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Southampton Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 12/04/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Lisa is in her 50s and lives down in Southampton with her husband. When she was young she had a number of unusual experiences which she could not explain. In recent years, after unusual incidents started to take place again, she decided to look into the UFO subject and found that her experiences fitted in quite well with ET contact. Lisa wonders if she may be a contactee, and it was this that prompted her to get in touch with me.

This report covers Lisa’s numerous experiences, in the rough order that they took place. It contains numerous witness drawings.


One night when she was just 2 or 3 years old, Lisa was sleeping alongside her parents in their bed as there was a thunderstorm. She remembers waking up in the night. In a flash of lightning, she saw a silhouette of something at the window. It looked like the head and shoulders of a being. There were what looked like long spikes sticking out from the top of its head. It also appeared to be wearing a helmet of some kind as the shape was too regular. She remembers saying “golliwog” when she saw it. She then fell back off to sleep. Lisa does not remember anything else about the incident but feels that her parents stayed asleep, which seemed odd considering the noise of the storm.

Witness drawing of the silhouette she saw at the window:

When she was 15 or 16 she spoke to her mother about the incident, and her mum said that to look in the window it would have had to have been at least seven feet tall or floating, as the garden pathway was low. Lisa says that this incident seemed much more real than just a dream, it has remained as a lasting memory ever since.

Could this figure at the window have been an early ET visitation? Many contactees report seeing ETs peering in the window of their room, so it is certainly a possibility. This could indicate that Lisa has experienced contact since an early age. If it was an ET, could this may have been its actual shape? The spikes coming from the head are very unusual, but perhaps it was using a screen memory. ETs are often seen to mask their true appearance and appear to contactees as other things such as animals, doctors or familiar people. This is probably done to reduce the fear experienced by the individual.

White Light

Thinking back to her childhood, Lisa has numerous memories of seeing the bedroom lit up in bright light while she was in her bed at night. She assumed that this was just caused by moonlight, but could these memories actually be of contact experiences? Contact often begins with the room being filled with white light coming from a nearby craft outside the window.

Silver UFO Sighting

Lisa was either 6 or 7 when she had her first sighting of a UFO. She was out somewhere with her mother and it was a hot sunny day with a clear sky. Something made her look up into the sky. She has no idea of what caused her to look up, but when she did so she saw a silver coloured triangular shaped object. It was at a low enough altitude to see the shape of it and the sunlight reflecting off its surface. She immediately became frightened of the object and looked away. She did not look back and did not tell her mother about what she had seen.

This is an interesting sighting, however there is a possibility that the object was nothing more than an unusual inflatable drifting across the sky. Due to her young age she could have interpreted it as something more unusual. The object was just hovering and was not seen to perform any manoeuvres which would designate it was under control. On the other hand, considering her many other experiences perhaps this was a genuine craft watching over her.

UFO Dream

When Lisa was 12 or 13 she remembers having an unusual and vivid dream. In this dream she was at a park in Southampton and was sitting cross legged on top of a flattened circular disc about 30 feet off the ground. Below her she could see another disc with someone else on that she knew, and the base of another disc higher than her. She got the distinct feeling that there was a large craft higher in the sky and that one by one they were going into this craft on these smaller discs.

This may just have been a dream but it does have some very interesting themes. It is unlikely to have been a real incident, but could it have been brought on by her contact experiences? This is not the first time that a contactee has described to me a dream such as this.

Space Travel

Lisa has always been drawn to the idea of space travel. She remembers that when she was only 4 years of age she used to listen to Telstar on the radio and be fascinated by it. She has no idea why she feels so drawn to this subject. Stranger still, when she saw the photographs from Voyager of the flyby of Jupiter, she felt like she had actually been there!

Could these feelings be linked to her experiences? Many contactees feel drawn to the stars or to space, probably because they are aware that this is where their abductors have originated from, or perhaps where they have been taken to during abduction experiences.

Insemination Memory

Soon after Lisa got married, she had another very vivid memory that seemed more than just a dream. In this vision she saw herself lying down on a flat surface surrounded by Greys. She was naked. One of the beings moved and stood between her legs. It positioned itself like someone before they drop down to start press ups. It seemed careful not to touch her with its body. Some kind of pouch then opened in its abdomen and a long, tentacle like protrusion emerged and entered her. She felt like she was being inseminated by the being.

After the vision, Lisa sometimes thought about asking a colleague at the hospital where she works to check her and see if she has ever been pregnant. So far she has not plucked up enough courage to do so. Lisa feels that this vision may be one of the reasons why she is reluctant to bear children.

What Lisa describes is very interesting, and could be directly or indirectly linked to her experiences. One of the ongoing agendas of the ETs appears to be the creation of hybrid beings by crossing their own DNA with ours. They often use female contactees as surrogates for hybrid embryos, which are then later removed from them and continue to be grown aboard a craft. I have not heard of a tentacle emerging from the abdomen of a Grey before, they would usually use a metallic instrument for the purpose of insemination. It is not out of the question that this incident occurred how Lisa remembers it, but perhaps part of her memory is symbolic of what took place and not literal, it is possible her mind has dreamt up this scenario to explain what she went through at the time.

Initial Grey Visitation

In June 1999 when she was 43 years old, Lisa went on holiday to Skegness with her husband and his mother. It was her husband’s birth town and his father had died there two years previously. They had rented a flat on the seafront named SuRo to stay in for the duration of the holiday. One night she woke up about 3am. She did not check the clock but knew it must have been around this time as there was early morning sunlight coming into the room from around the curtains. She was sleepy but feels sure that she was awake.

Aerial map showing the location of SuRo holiday flats:

Photograph of SuRo holiday flats:

Looking to the base of the bed, she saw a Grey being standing there watching her. She could see it from the chest upwards, its legs were hidden from view by the bed. The top of the bed was about 3 feet off the floor. Lisa estimates the being was between 4-5 feet in height. It had a large over-sized head, thin neck and flat chest. Its arms were also thin and long. Lisa could not see its hands as they were hidden by the bed.

Witness drawing of the Grey at the base of her bed:

The Grey had very large black eyes which wrapped around the sides of its head, an almost flat nose and a small thin mouth. The most noticeable feature was the eyes as they took up about half of its head. Its skin was pale grey in colour and looked almost artificial, almost like a tight fitting grey coloured suit. Lisa compares it to cheap imitation leather.

Witness drawing of the Grey’s face:

It appeared to be very cold, detached and emotionless, and reminded Lisa of someone waiting for a tranquilised animal to fall asleep. She only looked at it a moment and just had time to think “There is an alien”. She then fell off to sleep. This felt forced as if she had been drugged. Lisa assumed the being she saw was an alien as it was humanoid but clearly not human. She had not looked into the UFO subject previously and did not find out until later that the being she saw was known as a Grey.

In the morning when she woke she felt unusually tired and sluggish. She remembered seeing the being but laughed off the incident and put it down to a dream or hallucination. But at the back of her mind she knew that it was not. She told her husband what she remembered. He felt that the incident had been just a dream. Lisa was not particularly frightened by what happened, and in the days following was calm. She did not notice anything else out of the ordinary.

There are many aspects of Lisa’s experience which fit in with other contact experiences, and I feel that this incident certainly took place. Her description of the being is accurate and fits in with it being a Grey. The artificial looking skin is very commonly reported. Lisa notes that the eyes were very large compared to numerous other drawings she has seen on the net. However there is quite a bit of variation in the shape and size of the eyes, and it is likely there are many different sub-species.

The way in which Lisa did not panic when she saw the being, and also the fact she felt like she had been sedated and dropped back off to sleep are two other aspects which are reported time and time again. The ETs appear to have a way of calming down the individual so that they are complacent towards what is taking place. They also often cause the individual to drop off to sleep, even if they try to prevent this from happening. It is possible that the incident took place directly after or just before an abduction experience which Lisa cannot currently remember.

Grey Around The House

Within a month of the holiday to Skegness, Lisa and her husband were back home in Southampton and sat in bed reading. It was late evening time and they were both wide awake. Lisa glanced over to her right to speak to her husband. Behind him was the open doorway to the bedroom. Lisa then clearly saw a Grey walk past the doorway along the landing! Her view was partially blocked by her husband, but she saw the top of its head and one side of its body as it walked pa