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Stockholm Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 05/03/2011


Kiera has lived in Stockholm, Sweden her whole life. Since an early age she has experienced many unusual things which seem to have a paranormal explanation or are directly related to UFOs and ET contact. This report details her experiences in rough order of when they took place, and contains both drawings and photographic evidence.

Unexplained Sounds

Since an early age Kiera has occasionally heard a high pitched beep sound in her left ear. There is no regularity to when she hears this, but it has seemed to occur more often in the last few years. The sound is quite clear but not overly loud. It continues for a number of seconds before stopping abruptly. Kiera does not remember it ever occurring at night time when she is in bed, it tends to occur randomly in the day.

When she was young she would directly associate it with someone coming to get her. She has no idea why she felt this, but remembers telling her mother “Now they are coming!” when she heard the noise. The fact that she made this association is in itself very interesting, but even more interesting is that she is far from alone in hearing sounds such as these. Many contactees describe hearing beeps or buzzing noises, which sometimes feel to them as if their mind is being scanned.

Kiera also remembers being fascinated by the night sky, and a particular recurring dream where she saw spaceships which reminded her of big wheels.

In 2010 she decided to try to block the sound out using various methods. She found out that she could stop it using her own thoughts! When the noise occurred she would think very intensely on bouncing it away to a different direction. She noticed that when she did this the noise would stop much faster, but then would re-occur later in the same day. The fact that she can apparently influence the sound using her own mind leads her to believe it is not related to a medical condition.


Another thing Kiera remembers from her childhood is that she would often get nosebleeds at night time. She would sometimes awake to find her pillow covered in blood. Of course many children get nosebleeds, so this many not necessarily be related to contact, but nosebleeds are a commonly reported side effect of abduction experiences. They are sometimes related directly to examination by the ETs or an implant placed in the bridge of the nose.

Kiera says that her father also used to suffer from nosebleeds at night, right up until he passed away in 2009. She has also been informed by her mother that he used to experience terrifying nightmares where something was after him. He would often wake up screaming saying things like "They wanted to kill me!" Could this suggest that Kiera's father was also a contactee?

Blood Group

Something else to note is that Kiera is blood group RH negative 0, and so was her father. Some researchers believe this blood group to be directly related to contact, it does not appear to have an earthly origin and so some theorise that this is evidence of genetic manipulation by aliens. However there are plenty of contactees who do not have this blood type. You can read numerous pages and studies about this online.

Multi-Coloured Lights UFO Sightings

Kiera had her first sighting of a UFO in November 1977. Her and her older brother Thomas were at their house in Hogdalen (High Valley) in the south of Stockholm. It was early evening between 6-8pm. Their parents had not yet arrived home from work. Kiera was on the phone to a friend, while her brother was outside on the balcony. Suddenly she heard him call her, saying that he could see a UFO! Kiera went outside and found Thomas looking up into the sky.

As it was winter time the sky was already very dark. Kiera stared to where her brother was looking. She could make out a line of blinking lights of various colours including red and green. The main body of the object could not be made out, but the lights seemed to be around the edge of it. It appeared to be quite large in size and at high altitude. It could not have been a plane as it was completely silent.

UFO photograph from a different case (Conneticut May 1987) modified by the witness to show what the object she and her brother saw looked like:


The object was moving slowly in a South Easterly direction. It then slowly turned a full 180 degrees until it was moving back to the North West from where it had came.

Map showing the location of the witnesses and estimated route of the UFO:


Later that evening they told their parents, but they didn’t believe in UFOs and so did not pay much attention to them.

A year went by. Kiera and her brother had almost forgotten about the strange object they had witnessed. It was November 1978, possibly an exact year to the day since their sighting. Again it was early evening time and very dark. Just like the previous year, Kiera and Thomas were in the house and their parents were out. They were both outside on the balcony relaxing.

Suddenly they spotted in the sky the exact same object they had seen the previous year! It felt to them like it had waited a whole year and was now returning to the same place for whatever reason. This time Thomas excitedly ran inside the house and grabbed his Pentax camera. Running back outside he took several photos of the object. It flew on exactly the same course as last time, turning 180 degrees and leaving to the North West.

One week later Thomas had the photographs developed. Sadly they were out of focus due to the distance, and it was not possible to see the blinking lights, however the shape of the main body of the object was now visible. It appeared to be the shape of a cigar. They showed the photographs to their parents but as before they dismissed them and said the object must have been a plane. Unfortunately a couple of weeks later the photos were accidentally destroyed when a shelf collapsed, covering them in liquor. Sadly this important bit of evidence was lost.

It seems unlikely that the object was an aircraft or helicopter due to its appearance and the fact that it made no sound. Also if it were one of these then surely the witnesses would have seen them on many other occasions and realised it was nothing out of the ordinary. When they saw the object a second time they immediately recognised it as the same object they had seen the year before.

Kiera wonders if the object ever returned there again. She was not to find out either way as before November 1979 the family moved to a different address. It is very interesting that the object appeared two years in a row. There are very few known cases where UFOs have returned to the same location more than once. Could it have been there specifically to observe Kiera? It did not appear to directly interact with her in any way, but if it was just observation she may not have been aware of this.

Initial Visitation

By 1996 Kiera had gotten married and had a 1 year old daughter, Elin. In 1997 a disturbing experience took place. One night Elin suddenly screamed out loud from her bedroom. Kiera got out of bed, went and picked her up, then carried her around a while until she dropped back off to sleep. She then returned to bed. A short while later her daughter screamed again. She kept doing this 7-8 more times until in the end Kiera put her to sleep between her and her husband.

Kiera is not aware of how long she was asleep for after settling down, but suddenly she found herself awake. She quickly discovered she was paralyzed, which absolutely terrified her. She was lying on her side facing away from the room. She felt like someone was standing alongside the bed behind her. She sensed a strong feeling of hate from whatever it was, it felt to her like it wanted to kill her. As she was paralyzed she could not roll over to look at it, but in her mind she saw a tall hooded figure dressed in black. The clothing it was wearing looked like it was made out of rubber-like material.

She was very frightened of what was taking place, but kept saying over and over in her head “Get out of here! Get out!” Suddenly she sensed the figure had disappeared and she found she could move again. A moment later she felt a strong feeling of love pass throughout her body, which she says felt like “someone pouring warm water over me from my head to my feet”. She then drifted back off to sleep.

This experience is interesting and could have been a contact experience, however lots of what Kiera describes here does fit in with sleep paralysis. This is where the body wakes up in semi dream state. The human body shuts down while sleeping to prevent us acting out our dreams, but sometimes it is possible to wake up but still be paralysed. Often during sleep paralysis the individual can sense the presence of something in the room or see dark shadowy figures. This occurs because the brain envisages the body is being held down by an external force. This is often accompanied by strong feelings of emotion such as evil, hate or love. Perhaps the fact that she was having a troubled night with her daughters outbursts led to her experiencing sleep paralysis on this occasion.

However as Kiera has had other experiences which certainly seem related to contact, could this have been an ET visitation? During contact, the individual is often paralyzed. This is probably done to prevent them from struggling or trying to stop what is happening to them. Could Kiera’s daughter have sensed the presence of the being prior to Kiera’s experience?

Beings and First Body Marking

Later in 1997 Kiera had another unusual experience, one which I feel has more likelihood of being related to contact. She does not remember the precise date when the experience took place. She suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that the bed covers had just been dropped back down onto her. She woke because of the sudden gust of air on her. When she awoke she found she was lying on her back, something which she never consciously does and to her knowledge never does in her sleep.

Kiera opened her eyes and peered round the room. She immediately saw at the bottom of the bed the silhouettes of two or three short figures. She could not make out their faces as it was quite dark in the room. She was very surprised by the presence of these beings. She then feels that she heard the beings speaking to one another telepathically. They said to each other “Oh! She woke up!” It was as if they had not intended her to stir. She then felt herself sink back off to sleep. Considering the circumstances this was very unusual behaviour, but it felt to her like she had been sedated. This feeling is often reported by contactees and can often precede an abduction experience.

The following morning when she awoke Kiera felt very weak like she was drained of energy. When she looked in the mirror she noticed three small dots on the side of her stomach which were in a triangular shape. They were around the area of her left ovary and were red in colour. She felt that they were strange but as she was so tired she then forgot all about them. Unfortunately she did not take a photo of the markings, and they vanished soon afterwards.

A couple of weeks after the incident, Kiera bought the infamous book Communion by Whitley Streiber, which is all about his own abduction experiences. Kiera was scared by what she read as it seemed to fit with her own experiences. She decided to forget everything and get on with her life.


By 2004 Kiera had got divorced and moved into a new apartment with Elin. They lived there for several years without incident. In the winter of 2007 they started to hear a strange low frequency humming noise at night which would start about 11.30pm. They looked everywhere but could not find the source of the sound. After a while it seemed to cease. But in March 2008 it began again. It was now that Kiera found out it was coming from the flat below them, which belonged to a company who were working on electrical components. The noise would occur most nights, and by July it was making them feel nauseuous. Kiera looked into noise pollution claims but found that the legal process was very complex and would take a long time. In August she arranged for her and her daughter to sleep at her mother’s house each night.

As the sound would only occur after dark, they continued to spend time at the property during the day time. In September 2008 they were round the flat when Elin showed Kiera a scratch mark on her arm. It was red in colour and about 4cm in length. Elin said that it had just suddenly appeared of its own accord, but Kiera felt that she had probably just accidentally hurt herself. The scratch was visible for a few days before it finally vanished without leaving a scar.

A month later Kiera was painting the living room wall when suddenly numerous scratch marks appeared all over her right arm. She immediately felt that these were not accidental and there was a paranormal explanation behind them. Soon after Elin began to find other scratches on herself at various places.

These scratch marks have continued to appear on Kiera (and to a lesser extent her daughter) right up to present day. She never sees the markings actually appear on her skin, she just finds them soon afterwards. They are sometimes painful, especially when put under running water. They appear at various places on her body, but are more commonly found on her hands. Kiera is convinced that she is not accidentally causing the marks.

Below are a number of photographs Kiera has taken of the scratches she has found on herself between May 2009 and June 2010:

May 2009



October 2009


December 2009



January 2010




May 2010


June 2010



Kiera informs me that other people in Sweden are also finding these markings on them. She believes them to be related in some way to ET contact.

Paranormal Activity

Soon other strange occurrences began to take place in Kiera’s proximity, at both her own flat and her mother’s house.

In her own flat Kiera’s electrical equipment started to behave strangely. The TV would suddenly lose its reception for no reason. The computer broke down numerous times and also turned on by itself on one occasion. The stereo switched itself on. Kiera's radio alarm clock would turn itself off at night causing her to wake up late. Their pet parrot also started to become very angry and agitated. Kiera decided to give it away to someone else, after which it completely settled down. It appeared to be the flat which had caused it to act in this manner.

On one occasion her mobile phone automatically called up her house phone while she was entering the flat. It is of course possible that the buttons were knocked inside her bag, but if this happened it does seem to be a strange coincidence.

In her mothers flat Kiera experienced further electrical activity. The timer in the kitchen started by itself on numerous occasions. Light bulbs would also last only a few minutes before suddenly blowing. Kiera also sensed a presence in her bedroom from time to time, although she never saw anything there.

Kiera decided to contact numerous ghost hunters and mediums to see if they could detect anything strange in her own property. A Swedish dowser who turned up to inspect the flat stated that she had aliens living there (Kiera had not told him about any of her previous experiences). The mediums claimed to detect both ghosts and strange small creatures in the flat.

One of the ghost hunters managed to record some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) which sounded like voices. In 2009 he returned to spend a night at the property on his own. Afterwards he said he had captured some more unusual sounds, but did not play these sounds to Kiera. Later Kiera decided to try her own recordings. When she played them back she heard strange popping sounds. She sent the recordings to the ghost hunter and he confirmed they were the same noises he had recorded. Then while they were E-Mailing each other, he claimed to actually hear the noises in his own house! This frightened Kiera a bit and she decided not to make any more recordings.

Circular UFO Sighting

In October 2008 Kiera and Erin went on a day trip to a small town south of Stockholm named Mariefred. They were driving along the road when suddenly Kiera noticed something unusual in the sky out of the windscreen. It looked like a large round object. It appeared to be at very high altitude. She only glimpsed it for a moment, and thought that she could have been mistaken, so did not mention it to Erin.

When they were close to Mariefred, what Kiera believes was the same object suddenly flew over the road at quite low altitude, right in front of the car! She could now see that it was a metallic silver colour. Erin screamed out “What is that? Is that a UFO?!” A moment later it was gone and they could not see it in either direction. It had either vanished into thin air, or flown away extremely fast.

The object did not seem to directly interact with them in any way, but it is interesting that it suddenly moved closer after Kiera spotted it at a distance.

Abduction Memories?

In late 2008 Kiera began to experience strange dreams about needles, and would then find associated markings on her body. On one occasion she had a dream about a long needle being pushed into her inner foot. When she awoke she found a small red mark at the location where the needle had been in the dream. The marking did not hurt when she touched it. She has no idea how long it remained on her foot for, but it did not leave a permanent scar. She did not photograph the marking as it was too small.

On another occasion she had a dream about numerous long needles being pushed into her upper mouth. In the morning she had a look but could not see anything out of the ordinary. But she still felt like something had taken place and it was more than just a dream. About a month later she discovered that she had three raised bumps in her upper mouth which had definitely not been there her whole life. She decided to take a photograph of these bumps. Kiera says she will send it through to me to add to this report.

In February 2009 Kiera noticed that Erin had three dots in a straight line on her inner foot, at the same place where she had discovered the single mark a couple of months before. Erin did not know where these marks could have come from but they did not appear to be insect bites.

In December 2010 Erin noticed a small spot of blood on her night dress at the back of the neck. She asked Kiera to check her neck for any markings, but nothing was found.


In August 2010 Kiera decided to try hypnotherapy to see if she could remember any additional memories. The hypnotherapist was from Stockholm. During her first regression Kiera was taken back to her childhood years. Directly after the regression, the hypnotherapist asked her to draw something of importance from her childhood. She does not know the reason why, but she grabbed a pencil and immediately drew a picture of an alien face! This surprised her and led to her deciding to be hypnotised again.

In early 2011 Kiera was regressed a second time. During this regression Kiera's body suddenly became stiff and she felt like she could not move. She then saw herself on a flat table surrounded by numerous Greys. There was some kind of tube/pipe like object above her. She did not have any more recollections but this does suggest that Kiera had been abducted at least once. Kiera feels uncomfortable when someone holds a camera close to her. Her hypnotherapist suggested that this was because it reminds her of the object that was over her during the abduction. Throughout the session, Kiera also felt a strange presence in the room, and wonders if that they were being observed by the ETs at this time.

In later sessions, the hypnotherapist tried to sever the link between Kiera and the ETs. This has seemed to at first reduce and then completely stop the beep sound that she sometimes hears in her left ear (see earlier). However Kiera can still feel it even if she does not hear the sound anymore, so it does not look like this has fully worked.


Kiera has had some very interesting and varied experiences, some of which appear to be linked to ET contact. If what she claims about her regressions is correct then it certainly appears she is a contactee. Some of her experiences could be down to other paranormal activity, but it is unknown if this activity is indirectly related to contact or not. I hope that Kiera stays in touch and keeps me informed of any new incidents which occur. If she does this report will be updated with these experiences.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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