Southampton Contact Case (Part 3) - Greys, Hybrids, Abductions, Body Markings, Implants, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/05/2018

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms hav been used for some witnesses and certain location names have been omitted

Possible Implant & Hole through Arm

One day in the spring of 2014 Tina went round to visit her mother. When she grabbed hold of the door handle with her right hand she felt a sharp pain. When she checked her hand she saw that there was a small lump under the surface of the skin, about 5mm across. It was situated a couple of inches below her middle finger.

The lump continued to cause her irritation so she decided to visit her GP to enquire about it. He performed an X-Ray and informed her that there was something present inside her hand but was unable to confirm exactly what it was. He referred her to the hospital for day surgery to have it removed. Several days later she received the appointment via letter.

The operation was only minor and was over extremely fast. Within several minutes the object was removed from her hand under local anaesthetic using surgical scissors.

Drawing of the object held in surgical scissors:

Tina only got a quick glimpse of the object. It appeared to be a black slimy looking spherical object a few millimetres across, possibly covered in a membrane. Attached to either side of it was a black and grey membrane with white at each end.

Drawing showing an enlarged view of the extracted object:

The surgeon swiftly placed the object into a small glass jar and it was taken away. He then sewed up her hand, then put a pressure bandage on her right arm up to the elbow.

Scar left on Tina’s hand from the operation:

After the operation Tina noted that the surgeon and others present seemed puzzled. When she asked about what had been removed they informed her that they had not seen anything like it before, and that it had to be sent off for further analysis. She was asked to return to her GP two days later to have the bandage removed.

During the following night Tina saw a white flash of light and woke up with a start. She then realised her hand was no longer aching, where as it had been when she had gone to sleep. Looking at her right arm she noticed a drop of blood close to her elbow. When she pulled back the bandage to check she found a neat round hole either side of her arm. There was no pain at all and the holes seemed clean, the only blood being the drop which had seeped into the bandage!

In the morning she returned to her GP as scheduled. When she showed him the holes in her arm he was extremely shocked. He exclaimed “Tina did you fall over? Have you impaled yourself on something? What happened?” She explained that she had just gone to bed like normal and had not injured her arm in any way. He was fascinated by the wounds and lifted up her arm and squeezed her skin and hand in various ways.

He confirmed to her that the hole went right through her arm, and that he had never seen anything like it before. He was amazed that there was no pain or swelling, and hardly any blood seeping from the holes. He was also concerned that perhaps this was down to nerve damage in her arm, but soon confirmed that this was not the case. He said that he did not want to stitch up the wounds as he could not explain how they had occurred.

The only sensation Tina had that the wounds were there at all was slight irritation which lasted less than a day. Within several days the holes had healed over with skin leaving dark red-brown coloured circular scars. These scars are still clearly visible today.

Photographs of the scars caused by the hole through Tina’s right arm:

Could the object which was removed have been another implant? It certainly appears quite similar to the object that Tina got Gavin to extract back in 1999. If so this would explain why the surgeons were so puzzled by it. It is a shame that they never informed Tina of what it could potentially be.

If it was an implant that was extracted, perhaps Tina had a contact experience during the night as a result of this extraction. If so, then the hole through her arm could have been caused by an instrument which was used on her during this experience. It is hard to put this injury down to something mundane. There was nothing in Tina’s house which could have accounted for the injury, and she would have had to have pushed her arm against something extremely forcefully for it to have punctured a neat hole right the way through. She is not prone to sleep walking or thrashing her arms about in her sleep. And of course if she had somehow managed to injure herself in this way she would have woken up in agonising pain. There would also have been much more blood and irritation around the entry and exit hole.

The fact that the injury occurred just a day after the object was removed from her hand certainly suggests that they may have been related. If so, this is the most extreme injury I have ever investigated relating to contact.

Partner’s Abduction

In August or September of 2015 Tina and her partner Richard decided to have an early night. It was very hot so they left the windows open and the blinds up. It was a full moon and the stars were visible in the sky. As she lay in bed Tina suddenly began to feel worried and alert, but didn’t know why. After a while the feeling went away and she settled down to sleep on the left side of the bed like usual.

She awoke at some point during the night. She was in a foetal position facing to the right and could not move. She realised that Mark was missing from alongside her. Her eyes seemed to be bulging out more than usual, and the bed sheets were also drawn back.

Standing in the room close to the door about 3 feet away was a strange being. It had milky white luminescent skin and was about 3.5 feet tall. It was very slender like a Grey. However its head appeared to be shaped like a flattened cylinder, almost like a biscuit tin. Beyond it was a glowing blue-green light with no determinate source.

The being was facing side on to Tina, so she could not see its facial features, but could see the side of, and even part of the back of, its head. Around the side of its head was a raised ridge which reminded her of a bandage. The back of its head looked less smooth than the sides, and was covered in lumps which reminded her of mashed potato.

Drawing showing the flat-faced being:

As Tina watched, the being leant forward bending at the hip. It appeared to be looking at a photograph and several teddy bears that were on the bedside table alongside Richard’s side of the bed. Tina felt sure that the being knew she was awake and observing it, but it did not interact with her in any way. The last thing Tina recalls is seeing a bright white flash of light.

Drawing showing the position of the being and the bedside table:

She woke up in the morning like usual. Richard was back alongside her. He appeared to have no recollection of anything odd taking place. However he soon began to complain that he felt unwell and that his throat hurt. Tina did not want to worry him so did not mention what had happened during the night.

Unfortunately Richard did not recover and his symptoms steadily got worse and worse from that point. He also began to lose weight at an alarming rate. About six weeks later, Tina finally informed him about what had taken place. He was quite disturbed by what she told him.

In the end Tina took him to see a specialist at the hospital. When they performed a blood test they discovered that, similar to Tina, the level of one of his enzymes was massively higher than normal. However instead of ALT, it was his level of Amylase, an enzyme produced by the pancreas. The level was so high that the specialist felt he did not have long to live. At first they assumed it may be cancer, however when they performed a scan they could find no sign of that.

Both he and Tina had also began to suffer from pains in their chest. When further tests were performed the doctors discovered they both had stomach ulcers at exactly the same place!

Medical notes confirming Tina’s and Richard’s stomach ulcers:

Over the next 10 months both he and Tina took pills to treat their ulcers. These steadily subsided, and Richard’s enzyme levels also dropped back down. However he remains in a very ill state and has been prescribed liver cancer treatment drugs despite the fact they have not been able to find any sign of this. They have recommended that he remains on these drugs for the foreseeable future.

Whatever has caused both Tina’s and Richard enzyme levels to greatly increase, the doctors confirmed it was not contagious, and is not something that one of them could have passed on to the other. Also the fact that they both had a stomach ulcer at the same location cannot be put down to this explanation.

While it would be easy to view their symptoms as purely medical conditions, there is the possibility that they have both been taken and had procedures performed on them which has led to these ailments. So far I have not come across any other cases where this has occurred, but I am continuing to search for some.

Partner’s Chest Marking

One morning in February 2016 Richard got up out of bed. Tina noticed a sore looking patch of skin on the left side of his chest just under his rib cage. She was certain it had not been there previously. The marking looked like a curved heart shape. They checked the bed but found nothing which could account for it. Tina says that he is not prone to sleepwalking so it is unlikely he got out of bed and bumped into something during the night.

Richard tried touching the marking and confirmed there was no pain. Within a couple of hours the redness died down but a pale scar still remained, a scar which is present to this day.

Photograph of the scar on Richard's chest:

This marking did not seem linked with any particular experience, at least none that Richard could remember. It may of course have a mundane explanation, however it does seem significant due to the fact that it left a lasting scar.

Implant Replacement?

In late 2016 Tina’s right hand began hurting again. She noted that another small lump was now present about an inch above the scar from the previous extraction. There was no signs of any puncture marks and no explanation for what the lump could be. She went back to hospital but was informed that this time due to the position of the lump it would be too difficult to remove without the tissue around it being damaged so Tina decided to leave it alone.

Luckily after a while the pain died down. The lump has remained in her hand to this present day. It appears to change position, coming up to the surface and causing pain for a while, before moving deeper into her hand again.

While it is likely that this lump has a medical explanation, there is the possibility it is an implant which has been put in to replace one that was taken out previously. The first step to determining if this is the case is to check whether the lump is metallic or not. I intend to check for this using a stud finder later this year when we next meet up.

Wrinkled Grey

On the 17th January 2017 Richard and Tina were over her mother’s house on Knighton Road. During the night Tina suddenly woke up for an unknown reason. Richard was there next to her fast asleep. She tried sitting up in bed but realised she could not sit all the way up, only lift up off the mattress.

Looking towards the base of the bed she was surprised to find at least several Greys standing there. Most of them were completely hidden in shadow. However the nearest one she could see clearly enough to make out details.

This one looked different to the others she had seen during her other contact experiences. It was quite short, no taller than 3 feet high, with white coloured skin. However what was most noticeable was that its skin was very wrinkled, making it appear really old. Also its head was more of a flattened heart shape, with two distinct sides separated by an indentation at the centre of its forehead.

Drawing of the face of the wrinkled being:

There are a number of other cases on record where this type of being has been encountered. Tina was not frightened by the presence of the beings. She sensed that they were there for her but that no harm would come to her. She felt resigned to whatever was going to take place. She cannot recall anything else after this point, just that they were there.

The Mutilated Buffalo

The following night Tina had a very strange dream. She was inside a clear sphere similar to the one she had been inside during the vision of the other planet she had been shown back in 2014. The sphere descended and entered a small square shaped room which was only about 10 feet across. She appeared to enter the room by floating through the upper corner. The room was completely white and very sterile looking. However it had some double doors which were made out of wood with glass windows. They appeared to be man-made rather than alien.

There was some white coloured piping around the upper edge of the walls, and small devices positioned at intervals down the walls which appeared to be small cameras or lasers. Looking down Tina was shocked to see a large brown-haired buffalo lying on its side on the floor. It appeared to be dead and one of its front legs was cleanly severed and missing. There was no blood on the floor beneath it. The buffalo was lying next to a large rounded metallic device of some kind, and appeared to have been involved in a test or experiment of some kind.

Drawing of the layout of the room showing the position of the dead buffalo and device:

Tina wanted to see what lay beyond the wooden doors. In response to this thought, the sphere moved downward and towards the doors, before passing straight through them. She was now in a white walled corridor. Further down the corridor she could see a number of men dressed in white scientific lab coats. One of the men began walking along the corridor heading in her direction. He got close enough to see in detail. He was about 5 foot 8 inches tall, had short brown hair and was in his late 30s to early 40s. He was wearing an ID badge with the name “David Bue” on it.

Suddenly the man stopped moving. Tina was shocked and wondered if he could see her. She began to panic. The sphere retreated back into the room with the dead bison and then back into the top corner from where it had originally come. This is where the dream ended.

When she woke up in the morning Tina recalled what had happened. Like her other contact experiences the details felt very vivid, like something she had actually experienced. Once she had got ready she tried entering the name David Bue on Facebook to see if anyone significant came up, but nobody did.

This is a bizarre experience, and may well have been nothing more than a dream. There was no sign of any ETs present, and due to the fact that Tina has had many other encounters with Greys, it seems unlikely that they were using a screen memory in this instance. That said, the dead buffalo with the missing leg is interesting and could be linked to the animal mutilation phenomenon. Also the white clinical environment was somewhat similar to a craft. There is also the fact that she was inside floating sphere similar to one of her previous experiences. Whatever the explanation, I felt it was worth including in the report.

Light Examination

On a night in mid-December 2017, Tina went to sleep like normal. During the night she awoke to find that she couldn’t move or open her eyes. There were no sounds or noticeable smells. The temperature seemed normal. She was in a sitting position and felt like she was sitting on a curved chair made out of joined metallic cylinders. Above her was a very bright light which she could see through her eyelids.

She remained in this position for what seemed like a long period of time. It felt like her forehead was being intensely blasted with strong light for an unknown reason. After a while she felt more relaxed for just a moment. She breathed in and her chest touched other similar metal cylinders positioned over her. At this point she realised she was not in an open area but was in fact caged.

Towards the end of the experience, she felt like she was suddenly moved sideways. Her hand moved a small amount and touched one of the cylinders she was sitting on. It felt smooth and metallic, but not as cold as metal would usually feel.

Soon after this she blacked out. When she woke up in the morning she felt really tired and drained of energy. However she forced herself to get up and go to work.

The following night she had another very similar experience. This could have been a second separate abduction, or could potentially have been a flashback of what had occurred the first time. Since then it has so far not taken place again.

Joint Abduction & Arm Marking

During the night of Saturday 10th March 2018 Tina came round to find herself in a small room which was very dark. She was standing up and in front of her what was looked like a metallic reclining chair positioned at a slight angle, similar to a dentist chair. In this chair lay her mother who was fully dressed and appeared to be asleep.

Tina felt like she had been drugged, her movements felt sluggish. Out of the darkness stepped two men. One was wearing a white polo neck shirt and brown trousers, and what appeared to be a latex pig mask which covered his head. The other man also had a different mask on but Tina cannot remember what it was. He walked up to her mother and took a hold of her right hand and began talking to her.

Suddenly one of the walls of the room lifted up like a tent flap being opened. Beyond it Tina could see white light. A figure stepped forward into the room. It was a short Grey only about 2.5 feet in height. Its skin was white and smooth. Unlike the other Greys she had encountered in previous experiences, Tina sensed a female presence from this one. She was holding a round silver tray upon which was a large two-pronged fork-like instrument. It looked like it was made out of pale yellow coloured crystal and was at least a foot in length.

Drawing showing the surroundings including the positions of Tina, her mother, the men and the short Grey:

The short Grey began to walk towards Tina before stopping between her and the two men. The man wearing the pig mask picked up the fork-shaped instrument off the tray. The Grey looked directly at Tina. She got the sense that something was about to happen which the being was not happy about. The man in the pig mask dismissed the Grey with a wave of his hand and she exited the room.

Before Tina could react, the man lurched towards her and stabbed her in the forehead with the instrument. She fell backwards and almost passed out at the impact for a couple of seconds. As she did so she felt her right arm bump into something solid. The man looked shocked that Tina was still conscious. As she tried to raise her arm to protect herself he stabbed her a second time in the same place and she blacked out.

When she came to it was 7am and she was waking up in bed. She initially felt completely normal. As it was Mothers Day, she went down to the hall to lay out some flowers and a card for her mother, still in her nightie. Tina keeps her laptop on a side table in the hall. She decided before going up to get dressed she would log on and check her E-Mails.

While she was doing this her mother came downstairs. She immediately exclaimed “Oh my god what have you done to yourself? Have you had a flu jab?” Tina asked her what she meant. Her mother pointed at her right arm which was exposed. Her upper right arm appeared reddish and swollen. In the middle of this irritation was a lump with what appeared to be numerous puncture marks around it. This was at the position where she had bumped her arm in the strange dream.

Photograph of the sore area of skin on Tina’s right arm: