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Southampton Contact Case (Part 1) - Greys, Hybrids, Abductions, Body Markings, Implants, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/05/2018

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms hav been used for some witnesses and certain location names have been omitted


Since beginning investigation into UFOs and the contact phenomenon back in 2008 I have looked into many contact cases from around the world. While some of these cases cover only one or two experiences, others have been much larger and covered experiences that have taken place throughout the individual’s life over many years. This is one such case.

I was first contacted by Tina by phone back in February 2017. She informed me that she had had a number of unusual experiences, but she had kept them to herself for many years. This was down to the sensitivity of her job as a child behaviour modification clinical practitioner, and due to the fact that she did not want to frighten or concern other family members. However more recently her partner, Richard, had begun to suffer from ill health which she believed may be related to these experiences, and so she needed to tell someone and ask for advice.

The experiences Tina has had have gone on since her childhood. Many of them have physical aspects which cannot be easily dismissed – aspects which have included significant body markings, possible implants, periods of missing time and confirmation from other witnesses and doctors. They are truly fascinating, and if they have actually occurred, as they appear to, their implications are massive.

Over many months of lengthy phone calls, messenger discussions and two face-to-face meetings, I have slowly gone over everything which has taken place to date and created this report. Tina has been extremely open in discussing her experiences, and has provided more photographic evidence, medical records, written notes and drawings than any other witness I have ever spoken with.

The Face in the Light

Tina was born in 1971. In the early years of her life she lived with her parents Leslie and Christine, and three brothers Keith, Norman and Gordon, on Knighton Road in Sholing, Southampton. The first unusual experience she can remember occurred when she was 7 years old.

Aerial map of Knighton Road:

It was early in the winter of 1977 (probably November). She recalls something waking her up in the middle of the night. She had no idea why she awoke but something did not feel right. She did not have a clock in her room at the time so did not know the exact time, but it was very dark outside and her family were all fast asleep in their rooms.

It was dark in the room but Tina would always leave her door open, and the landing light was on. She felt wide awake, and for an unknown reason got up out of bed, walked out onto the landing, took a few steps along it and then stopped. She remained there for about 20 seconds. Then suddenly a beam of white light shot down from the ceiling in front of the cupboard further down the landing. It was about 6-7 feet away from her. She felt frightened and stood staring at it rooted to the spot.

Overhead map of the upstairs of the house showing the position of the beam of light:

After a few seconds a huge face appeared in the beam of light. It was about a foot off the floor and around five feet in height. It was not solid but appeared to be made up of light the same as the beam. The face was human, and that of an elderly man with curled hair and a thick beard. It reminded her of an old Greek man like Socrates, and also like Santa Claus. A moment later the beam and the face rushed towards her without warning. Before she could react she blacked out.

Drawing of the face in the beam:

Photograph of the landing with an overlaid drawing of the beam and face:

The next thing Tina became aware of, she was waking up in the morning back in her bed. She immediately recalled what had happened during the night, and it concerned her greatly. It had seemed far more real than just a dream. She did not tell anyone what had happened, but for several nights she insisted on sleeping in her parent’s room as she was too frightened to sleep in her own. After this she calmed down but would still leave the light of her room on at night.

I have dealt with other similar cases where large glowing human faces have been witnessed. Tina is convinced that this incident took place and was not a nightmare. As with many of her later experiences, she felt fully awake at the time and remembered it in full detail in the morning. It is possible that the face was a screen memory masking its true appearance. There have been many cases where this has been reported, and it is particularly common during childhood years. It is even possible that the being was taking on the form of Santa Claus. Another possibility is that it was in its true form but was a humanoid ET rather than human. Tina has never seen the face again or discovered its true identity.

Drilling Teeth

In May 1978, about six months after witnessing the glowing face, Tina woke up one morning to find blood in her mouth and on her pillow. There was no sensation of pain, and when she checked she could find no source of the blood. She told her father about it and he checked her teeth to see if any were wobbly. In the end he assumed she must have bitten her tongue in her sleep, although no injury could be observed. Tina washed her mouth out and soon the incident was forgotten about.

However in late August towards the end of her school summer holidays, it occurred again. This time her mouth felt dry, and it felt to her like her upper teeth had been drilled. Her father was concerned and took her to the dentist for a check-up. They could find nothing visibly wrong with her teeth.

From then onwards she began to experience the same thing roughly three times a year. As the years went by the sensations of drilling became even stronger, and after a while it would feel like her teeth had actually crumbled into pieces and been glued back together. There was no noticeable pattern regarding when it would occur.

From age 25 it began to happen less frequently, roughly once a year. And at around age 36 it ceased completely. To this date it has not occurred again. Despite the fact it occurred for many years, Tina never went back to the dentist to enquire about it.

Figure at the Window

It is not just Tina who has had unusual experiences. In the summer of 1978, an incident involving one of her brothers took place. It was a very warm night and everyone had gone off to bed like normal. Tina recalls waking up during the night to hear her brother Norman screaming hysterically. He had ran through to his parent’s room and was extremely upset. Everyone in the house rushed into the room to see what the matter was.

Norman explained that he had been lying in bed awake. His two brothers who he shared the room with were fast asleep. Due to the heat both the curtains and window had been left open. Norman heard someone calling for help from outside. He got up and looked out of the window to see what was happening. When he did he was shocked to see that it was daylight outside and he was looking at a completely different location covered in grass and rocks.

Suddenly it was like he could see very far away into the distance. He saw a man and woman who looked like they were in their 40s, and a child around 8-10 years old. The people were running and the adults were shouting out “We’ve got it! We’ve got it!” They appeared to be holding some kind of device. The people were being chased by three very tall humanoid beings. These beings were about 28 feet in height. They had long thin stilt-like legs but shorter arms. They were unclothed and had withered wrinkled skin.

Norman’s drawing of the tall creature and the humans:

The people suddenly became aware that Norman could see them and stopped running. A fourth tall being appeared in the distance and then came running towards the window screaming. It reached it and bent down in order to look directly at Norman. Needless to say the sight of seeing such a thing filled him with terror and he had ran to his parents.

Norman’s drawing of the tall being bending down to look in the window:

Tina’s mother and father questioned Norman about what he had seen. At the time they assumed it must have been a nightmare and got everyone settled back down. After that Norman did not want to sleep near the window of the room, and his parents moved the position of the beds. Even though he is now a grown man, the experience still haunts him.

However this is not the end of the story. In 2002 there was a knock on the door. When her mother answered it, standing on the doorstep was Cynthia, the daughter of their neighbour. She looked really frightened was visibly trembling. She asked Christine for a cigarette. Christine asked her what the matter was, to which she exclaimed “You’re never going to believe what I’ve just seen!”

She went to on explain that she had pulled back the curtains and outside the window had seen an extremely tall figure peering in. She was so scared that she did not want to go back into the house for a good while after. Up until this point Christine had not really believed that there was any truth to what Norman said he had seen, but this really shocked her and she wondered if Norman had seen something after all.

Due to the bizarre details of this experience it could be easy to dismiss it as a vivid childhood nightmare. But it is interesting that it has left such a lasting impression on Norman. And it is also interesting that something spookily similar was reported to the family years later by a separate witness.

Hole in Leg

One night early in the summer of 1982 10-11, Tina had a dream that she was flying high up in the sky through the clouds. Without warning she woke up with a start. Despite having gone to sleep in her own bed, she now found herself downstairs on the sofa alongside Christine who had dropped off there. She felt uneasy so got up to head back upstairs. When she did so she noticed blood and pus running down her lower right leg onto her foot.

She went through to the bathroom and put the light on to get a better look. When she checked, she found a rounded hole several mm across which had blood and pus seeping out of it. The skin and flesh underneath was completely missing. Leslie also awoke, probably disturbed by the light from the bathroom or noise Tina was making. When he saw the injury he asked her what she’d done to herself. When she told him that she did not know how it had occurred he went into her room and checked all over the bed to see if there was anything which could have caused it. He found absolutely nothing.

The injury did not seem to hurt at all. Leslie put antiseptic on the wound and then Tina went back to bed as it was the middle of the night. The injury healed up after several days, however it left a lasting scar on her leg which can still be made out today.

Scar on Tina’s leg ringed in black:

Tina is adamant that the injury had occurred during the night at some point. She said that on the evening before she had a bath and would have definitely noticed it if it was there at that time. As you will see, this wasn’t to be the only time that Tina would discover this type of injury.

Sleep Paralysis

In 1987 when she was 17 years old her father sadly passed away. Roughly a week after she awoke in the night to find that she could not move. She was lying face down at the corner of the bed in an awkward position. Her head was hung over the edge of the mattress and her right hand was under the pillow. Her vision was blurred, she found it hard to breathe and she couldn’t swallow. She could see a light in the room and could sense the presence of something, but could not turn her head to look.

She was frightened of the situation, and felt like she lay there for about 20 - 30 seconds. After this time she blacked out. When she came round it was morning time. Once she was out of bed she told her mother about what had happened. Her aunty came into the room and told her that she had had a similar experience years before. Tina put the incident down to stress due to losing her father.

Even though there is some crossover between contact and sleep paralysis, this experience sounds more like the later sounds like the later, and may not be linked with her contact experiences. Sleep paralysis is more likely to occur during periods of stress. And much of what she describes are common aspects of the condition.

Another Leg Injury

Around April in either 1988 or 1989 Tina had a very similar experience to what had happened to her in the summer of 1982. She was now living in a house on Porchester Road with her boyfriend Lee.

Aerial map of Porchester Road:

Like the first time, the experience began with a dream about flying through the clouds. And just as before she felt like she had been thrown back down onto the bed when she awoke. The situation was immediately familiar to her and she felt very uneasy. She got up to put the bedroom light on and looking down immediately noticed blood running down her right leg. Once again there was a small hole visible. This time there was no pus coming from it only blood. It was about 2 inches above the scar of the original injury.

Due to the movement, Lee also woke up. When he saw the blood he asked her what she had done to herself. Despite knowing this had happened before she did not tell him about the first incident. She felt that he might think she was crazy. She just informed him she did not know what had happened. She washed her leg and then got back into bed. Like before, the injury healed up quite fast but left a lasting scar.

Photograph with both scars marked, showing their proximity to one another:

It is fascinating that Tina had two very similar experiences years apart from one another. If the markings were natural then it seems a very odd coincidence that she would have been having extremely similar dreams prior to their appearance. In both instances the wounds were clearly fresh and had not been caused during the previous day as Tina would have noticed the blood. And in both cases there was nothing on or near to her bed which could have accounted for them.

Could the dreams of flying have been her brain’s way of telling her that she had been taken up into a craft? Were these markings from abduction experiences? Body markings can occur during contact, and although they usually fade and vanish completely, sometimes they can leave scars. These are far from the only unexplained injuries that Tina has endured over the years.

Missing Time

In the spring of 1989 an incident occurred where Tina missed not minutes, not hours, but a number of days! She had now moved to a bedsit elsewhere on Porchester Road. At the time she worked at a dry cleaners in Bitterne, which was roughly 25 minutes’ walk away.

One Tuesday evening she came home from work feeling quite tired. She entered the bedroom and bolted the door from the inside. Then she took her shoes off and lay down on the bed in her uniform.

She was woken by her boyfriend heavily banging on the bedroom door. She felt a little dazed and drained of energy. Lee had a key to the bedsit, and she initially assumed that a couple of hours had gone by and that he had brought round some Chinese food for her.

She opened the door and let him into the room. He immediately exclaimed “What the hell’s going on? I’ve had your company on the phone, you’ve not turned up for work!” Confused by his outburst Tina asked “I’ve just come home from work, what do you mean?” Lee responded “That was four days ago! You’ve lost your job, you’ve not phoned in sick!”

Tina was understandably shocked by this revelation. She checked the clock and found that the time was now 10am. But with no indication of the date at first she thought that he must be playing around. However as she continued to talk with him it began to sink in that he wasn’t joking, and that four days really had gone by.

Early in the afternoon she rang her workplace. The assistant manager picked up and informed her that they’d been phoning the house. After two days had gone by and she still did not get in touch they had decided to fire her. They had also contacted her mother which is how her boyfriend had found out about what was going on. Her mother did not head over to the flat to see if she was there because at the time they were not speaking much due to an argument.

Lee stayed with her a couple of days. Tina wondered how she had managed to sleep for such a long period of time without hearing any of the phone calls to the house. However she did not speak with her doctor about what had happened.

Within days Tina collapsed and found she could not walk. She was taken to Royal South Hants Hospital, where she was kept for about three weeks. They seemed very concerned, and performed various examinations. Eventually they informed her that she had a kidney stone which had caused internal scarring. She had to go for ultrasound to break the kidney stone up before she was discharged from hospital.

This is certainly a bizarre incident, as it is of course very unusual indeed to sleep for days without any notable reason or long-term after effects. There is the possibility that the incident is medical-related, due to the fact that soon afterwards Tina was admitted to hospital to have a kidney stone removed. However these do not usually cause extreme tiredness - they tend to cause pain, which would have been more likely to stop Tina from going to sleep, or wake her from her sleep if she did drop off.

Periods of missing time are very commonly reported with contact experiences. Could Tina have been abducted for a number of days? If so she has no current recollection of this at all. However this could explain why she did not hear the phone ringing on multiple occasions. Abductions of this length have taken place before, such as the infamous five day abduction of Travis Walton. While it may seem unlikely that this is what took place, it cannot be entirely ruled out.

Hooded Figure

By 1997 Tina was living on her own in a third floor flat on Burgoyne Road, Thorn Hill. One evening she went to bed as normal about 10.30pm. Usually she would sleep deeply until morning, but during the night something unexpectedly woke her. Her senses felt alerted and she sat up in bed. The room had a huge panoramic window along one edge. The curtains were mostly drawn, but open enough to let some light into the room from the adjacent flat.

Aerial map of Burgoyne Road:

The bedroom door was to the left side of the bed and closed. Suddenly a huge figure entered the room stepping through the closed door. It appeared to be fully solid and was wearing a black coloured hooded cloak that covered its face. The door was about 7 feet in height and it appeared at least a foot taller than that. The cloak it was wearing looked like it was made out of a satin-like material. Tina immediately thought to herself “What the fuck is that?”

Drawing of the cloaked figure:

The figure then moved about 7 feet into the room around the left side of the bed. It appeared to walk rather than float, although its legs were hidden inside the cloak which went down to the floor. As she watched, it then began to turn towards her. At this moment she blacked out.

Witness drawing showing the layout of the bedroom and movement path of the figure:

When she came round she was lying flat on the bed and the figure was nowhere to be seen. Tina was extremely scared by what had just taken place. She reached out and put the bedside light on. She then got out of bed and began exploring the flat one room at a time putting all the lights on, half convinced that it was still going to be there. She did not check the clock to see what time of night it was but she feels that it must have been the early hours of the morning.

After fully exploring each room Tina was satisfied that the being was no longer present. She stood still for several minutes before making herself a cup of tea. She cannot remember if she then went back to bed or just stayed awake until morning. She felt un-nerved by the experience for weeks afterwards and found it hard to get to sleep.

While dark hooded figures are sometimes observed during sleep paralysis experiences, it should be noted that Tina was not paralysed at this time as she was able to sit up in bed before its arrival. This suggests that the being had a more paranormal explanation. It could potentially have been an ET, or there is the possibility it was a ghostly apparition of some kind. Numerous contactees have reported seeing shadowy manifestations around their homes, commonly referred to as “shadow people”. Could this have been what Tina encountered?

Implant Extraction

By 1999 Tina was now living with her second husband Gavin who had moved in with her at the flat. One Thursday night she dreamed of a dull white glowing light and what Tina describes as a “grey fog in her mind”. Despite not consciously experiencing this before in her life, it felt familiar to her. She would later come to learn that this sensation would precede telepathic communication with beings, and refers to it as “the link”. However she was unaware of any direct communication at this time.

The following morning when sat up she felt a sharp stinging sensation in her right buttock. It felt almost like she had been stung by a bee. She asked Gavin to check the location. He confirmed that there was no marks or signs of soreness. She tried pushing on the point of pain and could feel something small under the surface of the skin.

Gavin confirmed the presence of the lump. He recommended that she went to her GP about it. However the pain began to get more intense. Whatever it was, Tina wanted it out of her as soon as possible. She asked Gavin to use some toenail clippers to cut her skin and then use a pair of tweezers to attempt to take it out. He initially refused her request, but in the end agreed to it.

He managed to make a small incision and then used the tweezers to take the object out. When he did so the pain immediately went away. They were shocked to find that the object looked like a small silver ball-bearing about the size of a match head. It was covered in a black and grey web-like membrane but was clearly metallic.

Drawing of the object held by the tweezers:

Gavin was able to cut through the outer membrane with the nail clippers, but when he attempted to cut into the silver ball it bent them until they snapped! There was no sign of how the object got there. Unfortunately Tina did not keep the object and simply threw it away.

Drawing showing an enlarged view of the object:

A few months later she was in the shower with Gavin. He suddenly exclaimed “What have you done to yourself?” Tina asked him what he was on about. He informed her that there were two rounded scar marks on her buttock, one either side of where the object had been extracted. These did not seem to hurt at all. Tina wondered if they were in some way related to what had occurred.

The object removed from Tina could well have been an implant that had been placed inside her during an abduction experience during the night or on a previous occasion, and for whatever reason it had started to hurt. The lack of any noticeable skin trauma, the description of the object and the fact it was covered in a membrane all point towards this possibility.

There are many cases on record where very similar looking objects have been detected and then extracted. The membranous outer covering has been reported before. There are numerous theories regarding the reason for this. Some feel that it may prevent the body from rejecting the implant. Others have proposed that it allows it to connect directly with the nervous system of the individual for monitoring purposes.

It is a shame that Tina threw the object away but at this stage of her life she had not started looking into contact so did not realise what it could have been.

Flying Dreams

In 2001 Tina began to have dreams of flying more regularly than before. These dreams seemed very vivid, like they were actually taking place. She would tend to get a number several days in a row then they would cease for a period of weeks before returning.

They would begin with white light all around her in which she would be floating up and down. She would then see a flash of bright light and would suddenly be high up in the atmosphere with clouds around her. Sometimes it would be daylight, other times after dark. Most of the time she would just be observing rather than controlling her movement. But as the dreams became more regular she would attempt to fly to specific places. By thinking about where she wanted to go to she would immediately fly towards it.

Sometimes the dreams seemed only a couple of minutes long, other times they would last for hours. While travelling she would sometimes see landmarks of places she recognised. At the end of the experience it would sometimes just end, other times she would get lower and lower in altitude until she was about to hit the ground.

Tina still gets these dreams, roughly once every couple of months. Of course many people have dreams about flying. However this is something which is regularly reported by contactees. And as you will see these dreams hav sometimes coincided with contact experiences. It is possible that it is the brains way of recollecting being taken up into the sky. It cannot be proved that this is the cause, but it is still worth noting.

Grey Examination

In late 2002 Tina experienced several days of flying dreams. On the fourth night she and her husband went to sleep at 10pm. Other than the weather being particularly warm for the time of year it was a normal evening. During night she recalls being surrounded by bright glowing white light and the sensation of flying upward.

The next thing she became aware of was of lying down on a flat bench. The white light was still all around her. She found that she could not move her body at all, she was only able to move her eyes and look around. Due to the brightness of the light she could not see the size or shape of the location she was in.

About 10-20 seconds later she seemed to black out for a second. When she came round from this she found that she was now lying down on a different bench, larger than the last. It was also tilted up at 45 degrees. The light was less glaring and she could see clearer now. She was in a dome-shaped room with glowing white walls that had no visible markings or seams. About 10 feet above her was a white light with an indeterminable source. This light was reflecting off the surface of the bench she was on. The bench appeared to be made of metal, but despite this it did not feel cold to the touch. Somehow these surroundings felt familiar to her. She felt like she may have been there on previous occasions.

Drawing of the dome-shaped room:

Tina then felt “the link” begin – the same sensation in her mind that she had felt during the night before the discovery of the implant. She then briefly saw the side of a being lean round into her vision from the right. The being had white-coloured smooth skin which reminded her of marshmallow, and black eyes which were shaped like an apple pip, rounded at one end, pointed at the other. Its nose was not very pronounced and it had a thin slit for a mouth. Within a moment it had leaned back out of sight. The being was of course a Grey, although Tina had not looked into contact at this point so did not recognise it as such.

She did not know it at the time, but she would come to establish a deep connection with this particular being. She senses a male presence from this being, and refers to him as "the one who knows me" as she has never been given a name.

Drawing of the side perspective of the Grey:

Next an orange light split into rectangular sections appeared over her legs. It was quite hot and her legs warmed up immediately. When she saw this it immediately triggered a flashback to a childhood abduction experience where the same procedure had been done to her. She recalled being about 7 years old and seeing the same pattern of light over her legs.

Drawing of the light over Tina’s legs:

She lay there for what seemed like two to three minutes in a paralysed state. Her eyes were drawn down to the section of light just above her kneecaps. It appeared that the skin was shrivelling up like it was being exposed to extreme heat. However there was no pain or reddening of the skin, and no detectable smell.

She isn’t sure whether at this moment the beings became aware that she was conscious of what was going on, but she suddenly felt her mind cloud over with the grey mist and that was the last thing she recollected. The next thing she became aware of was of waking up in the morning. She immediately recalled what she had just experienced, it felt extremely real and like it had just taken place. She checked the clock and found it was about 7.30am. Like usual her husband had already got up and left for work.

When she checked in the mirror she noted that her face had more pigment in it than usual. Usually she would look quite pale, but this morning her skin was more flushed. Other than this she felt completely normal and there was no sign of any damage on her right leg. She decided to keep the experience to herself and did not tell her family what had happened.

The Conveyor Belt

A couple of nights later, Tina had another very detailed experience. She came round to find herself hanging in mid-air in a standing position. Once again she was paralysed and could not look around, but it felt like she was attached to something via her upper back. She was not aware of whether she was in her night clothes or not as she couldn’t look down. Positioned in front of her was a large and extremely bright light. Due to its brightness it was initially hard to see much else.

Suddenly she was smoothly moved to her left, which moved her out of the glaring light. She was now able to focus and see what lay in front of her. The first thing she saw was the source of the glaring white light. It appeared to be a large circular spotlight about 10 feet across, with a black square box at the centre of it. It was positioned about 10-15 feet off the floor and about 15 feet away from her position. The spotlight appeared to be attached to the front of a large structure made up of several platforms. It was hard to see the colour of these due to the brightness of the spotlight. Positioned around it were several small Greys. They were all holding flattened objects in their hands that looked like oval-shaped dinner plates.

She then moved again and rotated slightly to the left. This gave her a clearer view of what she was attached to. There were a line of people ahead of her. They were all attached by the shoulders to some kind of black conveyor belt by what appeared to be a metallic pole that came down to the middle of his shoulder blades. At the end of the pole it split into two and these each went under each arm. All the people were clothed in normal daytime clothing. They appeared to all be adults between 30 to 40, and were a mix of men and women. Everyone had their eyes open but appeared to be in a trance-like state. It was only her who appeared to be aware of what was happening. The person hanging ahead of her in the line just a few feet in front of her was a man with short brown coloured hair wearing a silvery grey suit. She could not see his facial features as he was facing away from her positioned at the same angle that she was.

Drawing of the conveyor belt, and the structure with the spotlight and Greys:

It was now darker as she was further away from the spotlight. In front and below her was some kind of control area. Due to the lack of light it was hard to see the colour of the floor, but she was able to make out numerous metallic panels positioned around the area. There may have been controls or other electronics on them, but as they were facing away from her she could not confirm this. The area was split into two main sections with a clear walkway down the middle. There were about fifteen Greys visible, positioned at varying distances from her and working in groups of two or three. They appeared to be performing different tasks and some appeared to be looking at the panels.

The closest group of three were roughly 10 feet away. All of the beings were unclothed. Two of them were white in colour, had very smooth skin and were about 3 feet in height. They had a slight curve to their belly, and reminded Tina of jelly babies. The third Grey looked different. It about 4 to 4.5 feet tall and had glowing white skin.

In the middle of the control area was a Grey which looked darker in skin tone than the others around it. It had a flat oval-shaped object in its hand about a foot wide. The being was touching this object with its other hand and looking down at it. There were flickering lights/buttons on the object, Tina could see the light reflecting off the being’s skin.

Right at the back of the area was a raised walkway. On this walkway semi-hidden in shadow were two identical looking Greys standing alongside one another. These ones looked quite different from the others visible in the room. They were about 3 feet tall and had very slender bodies with bulbous heads. Their skin was much more wrinkled with visible protruding blue veins on the side of their belly and head. Their eyes looked rounder than the other beings. They stood silently without moving. Tina got the impression that they were extremely old.

Drawing showing the front and side profile of one of the elder Greys:

Tina felt a telepathic link begin with the taller Grey closest to her. When I asked Tina to explain how she knew this she said “They can hear you listening to them. It’s like they can see everything you are and all the information in your head.”

She sensed a male presence from the being, despite the fact that it had no visible sex. She could hear him issuing instructions to the two shorter ones. Suddenly she sensed he had become aware she was awake and had connected with them. He stopped speaking to the other Greys began to observe her, perhaps wondering what she was going to do. The shorter beings looked at the taller one seemingly puzzled as to what was taking place. The other beings in the room were all now aware of her.

Drawing of one of the shorter Greys and the taller one:

The dark-skinned Grey in the middle of the area looked up from the oval object it was holding. Tina sensed that he was angry with her. She then heard the tall Grey speaking with him. He said that she was “from an old line” and so had the ability to connect with them telepathically. However this did not seem to calm the dark-skinned Grey. Without warning he charged towards her! As he reached her he leapt up into the air extremely high and touched the top of her head with either one of his fingers or a stick-like object.

Drawing of the control area showing the positions of the various Greys:

Immediately everything went black. She then saw the image of a huge spider. The situation she had been in dissolved away to blackness. What seemed like a couple of seconds went by and she leapt up, finding herself back in her bed. She was extremely frightened by what had just happened. The vision of the spider was still there for a few seconds before she got her bearings and realised where she now was.

Drawing of the spider Tina saw in her mind:

In the months following this experience Tina would occasionally feel a tingling sensation in her head which eventually went away. She believed this was linked with what the darker-skinned Grey had done to her.

This highly unusual experience has many strange aspects to it. It could easily be interpreted as a vivid and strange nightmare. However much of it fits in with Tina’s other contact experiences – the beings she saw, the telepathic connection, the way they were interacting with one another. If we assume that it was a real experience, then what could have been taking place? It appeared to be a human production line of some kind. Was something was being done to each of the people attached to the conveyor belt? Why was the spotlight shined on them? What were the beings in the control room area doing?

It appears that Tina was not supposed to have been awake during this experience. This would explain the reaction of the Grey in the control room. The vision of the spider which the being placed in her mind could have something horrifying to cause her to forget what was taking place. Or perhaps it was just punishment for the fact that she had seen something she was not supposed to see. Tina informed me that earlier in her life she had a fear of spiders, so perhaps this was the reason why this particular vision was chosen.

(Continued in Part 2)

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2018



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