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Stockholm Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 05/03/2011


Kiera has lived in Stockholm, Sweden her whole life. Since an early age she has experienced many unusual things which seem to have a paranormal explanation or are directly related to UFOs and ET contact. This report details her experiences in rough order of when they took place, and contains both drawings and photographic evidence.

Unexplained Sounds

Since an early age Kiera has occasionally heard a high pitched beep sound in her left ear. There is no regularity to when she hears this, but it has seemed to occur more often in the last few years. The sound is quite clear but not overly loud. It continues for a number of seconds before stopping abruptly. Kiera does not remember it ever occurring at night time when she is in bed, it tends to occur randomly in the day.

When she was young she would directly associate it with someone coming to get her. She has no idea why she felt this, but remembers telling her mother “Now they are coming!” when she heard the noise. The fact that she made this association is in itself very interesting, but even more interesting is that she is far from alone in hearing sounds such as these. Many contactees describe hearing beeps or buzzing noises, which sometimes feel to them as if their mind is being scanned.

Kiera also remembers being fascinated by the night sky, and a particular recurring dream where she saw spaceships which reminded her of big wheels.

In 2010 she decided to try to block the sound out using various methods. She found out that she could stop it using her own thoughts! When the noise occurred she would think very intensely on bouncing it away to a different direction. She noticed that when she did this the noise would stop much faster, but then would re-occur later in the same day. The fact that she can apparently influence the sound using her own mind leads her to believe it is not related to a medical condition.


Another thing Kiera remembers from her childhood is that she would often get nosebleeds at night time. She would sometimes awake to find her pillow covered in blood. Of course many children get nosebleeds, so this many not necessarily be related to contact, but nosebleeds are a commonly reported side effect of abduction experiences. They are sometimes related directly to examination by the ETs or an implant placed in the bridge of the nose.

Kiera says that her father also used to suffer from nosebleeds at night, right up until he passed away in 2009. She has also been informed by her mother that he used to experience terrifying nightmares where something was after him. He would often wake up screaming saying things like "They wanted to kill me!" Could this suggest that Kiera's father was also a contactee?

Blood Group

Something else to note is that Kiera is blood group RH negative 0, and so was her father. Some researchers believe this blood group to be directly related to contact, it does not appear to have an earthly origin and so some theorise that this is evidence of genetic manipulation by aliens. However there are plenty of contactees who do not have this blood type. You can read numerous pages and studies about this online.

Multi-Coloured Lights UFO Sightings

Kiera had her first sighting of a UFO in November 1977. Her and her older brother Thomas were at their house in Hogdalen (High Valley) in the south of Stockholm. It was early evening between 6-8pm. Their parents had not yet arrived home from work. Kiera was on the phone to a friend, while her brother was outside on the balcony. Suddenly she heard him call her, saying that he could see a UFO! Kiera went outside and found Thomas looking up into the sky.

As it was winter time the sky was already very dark. Kiera stared to where her brother was looking. She could make out a line of blinking lights of various colours including red and green. The main body of the object could not be made out, but the lights seemed to be around the edge of it. It appeared to be quite large in size and at high altitude. It could not have been a plane as it was completely silent.

UFO photograph from a different case (Conneticut May 1987) modified by the witness to show what the object she and her brother saw looked like:

The object was moving slowly in a South Easterly direction. It then slowly turned a full 180 degrees until it was moving back to the North West from where it had came.