Southampton Contact Case (Part 2) - Greys, Hybrids, Abductions, Body Markings, Implants, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/05/2018

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms hav been used for some witnesses and certain location names have been omitted

Chest Operation

Within a few days of the conveyor belt experience, Tina appears to have been abducted yet again. Once again she had no memory of travelling, but found herself in the familiar dome-shaped room with glowing walls.

She was lying down on a bench and unclothed and elevated at a slight angle downwards. She could feel some kind of device over her stomach area pushing down on her. There were several short Greys around her including the one who knows her. It was standing closest to her head. It leaned in close to her and stared into her eyes. Like before she then felt a psychic link with it open inside her mind.

Tina sensed that the being was amazed she was awake. It then began to show her symbols in her mind which represented human reproduction. Tina asked him telepathically “Which part does life come from?” The Grey explained to her that the female ovum was like a dead battery which gets charged during fertilization. He informed her that they did not fully understand the process themselves.

Drawing of the reproduction symbols Tina was shown telepathically:

While she was being shown these symbols the other beings were performing some kind of operation on her using the device over her chest. Suddenly she saw a spurt of blood come up into her eye-line which landed on one of the beings causing it to panic. She then blacked out for what seemed like a couple of seconds.

When she came round, one of the beings held up a bag filled with clear fluid and a 10 inch long tube. Her friend spoke to her, informing her that she was going to die unless they gave her the fluid. Tina informed him that she was worried as she did not know what it was. He responded, informing her that it was cloned blood, and that when it was induced into her body herb blood cells would attach to it and it would take on her DNA. With this explanation Tina was happy for them to proceed. Her friend informed her that it was unsure of where to insert the tube. Tina showed the being a memory of having blood taken from her left forearm.

Drawing of Tina lying down on the bench with the device over her chest and bag attached to her arm:

She felt one of the beings insert the tube into her arm. At this moment the image froze and there was a flash of white light. This was the last thing she recalled taking place.

When she got up in the morning her chest ached. She also noted that her neck felt stiff, although she could not relate this to anything that she recollected from the experience. When she checked in the mirror she noticed a small round indentation on the left side of her chest. It did not seem to hurt at all. She was certain that it had not been there previously as she would have noticed. She was unaware at the time, but this could well be a “classic” scoop marking, one of the more commonly found contact-related body markings. These are caused by the ETs removing the upper layer of skin without breaking it, which leaves a round indentation but no blood.

Photograph of the possible scoop mark on Tina’s chest:

She also found a round reddish mark on her left forearm where the tube had been inserted. Again she was certain that it had not always been there. This marking left a lasting scar which is still clearly visible today.

Photograph of the scar on Tina’s left forearm:

Both of these markings appeared during the night (to Tina's knowledge), and one of them she could link directly to what she remembered taking place. This lends a lot of weight to the incident being a genuine abduction.

Unexplained Neck Bruising

The stiffness in Tina’s neck did not go away. A couple of days later she went with her mother to get some passport photographs taken at a photo booth in Bitterne Post Office. When the photos were developed she was shocked and loudly exclaimed “What the fuck?” The photographs appeared to show areas of dark bruising around her neck area. She asked her mother, who confirmed that nothing was visible directly.

The passport photographs showing the neck bruising:

Tina initially assumed that the marks may have been caused by the particular photo booth she had used. She and her mother drove to Woolworths and had some more taken at the photo booth there. Once again the markings were clearly visible. Her mother was very concerned and recommended that she should go to her GP to try and get some answers.

The following morning Tina went to her GP to see what he would make of the photographs. After showing him them, he confirmed that it looked like bruising caused by muscle damage. He informed her that sometimes bruising will only show up under certain kinds of light, which may have accounted for why nothing could be seen directly.

He confirmed that the markings were too low down on her neck to have been caused by strangulation. As her neck was not hurting at all, he recommended that she kept well rested and then she should return to the photo booth after four days to take some further photographs to see if the bruising had reduced in extremity. She followed his instructions and four days later went to get more photos.

Second set of passport photographs:

As you can see, on this second set of photographs the markings were still visible but were much less pronounced. This confirmed that they were not a photographic artefact, and that they were healing up as expected.

The fact that these markings were found soon after numerous vivid abduction experiences certainly suggests that they were related to one of these experiences. Tina’s neck had felt stiff after the experience involving the chest operation. This suggests that she may have sustained these injuries during that, although she cannot recall anything being done to her neck which would account for the damage. It is possible that further procedures were performed after she blacked out.

Another possibility worth considering is that the injuries were linked with the device that had attached her to the conveyor belt, and it just took a few days for the symptoms to materialise.

The Black Pods

Soon after she had recovered from her neck injuries Tina had another abduction experience. She had gone to bed with her husband like usual. During the night she awoke and felt that there was a presence in the house. Without waking her partner she got out of bed and checked each of the rooms. Finding nothing out of place she got back into bed and settled back down.

Tina then found herself in a very small room with a low ceiling. She was laid down on a flat surface and could not move. There was bright white light all around her and she couldn’t clearly see the walls of the room but could sense that it was quite small in size.

She attempted to establish telepathic communication with any beings which might be present there. Immediately she heard the familiar voice of her friend in her mind. He assured her everything was going to be ok. He then leaned over her from the right, looking down at her face. Due to his height, she realised that if he was standing next to her she would have to be about 1.5 feet off the floor. However as she could not move she could not verify this. He stared at her for a few seconds before backing off out of sight. Tina felt that he had done this just to reassure her that he was there with her.

After this she suddenly blacked out for a couple of seconds. When she came round she found herself in a different room. The ceiling was domed and was higher than before, and the room scale was much larger. There was bright light coming down from the ceiling from an indeterminate source. She was again on a flat bench in the middle of the room but this time it was raised at a 30 degree angle. She was still paralyzed and could only move her eyes.

Something caught her eye off to the right. She realised that there was a group of at least 6 very short Greys standing roughly 10 feet away from her off to her left. They appeared to be huddled together, more so than they would usually be. Again her friend was standing near to her. He looked at her and then moved back leaving her lying there on her own.

A moment later something else to her right again drew her attention, movement of some kind. Tina had no idea what to expect. But when she glanced to the right she was absolutely shocked by what she saw. Alongside her was a metallic panel of some kind coming up from the floor. At first she thought the panel itself was moving. But then she realised that wrapped around it was a huge snake-like creature! Its skin was completely white and very smooth. Its facial features were similar to those of a Grey, with large black eyes, but its chin was more straight edged and pointed. There was also an indent at the centre of its forehead. Its neck must have been between 12-15 feet in length. Tina realised that the group of Greys in the room were scared of it, and this is why they were huddled together.

Drawing of the snake-like creature and other Greys:

As Tina watched, it began to uncoil from the panel. It then swung round its head in a very slow movement until it was looking down at her. Tina was absolutely terrified and thought that it was going to eat her. It slowly moved upward until it was staring down at her forehead. Tina did not sense that It was trying to connect with her. It then seemed to reverse its movements and begin to coil back around the panel again. As it did so the intensity of the light increased until Tina could no longer see anything.

When she could once again make out the surroundings she again found herself in a new location. This area was much larger. There was bright white light all around her. Outside of this the surroundings were much dimmer and hard to make out clearly. She was lying down on a metallic bench which was raised up at an angle. To her right was a number of Grey beings including her friend. Tina wanted to fully sit up but could feel the beings blocking her from doing so. Her friend stepped forward into her eye-line and connected with her telepathically. When he did she could hear the other beings conversing with one another. He assured her that everything would be ok. He then said he would allow her to get up but that she would have to behave.

She then found she could sit up. She stepped down off the bench onto the floor. As she did so she now realised she was wearing a gown made out of thin material. It felt like she was under control. She felt a bitter taste on her breath, and also felt quite giddy. She felt that the beings had done something to sedate her.

She stepped forwards, and could feel the presence of the beings behind her. As she slowly walked forwards she began to move out of the light. As she did so she began to see a little clearer and realised how large the room she was in actually was. Tina estimates that it was 30-40 feet across and had a very high ceiling. It was too dark to see the colour of the walls or ceiling, but the floor was a dull grey colour.

She noticed some movement in front of her and stepped a bit closer to see what it was. Out of the darkness about 20 feet away from her she began to make out rows and rows of egg-shaped pods on raised pedestals. The pedestals were about 1.5 feet in height, and the pods were about 2.5 feet in height. They looked like they were made out of black glass. Coming from with the middle of the objects were red glowing lights. The pods were in groups of three and arranged on ascending steps back as far as she could see.

There was a short Grey standing amongst the rows of pods. It was only about 3 feet in height. When it saw Tina inquisitively looking at the pods it stepped forward as if to protect them from her. Tina could sense that it saw her as a threat and did not want her to approach the pods. In her mind she heard her friend order the shorter one to step back and let her approach.

Drawing of the rows of pods and the small Grey:

Tina stepped closer towards the closest group of black pods. As she did she realised that each of them contained what appeared to be a human foetus! Tina estimates they were between 6-7 months gestation from their size. They were floating in fluid inside each of the pods and were lit up by the red glowing light. She could not make out any umbilical cords.

She reached down and touched one of the pods. It felt cold to the touch. As soon as she touched it she heard numerous girl’s voices in her mind. Immediately she knew that all the foetuses were female.The Greys present appeared very surprised that she was aware of this fact. She could sense them scanning her mind trying to work out how she knew this information.

Due to the temperature of the pod’s surface, Tina was worried about the babies being too cold. Her friend spoke up again, informing her that the babies were being kept warm by the red lights she could see and that the temperature was being regulated. He also informed her that the fluid inside was artificial embryonic fluid.

Tina leaned over one of the pods and looked to examine it further. There were three tubes connected to the back of it – one tube about 2 inches in diameter which was attached to the back of the pod, and two smaller tubes attached to the pedestal. All three went down into the floor.

Drawing of one of the pods from different angles:

As she was looking down at the pod Tina suddenly saw a red glowing pulse of light appear under her feet below the surface of the floor. It shot away on a straight path at a fast speed and was lost from sight. A few seconds passed and then she saw the light again. This time she decided to follow the path it was taking to see where it was going to.

Drawing of Tina following the red pulse:

She began to walk across the room in the direction the light had gone. She was intrigued by what it could be. In response to this her friend informed her that it was related to energy passing around the craft. He then projected a vision into her mind to give her a visual representation of how this energy system worked.

From what she could gather the red pulses she could see under the floor were pulses of energy. As the energy is used up by the craft this pulse gets bigger in size and moves faster. It then enters three cube shaped structures one at a time, carried by a wave of some kind which Tina interpreted as a sound wave. Inside each box the energy pulse bounces around, and as it does so it gradually slows down. By the time it exits the final box it has been fully powered back up and is ready to use around the craft again. It continues this way in a continuous cycle.

Drawing of the energy system of the craft:

After seeing this vision Tina was suddenly pulled backwards towards the bench quite forcefully. Before she knew it, she was once again lying down and could barely move. The short Grey she had seen amongst the pods approached the foot of the bench. It was holding something wrapped up in a blanket. The being held this bundle up and pulled back the blanket to reveal a baby girl who was clearly not entirely human. She appeared to be between 3-6 months old. Her skin was bright pink and she had dark black hair. Her eyes were completely black.

Tina realised what the beings had done. She knew that this baby was a cloned hybrid they had made using her DNA. She then sensed the baby connect telepathically with her. Tina realised that this baby had all of her memories up until recent months where the memories suddenly stopped. She sensed a particular coldness from her, like she was lacking in emotions. This was all too much for Tina to deal with and she began to panic.

Drawing of the Grey bringing her the hybrid baby:

The small Grey hurriedly took the baby away and Tina was pulled back down onto the bench with force. She was deeply concerned by what was happening. Her friend approached her side and informed her that her panicked state had frightened the baby. However the baby would need to connect with her again in order to form a bond with her and obtain a memory of her. It would later share this memory with the other hybrids once they had reached gestation.

The short Grey approached from the left side of the bench. Once again it pulled back the blanket and, like before, the baby connected with her telepathically. It then formed a memory of how she currently looked. Tina was able to see this image, like looking into a mirror. She looked flushed and bedraggled, and her hair was in a mess.

Drawing of the Grey approaching with the baby a second time:

The baby was then covered up and taken away. Tina was quite upset, and asked her friend what they were going to do with her. This question was not answered. Instead the light around her began to get brighter until it completely enveloped her.

She then found herself in another room. This one was quite cramped, no more than 10 feet across. It had a low curved ceiling. Again she was lying down on a flattened bench. The only being now present was the one familiar to her. It was standing alongside her. Looking over at the wall of the room, Tina saw a wall with lots of lines on. When she looked closely she saw that these lines were made up small moving images almost like living cartoon strips. Tina was informed that they were memories from different times and places.

Tina suddenly felt the urge to gain an understanding of where human life had originally come from. She asked her friend. In response to this he directed her towards one of the memories, and Tina began to experience a vision in her mind.

She found herself in a clear spherical object like a bubble alongside her friend. There was blue sky all around them. She looked down below her and realised they were hovering above another planet. It looked absolutely vast. There was a huge open field of thick green grass-like vegetation which stretched for miles into the distance. On the horizon she could see a distant mountain range.

The sphere descended until they were hovering about 10 feet off the surface. Tina stared into the distance towards the mountains. As she focused on them the sphere immediately sped up to an incredible speed and shot towards the mountains. Within a couple of seconds they were there! When the sphere stopped again Tina saw what appeared to be a strong muscular horse with a man riding bareback. The man reminded her of a Native American Indian. He had light brown tanned skin, and was wearing clothing around his waist and a necklace. He did not appear to see the sphere that Tina was inside.

Suddenly the sphere moved again, shooting forwards across the surface of the planet. It went over the brow of a hill. Ahead of her Tina briefly saw an ocean of water. The sphere descended down into the water, and quickly made its way to the sea bed. Here she saw what appeared to be an underwater volcano, with heated bubbles of air emerging from it. Near to this she saw a few other spheres with Greys inside in a seated position. Tina became aware that they were performing some kind of research on the underwater volcano.

One of the spheres moved closer to it. Suddenly there was a bright flash and a violent explosion. The force of this blast sent the sphere they were in backwards at an extreme rate. As it did so she received information about what had happened from her friend. He informed her that the magnetic field around the sphere had reacted with the volcano causing it to erupt. This catastrophe was going to cause the death of this planet. His race only had half an hour to obtain as many biological samples as they could, including humans who were living there.

Drawing of the man on the horse and the ground beneath them contained within one of the spheres:

The sphere continued to ascend up through the atmosphere and out into orbit of the planet. Here Tina could see a couple of extremely large cigar-shaped craft. Countless spheres containing Greys were emerging from these and heading down towards the planet to obtain samples while there was still time. Tina then witnessed the destruction of the planet. As it broke apart she was sent hurtling through space amongst debris and many other spheres.

This course led to our solar system. Tina was informed that they were trying to find a habitable planet to preserve the life they had obtained. They flew past Mars and then Tina saw them approach the Earth. As they got near, the sphere slowed right down. Tina watched as the debris entered the atmosphere. It was mostly made up of small pieces of rock, but there was one huge piece which collided with the planet. Her friend told her that once this impact had subsided they took the biological samples and used them to seed the Earth. This was where the vision ended.

Tina awoke with a start and sat up in bed. It was morning time. As with her other experiences they seemed far more vivid than a normal dream would.

Could this huge series of events have actually taken place during the night? Was it memories of a previous experience that she was now recollecting? Had everything she had seen actually taken place, or was it a mix of reality and a dream? There were so many unanswered questions. But whatever the answers, this experience left a lasting impression on her.

Triangle of Dots

For a number of years Tina has been aware of a small triangle of dots on her right wrist. She cannot recall exactly when she first noticed them but is certain that they were not there during her childhood. She just recalls washing her hands one day and seeing them there.

Photograph of the triangle of dots: