morning neither Steven’s mother or sister mentioned what had happened at all. Because Steven could not be certain that what he remembered was nothing more than a vivid dream he decided not to tell them or ask them about it. He did not want to cause any un-necessary stress, especially to his sister.

Steven felt that there was the possibility his experiences were ET-related, so at this point he began to look into the contact subject. Although there were clearly some similarities, they were not clear enough for him to say for certain what was taking place.

This incident included not only his mother but also his sister. Could it be possible that the entire family is experiencing contact? If so then Steven’s mother and sister have made no indication that they are aware of this contact. Perhaps their memories have been completely blocked out, yet for some reason Steven is able to partially recollect what has taken place.

The way in which the black cylinder was passing through the solid ceiling into the room is another aspect that fits with contact. The ETs seem to possess the ability to move matter through matter, and will often take people through the wall, window or ceiling when abducting them. I have not looked into any other cases where a black cylinder has been seen before, and we have no idea what the purpose of this object could have been. Perhaps it was a monitoring device of some kind.

Abduction Recollections

Steven had his first abduction memories a number of weeks after the black cylinder incident. On the evening before he felt a little on edge. Understandably he was concerned that his experiences may be real and may happen again. He was feeling particularly tired so went to bed around 9pm. His mother and sister remained awake. He got into bed, lay down and closed his eyes. Immediately an extremely vivid vision popped into his mind.

In this vision he was in another darkened location. The air in the room was hazy as if filled with fog which seemed to be glowing a violet colour. It was too dark and hazy to properly see the size of the room, but it did not look small. He appeared to be in a lying down position at about 2-3 feet off the floor. Of to his left a couple of feet away was a metallic silver coloured table. He could make out a pair of bare human feet hanging off the end of the table. They were broad and looked male. Because of the angle Steven was viewing the table from he could not make out any more of the individual lying on it.

Above where the individual’s head would be was a strange device. It was spherical and split into hexagon shapes which glowed. Blue electricity appeared to be flowing from the object down into the head of the individual. Steven stared for a short while puzzled by What was taking place. His vision was cut off by a white blurred object moved past him. It moved so fast that he was startled by it. Immediately be found himself back in his room. He remained awake a long while thinking about what he had seen and the reasons for the vision.

Overview of the surroundings, showing the position of Steven, and the table with the other man on:

Rendered drawing showing the table and other man from Steven’s perspective. The angle in this picture is not as sharp as it actually was, in reality Steven could only see the feet of the man and the device over him:

Drawing of the electrical device seen above the man’s head:

Rendered drawing showing the position of the electrical device over the man:

The man that Steven saw on the table in this vision was likely to be another abductee who had been taken around the same time as himself. Like Steven, I have not come across any cases where the electrical device he observed has been reported. However the ETs use a wide variety of different instruments and devices during abduction experiences so this is not really a concern. We can only speculate at present what its purpose could have been. The white blur which moved past him and ended the first vision was more than likely a Grey walking close by to whatever he was lying on.

Examination Procedures

Steven’s further abduction memories came back to him a number of days later. This time he was just waking up in the morning around 8am. He had come round but still had his eyes closed. Suddenly he began to see another detailed vision. This time he was lying down on a flat metallic table, perhaps the one he had previously seen the other individual on. He was unclothed and looking down could see his knees and legs. He knows he was able to move his head but is not sure if his body was paralyzed or not. Strangely he did not feel the need to get up or try and escape. Steven says “I didn’t feel the need to move really. Under normal circumstances I’d be running like my life depended on it. But I didn’t feel like I needed to move.”

Standing around his lower half were five Grey beings, two on each side and one more at the base of the table. They appeared to be between 4-5 feet in height. This was hard to judge because he could not see the floor. But the table was at the height of their waists, and their upper halves appeared about 2 feet in height. They seemed to be unclothed and had a very pale grey coloured skin, almost chalk white. He did not pay too much attention to their bodies, it was their faces that held his attention the most. The beings had bulbous heads and thin necks. Their eyes were large and almond-shaped. They were either black or very dark brown. Their noses were visible but not very pronounced, and they had slits for mouths. No ears were visible. Their fingers were long and thin, but Steven cannot remember how many fingers they had.

The beings all had their arms up in the air. They were grabbing hold of the edges of a strange curved device which was being lowered down over his legs. Steven felt indifferent to the experience, almost like he did not care about what was happening to him. The device appeared to be about 6-7 feet in length. The inner surface of the device appeared to be semi-translucent. It was smooth and had rows of violet-coloured lights running along it which seemed to be embedded in the surface.

Steven looked to his left past the nearest being. To the left of him was a wall only a few feet away. On this wall were rows and rows of coloured glowing lights. There was no such wall off to his right, only darkness. He realised he must be alongside one edge of the room. He never found out the purpose of the lights on the wall, or of the device being lowered onto him. This is where the vision ended. He opened his eyes, feeling unsettled by what he had just seen. He could not understand why his mind would come up with such a detailed and specific vision if there was nothing to it.

Rendered drawing showing Steven on the table with the Greys around him, device over his legs and wall covered in lights:

Rendered drawing showing a perspective view:

In this second vision it is clear that Steven was being interacted with more directly. He was now lying on the metallic table and his night clothes had been removed. The device which the Greys were lowering down over his legs is very intriguing. Although I have not investigated any other cases where an identical device has been mentioned, I have looked into one where a curved structure of the same shape was lowered down over the individual. In this case the structure appeared to be made out of glowing yellow bars, almost like a cage. Steven does not suffer from any medical issues relating to his legs, so it does not seem that the device was employed to heal him in any way. Its purpose at present remains unknown.

Other Signs

Steven has informed me that his mother is a spiritual medium, and that he believes he has inherited her abilities. He also says that his sister has a high spiritual awareness. At present he has not decided to develop his own abilities, but it is something he may decide to do in the future. Although Steven feels that this has nothing to do with his contact experiences, it is very common for contactees to feel that they are in some way gifted with psychic or sixth sense abilities.

He does suffer from social anxiety and hates to be out with other people he is not familiar with. This seemed to come on very suddenly back in 2012 for no apparent reason. It is possible this is linked with his contact experiences though this cannot be confirmed.

On a few occasions Steven has woken up with bruises, scratches or small red dots on his arms which look suspiciously like puncture markings. However none of these have been directly linked with any of his experiences, so again may have natural causes. But it is still possible that some of them may have been markings left from abductions which have been blocked from his memory at present.


Due to the details Steven has recollected from his experiences it is likely that he is a contactee. His initial experiences where he found himself awake during the night are very interesting indeed. While it is possible to sense a dark presence during sleep paralysis, he could not have been paralysed recollects walking around his house and even running outside. Could the incidents have been down to vivid dreams? This cannot be entirely ruled out as seemingly only Steven recollected them taking place despite both his sister and mother being involved . However all of the experiences have elements pointing towards ET contact.

I feel that the two visions which Steven has so far experienced are indications that he may have been abducted on one or more occasions. This is often the way that memories of contact will often come back to the individual after initially being blocked out. Unfortunately by the time he experienced these he had been looking into the contact subject, so there is the possibility that things he had read about played a part in what he remembered, although I find it unlikely to be the cause of the visions. Steven informed me that he had not seen the electrical device hanging over the head of the man before, or the device that was lowered down over his own legs during the second flashback.

We have no way of knowing if the discs sighting from 2003 was in any way related to his experiences, but at face value does not appear to be. The discs were not sighted over his own house but were at least half a mile away, and there was no sign of any direct interaction or observation.

It seems unlikely that Steven’s experiences have come to an end, and I have assured him of on-going support if he requires it. He has informed me that going forward he plans to document any further experiences. If he decides to keep in touch this report may be updated with additional information.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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